Restaurant Show Suggestions - Carve


December 11, 2015


Just about everybody likes barbecue. The problem is that, there are many different styles of barbecue, and everyone has their favorite. From the meats themselves to the sauces and the sides, you can mix and match in countless ways. But there’s a new barbecue joint in town that may have found the solution to the problem.

It’s called Carve and it opened a few weeks ago at South Colorado Boulevard and Tennessee, in the spot last occupied by Bruxie, the short-lived waffle-sandwich eatery. They’ve toned down the colors Bruxie had chosen, opting instead for calming shades of gray, opened up the kitchen to expose the smoke ovens and prep areas, and populated the room with a variety of seating options that include several large communal tables, as well as smaller tables for couples and foursomes.

Carve is a fast-casual concept, and it’s here that they’ve come up with a unique solution to the public’s varying tastes in barbecue. You get on line, and begin your journey with the meat, choosing among chicken or turkey, pulled pork, brisket, burnt ends, hot links, kielbasa or pork ribs. Then you choose how to enjoy your barbecue. Naked gets you your meat selection on a plate. Or you can opt to enjoy it as a sandwich, as the centerpiece of an entrée salad with loads of fresh veggies, or served as street-style tacos.

Of course, barbecue requires sauce. At Carve your next stop is to choose a traditional sauce that’s a cross between Memphis and Kansas City style, a tangy North Carolina sauce, a sweet cherry sauce, or a hot-pepper-laced sauce for those who like their barbecue with a bit of a kick. If you opted for a salad, this is the point where you choose from a variety of dressings. Move on and choose a garnish for your ‘cue from a selection that includes pickled okra, charred corn and half-sour dill pickles and others. We tried a Carve original of barbecue pico de gallo, a rough-chopped, mildly hot sauce of tomatoes, onions and smoked jalapenos that was excellent.

Everything up to this point is included in the base price of your selection, which runs from about $6 to $9 and, if my math is correct, you’ve pulled together one of 768 possible combinations. Portions are large enough that you can easily stop here, or you can optionally tack on additional side dishes and desserts. Sides include favorites like fresh fruit, pasta salad, baked beans, an intriguing Caesar coleslaw, and several others. They also offer incredibly delicious house-made kettle chips dusted with their proprietary barbecue rub. You have just two choices for dessert—a warm chocolate-chip cookie or banana pudding.

Carve can be a bit hard to find, since it doesn’t directly face Colorado Boulevard, and the cross street, Tennessee, doesn’t exist on the east side of the intersection. Just keep your eye out for the big “1,000” sign at Colorado and Tennessee, turn there, and you’ll easily find it.

One final note. Carve is in a cavernous space with a high ceiling and concrete floor, so when it’s full of people it can be quite noisy. If you’re averse to noise, try to avoid going at peak times. Or grab a table on their quiet, year-round heated patio at the rear of the building.


1000 S. Colorado Blvd., at Tennessee

Glendale, CO, 80246