Star Spangled Radio Hour - 10.28.17

Saturday, October 28th

SSRH 386

October 28, 2017


“Thursday Evening with Tommy Dorsey”

Treasury Department Program 18

Thursday, August 27, 1942

10:15 - 10:45 pm

Palace Theatre

Youngstown, Ohio

Tom McGee, announcer


“Thursday Evening with Tommy Dorsey”

Treasury Department Program 19

Thursday, September 3, 1942

9:15 - 9:45 pm

Circle Theatre

Indianapolis, Indiana

Bill Froesch, announcer



“Songs by Sinatra”

Sunday, December 26, 1943

7:15 – 7:30 pm

Liederkranz Hall

New York

With Axel Stordahl Orchestra and the Bobby Tucker Singers


SSRH 386 Playlist

(27Aug42) I’m Gettin’ Sentimental Over You (opening theme),  Dig Down Deep (Frank Sinatra and the Pied Pipers, vocal (fanfare); Medley: The Caissons Go Rolling Along – (The Pied Pipers, vocal), Anchors Aweigh (The Pied Pipers, vocal), The Marines’ Hymn (The Pied Pipers, vocal); Every Night About This Time (Jo Stafford, vocal), Moonlight on the Gangea, In The Blue of the Evening (Frank Sinatra, vocal), Deep River; Medley: The Very Thought of You (Frank Sinatra, vocal), Stormy Weather (Tommy Dorsey trombone solo), Let’s Fall In Love (Jo Stafford, vocal); Dig Down Deep (Frank Sinatra and the Pied Pipers, vocal) (fanfare), I’m Gettin’ Sentimental Over You (closing theme) (3Sep42) I’m Gettin’ Sentimental Over You (opening theme), Dig Down Deep (Frank Sinatra and the Pied Pipers, vocal (fanfare), Idaho (The Pied Pipers, vocal) (Ziggy Elman, trumpet), Just as Though You Were Here (Frank Sinatra, Jo Stafford and the Pied Pipers, vocal), Loose Lid Special, Complete (unedited) Frank Sinatra Farewell Announcement, The Song is You (Frank Sinatra, vocal), Losers Weepers; Medley: June in January (Frank Sinatra, vocal), Clouds (Tommy Dorsey, trombone), You’re a Sweetheart (Jo Stafford, vocal); Dig Down Deep (Frank Sinatra and the Pied Pipers, vocal) (fanfare), I’m Gettin’ Sentimental Over You (closing theme) (26Dec43) This Love of Mine (opening theme), You’ll Never Know (Frank Sinatra, vocal), (opening remarks by Frank Sinatra) As Time Goes By (Frank Sinatra, vocal), Close to You (Frank Sinatra and the Bobby Tucker Singers, vocal),(remarks by Frank Sinatra), That Old Black Magic (Frank Sinatra, vocal), Old Lang Syne (Bobby Tucker Singers) (closing remarks by Frank Sinatra) Put Your Dreams Away (closing theme)


