Ask The Garden Pros - Hour 2 - 2.17.18

Saturday, February 17th


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Sleeping. It's now time for sleeping it's time for an early bird gets the garden enjoying Jim Boylan and chief. For as the garden goes on the home in 1430. Our advice lines are open at 303631. At 1430 and we're ready to help. Now let's try and close. The plot are here we are not actors we are the real pros to guard her right here on me all the new crews and 1430 we've been talking a little bit about the Olympics because everybody is watching Olympics stadium which and this is not winner Olympics this Summer Olympics. Probably I may have been wrong maybe in some of course in 1944 remember this guy called Johnny wise move or anybody know yeah yeah. They settled 100 yard freestyle record in 52 point four seconds then I think freestyle listening to anyway one. Not a record is now. He went from 52. Afforded. Well that's that's incredible. Marking ten seconds off. How many years did that takes. 19722017. Is when the new record was so and win was his record set. And when was his record set all of his own 1924 before that OK so almost a hundred years. Where you're right yeah hundred years or ten seconds on another hundred years been over ten seconds who know if you extrapolate that. Do we do when Indian. In no time at all negative time and yet. Are right. And often that all right let's go out to the phones once he got the phone number one more time Kirk is 303631. Loss team thirty. OK Jimmy called and he's a little in the morning Jeanne. Good morning. Well I'd put a tank hit there's more that gardening men who've been planned but they're also garden characters that shape. Think there are a lot of fun. To I'm like can. But he's been calling me that's for years listening creation will be. Can make calls himself he viewed the color of half domestically it noticeable. That's red that's true that's. On moms who. I thought oh alien noticed Fred. Okay well he was okay continue. Well. My question this time as planned liner plants I used to be able to get that through the mail from this time praying for. Never really shape and then a good policy and I have a lot of unburned. Didn't anybody do that anymore what. Well you can still mail order plants. I don't carry it around so what are what are we looking for a that's miners alive I heard. The only time anyone you know now they just started they can just this delicate. Mail order company that I could ever found that you could get him found. Yeah I think the whole industry has shifted away from small plants love our column plugs now. Oh OK you get the exposure can be if you look Carter big fund plugs were to go by like 300 ominous time. Yeah I do I don't want to step or two or 30. Yeah. I've blended to where you can buy clubs sometimes who have written you know what else they hope. I am not yet exactly. Not everybody doesn't by any means I got eight. And time to time I think about you know I'd really like to have that plan but I don't need a 125 of them. Now and I climbed to my friends. Such things but. Nothing. And a post this place is too difficult. When I know what you mean is just I don't know what to tell you. Let's sit down Doucet nursery that's in Nebraska. Who blew. It hurts. Bloomberg Bloomberg American nursery are all. I checked with them yeah they they've they did a lot of stuff is small containers. No well I read says that even now. And what we're talking about the rest of people listening doesn't work we're looking at small plants with small prices yeah. What are you small plans but not a small person goes I don't know I don't know if you noticed it's not I have for certain. Is that going to the nursery anymore around here. And looking for. Trails into the quarter inch putts they're just nonexistent. And they've all gone to 44. Inch putts are larger. And. When you've got Angela I used to good at this time lived up can't play and they have all aces cute little thin here. Started pulling its safeties are not ready to go yet they wouldn't fallibility. I'd love to that's how I'd say this you know put it under my allied to. They've developed at a reasonable price. They don't. Com. I was working to timber line for a while there and the same thing applied there is a dozen and a garden center however. If you know the right people. And you error and a great day. Yes. Like repeatedly is an edit is an in you can force in the put a price on. Well it just a matter of coercion. Well I live in one time and one of those plans say this but they're still at candidate a little pot the night they had that I want that. He can make it okay if you miss players they get brought it hit me in a defensive plan the next largest. I thought OK if I was you know that's that's that's not even fair. That's bad parent offenders you know they have trouble making a living and I understand. But. You know that it couldn't appellate court ties. We tried to thirteen 1415 dollars for access to. I terrible high agree. I agree. They I don't know what. Could handle it because we want it anymore not necessarily what I want to read. Right. About that but the only place I know love. That still sells. Small pots like two and a quarter inch putts. A lot of different things in the spring is calling you know us. All along I hate to go that far up I don't drive well anymore but yeah I should just tell us up there care. We have talked about non for many people are heat policy or all of them. I went up a little hole of the things I want to because I didn't I didn't know that I didn't want to loose. The professor he's failed. He then spend our way to me he paid for and enjoy them he