Star Spangled Radio Hour - 9.23.17

Saturday, September 23rd

SSRH 381

September 23, 2017 


Tuesday, June 20, 1939

6:30-6:45 pm

Glen Island Casino

New Rochelle, New York

Nelson Case, announcer

July 26, 1939

RCA Studio 2

New York

BS 038139-1

Bluebird B-10372-A

Blue Orchids

Tuesday, February 27, 1940

Midnight-12:30 am

Café Rouge

Hotel Pennsylvania

New York


Oscar Alvin (Butch) Robinson, announcer

Thursday, June 13, 1940

1:00 – 5:25 pm

RCA Studio A, Merchandise Mart, Chicago


Bluebird B-10768

Blueberry Hill

Saturday, November 15, 1941

11:15 pm – 2:00 am

NBC Fifteenth Anniversary “Free for All”

NBC Studio 6-A

Radio City

New York


Monday, December 8, 1942

RCA Studio 2, New York


Bluebird B-11401

Moonlight Cocktail

Sunset Serenade

Saturday, May 16, 1942

2:00-3:00 pm

Soundstage 1, 20th Century-Fox



July 16, 1942

RCA Studio A, Merchandise Mart, Chicago

Wednesday, July 15 1942

11:00 am – 3:15 pm



That Old Black Magic

Chesterfield Moonlight Serenade

Wednesday, July 23, 1942

11:15-11:30 pm

Central Theater

Passaic, New Jersey


Mel Allen, announcer

Chesterfield Moonlight Serenade

Thursday, July 24, 1942

7:15-7:30 pm

Central Theater

Passaic, New Jersey


Mel Allen, announcer

Harry James, guest

SSRH 381 Playlist

(20Jun39) Moonlight Serenade (opening theme), Farewell Blues, Moon Love (Ray Eberle, vocal) (#1 Hit 1939), We Can Live On Love (Marion Hutton, vocal), Hold Tight! I Want Some Seafood, Mama) (Marion Hutton, vocal), Moonlight Serenade (closing theme) (27 Feb 40) (Tue) Moonlight Serenade (opening theme), Little Brown Jug (Top 10 Hit 1939),  When You Wish Upon A Star (Ray Eberle, vocal) (#1 Hit 1940), Say “Si Si” (Marion Hutton, vocal), The Sky Fell Down (Ray Eberle, vocal), My Blue Heaven, The Starlit Hour (Ray Eberle, vocal) (Top 10 Hit, 1940), Let’s All Sing Together (Marion Hutton, vocal), Tuxedo Junction (extended arrangement) (Top 10 Hit, 1940), Moonlight Serenade (closing theme) (13Jun40) Blueberry Hill (Ray Eberle, vocal) (15Nov41) Chattanooga Choo Choo (Tex Beneke, Marion Hutton and the Modernaires, vocal) (#1 Hit 1941-42), (8Dec41) Moonlight Cocktail (Ray Eberle and the Modernaires, vocal) (#1 Hit 1942) (16May42) Moonlight Serenade (opening theme), Boulder Buff, It’s Great To Be An American (The Modernaires, vocal), Skylark (Ray Eberle, vocal) (Top 10 Hit, 1942), A String of Pearls (#1 Hit, 1942), I Don’t Want to Walk Without You (Ray Eberle, vocal), It’s Great to be an American (The Modernaires, vocal), Sweet Eloise (Ray Eberle and the Modernaires, vocal) (Top 10 Hit, 1942), In the Mood (Top 10 Hit, 1939), Slumber Song (closing theme), (15Jul42) That Old Black Magic (Skip Nelson and the Modernaires, vocal) (#1 Hit, 1943), (23Sep42) Moonlight Serenade (opening them), I’ve Got a Gal in Kalamazoo (Tex Beneke, Marion Hutton and the Modernaires, vocal) (#1 Hit, 1942), It’s Great to Be An American (brief), Serenade in Blue (Skip Nelson and the Modernaires) (Top 10 Hit, 1942) (24Sep42), I Left My Heart at the Stage Door Canteen (last week’s winning tune) (brief), Juke Box Saturday Night (Tex Beneke, Marion Hutton and the Modernaires, vocal) (Harry James, trumpet) (Top 10 Hit, 1942), Glenn Miller and Harry James remarks, Moonlight Serenade (closing theme)


