CJ Counts - 10.29.17

Sunday, October 29th

I am a man who loves the Lord with all my heart, soul, mind and strength. I am blessed to be able to spend most of my day in my home office studying His Word or my seminary texts. When I do leave, I am blessed that it is usually because I get to engage in ministry, service, or some discipleship class of some kind. Other then our God, my priority is my family first but above all I live by the scripture in Matthew 6:33. In the years I have been a believer, I have not experienced any decrease in my enthusiasm for the things of the Lord or His Gospel message, but instead find myself constantly renewed in His love and blessed by His presence. 


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Welcome to a Christian corner with me faster CJ counts as my prayer that the last we see in the save become disciples of their time together here today. So let's prepare our hearts to receive from the Lauren. The only. Maybe your faith has been shaken and maybe you feel god has abandoned. I want you to know this is your place to come home. Good morning everybody. Welcome to another broadcast of the Christian corner and I'm here. Host pastor CJ counts here for another week. My excited about today's Bible study. They've found do you want to before we jump in please turn in your bibles to the book of Malaysians chapter one today. We're gonna read the first sixteen vs now I'm not entirely sure that we're going to do a full on Bible study of all go nations. Like we just did with the book the Fijians. We may unpack this whole look. Maybe you will do it piece by piece. But. Where at least gonna do these particular vs just because I really felt called to do these verses. And not necessarily sure if we're under a full on Bible study so to be safe. Just in case we do end up doing more in relations then just these sixteen vs let me give you brief little bit of context on this book. So this is another letter from the apostle Paul and he's writing it to the church in Malaysia. And he's writing this letter to review the false doctrine that started to grow in that church. And I think actually next week we're gonna talk a little bit more about some false doctrines that have confused Christians. And that may not have anything to do with our states today in the book regulations other than just optically on the probe point evolves doctor. But the issue before the regulations. Was that the church forgot they were free. They're free from the laws that condemn us. You see the mosaic laws they were there to reveal to mankind to perfection that's required for us to be holy and because we are incapable of being perfect. We're therefore condemned by those same laws. Win and Jesus tries to Karstens on himself. He paid the high price of his life so that we can be saved by faith in him we became free from the condemnation that is due to us as a result. So the lot of condemns because our sinful nature ensures it is so. But God's grace is greater than it frees us from the burden of arson and the laws implications. This is not to say that because of grace and now have this out license to send. Than the person who would say that they can do whatever they want because well we'll just be forgiven anyway. That person might not have a heart of salvation to begin with or if they do it's not a very mature heart. Because this thinking is a symptom of living in the flesh so here are not struggling against the sense that might be cause for concern. Now in the church in glacier. There's a faction of Christians called Judy hazards and these people preached that for one to convert to christianity. They had a first convert to Judaism and submit all the various Jewish customs like circumcision for example. I'm Paul's letter was to inform the church that they are free from these rituals. And there are no cultural or religious customs that are necessary for one to be saved by faith in Jesus Christ because these sort of customs. Well that's a whole lot the sounds a whole lot like works to me and we know that we are saved by faith and not of works. If one has a heart of love for the one true god and the mind of repentance then we are so simply saved. Like a family executing their perfectly planned escape from persecution at midnight or dashing from the board Europe for a border of a free country by starlight. Like a man standing outside prison walls gasping at the fresh air or a young woman was every Trace of a ravishing drug. Wash from our system we are all Marie. The book of collisions as. Charter of Christian freedom. In this profound letter Paul proclaims the reality of our liberty in Christ our freedom from the law. And power of sand and the freedom to serve Jesus Christ. So now let us open up our bibles to the book regulations chapter one and I'm gonna read the first sixteen verses so Stark's outburst want. Call an apostle said not from men nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and god the father who raised him from the dead. And all the Brothers and sisters with me. To the church's single Asia. Grace and peace to you from god our father in the lord Jesus Christ who gave himself for our sins to rescue us from the present evil age. According to the world our god and father to whom we the glory forever and ever amen. Verse six he says I'm astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one you called. Who called you to live in the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel which is really no gospel at all. Evidently some people are throwing you into confusion they're trying to pervert the gospel of Christ. But even if we or Angel from heaven to preach a gospel other than the one we preach to you let them be under God's curse. As we have already said so I now say again if anybody is preaching to you gospel of the what you have accept and let them be under God's curse. And I'm not trying to win the approval of human beings are of god my trying to please people. Are still trying to please people could not be a servant of Christ. Once you know Brothers and sisters that the gods by priests is not a human Georgia. I did not receive from any man Norah I taught it rather I received it by revelations from Jesus Christ. For you heard my previous way of life and Judy isn't hell I intensely persecuted Church of God and try to destroy it. I was advancing and Judy is and beyond many in my own age among my people and was extremely zealous for the traditions of my father's. But when god who set me apart from my mother's womb and call him by his grace was pleased to reveal a side in me so that I might preach him among the gentiles. My immediate response. Was up to consult any human being. All right I