had to actually lift the good. The cow brain now think I have if there are growing. Yeah. And he kept my list can take out of mapped farming movement but that of course gonna go through with the plan. What mounted fish they shouldn't do that created. Well I'm really hoping that with Kelly at poly knows now. That a lot of the staffs that we knew we were used to buying it timber line we'll start to show up but probably knows probably not the first year all of them but I think over time. This election will become better and better. More now that link no permanent. I can't look thanks so much that's. Yeah thanks for Collins need food. By. The other stuff. That's the problem all remove the entire industry you can even mail order plants are gone whale from price in my opinion but then you don't and chief. What gonna tell. My problem is our daughter grow plants even from plugs like Jimmy does. I don't need to go firemen have changed plant or court plant or one gallon plant. I'd I'd grew that small plug into a larger point. Cool exactly. Then and so many of them grow so fast it yeah it's just not worth buying amend gallon sized pots are more. Trust now drug people who might be I mean aren't there let's say that size it's is sits in since an instant gratification you get an instant effect in the landscape that way. I I I prefer to wait. I have patients like orchids for trying to put out I'm out of patience the only thing they do glee is die. In the and the idea by buying really tiny plants is that. Get plans for the same amount of money. Exactly and that's the name of our game yes. We're we're not eggs I I remember. Years ago when I worked at actors and we had a landscape. Designer there and he came to my yard and he. He said you know and you know landscape design your collector. And is that okay we'll have that I like that I like being a collector and I am I'm a collector of plants. Oh absolutely. And some landscape designers and architects and landscape architect soon resume you go to their big properties that they. Done their work on and you count the number of species of plants there and there's like. Three million dollar might be 150. Homes that one item. And yes it does make a display. But that's not what people I do. Now I like I like things that are constantly changing I would like to have 150 different things that yes our our fifth. Elected challenge electric challenge of growing all those different things it's fun. It is seeing how good I can get deployment to look and see how close to its full potential I can get it to grow and that's fine. And there is some bragging involved I'd no doubt. It but I believe that Iraq partners are collectors are here for the most part. Crevice gardens and older cats is that people are pleasures electors or can people in collectors up here up. Yeah. There's there's there's no room for landscape architects with the workers now. Specially none color at up while I thought before cactus or Hurt Locker implants did. Yeah exactly just no room for you people. So listen up. All right let's get back out to the phones here we we have shock when this even get this button to push second Frederik good morning Jack hijacked. Good morning guys failure yeah. Just ducky how about yourself. Owen warming not the first election. They weren't weren't calling about a cure ourselves bought bought our house appear a couple years ago that's not turn your role of the law and we're just extremely neglected. For the last couple Beers funeral like third period fertilize you know by remote port regularly. Ford aren't looking at some characters in the long dead or not nationally dead quicker than they're so corrupt. Something about over sheep and along and I was cone not only dealt. What do you feel about how women ward is the exact procedure could do they'll work. What's the best time Jim Blair I would attend and and early spring. In early April are you could do it in April 1 of April. Give us. What's the proper procedure do or British French. You're pulling your case muzzle incendiary and. Legible. I'd probably take a look see see if you still have any holes that all in your yard from that aeration. If so. You could simply take the there progressing that you would get him and we would recommend going to a garden center and getting that. Well I. Say it where it is or anything like. She shouldn't try to sort of soil or. I Iowa know no. And I aren't scatters seed about it. And then I would take your guard Eric assuming you have one who turn it over. The backside. And a school over your whole long way affect. What you try to do is get your seed down to the soil surface. It was not being hung up by a Thatcher or anything else on the ground. Well there's so you guys are talking about people give me your temperature orange in the evening that. All the. He could even be a little but you can ask from frost and there wouldn't hurt. Let me let me ask you a quick question before we go any farther do you know what kind of grass you have now. I felt so we know Lloyd do. Green up earlier as a green up late. It greens up call earlier so we were at the weather we've had over here girl pat finish. And assorted green right now don't have. What did he show you had a cool season grass as SO we're talking about as far as seeding and the well I don't think you're hurting each to. Air raid again you canary again just to ensure that you got some holes for that seed to fall down into. Bass sole carriers like in April 1 ourself. Yeah we don't make sure your ground is flawed. We have scattered down Henrik it DN. And I would recommend. Doing the whole yard dip probably oh. OK that is a little old Indian together. And