CJ Counts - 10.1.17

Sunday, October 1st

I am a man who loves the Lord with all my heart, soul, mind and strength. I am blessed to be able to spend most of my day in my home office studying His Word or my seminary texts. When I do leave, I am blessed that it is usually because I get to engage in ministry, service, or some discipleship class of some kind. Other then our God, my priority is my family first but above all I live by the scripture in Matthew 6:33. In the years I have been a believer, I have not experienced any decrease in my enthusiasm for the things of the Lord or His Gospel message, but instead find myself constantly renewed in His love and blessed by His presence. 


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Hello and welcome to another broadcast at Crist in Florida. America's best CJ counts. Today we're gonna pick up where real. Dobbs and our Bible study and occasions after four last week we stopped just about halfway through hoops they were gonna pick up there again. I know if you missed that broadcaster any of the previous broadcasts if you wanna get caught up you can always check out the archives totally for free. On our website www. CJ counts dot com that's CJ CO UN TS dot com. And again there you cannot just go to the radio broadcast page. And listen to all over the previously recorded episode seeking it cada. There we also have a bunch of church sermon archives and some great devotional writings and and using the contact page there you can actually. Engage with me if you have any questions or if you wanna share your testimony. And they I would love to hear from you so please do consider reaching out using the contact page and CJ counts dot com. But today we're gonna start out by reflecting on the Fijians chapter four verses eleven through sixteen. If you have an opportunity to open up your Bible please do. Take an opportunity to open up your Bible to a fetus after four but if you don't have a Bible I'd like to send you one for free. I think it's important that everybody have a Bible so if you want linemen can't get out to get on a camp for Lana just let me know. Oh I'll send you free Bible cover the shipping. And it just have to ask using the contact page as CJ counts dot com so again that's CJ CO UN TS dot com. But OK let's jump in. Fees and center for Ers eleven to sixteen says. So crazed himself gave the apostles. The profits the evangelists the passers in the teachers. To equip his body for works of service so the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the face and the knowledge of the son of god. And become a shore. Attaining the whole measure of the fullness of god. Then we will no longer be incensed tossed back and forth by the waves and blown here and there by every wind of teaching. And by the cunning and crashing innocent people and their deceitful scheme. Instead speaking the truth and love we will grow to become an every respect the mature body of him who is the head that is priced. From him the whole body joined and held together by every supporting ligament. Grows and builds itself up and love as each part does its work. Now these particular verses they've been speaking to me a lot lately. Paula says that Jesus Trace himself. He gave evangelists and pastors and teachers and ordered to equip the body of Christ for works of service. So. The thing to remember is that pastors then not the only ones called the ministry. It's not just the pastor. That or the missionaries or the evangelist who are to do ministry here on earth they've actually been called to a very specific ministry. And sex there mystery is to it clipped the body of Trace. The only question is whether or not. There answering that call now we have all also has Christians have been called no matter who you are if your believer you've been called to work. Every single one of us are called the great commission so the question addresses whether or not we're answering that call. The pastor in the teacher in the evangelists they're called to more leadership development among the body let us in the body of Christ are called to fulfill the great commission. So that includes the pastors and teachers all called to the great commission unite as well. But pastors and teachers are going to equip us to fulfill the great commission. Matthew chapter Tony neighbors is eighteen to twenty say that. We are to go out and to all the world and create disciples. That's a calling that's been issued to every single believer. Not just a chosen few. We are all expected to reach a las with the message of restoration. For Jesus Christ. We are all also called to try to raise up disciples among the body of believers. Through fellowship and mentor ship and encouragement. It's all too often true that a church will focus his energy on reaching the lost therefore getting a new person to come in the door. But then we forget about that meant to worship and fellowship that is required. So to to make that new believer strong in his faith and able to defend against. The various spiritual attacks that are. Inevitable. And going to become fast and furious on that new believer. We also need to keep remind our work is not complete whenever we put a dollar in the played as it gets passed around. We're not paying for somebody else to do ministry for us ministry is not reserved for just our