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Sunday, October 29th

Here's another great show with Troy and Lauri! Enjoy!


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You're listening to the dollars and cents radio show was Troy and Lorraine. Investment advisory services offered through central management LLC and registered investment advisor in the state of Colorado insurance products and services for your pitcher who incorporated visual management LLC and hit a hundred. Attendees and now for the dollars and cents radio show and your favorite old Troy and Lorraine. Hey welcome thanks so much for joining us this morning and this wonderful Sunday morning yeah be great to had a great league team we've got some. So much on today's show and your listening to Choi and Rory on the dollar and sensory show so happy to have you back here paying it's just death. Is nice when your with some levity and good and bad this is not even nice to try to block the mean today again thanks to send a message and we gut. Eight time. On the show this morning. Trying we do we dare we say every week that we have a packed show yes this week is a little bit different in that not only do we have. Some information that. Many or most of you will be hearing for the very first time I will spill the beans here just moment. But we also have a special guest that's going to be joining us at the top of the hour and he's going to be joining us he's gonna. I join the discussion he's an industry expertise going to be talking about. Social Security. Mistakes to avoid. Why it is for many Americans the biggest financial decision that they won't make their lifetimes. He's gonna be talking about. Managing your risk tolerance. Knowing what it is the color of money. Safe money strategies in more as mr. breads and death going to be joining us at the top of the hour but also today on the program. We're going to be talking about the sixth Social Security traps to avoid mistakes made with Social Security decisions are usually costly. And you reversible. Are you thinking about retiring early well then you don't wanna miss this segment. The dollars and cents a guide to to an early retirement. As positive and confident yeah I think about. Also. Are back in time segment in working to be doing that here in just a few moments. Is 1987. Our spotlight years 1987 Y as a reason for there is. If you think about it or blacks last couple of weeks on many of the and then the news programs. They've been talking about. Lack mundane. Blackmon did not Black Friday people are not Black Friday. Yeah when I told Lori dad's paint that we were gonna be tarts and I was going to do. As small segment on. Black Monday. Which was the historic stock market crash. This very months but back in 1987 she says wait a minute you tacky about Black Friday. As it is shocking that really happening in no way I thought that too little bit there's no real place. So there's a Black Friday black Monday announced Cyber Monday there's. You know black. Black Monday. Was. In is an historic event and many folks. Listing many of you mean not many of you may remember very well but many of you may. Not really understand what happened that day what caused it. What is could it happen again and on many of the new Israel's the last couple weeks they had all these experts could it happen again are we there against one to talk about that. Need to revisit. A black Monday back in 1987. And that is also our spotlight year also. In our first half hour today. You know we've been hearing a lot on the news about the proposed. Tax overhaul game. They talked about it on every single news outlet there's articles written in the paper. That Wall Street likes the proposal. Markets have been doing well. But what actually. Is being proposed. That's with too many people do not know so I am going to dumbed down. I'm gonna dumbed down but I'm actually going to go through. Some of the major. Proposals. Very specific proposals. And how. That compares to what we do it too with the tax code is now so you're going to be a much more informed individual. Once you hear this because. And all these news outlets. They talk about the proposal will it pass yet is it good force will not pass. They don't talk about what's in it I mean paid as and so. I am going to be sharing that with you. This morning here on the dollars and cents program so we are few and get the phone line at the phone number out there any other bulletin hey I know sources are. Okay though we're gonna start this week first dog that is say a couple of pillows you. And net longtime listeners. Of rain and Robert this week very no real soft. And they'd been missing for a long time and we got to meet them this week I'm really nice so. I love you're listening also I gotta say I hide Alice. She is hilarious. And she hates finance rate. But she's listened to our show forever becoming law that work how does that add up right right exactly and she says. I may think this is his stand funny but she says it's. In a cut and our conversation she'd hate to have our job. Not nice really cheap transcripts. Just does some hey hi Alice I'll have to say one more thing. And I haven't told you this strike and that and it tells you yes but so last week he had to go busy mom. In the and in Nebraska moved on before the weather Mino shows up. And it wouldn't be able to get back and so what did I do I had my retail therapy rates yesterday doing. They're expensive retired navy but it was a lot of fun for me back so something happened and no I'm saying this. And I I I have not shared this with you but I know a lot of our listeners lists and before they go to church and sets. And and you know we're on their way airs are getting ready in grand. The coolest thing happened I had and I he's Bradley and neither of theaters seeing eighty like this there is a place in park meadows mall now. Called it's it's that it's any HI and K. We're into this all name of an eight as I store it's a sore. Right HI am is so IA never heard of that I was intrigued because there is a sweatshirt in there that said Disney store. How notes it's we'll hold on his election in the window is there's a section that said Jesus grace. Coffee amen while I had to diet because of course but that's what propelled me in its. It's again an H Diane and I said what's a century and the guy Dovonte I hope I get a break and A he says it's in hand K solo is a religious based store. In park meadows mall cool let me tell you I was so excited this is never happened I kinda side as I was looking around. Add kid and his mom Winamp to pay us and dead guy then whenever the per clerk at the clerk heap I hate to they pretty. Afterwards this isn't partners mom while most amazing things ever especially in disdain age. Right so I went up by my purchased says and he said you know I am busy gum cards he knew my name is Laurie you know Laurie we offer you don't have to button. You know we'd like ten offers few would like a prayer or something. I'd be happy dead pray with you and I said. I was so I was back but I said I would let's do my eight my husband is out with a Stanley having you know medically she's incessant and and literally keep her we prayed right there at cash register and I was in tears after Rowell isn't that the coolest thing ages yeah lifted my spirits I eighth. So again people. In hand it's in partners and on the top floor. Off some experience for our retail. A great story and I had you here today and I really you know be in Portland. Holding a bully out you know it. Your take what here's what I like about that not only is it. An awesome concept and its equipment isn't it nice to each year. Good stories yeah so how wild everything is about everything bad happening and yeah and the you know natural disasters and you know political divide novice so. Yeah that's a great story I stay here and uplifting straight. And I love I love shopping you hate shopping I'm telling you in that unit and makes you mad to go into the mine on the holidays is slowly around the holidays mad isn't even the word I don't want added that store without feeling uplifted. Mean well I'll take your word network because she go to the mall during the holiday season. I feel like I'm a target like I did I go eight target amended their search in the parking lot. You can't find a spot doesn't matter what time of the day what day of the week you cannot find a parking spot in the end there's one open and guess what it. Well at tea. These. Indian raid near category Laurie these. Aggressive shoppers and they will. Not able cartwright intake desk spot so literally I am always reduced to. Finding somebody accepting the mall and then. You know it and it's so weird raped it's like your stalker. The need just to just you know slowly. Idol behind them all the