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It is. Well my friends here we are gathered around the old radios and computers and mobile device is. We'll hear every you are and however you're listening welcome to the star spangled review our online and crews and 1430 dot com I'm Rick Clinton. It is a pleasure to throw the doors open and welcoming you in and by the sounds of what some emanating behind me there you know it's just TV tonight along with Frank Sinatra. And of course Dennis spreadsheets he's not actually in the band but he's here is a co host. Of this show with me when mr. Dennis Greg senior. Advisor to the Glenn Miller archive two University of Colorado and of course author of declassify. A bit and welcome back to prevent a good week. After all the Dorsey. Worker appeared during the wash weaker truth I collect every part of it. The fact that the that the. President Bush. After I probably I probably occurred debris or ensure torsion catalog online. Archive what try to work. In the process during Gary who really major update all that can go to Betancourt drove extortion history impact. We're already into what little more work urgent and you know all the different so. 45. And 33 each and cheap easy to put out over the years and try to sort it all out organize you. And I think actually stir well there were obligated because that was a great great true April French are not true replied I curse. I am content it's harder recorded 1940. Blow all that. And I'm actually going to be in my current it has been and it takes a contagious. And need to stronger trio of all the different. And I'll never smaller cameras are cashed. Them they can't sit birds are sheet date. We recorded it pretty bitter person master card or should take two there's a take for you to take orders to take far right. Just normal on that public. It's just simple straightforward to know why they had to do it because which a monstrous. Way they wanted to hit it is not really complicated but anyway at a top. The other night were focusing on how many. Both that certain aspect of Tommy in French soccer and culture. And so many hard years ago you'll cut a loss publisher and Japan are stretched so is that temporary we're now there's so little. Artist and that was a big move it was you know I know it's just kind of overstating you know maybe he overstating it to say it's. Sinatra leading Dorsey really is the peak giving hope to be moved from the bench of the trigger. And took it in the fact it was coincidental to American federation of musicians. They knew it came from the moved to protest all the musicians are reporting everywhere at all venues. Collection ST. They recruit train or what the big pay attention to travel ban debate big. Popular drenched. But they wanted to protect older musicians they want a they wore orange story Q can still record company east. You. And those particular neither here which. In the structure not DS are as important ally actually prepared script corn on the wrong well below ought to protect decent where I. Two year they're gluten they teach you here. In terms of contract awarding. The musical singing career and then people should they stop teams are people who work in the scandal that has picked install both trips. There and so train. Plunged the unthinkable sorts goes straight to camera people out on. There are trying to ensure their world solo show you're our question. But it worked in the end in in the two neo conservative and leave them. What older it's tolerance. But how are you really. It was a bold move triggered by. I would just go all I'm you can kind of electric or military lost income during the Clinton over broken. Cory Higgins conventional wisdom and you'll be beautiful or heard about what really happened predictable and you know me I think I am after state can be culture I did not believe he's. A lot of the story which are of the underworld and bad and coaches shrank purchased on me and probably be enforced sort Franco of the tournament content and all the other stuff. If you look at the contract on the owned a good mood and frequent gonna do the company was shutting up. And back in junior ordered 1942. Target sponsored a recording structure were actual store all frank did. With our completion musicians tortured or shot that you would try to restore large machine oh what happened. And then they went ahead in the this'll happen to show. I. What we're coming here role arch two weeks Soros Tommy Dorsey treasury programs and 1942. Treasury Department should go stories. Many pro war effort expecting you really key here and these two programs are 27 to 42 beyond strong auto. And so term preferred 9042. From Indianapolis. You really care how good debate and it is such it's we're not also been that the fans took a topic which formula according Spanish star clerks started to compare and your role model on troll like Russian born to expand in August of forty to say you got there couldn't be here in another month. There were sounded better and the sound better before they display and that I on this case strongly Tommy tried it chose Stanford pied pipers never sounded better. And the weird party's usual ocean initially taken. Not only shrank leading social tiebreaker broadcast. From our the end of the year to start the pied pipers were also