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Or are. Always loved the opening of this song because she should she EGE we didn't leave him weep knowing that something wrong. Really are good I was about yeah. Yeah. Doug give selling your son. Wall Glenn Miller will serenade in blue as we get set for the star spangled redo our online murdered crews in 1430 Dutch public crammed with your studio and joined one sit again. Yeah author of classified. Wonderful Roy Miller story AM to also senior advisor to the Glenn Miller archive at the University of Colorado demonstrated with this year and we met. Talked about truth in anticipation that blew the lead up to that song if he does all of. It was a little proof frustration and confusion because. They didn't help him. We're good opening to national. At least they couldn't get corny but it's good to have that they were in main main arrangement. I made up but they had to kill or are you most urban America remain actually European truck. And true true or did you me and I looked kind of collective thing I think Conan probably guys. Actually told me ranger so yeah ocean interest rates are shown how we got through that. It does Mitch used to it they're just real actually ad you're probably just get but it outshooting their holy month. Wait. To think that if if there. That you didn't like important part should go to goal yeah I had something trivial about their patrol restarted my cure world I would assure American and British special. Do you look at contract as the number two churning loop. When the number two. Songs in the billboard top ten week after week after week in September or October. November and December of 1940 through the portraying it couldn't get number one can only do we had been number one. From the same film market soars. And the RC AA record of charity bluish. Probably just popular cultural and looked at and I think it would have been more vocal and number one true. When the number 150. Produced correct term thing was in the way you cut and little record cold like Chris is. By. No wonder Norman and. Though only used. It's just that they do what I do when I mean by this who have recently been looking at we're going to be publishing date nice little. The report about an enormous number one can actually incorporate our society actually that I take action but they publish some questions. We'll list we understand do we know how many on two and firmer in the top ten. And how many were born at diplomacy should think Shapiro that you might guess I can still Portugal start there. Talked and other intellectual national resource cultural control I. July of 1940. So hard that it got to look at Peter the Great. Question you've got to look at other things a bill portal portal like. Radio closure and torture should she checked the usual course contact great arms to charger can truly change them. The for an entertainer and you really cute little larger than you were just shot usually based upon pay more at all all part time work. Gerber every week which he bigs. That wouldn't work. You make sure. But much protection so that they too very long story short. It's true during the Crosby and gloom nor Libby to most charted artists such. On the year in terms of where her popularity. We should probably come just crushed. Her and you look at certainly true 19391940. And and they can afford to lose a little bit blown 41 record and put put in a lot of we shall see it's not unusual chief for. Favre or even more weeks so when Glenn Miller records and talks and yeah. Just consciously say you know I think again which I. Lose. And they are you surprised you're sure you are in the moonlight cultural charted more than. Chattanooga Richard it is number one. And I can lease purchase story. Really pack it shipped to Churchill was in the top 1021. Weeks in a row which I feel kind of champion any tune. We wouldn't stop and think about it now clean car and that era. But Ballard then and portal which most of church whose course obituary heavily weighted toward ecology not a swing music so you don't Sheikh. A lot of big group took swings double and of course charter its own. If you interpret all homeless in the top 103 weeks so there are worshipping and made it. But don't ask you to shoot good appreciation for the year end and I. Very thing you should see things like moonlight becomes you were quarantined are both popular culture of corruption nutrient content. And actually people think it is important how to me. We're sure you've achieved through four. Consensus he saw Leo for a strong tour almost 33 Irish charm will be in the country. In the can leak these it would actually happen. It was and I think you're sighing. Armed. You know the loyalty that people had to their favorite artists tract can be as well you know well that. That was they're good version of that song by gland but I'm really a big fan of Ben AM net and I like Denny's version and I just. It's a