Rick's Interview with Denver Brass with 17th Avenue Allstars

Thursday, February 9th

Good Vibrations


February 11 – 7:30pm
February 12 – 2:00pm

with 17th Avenue Allstars
Rick Crandall – Host

The good old days. There really were good vibrations, never forgotten and definitely a cause for celebration. You really did Love Lucy, muscle cars, Elvis, and poodle skirts. You asked “not what your country can do for you,” but rather “what you can do for your country.” “I have a dream” resonated and became part your soul. We remember, we celebrate, and together, let’s pass it on!

The Beach Boys - Elvis - The Four Seasons - Dion and the Belmonts

Newman Center for Performing Arts

Tickets: $22-$44

Discounts for children 12 & under, full time students and seniors 70+
For Detailed Ticket Price information, click here.


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Yeah it's. That's straight all these crews in 14:30. I miss Wednesday morning and Shelly fab beret with a Johnny Angel right here crews in 1430. Well my friend Cathy ball there she is thank you for calling back they can't believe I'm not hard you work. Were warm and alive on here and this is my very good friend Kathy Brendan would ever press Oreo. I was crazy. It's just a beautiful okay yeah yeah this. C together between kids. Yes we are Saturday may seventh thirty Sunday had to hit the deeds auditorium to Newman center for the performing arts who. Good vibrations. That didn't go up your Alley. It's really kind of fun and I love seventeenth avenue while serves anyway. I know they're like the national aka college champions. They're going to be so you guys have been I know you rehearsed. Monday night are you excited about it. We. It's a whole new experience for us that her political and really kind of act. Seventeenth avenue home ties to really enjoyed having a lot of ground to. And ask Gloria you know many has the who lives true you know that's 506070. Hero so yeah they're real trip down left. Memory lane. That's awesome so good vibrations. Well obviously. They just for the title of it includes a music teacher very familiar risk. Sure I hands com and I just I love the the variety of the titles that are in the show. I know music I told us to be displayed before he moved behind Blake the lion sleeps at night when he drivers pick up your score at Hobbs and I'm looking quite good federation. How about to cover girl. The bridge over troubled water let it be your kind of understand. We must. If we mama said the fifth at that. Kevin Bollinger cannot and do it trump hotel do you remember wonderland. 980 yeah the grim search yeah. Course. In the current year are hosting just. So it's going to be incredible. It's going to be great fun and again two shows this weekend Saturday night and Sunday afternoon you do you know be exciting thing for those of you beloved football you don't have to worry about it the season's over you come hang out with us and I dozens Scioscia little cooler on Sunday so be perfect place to come indoors and think about warmer days and in good vibrations. And bring your Valentine. Yeah yeah. Yeah you can tolerate Valentine's Day. I can choose they can sensible. Yes I'm ORE Denver breast authority if you want more information go to the website until kinds of details about the show. Tickets available the box office at tournaments and her I'm presuming. Yes it's going to be really crude fever. I didn't I've been doing through my closet in my Hawaii insurance I think I will be properly at tiger. Yeah. All right well I will see EUR and a Saturday and Sunday. And we'll give her a little should keep things going to end we'll have a great time. Yeah I'm going to be a hit big. Yeah I am I'm excited to lose but I'm thinking it so much. RN yeah I think you'll see the sweet job art capital I. They're eager Kathy -- -- in the Denver breaths and that's Saturday and Sunday Denver breast out or if you want more information Shelley cabaret writing here the only crews in 1430 The Breakfast Club and shiny Angel. Heard the Dave Clark five before then Amber Campbell good morning thanks for being along with this here today with two children chuckle be along a bit later don't get to the crews and cafe in your requested lunchtime favorites at noon thought for the day today comes to us from that guy anonymous. No answer to years but here's what he said every now and then it's good to stop in our pursuit of happiness. And just be happy. Yeah I did create got a great chase and it in just viewed every now and then it's good to stop in our pursuit of happiness in just beat. Happy either you get much happier with this this Wednesday here at the breakfast loaded crews in 1430.