like alcohol introduces himself here. He says that he is not sent by man or by a man but by Jesus Christ and god the father who raised him from the dead. Now that's an important distinction to make. That's an important distinction to make for any Christians and especially if we're called to ministry. But whether your call to ministry your son lay leadership position or your clergy as some kind we are all call. As Christians 100% of us have been dispatched to fulfill the great commission. Which means we are to go and all the world and create disciples. Which involves reaching the loss of the gospel message and coming along side believers until there mature and Christ and able to fulfill the great commission themselves. So we're all sent. Paul explains a he's ascent by somebody but my god. But we were sent by a person. The movie working for the approval of a person or. Of multiple people so my goals to achieve the acceptance of people I'm always going to be chasing won't tie. We can't please all the people all the time right. And if I tried to let them to have to make compromises in my message to make it more palatable to the culture and society. You know mankind's expectations and cultural norms they're constantly changing but the word of god never changes. So I might have to make sacrifices I would not make in order to gain a larger audience. Our church is not a place to come to be entertained. Now believe me it's fine for a pastor to be entertaining. And maybe exercises gifts of humor charisma we got to remember that's not our job to put on a show. Not gonna have a light show or fog machines are flashy decoration on the stage if we're working forgot instead of trying to appeal to an audience of people. While it is true that to be effective we would be foolish to present a gospel message in a bland and undesirable way but we must not forget that does not. Us. That may or may not be working what is the appetite of the people that really makes the receiving of the message effective or not. A pastor he can easily get discouraged if while preaching he sees some main backed falling asleep in the back row or. If there's somebody who just can't seem to sit still through the message that. Without getting up and going outside for a smoker multiple trips to the bathroom means is gonna happen and every church service. But for every ten to twenty inches to folks there's always going to be. That one more person and it's Irish human nature to notice that one person as that is that's funny others. So it's not about the message it's about the appetite of the people. For example the same person who can watch a football game the whole football game for all those various hours without taking their eyes off the screen. Might not be able to sit through a half hour sermon. Or somebody who might pay to watch a movie for two hours they might only be passed interest that it can't sit through a free sermons for a half hour. Without drifting off in some sort of danger. The problem it's not the message the problem is the person's appetite that's about what interests them and they're just simply not interested in the gospel message. And this message it's actually the most powerful message it's ever been presented on earth and all of human history. If that was not true this message would not have lasted the roughly 2000 years since Christ. Anyone who might disagree is biased I mean think about it one may say well I don't think the Christian messages all that powerful doesn't even appealed to me at all. Now this recent FaceBook post about my favorite band coming to town now that that appeals to me and a powerful way. Well first and who would say that or something like is nearsighted. The post about your favorite bands concert is appealing to you and your peers and it won't be as appealing to you in fifty years from now. Nor would have been as appealing twenty years ago. While the gospel message has appeal to a far larger audience for thousands of years. If we're being objective we see the point. If we're close minded we find the flaws that present to our personal perspective. And we project goes on to the message as a whole. Paula that the players and they was sent by god for God's work he's trying to please god doesn't care what you think about it we've been pretty bold. Like they're not these are God's truth and he will defend them with or without your approval that's what he's saying. Now you may hate call for a but your love is not what Paul is doing this pause here to serve the lord and works like god has his boss not some human. Also identifies himself as an apostle. Now if your member rob from the polls back story only talked about this some time ago we remember that he was not among the original twelve. But he was called by Jesus himself directly and Paul answered that call just as enthusiastically. As the rest. Paul goes on to say. Grace and peace to you from god our father in the lord Jesus Christ who gave himself first sends to rescue us from the present evil age according to the will of god in the father. To whom be the glory forever and ever amen. There really was the will of god from before the beginning of time that we be redeemed by Jesus Christ. God has purchased in his plan for mankind. Before the first star ever twinkle in the sky that we be saved by faith in Jesus Christ. Now I mean certainly god did provide a better way away which no redemption was necessary. And so we can't blame god for the pain and suffering in this world god designed the world to be perfect. In the world of either and there is no sand no deaths and no suffering. It was a world Rory on what everything we needed was provided for us by the abundance in the air. There is no need for farmers to toil in the soil or for people to labor to earn their homes their meals just to be a slave to the dead at the end of the month. There was no rain we actually know this because of the time of the great flood of noah's day we see that. The rain fell from the sky for the first time ever. Before this creation scientists postulate that the world was just like a big greenhouse with the thicker atmosphere like a sure area. And this would allow the earth to be hospitable environment for larger cold blooded animals like say dinosaurs. That would be conducive to a larger plant life such as what we see in the fossil record. For example we've got first today they're very small class but. The fossil record shows your it was home to the same plant in prehistoric times though they were his biggest trees are now. So the years created the way god intended was perfect it was perfectly balanced ecosystem around. There's no need for animals consuming animals there's just an