then when I make sure that you it's kept well waters can take like three weeks and aggressive to come up. And they're so perhaps I should wait until wrote a tremendous proportions number. Well I don't make it easier on you if you wanna get an early start you may wanna drag hoses for awhile. Until you can turn your sprinkler system on. The reason we're Ted telling you to start early is because all season grasses germinate best. The cool part of the year it if you wait until it starts to get hot in save G moon. You can you watering a whole lot more there's going to be a little harder to get established. So the earlier you can get started the better. To court political thank you very much from him. They're one last item here and had this in my mind is why most people fail bringing aggressive from seed they don't water has often enough or or enough in general. They don't want very much. Just you wanna keep that seed damp so frequency is more important then duration yes. How have they should deceive people they don't. Poll probably. Three or four pounds per thousand square feet. So I. All right wolf we'll have to Mark Mansfield went to figure out. Yeah ideal if you need paper has learned don't forget to carry his seventh. The world has critical it's critical and that's right. Okay what particular looked I looked. Took unchecked. It's it's not impossible to do I I know that. The house ahead and make what I had the whole backyard rotors tilt and it's it was a large backyard. And I ceded the whole thing to. Tallest rescue. And I dragged hoses access dragging hoses out they're just left them in place with you you think that we are now. I and then just changed disfigured. Net and turned on different hoses for different areas that. Works and works and I had a really good stand the grass site I was really proud of myself for doing that. But it does take a lot of attention. You can't go on vacation halfway through. Know you're really can't do in Africa warmed. You know we're ready to warm days in April oh yeah and they hit eighty degree sometime in April or the days horror or really windy days or combination of both. And if that's the day you decide to take off and go fishing for the entire day you may lose your internal long. Are your new one anyway yeah it really just it cannot dry out. It Garnett to an F three weeks before Germany. Snow once said German nation starts it's you let it dry out in the sea dies that's it then you're done may have to start over Erica made. Granted CD isn't. Chief as he used to be either no no when you put enough down between three and five pounds per thousand square feet in the seed is costing you. What eight or ten dollars a pound. That can get they can get a little expensive but it certainly is less expensive inside. Way yet and if you if you are over seeding your yard to spring. I would consider instead of just over seating patches. Is to oversee the whole thing that way your new grass that comes up. Will blend in with your existing grass and you won't have funny looking colored spots all over your yard where the new grasses growing and looks different than the old grass. Now I'm a little familiar with Frederic. I'm white my nephew and his family moved doctor new house and all the way around where he lives it's all sandy soil. Oh and I don't know we refer former caller here has all source and his walk probably does. Things don't change that rapidly I don't think government. That neck of the woods. Armed watering or even after the grass is up it is critical for keeping keeping a good long gotten. You can't water as little as someone does cities somewhere where they have clay soil. So it just something to be where. Cool okay let's move on yeah we got another color here I mean. Is this going to hear that so would be Linda good morning when they're ignoring what's going on with you today. Well I have a question a couple of questions how are you thank you were just talking about why he called a half a how weird is a lot of companies to kind of get my triathlon in case. And while I have felt let down that they put down a creek and Larry jet have parity. And marriage. I. Depending on the weather. So I know I'm not an email daily feed at that time without pre emergent happens I think they do it twice before today. Start there other treatments and. That's a really good points for everybody to listen to if there. If you thinking about receding at all you cannot use a pre emergent or weed prevent terror as your first application. Great show. I'd like to me how I don't know for sure. But I don't think they put a pre emergent down in the fall so I'm thinking for me maybe it would be better Teresa. Be receding and the fall. And it got a good time are now. Due to strengthened if you can get to them and tell not to put down the pre emergent. Just to put down the fertilizer. Only. Okay and I don't know if I put her pre emergent down and fall. No I think it's not have. I don't think they'll put a pre emergent down in the follow what I'm happy because he should I wait until the fall. Every seat. Hope all of you could I think after a spring pre emergent applications. The fall would be far and. Okay and let my. We did a good time to receive them at all. Yeah September yeah. Okay now my original question was different cuts sidetracked with the law and I don't know Pete's remember but I called then I got this beautiful I Dalia. Mothers stay wouldn't be any. The white flowers on that you and these guys catapult Collins talked if you decide the winner at the garage well I did that I went featured at this. And that is still alive would believe. I've not done anything to it other than lottery