Colorado Veteran's Resource Show - 10.29.17

Sunday, October 29th

This week we talk about the repairs out at The Colorado freedom Memorial, A Veteran's Law Clinic coming up,Operation One Nation and a special Veteran's Day Event! Enjoy!


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This is the Colorado veterans resource show on cruise in 1430 George connection to information in advance live for and about in Colorado as military veterans. Viennese and let's get started with the. This week's program time again for the Colorado veterans resource showing cruise in 1430 this week. We're going to talk about the replacement panel for the Colorado freedom memorial. He wrote called the memorial was damaged on July 3 the panel to replace the damaged. Arrives on November 9 and will tell you about the escort in where you can see the panel on its way in the town up in Broomfield we'll visit with the folks over at Colorado lawyers for Colorado veterans. And their veterans at large clinic that's now opened the second Tuesday of every month will tell you where. We'll also visit with operation one that nation the folks at Bethany Lutheran Church. They've got a wonderful concert in free dinner for veterans they'll tell you about a November 4. In in our military history general MacArthur returned see an anniversary to commemorate all bad in more it is the Colorado veterans resource showed the show by four in about Colorado as the veterans. And it begins right now. And welcome to the show everybody the Colorado veterans resource showed crews in 1430 young. This Sunday the 29. Of October a couple of days away from Halloween a beautiful day around Denver today well. That's okay we'll take you fall a great time of the year here it would take to show we've got for you today we're gonna. Be visiting with different from Colorado vet sure and I Colorado lawyers for Colorado veterans of Colorado attorneys for car at a veterans. And a wonderful program that helps those events here in town. Vick couldn't move my no means imaginable forge some legal expertise and help they might need them there's a clinic that does just that would tell you about that. Talked about how the first tomb of the unknown the first unknown soldier was selected from World War I that's a fascinating story was sure that today. Operational one nation we're gonna let them tell their story again they've got a big event coming up next Saturday so before next programs are want them to share your today. And we'll talk a bit about to hit streak of veterans day and how that all came about so all of that ahead of us today here on the program. But first I wanted to begin by sharing with you a bit about the Colorado freed memorial can be. The new panel of glass. Still it's coming to replace the one that was damaged by vandalism back on July 3 you will recall. That dated July 3 the Monday before the forest is that. I went out to the memorial at 6:30 in the morning to Colorado freedom memorial the glass walled monument to seventh sixth avenue by Buckley air force base. This has on its handles the names of Colorado veterans killed in action since we became a state since the Spanish American war through today. And you may or call that it was oh on July 3 did I went out there to make sure we're all cleaned up and ready for the fourth that I discovered one of the panel's. Destroyed. It was. Senseless it was sad it was unexplainable to cops came out did there instead investigation. Other class company came out and looked the insurance company all came out and looked and all of determined. We unanimously really did today it was an act of vandalism you conceal and import import impact point in the glass and in all of that in the panel did would it have been designed to do is shattered but it held so that it wouldn't have harmed anybody had it happen while people were out visiting self. But then you know were faced with a piece there replacing a piece of glass and it's not just you know wonder when I see dead people. A mistake you for being like a windows it is sit to very thick pieces of glass with a smaller thin Wafer piece of glass in between that has the names on it. This particular panel was the only panel on the memorial we didn't have anything on it it was perfectly clear. And asked to was our power that gave us an opportunity to make kid eliminate battle women's if you will. Because in the soon to be five years since we build the memorial. We've discovered to have approximately 300. Names of Colorado veterans that hadn't been included on any official list. Of those killed in action from our state and expand our conflicts from. A World War I through today were pretty good on Spanish American war but World War I through two days where those names came from. And defer us to get him on a panel of class we have to totally replace the panel because those names are printed not etched. And it's not cheap and this particular payable 42000. Dollars. Because of the ways to produce too because of the way it's tempered everything that's with it gets. So you know and then look quarter every you know we're a small nonprofit we don't want to just so. After this happened on the third. There was a tremendous outpouring of support from the community to replace the panel enough that we were not only able to replace the tem of the we