peacock. And for different reasons and it'll actually pushing too like I didn't look all things can change coach you're hearing this artistry in this. Great relationship and there are so good to prepare them. Beyond all of that tragic human body reaction he embody your boat about to go to military. Police in the glimmering Portuguese you can go on the army air forces pack. Actual Polly. It hit it it's gonna have been chasing all the east Asian and yet. In 194000000000001940. Fours we know from all the work party before we hear from the show Tommy bolt hole. That's an extra personnel change a Google warmed up. And that compares the chaser in addition to True Blue network programs are going to have problems. Say they solved by Sinatra. So we were trying to struggle like can't she be pressure sores from actual story all comments are reader becomes French. Guru teacher. And Christie general and to try to actual or whatnot. So it's I go to church. Q sturdy it's not exactly what Orange Park down to teach this was not as. It's not necessarily. A contentious situation as it's been made out to date and you know Dorsey evershed and ultimately trying to edit independence because trunks. Moody's corporation America autonomy. For the business transaction plain and simple it was a beau Norton personal pretty. Yeah actually about the character that you could be good and sound good Turkish singer Cheryl good you. Page who now we know what really happened with the content. Although realty Q wished I can combine to network station which used to be in DC blue. I hear Tommy Dorsey didn't bad form I care corporate account control to local. Yup yup. Are you that can thank you for a little bit of a district yeah big big guy that I really feel the worst about is someone may and we haven't even mentioned Mets. Harry James spore hairy. He is frank his big break. All I speaks to bad. The men that's that I'll grab hold up trying to go to a charity and wouldn't do what Jordan. Portrait Kerry let him out of this to go he will be very. Early church only gave me an opportunity in nineteen NS 39 B your forty. And you got to remember an inherited hadn't yet. Caldwell not yet all. Cleaned off a little topics food chain and hi yeah I absolutely. You're torturing Bob go ahead out of a contract up. It's like the guy who leads the Cleveland Browns and goes to the New England Patriots I get it yet embedded chips but I still feel bad for here. It still tell it's that I know is that I always have. I understand all right well let's go metal clip and anyway it's good and and all all of that started. If you consider obvious solution in this what was the ball back from the trying to don't be used to track as a sourced. You can kind of get eagle get this guy was groomed to be addressed is comparable to. And here we go you ready. Let's do it TDs frame where I. And I'm kind of Thursday evening whip Tom I don't faith in the program brought through with the cooperation of the moon network that is dedicated. To the United States treasuries. Tonight we've done about Michael Bolton stayed at the palace theater in Youngstown Ohio and out fear the Boston in about he'll compete with we fumbled five minute and a music's. Stop legalizing. Okay. Thank you Donna gay and good evening everyone well folks Frank Sinatra just averaged a young body of as the pied pipers in yours truly follow on to say hello from Youngstown Ohio. So give the book we brushed aside the formalities fans' favorite music freedom gang. Okay. You better get over it and move ahead now. You better get out my threat and then wow. Though that it doesn't move that is actually doing better with a good movement movement through most of it is down see. So my thought is that by the tanks and fathers thought fights yeah it's a done deal. It's being done deal. I love bug that did those big brother's got a tendency. Okay Dundee you put your head did you did that the citizens everybody must do is. The easiest means that if there's no real advantage I'm Rick I'm not a big downbeat. The ride not giving up way. Totally yeah. And I did okay. An old friend. How badly and they just have to travel a lot. And for seven years I've been traveling back and forth across the continent where my boys. Well hitting the road as we call it means a lot of worry fellow little discomfort. We have to sort of it was a fact Jefferson finished one safe and hurry off to the next one. Sometimes we get on my sleeve before we go on the stand again for all we don't. But you know in front of all that I never fairly get a thrill released on on the road this. The reason is simple and well maybe it's a little cinnamon. It because I never grow tired of seeing Americans looking at it and knowing that I am part of the protesters throw that I know comes to everyone's. Well I know we're all part of America and I'm owed to them there's not one of us who wouldn't be willing to make whatever sacrifices necessary to keep America our country. Well right now we can all help to keep an hour's by helping to win this war. That's all of us can do this in one way and summon another. Of those one way that we can all pitch in and helped fat by investing regularly and United States' war bonds has finished. It has have you got a we'd be given to court or trying to in Grand Rapids are a bit instantly