clergy. God has given the entire church an enormous responsibility. And that is to make disciples. Out of every single nation and every single people hurt. This does involve some preaching and teaching in healing and nurturing and giving him in ministry aiding in building up in many other tasks. And these tasks though are not reserved for just passers. It's reserved for us as individuals. But we're not doing this alone. Are doing this as a team within the body of Christ. We see it then becomes the pastor's job to equip the body of Christ for this work. But the pastor. He needs to be a good example of how to fulfill the great commission and his own life so is constantly modeling it for you. He he must show you how to meet the expectation. And leads you in doing X and be somebody who you can turn to look back on if you ever need a good example as you do it on aero. He needs it equipped UA. Must be doing it himself well regular. Not only is he to be a good example of how to do it. But he has to equip us for it by helping us to identify our spiritual gifts. And help us to exercise the spiritual acts. By the pastor. Trying to make disciples out of believers. The inevitable side effect is going to be that the loss gets saved because as you become a disciple. They're gonna want to make more disciples and the disciple wants to reach the lost. So left focusing on disciple ship we ultimately also focused on outreach. As you grow to become a disciple. You're going to start to feel the call to ministry that's a certainty. Then ministry. Could be apparent church ministry like some sort of non profit organization. You know food banks housing shelters and various other community impact programs there are examples of these pair church ministry. You could feel the call to go out and be a missionary area could feel the cult's leader Bible study or you can just. Help out around the church in the various way but one way or the other you're gonna start sensing the call. Because we're all called to ministry. Now no matter what chemistry is for you that's going to impact the community and result in the loss getting saved. It is pretty much did nothing other than try to restore people and so as you get a hard like god has your heart will want to do the same thing. As we so as we create disciples the lost it saved. And we're all going to accomplish this in different ways because we're all like different members of one body. As god calls us as members of his body than some of us can do one task while others can do another. Together we can no big gun more fully than any of us could have done alone. It's a human tendency to overestimate what we can do by ourselves and to underestimate what we can do as a group. And the body of Christ we can accomplish more together than we would dream possible. I working buyer sells. I'm working together the churches much better able to express the fullness of the love of god and our community. So our one missing Trace does not destroy our individuality. It's not like we're just one little drop in some big ocean that sort of just blends together. We're still unique individuals and masterpieces. Take that trinity for example we have three unique individual. Personalities. Yet it's all one god. And so in the same way only have this super personal relationship with god and what the body of Christ we remain individuals but all part of one body. That's hard for us to wrap our heads around in this dimension but I believe we will make a whole lot more sense let's we've shed our bodies and pass on to the next level. Now the holy spirit is given each Christian special gifts for building up to church. Now we have these gifts. Is crucial for us to use them. If we waste our talent time on the things in this world or our selfish desires and god is not going to bless us with more trust to be a good Steward of if we are spiritually mature. And we're going to be exercising those god given talents that he's blessed us. If we know where spirits and gives our and we should be looking for opportunities to use them. If we do not know our spiritual gifts are well this is where the pastor comes them. He's going to come alongside us and help us to understand these things better so the week and learn how to exercise these gifts. God wants to show us how we can effectively serve him and one of the instruments is gonna use as our pastors. Then as we begin to understand what our special area of services. We're going to use our gifts to strengthen and incurs a church. Our community will be impacted in my anyway and we'll be more blessed than we've ever been and our life. The pastor in the end the evangelist in the teachers they're all working together to build up the body of Christ by making it bigger. Through the reaching of the lost and by making it stronger by helping believers to become disciples. Once a believer becomes disciple. We've become unified and faith and in a knowledge of the son of god and we become mature. Or at least more mature. With the scriptures say that once we have become mature. We will not be like children tossed to and fro and carried about what every wind of doctrine or by the trickery of men in the cunning. Trash genus of deceitful plotting. Because as we grow maturity it's going to be easier for us to be able to discern truth from lies and not be so easily