have since installed the security system. And so that has some really did indeed turning lemons and eliminating well the panel is still about finished. And it's making its way to Denver pinned on Thursday November 9 we are going to escort the panel three Denver. In and out Tuesday Colorado freedom memorial where it will be immediately installed. The Colorado freedom memorial is going to be closed two visits up close anyway from November pizzas through the tenth it's going to reopen at noon on November 11. When will have an open house out there like we had on July 8 after the damage should happen. Nothing formal plan there's no formal ceremony or anything I'll be out there to two. Talk about the new panel the names that it contains to give a little history of the memorial to anybody that wants to come visit. But if so here's how this works on November 9. Will receive this new glass panel it bears the names of an additional 188. Of cholera has fallen veterans. In it's going to be escorted into town by the federal protection agency this is a civilian. Affirmed that helium Monday runs. That does dignified. Transfer of remains so we're a soldier falls and airman falls in action right. When they when they arrived in town their escorted from DIA. Two the funeral home or wherever. Often by federal protection agency and also the folks over a chair Butler which is the grass contractors and CFM. Is going to have to pay and little be delivered to them the morning of the ninth it will be escorted from their facility to the Broomfield veterans memorial museum. Where it will be on display from eight to 10 AM. So on that Thursday November 9 the public is invited to Broomfield veterans memorial museum is gonna open up at 6 AM for me to broadcast my weekday breakfast club program from there. The public is invited to come there will be some refreshments I'm sure the mayor will have a word or two to share with folks. You'll be able to see the panel up close it'll be on the truck creditor you'll be able to see a and you'll also be able to tour the Broomfield veterans memorial museum if you've not done that before so this is really going to be kind of a cool thing so at 6 o'clock. I will begin broadcasting from the museum at 8 o'clock the panel will arrive. After being escorted right through the hard to tell by the federal protection agency. At 9 o'clock. More have a small ceremony in presentation by proof remember our mayor Randy air and and some others that are there. And then at 10 o'clock will take off will leave an RB part of that we will leave the Broomfield veterans memorial museum bound for the Colorado freedom memorial. And there will be. An escort for that is well. And then once we get to these CFM the panel will be immediately installed the OK so that's how the day dose of you wanna see this panel up close. On the morning of Thursday November 9 at the Broomfield veterans memorial museum. Again they'll be open from six to ten and I'll be broadcasting live beginning at six to pay more arrived at eight either from eight to ten and you can walk right up take pictures and seeing all that stuff. Then if you can't make it that day or in addition to that data cholera freedom memorial open house will be our veterans day Saturday November 11 from noon to two. Will be out there for a couple of hours its when you first able to get up close to the new panel and see it in place. And the names of the 188 Colorado veterans killed in action displayed on this new panel. The thing about this is many of these fallen these 188 never returned home for a variety of reasons they were lost to see the remains never recovered their buried in American military cemeteries overseas for whatever reason. And so there isn't not been any place. That honors them by name or presence here in Colorado. In the memorial now will provide that place where. It's kind of a welcome home right I mean that's why we escort these panels always because for many it's their it's their return home it's the sign. That they're back key benefits just by their name being present on a memorial it's a sign that their home. In their being remembered in their home states. And I don't have the exact number right here with me I'll have it out there on the eleventh but a how many of the when he beat this marks their return home but it's a it's a good number so. That's free and open the public can come by I would look tense set up some refreshments just like we did. In July in you can see the panel and mingle with other veterans and all that so. All of that door and I need to keep track Gundy Colorado freedom memorial FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash Colorado freedom memorial. You can go to the CFM aft dot net. Check it out there you can go to the Broomfield veterans memorial museum website Broomfield veterans dot org for details about the broadcast images it up there. That museum is at twelve garden center up in Broomfield. But there you go thanks to the incredible. Support of this community. Veterans civilians at all thanks to the incredible support we've received. It has just been amazing what we've been able to do what July 3 targets a director of and four months right. In four months time to be able to go from that you know the damage Dryden and our anger aren't asleep to restoring the memorial. And