add or. In other words if you have a stake in America. And you cannot only protect that steak which is an increased its value by putting at least 10% of your income into war arms. That's the way to keep America your country. We've gotten through the Yankees do then I'm back I'm thinking we've got great Yankee do then I'll. They're solid they're going khaki clad in navy blue and yes I know that an accurate and every season. OK okay we have been as good as he can win those games down the road being oh OK. Found in my drive you don't mind builders are. I was dazed on the real thing you know it's. He. Realize Hillary. OK okay. Hey Don you always know. Okay it's okay. You Reza you know writing committees Megan turned her. And you heard it here a lot of room as you Rhode. It's. A little jabs deriding hardball but no I don't ever get OK look at all. Thinkers OK. Okay. It's okay. Well do god me. Great days days days days. It's. Your age they're okay. Apparently need runs my business you okay. Because at all. Another letter Yankee doodle is defending its. Okay United States marine. He's fighting for our country into are feeling the I would rather than going throughout the pizza delivery field. I don't know. It's. You. To me back. Asia and he's in the high and is now. And we news. And okay. No I had. Okay. Yeah Kapalua and and moon. Deprived drivers singing a medley. Service are just average fourth undermined the way it was all organized a bit of about perhaps honey and about Tony it's brand new and it's called every night about this time. Tantalizing title that is indeed your vetoes of course you think Thursday night about this time this thing. Every night about this time. It's. She is really in. And I. Moved. And may not the laughter. And then the new. Yeah. Are things. If I mean head above. It's. Need. I. It's. It. Yeah. And he's. And I. Okay. It really. And up he. Hole. New. And Juan Luna arranged to. And the bottom. It's. Head main. The this tall. I. They average per come on someone night the combination of moonlight and a slow easy lazy swollen rivers. An irresistible invitation to romance fire mister Dorsey is just simply not. An average person at least. We'll let alone the what is hardworking brass woodwind and rhythm section two words coming up another consignment of their very superior brand of swing. Mr. Dorsey is trombone and the orchestra and devote my palm like Angie. Well. Okay. It. It's. Okay. You. I. Okay. Yeah okay. I okay. Yeah. OK. Okay. Okay. My driver threatened bettors who possession. Very kids have been reporting about the country's so much lately that you education has been sadly neglected. Tonight main Youngstown will study the storm instead of John Carlson what's the largest city in Ohio Cleveland. Three. Yard Larry and they import songs which contain the word Ohio and those titles than normal because of regular book. Those seen there's a beautiful around. My Ohio poll Booth and then there's down by the Ohio Booth. So I think I know the other one timing how all of Kate Clark yoga let covered Ohio hate to get up in the morning. It's. At MI start tonight they did a good. But I do agree a laugh. And I. You have to forgive guard folks see it just turned down by a draft board and it's kind of affected his mind you know. A funny thing happened McBriar when he went over his physical examination he took along his vitamin tablet the show the best of for their board that he was trying to build himself up. And believe it or not after the examination was over. But we're back in for an. And they had the vitamin tablet in one day. But I. Right and I've been playing in the movie. And no blue moon I love you. When you. Lows and movies do go wrong. In the rude. Boom. And I refuse I. As the ball move. You guys. Newness dad moved. The nine is reduced. We as you love me. Isn't. Oh room. Blew my. Yeah I. We will and move. You know for. Okay. Obama appears to be the match Rivet the few minutes ago we embarked on one of your becoming northeast presently conducted cruises down again season. So the good old feeble Korn definitely does Norton and above and at the Landon wants more physical kept indoors you still of the health oath. The focal board for a fast and furious ride down that. Deep river doctor cause skipper and full steam ahead. Yeah. The. Okay. It's. Okay. Yeah. It's. I think. Okay. Okay. It okay. Okay. Do you. Okay. They have rivers folks as we steam around abandon head of the Landon routers falling in fiddler but we're heading for a gift for sure. At least that's the way it affairs from the bridge but with stormy weather slated for tonight memory medley. Plus given before a sellout to fund that's on suppose I smooth things down in the peaceful like valid code. Very thought of the Fed's march 7 Burris made the NAFTA and for the rest of the memory memory let's turn navigation over the doorstep for an. I better bring it to port with a chorus of let's fall in love. All right behind me is up baker. There is a lot of new. And for gas and food ooh. It's little. And is the new. They have really gone off. Moon day and I've. News is you. Sun has. It's okay. And cool news. So it made it. Boom I. Okay. Room. Love me. Forum. You never know all Haas school. Of a moment ago. So I'm there. I steal all the news in the bedroom and. Zoo. It's just who