deceived by the various. Elements of this world that are constantly pulling for our attention. Whenever we lack that maturity we can rely on our pastors and teachers to help to guide and direct us. If we are not firmly anchored in a sound doctrine well that's again why god has put leaders and our lives and mentors. We need to rely on the body of Christ for their leadership and for that assistance and mentor ship. Whether it's a friend who's been. Mature believer longer than I have been or whether it's a pastor or leader of the church. Well where the other guys put somebody in our lives that can help us on this walk. It's at this point that we can really be into attained the fullness of what god has offer. Until we become disciples were really selling ourselves short and we're missing out on many of the blessings that come from being a believer. I mean if you're gonna buy into something like say a vehicle. Would you driving halfway to your destination and then get out and take the bus the rest of the way. No of course not they're going to enjoy the rewards from your purchase and hard work for every bit that it's worth. So why would we become believers and then just kind of sit there and consume an ever participate in the kingdom. Because. When we're just she knew potato accepting grace in the early giving back than we are missing out on the fullness that god has to offer. Verse fourteen says that when we reached this point we're no longer like instance controlled. By our every emotion and feeling. Dressed as the truce and the holy spirit you guys the church is the spirit of teachers. Now Satan on the other hand is known as the father of lies. As followers of Jesus Christ we must be committed to the truth. This means that our words should be honest and that our actions should reflect jesus' integrity. Now take it for me speaking the truth and love is not always easy. Sometimes just speaking the truth is hard enough. And of that stuff hard enough remembering to do and unloved and sometimes even harder. We have to train ourselves because this really just doesn't come naturally. This sort of rigorous hardware is not always easy. And certainly not convenient. And that's not always pleasant but it's necessary. In the church is going to do Jesus Christ work here in this world. Also is that one of the symptoms of a mature believer is that they can speak the truth in law. As sounds so simple but it just seems so hard. Our human nature is that our love be conditional. Or is God's nature is that his love be completely unconditional. So from my nature is to have conditional love and I feel like somebody doesn't deserve that it's gonna make it a lot harder for me to one to speak truth to them in law. It might get a sense of my. Attitude. Our feelings. As I communicate my thoughts. Even if I don't mean to express that I don't love them. I mean think about it even the people we love the most and our life we'll only be loved by us so long as there were the other rank. For example. If your spouse cheats on you near love turns to hate pretty quick well God's love it's not like that at all. We're constantly cheating Congo with sand and his faithful to pursue us with mercy and grace to the Bay Area and let's. Think about the difference between the way we talk to the people we love like our children or spouses. And then compare that to the way we talk to the people who annoy us or we may even despise. God sees as well as his beloved children and masterpiece so it is impossible for him to speak to us any other way but tenderly. And with patients mercy. As we grow in maturity. And we inherit the heart of god. We begin to see the world the same way. And it becomes easier for us to speak the truth and love because God's love overflows off of us and on to the rest of the world. Some are fairly good at speaking pitchers. But we might not be very loving about it right. Say if a woman comes to you and asks these pants make me look fat he might say no it's your butt to make you look fat the pens have nothing to do with it. It may be speaking the truth that's not very loving has. Now on the other hand some of us may be very loving but we just don't have the courage. To speak the truth to others if the truth is painful. Let's say for example to be honest with somebody as we know this sit in their life is doing them more harm than good. To ignore it. Or even to enable it is not helpful but it takes courage to stand up for what's right even if it's going to be. Potentially hurt somebody's feelings. For example I was struggled that this Cy Young lady in my youth group she had a terrible hygiene issue simply because laziness. She had a body odor that was so bad people would create a lot of physical distance whenever they were around her and they hesitated to hang out there. Noon she would sit down at church or could be just like this five foot circle around her with no people sitting here. She brought on herself. I she had access to shower and clothes washing machine. And my wife and I we even went as far as to make sure you educated on how to use these things just in case your parents aren't doing a good job. And two months we tried to subtly hinting directly incurs the situation with as much love as we possibly could. Now take for me. Having hygiene conversation with an older teenage girls are very