abundance. There is no fighting for life. Or even the slightest hint of need to work for one provision so everything is just provided. But god also allows humans to have the free will to choose god or not. But unlike today where we've got just a bunch of options the options back in it for the first people there are a lot more limited and how you can choose to disobey god. Now today we're surrounded by all sorts of options to be disobedient McGovern back then there is or just the one thing they could be done to be disobedient. And sure enough that's just what the first people decided they had to do. Even before sin entered into the world. And even to people who were not born of a sinful nature. The right to choose god or not meant to curiosity and a vulnerability to temptation that would not be avoided. And we have a tendency to always think the grass is greener on the other side. So to speak. And these first people there are no exception. Mean they had a perfect and nobody has ever had a so good on our cents. And yet they felt like it to be better somehow like they were missing out because of their obedience to God's principles. They felt like living for god meant to be missing out on something so they chose disobedience to God's plan in exchange for that temporary pleasure to satisfy their curiosity. And as a result they fell on dissent and out of fellowship with the gun. Now it's no different for us today. We have to think that life lived for Christ is a life of don't. And that Christians are missing out on a full life of pleasures and fun. When we give up those things we thought our freedoms they find out that they were actually burdens that are holding us back from real freedom. When we live for Christ we find out that we begin to live the most full life. And to give up the temporary worldly pleasures is no sacrifice at all because we exchange for real freedom. And give filled up with the love and peace that surpasses anything this world has to offer. But you know people did just don't realize this until they have experienced both sides of the fence. We must have the world for all has to offer and see how it leaves us wanting. And we must have gone for all he has to offer and see how he feels every hole our lives of love and peace. As at that point we can compare and understand how rich of a life lived for Christ is that we haven't done both will always. Be wondering. Now lets out this compares and we will refuse to take another person's word for. As a way tells us were missing out by rejecting Christ in exchange percent we think they are nigh eve and superstitious. And so it is the first people. They choose that's a live obediently to God's commands us to miss out on something and they too were wrong. And like us when they choose to be disobedient. It had consequences of those implications far larger than they could have ever understood. But God's original design was for a perfect world. And so got offered us this heaven on earth from the very beginning he knew that we would choose send instead. So god purpose to planet Jesus Christ from the beginning of time so the week to be redeemed back to god. So god he had a plan B. Planning is to give us heaven on earth for all time. Plan B was ready to go from before time began because god knew we would do with our right to choose and without it we'd be lost. And god does not want us lost he wants a saved. Now we are saved from our San by faith. We place and Jesus Christ's life and work. As a result we can actually experienced that heaven again one day. A first we'll die we'll go to a spiritual haven't where we enjoy God's presence as we wait for the resurrection. And then we get a new and perfect immortal body and that and the earth is actually resurrected from the destruction it happens to enter in the end times. And the earth has made perfect again like back in the days of Eden. And actually I often wonder. Is that new heaven on earth and actually going to be better and more appreciated. Than it would have benefit never fell in the first place. I mean think about it we often don't know what we have until it's done which is why the grass is always greener on the other side. So we never had to live in a fallen world and deal with these central majors and flawed bodies. What we would appreciate the heaven on earth we're given that the Donna creation or would we be forever cover adding some alternative like the first people that. Because we just simply don't appreciate. The supremacy of the option in front of us. Message to heaven on earth is probably going to be more heavenly if we have a contrast of a follow on earth experienced a comparative. Maybe if Adam and -- would have had this contest they would not have been so quick to eat the apple. So maybe God's plan B to save us from our center was really his plan hey all along. Because the heaven on earth experience is not complete until we have had. The loss that helps us appreciate the significance of a perfect there's. Also is that we have been rescued from the powers of this present evil age. Which is a world ruled by Satan and full cruelty tragedy temptation and deception. Now being rescued and as he always does that mean that we have been taken out of the world rather means that we are no longer enslaved by. We were. Saved to live for god so we must transfer our royalties from the things in this world to Jesus Christ. Also as I'm astonished that your so quickly deserting the one you who called you deliver and the grace of Christ and are returning to a different gospel. Which is no gospel at all. When how quickly we forget. But I think of us. A funny example I mean. When we just talked about the first people. And they were given this abundance and prosperity in exchange for their obedience to just one simple command but how quickly they forgot when they were. So subtly tempted just that first time. Or later on them we see in the history of Israel how after the everybody exodus out of Egypt and their sitting around mount Sinai Moses he goes up the hill and he receives the ten commandments comes down. Folks the people lot. And and they'll trips and falls and breaks on something like that he's got to go back up and get him again so. He goes up the mountain comes back down couple days later the people in this little bit of time has have a erected an idol false god and have been worshiping that the whole time Moses was away. I mean Moses. Right after he comes down from the mountain and everybody's has blown away by this. There's this revelation from god that just take some a brief medicines Moses turns his back the worst thing an idol. How quickly we forget. Then how quickly we desert the one who called us to list