Mija Pie

Baur's Restaurant

January 2, 2016


1 C         sugar
4 T          cornstarch
1/4 t        salt
2 C         milk
2             egg yolks
4 1/2 T   cocoa
2 oz         Baker's German's sweet chocolate, grated
1/2 t        vanilla
1 T          butter
1             baked 9" pie shell
4 oz        Mija candy or finely crushed Almond Roca candy

Comdine sugar, cornstarch and salt. Add 1/4 C of the milk, mixing well.
Blend in egg yolks. 
Scald 1 1/2 C of the milk in saucepan over moderate heat. 
Whisk in cornstarch mixture until smooth.
Continue to cook, whisking, until clear and thickened.
Dissolve cocoa in remaining 1/4 C milk.
Whisk cocoa mixture and grated chocolate into cornstarch mixture.
Cook, whisking, until chocolate melts and mixture is thickened.
Remove from heat. 
Add butter and vanilla. Stir until butter melts.
Refrigerate until thoroughly chilled. 
Turn into baked pie shell.
Sprinkle Mija Toffee Candy over top. (recipe below)
Refrigerate until chilled.
Serves 10 to 12.

Mija Toffee Candy
1 C        sugar
1 C        butter--not margarine
3 oz       slivered almonds
1 T        water
1 T        white corn syrup
1            4 oz bar Hershey's chocolate

Combine sugar, butter, almonds, water and syrup in a heavy saucepan. Cook and stir over high heat until amber colored. (It will smoke some, and almonds will look toasted.) Pour into buttered 9x13 inch pan. Spread evenly. Cool. Crush or grind up for topping for Mija pie.