way so there's my hoping to get. A park tonight so they're just might be right into your starters in the lot. Yeah before even walk in the mall your anger start gotten this so I hate Christmas I'm getting fired up break now yeah. Yeah it's horrible and then he gets in the U get this angry way and so I even like McRae suspended because you like for some reason and no real. I you know what I will say I a change that. Last Christmas season because I finally broke down. And I did the majority of my shopping online did you did it and you know what it did took a lot of that stress out of the holidays and I'm I'm gonna do it again this year. I love the days that will be morning in him if you're stressed out because on Tanya best store ever. So now on the phone and what we're doing this. This weekend. Okay. I did if you have a question if you have a comment to anything that you wind you can always gives a cop number today as well Monday through Friday 303. Vice 39. Size four to zero against trio three fights 395420. And website Osce can hop online Debbie Debbie Debbie dot H wealth dot orchid that each wealth. Dot ORG you can also request a copy we have a few copies left if you don't wanna go to the mall I need to get something maybe for herb you know your son daughter parent whatever. And you can get a free his retirement is it any way EC can request that either online or because by calling us. And free to you or you can up on Amazon and by fertility in fact that he fainted. Also today because we're talking a lot about Social Security importance of maximizing your Social Security benefits. Today during the program if you call during the program. If your first time listener. We will not that you live on the air we never tell that works but you will get to speak to a real life person in the end. During the program today during the ninety minutes. You can call in request. Your keyword complimentary. Social Security Max musician report meant to be talking and explaining. Exactly talking about an explaining exactly what is in these customized. Social Security Max is a report there's no two alike. In we will create it or you absolutely free. India if you are in your sixties in you are not yet receiving Social Security benefits. You are not going to want to make that huge decision without having the Social Security next disease report in your hand cell phone lines are open you can call at any time. And we're going to be talking a little bit more about that throughout. Today's dollars it says program okay before Lorena you have a lot of really great throwback. Back tracks for net at the your 1987 but let me just go back in and preface that with. Black Monday 1987. The Dow. Peaked with a 43%. Gain by August. 1987. Tank then. An October 19. 1987. The Dow Jones. Plunged. Nearly 23%. That one day. For the single most horrendous. Panic induced selling in Wall Street history 23%. Now commonly known as black and so what caused that drop. That's what all of the buzz has been in the media. Because we are. At a peak well no we are exactly. Thirty years later. That was thirty years 1987. Holy cow I am old. 1987. So when the prior five years. Prior to. 1987. Stocks were up 200. In 29%. But at that time aim. Investors were getting jittery. About high interest rates impact and 1987 interest rates were high. The complete opposite of the interest rate environment we're in now let me point out. But investors were becoming jittery. That these high interest rates could potentially. But it chokehold on our general economic growth. Worries were building. That stock gains could not be sustained. Through year end and so they knew that it had been a great round. The first few quarters of 1987. But now there stern to wonder can we sustain next likely are now. Thanks. Can we sustain test so Washington. Floated the idea of a new higher tax proposal. And investors hated it. They hated it so on the Friday. Before black Monday. Stock prices started to drop if that was the precursor. In we go into the weekend. When the markets opened on that Monday. Sell orders. Investors dumping their holdings. Were too numerous. For the existing systems to function properly. In trading ensued. Dumping more in more stocks. In a begin building momentum. Rain at this is because taxes there's going to be an hour at that just started that sort of prime the pump and likely are now. Now I die I am not liking it I do not think that we are anywhere. Near. The same circumstances and we are there are no correlation irate there's no correlation. To nature. At. So stocks are free fall. In financial regulators did not know how to deal with the situation. State of the art. At that time quote Tron machines. That reported. Price and volume. A beach stocks trading. Did that via phone lines onto paper. At brokerage offices across the country. And they were. Running so behind. Literally 45 minutes behind each trade. Therefore in order to sell a stock. At a certain price. Was nothing more than a shot in the dark on that day. Rarely got they were selling a stock yet. Fifty dollars. There are there was a shot in the dark that's it did everything was running so far behind wowed them just systems. In place. We're not designed to handle what was happening at that very moment tank confirmations. Did not keep up but the trade deal. So most folks did know how their trade. Was even exit Q did until two days. Later wow paint. Now in current terms. A follow that same magnitude. Means that the Dow would fall were plunged by 5000. Points. In the day. Imagine that. 5000. Points. In the AD. Now the good news is is that. We have new systems in triggers. In place to protect us to protect investors. From something like that happening. To the point that. Trading would cease. When trading would cease to prevent. This type of thing from recurring. I just say this as a revisit to what happened. Thirty years ago this month that's just scary it is now known as black Monday carried. I don't say that to scare investors because I don't think that we are. On the cusp of that happening again. I see that just as a gentle reminder I mean that. We are in unchartered territory and we are eight years into a bull market we have not had a correction Ari pullback yet this year so I just say. You know V history should be a good teacher we should learn things from that and we don't have to go all the way back to in 1987. We can go back today 2008. When the average drop in share price on the New York Stock Exchange day year was 43%. Was worse than hour into then this is a single day so this event in 1987. Was a single. Day. Momentum. It it was literally a snowball effect throughout the day that could not be stopped that literally we had no systems stops were triggers in place. To protect against it. So dear remembered as I mean I I remembered. 2008 in 2000 but I don't I was tee into member today and heard 87 year Eminem absolutely clear lulled us and I answer. Thanks for joining me and I expect that so let's go to else was happening our spotlight here and back in time this week his 1987. You know aside from that Blackmon did great year so Lori you brought some facts. I didn't as a it's yet OK finances first average cost of a new house. We have this now a good. It is essential both for ice Friday in a very vainly no let's average berries and costs and a new house 87. And he guesses. Thirtieth 89000. Blue alone you are way off tank this is eighty so what did you think 783030. Does well the no 92000. Average income I said 92 is BS I'll know he's at 89 Euro and you're out I was whale yep a gun averaging come per year is 24000. I mean that rate gap that's tank. Life expectancy 74 point nine years so that's straight and then will house things gas anyone gallon gas. All I'm 1987. I was in college course. Well I much fuel I was you know my my. Carriage where it was my feet Spezza. Have stated. Taller Tony. Eating and sent scheme EV I nine cent as the days wow I have them work their days are eight he had patients. So this I can't believe his is rate has. My girlfriend at the time heard mom's cousin. Was Mimi Rogers areas and he married Tom Cruise all yeah and I and a member I'd I didn't know that Mimi Rogers was the the family was not happy about the marriage but anyways so that 87 is when Tom Cruise and Mimi Rogers got married. As well as Demi Moore and Bruce Willis who blew the eight young listeners and in his divorces sly Stallone and Brigitte Nielsen. That was a weird thing. Boy she's really got its way up the disease the act he's Cologne you still cool. Alex I'm using ID I can't give me a cool. I mean isn't he a rocky he is still rocking out. Iraqi police Iraqi legalize at Aladdin worked Dennis togetherness face but hey he's still a cool guy. Since like seventies are now. You know I'm Sonya is a little chip