and are turning away to a different gospel which is no gospel at all. It's easy that's easy we'll be brought to our knees and desperation. Sometimes because god knows that's what it takes to get us to try out to him and remember him and so we do and he tenderly ministers does and gets us through it. And then things get better again. And we forget of and we start we stopped train altogether or it starts out so hey thanks guy appreciate that call you next time any jet and then that just doesn't. And round again. But it's no different for us when they were filled the power of the holy spirit and convicted of our send Justin turned back to send at the first opportunity. And then there are also these unfortunate ones who have been burned by the church. It burdens me when I hear about these people who grew up Christian but turned away because it's something a pastor said. Are something somebody in the congregation did that was out of line was sound doctrine. And so these spiritual people. Turn to something that's more suitable to them as opposed to the sound doctrine that may challenge them. As a result being burned in the church. And I gathers enough false doctrines to go around. And it's funny a messages out there that appeal to our flash which are way more popular than the message that we have to die to ourselves and deny ourselves. But these are really no gospels at all. You know we're this we're docile comes from. The debt of the word in its original languages. You and Gilliam I poems and that right at UN Dili on. Minutes up proclamation of victory it's like a political term it can be translated to mean gospel or good news either one. You India early on as a political term that was used when a battle oral war was won. The value annually on bring her. Or the good news bring our would run from city to city proclaiming the good news that they would not be occupied by a foreign enemy. It's pretty good news. Paul says that these false doctrines are not good news at all. When we slipped into the traps of false doctrines or sand. Or not able to proclaim victory because instead we have been conquered by the enemy. Now in this specific context the false doctrine being. Priest was that faith in Christ was not enough to be saved and that one also had to Obey the Jewish customs. This message of of a workspace salvation undermines the truth is the good news the salvation is a gift and not a reward for your actions. We should be aware people who say we need rituals or ceremonies to be saved because this is to deny the power of jesus' death on the cross. Paul says evidently some people are throwing you in the confusion and trying to pervert the gospel of Christ. But even if we or an Angel from heaven preach a gospel other than the one we preach to you let them be under God's curse. The issue is that a message that is close to the gospel is still not the gospel. South ability can't convince you to just disregard the saving message of faith in Jesus Christ. He's at least in China too polluted with confusion and distractions. The saving messages that our faith in Christ alone saves us with the devil can convince you that. You need to complicated with some rituals and ceremonies that he can distract you from a deeper relationship with a living and personal gracious god. Now the devil he's gonna make you feel guilty for your sense is gonna convince you that you don't measure up. And these things may be true enough but when we surrender them at the foot of the cross were lifted up for the Jesus and we share in his glory. As a result we can actually have an intimate relationship. That is not possible more bogged down by the compulsion to earn God's favor. Also that even if an Angel of light preaches another gospel don't be distracted. Because Paul knew that Satan was an Angel and had all the beauty that comes with it. Cigna is not some red devil with a pitchfork and forms. Is able to be attractive and appealing. He's been around a lot longer than mankind itself and he knows the scriptures better than any human scholar. If the devils on earth today. We know from prophetic predictions that his church it's going to be huge. People are gonna love his messages and he will do anything he can't just steal worship away from the one true god. We know that if we're not worshipping god we're technically worshipping the devil. Now you might say hey wait a minute I'm not a devil worship her but the devil disguised himself. So far priorities are not god. And say there instead may be our sports team or our bank accounts are hobbies then. Torres non destructive as these things may seen they are tool of the devil to take worship away from god which is his priority. And an Angel of light as Paul describes it has indeed come to earth and preached another gospel. This Angel of light called himself Monroe and I am convicted a man named Joseph Smith to start a religion that calls itself Christian. When indeed they preach a very different Jesus. And the works based salvation message. You see if I got to compass and it's one degree off or might not seem like much especially whenever our firstar marching down the road. But the further and further I go on my journey that further off I will be from my intended destination sooner I mean. And the devil knows just one little degree off as not to ensure I never reach my mark. So if the devil if he can't get viewed throw your Bible away altogether. He lowliest pollute the gospel with distractions to undermine your potential relationship with the true living. Merciful personal god. There's only one way given to us by god to be forgiveness and and that is believing in Jesus Christ is our personal savior and making him our lord. No other person method organization. Or ritual can give us eternal life. Attempting to be open minded intolerant. Some people give equal merit to all faiths saying that any passes about path to god. And while I'm all for tolerance I'd be a fool to say that there are many relative truths. This relative morality. Are relative truth geology. As one people really only apply to face. Because it allows people to make god in their image. And eliminates any need to deny there's flash. And so I didn't make got in my image that I don't need to be convicted demise and and we don't apply this relative thinking anywhere else. My favorite example is. We I mean we don't apply relatives thinking to mass do we. I come to you and I say two plus two equals five and and you say to me doesn't it equals four. That's tonight justifiably replied she is saying well you know what. Me in my family we believe two plus two equals five you can have your truth and I'll have mine. Or you know my culture we just have always