Rick's Interview: Senior Getting Sick - Skaggs School of Pharmacy

Wednesday, January 25th

There are many factors that impact infectious disease for senior adults. We know that seniors are more likely to acquire CAP (community acquired pneumonia ) and to have more serious complications than younger patients, including hospitalization. Vaccination is the best line of defense for seniors.  Drug therapy for prevention against influenza for elderly patients at  high risk may also be initiated for seniors who have household exposures.  Smoking cessation support should also be offered because seniors who smoke or have smoke exposure are at a significantly higher risk of upper respiratory infections.  Even with the influenza and pneumococcal vaccines, seniors are consistently heavily impacted by the illnesses. It seems that some flu seasons are worse than others. Stress can make patients of all ages more susceptible to illness and seniors with diminished lung function have difficulty clearing mucus.


I always recommend following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's every day recommendations to decrease the spread of infections. Seniors should avoid others with known illness, seek medical care as soon as symptoms appear, avoid contact with others if possible to avoid spreading the flu, cover nose/mouth when sneezing/coughing, place all tissues in the trash after use, wash hands frequently with soap and water and clean potentially infected surfaces frequently. 


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It does it seem do you like everybody you know is sick right. So we had to run to our house. House for about four weeks or reduced passed senate back in force here and radio station keeps running around to it just seems like everybody's got this virus it's going around. And a lot of people do say Lloyd got the flu many in Previn but there is a lot of flu going around at pneumonia and all that stuff so. That's where we're delighted to have the chance to chat with someone poke to Ellen show today from out of state school pharmacies are you doing. I won't how are you going I'm excellent thanks to help people would it is you do but I didn't. Tor or should there I think in a political arm and then I was primarily live from I'm not really patient geriatric patients and then bending my serve my time and then half full. OK I think I can't go forward patients who are terminally old. So little palliative care yeah I'm sure for those. That's stage of life and they ended. Being somebody who benefited from from palliative care team and it's a youth but when my mom passed Whitman's two years ago and I'm a big believer in a big supporter of the work that you do recommend those that are out there so. Thank you for that and thanks for your for your time will be here this morning about just because it does seem like everybody secret. But it did dives and gone and that's certainly something bad we're being hit very heavily here on the east because the North Carolina would clear example it's definitely going year round. So. Talk to me about I I guess it's a lot of common sense but folks that are older have. But I you know at that stage of life if you get 60s80s. Here every day your lungs have been through a whole lot during your life and in public not the strongest. Or given your body at this point so we do need to pay particular attention to. Absolutely absolutely end here correct directing our elderly patients at a pediatric patients they really seem to be. You know that you populations that are hit hard as they and they have the heart of town bouncing back after elements okay you know there's something that you're out my experience it ever like ten Darren can't even can't comment upper respiratory infection. Unending media experience especially their elderly patients and compared ethic something that would be given a life threatening like as potential pneumonia or hospital admission. And in this case you know where you and I would get sick and we take some medicine get an over. For for an older person it's just the first domino in a team that starts to fall variety. Absolutely absolutely the movie it had been done because upper respiratory infection Horry had flu like and done. And here exactly right their lungs aren't as well equipped Tina take your knees and then he had the firing of actually present mayor says. Obese patients' teeth and he has progressed to pneumonia no word they require capitalization and I'm not the end I won't keeping down their had a adverse effects and can they control the first. OK. So let's all get in look let's talk did in the defense could have of the pool together there are things that we can do to help one another Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have all kinds of good recommendations. Absolutely absolutely in mid eighty PR media Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They absolutely have a case that you can be just stay in and day out things like avoiding people who have no ambulances. I'm seeking medical care independence target appeared I mean they're watching him perform for the water. I'm and then also the thing that I feel a lot of seniors you know and it didn't SeaWorld you know the community pharmacy will be patient kind and a boy there had been a Kleenex they're not the fate of the tissue like no way you. An infant company thinking negative feeling anything Kleenex they're the only person using it you know that's not dangerous they're really that you know. An opportunity a prime opportunity for those he has tired they're bacteria making it can be creek bed the next person. Yeah and that's it's it again as soon suited to a little while ago at all seems like common sense stuff but it just keeps us have that component were really fun. We're really needed the lows though there are flu shots which I have been an advocate of first twenty plus years that I hear on the radio station there are flu shots there are pneumonia shots that are available for people. That's correct and that's still the number one thing you can do to protect yourself I'm from the police say we do anticipate says. The political they had a lot later this year and the CDC is actually confirmed at this time I'm into are starting to feet. Yeah outbreak here on the east because the web because then neither the central part of the country and unfortunately will probably college kids. And they're getting inflation earlier. Rather than later is always you know an excellent idea. Sure I think Gary I think we all have this the belief that you need to get it in the fall in mid and then it'll last you through the winner but it's never it's not really ever too late. And correct on the it's never too late and when you start hearing it outbreaks that are happening unfortunately that's assignment sometime completely that'll be more severe crimp and then now now I'd been a fun if you haven't had your flu shot because it does take a couple of weeks for those and somebody's son needed to be affected should move. Now is the best. Melon do you. It's something that I hadn't considered until I read it do it in some notes yielded a stress is also a factor in this. Absolutely I'm not sure you know our. Geriatric patients country you are not that chases Chad we'll definitely has done the negative impact on your body is being a normal immune system those divorce strands. Clear and Mary are certainly more apt to you know be crying kid any sort of infectious disease appeared. It's okay all right so the best his big advice for all you guys listening if you got two older parents they did know them. Our lives in mid mid to check in on check on them a little more frequently because there's somebody who's older. You know ordinary bees or or older it does not take long for something like kill the flu or pneumonia two have a devastating effect on their health. Absolutely. All right Allan thank you so much for your time that was very helpful. Oh thanks for having me. There are kind of everything about your community there your local pharmacist your medical. In nineteen can get that back the nation's favorite I really appreciate your on the. Are you bet thank you so much we'll talk again. I think you are right there you go and begin your pharmacist at your local pharmacist you know that person either reduce your prescriptions refilled and you probably hardly ever have a conversation with there are really really Smart people so. The dark questions about mental your medicines but they are doing this and that you know power to more you're there are at 750 let's all feel better.