Star Spangled Radio Hour - 9.30.17

Saturday, September 30th

SSRH 382

September 30, 2017


Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra

One Night Stand 687

Wednesday, July 18, 1945

Mission Beach Ballroom

San Diego, California

From NBC Sustaining Remote                                                  


Stan Kenton and his Orchestra

One Night Stand 760

Thursday, September 27, 1945

Café Rouge

Hotel Pennsylvania

New York

From CBS Sustaining Remote


Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra

One Night Stand 764

Sunday, October 7, 1945

New Zanzibar Café

New York

From NBC Sustaining Remote


SSRH 382 Playlist

(15Jul45) I’m Getting’ Sentimental Over You (dubbed AFRS open), On The Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe (The Sentimentalists, vocal), There You Go (Stuart Foster, vocal), Opus No. 1, Out of this World (Stuart Foster, vocal), Chloe, On the Sunny Side of the Street (The Sentimentalists, vocal), I Should Care (Stuart Foster and the Sentimentalists, vocal), Song of India, That’s It, Always (to close) (27Sep45) Artistry in Rhythm (dubbed AFRS open), I Know That You Know, Solitude, Tampico (June Christy, vocal), The Man I Love, Southern Scandal, And There You Are (Gene Howard, vocal), I Surrender Dear, It’s Been a Long, Long Time (June Christy, vocal), Taboo (to close) (7Oct45) Take the “A” Train (dubbed AFRS open), How Deep is the Ocean, Walkin’ with My Honey, Go Away Blues (Joya Sherrill, vocal), Homesick, That’s All, I’d Do It All Over Again, Take the “A” Train, Fancy Dan, Ev’ry Hour on the Hour (Al Hibbler, vocal), Emancipation Celebration, Let the Zoomers Drool (to close)  