paint and hunting those fingers work and liver she died. 867 he was only 67 when that's not well I Liberace was like it is so well you is yeah. Sylvester Stallone is 71 years old bingo world hey you know like he looked great and why I can't do the same cache right here yes he's dead. Buddy rich I'm assuming he's singer since we're on treason okay yeah I have sex he died is 69 and for Fred Astaire died at 88 ID you know he live that long. And now this is allowed to of these movies and TV. Fox made its primetime Davey Davey Fox News Channel knocks brag casting company the end on and on the Simpson's first aired. That's what I was thing really you're out on our own members and as Ron fox. Flat well so that it first aired in 87 it's along it is the longest running prime time TV series for 29 seasons really those kids since Haiti's old time. Yes and since crazy yeah I never we weren't allowed to watch it for like the first years so I didn't have cable TV so long. I think president wasn't even with Joyce couldn't pass I don't remember ever not having cable. I don't even know what this means they rang did a sports is a with a dry it is yes. You do. Then when it's a bridal country to Andrew. Yeah that's got an in depth famous ball. Famous them. How true that John no way it was that yeah if you groundswell Cleveland Browns the only limber out of my wife's from Ohio so I rebut her face all the time oh. Oh my and I accept that so for those of you don't know what these boys are talking about. The bad at Cleveland Browns weren't sure railing and twenty. To thirteen. And now with five minutes remaining it's John Elway led the Broncos 98 yards to tie and then we saw the Broncos were trailing that yet that's. Yeah well he wrote it run and then doing because I get where you're saying so and then they won in overtime for the AFC championship game. That was a big big yeah fantastic. Says there is clear their deal Steenland brought out and watch it all the oh yeah have got to be kidding. I it is it mean when I when it still. Amply called just not as he drives means he drives domestic angry born here yes. Yeah I I it is amazing to me I got to give you credit that's the sports cracked that you based file away in your brain and we have therefore and I. Had a huge portion of their brain that is. Literally is just for sports useless. Things that no one else cares about the damn sports and things like that odd facts and it is we have huge amount of a sickening and these opponents whatever brain it's just for that yeah I bet it's there and we use it well when he. Go RA so ordered him out in history. That the black Monday patty September 19 URD said that. And we are very gag got their beds stock markets are on the world followed with a lot of follows. And biggest one being Hong Kong forty wind down 45 point 8% we only 22 point six Hong Kong to ask 45 point eight. Obviously you Reagan tear down this loss speech and two more things. Prozac makes its debut in you can the United States. Yang and kitty litter was invented the my question is what did kiddies you before 1987. I have no idea I'd only sand and sand stand that could be so alright that was 1987. A good year in review. Hate whoever couple minutes before or do you want your way to India I go four or more minutes here OK perfect so a lot of talk. About what's going nine with. Trump's. Tax. Overhaul proposal. Lot of talk every day in the newspapers. In the news but what's in it what is actually propose so on September 27. This year. The trumpet administration to house committee on means on ways and means in this senate committee on finance released. Their proposal. Amply entitled. Unified framework for fixing our broken tax code what it's called so what's in it. Can quickly go through some of the proposals and how it compares to. The current. Loss. First. Reducing the number of federal income tax brackets. To three. From seven rate from seven. Thank. 12% 25% in 35% in right now they range from 10% all the way up to 39 point six. So that could be a big benefit. In could have over reaching effects on things like Roth fiery conversions. In fiery distributions tank so that's a big one. Double the standard deduction. Individuals 121000. Mary filing jointly 24000. Currently. The standard deduction for individuals a 6350. That would go to 121000. Married couples currently 121700. That would go to 24000. Itself back could lead to simplified filing. And more families and individuals could use the standard deduction and not have to itemize loved that thank. Another proposal. Elimination of most itemized deductions in this is being debated right now. However. Being able to retain the home mortgage interest. In charitable contribution deductions need to keep our mortgage thing yeah I think they well. And also proposed. Repealing the Alternative Minimum Tax day. This was created to prevent deductions loopholes. Originally. Those with a large number of deductions calculate their income tax under the normal tax rate. And the alternate. Rates in paid higher amount so this. Again could affect Ross hiring conversions capital gains things like that so trump he is looking to repeal that Alternative Minimum Tax that is a good thing. Finishing up here on the most importance corporate tax repatriation. Holiday. Which would incur ridge. With debt means is currently. Many. Huge. US corporations. House money outside of the United States now carry. And and that's not in the legal thing but the money is outside of our borders. Because corporate income tax rates. Currently. Between. Fifteen and 35%. So eight tax repatriation. Holiday a would encourage them to bring their money back. Patio with what would be the benefit. You can invest the money here exactly. There that's a big dumb vested in growing our economy creating more jobs that's a good thing. This is a big one for many of you listening potentially to repeal the estate tax in the generation skipping transfer tax. Currently. 40%. Federal estate tax. Is levied. Or estates worth more than five point 49 million for individuals. It potentially ten point 98 million for married couples. Repealing that that is huge a 40%. Tax. On money that you just there wouldn't be any tax at all they want to repeal that. Wow that would be a huge game changer for you can you revoke the trust's. Ian survivors stand by trusts those types of things so that is a big one. Some that thinks not addressed in the proposal is the gift taxing is not I've been addressed it may yet be addressed. Capital gains tax brackets not being addressed in this. Framework in obamacare Medicare taxes are not addressed in this framework but. Bottom line is this. These are the proposals. And this is I'm not giving tax advice this is my disclaimer I'm not giving any tax advice so don't base your decisions. Between now and the end of the year online. What is proposed I just wanted to exposed. What they're talking about when they say Trump's tax proposals here's my opinion on it. I do think that by the end of the year. And I know we're down did what eight weeks. But I do believe that by the end of the year in one form or another. Tax reform we'll be passed that's my opinion. Ideas fantastic RA so we can't seek a quick commercial break but stay tuned we'll be right back if you. Would like to Alpine and anything have any questions please honesty to call 303. By 395420. Again through a three by 39. By four to zero you're listing to dollars and cents radio show hasty AT and we'll be right back with brands in the. Welcome back there so much for joining us this morning guys because radio show so glad to have you guys here with us this morning. Our rates I have been trying to get his next guest on our show for iron out to three years something like that. So it's not like that one of one of our favorite people that we have been blessed to work with over the past several years he is a senior and unity specialist at gradient financial group. And and has been involved involved in the placement of hundreds of millions of dollars in new mideast so we're just glad to happy here grads. Hey good morning Brad thanks for joining us on this Sunday morning. Welcome to the dollar and cents radio program. I appreciate. You I don't record. You know what we are. Well into the program we have been talking about. Signing shopping black Monday. Back in time 1987 we've been talking a little bit about everything in we've been sorted juice you up a little bit because you. You bottom line is bread you are in industry expert that's what you do on many subjects from Social Security. To managing risks to safe money strategies so let's just dive right in here. And start with you know one of your favorite. Subjects which is risk tolerance. Knowing the color of your money talk a little bit about. First of all why that's