he had every once in awhile and I think you said that he needed Alfred fertilizer yeah so when when do I put cannot I didn't put any assets fertilizer I'm. I guy you would put it along with her next slaughtering. And that water he now and how pop can hit it. Every couple we probably would use acids fertilizer with every watering but diet you did a lot. Like one quarter strengths. Okay. And the reason we say that is our water. Has a tendency is to be on the alkaline side. So using an alkaline water on an acid loving plants is counterproductive. So using the acid fertilizer and their help. Bring the PH down of the water source. And the plan will be much happier. So if that's led that cop for example many would only put a fourth of at halftime. Won't be any any work close to valid as a general idea that's just our hides which to beat down into the quarter that eighths of a teaspoon. Oh word per gallon. So. Yeah you win some kind of a water soluble. A Miracle-Gro has way and called Mir acid. Fertile loam has one that's for acid loving plants. Either one of those I'd I'd probably go with deferred loan brand it's a little higher quality. And it stays dissolved in water so if you don't use a whole gallon at once it'll still be all dissolves the next time you go to water. You won't sell out. Okay now and we have to have that in. I'm hoping it'll blue but I'm not TP. Can't talk I thought holy I think about the I don't know what to do that bed after I fertilized it entertainment guide me and it's not getting a lot of light where the air I have it covered with a sheet at the moment as we've had some cold night. I would say you probably good to bring it indoors at this point input and a nice sunny window. I treat it like you're either house plants. Well I don't pan out well you don't tend to have a nice city gallop boy out and have a nice and you know. Eight. I could probably do you devise some things yeah my health basis solve the falcon. Are you taking out Sunday when though. A south wind it would be fine. And never let the plan to get dry. They do not like getting dry. OK so for that hurdle I think you're taking one for the peace because he could he'd have a piece. No actually no we want you to read the directions. And use that one quarter strengths in states they'll probably give you what they call a constant feed dilution rate. And I'd go with that. I may be even less than that. Carried me. Well we'll give that a shot and if it blew. Yes and and as we end there last time we've talked give us a call and let us now you know here is failure showed us said birds last fall. So if it's gonna bloom those flowers are already there who you would notice at the end of the branches within this kind of a swollen. Bud like structure you won't see individual flower buds but you'll see kind of a swollen bud at the end of the branches. And that's where the flowers will come from so what you bring it indoors. After a couple of weeks they should start to to pop that you'll know fairly quickly. Okay I go out looking in the tragedy there is no little 'cause if there. I'm not haven't flowers do. I don't really I am probably yeah Asa island sand. Married okay thank you how glad are welcome you've got to try to invite. That's worth a shot I suppose. If he just curious whether or not you can do it was your garage is conducive for that sort of thing now and agree cows were they do this. When we had a girl we're here who have. Yeah seller. As I recall. The basement you know lack of a better term. And it was cold down there he didn't he Steve what are was above and didn't he would and but it never got to free. He seems but he tickle is is there you standard leave and under I think it was six weeks. I could be wrong and again this didn't think we raised more than them. And and then he'd bring a mop and put amend it into their greenhouse cold Reno's by the way not a warm one. And let him sit there and bloom. The new. The florist I worked for. Back in Newton Kansas Maxwell's greenhouse. I would pull black cloth for him through there chrysanthemum production they're a cut moms. And and so everyday after school and I was in junior high and ride my bicycle down to the greenhouse and meet another guy that was in class with me and we do that and we pull black Clough who took an hour because it takes too if it does take to put a and then you've got to go back with the clothes pins and pin on the club a exactly yeah. That so that they were dark. Into a he had me he would put his. The azalea is. A walk in cooler the headlights and it not bright lights and mean but lights. And that's that's how he would cool his as as I guess he didn't pre finished from a grower down south and then. He just bring them out refuted time as he needed only a boom that would work yeah. Yeah I I think yes it could I think they need to like will there ever green they're gonna need some light and doing cooling process right he's not a lot but they need like he didn't. That's the first time. I ever saw the tropical plum Vega. He had a big plans to that. In his greenhouse. And I just thought that was the most beautiful blue flower I'd ever seen still is pretty good there literally is a beautiful plan. I see it more and more often offered in the garden centers as an outdoor summer plant like you grow high discus or something yet. And when you go to San Diego you seem climbing up over people's walls and houses and stuff through a chemical I would take over or break. And we come back we're gonna talk withdrawn and Francona about pre merchants. And three other people that haven't yet called India. Well in the UR winds we know we know that you want to use of DeWitt