Butterball Interview with Rick Crandall

Tuesday, November 22nd

Rick talks to Butterball and the hotline is ready for all your questions.  For more than 30 years, the professionally trained turkey experts that make up the Turkey Talk-Line have been answering turkey related questions each holiday season. Open every November and December, our 50+ experts answer more than 100,000 questions, for thousands of households around the United States and Canada.

Hotline: 1-800-288-8372

Website: http://www.butterball.com/turkey-talk-line

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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Well everybody it is says Thanksgiving time you've probably figured that out his heart is it isn't the end to get yourself into the holiday spirit around here with the lack of any. Chemists know were or you're chilly fall feel it is that timer you're the wonderful time a year. In this will be now that 26. Thanksgiving that I've been hosted this program here in so this is about mute at least 24 times that I've talked to the folks. From the butterball hotline this time a year it's a bit of a tradition of ours and Carol Miller is here with us this year. Bit of a tradition for butterball Toobin doing this Thanksgiving thing an awful long time. Yet we we've been doing this since 1981. How people always post the pride we offered him. Hold free copy didn't. AD get a bite and Bailey's felt the press pass anyone would call and my goodness they called and they've been calling and texting in and whenever impact. And texting is unique this year too much or I'm that we have offscreen protection being defended very serious time in that only act on this curfew hour than the daily quicktime. The way when demand twenty four's seventh yeah. I yet so it's 854877. Before archives fixed so glad I what do you think you can get people excited and I had to get blown away. Hey you know yeah I do I think so I mean it is certainly there will be those it was still caucus they. When I be able to talk through problems that I yeah texting is going to be huge there's no doubt about it. Pick up itself on you know you can either call as they can go on their web site or any context. That's wonderful cause I mean with social media a lot of things change but. Still a lot of calls last year right. How gash yes yes he knew in the mining and I'm sitting here and and and can you know how much people behind me in their get out there moving because. There's has and that did you know taking email Oden and let them read it they -- still getting call and to which which we now and act you know. People lining information and the way they want and they wanted to win they want itself out. We Arab weird you know like this same expert the head and and you know answering questions rowdy cheers yeah that's. And what to what they wanna know today is how much Turkey to I have you know when it's put forth the delay you know how many hamburgers to get turbulence in the back yet but at. Cling to link near mount Kenya Turkey it confuses people I know people dead tired and Delaware though her thirty plus years as they run left terrorists you know that's underlined and let leftovers and they don't want this campaign. On Thanksgiving and they don't want that. You know I have the last little morsel on the plane when it goes around. It sounds like a lot of meat but it's a talent and a half her parents and that we suggesting it works election in my family I think the question everyone that I've. Yeah top kill us you know if he's sent our little foil packets called what everybody to come here how. Year you give any have happy friends and relatives for a full year. And you know and in depth pound and a half refusing to matter where you're going to even Thanksgiving and and you know you're gonna won a sandwich on Friday during men and women could you Mike Cook some up with you know some mashed potatoes or some too early right. I have to go in no time. And if you pin and I even if dean can't even bigger is better because even need you have more than you can. He can if you gave any do you wanna complain that's for quality in a statement. First three days there was saying it pat if I put it up and afraid very Italian TV addicts are thrilled that you need two cups of tube cap com Turkey should help. Put it in that way and then when things get cougar crazy in America pilot asks you got it it's ready created the kick our pack you know 'cause like and enjoy many kind of. I'm guessing number two of them would be aware how we you know thawing the Turkey hairy. You give yes stride yeah it's some people it Thanksgiving morning and why is Patrick he's still had enough and do it Mac Mac show. I needed. I thought bed trying to pancake eating and they pack in the refrigerator payday think should be cut out now I'm sorry pat I'm paying you actually need need to allow 24 hours to one gave for every need for a pound at Cherokee. Do you Mac account saying giving Anthony had a AAF tying goal at the very thing day to end here. In the beauty is that she I'll feel after if I keep getting an additional four days toppled it in the fridge so there's no reason kids fat diet in putter right in your refrigerator and a trained forget about it. So I'm guessing on be days before Thanksgiving it's pretty much anytime now. Yeah really it really is the mean most people be Alex you know tried he's very he should be angered Turkey just can't Atmos tickets were found that period of time. On the you know and that dollars in lost you can still outside it's cold in cold water can be tricky cap com but living in the next rapper writing you paint a laundry tub perhaps take any colored cap. Including cold water into pain still blather about every. Thirty minutes to keep the latter. Car that he and indicated. Outer at the beginning because Tony pound it can't water at sacred trying to Allen ice cube of the Cherokee that water pretty cold and you wanted to be. How little Mormaset that you get get translator at bats and that takes half an hour for every pound bill of particular Marv it's time they did it doesn't work paint species do you use procrastinate Nader plans could change. And cricket got to go back in the refrigerator until I had. You know at this dire moment comes when you wrote BBN pac ten Gillick ended up and. Perfect and before I let you go the umps. The text line in the web in the phone number again. I don't shares hit. Phone number is simply 1800 butter Bob. Our web site which is about a mile that come will have called though his numbers didn't have. In the week he's emailing me I can't credit. Aspect text number it is 844877. You read it or 56. Wonderful pay my friend have a wonderful Thanksgiving here it would pay it next year and got hot EU countries that Jack and he got its data from those aren't Carol thank you they're eager Carol Miller the butterball hot mind. Yes my friends it's that time of year.