voted. Okay. Okay. And. I. Okay. I. It's. Okay. And I. Yeah I do. A then they. The good. Yeah. And manmade. Absolutely none. I did go. And okay mom. Glad you. I love. Wow is this time. Love. They've dominated at the beginning of the program you're talking about how much traveling around the country of bandleader have to do. That's good time WikiLeaks where duke over the continent but you know in my business. We have to travel a lot to. We'll just some wet but I do announces they've pretty much the one place where LL admit that most of my traveling is done by way of the microphone on the network throughput. Even traveling that way it was sort of like proxy in my faith I get the same kick that you get from being part of America. Did when ever rise up in front of that microphone to begin a program. I get a real thrill out of thinking that I own a share of every nook and corner where my voice will be heard. This year of every river and city every farm and forest of the greatest the richest country on earth. Believe me I don't want my share on American people take it for my children for their children to come. That's why I'm investing 10% of my income in the United States or bonds. A dime out of every dollar I get every pay day. Money and best that way is. Helping to protect my share of America fights applying our fighting men with the guns the plane munitions and equipment they need to. To do their job. Fall if you invest 10% of your income and war bonds just. Felt the minute the front protect your share of America. You'd rather get up and. We had to get out okay. That's. With a birdie. The margin. Being done deal. And I have a Honda classic to the bombers are fun and they've done deal. Being done deal. Nevada finds that give us OK I was god and the hey Don. Do handling his business and citizen everybody must do is it's easiest means there's a citizen you know the only advantage right. Not being done deed. But my back here playing golf player it's. Day. MacBook visiting us this evening folks. Thanks for Lilly to hang out the last thing at the same time from the sort of bed and Indianapolis. Frank Sinatra don't family album later read enough by the private dog join me involved in writing it not been worse than music. And if you land. Meanwhile this is TV dummy Darcy. Things are hard TV judges department. And not really key bond buying more bond that was so have a lovely singing my number Ohio again. Thank you and good night. Same thing with Tommy Dorothea brought through each week at this time. For the collaboration the blue networks. The American federation event. And is dedicated. The United States ready. Comedies it. His the globe network. A regarded as a program that brought you over the dreaded live Luna wired or amended dedicated to the united stated right Hulu tonight rolling out of the house party on the state of the circle theater in Indianapolis Indiana. Frank Sinatra Jo Stafford Ziggy I'm embody written in the fight quite resolved welcoming committee and yeah as our host for the evening all decked out in white guy and trombone our men and Matta music summit talk. Well folks these festivities are about to begin so lay off your reps and pull up a chair meanwhile kids. Dig down deep. Not to. Good to have fun event not a day. It's more about why he. And me. Being a movie about a bug that he was great a lot of sky though I'm the I'm being. Everybody. There are big big. Like I have then all players. Yeah. I. Did you ever hear of lazy money. Null. Well money can be lazy take version for example that box of pennies lying in the back of your bureau drawer or that jar half full of Nickels. That's lazy money because that is working for you. There's an ad isn't helping to win this war. How to best way to make them lazy money go to work is to take it down to your bank post office. It's retail store or a fitter. And swap and end the wars stamps and bonds. So war binder money will be working to help you win this war. And working again renewed by building up interest. To make sure that. No more lazy money accumulates in your possession before I begin investing 10% of your income regularly more runs. But the vital dollars in uniform and get them out on the fighting fly and doing their part to help with the axis. That's the way to put your money to work both for you. And Barbara Sam. Okay. And and there are. It's. It's. Beyond the OK okay. Okay. Then I'm now. Okay. Maybe okay. I'm OK okay. I'm. Okay. I. Okay. Okay. Okay. I. Vote coyote moon coyotes to find drivers going west with ammonium I don't know. Well then you. Western lovers watch program in the jug wage over. Well all tell you to them we grounded out for a ride Smart a lot of buildings or deny. Crew around any poultry Stanford group. That route in students' grades you know I salute and Carl gal from Glendale California. Drive rows crew though for now let's have a look at his brand okay five minutes. His son's been shooting down the senate they've trailed gather momentum like a brushfire on I can't decide home it's called just as though you were here. Good now get out Colin Frank Sinatra to help our be over and and make him head waves McEnroe they know or rodeo old city there was life. Oh wait he's a good morning. You. You learn. I. I. When group whose shadow. Are you. Same. Do you. You learn. I know all