awkward thing for a male youth pastor to do. But there is nobody else in her life that would speak the truth and love and her. People would either avoid speaking the truth and ignore the issue altogether which denial. Or mean kids in school. Would tell her that sure is but certainly an unlocked meaning not a high school girls can be to each other. She needed to know how to address the issue because it directly affected her socially. And people that Wear a good spiritual influence her or avoiding her because they did not to address or her body. It was up to me in my life to speak the truth and to find a way to do with so much love that it could not be poorly received. We needed to speak truth and we had to do it alarming manner. Anytime we're telling the truth we should make sure that it is for edification. And never for condemnation. Think of how much trouble society would spare itself if we always follow that rule. When we have a problem with another person we shouldn't go to somebody else. We should approach the person directly. There's never be any gossip. There should never be any lines. And everything says should be to an aside and never to condemn. Mustering up the courage to step on faith and do the lord's work can be very scary. I have a fear of rejection and also there's a natural fear that our mistakes might be a bad witness forgot. We can see our own weaknesses. And we know that many non Christians seem to have a stronger character than we may have ourselves. We may wonder how much as opposed to Europe to be more like Christ. Well fortunately for us long are doing our part by exercising spiritual disciplines and stepping out and face a Jesus he takes care of the real artwork. He will make us look a little bit more like him every day so long as we're faithful. Traced he forms us into a body. With a bunch of cells that make up our body we as individuals are united in our purpose and and our love for one another and forgot. Islamist stumbles the rest of the members of the body of Christ are there to pick us up and help us to get right with our walk with the lord again. That's one reason lies very important to be connected with fellowship orchard. Some very mature believers who have been around for a while might start to think that they really don't need to hear the sermon on Sunday morning because they've heard at all. They might think that their personal Bible study time is going to give them more fulfillment. And it listened to another religious lecture. On Sunday morning but church is not just about hearing a religious lecture. It's about fellowship from being connected with our spiritual family. If an individual sends. They should receive restoration not condemnation. And that's happened through the church even as the rest of the body continues to witnessed God's truth. As part of the body need to make sure we are reflecting that character of god. That is his heart of restoration and make sure that we're carrying out our special role for work in the kingdom. Jesus Christ himself designed the system to be this way. He designed the body of Christ to work in unison together. And he designed the there'd be certain people set apart for the work of shepherding this design according to their spiritual gifts. It's important to remember that we are not delegating ministry by putting a dollar in the collection plate. We ourselves are called to ministry and it is our clergy who are called to help us and to model that for us. All goes on in his letter to the Fijians. This sort of talk about instructions for Christian living. It goes on number seventeen to say that he insists that we no longer live in this futile pattern of think. He's talking about that natural tendency of human beings to think they're way apart from god. It's this intellectual pride or rationalizations. That keeps all people from. If we can justify our behavior or we can deceive ourselves in the thinking that morality is relative. And we have managed to convince ourselves that we don't need to say. If there's no such thing as sin and there's no such thing as a salvation from Aaron. As one of the most common reason. Why people want you. So we can justify there behavior. Or we can deceive ourselves in the thinking that morality is relative. The we've managed to convince ourselves we don't even need to say. And there's no such thing as sin and there's no need for salvation front. I feel like this is one of the most common reasons why people want to. Avoid grasping the gospel message. The scriptures tell us that gospel message will seem foolish to some people. To those who for six of faith and rely on their own understanding. Verses eighteen and nineteen saves. That they are dark and narrow understanding and separated from a life of god because of the ignorance that is in them due to the hardening of their hearts. Having lost all sensitivity they've given themselves over to sensuality. So as to indulge in every kind of immaturity. And their full agree. I think the people should be able to see the difference clearly between Christians and non believers. Because of the way Christians live. Believers realize that god has not issued some set of rules that because he needs to see us have fun. He knows this and our best interest and is trying to see a save from our own foolishness. It's our inability to