now here on the all new crews in 1430. Let your friends and family know you can listen to ask the garden throws no matter where they are in the world. Simply log on their crews in 1430 dot com and click on listen lives. It's time to time gardens right now on the all new resume 1430. Yeah I'm gonna join us god help us celebrate. My what a day. As it was to be a way it's my way it's also national cabbage today. If not national tough thing the only thing. Yeah it and it's national this my favorite national champion. Cram race day. News. For Hitler crabs are more racing this is today is national cabbage day is tomorrow national gas day no tomorrow. I don't know. I can't tell you but I don't slip also say that today is. Shall I be day to. Let's kick it but if you say so. We've got to run on the line was sucked about pre emergent good morning grind house frank down this morning. Sunny and nice beautiful. So anyway I'm looking. If you put pre emergent arm Iraq driveway it's fairly long may be. Post 6070 feet. Convert I did that go ahead and stay inside. Com and I'm in the driveway and I haven't done before. But. We've discontinue that service. I think I wanna do it myself she could you recommend it to avoid pre emergent to use. No grass involved. I would probably looked at a liquid. Since you talking a gravel driveway. You rock he didn't do. Right right OK. Boehner Heidi is a manufacturer. Of lawn and garden products you'll find at the garden centers. And they have a product. Called. We beater plus what we. We'd beater DEA ET ER. Always beater okay yeah yeah yeah. I don't wanna feeder OK we beat us okay power. And that comes NA hose and spray air taxis took it to the hose and go. And I just really soaked the area down there it. The weight. The weight pretty emergence will work is that they create sort of a barrier. To prevent seeds from Germany German dating how are you could be driving over this area a lot. See that's that's an issue for me because if you break that barrier by driving over at her pulling. Pulling weeds or something like that after you've used it. You put a hole in that barrier are. And that allows weeds to come up so that's why I'm recommending a liquid because that's going to be able to. Penetrate further down into the soil in this. That's my mind what do you think Jim. Well I think that's exactly right 'cause I was concerned about that too I think. In addition to doing that not I would have a container or something like all I don't know roundup handy open. MW there. Once a week once every two weeks for a separate anything that's green. And it may not be very much. But your whatever it is you don't want a coming up and producing more seat. I see not only. We do that after we. Discontinue this service. For various reasons but anyway. We saw I would I would do that but I never have put the pre emergent all of that. So in the end that seemed to help a lot more amazing is that. And you couldn't do it. More and more yes. Yes you know that you did it in early spring to get your cool season we'd keep them from coming up. And then you mentioned go ahead which is a warm season we did doesn't come up until the ground is much warmer. So you could do it again and in the late spring you know like late mayor early June oh. To get those warm season leads to keep them from germinating for and then use a round up as a spot treatment now what are. One thing I was gonna say about the roundup and I don't think a lot of people realize just. I recommend to buy the concentrate and mix it up yourself. It but use it all when you mix it. Don't don't leaves the left over stuff sitting around so it it doesn't last that long you start to. On the so you have about. Why don't it depends on the temperature under say a week to ten days. Of longevity once you may accept that read it once you accept that concentrate. And after that it degrades fairly quickly. Or what about the concentrate itself. You know one that's not mixed. Oh that's fine for goods for five years as long as it doesn't freeze. Yeah I've got I've got some my neighbor. Give me him again I think it's much older format so. Let's see if you're spraying and you find it is just not working I would suspect that either. Your leaving the leftover stuff sit around too long or as the concentrate do you starting with has started to degrade as well. I Newman told that using water with the hype that has a high PH will affect the how roundup works. So really. Wrong. Okay. Well I can mount. That do you. I I am basically use say spray you're another worked upon box. Yes and what. Are these you know that'll work drug just fine. Good good. Okay we'll all do it. Excellent are I thank you Ron. Have you heard that about pipe PH water brown side effects almost all pesticides now and took it to the problem is high PH not low. Right and by high PH were talking what upper seven into eight dates eight point 5 PM it and I you can adjust for it you can add. You can add vinegar real water downtrodden PH. And you can make it just loosen typically just add more. But. It can be an issue is not with me I don't know what are PH is a notes is. It's above seven right I don't know what the level whereas not but I can't say that I would ever tribute roundup not working because the PH. I I'd say that's how it may have a problem if you if you are using well water especially a shallow well. And we have those here yet. They are there. If if you're worried about it it's easy to check. Mean you can get you can get PH test kits that. But at the store and they're pretty inexpensive and might not be a bad idea and keep in mind that even if your on city water that PH does very. During during