fascinating thing to me because it would happen in this day and age somebody has it with a record every year with a record nobody else records it moved. Are they pretty rural America. Hillary you have and assists and this conversation and I is because it reached a milestone in order history. We reached at five years ago on this seventieth anniversary. And we didn't special show it still you're restored campaign acknowledged significant anniversary and I. I can very easily just say you know this quickly and scooter we run. Our episode drew tried to grow will reach its final three chesterfield shows you open or band and we'll have some of that tonight. A loyal solitude speaking at the main record just. I hate peer respect in the street or and then. Overarching presents as popular music icon. And focused on goal Newark enters orchestra controlled around a couple of percent in the park Castro I think featured at Beirut. Its peak and over time in 1940 and 41 and two. As we do would be worrying a few weeks ago interspersed among the big steel corporation we never play the actual work urged. We try to lower Echelon role in the make an exception. Furcal and Emory and interspersed on the importance. Can sort of like you can write in between the bark can question. This morning. And he cut all over the number one week truce. Charted particle board or previously your courage. Part Glenn Miller's orchestra I think. You're concealing down blonde woman promotional. Warning and you hear it in a few moments I think people are going to be surprised. I wish to go to tunes war you're gonna reform. Commending them in chronological order from the first two relaxed. During the course of the program I think you're gonna try to carry interest in Camelot in the morning by the way totally go. Yeah pure of heart to pick up a bit. A ton of number one smarter ways. Hope and then all our senior director and bluebird record or near the trolley car cash. Can you tell me and you're an expert on this CIA component Moore show go initially to to blend speak from so. Tell me the largest air act number one we heard true. Number 1 solid morning and they own nor had. And horrendous orchestra. And wind. It was number one relief in the concentrating little blue route and. Who this is a trick question and no it is. It's not it's not disconnected with the ear we're not talking about some. And I want you to what he was in uniform. Already when this happens which usually the record company stole a group. So sensitive to. Our own. Ellison and so unfair question Charl are just shake. It may 1943. Orange Guinea Glenn brook rehearsing. And doing cash are cash charge stayed away. And although it looked in addition launching an online actually morning. Born and feature to sort purely Glover didn't moonlight becomes you can do something called that old black to match. This. And it turned out can teach or street I. Glen Miller and there's orchestra. No record of kettle black magic potion number one in the country when captain Marvin Miller we're starting punched in the wings actually shall I go legacy key act. Had they charge tune in the top ten and nimble and stronger in the top ten many months after he can stay and it's. And imagine that at this point at this point in his life he was still just 39 years old. Oh yeah this is this was all happening at this time. He's he's not he's not forty yet but we can all work at peak effect that I can zoom in urine or you're. Are you ready for their own between may of 1939. And many of 1943. Serb warriors yeah. Colin Miller had interest deep ache records in the top ten and it's this. Why you do about 200 actually stay here so pretty good batting average not. They're sort of felt one out of every four Oakland and we're closer to the top and not that. So you look back. And early voting in yeah normal. And we'll be ignoring linking dirty minded worker warrior retreat for sure you. We go you know I'm. You love them Mel you to listen to over the breakaway Miller starts. It is gentleman on the Glen island casino just off the song. All morning Long Island's. This music well I let you know. When Nevada's caucus know. I am and you may have ruling. Yeah. And things begin with a Miller a swing arrangement but in the groove all the farewell blues. And that was Glenn's arrangement a farewell blowers and cubs now music taken from checkups peace took some Benet. And style by Glenn Miller very heavily to saying. More loved. I. Through this the moon. A good nothing but you know. Lose we go. A new look. Our lives just. And me. Ran well than. Being. But one blue moon. It's. Mudd says I love you. Don't let knew all old news. Live five must OK you're. We're all only into its. Say it's not mean love. Tell millions who love. Sales may Hamas. Room. It's. From the red island casino overlooking Long Island Sound that your show New York it's music by Glenn Miller and his orchestra. And from the production streets of Paris it's Marian