Star Spangled Radio Hour - 9.16.17

Saturday, September 16th

SSRH 380

September 16, 2017



One Night Stand 1111

Saturday, July 27, 1946

12:30 – 1:00 am

Aquarium Restaurant

New York

From CBS (WABC) sustaining remote


One Night Stand 1134

Wednesday, August 28, 1946

Casino Gardens Ballroom

Ocean Park, Santa Monica, California


One Night Stand 1956

Friday, January 28, 1949

Hollywood Palladium

SSRH 380 Playlist

(27Jul46) One O’clock Jump (dubbed opening theme), Jazz Me Blues, I Am Just a Lucky So and So (Ann Moore, vocal), San Jose, Adventure (Bob Bailey, vocal), Red Bank Boogie, Take Me Back, Baby (Jimmy Rushing, vocal), Queer Street, Mean to Me (Ann Moore, vocal), Every Tub (to close) (28Aug46) Blue Flame (dubbed opening theme), Mabel, Mabel (Woody Herman, vocal), Stormy Weather (Lynn Stevens, vocal), The Man I Love, I Don’t Stand a Ghost of a Chance with You (The Blue Moods, vocal), Non Alchoholic, Surrender (The Blue Moods, vocal), Sidewalks of Cuba, Blowin’ Up a Storm (to close) (28Jan49) (dubbed AFRS open), Just You, Just Me; Senorita (Bob Mitchell, vocal) (Norman Leyden arrangement), A String of Pearls, September in the Rain, Cherokee Canyon (Tex Beneke, vocal), Don’t Blame Me (Norman Leyden arrangement), Somebody Loves Me (Tex Beneke, vocal), This is the Moment (Bob Mitchell, vocal), St. Louis Blues March (to close)