the year you know you might you might be able just caller your water supplier did grow revenues can say hey what's a PH from our water. NFC you know like if he said it may vary from time time in the year cruise one gets a water source is the same all the time. Comes from various places. I'm. Well you're dealing with spring runoff verses yap at the end of winter when we have an enemy or off for a long time. So the PH can change a bit fat. The I I kinda monitor from my orchid yeah they they don't like type PA at least the ones I grow. So I have to monitor that and I'm very very seldom ever have to worry about that and just adding fertilizer typically brings a PH down anyway well don't wanna fertilizers are sitting fine anyway I'm. Okay we've got to we got time for some more questions so give us a call here. Right now we've got I read when he talked about NAFTA and its its it's. Another pre emergent call good morning Irene and he. That's a command that you know even the gentleman who'd just all about and gravel driveway in the league tournament. I didn't used to him not at all. Medford available at home people seeing you sort of gone early in the burning it nor do we come opposite. From grain mill are. And you don't worry about all year. Not at all it's K animal actually ALL. And I think it it's kind of pride in Vietnam 36 dollar flooding into about a five pound bag. Always an annual okay. And go a long way and I do use different three years non Haiti three years old I'm too old comfortable lead. Time now along a gravel. In my backyard and I'm. The first I don't know drive glam side of the garage and Accenture for me. Let's get to know I'm not familiar with that product or you Jim. No I never heard of it. Well I do murder trial came out of gravel area and it won't have to go to homes he owns high net stocks. Lone man mountain Barack and I can tell you that's why we. We confine affect you go to mr. wolf and he knows everything. That the that the OK well thank you very much I really appreciate it armor and I. I'm making a note here knocks solve. But he knocks all he's a musician. Not okay. Interest seeing a lot of work to check this out and see what's going on is I'm not coming up with anything that have been herbicide. With the name of knock salt. But we'll find out they're prepared yup I mean you read it check out our FaceBook page number thing to put up over there on their over the past week. Keith has a picture of snow shadow. If you don't know what a snow shadow it's. You should check it out and find out and find out why it's important. A lot of people us so shadows and don't even know it. Sometimes are called green shadows in the summertime. It's no shadow works in the wintertime. From cold why is that important well our quiz to see who. What you say it's a two of your Pritchard. Now. Well I'd I'd pay attention to those sorts of things were. Snow melts off first known in my yard and there are certain areas where. Snow will melt off with him within hours after a snowstorm aunts and stay in the yard in other places for days. And to me those areas where melts off first are going to be the driest warmest spots in the yard. And that helps me with plant selection and how why water those areas. During the growing season. That's that's pretty much all but it hit indicates a certain type of micro climate that you can use tear advantage. In those areas that I don't plant flowers you're or shrubs or trees or anything like that that require a lot of water. If you if you plant more zero X things in those areas it's a lot easier to grow. It doesn't eat rain and snow shadows. Caused by a typically most of our precipitation not all comes in from the north northwest. And if you have me or I don't know peace pursche tree in your yard and it's surrounded by a yard that is grass. You'll probably find that's a south. Side of the tree. This is for the snow disappears first after a snowfall but a lot of it some of the snow hangs up in the tree. If it comes in from the north you know doesn't come straight down typically comes in and an angle. And the tree will intercept a lot of that. And you'll stay up in the tree and oftentimes just evaporate there doesn't inherit the ground now. And so beneath spruce for instance you may find a dry year around. So that's the shadow were talking about it through another share no. Caused by this sign and he knew walking out there who can. Officer where the suns coming and you see your shadow this is another kind of overshadow. Berry and also the tree will also hold a green to intercept certain and it stays up a tree just beverage and reached the ground. I'm certainly doesn't hit the south side of the tree could trees blocking that. From ever getting there so yeah it's Aries you want to water more you'll notice at the grass gets dry their first. Certainly in the totals. Turned less than green first on these areas and they just require a little more water. So you pay attention. And speaking of grass and certainly in my backyard. For the first time ever in twenty. All I can't say that I have been their during the day every day for the past 25 years we lived in the house. But this winter we've had peace in our yard no way you had geese Canada geese yes sir. In an hour neighbors' yards to the commander in the land in summary Jarden start eat the grass. That's great so. Knox are great. Now they leave behind lots of little presence. We know this is sure that that that has happened. And then all all we slammed on the grass. A fellow hotel and arguably care for Walken are bare for you know wintertime. Hey I've got that would does not sell stuff is it til early Miller product. So bad