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Well what did you do a program you might as well start with the number. One. And when Tommy Dorsey is on your show. You have no choice but to start with this one right I mean I want this. Everybody a drink Kringle right here in the present 1430 studios is we're gathered around for the star spangled radio hour on line crews in 1430 dark Dante. And our chance every week this year the very best of the big bear and sand. Tonight we have lived billion kind of interesting to me that the timing of of tonight's show which features one night stand programs. 1945. Post war except for the first signal which is a couple of months about a month before. The the surrender a couple of months before it was signed but this is now becoming post war. America at its very first days after World War II. And so that that tennis fascinates me to be at definitely some history. And of course the reason we are is because there are more mister Dennis Bragg who brings these goodies every week. Author of V. I'm now publish now available now being sold worldwide declassified. They and his senior advisor to the Glenn Miller archive two University of Colorado. How are you doing at this week. Let you know actually the refugee used to occasionally there might you know you can get 90% of the people think could get. What I am back and go where to go great book I'm really our show while back yeah sure of course currently know it all. Amanpour occasionally merger somebody stumbles along the warmth the warm. Yeah let's let's go straight from or may go no no no additional ports. You observe rule you know that you're out dares say that about me I don't know I'm Kyra you know it's just what I don't market them in your parents can't do you know you know part. Our donors don't make the best you can do is see you thank you for your comments and walk away. I would I probably wouldn't know I took a politician just let tribunal. Allard though he knew it. I would do you meet people European gas here in my in my community people have asked. Who you run for City Council you know now though I would be the worst politician in the history of the world there's no way. Church where toward me if I'm happy and O coach. London good. And you don't know what I'm surely believe that I actually really believe that later. Prefer to actually have made it very conscious effort to not inject my opinion can do anything right. And I think you'll trap much better. Well you always there's a radio hosts here. As a radio host here is I tell my staff here all the time. Stay away from it immediately as soon as you mentioned. Your opinion one way or another you've annoyed 50% of our audience. Four year old children or commentator Tim Russert and that's not only do you were to agree musically Tommy Dorsey you know the swarm him. Let's meet OK you know let's be known through that. And that's social Che Mauritius are historians are traditional. I'll I'll confine my opinions which coach can be found in in my writings of about 23 I do not torture below Wall Street bet. And actually that's where world actual actual budget so I actually do your history you your current military action just nineteen and think about the order of protection might just firm. Before. The trip situation in Japan and Mary elder true or ask Turk. But I think all through rehab or Sharon spoke optimism. Actually if you will remember upbeat piece of all three upbeat. Our cash I think and now they're worth the three bear intruder alarm around our enforcer future risk once managed care programs. For low B shows. And from essentially not technically in the minutes of the three. There Israel on the marked as you pointed out in the beginning or obviously it's Tommy Dorsey and opus from born as one of the two just tell me who played in front of the purchased. And we have. Stand chairman and who is that the current full forty tried hitting your story coming into. Problems. And that you could no one can of course which always great to kill an animal. Neither certain streak. And also worked it to beat. Grouped together for a reason and that is the music and the quality of the music and Anna Goran can actually help. Unfortunately or merge stands works. Don't conclusions. No portion stating you were much. And I look forward to explain to people are straining a remote wars 'cause I keep saying well you haven't heard you know he didn't have all three networks shorter work. Like on television all every talk show so appeared swamp water you add that you can get control I'd like different in America was happier place at music perhaps they thought he talks all the talk shows them being in the age Johnny Carson and how they are committed to lose just. I'm pretty you might look pretty all Carson show yeah yeah oh yeah he got a whole different ball game. And I know how you. Then they may have a different thing to do so anyway I'm pleased. To hear a complicated wanted to show host put anyway beyond. And at least seemed to work and saying you're watching your helicopters armed forces are used in Los Angeles. You. And the actions as social these are ducks prevail over all the network card cash. So. First consistently high quality. The only things like this sound like they're people are Castro away and give it to people. Good just remain under 200 chipped out and attack of the just say send around the world put. If you get a good copy for an ego no wait a minute you know these things sound really good like so many things are from New York for the New York area. And it's been recorded in Los Angeles Police and Torre. You can tell there's a light they're coming down lunch so spiritual technical engineering quality departure Shattuck pretty coach's systems satellite. Where you control around. Really good body go for you should look like I download this and come down along why are you sure you're well. I'll put it all these good we have the Tommy Dorsey is an NBC. And the dukes is an NBC to Beijing wasn't actually until I succeed or correct and we know these things as we compared to a network walks two feet. Armed forces really servers ledger can we can figure out what the source mature washed. And so there you go air and you have to remember we're trying to interpret the cafe urged the go to hotels and it contracts with the networks so like in 1940. And 411 Glenn Miller went to the cafe rouge who wears NBC. The network NBC red a pouring into the care cherished. CBS