getting a security system put in and having a couple of other things and planned. It's really been remarkable and we have been so moved there have been tears shed more than one occasion about just how incredible that's doing so. There you go the Colorado freedom memorial very soon will be back to work its original beauty and intend to Linda thank you all those who view. Who have been supporters that have made that happen all right. Are right there you go wanted to bring you up to date and invite you to be a part of a very special couple of days to ninth in the eleventh of November. Back with more of the Colorado veterans resource show up next. Lawyers helping veterans. Veterans resource show like Cruz and 1430 connection to the people and organizations that serve. We're back tier on the Colorado veterans resource show the program by a forehand the problem Colorado's veterans here the last Sunday of October thanks for. Tuning in today lots of good ground to cover with you here today at the end this is an important signal right now. As it relates to. The ability of those that are there were really homeless veterans in particular but. But all veterans who perhaps needle you a little legal assistance the don't have the means to afford it and don't know where to turn in the Colorado bar association. Because has an initiative that it is really pretty remarkable and I'm glad there are some time with Doug to Manila this morning's talk about it hey Doug I Eudora and. Good morning how are you thanks and good wonderfully. Great so. So before we get into the program does so club about you how how did you happen to be a come apart of this. Sure so are happy to be a veteran. And that was the globe from West Point graduate and served active duty in the army. Before going to law school. And I started I had heard about the clinics that were operating monthly. Several years ago few years ago and it started showing up in the volunteer attorney if one day be so I wanted to do I get back. And gutter ball in that way there's kind of kept going. Tell me about soon about the veterans that bitter helped by the program. Pure so hard as you go and probably wouldn't ya your listeners knows there are a number of veterans do. You make of the mega proportion of the adult almost population. An air India and any number of legal services. So it's good to include veterans' benefits issues that certainly isn't limited that they need to. Housing and assistance. They need debt relief for assistance they have family law issues criminal law issues. I just any candidate they person might face. And those of the problem to have us. And then politely where it what you learned her discover is it's those who legal issues that perhaps serve and they're certainly not helping them out of there were. Out of their homeless situation right I mean lived up massive debt moved and they might be things that are keeping them on the streets. That's very true hall once they are in the system legally so to speak that is hard to get out of particularly. If they can't afford an attorney who were they can't afford somebody can help from Malibu and that's that's where the clinic's staff terms. So this clinic this particular clinic that we're talking about is. And have had a place that a service senator that is being you know relatively new it's been their couple years now the volunteers of America's bill Daniels veterans service center which had them on a number of times. But talked about the facility to clinic is their right. The clinic has held there. So it's conducted at the veterans service center crawl once a month consecutive the second Tuesday. Whatever in Montana. And that's when the attorneys. Show up to between duty and do. I really do intake so there's the veterans will show up. I think a lot in intake form. And then based on the issues that they may be facing that's how they are placed with an attorney. And tries to help familiar best they can't blow while had a chronic. Okay and they and it's quite possible that there are a lot of these cases can't immediately be. Assisted resolves those so Dem takes a little bit longer. Interest rates so low we we help the people as best we can't they're common and often we can resolve issues while we're there at the clinic but if it happens. The issue can't be resolved for example there's an upcoming. A court appointment war a longer term issues that need to be addressed. Then we place in those matters now to tore our volunteer lawyers to pick up into runway at more long term. So on decades he'd turn is actually word correctly with the veterans try to resolve those issues over over time. It's Colorado lawyers for Colorado veterans that's the initiative from the Colorado bar. Association it provides free and low cost legal services to new military veterans and as an eternity is there as we've mentioned did topics. Range from veterans benefits to it taxes housing family who are criminal debt relief administered a lot of things like that. Attorneys like what Doug who were talking with today's take on these. Cases on a pro bone marrow pro Bono or modest means basis and adjust depending on the the length of involvement in the end the need I just. You know thank you for doing this and curve for everybody also participates it you know and it's and it's a big company and as