important especially. Now in this day and age that we live and. Absolutely tray well still the one thing about risk tolerances that that we go through. Every single year we receive paychecks and where Raleigh is involved in other B market risk 401K is mutual funds. Stocks bonds or we know as we've been ever really think about what could happen to our money. As we change ourselves. Things get a little tighter we want to make sure that we have plenty of money for retirement. With that being said. We continue to look at risk. And our risk tolerance and all that's that's up what their retirement funds that we can assure ourselves to have plenty of funds and retirement. We use simple concept of yellow. Red and green money. And I'd like to elaborate a little bit aren't ready yellowish green much if I cut. Speaker Ali H represents something very different but together. They. Identify. What you have in your portfolio by way of brisk rate. Absolutely they all actually play a key role in solid financial plan so it's very crucial to make sure that you are. Divided in the right way to make sure that you are able to retire and stay retired. So tell us a little bit quickly. The difference between red money green money in yellow money. It sounds like it you know I'd their rainbow of colors here but they they have very specific meanings. They absolutely do so red money informed the that we look at. That is high risk it's sits in the industry. Really isn't being managed by anybody what I mean by that is a principle for a one K your 401K. Truly is managed by yourself most don't understand that but correct as we all remember 2008. Some of our funds dropped a little bit due the end and it wasn't DL or a lot there that absolutely and want to really be a match. That's where red money sits by itself again not professionally managed by an advisor of some sort now with your own money. But the best analogy I can. He uses. An advisor to. Actually taking possession of the money watching over at putting some kind of. A line in place to make sure that that money whether it goes up or down as always stay exactly where the client would like it so again. I did their risk tolerance. It's in their risk tolerant absolutely. Now the end the analogy I at least use would be let's just take the military or policemen or anybody else who might area. A firearm they are perfect actually managed professional let's take care of the fire and it's a very dangerous weapons. But we like to use that analogy because again in the hands of a professional. It is managed and that the industry look looks like that is. Not as it and they're not as worried when they see that I'm a professional. Has. Maybe it was on an individual all the industry. There might be a great deal of harm. The other thing I'd like to do is talk a little bit about the different to red yellow and green and used the analogy of cars are Abrams tank. Now and we we talked a little bit about red money. The most dangerous car built in the industry shrank. Was actually the 1980 decor that. Really it was splashed absolutely want them Africa kinda would bill. But the need for speed back in the day was there and it has absolutely. Destroyed the lives of so many. Now much like a red. Vehicle in its finances. It can go off. And nick contraction in a hurry and that's why I say. It's got a ton of speed behind a dramatic contraction burn right away so. The other side of the the other seat beside you beat the green money portion now let's get a degree money a little bit a very safe money. Like its beauty. Fixed indexed annuity and it might be it might be a money market something that is gonna crawl at a very laws slow pace. But he'll always know it'll be there. Most poultry bird you know this tediously that we can. Unthinkable in all the wonders that we might be earning silly analogy from that would be maybe the Abrams tank. You can think about driving that Abrams tank down the road. And guess what. You'll probably never be in danger no matter what comes. But we are capable of at a snail's pace. What in the heck is an Abrams tanks. Not a military terms they they have those not a media. Military they use them all the time trolley Dodgers star and let things that they do all. It takes another built for speed I access Gabriel sing it. That so I guess to put in a nutshell Brad we talk old dad about this in her book as well. I green money thank says. Principal protection. 01 and foremost to your principal. Is protected. With some sort of underlying guarantee. Red money. We talk about the concept of red money but what are read many investments those would be things like stocks. Bonds mutual funds those types of investments. Came. We can win we can lose they can go up they can go down that's our growth strategy. Yellow money would be those same investments. In red money but their being actively in professionally managed in monitored. By a financial professional. So that helps mitigate that downside risk in the financial professional will also assist whiff. Keeping you with in your risk tolerant so. Let's go. Back to what you were just talking about brand I specifically green money. Because here's here's the problem especially. You know we live in historically low. Interest rates environments right now. And it becomes the challenge of green money returned she talked about big CDs we know that. We're not even keeping up with the snail's pace of inflation you need bake CD but we know that the principle is protected and guaranteed rate. But are you also mentioned. Fixed indexed annuities. So talk a minute. And those are green money. Tools strategies. How they work who are they for you and how did they. Fit the mold of that green money strategy may be a little bit better than say a big CD or you know just simply putting him under the mattress. Pure solid green money and the indexed annuity fixed indexed annuity. Is really commonly used in retirees. What they can do so again provide principal protection. They can also conduct provides an income. And so we see a lot of. People will. Based on their risk tolerance or actually push some for accumulation and just watch it grow much like a CD. Your average rate of return on an indexed annuity arm will be higher than this CD. But again. You shouldn't expect to see. Very large returned because of zero downside risk we can't have the best of both worlds now as far as income. Everybody looks that I I'll talk a little bit about Social Security because we're gonna get back to that. But we all think about social security and and every that we receive a paycheck. Everyday thirty. I like to use the incomes story out indexed annuities. As like that. Actually Social Security is really an annuity we've paid money and do it. And I'll just gonna pay us back over the course of our life. Correct so it makes so it makes for a very good retirement vehicle for its retirees that art. Looking it get to assert the money income. So that they Knoll it'll never go away. Brad one of the things that I've talked about for years. Here on the dollar and since program and with their clients is the importance of in complaining. In retirement. If you categorized. Everything. That has to do with your retirement in two either a want to column or any need column. Where would sufficient income fall. Probably in the need as a necessity right. But for most folks Brad Social Security. Is not going to be enough to sustain the entire open their retirement did date. Are envisioning so. In comes what we call the income gap at. Properly filling that void. That is left over about social security and what they actually need each month. To live and survive and thrive through retirement. And I think that. Is the point that you're making with the use. That these fixed indexed annuities these green money strategies. Within a retirement plan. You know right now. Tensions are becoming. Dinosaurs a thing of the past. And eventually. Sooner than later they're going to be extinct. Fifty years ago Brad probably. Your grandparents and my grandparents. They are retired Social Security. In some sort of pension slate deals saying well I give my goal watching my attention right. So the pension is being replaced. With the for a one K. In that's a whole another. Show. But the for a one k.'s are not being properly managed. We get busy with wife. We are contributing with a pair statements we file them away but we're not properly managing them. But when we retire the annuity. Can become a great tool. An avenue. To fill that income gap that usually exists for most folks. In retirement they've got this pool of money Brad. That they say OK I'm gonna need to rely on this 401K. After I retire. To supplement my retirement income. But there's no strategy there. I think that the indexed annuity. Can be any solution. To that. In