abuse okay. It is good yeah. It's. It's. Okay. You go oh. Com news. We're. Okay. Do I. I. It's job. Oh you learn it is. Okay. And move. I. I am. I. No I do fool I only. And I. Love. Love. Okay. Okay. OK okay. Are you learn me. I. Crowd cleared the decks of vocalist and gets down to the business of being instrumental instead of sent a medal anything can happen. Now grabs after you've listened to the next offering you'll be able to determine just why it's called lose lives by Hewlett please. Given that you can't figure out blue slip slide I think you'll all agree that it is very special indeed soul. Take it away my goal and we alone again. Okay. It's. It's. We. They'll go wild west his side battles and though hope okay. So book you bronco buster how straight and fifth. Obama's then I'm great and I thought I got marked in my caps and even my spurs wounding those kind of fluff flag I can understand that folks. Legislation that was farewell broadcasts where there's bands and after that I he's going to be strictly on his own. Could drag our dented it everywhere in the band's. Forces do the best of luck. Thanks Mankins. I like this aluminum I saw you guys if they kidnapped the three years. And lady and gentlemen I'd like him like you to meet him was gonna take my place as a vocalist economy and the fans feel just fine guy wanted to sing and and he was good enough I games and Benny Goodman and that's really stand planning for folks that I give me they can't. I. We'll frank I don't know if anyone can really take place this thing. I'm going to be in there trying to threw down that. As you well I know that you be knocking them dead on your own vote. Drove it I agree within a decade thanks throughout the day came straight before you hit the road how about one more so just were all lanes. That's I was Nissan give me that the NRA and the song that you wanna see what I can do with. Here amuses. Were look did you a beautiful. Thing it is. Of Everest. Live we're. Okay. Guys okay. Then mellow mood. I. Okay. I hear it. It's. A good. I. Love Israel. But. I. Well I hear that I live. You know good. I. A beautiful Maria. It's. Then use any. We're. Weakness and we were. So news. Mind. And. That is really moon. You're. This. News room. I. Wouldn't. Finally keepers well folks you couldn't be the finder of a better investment than United States walk bonds. And believe me they'll help you be the keeper of the American way of lives. Now here's got a dog in the gang to remind us that there are some more battle childhood saying yeah star the rest of its. Losers wafers. Okay. I. Okay. OK. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay and it's. It's OK. Okay. Bit. Okay. Okay I'm okay I'm. Oh yeah. We. I know folks now that you can't talk about the weather because of the military's secret. But as far as I know there's no taboo on song titles that deal with the fluctuation of the fan right. So I don't think I'm Courtney or court martial when I attended that for a memory medley tonight we're going to play in June January and Klaus. Just in case that's not so much like a weather report good car and just average around nothing dramatically with the furious sweetheart. I. Is new moon. Do. Big. Kind of low. You know this is brilliant mind. You know I. There's no. All from a car. News. Or lose my. Yeah I. Bruno. Cool. I really love okay. I. There's room. You know. Olivier because Simon. We're. Okay. And often wrong. I. Okay. Yeah. I thought okay. Okay. Yeah yeah. Okay. Yeah. It's. Yeah okay. OK okay. Okay. It's. The. I. Yeah. Okay. I. Yeah. You are. Yeah yeah. It's. And then we'll go. Yeah. We'll. Yeah who. And you know. Being done. Mom and. Mom. And and yeah. Okay. If okay. Yeah. I. Commodores is a member in that way and we hope that it brought to your mind diet pleasant scene of the fat. Now another pleasant scene and one that is truly American there's a walk bonds. The more war bonds of the pleasant of those in boulder or you and your country. And here's the best way to get more of those while bonds which helped to win the wire and help if you would talk financial security. Got them on the job where you work. Every pay day but at least 10% of your earnings and to walk bonds or your company's payroll savings plan. All of the payroll savings plan isn't available at your place of employment. Then bio war bonds at your bank post office or retail store. This is one sure way you can do your pride in our nation's one effort. And don't forget best above those of war bonds and do what you're going to put 10% of your pay every pay day. Every 1875. You put into a walk bonds is going to come back to you as 25 dollars and only ten years. When eurobond which yards yes sir Uncle Sam is going to pay you back four dollars for every three you put into goals more violence. Help yourself and help to win the water. Come on Americans let's make get everybody. Every pay day if. You can get up and you'd better get up but we're. Okay. And the group. In. Being down being good guy though. Well good luck buying the okay now. Being yeah. The bladder above that gave us really. Oh god no less than the. You didn't do citizen and everybody we're doing now. Did you may even. Okay. The mind not getting our players. Okay. Well I went up rather and they want this thing. Lately we've been reading you from way