believed to plus two equals five. Or you know pain I come from a different time a different generation where we in this generation believed to plus two equals five were over that two plus two equals four stuff. Now that'd be ridiculous. No matter how much I believe the two plus two equals five I'm just simply wrong. Well we would be silly to apply this relative thinking to literally anything. Especially something as basic as like a mathematical equation such as two plus two so the mind. What I apply it to something as important as my eternal soul. When I love our freedom of religion. And this is not the freedom the entire world pass. Just the other day I was at the City Hall praying and invocation over the City Council to mayor and one of the things that I. Expressed my appreciation for was that we should all openly worship. Without fear persecution where it has to do so many other countries would be to risk freedom or life. Here in the United States weekend worship as freely as we see fit. Now while my convictions. Might be different than others I would defend aggressively another's right to believe something different than what I would preach in my church. But this does not guarantee that these others are accurate. God does not accept manmade substitutions for faith in Jesus Christ. He has made just one way to be safe and that is an the relationship. With the Jesus Christ. Now in this letters context of those who have perverted the gospel were zealous Jewish Christians otherwise known as. They believe that old assessment practices. Such as I circumcision are dietary habits these are required for one to become a Christian. So would be like today if somebody told you that you needed to be bad ties to be saved. These people like to Judy geysers had their hearts in the right place share. They're trying to aggressively preach a message of salvation to Los community today who can fault them for that. The issue wasn't their heart for god or for reaching the lost. But their distorted message distracted from the simple truth the salvation comes from faith alone. And Paul wanted that not saying get in the way of the simple gospel truth. And he knew that a subtle twisting the truth as often harder to recognize than an outright lie. So remember that when you're listening to my message next week so these Judy as there's like the works based churches of today they claimed to follow Jesus. But they denied that Trace work on the trust was sufficient enough for salvation. And we've seen the message of God's love be perverted from the dawn of mankind until now. And that's not gonna change. Either people don't understand what the Bible preaches or they are uncomfortable. With the truth it's stands for. So for me personally. Before I accept the teachings of any group. I wanna find out what they teach about Jesus Christ and if they're teaching does not match up with the Bible that I know I can't trust their various teachings. At all. He was so strongly denouncing the false doctrine of of works that he repeated himself in this letter saying twice if anybody is preaching GO gospel other than what you accepted let them be under God's curse. We got past Paul is not pulling any punches here. Also that if an Angel of light preach another gospel. That angels now from heaven no matter what it looked like. And Paulson saying trend against the same himself disguises. As an Angel of light. I hear Paul provokes God's curse on anybody or any Angel who spread the false doctrine. Which is a fitting response for any emissary of hell. Polish senate backers to include himself as he should revert to gospel message. Is that his message should never change for the truth of gospel never changes. Well he's very strong language when dealing with this life and death issue. And this test of of preachers message it goes for all of us. I don't say. You know take my word for I would say testing and test your pastors and your teachers. And insecure teacher would not encourage this but in reality we should always be matching up to teachings we received to God's word. And confirmed the teacher is not trying to serve himself or glorify himself butch yeah we see a lot of it on the so called Christian TV. There'll there are far too many leaders in the Chris somebody who were there for all the wrong reasons. And I often run into these personality types like. Guys who are maybe not so popular high school. But they find as adults that to be a Christian leader will result in getting people's attention. If these types maybe they you know got pushed up against a locker one snow Lyle or we're always picked last for gym class. They can get people to follow them in the ministry of service and it feeds the need they came at a high school with. This this this phenomenon just kind of getting bullied a little bit and schoolmate happens to most kids. But it leads to emotional scars and sort of trauma like PT SD that you carry with you forever. Now these people end up in a leadership position in the body of Christ. For the sub conscious purpose of meeting their need for acceptance of people and they can actually do more damage than good. But they may be able to quote scripture and and because they can say Christian sentences like I do it off for the glory of god. Then they can often fool themselves and others into missing the psychological element to why they so desperately sought after that leadership position. And maybe they are filled with love of god. Let these people though they can be spotted by a few symptoms. They may become territorial of their position and threatened when a new leader starts coming around. Or they may feel a need to prove themselves and every conversation. Desperately trying to demonstrate their knowledge and dominating every conversation with their own personal sermon. Become around church long enough you'll meet these types. Or maybe they have a tendency to identify themselves as a leader verbally raising their hands saying. I'm a leader. Hello real leader. Is identified by others and does not need to be told that they are leader. Being a leader and given scenarios just what happens to leaders and they won't have to raise their hand to remind you that they are leader or ask others. To validate for themselves if they are seen as a leader. These types of false leaders will eventually make a compromise for the acceptance of their peers because they need the approval. And will eventually pull for their loyalty. And this is one way that church goers get burned by their clergy and congregations. I'm Paul said MI now trying to win the approval of human beings or god or my trying to please people. Are still trying to please people I wouldn't be a