feeling that retirement income gap. With. And in others do you know if there's more than just the fixed indexed in new dieters the index annuity there's a variable annuity. In you've been involved with placing hundreds of millions of dollars in annuities in the right annuities. So talk about how an individual or family. Goes about. Understanding annuities in finding the right one. Absolutely and you turn you hit the nail on the head as far as Social Security comes into play it doesn't. On average. It probably make up 40% of one's income in retirement so the income gap is super important to make sure that you look at. As far as. Pensions yeah I pensions were a thing of the past can you write more for a one cage Libyan born pensions have gone away. So it's very easy. First somebody coming into retirement knew what their paycheck could be out of a pension. Right now with 401 k.s. They really don't know how to drum that income so with. Putting that into an indexed annuity we're able to generate income just like. You wanna call attention or on Social Security plate to cover the income gap. Belichick didn't do it the difference between annuities so variable annuities are all there. Usually saw assault by a registered wraps. People that are on the security side of the business there are many fees built inside variable annuities as we know how mobile home. Are very clear C after just be careful when you hear the word variable annuity what that actually looks like to make sure that you know exactly what you're giddy. The other annuity would be a fixed annuity much like a TV fixed annuities provide you generally. A certain amount of percentages per year. It's fixed. You might see a five year fixed annuity may be offering 2.5 percent. He know that you won't get to point 5% for five years every single year. So that it's a nice steal people just know. And then you have what's called the indexed annuity or fixed index to duty also noted equity indexed annuities. They can be either under the fixed column. But they're also accused to generate a higher return and we had different index options many of them trail actually use the SMP. Has hey option for returns. So in other words the interest. That is credited to a fixed indexed annuity. Is linked to. BB a particular index like the S&P 502 of the S&P goes up. You might share. In some of that S&P 500 growth but usually. Not the entire upside they just a portion of it. That's correct and the one thing I want it also add as far as variable annuities. But one thing on variable annuities that you really are still at market risk. Absolutely sky can be the limits but also the downside is not protected. Which is why more people you're seeing a turn into the year fixed indexed annuity. Because of what we said earlier in the show principal protection. Again we will never hit on all time high. With a fixed indexed annuity. But on the other side of it we could ever lose our money as all fixed indexed annuities come with a minimum guarantee. Which protects the principal put in the product. So I know that there's. Many different shapes and sizes and variations. Of each type of an annuity that staying on the fixed indexed annuity for just a moment. There are it and let me just say that on the dollar and says radio program we'd do not endorse any particular company. Nor. Product K. But there are products out there now. That will for example. Give. Say 50%. Of the upside. At CBS and 500 in any given year right. And the percentage of downside you participate in is. Always. Zero. We like to call it traded zeroes to your hero in the fixed indexed annuity. And you write if you think back of all the years people have seen the returns of the S&P it's really the benchmark of many different things. Somebody that offers a 50%. Of whatever the evidence he returns. With Cyril downside risks. Seems like a great solution for many. So let me put that perspective. And I'm gonna share. A study with you that you may not even be aware of Brad. This is a study done by black crack because many especially in you know we are we're greedy by nature Brad. A human beings are greedy by nature even if you don't think you are. So in 2008 for example. You see why did you have in these investments we lost our shirt. But in years like this where for example the NASDAQ is up well over 20% the S&P is having a banner year. We want although we want to Kate can we want to eat it too right. Correct so in years like this here's where I put in my caution here's I'm gonna share the study with you. Folks say will change if my money is only getting 50%. VS and S&P Dez. 15% this year. I only get seven in hand. I lost. Half. Of this great market growth rate but let me put distance in perspective because I challenge. Each one of our listeners. To think outside the box. Not what's happening today not what's happening in 2017. That your strategy should be. Long term you need to think long term if you're gonna be victorious in this black rock steady. Kerry they did a steady from September. Of the year 2000. Through February 2016. And with 100000 dollars invested in the in the S&P 500. Sixteen years. Roughly. If you shared in if you captured every. One of the gains and 100% of the losses. Yet have. About 201000. Dollars. K that's not bad at all but sixteen years caring. However during that same time period this is a black rock steady. If you only captured 50%. Of the upside. And 50%. Of the downside also. Carrie. You get 204000. Dollars right now instead of the 201. What's the moral of this study what does it tell us. That managing the downside. Is going to lead to potentially bigger long term gains in growth. So if it outperformed Brad. During this in this study. With 50% of the downside what if you could get 50% of the upside and zero. Of the downside. So. My caution here and I'm glad you brought that up rabbit my caution is. Greed. We don't need to. To capture every single piece of the upside to be more successful long term. It's more important. To mitigate or downside risk. And that's where the green money comes in. Especially as deal or your leading up to retirement he just he can't play that game anymore so much is not healthy bump again it's managing risk now. A Brad I think you would also agree that it's we're not saying that green money's good. Yellow monies that we can lose money now what we're saying is is if you are investing. With in your entire risk tolerance the important thing for long term success. Is having and maintaining the right balance. Of green. And yellow money. It's not one is better then the other. But we're danger comes in is. Not being in proper balance with your green money and your yellow money. And I think that's sort of what you are getting it. You know I'm an also exactly right. Can it can I just to hold on hold on what cigarettes does the chirping here that if you don't know what type of annuity that you have. Again going back to what you had said Brad B for the black cracks at the study. If you maybe don't know what kind you have or maybe you have questions because they aren't sometimes can be difficult to understand. You can always give us a call. Bring an end bring in whatever year you last Damon we configured out that's what we do on an everyday basis that you can give as a cost 303. 539 size four to zero again through 35395420. Is a number or call money to Freddie org now as well. So then. We go back to let me just go back for a moment Brad because you talked about pensions you talked about the fixed indexed annuity. And I said before on this program. That folks retiring or preparing. For retirement now. Are actively creating and designing their own pension plans. With these vehicles. And that's one of the things that you specialize in is. Finding the right vehicle to help create design these pension plan so to speak. That's correct and sol what I will say is you know obviously working through. What that looks like I wanted to piggyback one more thing on that as you talked about that's study. It is amazing how many people look at the market and it's amazing how many people. You know really treats that ten. But like I can't sure enough the importance of being. Diversified. So that. If 2008 ever hits again let's be honest we're in a very strong bull market right now. And we're clipping that all time highs. But to. If you have. A 2008 ever hit again and you are in retirement. For adults. That we're may be I'll call the 32 in the forties maybe the next gen. Type. And not the baby boomers that time is no longer on their side. So if you'd. Yet to hit by a 38%. Market downside correction now I'm not saying that's gonna happen but if that does hit a what does that do to your portfolio moving forward. Because you just talked about. Over sixteen years. And it being involved and all