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That's a pretty good way to start. Any program but especially the star spangled radio hour on mining crews in 1430 dot com you move legendary sounds out. Of course Woody Herman moved castle rock debuts. As we begin another proof. There with you my friend trick Crandall from right here at the studios of the star spangled radio hour in Denver ended joined as always by mr. Davis spray do author of declassified. I know many of you have got your hands on the book and are enjoying cinder for those who either have not helped by an overdose. Your favorite to bookseller or book by being placed online and purchase a copy Christians also senior advisor to the Glenn Miller. Good evening tell you know like what are you. Good groups determined you know can you see I did it cool in law. Yes yet although we've had a ninety degree days this week but to the he'd never. Because our quicker in the evening which is nice. Weird leafy greens are cool cool down traverse there's some. And then I took the Texas they they talk about something called climate change slightly weird climate change careers Cheryl garage. It perfect but if. Oh well I shouldn't say anything so old so who haven't mentioned change going on every night because she knew changes to a kind of an interest in the the postwar era such as the waters. When things and wound down in terms of the shooting it was going on election east. Put American troops were still all over the world and many were coming and many if not most certainly coming. Home. But that's. And to treat call armed forces radio or door well can actually cranking out more shows than ever. In 1946. Or shouldn't 48 then they were during the war years when shake out or an Ozarks stop the juggernaut. Though they're productions that they were doing you know of course you know from the box that you. Located can you walk back all week we note there are certainly now. Doctors so sixty. Transcription disks every. Some are kinda soccer and some programs amongst forward or over all over the world including places like a walk. Google mom truly how many years later nobody I know render at that particular. As he does leave then called American forces premium over the. What they changed the name morality and it Chandler and the Oprah do you have could've pushed to the same thing it was a loan bench. Still Hussein and continue your former tribe literature critical regional. And local solution scattered all over the place and of course some more familiar with the European versions of sentient entity that axle. There's a series aren't armed forces are vehicle warmed my extreme where they were taken. Network sustaining remote truly packages haven't crank them out of their car shows and of course just started beckon. 43 every parent can't seem along the way we've handled bunch of these shows aren't. First they lower you are in the actual camera focused on three of them. And they are all there for the reasons one is that we're going to be adding any. Report about worn my chances are. Or nor our current web site where we have a funeral magic carpet which we don't still didn't do earlier this year true belief. And one extreme and will be the next step for our seriously will be highlighting. People were also going to be doing individual artists report slight we have a Tommy Dorsey and I'm pretty sure off. Four to move the aforementioned people on the show tonight Carol Stacy and we common. And worry weary and of course are the nation's fiscal our feet warm kind discard pretext energy and postwar Poland or short on our web site now appear circuit because super markets so. We're gonna look at her three repackaged. Network and Roche hack from armed forces radio call for a one night stand tour they. Would do it got from the beginning of the company hadn't noticed coming out sort of network IDs and I kind of thing you'd. Actually in this as a kid account truly are worried the New York how would be from California had contacts from California palladium sort. I think I I think it changes Shing. Mixed on the bench because. It. Wouldn't stand of course was such a little cult to push her to shut an older in order to attend turtle whatever. It was one of those sort of controversial urged. I'm done and they're great they're they were the top of their former chief 46. What can you say about count station has already been shattered Jimmy rushing appears to line these great. And of course Turks were published or bench so. Give it a lot of cattle can a lot of contrition music can handle a lot of beautiful people who couldn't remember it if you were shot more. Occupation championship parent or in Europe. Or anywhere else in the world or just hang around the stage show merge your question do extortion on the armed forces radio church. Perfect in wherever you were in the world you were wondering. Why don't I have enough points to get home. Get out here to articulate what kind of Canada can nor do. Here we do so it's the star spangled redo our own mind. We're right here includes some fourteen doctor. Sounds. My nightstand tape with foul up basically in his bat from New York city's aquarium restaurant. And how we have to move. I'll have a theology that anyway. I. I have the pilot. But it. Why do going back home by compatriot. I've just got lucky solved well. Long mountain GE and they have green and I'm me. Now old news. I am. You know it yet okay. Okay. Okay. And all the street. Hello name GE. Yeah. I met him. You know I and it. And need him we're. Me and my name. And I have yeah yeah man wow. And and Larry me and then yeah I have gotten. Then this is. Okay. When that day. And I am having didn't. And land and the way. I am. And