you well know because your and you're knee deep and it. You know myths if so who never late for death I don't want exaggerated but yeah I mean it's that it's a real difference maker for these folks. It very much as you know I'm I'm happy to say that subsequently started in 2012 we have. Placed. Now over 400 maybe close to 500 cases with our volunteer attorneys. So they give you some sense. For those who need them this open the issue if you will certainly. While it may not be life or death for those veterans who are facing legal issues. It's a very. Important issue number. And there they are happy to be assistant us. So second Tuesday next one would be November 14 and second Tuesday of every month from noon to two. This city's two at 1247 Santa Fe that's where the VOA's bill Daniels veterans service there is located. Just to drop by thing right. It is good to drop I think. So a lot of toward an intake form which gives some basic details about the legal issues you might be facing. I knew we'd place the matter with an attorney for Connecticut to start the process really. Cool you know I did I do I sense you're like I was in the air force for sutures a million years ago armed. You you know when of one Syria and it's it serves as something that just kind of seems to affect your life the rest of the way. Yeah I'm neither I would fully agree with when you when you're and you feel bad but I think that bond therefore that history and really does propel you forward and so it's it's nice until the workload. Would veterans say you know the I can totally see the clinic may be in Vietnam era veterans. Mom and we see very very many who who earned. Gordon do who were recently I was the armed forces and since facing issues and didn't you know this kind of did some work that you've done. Did that many of these veterans face other issues too including. Traumatic brain injury issues and posttraumatic stress disorder issues and so they have they have a myriad issues and it's not a real stuff then with the perspective of a veteran. It's. To help them work through those issues as best we can't. And certainly when you're engaged in an illegal console with them you can sense other things you learn about under. Other underlying things that maybe you can Dunham and in a direction right. Yeah that's right and you know that's still one of the really nice things about hosting the clinic at the veterans service so there is. I think you probably know based on speaking with them and they're really does offer one stop shopping for unity issues. And so when you see knows you're able to refer them to the different organizations in my field helped melt. Yeah who owe it to go on what should go to the hall taker right and then knocked on the door and let's let's help you a little bit more Reuters here. I never heard Andre. Doug I appreciate the time I certainly appreciate the clinic and all the work did that you and the others are doing their thank you for that thanks for serve and then. Thank you for continuing to make a difference here in the community. Well thank you very much and blessings to you. All right Doug will talk soon thanks. All right there you go. Good people in May and this clinic care it actually was one of the very first. Topics we talked about on this program Mahmud gambit that was my and some months ago now. And I know we've got tons of new listeners of the program and I wanted you to know that there was Colorado lawyers were Colorado veterans and Doug to Manolo. The West Point grad army guy himself who's out now and in practicing law here in town and ended donating his time. To those of veterans in need again to eat in person veterans clinic is kid legal clinic has conducted. On the second Tuesday of every month from noon to two with the volunteers of America bill Daniels of veterans service center. That's at 12451247. Santa Fe street. A descent or offers so one stop shopping for veterans services and put in addition the road to legal housing assistance employment assistance VA benefits. Public benefits all under one roof right there this is a remarkable place and if you're a veteran looking for some help. Might be time for you to drop by they're thank you to the Colorado bar association. You know attorneys there are on the wrong end of a lot of jokes a lot of time these says these is this not joking these torture really. Are doing could be good work but in necessary work in a lot of people have been as he mentioned over 400. That they've been able to help so far and that is pretty cool right that's a good thing to sell the. It's a very ago on the Colorado veterans rich resource shows this Sunday. Hopefully that'll help one or two were a bunch of the job out there. Our I don't you dare go away we're gonna replay a segment that we aired earlier. About an event coming up next Saturday right so the next show would be after that so wanna do to hear this again. Our friends at operation one nation of Bethany Lutheran Church have a wonderful benefit coming out. And the proceeds from it are going to help with the special Christmas party we'll tell you about that next on the Colorado veterans resource show. Right here that cruise and 1430. Resource show like Cruz and 1430 connects you can. And organizations that serve our military. The program that's vying for it ends about color