the downside risks. One of bad year can wipe out many good years are returns absolutely so. Having the allocation. To exactly what your risk tolerances which I try I believe you guys drive and analysis so that it helped so many doing that. We do properly providing exactly what they're looking for in pioneer emotions what they're opposites can create huge value add. And I can't stress the importance on that. I'm getting into health. Dipping into Hampshire well to get that assistance because it truly does make a difference. When you're heading into retirement. So here's a good place to start because the folks listening save that sounds great where why start. You can go we have put this platform. Folks for you to use absolutely free tread on her website to go to 812 dot org so one word H wealth metallurgy. Brightening you do it on your Smartphone. Takes ten minutes. Right on the main screen up at the top there's a button you click it it says get my score. You can click that button and it takes you through a color of money risk analysis. And it asks questions. In some of these questions are gonna make you think for a minute change how what I feel. If this happened or that happened how what I feel. And it gives you different answers to select from I think there's eleven questions on it. But at the completion of it. It tells you what your risk score is in it says based on you or risk analysis. You should this is the type of investor you are. And you should have this much in green money you should have. This much to this much in managed money. And see and you can look at what you have and determine how close or far away from your actual risk tolerance that you are. Well that Imus said that if they can't figure out necessarily mean not miss it what you guys do. So here's what happens go get your score that that's great but then what do you do a cent number that tells you where you wanna beat. Then you need to give us the call. Set an appointment it's complimentary complimentary consultation. Sit with down with Troy I know you might not know the questions to ask that Troy knows the questions asked griner the questions to ask. And we can't sit down and hammer out and that's what we do wish you a lot Brad and everybody else over gradient is. Is figure out there for people's portfolios and might mean by that is other assets liabilities anything that they've got. Annuities everything that they've got and we figure out pulled together OK so your number. Is this. But your portfolio. Looks like this so. That we can help do that it's it's not just a number that you're looking for if you're looking for help we put it in black and white. I've saved Iraq that is as simply the first adapt to move is knowing. Getting in knowing what your risk tolerances. And it's a score so for example. In these numbers don't mean anything to leave but I'm skinny giving example and bread you know this very well if you take the color of money risk analysis he gets my score. In your score let's say. Tells you the Erie balanced investor and you should have no more than forty to 50%. In risk based assets and fifty the other 50% in green money. Get your current score with what you have is eighty. Which we see a lot that means that you are cheering around weighed too much risk more risk than a year comfortable with. And B you can afford to be taking. So then you can. Go about. Getting yourself. Properly allocated to. To your risk tolerance so spread. We talk a lot on the program about common mistakes. Retirees make. Especially when it comes to income planning. You've been in this industry for a long time you deal with you you talk it many many events. You do many programs like this talk about some of the most common mistakes the use seat. That retirees. Currently transitioning into retirement or making. Wouldn't he comes in complaining. I'd be great I'd be glad to help us since some of the most common mistakes that we see in the industry. It's really the biggest one is running out of income not having enough guaranteed income. For what you're looking for a retirement penetrate kind of funny one of the for the guy to talk to the other day. He does Brad I think some of the biggest mistakes are made because they're not sitting down beat the red advisor to what do you mean by the right it bijur what they might be worked with a guy. Or do now that can only sell the fixed indexed annuity. And to wall that can guarantee an income through those proxies to your right but how can you put together. A powerful income. Financial plan. If you're not able to deal. With the other side of the world know what I mean by the other side of the world it's the securities were open but managed money poured portion of their fronts the other 50% the other 40%. Sort of buried. You gotta make it very clear when you sit down with an advisor. That you are working with somebody that have to carry the fiduciary standard and and try and I know you guys are fiduciary standard illegal Ali's. Put the client's best interest first which is super important and you're able to put together a plan. That will all live oaks. The client and that's the whole goal keeper. I seemed so many plans that have come out and there are they're to walk column twenty year plan. And what I mean by that is. Let's face it people living walker. And they might come in at 62 years of age sit down your offense and say. You know like. I feel like 82 of the day how we don't know the point this is it finally did 666872. Believe it or not. But. The whole life expectancy table continues to grow salt but try wouldn't be fair to say a fight that your offense. And I said right now at age 62 my life expectancy would be eighty to wish. If he we built a plant for twenty years and all the time I got to 68. Now my life expectancy changes. That's the biggest mistake we see because the plan only was built for twenty years and now we might need it for 26 a huge mistake kind. Running out of income that way. Also taking random withdrawal. Instead of having that long term plans what you truly. Heating costs. All the time the biggest thing is out of pocket medical costs depleting their assets weekend so it. Again another reason to sit down with you guys to walk through exactly. It all really and making that transition. With all of solid income polite he don't we work. Every single day to build up what we believe as the strongest net steak is really for most it's 41 case. And as we continue to say the same we called the XP accumulation phase of our life. Were savings savings savings all. We have to foot this switch the retirement and that's taking all of that accumulation. And some home providing in the income. That we need in retirement and I think that's who you guys do such a good job list. It's making sure you build a solid plan from start to finish because again you never wanna call live here in compliance can be devastating. But taillight they give Jiri complain and as a bucket. Your retirement is a bucket and during. Well said Brad went during her working years we are accumulating were feeling that bucket in once we retired we start to. Pull out of that bucket right. They give a bucket full water how long does it need to last. Without a plan and that means there are holes in that bucket. And you're taking out and it's going out and in other areas. Because of the weakness of the plant in all of a sudden you wake up one day and you think. Heard everything go. Where did everything go that's one of the dangers of not having. A solid long term retirement income plan. You know what you it's also I'm gonna jump in here with set emotional feel of it. We use I think of and it and income plan as sleep insurance because I'd seen it so many times over the years. That people don't have a plan. And when they do. And mean people don't like finance this isn't fun it's like going to the tennis it's not fun for a lot of heat aren't bad on us not that bad here. But it's it's not fun it's not something you'd we'd rather go shopping you watch a ballgame or whatever you wanna do. But it's not signed that wind peopled it just plan in place. It's like a beach sites like a big. Led ball is off their back or whatever and now monkey every Mac some like fact Canon we give me a break so it just feels as they get it's it's. It's like it's a huge relief you can see it now he is off. And I see it physically in people when they get it and there's a plane and and they see what what their money's doing how. What is doing what what seeing come what's the you know for the rainy day was to travel what's the medical. When there's a plan in place people sleep better at night and they actually. Start till like the financial. Aspect you know Bradley in glories well I've been asked this question many times. We're trying now you know what I have. Two