see the end from the beginning like god that has us selflessly indulging the types of things that would do our souls more harm than good. And these pleasures are temporary. Whereas parcels are eternal. We should be living as children of light. Also the fusion is to leave behind the old life of sin. And become followers of Christ. Vs trying to trying for saying. That however. Is not the way of life he learned when he heard about Christ or taught and him in accordance with the truth that is and Jesus. You're taught with regard to your former royal life to put off your old self which is being corrupted by deceitful desires. To be made new in the attitude of your minds and to put on the news self created to be like god and true righteousness and holiness. Paul says that we know better as believers. That the old way like pass to die. So that we can be reborn in Christ. Is it that we should be made news in the attitude of our minds because well the battle early as a narrow mind. And the mind is physiological. Thing with psychological implications. We forget we as humans are part spiritual impart physical. Not everything has a physical need like food and water now we have needs that feed our soul like love and respect. Our soul might need things to heal like to know Jesus while our body might need things to heal like medicine when we're sick. Most people know that we can fight depression by changing our lifestyle for example. I'm depressed but I insist on lying around on the couch all day eating cookies I'm not fighting my depression and actually feeding it. And that's a physical issue with the physical solution. If I instead get off the couch and go exercise. I'm start to feel emotionally better by doing this physical act. Because and part body impart spirit and the two directly affect each other. The condition of my spirit affects my body and the condition of my body affects my spirit. And Paul knows this which are rice talking about renewing our minds in the middle of this spiritual conversation. It was on to something that we haven't capped caught on to medically until more recently. We know now that we can actually retrain our brains. For example if you have a drug actors except. And we look at their brain and MR Iowa they're being triggered her stimulated by their addiction. We see neurological pathways starting to light up. These little or logical pathways are like highways in the brain that. Grow just to carry information from one part of the brain to the other and that's based on our habits and experiences. And it's the same went for everything muscle memory or reflex or just recollection and memory and you remember something often enough you further. Underlined that foundation that neurological pathways in your brain making them memories stronger. Whereas some other things might be easier to forget have weaker neurological pathways and therefore it's harder to get that information across from him part of the brain to the other. That's essentially alzheimer's it's as the severing of those neurological pathways you. Lose the ability to connect the information from them part of the brain to the other and therefore forget. So everything the brain does muscle memory reflects recollection that's all has to do with these neurological pathways that. Bring information from one part of the brain to the other on that that connection and memory is impossible. Involuntary bodily functions anything else you can think of that your body doesn't towers. This is a neurological pathways carries information from one part of the brain to the other than make it happen. And we can actually retrain our brains we need to. If we have an unhealthy habit and it seems really hard to kick us because the information has been traveling along. That usual pathway in the brain. And so that's the path of least resistance it's really easy but it triggered it's really easy for that triggered territory sultan a response. Says to feed that that addiction. But with hard work and training we can put some metaphorical roadblocks. On those neurological pathways and create new pathways. For example. As a recovering alcoholic I was able to put a road block on neurological pathways that would trigger me to want to drink. About the around certain people places or things. And I feel triggered a drink around these things I would respond to the trigger by doing something healthy instead of drinking. I retrain my brain and the information now travels along a new neurological pathways. Now my brain is stimulated by the kinds of things they used to make me wanna drink and no longer wanna drink and I instead respondent a healthy way. Anybody can do this. If you're compelled by a sexually immoral lifestyle for example. When you're triggered by last you can train your brain to channel that energy into healthy activity. Like say for example sex with your spouse instead of masturbating to pornography. In this way you grow and saying to vacation and you begin to put on the new south. And just like taking off old dirty clothes and putting on new ones you have to do this every day it's totally up to you. Retreating the brain isn't going to be easy. But it will work. As has been. Scientifically proven. Living the Christian life is a process. Although we have this nature. Oh we don't automatically think oh good thoughts and