out West Hollywood, California we're going to make heartburn relief you like amendment that yeah. And have fun having him run again they came jealous that video nobody read the mind laughter. Now all we stay in California here I come to California where I am. Invite you to judge in the cars meanwhile let's just DD nine yards these things all over TV Treasury Department. And telling you to invest regularly and more we're. They got 10% in front of bamboo look for the Nazis on the line. Tonight. Comic dog is about the only way to the laughter the cooperation of the moon not fire. An American federation did that you. That is dedicated to the United States right. No bras and they didn't let it is no clue about where. Thought I had an army. Hello we invite you can't avoid the back room for another informal conquest of Frank Sinatra and axles thought all in the Bobby Tucker. Ringer. Specter felt Obama trying things one of the best songs of this year you'll never know. You need that OK. Just. Okay and okay. You never know a rude just. I do. New bride Joseph. Do okay. And I. Okay. You want to know. Okay. OK you know. Learn who. Okay. Because and then. And I have. I'm. Okay. This will. It's cute. Hello everyone. This is not just last year. Unless one on the house in this car maker of the funniest. Looking back upon the and that is about to hit the road we're. Car was deep affection many of our little gathering. We welcome you to have some more on song memories to keep your corner on a cold night. So with the pure instinct of a collective. Say did you songs this. Cops and all of us in the recent past and we would like run movie again welcome this because we're getting your cinnamon stuff things. We're particularly got to bang out of this one we still live. And you must remember. Hey. Fundamentals. We'll. Okay. And I imagine you can really. You do learn. Okay. Okay. I mean. Night in love so. Okay. Okay. Yeah let's do. No I. And okay. And the world really long way is well the non. It's. Okay. Okay. Okay. Another friend it's. Hanging out in the little corner there like this service that lets you can run double life. The family at home. And then one day you wake up and you find out you have another one of the family another family including eleven I think. We're pretty close in the family here and called the crying out another tonight. The man with a divorce papers is waiting outside directors out. We're gonna miss this old wooden unlocks my Carolina friends saw the boys in the grass playing gin Rummy in the dark spot. About a doctor crowd leaning over the piano. And the kind Mayweather beat. Faces of her employees you have but doesn't keep. And bill here engineer prior to last payment on the console room window. There's going to be tough for getting us the guys. For those in need for the evening and we went to work on a song like this. Boo. Yeah. I will all live. All us so you. Real. The and you're always in. Bloom. Okay. It's. No. Man who would then. In my. I. OK you know clues. Okay. UC news. Wherever you boo. And I didn't. It's all. Wrong. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Are you. You. Okay. All only new world. Well I was taken up for Frist and his neighbors and soon 1943 will be led off to the show has. There's no right we have to be thankful par but when I'm assuming the right to speak of things in a global sense. We just want you to know we're thankful that we can believe it's there where you want somebody in the evening. Those things. I know the new year we'll bring a lot of it came at you they have new programs and employees. My top wishes for some new guy that's just around the corner with a twelve boys and a great the end. And to have the break and kind of see that came my way. ST. I can't thank my name everywhere I'd like to hear my. But they can know and I'm grateful and always will be. To get back to a song I'd like to do again actually start those fine arrangement but Don Imus is and how Rollins federal black man's. Mean. Do. Yeah. Those guys you have. London. Okay. It's mood. Saying hello I. It's. Okay. Well then. And it's. Yeah. Ties should stood. You and you. And none of. I. Yeah. Okay. Okay. You the I. You know I mean. And live. The man. Okay. I. Okay. And then. Or. The. Okay. And you guys. Okay. On the that'll. Okay you're a. Okay. OK okay. Evil god. I'm. Okay yeah. The well long. We come to the region but I hadn't called time to beat the curtain to the dark. Yeah the final curtain on this vital. And thanks again debating whether it's not so Bobby Tucker earned knowledge is an acquired join me and saying good night. And the best for the new year so until 1944. Because no. Okay. Okay. This new. Okay. We're seeing all. Okay. Another gut you. Oh man. Our news. OK okay good night. Men people who. Long bonds and opera. It was produced for Columbia fire her place. Yeah Columbia broadcasting. And our on line and I'll tell you work. About as good as it gifts rate and Mahan Tommy frank. I just you know pied pipers hold their whole thing and images it's about as good as it's ever gonna debt. You know I was thinking earlier meant to mention this to be in the this signal before we started all of this I the more we do this the longer we do this. No more many studying him and how much of this musical was recorded. And how many