and the trade name for his image I MA GE but Lilly Miller calls it knocks off. And it is they soil sterile and oh. I was kind of thinking that might be what do stuff is. Which means it's a non selective. Vegetation killer. It's not a pre emergent. It's an actual vegetation killer and it goes into the ground and do the way it works is it kills the roots. Which means it will kill the roots of anything. Growing in that area see you have to be careful using that if you have large trees that sort of thing where the roots may be going into that area. I would be concerned. I'd. Now I don't know the details here but I thought Colorado had regulations that on the kind of stuff certain ones. There's still some that are allowed. Pink. Anyway our caller should be aware that the stuff this may move once it goes into the slow it may move with water. And go places she does he wanted to go. I'm always leery of soil necessarily it's that they're not resolve well behaved as though label might make consent yes exactly. OR loss of this one talk with pat okay. Good morning pat thanks for call in the garden gross. Thank you for taking my call. Oh my god and I just hard definitely because we're talking about with the water was carefully and among those people is god day of wild grass in my grabbed the has been the for a long while until I decided what it was and then I went ahead and hit a three emergency in September. And then this thought I have says well now that the winner this year he concede that their spots for that crap was. So I'm going to have to do another pre emergent in March but I want to read you calmed me. Did I miss you guys who writes that dead grass I think this system does more or less care plan that that was that is. That there isn't there isn't. A mix out there called water less turf blend it doesn't mean that it. They grows without water it just means you water it less for but if you're gonna put down the emergence you cannot. Seed the yard. Oh right right I do understand that. Okay all right. And that is that is a good blend for this area. And that we'll be all right just put right into my hot little graph. Absolutely I would I would makes it throughout the bluegrass so that all blends together. And eventually that water less bland will take over. So okay all right so they're probably what I would do is do it not eroded tell but. What do you call it. Saw some people will power ray could come others we'll. We collect there in error rate think Sarah wouldn't yeah yeah area is a great way to go to do and and and make holes in the yard Jeff. For the seed and if you couldn't even double Aries the yard. And that will he be twice as many holes. So. OK so go ahead and Perrier didn't put that down and vilified go ahead due to pre emergent. Say that say April 3 on March 5 iGoogle and September was no problem and raise. They tell. OK come on what I have since September like how much water in my going to be looking to put on that particular way. Well probably two or three times a day. Just served there for minutes at a time. Just to keep that upper inch or so of more of soil moist and tell the grass comes up. And then you start to read mr. frequency. As the grass starts growing you reduce the number of times per day you water but increase the length of time your watering so that goes deeper. So okay. OK. And so I go on for more at least a couple of weeks. Holed a couple of months now there. Can take three weeks ago to grass even come up. And it'll take another six weeks to get an established. Move correction. But the losses. God not you understand why people wanna put down turf down. Dodd. A although I could go to actors when I get my degree get my friend grass since I put in rebel. The problem is that's fine you water 40% less of what they say the problem we have that when you go back to get more they don't care that brand now so now you have to go through probably a terrorist arm. Yeah. So. That does yet it is hard to as as new grass Friday's come out the turf farms changed. The seed this seed varieties at the garden center will change to the newer varieties because they're better. Well AF area during cycle with it'd be a year later we did not even carry revel anymore. Does that right yeah. They have this did they have an alternative. Well he called. This problem. Okay you are winning side yeah I got to. Add a little more I actually with the guidance for the winner and I hit it at that time water is much at Clearwater that I should. Hand I thought from the day that grass along and it just and I wanted more. And that what the problem so I couldn't get my hands on anymore. Yeah did they tell you what sod farm carried it. I am. Don't remember that they necessarily bid. Foods presides I think I would have asked Eminem called the sod farm and then see if they are still delivering to some other place close to your. Could yeah that's true true. Doesn't sound like you didn't need that much. Right. But did I got down to the fact we're I didn't have that much still lost it and I just decided to let it go back get on the phone. There was trouble everything was about that. Okay well come look like. Summer commons so it Malloy and. Yeah and we start all over yet we will pretty quickly here actually. Two months okay great work thank you so much thanks to call that Baghdad thank you lose public. Let's go right back out and see what's up with Sally this morning good morning selling. Good morning staff I have received notice from that city Forester I'm in Denver that my face and still remained little glitch. Let's Pallet plant that is. But enough homeland built in 1949. It is rotting from the inside it still leaves