express all the right attitudes when we come new people on Christ's. We get a heart transplant overnight. That takes time and intentional effort to chisel male adult flesh to become. Lessen the simplest piece of stone and more of the masterpiece. God's country. If we keep listening to god we will be changing all the time. If we look back over the last year we should be able to see a process of change for the better and our thoughts attitudes and actions. Although change maybe slow and comes a high price of hard work that comes as you trust god to help change U. We can retrain the brain by replacing. Bad habits with good ones. Every time we feel stimulated to do that that have it we just intentionally. Like exercise do it could have and instead. And they say within 21 to thirty days you'll have effectively retrain the brain by creating new neurological pathways. For that information to travel. God wants you to reflect him here on earth and his promise to give you the desires of your hurt if you're partisan lines as well. That means if you rely on him for support he will be faithful. It doesn't always mean that if you pray for deliverance from sin and temptation that's Leo received. Because it is in the struggles that he can be revealed. It is in these struggles that are part of being born of the fallen nature in a far more. And just like god could miraculously heal our bodies of something like say cancer. But he doesn't tend to very option because these things are part of our life in these bodies before the resurrection into a perfect world. Be encouraged the church. Our old way of life before we believe in Jesus Christ is completely in the past. God will never mind you of your sense. Another holy spirit may conviction as you are currently sending because it's in your best interest that you'd knock yourself firm. But you are forgive him. If you have a guilty conscience is because you have not forgiving yourself or is because Satan continues to remind you of your failures and accuses. But god wants you to remember that you are forgiven and have been already shown mercy and grace. We can put these issues in the past and leave them behind us like there'll closed to be thrown away. This is both they once for all decision when we decide to accept Christ's gift of salvation. And it's also a daily conscience act of commitment. We're not to be driven by desire and impulse. We must put on a new role and head in a new direction. And has a new way of thinking that the holy spirit is and that would honor Jesus Christ. As Paul says all of this the start averse trying to five with the word therefore. Any time we see the word therefore we wanna know what it is therefore. Basically it's a transition of concept but I see the word therefore it's like I'm seeing the word so. So it's like me saying. He lets the car door open so that interior light is still on. The word their form. Means that I just said whatever I just say it has the implication of everything I'm about to say. Therefore everything we read in verse seventeen to try for haven't implication that is about to be described in the preceding verses. Hearst I five says that. We should put off the falsehood and speak truthfully to our neighbors because we are all members of one body. Lying to each other disrupt unity by treating conflicts and destroying trust. It wears down relationships and leads to open warfare in the church. Also as inverse classics that and our anger we should not give in to send. Here is quoting solved chapter four verse four. And there's wisdom in this. We are probably. Our most likely to stand. When we are very emotional or angry. Others such thing as a righteous anger like you were offended it's NR injustice the way Jesus was and I started flipping tables over. And the temple because of the religious leaders extorting members of the congregation who wanted to worship god. But chances are when we're experiencing anger that's not for such a righteous reason. Chances are is because we have been personally offended or are tribesman her. Or maybe you were feeling some other emotion like jealousy or sadness and we're covering it up with a anger. So when we are feeling anger we should check in on our emotions to make sure that it isn't some. Cover up of something deeper. Because I understand we're really feeling as to help us to get to the bottom of the issue so as to encourage healing. And if we are experiencing a righteous anger. We should not let that allow us to be unbecoming of Jesus Christ. The verse goes on to say that we should not let the sun go down while we are still angry. That's counter intuitive to the secular advice that says if your say you should just sleep on. And he married couple can tell you that if we do not address our disputes in a timely manner and they will fester and created sort of pressure cooker of stress. Sure sometimes it's nice via just forget about it walk away. And if your issue is really just a matter of you choosing your battles more wisely. Or taking a timeout because your odds that it just needs to chill then sleeping on it is a good solution. But if you have a legitimate issue that needs to be resolves. And you can just repressive. And it's gonna come up again and it's probably not gonna come up at a good time. I mean for example to your wife catches you staring down