red is veterans that's the Colorado veterans resource showed this Sunday afternoon right here. Like Cruz and 1430 armored Crandall now veteran myself proud of try to vet tech talk about a very often I got the chastising emails from one of the listeners of radio station last week said you know you should talk about your service and not so much so it cern. Details about what others have done them how they continue to serve our community and that makes me even happier to have the Mets still a segment of the program to talk about operation one nation of Bethany Lutheran church and the good folks over there a bit ahead of are remembered and honored and served our veterans served for many years and one of the guys that's been it says the front of their this my friend Warren Miller who's on the program with this today how Oreo. I'm doing well Rebecca thank you very much. Yeah of course thank you thank you Warren also bill the search is their country and served honorably in the end proudly and I've you know I think there's this thing morning and I talk about this and trying to figure this out but it for for many who were you know the military. When when you tip out you never truly get. All the way away from and in a lot of cases the least I think that it's in my case years as well. Oh absolutely Rick there's. Unbreakable bond between. Service members regardless so branch of service served. Sidelined it's the immediate connection that I may can't quit before we begin to discuss in them and them make contrary with former mother. That bond is unbreakable. Yep I had that I could not agree more with zoom in and with that didn't. So that that bond of Warren says so let him Indian his. His church Bethany Lutheran Church along with a lot of members of our congregation narrative. To serve veterans that may have an annual veterans appreciation dinner fact this will be the fourth annual this year along with the concert didn't. Grows every year gets a little bit bigger every year true or not so tell me a little bit about this year. Well this year. We are hosting a dinner and the dinner catered by. One of little in the best Romano is safe and upgrade Italian fare in Melbourne have spaghetti and meatballs and just Celadon bread mold that drinks and whatever and for veterans of pork. Active military members and and kids twelve and under. The remaining three written. Well we do have limited spaces for about a 175 people so. Reservations are encouraged and I can give you that number sure. It's Jenna Morton similar parish nurse a better future and camera number is 303. 32003317. Candles or or dinner reservations. Perfect now this is again 100. There's a 175. Spaces this is for veterans active military members and in their kids twelve and under clearly worried that some of its November 4. 530 to seven. Or Bethany if you don't know is it 4500 East Hampton avenue and church road over there I think. I think everybody familiar with where Bethany is over there. But this is is good is this is and that would be a good night on its own it just gets better. Well I agree we got a call on my concert. At 730. And we're featuring the total blind this year. Lead singer and personality extraordinary Mary Hawkins. Along with Bethany member son Camilla. And that's several weathered the band don't use on base and familiar name around. Denver for his musical expertise certain Martinez son. Mandolin banjo guitar whatever and then. Special guest Christie out of boulder. On heart which is I'm usual. Instrumental mix forward the fight pieces that will be. Playing for us. On that evening in the concert starts it's just after dinner at 730. And the good news is we have some over 600 seats there it's no tickets it's a going to be a free will offering correct. At the end of the concert. But the interesting thing that and then this is where I really. I feel we're doing. Good work on that is you have. Opening with our pastor Gary Samberg and the blessing of the veterans have some forward. Pastor Gary does such a beautiful job at noon. Finding scripture and also finding. Tough acclamation then and confirmation about. Service to country he needs to it's just a marvelous. Fifth that he does. Welcome people to our sanctuary. Also get to that evening honors some of your own. Three World War II veterans. There will be in attendance and of course now we know. You know in their ninety's and in this case 100. That will be pretty moving as well as honoring some of your operation one nation team members. Well that is the case and they have looked marvelous stories to tell as most of the greatest generation does Israel in this case. Circumstance. Higher in the fans' faith. And luck. And hard work swept. And achievement and accomplishment. Will highlights the presentations of those three. Service members now that you say 9092. And 100 years old. And then we have to our members who have extended themselves. In the operation one nation mission and ministry into our community through its. Thus several outlets and they have taught. Healthy marriage classes. And mental health diversity class just to so many families. Who have benefited from their good counsel of their. Interaction with clarion Vicky. Two of our finest and they've done this for now oversee cheers. And have come to their. And to their trail for the part of their