servant strikes. Because Paul knew that. He's not gonna be winning any popularity contest by out promoting a Christian message. The same is true for us being an active Christian is actually counter cultural and goes against our nature's. If your goal is for the acceptance of people and their approval. Interest in leadership is not for you it requires us to step out of our comfort zone of being Christian leader. The message of the trust this foolishness of the non believer First Corinthians 118. So when we're doing the lord's work we'd look like fools to the non believer. I mean it's nothing nonbelievers goes out does the stuff. Well we're active in our faith we're gonna look like fools that best or be persecuted at worst. There were require us to make personal sacrifices for an invisible god who we know by face and it goes against our nature to please ourselves above all else. Apollo had a speaks harshly to these believers because they were in serious danger. He knew he could not serve god faithfully if you allow these Christians to remain on the wrong track. When we seek the approval of others will make compromises to our effectiveness. But if we act in the lower strength and Siegel his approval well we may lose some friends. But we receive the gratitude from the tree here of all the universe. Anybody in leadership position needs to keep this in mind. Otherwise you'll get discouraged. Anytime we lead there will always be those who disagree and oppose our decisions. We will never make a decision that is popular 100% of the people. There's always going to be people who are talking about the leader behind his back when not in the room or second guessing every decision he makes. Everybody thinks they can do a better job rank. Apparently the guys who scream their TVs and watching a football game telling the players the coaches how to do their job as of these slobs could stand a chance against these NFL athletes right. Everybody is a coach nobody wants to be a player. The congregation will tell their pastor and you know. The guide on the street he's really funny if you can be able to more funny sometime or hey maybe it'll have some ways we will better locate. Always comparing their pastor to the next guy. And we got to keep in mind that we are not working for these people but instead are working for the lower. Now god he would have a serve the people as part of his calling for us so serving people is one of the means in which we work forgotten. There's a big difference between serving people for god and working for people. When I work for people I can get caught up in their approval which I will never fully have and we'll always be chasing. When I'm serving people on behalf of god I'm content just to be obedient than less concerned if my. Imitation of churches rejected or nobody shows up to my Bible study. I'm just happy because I've done what god has asked me to do. Regardless of the results now most leaders are going to be very result oriented and so we have to measure our effectiveness. Not end. The response of the people. But in our response to god. Also as I once you know Brothers and sisters of the gospel I've preached not human origin. Says I do not receive or from any man nor was I thought it rather I received it by revelations from Jesus Christ. Now on Paul says he receives revelations from Jesus Christ. Either means that this revelation by Christ pol spelled out the gospel message or it was a personal revelation from Christ of his true identity. There's suddenly confirmed the gospel message against which pol he used to persecute. Either way fact remains that god provided all the revelation as contents was the gospel. We have a direct line to god for revelation of truth. While Paul had a vision that led to his conversion. We may not have such monumental encounter because if we did wouldn't be a matter of faith anymore what it. Well remember Paul he was on his way to a city to persecute Christians by arresting them. Drag them from their homes and taken Jerusalem where they would be executed. When Jesus Christ came with a light and a lot of thunder in such a way it was undeniably. Nobody could choose to reveal himself to all mankind he can just rip open the sky and show his face to the whole world. Then there will come a time when something like this happens and faith becomes site and every knee will bow and every tunnel confessed that Christ is lord. Because it will be undeniable no matter who you are at that time. But that it would not take faith. It would be obvious that prices lower and would be really no choice at all to recognize. And that choice is exactly what god wants to give us because with that choice comes options and we take that got an option we're committing to him a love that. Could have been committed somewhere else and and allows for much deeper relationship. They're allows for deeper relationships and would be possible if he just blew up the sky with his face and took away any doubt. So Paul's conversion was unique and ars takes a bit more faith but we have no less access to god or gods revelations. The holy spirit lives inside the hearts of the believers and reveals truth to us. When we read the gospels are taught something for a preacher we can discern truth from lies because of the in dwelling on the holy spirit. Paul started out his life as a committed Jews who is well versed in scripture and cultural heritage. He was a highly esteemed among his peers so much so that he was able to get a license from the government to kill that's not so they just throw around. When the messiah the Jews are waiting for all their lives did come pol like so many others did not recognize him and accused the believers of blasphemy. Now Paul did not know until later. But that he was set apart from even his mother's womb as he says a verse fifteen. God knew the pollen one day commit to Jesus so god privy newly accommodated Paul's life so that he would be most effective in this Christian ministry. Is funny because of the things that made call an enemy of the gospel were later used to the gospels advantage. And others would see that pol who was once an aggressive persecutor of the church who is now committed advocate of it even to the point of imprisonment in his execution. The witnesses were hard pressed not to consider there must have been something this message. I figure it's a real like calls now believer then they realize just had a VO we are worth at least looking into we have Paul can be saved anybody can be say. Paul had been one of the most religious Jews of his day. Scrupulously. Keeping law and relentlessly persecuting Christians to the esteem of his peers. Before his conversion he had been even