got a 1942. And the exchange contracts over forty try to social secures our church always know which network warship which we can teach. Niedermayer but got three great parents great music. I can make a lot of commentary on the music because I'm not all hard DPP. Musical. Don't guru here but us from the troops to child very true nature of. All right that sounds great to me to hear you go lettuce sound great everybody else. Dennison and Rick having a one night stand with you take depth for what it is that's this are singled radio hour on glided crews in 1430 dot com. One night stand revenge. Thought they don't they ended August. Yes he's the music of that cinemanow gentlemen swings coming off a coming to you from mission beach ball room envisioned being in California. He did on the ground Rod Stewart and fundamentalist. I want me great kind of instrument ms. Including Charlie neighbors and incumbent and buddy rich on drums. Now. Yeah did. That's seven analysts on the edges and the big guy and I've sat up. Yeah news that we or. They can't imagine how the body night. New iMac and I'm pat Lang mom dad and that it and the manner that. Details on what I yeah I'm not the I can't imagine how does not many young men and oh yeah he's hot yeah I'm banking I'm actually in the and back pain NBA you know. Didn't men's room. Didn't. He made a lot of lives. Love love love and there's Natalee in Atlanta back in the well okay none and god now I hate black and okay. The big. The. That was the absence begin senate today this is don't want to take a collective moan brought incentive for a new doing the editors about four weeks ago today you gold. I can. Lou you boom. You would plug a mob monster. Are you know. On moving to start the. A guy who. I've. Good. A live in oh. Okay. Well I. Mean most. They gave me there. Okay. Five months. We do home. Oh I'm. Good news. Well I love women live. I've. Okay. Well. Cool months. The. And I love knowing you. I want to. Yeah I. Car. Newly. Are there. This time there. But why will lose a game. Long lines and thank god one knew. Yeah I mean rove and. I. A who do. Oh. You are okay. There is room. And. Our new. This. The news. No longer a third. No news. It's. It went it was so okay. I virgin. It's. More news now the car. You're. Do you keep. So song. Boras though. And a midnight. Are you so. A lot of these. So let me. And spent. Again dominate present. Blow away. Right. Phone. It's. And in the news. The we'll. Oh. Okay. The. The. Bad. Don't think any and I mean now I need you need the night and it. And there. Oh yeah. In the defense and he's mad at her beauty. I'm. It's. That. He is high end. The camera. Kid you may then be okay. Batten disease used to love being in the game. When I'm OK. We'll let you forget that in his game kids. Don Vietnam. And move on Ladd he does then over in the again. Okay. It's not a math or. Imagine round laughter. Then me. Okay. Okay. You know mom. And really. No I. I. Okay. You move. Okay. Warren Moon. And loaded them. My eyes. Shouldn't. Okay good a lot of those. The. Yeah. Okay. Saying he. And and I I. And I'd do. Do you. It's. I. I. OK. That's good. Good. Okay. He. Okay. I'm. It's. Okay. Sentimental gentleman just please be entire band all the crew and all the lads in last is written. It always. Broad vision he rural. Weighing on the Aussie and it's only her. Let me doing Foster and the sentiment. Radio. What makes them present the artistry in rhythm most then captain and his orchestra. I'm cafe Jerusalem Hotel Pennsylvania and the heart of New York City one night stand ready to modern music by fan Kevin ended August 5. Revoke book by June Christiane hang our. But again we have Stan Kenton pitchers both teams although about the fact that set up a rhythm holding that you recognize that I know that you know. Duke Ellington tune get enough fuel extra give reasons crumble implosion. Solitude. From the. I. Mean. I. Date June 5 then aided and abetted by the labs. Thumbs up the situation in the certain. Time FICO. Okay. It's. The it's. You and you lose your. Do. You bought at a all that and he's Mexican. And need it and who. Very. Knock it out okay come. You know. It's. Good for. And in the. Did it without you they land. Smack them if not the. And me. They. Not. OK. Okay view has really not. You didn't know about Sudan. You and then when you can't. This man and zebra that's. You. It's. OK okay. US and didn't. And you know that I may. What incentive do the line and hey fellas being that's Glenn. I have big. I'll be home okay. They've gone. And and then the. Go to and Bruno and setting artistry in rhythm by Stan Kenton and again solo spot the other facts of both developed. Man I'm out. Okay. Okay. I. Fan Kevin spotlight the day today for friends again the problem that if they don't. In a tent and recording success fell to southern scandal. For. It's. The. Alex G Holler and putting words to a current valid favorite. And there you walk. It. Cool. Move. Susan okay. Another all of the moon. We. Is there blue glow. Long. New moon. And other news. The rule of we'll. Moved homes. Lulu on. Moon beer loose. Long. A nerve. And learned. A group lose lose lose. More I heard it's okay. We're a little all food. Long blue. Yeah. Am I. Wrong. Guess we all I remember this one about a far back is rumored for a third thing thing at the if you now the thump of the volatility in fifth. I surrender there. You. Okay. Okay. Okay. I've been doing good things singing one of then again the latest record related. It's been a long long time. Prove I'm old. Us news we want them in real life and it's. Then okay. And then the nine minutes. And remember. And I. You. And they. Oh yeah. Knew then I'll. Okay do you want to view the event. It didn't want that game. You know I. I. And events unlike this man didn't hand me man you wouldn't. And then pull off. You're now then. Then it. Oh god not him being in the so thin he wants and then you made me do my mom the games. And then all. Okay. Yeah. They stand penned an instrumental lineup I don't think. Abu. The. Once again we've brought to the Vancouver whose fan cap commended baucus took a beautiful out there Ruggiero. Hotel Pennsylvania and little old New York's. Local dude he's rattled by doing this again genome. In the armed Lawson radios. The. Want my fans remind you know. Felt guilty is on the air. Okay. From other kinds of off Broadway at 49 street in New York City. One night back and present modern music style but