recordings. Of these demands created during their time. Yeah I've noticed striker certainly when you go to put it up state of the accorsi. Discard or three yeah you're a mom wanted to sweep through to sort of Patrick Connery to sort of chilled in order. It is just. Just think that we don't pay you so much debt and they do go on on the quality of the pantanal but it's not just stay. Commercial workers that they all made obviously. Install for all the radio contest yet there remains. And I also did two things one Anke to leak into cheers sometimes four or doesn't such a good job it's. They know what we're delighted social Deutsche showed people feel broadcast. Coming on the line from. Think about this youngster how Long Island Indianapolis. It's probably not New York or LA new Yorker Hollywood shows all they sound great. Com they even start with the fact that they can itself was unreal. Our guys been going through some ability to just sort of affinity it'll probably have taken all of our caps on. This continue to put Monty until then been doing this. Pushed documentation. I'm the listened to a lot of doors chased from the start encourage you and Gordon not born in order notwithstanding. She comes in Melbourne. You heard me say this summer and it's always blocked some gadgets and I think Tommy Dorsey east. Band at this time what is. Certainly the army airforce spared the slide towards this band is unbelievable. Yeah we are homer there there's just sort of a good. So for a different different slaughter definitely it's probably teach. Yeah put billions of all put him. Put each. But you're right dictate if she is it just keeps common and common and common. Just Olympic. Or are missing their retake this surplus and every version of baton really can surprise the solution I can sort of forgot track star best. Arab and and future relationship among tigers are tortured these are cash got to cal that we need to put on the show. I had a bunch I got Austin shot Marvin that's how bad it. The term personal Richie we just say oh my goodness you know that's always a reality fatal and all this yeah. If you think paying any low and that's why would pursue it because. I would like to meet strict safety as civil war the American revolution in her ancient war home or some great. You know what can you finish it here it's why they can. No time hasn't it almost sounds I'm has put it has not passed. It has. Correct. Emmy and in if you stop to think about it really make sense this it is this really I mean we. We have photographic. Evidence of of Lincoln and I mean actual pictures are our enemy and about that time mid eighteen hundreds. We're starting to get photographs of the American west and in some and you know but this was the time. Oh ignore it to. Be exactly. But as far as our audio. History shows of America I mean this you know the beginnings of the nineteen hundreds and in India or this time late thirties and forties it's being perfected the end. And so that's you know why it's such a great treasure trove because you do because of that because it was. Oil are always very entirely certain that in my dad put it this firmer grip stronger gonna my grandfather was born in 1988. There and fight it got our certain you're grown far worse when your group Harbour report. Arm it was toward the end of the still native Americans to around. Oh yeah there were still there issue is probably struggle but there was still danger and in the end you're kind of not really by 1888. But if he grows up in the 1891. Portion yeah. They had no formal appeal sources. And the party dice in 1980. Shelter and in the 99 years old man and woman who. I mean proved that. Could 200 specific about why expel him stern from 1988 can he 1980 Sherman. And then and then encapsulates what happened in the initial entry up. Absolutely right well. Can you hear from network radio we're from the network radio tonight. And network radio only. 151617. Years old that's exactly right. Leo yeah good and crazy stuff that's that's our that's our our I guess harsher social work. They're different ethnic epithets at the opposite a. Both are not know what he gave up a little bit next week the aforementioned period Cheney just dropping guys. Who welcome Terry to the show and both Doolittle could Perry be turned sort of you know we're prepared shroud like. I think our early great either and android great he threw for another one where he kept it just didn't musical integrity you shall go and you can go to Mary Janes star captured 42 nor true Porsche true when you're 1950s cemetery for up. We're following Erica long between 42 in the late fifties and do you think about it how he may now be prepared life. He did pretty good for you guys need to do is I think he actually have a lot of forms. Yeah yeah I would agree and it's no I didn't show I can live large and yes or else yes I better get edited grifter Dorsey. Absolutely well great great program as always thanks very much see you back here next week. IRA even for all those of you listen along on line crews and 1430 dot com thank you so much. A podcast stand. You know be sure to tell your friends fellow began enthusiasts do really you know we keep them all up here for you to enjoys so. Large DM and listen in and enjoy hearing good stuff like this we'll see you next week. Have. Okay.