Hutton to sing. We can live on love. We avenue and east England and no the mainland's soon. And maybe that's really an Emmy winning and it along. We hadn't added men and leave me. You can't and so to me out not a handling and Elaine lovely and fun. Billion made me Leon you're dealing sends me and me. I have no luck now cats so what then Indiana need. And it and it seems you can't see him now and days but yeah. An honor and ringling and you run. We'll audio jitterbug is just pull back the chair has pushed back the rugs and gets set because Manhattan is back again this thing with Glenn Miller playing. Whole tie. And yeah. And his neck he didn't didn't you know. Yeah. Yeah I haven't. Oh yeah oh yeah. It is sad Pete you've been my yeah. And I'm. Why don't you look. Again though we didn't hang on we have written matter whom. Yeah and then Billy so yeah now you did not sing but oh yeah. Is that key hits the grant. Sandy. We're we're OK I mean this man. And I happen. Hold tighter or not we just got to move on out of here ladies and gentlemen. On the island say overlooking Long Island Sound. Just off disarmament here is no talk of good music rather face arrangements winning novel next opponent Matt Miller had a dog doesn't. This is the national broadcasting company. It's. Okay. And prove. Okay. Blue okay. It's. Okay. I'd remove remove all visitors to your live full bloom box and I I had. While in Milo live ruling again. I'd be moved to New York is all perera and hello blah. I had the little time. I want to do both fast seats tend rules. Then my game should please hand through a child. Blue dogs do. The new world of love when. Something's playland. It's. KLA. Around the car my car and she. All my new blue or use mine who have little blue Fox News plus an I am. I'm one of those reserve for. When you look now. My little. And close play into the city blue or do the only bloom and you all. But I. Had. Balloon. The national broadcasting company invited to listen to Glenn Miller is viewed it. I've serenade. How ironic now some of the nation's finest dance music room. No way the music of America's things stranger Glenn Miller. I do not make it I think it would happen. Hello hello. And you know today. Designing. It's like old times that we have program cuts off tonight those have you heard these programs and it has all remember how they start with. Little brown job. Pondexter. All the way around it's somewhat that this could up BO. And Glenn Miller is setting the boys have very heavily when you wish upon us. And yeah. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. It's. You were. Almost. Yeah. Ooh I. Okay. Honeymoon. I. The view all the small. Business news you're. It goes it. Okay. Harness all of those G. OK okay. And. Things are being cool isn't he. Loose. Wolf. And oh lose newsroom. I. I. It's okay. No. These valid writings I've been out there using his famous raid section main thought saxophone led by the cabinet. Still serve as one of the highlights and his program us. Our own little blond Marion has now stepped up to the microphones to say Xie Xie. It was. Her name names. And maybe. Okay yeah. Me. Okay. Marine mom fans can hang right. Atlanta Orlando. Words from ray heavily again. And another suite arrangement by Glenn Miller. This guy fell down. It's. It's. Come here is god. Blue. Okay. And wounded first wave. The worst job Honolulu. And. And oh do you live news. Maybe she. Okay. On snowy. Love. Yeah. Movie. Yeah. When you lose guys go back. You. As carriers have already told you. He unless they get some of the nation's finest bands music. But boy oh caused by Glenn Miller and his famous orchestra from that cafe rouge. Couple that Pennsylvania. In New York City flatly on the very terrific side now. Been Miller's arrangements my blue heaven. It please pray slack because I think. We've met completely over other sensational time limit of playing my eleventh that it doesn't really happening now singing it. Stop it now. Loves. Okay. Okay. Okay. And oh yeah wow this. Us ballclub. We'll drop in blood. Good car okay. Below. I. Okay wow. Love me. I heard me. Look our. I. We're live mine. Now moon there. You. Okay. The love little. Good. At all. I. A grand it is set to music Ed Rendell to sing at Manhattan at a grand got to play Glenn Miller's. And let's all sing together. That's something he's. You and then. And the landing. Then things we can. Some things you get them. Don't let the game. Then maybe. Yeah an anonymous yeah. The end okay. And stuff thank you again. Then the. Okay. There's a double feature at run settings. President cycles that a red number plate and a very sensational Matta by Glenn menace that Zeta-Jones and. It's. It's okay. I okay. Okay. I. Okay. It's. OK. Okay. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah. The or. I. Haven't found that men love music and song as a love laying on the payment on my name. Think a lot hello when the time being you know when things line and then music. We hope it's. Obama and again we invited him isn't that bad memorandum famous song was not okay thank god thanking batting and a half later. Now Pennsylvania. I don't know if you know. The visited the national broadcasting company. Yeah. Okay. OK okay. Won't. Okay. One. It's own mind. Long blue man he's. Woo. The wrong. Move better you move. Real. And the last thing our revenues. Still it's okay. Wrong move there he. And lingered around boom. I had dreams came true. Mean well all right. I. And love us really know would be okay. I love Lowe's low. Okay. Never to be a move to Europe love. Our New York. News. Little. Me or you were my through boom. Boom. Mom and bury news. Mean. It's. Okay. He. Good evening everyone this is Glenn Miller bring in NBC at Jeff that the future call of congratulations for my whole game. XYZ. But five live it's my day. It's been. Pardon me go on the while you can image. And you and I knew my. Got my day. I let me. You need a Pennsylvania stations out of water move. And a magazine and in your vault them over. And you hear the whistle blowing me do that about. And you know that diversity is not very far. There's going to be. A third tour they have the station. Well funny thing. She's gonna cry. Mandela had an ever growing. Did you feel. Okay. Did you realize. Okay now. Yeah. Okay. All those bigger looming. And then. Loose. Warren Moon move blue moon. Landing yeah new car. Hello OK okay. Are you okay. All. Okay. Love you and and I know I'm a couple of Florida. The drop or move you move. Guru Karl Malone losses. Due dreams. Come true move. As well. Yes. Do okay. Paying. He. Food fish. In the some third receiver. So live in this. On the news and. Whose lives. Very exotic it is far should Maggie moo. Gentle blue. Follow lose more direction moon and then do little ring. And live through another long black soon where you're. Okay. Well say hello and not lose today. Neon. Moon there. Yeah. Okay. Then he. Okay. Well I imagine or. I'm glad. I lose big game. You ruined you know more fans. Love and lose me. News. Ram dedicated men and then I think we'll. Why can't the little. Okay. Okay. Okay. It is day two of me. And the I love that members. She has very good at the end of last an hour all weather without blue man providing broad. It lands on land on CNN day and everywhere in the world. Deeply electrified camps for different parts country and then need to them as a gift must. Fifty recordings of its American. The same time we asked them the name of the camp's favorite tunes and assumes command Jews are the monthly plans fast salute to the fighting forces of Uncle Sam all of have you told you all heard the tone of voice just to pick up to one you like best to try to audible driving better than he's got another mutual network New York city's. And the damp or attempted to assume receives the greatest amount of your time we'll be awarded our special guest. The beautiful radio formats combination which we'll send to the winners especially for the use of the man on the bank. Any post that is all the necessary associate busy and endure throughout life it'll mean to your question in yards for thousands of our members service. I guess you know they'll appreciate so don't put an offense and you've got back. The man not a custom field judge went all operatives really rotten. It is well combination of learning humility and we fled now I salute to the gang attacked and beaten. Yeah. It's. Are. Okay. Harassed. Really it's. The okay. It's. Valedictory. Okay. Well well. It's. Oh. Okay. Where Ben Barnes and good news. All. Have you seen the. Well ma'am. Then go. The so just. Is there ever days. Tom DeLay. Little lonely to you yeah. Too new to this. Okay. And. Tool. I. I've known. Good do you drive. Look I'm par. Who do. So it's been. Then do away forward. It. It's. Yeah. Tampa off from South Carolina and 5500 men down at Lambeau Field in Texas. Then makes a total of almost 42000 men who decided that string of Brodeur stopped the left. So it is good stuff and ran off. You bring up for. Amerigroup Samsung today's move also doubled up on their favor the memo board crumble is because guys based in New London, Connecticut. And forefront nobody in California. They've assumed the norm around for weeks. I don't wanna walk without. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Okay. I. This day. We're. Is big news rules. And good news. I'm home I'm OK. And brought Nall. And it's. The overall. Live. Food for. Okay. News. Okay. Man. Boy you really. Oh there. All I. Just. There's really no move. Move yeah. It's. The I. Okay. It's. The judge okay. Okay. There. It's. And ask them things. They're just drama. Just. Yeah me. You move to move and I. Cool in the room. Did you lose. We're back. Heard about so all Osama bridge he's. She didn't. Have to move there are many. Our vendors die. Okay all right. And me. Didn't say it doesn't know. Okay. Okay. Me. It's. It's. Only your. You know. To. Drugs though we did call my a game here. We have to hold it is this time of good news. It's. Only go. There's no Austin. OK I just in time. And I love that. Who is live on my. I've lived here. Well it is just. Well this week our congratulations go to the amendment Lubbock field sexist. And Fort Leavenworth Kansas for their favorites right cocktail. There's number of your card this question about means that the men in the ranks at Fort Leavenworth. And Robert field will receive digital radio program prominent. Well you know everybody's just been joined and hoping it holds up a bit to get a lot of pleasure from menus. Johnson assumed real world or you folks just move on this week can't stop Carolina and Randolph feels text is string of cut them field yards just skylight. And fort trumbull Connecticut and fort Frances California I don't want to cross without just. They and now it's up to you folks are home from penny postcard in an easier time that's all it. There's. The Yankees. Advantage. It's no news or. Don't want. And I'll sleep. No pride and money list. I make everything is a tough time. My grandfather. Assigning you the. Position for the. Now and then and then none that's and they have been prevented them they wanted to have been very bomb. But Ali big big studios in Hollywood is done that dominated play a lot of noise over the years all of the. And you'll broadcasting. Okay. Cool movie. News. It's good. Moved black does. And values. Here it is smooth flow. Rules. This is losing cruise. It's. It's the moment Hulu. As me in a smooth. Movement. Move. The the it's okay. And I know. Okay. Okay. Okay. It is. It's harder and it's. Zhu's. We'll. We'll learn. Owens who grew news news. The. Okay. Yeah I guru. Who oh okay. Ku. Boom. Yeah I had. Hello. Okay and absolutely. Okay. Lou you know. Ma. Okay. In this. Mom. Oh good magic. Blue. And I. Easy. Smoked a cigarette that the satisfied fits chesterfield time. Brings to Glenn Miller's moonlight serenade. Tell you all about thank you know Heidi just to feel welcome. Tonight our third the spotlight is aimed at camp killed. He Robinson. Live approved label of the top. First time out from those in the bowl hangover garsten has the number one until the last week I have a gallon down. Okay. Let me. Yeah yeah. I've got to get. No big bedfellows. I love where I can. Look at. Only eight map then finance Rego. Okay did. OK okay hey he's okay well. Time. Okay. Very good about my got a gal in Kalamazoo. Taking a Miller we're proud to say that GM has joined the army and since this report to duty soon tonight and tomorrow will be the wind up a blend moonlight serenade. Well Mel I got some good news for all you chesterfield smokers start next week in our regular spot the nation's number one trumpeter Harry James and his wonderful band will be planned for all you list. And of course there will be done there may fifth and expect chesterfield it's like I've been doing for the last three years how about that folks. Great movie. Power that you spoke at all. Every Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday we've been saluting one of the army navy Coast Guard the marine bases here in the United States with the tomb may have chosen as their favorite. The same time we send each of these three camps to get to fifty recordings. After our salute and so if you listened to get busy and take the win improved. Writer on a postcard sent the chesterfield by a funny one New York City if the Tampa assumed gets the greatest number of your votes wins chesterfield special order a beautiful radio phonograph combination. Last night it was my devotion for the chiefs go army air base California tomorrow night for marine barracks of the river North Carolina but tonight. A romantic song for my new picture orchestra wives gets the nod from the man in the ranks of campgrounds and Arkansas. Expand relationships in the modern as saying they're named. Yeah. We'll. The room. Move. More. No clue. There all the and loans lucrative new group visit. But I do. My. And the boom all. And it's being right normally yes. Okay. Grew all. Okay. Though new darling used moves the world's. He's here. My program show that they army run that radio combination for the Sony afford them Massachusetts. I'm not then this is the last week of our salutes the chief of army air base camp Robinson and the Marines at new river. Each received just to feel special awards the fifty records and the phonograph combination. Which means you folks at home have nothing noble. Because every camp walk. There's just the suggestion instead of writing to us this week trying to keep that parade of both cars rolled through your friends. Sure there's enough when I get no. Mom been up soon and I'm Ricky even. Throughout our. Because I. Being. Goodness and kindness and a million. Yeah I didn't name names so I. Move. Okay. Hey good if not then. Me and fun and lack. Make you want to roll plan. I'm newsroom. My new way