Star Spangled Radio Hour - 10.21.17

Saturday, October 21st

SSRH 385

October 21, 2017


One Night Stand 2803

Ray Anthony

Friday, January 18, 1952

Cafe Rouge

Hotel Statler

New York

From CBS remote


One Night Stand 4413

Les Brown

July 1957

Hershey Park Ballroom

Hershey, Pennsylvania

From ABC remote


Johnny Richards and his Orchestra

July 1957


New York

Frokm ABC remote


One Night Stand 4966

Charlie Barnet

December 4, 1959

Hollywood Palladium
From KFI (NBC) remote

Dave Shaw, NBC announcer


SSRH 385 Playlis

(18Jan52) Program Introduction, Deep Night, Harlem Nocture, The Lullaby of Broadway (Tommy Mercer, Marcie Miller and the Skyliners, vocal), Solitaire (Tommy Mercer, vocal), Broken Hearted (Tommy Mercer, vocal), Bermuda (Tommy Mercer and Marcie Miller, vocal), My Concerto (Tommy Mercer, vocal), Way Down Yonder in New Orleans, What Is This Thing Called Love (dubbed insert to program close) (July 1957) (Brown)Leap Frog (dubbed open) At Sundown, In Two Different Worlds (Jo Ann Greer, vocal), Lulu’s Back in  Town (Stumpy Brown, vocal), Come Rain or Come Shine (Jo Ann Greer, vocal), Dubbed AFRS 15-minute Break, (Richards) I’m Walkin’, Band Aid, So Beats My Heart for You to dubbed AFRTS close (4Dec59) (Dubbed AFRTS Open), Redskin Rumba (program open), Charleston Alley, But Beautiful (Lynn Franklin, vocal), Moonglow,. Fair and Warmer, Come Rain or Come Shine (Lynn Franklin, vocal), Moten Swing, Lemon Twist, Redskin Rumba (to dubbed AFTRS program close)