the waitresses blouse and it starts a confrontation. That doesn't get resolved. But you just walk away and forget about it. Then the chances are that this is going to come up again you know Amy and recognize the underlying issue. You know a week later you might walk in the door and he sensed tension you're not expecting. Everything you say starts a fight but you can't figure ally. Because she's still dealing with the insecurity. That you never resolve from the first fight. Missy the Bible doesn't tell us that we should never feel anger. But it does point out that it is important to handle our anger properly. If our anger is vented thought Leslie anger can hurt others and destroy relationships. If that is bottled up inside it can cause us to become better and destroy us from my then. Paul tells us to deal with our anger immediately in a way that builds relationships. Rather than destroying. If we nurse our anger we have seen an opportunity to divide us. If I'm angry with someone right now to be thinking about what I can do to resolve the differences. Let's not let today and before we begin to work on mending our relationships. Restrain seven says do not give the devil focal. And anytime we let's send into our life for a walk into a place where we know there'll be temptation. We just opened opened the door wide open for the Devlin take control. O'Donnell he can't take anything from us we don't give them. For example I'm an alcoholic and I don't wanna drink oppression be spending a lot of time in the bars. I go into the bar. And I can't blame anybody but myself and the temptation overcomes me. This may be an oversimplified example but I think we can all relate to in some way. We think of course it's silly for recovering alcoholic to go into the bar so you know during but we all kind of do this one way or the other. We know the kind of things that we tend to do that opens up the door wide open percent our lives and yet. We don't close the door. The part of us wants to close the door and yet there is another part of us the really doesn't wanna close the door. So we got two dogs and a fight which one's gonna win. That's going to be the one we feed. You have to nature's at war with each other. You got your spiritual nature that wants to please god fighting against your physical nature that wants to cave in to temptation. The one that you nurture is going to be the one that wins. All goes on numbers Tony to continue to talk about ways we can retrain the brain. He says that if you have been stealing. And have to stop and instead start doing something useful with your hands like producing something that you can share with people who are more media and it. He's talking about substituting the bad habit for good one. If you find yourself stuck inside a nasty haven't. And think of the healthy alternative which may be the exact opposite of what you're doing. Every time you feel triggered to engage in that nasty habit and force yourself to engage in that healthy alternative instead. Eventually you'll find yourself have visually doing the healthy thing and the nasty thing won't be having anymore that's how we retrain the brain. Paula Zahn is something that took modern scientists over two more millenniums to figure out how to do. Now we understand that we retrain the brain in this way. After about 21 to thirty days the brain will successfully have created new neurological pathways. And you'll have literally broke the bad habit. Let's just like any other exercise I mean this comes the hard work and it's entirely up to you you can do it you can break the bad habit. Asked god to give you strength and resolve so that you can finish the race successfully. And we can actually greet the holy spirit by the way we live. Paul warns us against unwholesome language bitterness. Improper use of anger. Fighting slander. And bad attitudes towards others. As set of acting that way we should be forgiving just as god has forgiven us. Everytime I make a decision. Or especially every time I act impulsively. I should be asking myself if I am either grieving or pleasing god with my attitude and actions. If I am diligent to retrain my brain and walk and sank to vacation. Or renew the mind as process. And I will be growing in Christian maturity. Oh start to notice my old nature disappearing a little more every day and each day I will be looking a little bit more like Jesus Christ. Oh start to notice than my first response used to be wrong every time. While now my new first response is a little less disappointing. I will begin to act and love towards my Brothers and sisters in Christ just as god acted in a lot of by sending his son to die from mice. Paul reminds us and burstein nine. Far reminds us Amber's trying to and that anything that comes out of my mouth should always be meant to build somebody up and never deter some buy it now. But I say should benefit those who are listening. Am I talking just because I need to be hurt or is what I have to say really all that important. As well I have to say necessary. Is what I have to say truthful. If we follow God's example these things movies. Trace its love forgiveness as found in the gospels was there to say that he forgave us so we should forgive others. God does not forgive us because of the work of us forgiving others is forgives us out of his great