life and never accused now entering the ministry of Larry continues to support hurt. She'd be in this new pro pursuit of her. What will probably be less second or perhaps even a third. Korea while 100 that's wonderful news you you've heard me and do warn both mentioned operation one nation it is. A fabulous ministry really that it has created some cool things here in town census counseling house of purpose and Colfax. Well also some teen listeners some mental health counseling it to Tiffany Morgan directs and it's it's brilliant work that they do it is necessary unfortunate work that they do but to but a good that they are there to do it. But they also fund this feeble vet which is therapies are regiment. Delivered by colonel retired Joseph chambers who I got to know thanks to Larry come along with my cool Peterson but. What I'd really love for you to do users spend a few moments if human as we get together left here. To talk about the Christmas party because I think that's pretty exciting. Well this is the first venture and Rick as you well know you've done. Actually two Lamar mentally and their masters ceremonies you know that's. I've had strong belief that there is a role for church in our society in artists paid assistants to mind the gap for war. Our veterans and our military members and their families and so. Church has a place and we have found commonality was so Christ Lutheran Church Ryland strange. In cherry hills community church also islands branch. And we collaborated incorporated they were working hard and we're gonna put on any. Feel fabulous Christmas party for the 244. Engineer battalion. Out of north Denver. The unit is comprised largely of look Colorado folks. And they come from far and wide in Colorado. And on December 2 time. We're gonna throw Christmas party thanks for the good. Provinces and generosity of a coupled from Christ Lutheran Church donated 4000 dollars anonymously. To make this event happened and so. The plans are complacent factor among those is going to like cheaters that. Real as well. And the fair will be a little bit larger than what we're putting on with our veterans there which is good news for the troops in good news for us. And then party like that work. The host Lou. Ladies throughout Denver. Have volunteered to. Purchase it and bring to that party toys for the kids Santa there and our foreign will also be too. Help struggling families with some bare necessities of life which include food and other material goods. In their household word make it our mission and our ministry for the coming years to help that units. Put boots some really try to pillar pantries. The levers of lead with the other churches and we hope to build on that so. The military members. No assembly member of the military or veteran how to go hunger Rick. That's right that's absolutely right or or no child go without seeing you know the joy of vettori Christmas Time Warner. You know the the gift of that feeling of love knowing that. That they're not alone in all of this the veteran or their family so it's he would do such important imbued before camp. I'm so I'm so proud of our view and everybody you have to operation one nation and in delighted to hear about cherry hills community church in Christ Lutheran joining you this is fabulous so. Saturday night November 4 that's is your opportunity to help those of you listening. The free dinner of course that serve for a limited reservations for that you should call Janet at 303303317. And then for everybody for west 600 have you anyway the concert too with Dakota blonde 730 in the Bethany and sanctuary on November 4. They will take care donations. Four tickets and it will benefit operation one nation and then there work fifty. Warren just mentioned that there are doing and you know what if he can't make it that night you wanna help. I don't think anybody of Bethany would turn your way if you showed up over there and do the church office and said here I'd like to leave a gift to make a donation and I don't think they BLU from I would day. Absolutely not Rick I would be arduous yeah okay. My friend you did a fabulous job thank you Flores for sharing some time with me. Well thank you for all you do Rick not not only on behalf of operation one nation but also for community. And four in particular is something that's close to my heart. Your efforts to make the tolerant of every memorial a reality that's just really really. A fabulous contribution to our communion. And proper honor for those who have served. Absolutely thank you my friend a look forward to seeing you soon over strip our intent here there you go Warren Miller with this again Bethany Lutheran Church. And operation one nation and a great event coming up pondering. Veterans on Saturday night November 4 give the Bethany Lutheran Church if you Google them go to their website there's lots of details and information available for you right there. It is the Colorado veterans are resource show or cruise and 1430. The program by four and about those who serve today we're glad to have you listening. Time for this weaken military history on the Colorado veteran to resource show armored candidate I would really appreciate it when I'll learn some thing as of now is you in this segment. And I found this to be fascinating it was this week keep in 1921. In