about but. It is considered to have a fair bit extreme now so yeah. He you need to remove dead and am I actually am pretty pleased with the tribe tickets I've got to that's going to be a lot more. I applaud if you. Tie up the thinnest possible. To get another street tree out there what are your recommendations. I would love to have believe Slade. And Lim damage candle in the spring clip spring snow at bat (%expletive) anyway. What are your recommendations. Well I haven't listened to what you just asked for. My the first planting comes to mind would be a locust. That's what I lip syncing and and there are correct. True pot let's look at now. Yes yes he's there for quite some time. Yeah well I have one that is not the toddler from the whole neighborhood has. Non popular professional we know. This is we wouldn't want to repeat for. Love for local NFL OK any special. Variety. I think goalie sell anymore are probably pod list. And I and a foreign less honey locust. Oh yeah authority love fear a half but within that and very and he and there are there any job. Yet there are and are ready yeah I don't eight masters probably the most common. What is CAD master. But there's one called more rain. And there's one called skyline. Okay I'll look I'll look at them up. The different varieties may have different growth forms some may be more upright. Vs others may be more spreading there is one that's called. Oh it's it was a yellow and called system burst. Somebody is another area who has the fullest comes out bright lemon yellow and then turns green. So it is now. How Finland and I put another kid Lia after the bid was to remove this yeah twelve interest now. And of course various. Who knows where the roots go on that's. It's a couple 3 that I am living. That's true I I don't watch her I would planted in the exact same place. I'm Chris you're gonna have different kind of soil there once they remove the trunk or via the stump. A robber who would move there if you can move I don't know what six feet either either direction. Is that possible. Well not one interaction. Yes and the. Yeah I can get you beat I think you'll find ladies whom plot that the tree will salvage bettering. In some your native soil if you will rather than what goes back into words stump was. Okay and then I have my history has been irrigated. With Pitt brood has done. Through. Lawn irrigation you and then. It is outside. Short pants and as far from the bush says it's better drip irrigated. Little drip irrigation on Friday to extend that drip irrigation. To that planting will it. Be sufficient or are. To get it established when she planned now. Almost never in my issue have many drip he met Ers around the base of the tree. I'm at and I may have to do hi. Water by hand out why yes. Now at some point down the tree war appreciate him and entropy merit there. But keep in mind that his. Probably just have water at the end of the Jerker and that's it nowhere else. Yet the reports are gonna go all over the place. Yeah and that's that's fine because there's a lot of irrigation. Shortly. OK you're on irrigation more eventually will cool must be sufficient for the tree. But not the first year. Okay are rich and and I'll probably have a different plan kid through a nursery so took. They'll now. Bill meant a lot I need to get adequate center. Mean there's that and they should be able to do judges find out all right thank you for your game you bet thank you so nice to the car and hop site. Three minutes great catch a quick question or get out last question in here good morning Carol. Complaint. I think he'd collect he doesn't rabbit bush. And friends are critical I didn't see it and then I thought these two little white. How does look like a hot non permanent them that the bush what does that. Got a bug that's. I understand news that's. Probably some balls GA WR well. Okay golf subject I would just you. Okay and then the Wikipedia like take it but I'm dry a little bit and then had a man know if he's starter. If there are still seat available was getting kind of late a lot of problems blown away you may not heavenly seed left. I but you ought to determine whether you have seed in the first place. And then. All you need to do is you don't have to plan and our you can wait until spring. And I would surface so it across the top of a pod and as lightly as you possibly can take some. If potting soil take some terminations all sultan or maybe a little bit of sand and sprinkled across the top. That is mostly to hold the seat down. Commend people are more students should tomorrow. We can't. Die thanks Carroll's I. Wow okay I'll move we should be here in music and barriers pretty soon inning to wrap it up on your and Keith. Not that I can think you're just gonna Charley horse my LA all give me trouble. You'll be in Olympics today's now you're a woman and an average drop out of that event to kick kicker great thanks for listening to go mr. fix it show is coming up. More. Returns yet says they'll layer trail after ours and then the ultimate retirement show follows that followed they end up buying. The restaurant show with worn burned. He's already in the boost. I don't know what he's Coca not Susie cast something on stove back there we can smell hear and smell anything now so you never know. I remember folks as always key grip shovel really on the sharks' side nick could just notional you're Merrill when you need to funnel that through and make an eagle or something. They care for you double hegemony or question we know you do save and next week we're gonna come back and do it all over again with your questions on this station here on the all new crews in 1430.