mercy. However we will want to be just like Yemen reflects his heart having received forgiveness we're gonna want to pass that onto others. Having received forgiveness we will pass it on dollars. Those who are unwilling to forgive have not become almost Christ who is willing to forgive even those who crucified him. Luke injected transceiver state for Christ forgave the people who workers' buying him. As they were doing it and saying father forgive them they don't know what they're doing. I mean what a beautiful thing to have the Hart got. What if we were all able to forgive people even while they were committing their offense instead of needing to hold a grudge. For awhile and then circle back to it later made. If Chris can forgive those who were driving the nails through his wrists even while they were doing it. But surely we should be able to forgive people of their offenses. Like I said earlier what if we look at everybody the same way we look at our loved. Imagine right now on your head the person you love the most. Can we managed to treat everybody we meet the same way we treat that person. Can we talk to everybody the same way we talked to that person. If we all have this type of heart than there will be unity. You may have noticed if you've been following along these messages that unity as 1 of the central themes of Paul's letter to the F seasons. Our bottles say today Paul sorted out by reminding us that for us to be unified in their kingdom where. When was nothing give our pastors as our ministry delegates. Each and every one of us are called the great commission to raise up disciples which will result in the loss can NC. Got to go to people who various different spiritual gifts so that we can fulfill that calling in our lives. Every single believers called to ministry well if you have been called to the specific ministry of equipping people from minister. But whatever your call to. God has prepared a way for you and is ready to provide you with everything you need to be successful in his kingdom. We are a must step out and face first. For example if your callers to lift a bus over your head you might seem intimidated because you know you're not strong and that is exactly God's point he must take no credit. He is not going to call us and inflate your muscles before hand so that you know you're going to be big and strong and able to before you step out. Instead he's going to send you as weak as you are to go and wait and provide the strength until. The moment you begin to strained when everything you've got and then you'll be strong. He was just sat down face first. Beat and he has a Sorgi that if you are called you will be equipped. It is not call you because you are quipped he will equip you because you're called. As a result of this we must not forget the daily expectation to walk worthy of our call. We should be careful about how we will let our emotions control us. We going to surrender the control of our lives to our emotions and feelings. As our feelings of the lower. If Jesus is our god and our feelings are not our master. As we try to grow closer to god through his son Jesus Christ. Those who begins a little bit more like him all the time and a little less like the older version of ourselves. God takes the primary initiative but I redeeming us and restoring us to his holiness. But we must renew our minds Dalian retrain the brain so we can kick those nasty habits they used to define us. The things that come out of our miles are more wholesome and should never condemn. We begin to speak the truth and love and we don't let the sun go down on our anger. We do not grieve the holy spirit in the holy spirit does not grievous. I hope you've enjoyed today's broadcast as we wrapped up in a fees and stay after for. Next week or try to finish up. The book of iffy Asians by doing chapters five and six but we'll see. And there's really just depends on how holy spirit leads. There's a ton of great content coming up and I don't wanna just gloss over those things we'll take all the time we need. If you missed any of the broadcast would like to hear the recordings are free. Please check out the archives any time at www. CJ counts dot com. That's CJ CO UNT and stop. Here you can listen to the previous broadcast or church sermons. 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Just pray over this message and reach the people who do you have prepared a that you prepare our hearts to receive it from me. It by any means that you would draw us closer to hand. And we thank you. You preach Jesus thing human. Not a great day everybody I hope searing here again next week. As fast CJ counsel to Kristen Koerner signing up wishing you. All the best. I hope this message encourages you. In your walk with god. Look forward to talk with you again next week. Her vision and hearing so she embraces every church all scrambling to Greece is located on chambers room near relax and meets every Saturday morning from ten to eleven world and each appropriate settings tunnel into trouble and racing great environment. Families of all sizes from all cultural so you're in the area on a Saturday morning you'll come check out missionaries ordering rival teaching and I'm Stanley worst experience who understand machines Mary snow rural isn't www. 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