not not for composer and leader Duke Ellington and his office. Featured are joy Gerald Albert never I'm not sure of the fact Johnny Hodges. Our number one on the list tonight happens to be an all run your favourite food quality of daily ocean food. And. I. Now that we've heard echoes of the class that's come out today and coming to matter as we have from Harry Connick on the base are not where the Austro walking. Put my name. Video now love you got to do both yeah I know coming like a golf ball. No I didn't. And maybe move. Ethanol from. And my every move. I don't want to know you know. Now and are moving all the and no offense and a long time. And win blue. I know you glad you see. And win. Then they love me. I'm proud I had a well I'm not and you read fifty. Hall of then. And we have moved. No longer zoom. Wow he. They win and move. We'll bring me back yeah. Well I'm not the moms. Wow I can't land. Bloodhound favorite golf which features Johnny might do beyond those facts. Homesick that's so. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Okay. The. Okay. Okay. Thank you coming out yeah. Knowledge still in the vein of current hits. It's what I'd do it all over again. Yeah. It's. Monument into the duke got a big talk lovely moment. That is music you're coming from his famous songs coming in from the news out of the car. Broadway and 49 straight in New York City. Most people and that's it solid and out of that ellington's jumper. I was mad that I am sitting down. Going to bring Johnny Hodges on the other side in the local love Alberta government fits every hour. On the hour. Yeah. I. I. I have followed the. Another. I. Right now okay. You go. I have two of you do you have. All those new. Then you have a minute. Do. Oh okay. Okay. I am okay. Okay. Yeah I. Did. There are on the dollar victory they got goes back to Johnny Hodges down Levi's. Other than something special. From Duke Ellington who like Iran under his weekly here. Emancipation. Celebration. Often. Yeah. We. Yeah. Okay. Big. Yeah. The yeah. Duke's Mike Brown that is we've got to make. But there's contrast Jenkins and hotel room. Consumers who. Okay. I'm done for another one night back and then we lined up another legend when Duke Ellington and his orchestra. Flame from clubs on the bar in New York City. Featured vocalist wife joy as Gerald over him. Lifted the armed forces radio therapy. I. Far right there you go another third week of the star spangled radio hour on line Mitt and what do we kid is when you can combine the talents of TV and in stand campaign isn't your telling tandem put it all in one package and sure I mean this is. Pretty special stuff if you come here for every weekend and Dennis thanks again for wonderful program this week in Jordan enjoyed that a lot. Form Gordon did. So this could have closed preemptive. We are. This week we have passed to the three to. Oh month countdown to Christmas so come you know it's time for you in the back of your head to start. They're thinking about all those wonderful being Christmas programs will be sharing soon just just one. Please try anything you mentioned that actually it's. Why have something true Christian that ordered or Christians or straight into the ground now there was somebody who is usually done at Christmas card through these groups Paul White can export it. But that's all right because her trek two kids off camera on the groups who see. Your future and chocolate. And also my birthday is November 9 which is getting closer and closer so did he do you know her. They're territorial Eric and I shall keep a secret probation but by this time of our lives so I do understand and know. You. Staff scooter. I'm sorry yes sir I'm speaking I'm sure for the masses on juror it sure yeah. And I can speak Armenian church or are we didn't but TV are proud that this but TV next weekend. Yeah order shall overcome Dorsey we have order in which he trained and unfortunate. Truth the whole 1940 who got some shows some abortions not all but from what we're dominant start screen review our back in the coffee Jason search Gregory aren't. Think there's probably a lot of people are mention that you heard yes. Sort of look at them. I was thinking something this week to donate it's rather unfortunate but it's true you would I have lived a longer lives than both TV and Glenn. We have pictures you know didn't feel only only a very good Dario are right I told you it's up. We're the only current do we do now what spy operation or. Does priority job we've been going on there yes you just. Hello. Anyway Danny Lil dude any live to do it now more important. I mean people who flew to virtual ripe old age shorter club sperm yeah. Choke a lot of people won't slow trickle Africa Star Jones it's true. He stood at Larry I mean he's still alive he's still I received every weekend DBS and those who are. Your remarks prove that there are certain that. The. No we here we are here right we have the popular anymore. Watch American hero or church about quarter Norwich astonishing. Thing you've only heard about last week you work from the number launched. She did it. Maybe we disappeared at the age of forty yeah. So he's got all these tremendous hurt yeah. And then let this indelible stamp on the world federal Trulia nature of course a lot of that they leadership you know that. They were they were they working black rock stars being twenty years old there was quite carriage I'm. But they certainly were worried maturity January when they will probably won't. Yup absolutely well. Sorry it's the next week it's TV will be back here and it'll be the first program of the month of October so. Actually per kind of edging into debt can be here but I try to get some good weather hopefully yeah. It's gonna enjoy this show. RA will continue to enjoy fallback there hopefully it is cooled off we have a very cool we cure in the Rocky Mountains this weeks ago. We were. Really the characters we've already. Raining. In fact there's criminal illegal it or not or an arm. Feet people who Wear orange I want somebody asks. Broncos are readers we've been wearing Orange Bowl week around here. Do look good luck. Yeah I think you and I'll talk to you next week. Courage and for the rest of you who are kind enough to make this part of your weekly routine thanks for real along the star spangled radio hour online. Robert Crandall wishing you well here is we marched straight ahead to two over. See you next time right now here.