more zealous. For the law than the Judy geysers who he is now speaking out against in this letter. And everybody knew it. Paul has surpassed his contemporaries. And religious knowledge and practice and while sincere in his zeal he was wrong. He was able to be so wrong while still being religious. Because he did not have a relationship with god just the knowledge of scripture which is not the same thing. So a pulse all the zeal of the Judy geysers he's writing to a Galicia he can relate he understood he knew they were coming from their heart was in the right place they're brain whether or not. They can relate to their good intentions and the issue that their compass was just a few degrees off. Which is taking them down a road which would lead to no good news gospel at all. These practice there's of the false doctrine could not proclaim to India Leon or victory over there enemy who had previously occupied their hearts. Pollen is something that is just as true today. Just as true today as it was then which is that false doctrines have a tendency to give more attention than sound doctorates. So Paul spoke out directly and aggressively to squash it. For whatever reason. The preachers of false doctrines whether they be an Oprah Winfrey or a secular news broadcaster. Or high school teacher or a politician. Or a pastor of a church. Christian or not. False doctrine preachers tend to manage to get all louder voice because the sound doctrine preachers are just not taking the initiative to compete. As a result. One must search for some doctor. One must reach for a while false doctrines are presented to us at every turn. Like did you GI's there's an old Christian leaders today we'll make a misrepresentation. Of scripture or disregard it altogether. The things being taught to developing leaders and many modern seminaries today would be considered heresy to the early church fathers. And yet I'll see these seminary was set up at every major Christian event to pastors conference's all over the city. Do you attribute a few things aggressively and passionately hypocrisy was a big one and just as big was false doctrine. And the church at large today is guilty of the same types of issues that the early church and Jesus day is the only. When anomaly here where seekers sees these things and rightly identifies the issue as David says it gives them an excuse to blasting. Which is why James says teachers who we held to a more strict judgment as they should be. Sadly many have been burned by the church. Many have ministers and they're seeking of the lord because instead of turning to the Bible they turn to an establishment that is not ram my Jesus. But instead ran by human nature. And even the most godly establishments on earth will always be flawed due to the human elements like government. There are many establishments to give God's work a bad name. More so than need be. So if you're one of those who have been burned by a church or burned by pastor because of something they said or something they did. If you have seen something in the church that you know is knowledge guy would have won and done percent. Please do not let these imperfect humans failure represented what god is trying to offer you. There is a fellowship they can call home and garden once you involve the local church. Please prayer fully consider giving it another try. And remember there is no perfect church says you're not seeing what you wanna see it your home church while numbering it. Bring it with GO. Don't run from the problem be the solution. Maybe the reason you're there is not to get offended and disregard the church but to help make a difference for somebody who's too weak to stick through it. With the church during the tough times. Let's not cut Enron but stand and fight. Like Paul he saw the issues in the church and he addressed them head on regardless of how that people would feel about. It is he would not be making friends by addressing the ungodly issues with in the church so he broke some eggs and made an omelet. I have this message has encouraged you. At this point I want to transition into a segment of our show where we're going to dual question and answer from our audience. You can submit your questions to me through our website. Which is www. CJ counts dot com. That's CJ CO UN TS dot com. Just go to the contact page submit your questions or maybe just share your testimony or whatever it is and I will go over those things with you either on the air or a private. So these first question I'd like to address as appropriately timed we got somebody. You know thinking about this. Hello wean season whenever he asks shouldn't Christians celebrate the seven feast of the old testament instead of pagan holidays. I think that it reader. Also has in mind to some of the Christmas and Easter traditions that are not stemmed from. Biblical history and our early more relative to just some pagan traditions. And other religions that. Happen around the same time it's so okay your reader good question. You know back in the day. The Jews had celebrated these holidays to remind them of their heritage. So these ceremonies there are more than just religious rituals because they were steeped in cultural history. Now we today to get used to celebrate them or others as we see fit and this should be decided based on our own individual conscience. The Bible teaches that we have certain freedoms as Christians under grace. So we can actually do whatever seems fitting with the things like what we eat or drink or celebrated as a holiday so long as it does not stumble another person. For example if my spouse had a a real conviction about Easter resembling. Too much the pagan rituals that surround colored eggs and bunny rabbits. That I should not celebrated around her even if I eliminated those things from our celebration of the resurrection of Christ. If I do not relate to her conviction. I could celebrate that with a clear conscience but because it was stumble or I would be insane to make her do it. Have you been convicted about a certain holiday ritual in May decide to boycotted or to celebrated with enthusiasm as you feel. So called. Lou would not be necessary to think poorly of somebody else who does not feel the same way about celebrating the same holiday. Because the apostle Paul I pretty much said to each their own so long as you're not hurting anybody else lawyer doing it. Treasury First Corinthians chapter eight for Paul's dissertation on a similar topic. Here Paul says that if one is convicted they eating food sacrifice to an idol is wrong and they should not do it. On other person to do it and would not be wrong for it if they're conscious is not commit to the same way. Now