I have enough. To have enough money. Is my 800000 dollars gonna do it is my million and half gonna do it is my. Hundred and 1000 gonna do it in my answer is always the same it's not about. The size of your nest egg it's just not. It's about the plan. That controls that next day it's all about the plan. Because. The first story in our book whose retirement is it anyway. The first story that we tell in the book. It is about a couple that retires with millions. Of doc true story. With millions of dollars. He hands. Beebe were hundred clients. And ended up. All they have to their name is their Social Security checks right now yep. Because they did not have the right plan. In place. In so bread you work every day in helping to blueprint. In designing that these plans. He and again. Some of the biggest mistakes that you talked about just taking random withdrawals. Instead after having a long term plan well I've rolled over my for a long case wearing just. Three randomly would draw as I needed to each month from my 401K. That is not a plane instantly you know that is not a plan. A plan encompasses Lori said it well. If he had it is sleep insurance that's what a planet's. Imitate it in compasses. It takes into consideration the future potential need for out of pocket medical expenses. For rainy day fund for scene expenses. Oh yeah and for our monthly. Budgetary needs that we know what that number is it also takes into consideration. Those types of things so Brad before we let ego. Just give us a quick. To see your two cents. On Social Security because Social Security. Can get sort of lost ten in conversation. Lost in translation sea air we and we know Social Security is we're we're images taken it this we're gonna. Talk about the importance. Before we let ego. Of that Social Security decision. Absolutely. You know it's funny because Social Security again we all almost are hoping it's there. Right now it's there and you are gonna receive your paycheck issues land. Obviously the Social Security. Administration built everything off mortality tables. But more importantly they're back they give you any answers you have either to your questions that you asked they're gonna tell you to go find somebody else. They're knocking at their doors open what they're gonna do with. It's asking you figure it out and they can't see them when you wanna start or Social Security it's so important to maximize. Your Social Security. And Troy I know. Your team and and true wealth management does that they will maximize the Social Security. Because again this is the largest financial decision for lost time. That you will ever make it. It is so important. To trigger it at the right time. For your plan. To build ensure that you have plenty of money in retirement now. Some of the biggest mistakes are taken it to currently there are many additional roll up credit and Social Security you can get. So again comedies do you seriously as a very important piece. In a financial plan I don't actually think you can do a financial plan without doing wannabes to be out Serbia. That's pocket so many advisors. And I again without Social Security it blows me away that you can actually put together a play he can't do you need to. This as a part of it because it generates so much income. Everything I wanted to bring up with Social Security is again there are some also benefits. You know and that's super important role. You don't see if you qualifier for the us there are divorced benefits and things like that their I don't do more than just your paycheck. So companies can use to make sure you get the exact plan. I believe those reports for you are complementary in my correct. Yeah. So all and you know the one thing I want to touch on before I I really coax I think it's important guys sure. For just everybody in general I knew Moody's has always been like up on their new leader batter. To some of the missed about a new east. Let me tell you one thing about annuities that you hear from parents or bad it's maybe because they're talking a bought a variable annuities they youth and beauty. It's kind of a general term up there. But I will tell you that annuities. Are out there for reasons sixty indexed annuities have helped so many of retirement. With their needs and wants for income from a couple of things lipstick index annuities they just want to share. If something were to ever happen to you and there is money still left in the annuity believe me that money gets paid out to beneficiaries. Policy is what every there may be but that money doesn't just go to the insurance company and actually gets paid out. On yes you can get your money out of the annuity. And it. Again some of the biggest myths out there are it's just gonna something happened for me just know that would fixed indexed annuities. It will always be paid out to somebody. If something happens to you and I mean the account value not necessarily any income streams are less volatile. Continuation is there. Ran well. Said and yet we love you we really really appreciate your class listeners can't tell he's not strong current knows that is Minnesota for shore and you can't let those massive rain Zach thanks so you know I hate. Brad we really appreciate your time in on what's your sending to ask those say Heidi Jill forests and the kids who really enjoy a sudden we enjoy your kids as well silks Kate have a great Sunday and we're so so glad and you were able to join us this this weekend and now go enjoy and go Broncos we don't play until tomorrow whatever. Irate have a great weekend Brad thanks so much. Are elitist it guys Ankiel. We've got to take a quick commercial break and Dan that state to you released into the dollars and cents radio show we will be right. Now we're back with the dollars and cents radio show with your favorite. A couple trillion Lori from Hampshire wealth management and the next segment. Family matters. And here's Troy and Lauren. Okay thanks so much for staying with us in the dollars and cents radio show earlier in the homestretch but remember he could always get as a cost 303. 539. By fourteen is yours an amateur cost 3035395420. Irate IA. Im excited because. Usually Sunday mornings are low debt around tearing ZUCLU Boise rent here well I told somebody I sound different. Carrey is with us this morning she works at an hour comedy and as she is here with us this morning and so I had to Poehler and her family matters because it would worry me and the. Yeah is now there's two females and studios. Yeah and it's usually failing manners is. Just code for whoa what's Troy in trouble for now grade but not this week Kenny. No okay is a different thing so we'll think Kerry and glad you're here right exactly hey thanks for having me today guys thanks for being here. RH this is that this is from the let. I'm just wondering what's and we manners is to know it's what's the note. Top top. The top reasons for relationship conflicts who do it and I hate is also in the studio as well so hey I do have a little bit back up my own. Yeah I needed. Grab that Mike Sherman Carey just miss it keep it that for your side got this I sharing OK so this is didn't. Modified but from the guardian is like in top ten yeah we're gonna skip did the first line because from now but number one sex. That's the number one get that done it and that is that nobody else can Leo but I just the that's number one irate never too. I asked Ohio's -- go for it I was gonna say spending or mining. Okay EMI and there's got to be on there them. Budgeting fighting about money like definitely yep and I like this one if you are like five times what your partner does should it should be split evenly. We think. Well I make more does he make more. Mary I just see very bad at that thing on its own right there. That is excellent ESOP makes more it's even. Definitely if she makes more is what he loses his and what's prisoners what do you think yes there might look let's see came to dad's. Our honor and I I there's act. Irate okay move on what do you think does cross them off we act and any particular order he has no it. Problems I think it's even the well no yeah okay now okay at nine saying another one and go low ride number one things accounts conflict yet. Kids yes who decide what's best for the kids. I DNC's. It is just decide the rules and an arguments and the mom. The mom yeah mom yeah I you I would say a IE probably agree that put them on the with stats. Mean. I we get to be the mean ones. The disciplinary ends and we do is to be silence and because we can come back west where like it'd Dodi that was dumb idea let's hold it tot mom's situation right this. Yeah add to that perhaps I had that for all every topped all deliver the good news CEU now. The bad news that's how our relationship works out everywhere I don't