fact the 23 of October in 1921. Wind for unknown soldiers from the cemeteries in Marin that muse are gone its own and same me how were brought to beat. Hotel to fill in France. For final selection to commemorate the sacrifice of the 77000. American servicemen who died during World War I. The US military selected bodies of unknown soldiers who died in France one was chosen to be brought to Arlington national cemetery. The chosen soldier would represent just one of many who would never be identified. The military service record describes this election of the first unknown soldier out of a group of four. B here's how it went the original records showing the interment of these bodies were searched in the four bodies selected. Represented the remains of soldiers of which there was absolutely no indication as to name rank organization or date of death. The selection of the first unknown soldier to be buried at Arlington national cemetery was made at the hotel to drill sergeant Edward teach younger. Was chosen to select which of the four unknown soldiers would be brought to the United States. Younger entered the mortuary room carrying a spray of white roses which had been donated by. Met them brew fear former member of the City Council. Sergeant younger passing between the two lines formed by the officials entered the chamber in which the bodies of the foreign known soldier's life. Circled the caskets three times then silently placed the flowers on the third casket from the left. He faced the body stood at attention and saluted. General do port stepped forward at the other end of the casket and saluted in the name of the French people. He was followed by other officials present the casket was buried at Arlington national cemetery with the inscription. An unknown American who gave his life in the world war. Tomb of the unknown soldiers selection from World War I in this week in military history part of the Colorado veterans resource show. Colorado veterans resource show like Cruz and 1430 connects you can. And organizations that serve. The Colorado veterans resource George crews some 1430 yeah how hard is it is to imagine we're already headed into the month of November right just a couple of days away now that means veterans day's not far away. And it I don't know why it surprises me still does a little bit we've got really young people who work around the radio station and their recently a couple of more asking me about the history of veterans say it occurred to me. There's generations not met raised. You know like during Vietnam and in World War II who perhaps are a little further removed from military experience that they don't quite get it well. Because that Torbor won many if you will notice degrade more right officially ended with the treaty of Versailles when it was signed on June 221919. In the palace of Versailles outside the town of Versailles France however fighting had seized about seven months earlier. There was an armistice temporary cessation of hostilities between the allegations in Germany and it went into effect on the eleventh hour. Of the eleventh day of the eleventh month and for that reason November 11 1918. Is generally regarded. As the end of the war to end all wars. In November of 1919. Move very your head president Wilson proclaimed November 11 as the first commemoration of armistice day. When he wrote to us and America the reflections of armistice day will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country service. And with gratitude for the victory both because of the things from which it has freed us. And because of the opportunity it has given America to show her sympathy with peace and justice in the councils of the nations. Pretty cool so the original concept for the celebration was a day observed with parades public meetings a brief suspension of business beginning at 11 AM so. There you go and over time as things change this changed as well. In eventually it would become veterans day RA October 8. 1954. In fact president Dwight. Which she the stated in order to ensure proper and widespread observance of this anniversary all veterans all veterans organizations. In the entire citizenry will wish to join hands in the common purpose. Towards this end I am designating the administrator of veteran affairs is chairman of Veterans Day National Committee. And oh away we went so veterans day was born from armistice day and it all began. November 11 at 11 AM. In 1918 when the Germans signed to the the armistice prove that this cessation of hostilities. And at the end of World War I so that's how it all began and now we celebrated in many ways around here. Two in Denver we've got to we there for years I was the emcee of the annual veterans day parade downtown. And the veterans day parade trying to win by the wayside didn't end yeah attendance dwindled amid. It obviously became the field more with. Kids gruesome things like out towards the end. But now our group curt called Denver veterans day dark comments were you'll find them the Colorado veterans project is one that puts it on. They celebrate over a couple of weekends so a lot of young veterans involved with the switches would what is there. Getting it reignited which is pretty cool. On Sunday November 5 they have a five K ten K Ryan. And then there's a parade downtown again