you know. Being abused at. In my. I am. Net loan Larry in the that unity and gotten me. Ed. Okay. And Clinton name is drew. And I am having him. Landed I'm not waiting. In. This. Well and though. The. Yeah. Yeah every one I mean. Today we need. I don't know Rwandan now. Now bulb. Lucky. Not eat it hand. I have. I. I've got the lucky dog. No it lowers the personal that are in companies on the black tradition. Also the composer and out of sorts either. Let's move this company version of his. San Jose's. I play like elevating. I hear that talk a little sooner rather tricky but with a simple title. It's called adventure. On. It is hanging. Mind. It's a unknown and the tendons. And oh and two. Okay. Okay. And. It's. Blood. Do blows I. And I Mozilo. The homes and okay. You know. I. All I and dues than. Thought small business it's. I. Ryan's song. Hooters root below below. Slowed to. Yeah. And me and my. All right now. Yeah Boone. All bruised. Let's not mention. Okay. I. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Boy I am we. Loan bruised and. He's. Yeah. Back back back back back back back yeah. I. I'm back back back back back back back back. I always hear James rushing him on the map thing. I'm gonna thing. Take me back. The only one run ball. I'm really not okay. And okay. Maybe. No pain no ball. You. Game. Okay. Okay. It's. O. I. Blood you know home. Wow you really. OK okay. God you know all three. Man band it is yeah. Mama Obama role or. Yeah. It's all the pictures Harry Edison on the job with a buddy Tate in the genocide is called queer history. Okay. It's always helpful again I am. I. Half. To me why I don't need me. And I pain pain. And I don't mean. Leave me what I am. I kept. I let me. Cool and at that all the main and a then I am. Ali. Yeah. And do a way. All me. It can't it's. I didn't. Yeah. Well. I'm still need me and me. Yeah. And following Erica because about a number of live I'll say they've. Every tub. I. Okay. Okay. On the aquarium restaurant in New York City. It isn't good enough faith in. On one life. I'm casino hadn't gone cafe in ocean park California. My nightstand present when he Harmon and his orchestra. Now over the program at what your Herman himself stepped forward with being maple. Maple keep your oil. Off but now mom maverick. And. A yeah yeah. Yeah. It's. OK again. Go ahead and how. Joseph snell a guy. Stop your. And them know they're bad they're good infielder haven't gotten them and yeah. And I. Do you feel thing. And and if you'll allow me. Remember. Okay. We are now full head. I don't know. It's. The. And may have available from your card while. I would call for the young lady who voices beautiful brown birds singing in the meadow in the early it's more. Didn't even from the the ball was called for me whether. Okay. A. The man who. It's. Still a man. Man oh man in a. Yes. We need. New. I live in the I do. I. Lou I. Good man is my blue. Yeah. I. Yeah I. Palin and I remember. Yeah. There is any. I imagine you. Imagine today. Let me. And and I. I had. I'm. We're. A. And I. Wow. Good. And. You. Okay. Yeah and here we. Yeah. Okay. It's. And it's. A. It okay. I. I. Yeah. I. And. The. Yeah. Okay. Oh. It's. OK. Okay. Good. Fat. Or very very you have. Fine singing move move almost missed an adjective there. And they think Boris I don't said the ghost of a jets would view. Okay. So badly. You I. Assume you. Because they'll lose and who did you. That's all you. But I. Or did you. I know I knew. The. Okay. I. Whom I had is. The men. And. Through. Good news. You can. This. It's. Oh yeah. It's. Right. Okay. And I. He knows the. Okay. Oh. I. Do. I. About with a low bullet they mean I don't spend the coach the defense review. About what inevitably darker about the simple little bit of the result is not an alcoholic and. Okay. And it. The the the. I would get into the program of putting a number of the blue. Load thing for us. Surrender. Are. Hand. I. I. Live yeah. And. We. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. For. Okay. You. I mean. Yeah. I. Please me. As I. Okay. From there. Everybody I'm going to be. We created one of the lucky coming records in the country surrender. Now we continue it would inevitably orchestra leader who was named to the sidewalk of Cuba it. Yeah. Maybe who didn't who can. Okay. I. When. They could. Good pick nobody nobody offered to drive and blow it up a storm. And then food. The. It's. I thought I think. I thought I'm. The I. I have. Yeah. Okay I'm. And. I. My nights and presented music I Woody Herman and caucus believes banjo player on the Latino gardeners all of the main OK fine I'll point out. This is the armed forces radio remarks and I was in America yeah. From. From the Hollywood palladium one night stand pretends to expect Mikey and his orchestra. I that's quite Erica Hollywood palladium gets underway on the ends of outside that clinic in ban. Just do it just me. We. And. Okay. But I. This. I. And. I. A. I. I. It. I. I. I'm. I am. Diplomats to Bob let them think hey girl math on this excellent there's been talk about let's do this thing a brand new ballad entitled to a new arena. I. I. Okay. There. I. We. Need. A moon. Good news. Oh okay. And news conference. Yeah that is my. We. I. So. I. Okay. Is. Yeah. We. We. I tonight. And I. Oh yeah. Who amusement. I had. This. A news. A we're. Okay. Yeah. A. He. But don't expect it goes all the way back for another day and is now. You recognize the date they send does bring up world. It. Okay. A I. Just to tell you that those songs yesterday or never die here's what we think it's a very good example that clinic in the office to bring back. September in the rain. I. We. I. I. I. I. Or. I. I think we're at the music this time as