Italian Beef - Chicago Style

January 15, 2016

This recipe has been modified somewhat from one I found on the internet. I think it's closer to Italian beef that I've had in Chicago.

1              Beef roast, about 5 pounds
1 pkg      Good Seasons Italian dressing mix
1 pkg      Au jus gravy mix
2 tsp       Italian seasoning herb and spice mix
1 C          Water
1 T           Juice from pepperoncini peppers
6              Pepperoncini peppers

Put beef in crock pot. Combine next 5 ingredients, pour over beef. Toss in the peppers. Cook on low overnight or for about 8 hours. Using a couple of forks, break up the meat. Let cook for about another hour to blend flavors. Serve over soft French rolls.

PS--If you want to try Chicago-style Italian Beef the way it's really supposed to taste, visit Chicago on West Colfax across the street from Casa Bonita.

PPS--If you want to make Italian Beef yourself, but want a simpler way to do it, you can order Italian Beef Seasoning over the internet at I've tried it, and it's a good product.