calls not saying the morality is relative now he's talking about the little things like what holidays celebrating what foods okay he. These cultural decisions with geographical and historical relic relevance or what pulse talking about. The morality to cultural decisions is based on the time and place the decision is being made and it's not universal. Like for example. It would be wrong for me to go to Japan and enter into somebody's house without taking my shoes off. That would so deeply offend the Japanese homeowner than I would have sinned against him. But for me to do the same thing and an average American home would not be so morally offensive because the culture here is very different. All of this is to say that your freeing tries to celebrate old or new holidays as you see fit and so were others. We would do well. We would not do well to take a doctrinal position and if you should or should not celebrate passover the Jewish way or celebrate Christmas the American way. You can do or not do either one and he can do them your own way because after all. The committed believer as celebrating birth and death and resurrection of Christ every day anyway. Are we got another question here from a reader and his question is. What is the difference between being a Hebrew. And being Jewish. He goes on asked you know Iranians say they hate Jews but Jesus was a hero what's gone all of that. Okay my answer near the worst Hebrew tends to be defined as the language that Zhu's speech. However over the years this word has been used interchangeably with the word Jews to have the same definition. When we say Jew we are referring to people group of Israeli culture who Trace their lineage back to Abraham. Judaism is the common religion of the Jews. But one does not have to be due to practice and believe in Judy is. One can convert to Judaism just as one can convert any other religion regardless of and it ethnic background. These words in their terminology have been used interchangeably. Which may have confused their definition. But technically the word she group refers to the language of the ethnic people called Jews who are known for their religious practices of Judy as a I hear corrected Jesus was did you by any definition. And Iranians. Just hate. And hate is typically not a reasonable or logical thing. Hey tends to cover something deeper inside us that has yet to be defined or maybe heard this yet to be healed. Which we project as hate towards something else. I'll not take to hater and area and has anything intellectually sound bad be hard pressed to consider any of their doctrines as logical. Whatever reason they give creating use is tried just a projection of their own personal feelings and hurt. To overcompensate. For insecurities. By lashing out at their pain. Plus the end of this segment for today where we took questions and they use this as kind of sand directed portion of the show. Look to continue to do more this so please don't hesitate to submit your questions and thoughts to me using the website www. CJ comes dot com. That's CJ CO UN TS dot. Rural. If you missed any of this broadcast and you'd like to hear the recordings are free. Please check out our advertising time on the website www. CJ counts dot com. That's CJ CO UN TS dot com. Here you can listen to previously reported broadcasts or church sermons. Not you're not that tech savvy elected preceding any of these messages. Please feel free just ask using the contact agency. You know seize the contact page at CJ counts dot com that's CJ CO UN TS dot com. To ask me questions that we can deal with on the air or private if you need. Yes we things about what you don't understand well or for not among the faithful you can even issued challenges that I can explore with you. I also think it's important everybody has Bible. If you don't have a Bible you can't afford one maybe you just can't get out to get one of vero I'd love to send you a freebie. Go to the resources page on CJ counts dot com the CJ CO UN TS dot com you'll see a little drop down box where you can request a free Bible. Also got these apps free prayer cards and Bible tracks let's be like you know a little message on a car pamphlet you can give away. They're great forgiven a way to homeless people when you see them with a sign on the corner are leaving with your tip at a restaurant or does leave behind you and you walk away from account like at the bank. There's a ton of great ways give these out. Suburb to get you connected with as many as you can pass out. Just let me know he's in the contact page CJ counts dot com that's CJ CO UN TS dot com. And you know I'll pay for the shipping up pay for the materials. I'm happy to see past amount. I figure I pass out as many as I can but only one man so if you can give these somebody I'll never meet. I know gonna use that opportunity to put you right where he needs. Now joining a connection with the church I'd love to help you with that. Are you wanna get connected with a life group during the weekdays or a service project German history are going to be just wanna support does work financially. I can get you connected with whatever it is god has put on her. You can see some of the options I'm involved with that CJ comes dot com that's CJ CO UN TS dot com but please don't appeal to you. I just let me know he's in the contact page and I'll point you in the direction of something that might be more local more suitable for you. As always I have this message has encouraged you and your walk with the lord. As my prayers that the enemy of your soul be reviewed in the name of Jesus Christ that you can be focused on his word and convicted action. I hope that this not be the only time he opened up God's word but this is be a jumping off point for your studies. Swing to more. Now we leave you less cool god I hope fill you I'll jewelry and pieces you trust and so that you may overflow with hope and power holy spirit. Transit closed. School. Like I just thank you for the opportunity to lift up your name on the annual. And I am grateful for the American freedoms that allow us to do so so we don't have to arrest for your moral our life. Or Arnold or just loss of reliable. Learn that premature mass will be received a new usual as the sun. On the general congregation winner and I and so production will level I use this opportunity to mold and shape here people under the rubble to those you call them to me or. We love you we thank you Laura priest you in Jesus name. It's. Campbell every day everybody will cheer here again next week pastor CJ count sign off the Christian Horner. And doing. I hope this message encourages you. 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