always the bad mom and he's always the fun months yeah like I pray all anybody else any I mean anything else any killer's storage yes hiding its cleanliness and he's so -- of one person's a slob one person's not idea LA IE argue hey hey Troy your putts you know the dishwasher is here he always talks about that if you would just learn where the dishwashers on this thing. I think. Some kind of dividing Concord divide and conquer and now like that yeah I was right message that the cubs and I put them. I got upset special and with Mikey hot feet below in the morning name put in I rinse it out put in the sake and then up you know it's out of the way it's. Down there on the scene but she has didn't have the constant. Frustration anyways OK moving on I like this I got a Davis won. This one is brilliant to be destroyed night. I have been dealing with it for the past year I think and it's getting worse false memory syndrome. Now. It goes well he's so this time it is sag their read as a says many arguments are not about the facts of what happened but how it is remembered. Everybody in the solid sizes the past. In order to themselves in the best light so it comes to try to work out what we're wrong or what was said or what why then said you create your own memory. And then therefore you can never quite agree and come to fax. Which is what happens all the time I know I told them something was gonna happen he knows he's I. Said this actually on a program like months ago. We were arguing about something oh Lori went and botany or pursue blazer it was for some of interstate. Paula let me tell my story and she brings it home. And I put on I'm and I just doesn't fit and I looked at in it was rock stars is that I told you. My size was that she does know you did not you said it was this in she goes ice she jumped right Greg drill. He says I guarantee you she was in fact. Because at this point he's one improve your best course of oh she whips out her photos I even put my phone right when you. According Ellen there is no and I and I actually they're Garnett says right here and it says. You're right. So. You are not doing that for. Yeah he's yeah he's not doing that so now there's no written record anywhere I don't know their by default I'm usually wrong. So we have already in our relationships this happens very I said some debit it is so relationships across the board. In nationally personally across the board this happens so really need to start emailing all of our relationships and have no verbal communication does have a on writing. Well all of a lot with Britain communication. Or maybe I'll say a big one thus is the calendar. And like if you don't put it on the calendar and did first of all I will admit there's a good chance that I'm gonna forget. That the third Thursday. Next month. You know were going to be go into the church adventure whatever and then like three days before site vote do you remember this Jersey we have that. I know about back. Forgot he got to put it on my calendar and they're sometimes most of the time. You probably told Maine but they're sometimes and I can tell you see when they are. Where. I her responsibility to let your daughter here this is all the stuff I like I had Helling and because this other stuff that she's telling me that we have to do or you know all these events but sometimes just say. Oh yeah I I may go to. You know. Pretty sure I told you so and whenever she gets pretty sure I told yet she's even taken. No maybe I didn't. Let's move on one last one that's our last last one I like this one blame addiction. Now remit like it would all turmoil hits the fan and staffing your life. Don't you take it out on your spouse so like somebody's gonna take the blame for her life being crap. And so lead well. Hopefully we always we always take it out on the ones closest to us me I mean just by default that's what we do know is that DA's do that thanks Kerry. China to. I mean it's human nature it's like that since you know us like if you go to the grocery store and you've just had the absolute worst day in the world. You know I get it taken out on a clerk there are ready so I mean you know I play now yeah I Reynard can manipulate that. But you know it's the ones closest to us. Yes so I mean that that's I did I believe and. Oh yeah my husband has this to me often but he does really good at self reflecting. And like an hour later he will come back and say I am so sorry that had a lot more to do with the guys on me in India. That see that that is a really good quality B yes we all have. You know emotion fueled. Responses and in behavior. But then if your strong enough to numeric and owning it and say you know way. I'm sorry yak. That was just mean blown out sustained then. 19 sorry can like now a girl right in how we executed and Greta I have met in my right Carrie Ann that you can get. He's like they come at you and then you're so. I think it does. And then like an hour later come back and apologize how can anything I needed every total though it makes you more apt to apologize the next. Well absolutely IE Indiana zipper Qaeda you have. Yeah as we know the year almost perfect. I. Almost did a 100% NATO very very eclectic and that's what I at clubs you hit 99.9 percent. Now we love our thousands we cannot say that mr. mom four of us wait yes forma slimmest I got an idea I nine. Why has carry things for joining us you reject 88 thinks we're grading the air here on a Sunday anyone that you know how how the girl out here. Join us so it was fun thing by again may I remember the team now for freedom in matters. All that that's going to happen. I don't know Murray's attorney got about what three minutes left if you want and yes so anything you and. I do well. First cause great having Brad on here and we talked a lot about the color of money managing your risk tolerance and can talk Russell security I don't want Social Security to get. Lost in the winds of all of these different subjects in let me just say that if you're in your sixties. And you're yet. To start collecting benefits. This could very well be one of the biggest financial decisions you'll ever make you do not want to make that decision without having. All of the facts. No two people are the same no two situations are the same. If you're married there's even more components in their spousal benefits survivor benefits it set track. If you call today you can request a Social Security Max musician report the only information we need to generate this report. Is your data birds. And you're what's called your primary insurance amount that seem out of money that you will get on a monthly basis. Once you hit full retirement age for most baby boomers today. That's age 66 with that number. Weakened calculate and the Macs and each report will calculate. The benefit that you'll receive starting. They wanted to age 62 at age 63 at age 64 it will calculate via your life expectancy lifetime benefits because lifetime benefits. Or not the same as monthly benefits. And it will tell you. Based on tens of thousands of different calculations that go into this report it will tell you exactly how to maximize. These Social Security benefits because. The end of the day if you don't maximize your Social Security benefits. That's more money that's gonna have to come out here nest they don't feel that income gap so the report will tell you things like this to collect now or later. It will give you strategies on spousal. Benefit planning. Survivor benefit you know what happens if you pass away what is your spouse receives for benefits. It will. Specify the impact of working in retirement because if you're working. While you're drawing Social Security back in half a huge impact. Depending upon your age so there's a lot that goes into it it covers Social Security taxation. For those of view that. May have. Certain pensions like Herat. That can have an overall. Impact or reduction. On your Social Security benefits so it covers that got government pension offset it covers the windfall elimination provision so. I know were wrapping up the program here if you call today. We will provide you at no cost you are complementary Social Security Maximus station report explain it to yet. And then you'll be better prepared to make that all important decisions. And you know I tell him that relationship complex let me just tell you this was a conflict between my parents is so security staff. Dad one it's on the mom when it's something else and you know let this little. We report makes it black and white so it's. Phenomenal that have been a conflict that they would not have had to had to say at best so you thought 303539. Size four to zero. Begin 335395420. Hey stay today so much for listening today he they'd have a great week we'll be back same time same place next week.