you really don't need. Well I may without I. Let me out of the NBA. New moms Saturday night. As I have I'm also a big guys team. I'm. But I don't record seeking to. Okay me and then name and he doesn't do a good job that I have every game. We have new and that. Whenever any games not being. And I do. Okay. Okay and and all this. Man I. And you would and who. Wow. Oh yeah. It's not okay. Do. You know man. Okay. All then there okay it's. Okay. Then. One do you want an okay. Hi there and do. Need an a hole. OK. Okay. My name. Okay I'm in well magic. Yeah. OK okay then move. And really vetted now there isn't because it was very James himself very good Marlins face Afflalo everybody. Okay naturally we're very reluctant to give up our minds and he's. But since I gotta be my Uncle Sam coming up I can sincerely say I'd rather have you take over direct recruitment went in Thursday's club. And anyone I know. Very proud. So next Tuesday just sort mr. Gupta no I don't know that's enough. But fifty today and I'm sure everyone agrees that made such as doing a lot of fun things on me I mean. How can make it filled family man and takes gift for mom and there's this wonderful gang of boys and abandon all our friends list. There's a lot of slower guys in the outfit I'm going in and maybe all of us can get together again after this thing is over in the meantime. I'll see only army and we'll say goodbye and the best way we know how. Number one problem. Leon and everything you've playing. Same. And in the meantime. Remember the make our next. After the event today Columbia brought. Or online crews in 1430 does come in there you go my friends a fabulous. Night 75 anniversary met. The legendary. Glen Miller and to remember of course you know. Dennis mentioned it did in the lead and you know fifty some odd didn't top ten hits in 45 years. You know we can make weeks and weeks of programs just with Glenn Miller music can and certainly we've covered. A lot of it here tonight but. Incredible it's always salute you and you learn something new all the time which is good and it was fun learning a little bit tonight in the lower only music can. Thank you my friend for that Tim folks around these parts got to learn a little bit about to this this week especially if the boulder great review of declassified. So we're still get Malcolm. Oh yeah that's true veteran. Despite some belief in creation archer aviation expert and important. If that's a fifth set. Or cause her to just feel that your this is it is this certificate to argue that he had news that wore a blue work. And they didn't have those are some interest in Paris church. It absolutely is simple for me if I. Look you you shook their trees a little bit emit no light to fruit is slower now so. No birth cohorts and I'd say this though on the other hand there are some wonderful. It's wonderful communications. Folks couldn't even people I don't think that was before you are important I am very pro. Very nice and to. The book and it's a wonderful friend so yeah. All good. If everybody if everybody would do. You know there would be we would be very mutual. And you get it from both try to secure fit you know the full go to the sugar coat anything that they're they're not putting well enough power to Mount Olympus who couldn't I know. From all walks. Fifth that it did. Loves him but on the other hand you know this system that's true cut school place and he does the it's that people on either side of that equation are are irritated which is maybe imagine that jumper. Exactly right. All right so how do we follow up this great night. We're now three more unfortunate one night stand there actually could look different bands on that I wanna leave as a bit of a surprise ST. I'm gonna try to spread out to media scrutiny and doubt get from people on the show earlier I talked a while. Then with some quick restoration of some nice sounding music. And you too. Try to preserve the legacy of this wonderful here. Aren't well. It was so wonderful night tonight hard to believe did you know we we celebrated diss the seventieth anniversary another 75 and will march forward towards that eightieth. It's an error along the way we'll try it ultra that's what you say you don't like to not do things a little differently aware of interest hadn't been able to. We will probably want to follow enter greatly blogger here in the structure which I can play these shows are under par action right I'm gonna put it all nice picture solution. Pressure in charge what they are they're. Absolutely well thanks for good measure tonight and appreciated. So our control those of you listening out there and radio William thank you serve you belonged as well. This is sheer one of those dark secrets to this one right here is. One of my all time favorite going militants. You don't always have to be number one hits to be your favorite team and we'll see you next week back here star spangled review our our moon. Okay.