Rick's Interview with Wings Over the Rockies

Wednesday, March 22nd

Listen in as Rick catches up with our friends at Wings Over the Rockies!

Mark Rogers, the curator for the DaVinci Exhibition and John Barry, our President and CEO


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Welcome back to the Colorado veterans resource showed the only radio program in Colorado dedicated to our veterans right here. At home though citizen soldiers that service round the clock 24 hours a day seven days a week right. And to all those of you who have worn the uniform proudly or continue to serve we thank you for that service. And that's what we salute sin and pay tribute to here on this program every week and so I mean will everywhere because it's the first one so it's not been doing it a long time we've been doing it. About thirty minutes. It's great thirty credits. And it's gonna continue right now. As we talked about one of my favorite topics and you know that it's the Colorado National Guard both near an army guard here in Colorado opinion to. I couldn't go any further without Charlene being on the program here the very first to show yea you thanks for joining me. Me so this is Charlene walker shield chi is with the current National Guard exactly what office tell everybody what to do. I am thinking in the program director. And my uncle to take care of all of our children and airmen and their families don't come to their regular normal daily economic. And this applies to. You know those sort of those families who find themselves in a little extra need when their loved ones are deployed to because. That's certainly impacts for him he's done that. Not a yeah. I tell people how they're impacted bit. You you could help me by telling that story because you know we'll have those neighbors may be down the block that serve in the Colorado National Guard we know may be up. A weekend a month should be there of their matter rounder we know weaker over the summer maybe they're not around but. Then there are those times when they're deployed for you know nine months twelve months at a time. And it besides the obvious emotional impact on a family pick Carson some financial stream as well right. Well not definitely does. That's it can be expected I think it. And so you help them out the families that are left behind when it gets a little difficult. Guess we have run a program called the military cannot release friend. And for the tax checkoff box the next they attacked it and particularly against Penn military members. And that's sand filed under our National Park Foundation and and we give grants for emergencies that come up or. On airmen or soldiers they're getting that decrease in pay. It happened at the plague shrapnel that's for the Democrats tiny Telecom. Took up again and I actually got an application in the morning from a soldier who'd played. And has led to at a baby well the military doesn't send it out for the home anymore and I have an emergency. He election or I'm emergency medical condition. Because the unit grand entrance soldier leaves to come home for the birth of the baby and we were really able to reimburse him the confidence and I kept. Oh that's cool. Arnold very cool so. So again it's you know did just. A daily. Our current it's not in usual that every day Charlene in the staff over there. You know received requests from somebody who could use a little assistance and I think often folks in the civilian community. Miss understand. You know they think who what do many women making a donation to the Colorado National Guard foundation and as you just pointed out not everything that happens to. Members of the military Israel to persuade the government. Exactly. Yet and I'm with the National Guard foundation. That program offered interest free loans and grant. Do armed soldiers and airmen the kind National Guard they're not in the public dot com. Come and that helps its financial assistance and he didn't we have that soldier allegedly had to have emergency surgery and Tammy lived in Grand Junction and we were able to put the Stanley Cup. In a hotel in Palm Springs property goes through the emergency territory. Nice noticed in Canada like that come what tell me about some of the other work that you guys do in the office. I'm we have. How can you program only provide resources and activities for the children used and are tired I'm army air guard. We have Stanley at the weekend. And leave so I'm I have mixed applications throughout the state. They help. Can lead their life I don't your opinion me McKinley I have an issue or need resources they called it amazing group that he found a completely thinking that I have. I have a survivor outreach I have and maybe the remnants program and they helped. All veterans no matter how long they've been outfitted. Unless they have the potential for has passed away. We type complete certain people can help. A widow who loved her I'm hasn't gotten World War II. Was able to pat provide him to meet or didn't pressure exerted. The clinic and limited stake. I'm we don't have that we've gotten our unemployment number two gallons. But we have a great team that helped it come our car confined. Job you remember these these soldiers and airmen are traditionally one weekend a month two weekends a year and they have a civilian jobs to. We got a huge network can't come up folks up there to help them by any job. And you do with I mean. I know you have known you does a lot of work with a lot of over the years it's not like you've got a staff of fifty over there. No I don't ask don't have a big tasks. And we have a lot of ultimately helping out help about. I mean there about 3500. Didn't numbers. And it's just an airtight. And I'm excited but we're considered a triple programs bill will help Marines who helped navy will help Coast Guard. Anybody that called actually had more than willing to help them. That is wonderful our rights so the Colorado National Guard foundation. I mean you know again our could just take his second or two you've talked about some of the work that they did they do. Com is there an educational program with the foundation as well. Yet the I have I can financial counselor in the works for meat and I'm day to provide financial counseling retired. You know what helped you focus and I'm real and a kind of band aid on the problem we want to give them solutions and truly set up by getting help from college planning. Retirement cleaning I'm doubtful on the development foundation in the wild but it's not just but the pick the top of the problems that you have led to the volatile mixture doesn't happen again. So somebody listening today if there you know or guard members in their hearing all of this certainly. That what they should learn from this lesson from what you and are sharing his jot down the phone number I know how to be in touch with two guys are the website to go to. And just keep that it just keep that your back back pocket if you ever find yourself in a time and need. Exactly yeah you can on the global kinda took our academy program which you can Google kind of National Guard foundation. On and that will. Our web site that color National Guard until the program will give you all the resources he could possibly need and the phone numbers of wild. Plus if you're interested in donating if you're somebody in the community that thinks you know I'd like to say thanks for. The citizen soldiers who fight the wildfires in my community who were there during the floods to. Who serve deployments overseas. You know Adam I'm grateful for all they do and I'd like to to show by making a donation they can get that information there as well. And yet the foundation what I didn't actually www. UC LNG. Foundation dot com. And it's not by the quantity facility is tax com. Deductible. And then donate and Lincoln. And we are run by volunteers we have very little on the administrative overhead because they'll ever I want every penny that's donated goes to help our armed and are numbered. Perfect. Well listen I I really am grateful for your time today in the opportunity to you to fill people in on what to do. You know most of you know that we're involved with with the Charlene and in her team with operation Christmas joy at the end of the year were we gathered. I gifts for for children in two and adults to who have dependents that are deployed over the holidays. It says it's grown into a pretty big program for us and it's benefited a lot of folks hasn't. Oh my lord I can begin Italian we can get it about the interview and all of your listeners. So so you guys know that are coming up towards the end of the year will be back at it again this year Charlene thank you so much. I appreciate you taking time to be with me on the first show more talk again soon. All right take care. Aren't there you go Charlene walker shields and again with the family support office at the Colorado National Guard. You know helping those that are serving rights and making sure. That their families so are taking care of while they are in service and and while they're deployed in in the when they find themselves at time of need here at home so. There you go out there I really appreciate her time and having them. Our very first program that's kind of cool right are right it is time for us to take a little break when we come back to the show. The movie hidden figures to be seen it I'm beginning to feel like I'm like one of the last people to see this movie at some trouble because every time Diana and I've tried to go the fingers and sold. We have babe. The judge Raymond and still and so it's still a very popular movie. We're going to talk to the lady who wrote the book if she got an interesting story herself about growing up around the NASA space program. And her father's work there in the ladies that she knew his Sunday school teachers and then learned were much more than that he didn't figures we'll share that next on the Colorado veterans resource show crimson 1430.