on Saturday November 11. And there is a festival also Barnett November 11. Of the right knee is it city park it's open runners joggers walkers all kinds of things at 8 o'clock in the morning it's city park on Sunday November 11. The parade is at 10 o'clock it started Colfax and panic and ends its civic center park. Not a huge parade route but doesn't need to be bitching come salute salute local hero show your pride and patriotism. Of the parade presents wars from throughout our nation's history that's part of it. And then there is a festival that follows the parade you can join local veterans organizations and supporters. At civic center park there's a music stage kids and family activities military displays all that stuff go and I'm. And and then there you have it it's you know it's a pretty cool deal so if you want more information you can certainly find it at Colorado veterans project dot org. It's got all the detailed information right to bear and if you want to participate. You need to get yourself in rural older signed up crawled up by November 1 OK so that's going on in town this is part of the of the morning of the eleventh I'm going to be there with the folks separate so immaculate heart of Mary parish. The Knights of Columbus Bethlehem and symbol week. If invited all military veterans and their families to attend a special veterans appreciation breakfast at 9 o'clock in the parish center. I'm gonna be up there is their guests to have a presentation about the Colorado freedom memorial so this is going to be kind of cool or more come forward to be enough there. It is again nine NE AM. On this veterans day you can get information from malaria all wind seven to 08878402. Seven to 878402. If you'd like to find out about signing up for their breakfast and attending. Yeah I'm looking forward to be in their also on veterans day it's kind of a cool thing. The folks said Aspen springs dental in Aurora family Dan talk. In honor of all who have served our country in the armed forces who. Veterans will receive free dental care on November 11 from ADM to 2 PM apartments are required. Call either location on Friday November 3 to reserve your spot so Aston springs demo a -- a family dinner and talk. Is say this is our way of giving back to our community though do routine preventative care cleaning fillings are simple extraction again. This is for all veterans soothe some proof of serving you for more information. Let's give you one of the members want to call the one in Centennial here 7204820793. And again that's free dental care on veterans day. Told -- lot of stuff going on for veterans day as well there should be right Anderson tons more of even then that I mean I just I don't know at all I just know some of it may enable this year there with you here. Who will let you know also coming up this week something it's unrelated to veterans day but about veterans nonetheless. Of the Denver homeless veterans stand down hosted by the US department of veteran affairs is going to be Thursday this week November 7 from 8 AM to 2:30 PM. Our colors are presented at eight. I usually when her 8 AM usually when the largest number of veterans there in attendance at their estimates now dominating in any given night. There are 569. Homeless are veterans living in the seven terribly Denver metro area. So VA partners with veteran community organizations to host this annual veterans stand down. Which provides hot meals haircuts and medical attention housing job in VA benefit information and services to veterans who were homeless are at risk of becoming homeless. Last year 350. Homeless veterans attended. It's really a very important thing. And did you know they're looking for items to be contributed to this if live feed men's clothing items monetary donations care kit items. You can drop those off at the Hampton median. Denver west the federal senator won 37 union boulevard in Lakewood OK so there you go off. That's what's going on by foreign about veterans around here this coming week busy. Time of the year for veterans with veterans day and we wanted to be sure you knew what was going on van. And yeah it's right that we should honor and pay respects to all who wore the uniform and that's what veterans day is about. Are honoring all of those who served were proud to do it. Well my friends there you go another edition of the Colorado veterans a resource show read your cruise in 1430 thank you so much for being along with this here today and allowed us to share the time in the stories and and try to do our level best to help that Colorado veterans and our community Gloria I'll tell you there's lots of you out there let's look him for help and even some assistance and work. Proud to be able to tried to do that right here for you are right will be back next week with another addition remember what we keep reminding you. If you've got an idea for a guest on the program. More importantly in that next week will be you know the show the week before veterans day so really important to know. Activities that you have going on around for veterans and for veterans day share those with this go to crews in 1430 dot com. You can give us all the deals right there on the Colorado veterans resource show page. Have a good weekend mind your Halloween celebrations we'll see you back here next week.