the maestro himself expected. Topic for discussion in place vote Cherokee can. Wind no sun. And seeing stand in the way. Yeah moon. And his team round. Would just. And every. So love Obama. Okay. Tennessee Iran. Time. Do my. And Lulu a when. And there's a million. Went home we're not. And it forces behind the home. Wherever the home. Okay. Game of tennis do you. You know. No meaningful. I. Put certain time old. I. Man oh man is the name of my little. I. Have. And it outdoor outlets though not dramatic but under the heading of don't blame me. The okay. Okay. Yeah. I. I. The. Do. It. It. It's. I think. I've won again last OPEC and it goes something like that somebody loves me. Body. Again okay. Somebody. Am always. Yeah. Live every. Okay. Somebody else. Lyndon. I've shown me. Where did that name. Okay. Atlanta. And yeah. Depending on the life of dramatic music it about the budding stars in the letters. There at all about little things that it's called this is the moment. Okay. I. News is home. Luke. And. Ooh. I. The and. Okay. And who is. I mean. Okay. I. Okay. Yeah. Okay. The run came my way. No. The moon. Okay. Who. Yeah. And everyone you've been waiting to hear that Vatican office that every part of version of the thank Billy lose mine. On the palladium a hot Hollywood one night stand the thought you could. Allegedly and the United States plans to the end of the Columbia broadcasting system this program is rebroadcast that it would all over the world. I have the United States are with radio in the the point of information and educate. Star spangled radio hour on line. Hear me. You know I remembered. Let's see what seven B 61. Day. Went to Guam in walked in the end there we were still giving programs from the mainland. On vinyl and we were giving him a box is even at that point still. But I do remember looking around the old radio facility there this this facility have been built well after World War II so there was none of that still waiting around but there. I remember looking and trying to find things a mirror and didn't really find a lot of treasure in Guam. But it's I know other places the of that stuff was stacked up and piled up in closets and back rooms and all over the place. Which is a war I. Probably our car we have a lot of material that comes to a strong. For their first birthday and you network Indiana. They're part TS should move. Just can't do this this television later both. From Frankfurt Berlin until you have a lot of stuff and especially where worst of credit get migrated from London and Paris to. They can imitate of course is post more mature oak. Screw you which one night stand where would see programs like eleven more than an all over the oil and change he would support fast. You know this series Grand Central corporate numbers extra. Help. 6500. Or something like that is more baseball will always sort of there early nineteen situation. Greedy at all I want adults could stretch I thought. On media worldwide network and see which which. Bill created out of wartime necessity became a largest radio. Network operation on the play and that's. Consider it helped or strip out for a all the stations or would be you yeah. Well then let that kind of neat tribute. One thing before according border security or about may actually show what you is of course the chairman President Bush street but Gordon Miller I don't. This standing for in order book certain target beyond your portions of the army at the time for. Can turn frontier force. So there are people in the order and in 1942. Nor support for next week. And will be actually warrior Goran turn over the troops killed children very changed America and so yeah. But just when one more time anyway you're gonna get caught them and call for firms in horror and other locations techcrunch. The British cities out. Trying help from the store and I got their power rack. Yeah team members have. But we're approaching good fortune good things from different people we know our British safe from south. That's sports fans there that just it's just awful but that's step eloquence. And threw to leave power outages that does happen. Not a neutral moment although some people I think they think it's more accentuated because it's. Things but I am I'm not sure that's the case and who knows it's full on certain social order partnership until you can. And usually you can rebuild property he can't replace people so. Veteran. Amen to that are in my differing good word to them. Wu hunkered down here a fuel radio studio again next week Kim see what we can do to help people feel a little bit better about stuff. Every good thing we have to do right here every week so when I don't think we take it lately. You know it's everybody and you kidding yourself you can say otherwise everybody needs an escaped from from the real world renowned men and hopefully we provide a right to not only an escape but a great lesson along the way some programs you've never heard before. And it just the chance to relive a time in American history when. Look to wit it's not like worship celebrating a time that was any easier than the time we're going to right now. These were pretty hard times and our country with the world war and coming off the heels of the great depression and so this this was a time in our history when we knew troubles as well so there you ago. Are barred my friend we'll have a good week in the continue the cooled down enough in the New England fall colors will be joining you soon I'm sure. And then we'll talk again next week. Are right for the rest of you thanks for me I am star spangled radio hour on line it crews and 1430 done. Com and so an elaborate game. Flu man I'm really glad. When my program game. OK okay.