Colorado Veteran's Resource Show - 10.1.17

Saturday, September 30th

This week we talk to Doug Stanton about The Vietnam War, The VA and Jason Fagone author of "The Woman Who Smashed Codes" . Enjoy!


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This is the Colorado veterans resource show on cruise in 1430 you. George connection to information and advanced life for and about Colorado is military veterans. DMV's and let's get started with a. This week's program Sunday October 1 and you're just in time for the Colorado veterans resource show a cruise in 1430. I'm Rick cradle today on the program the Odyssey of echo company author Doug Stanton. Joins us this year he is it news story. About the war in Vietnam and the timing seems pretty appropriate giving Ken Burns special that's on now it is a remarkable story you won here. The VA will drop by next Saturday is our annual veterans job and resource fair would give all the details about who will be there in what's available for you. Were also given visits there with an author who has written the book the woman who smashed codes. This is a fascinating story you're American of one amidst all of that and a whole lot more Diddy is the Colorado veterans resource show the program by four in about Colorado veterans. We're proud to share it with you every Sunday at this time. What do you say let's get started and learn what's happening. Yeah and my friends well to another edition of the Colorado veterans resource show right here at cruise and 1430 it is October 1 you ready for that. It just saying it during the day today has been a little lie that's hard to believe we've already gone that far into the year Missouri are October the first the bills and it's a pleasure having you along with us here today. And as we start the program it is a pleasure to welcome very special guests to begin today. In Mets author Doug Stanton who. Over the years I've had chances time and again to visit with him harm's way horse soldiers. That's pretty exciting year mark who knew who knew my pal duck was gonna have a movie I'll pretty soon. Today I know we are actually at the horse orders is coming out of the movie January. Utley came with Chris Hemsworth and Michael Shannon. Yeah I I did you know you're cheating putting Chris Hemsworth have because said that you know that guarantees a huge audience right there. I think it does those on the set during filming he too. A very gracious god they all were actually. So now however we're gonna turn the page a little bit and get into a discussion about so what. We're really is an important book. Honestly I haven't gotten my copy yet I know it's on the way here are some expecting it any day and I cannot wait to get my hands. On Doug's latest which is the Odyssey affect Coke company. You know it's it's. It's amazing it's like right they're raising a child as much time misuse them with this as a met. That's a great way to put it I met one of the people in the book. Stand Parker from Gary Indiana so this she'll. An ironworker. In Afghanistan while reporting our soldiers and he asked me if I'd written into harm's way so there's the roundabout connections. Can't tell you this story in Vietnam it is survival story I did to assure wrote this book called the us see that becoming. Really live Maine that you don't know in harm's way it's about the group young man who going to Vietnam during the Tet offensive that day. Sure I have this combat and they've become Brothers and then they come home and then. I go back to Vietnam would stand. To present day and Tom sold his other buddy. And do we have a reunion there which kind of changes go to their lives so Japan. Because it's it's been a very meaningful experience sure you do this. You know Vietnam. Things there are sure they are unfinished. Narrative or intranet personal story can. I think it's time that we talk. No I think that's absolutely right Ken and I wanna point out I know a lot of people and our need deep into. It Ken Burns the Vietnam the serial number PBS and and you had no way of knowing when you start writing this you know there was gonna coincide with this idiots. It's fortunate that it has because. You know what. With Canon and in his series giving people talking now people be able there. To read your book can learn even more so you know coincidence you out there but a fortunate coincidence. Really well that certainly no crime there were inevitable Oakland stroke to be around and that's if you force academy system. Corcoran lives in congress flooding and there is some merit and and we've learned is kitchen table maybe go to our food store informal poll and that's what and that's that's how and then. I've had a damage without the benefit news of having read it now I've ever read a lot about it though in. And you know and it when Mae were murder read some of the press and then some of the advanced stuff on it about this attack on January 31 1960 units that. My initial group reaction was my goodness it's this generates and the chosen Reza borrowed its rural. Do when the Chinese came barreling across the border here at the north Vietnamese army. 100000. Strong. Comes so comes into you know comes throughout south Vietnam to 36 cities and launches an attack I mean this is epic proportion this. Well. And it is thin you know if you're nineteenth. You just went in the country is these guys have a veteran collagen material part of the 101. Some other highly trained ill prepared as well as America. So this is the turning point nor. Your reference to Ken burns' documentary which I think is fantastic. And so anyway is it but it gives more than 5000 foot view this this as well as project could be. Yeah and issues of these young men who really. Are you cook or your father or your uncle your brother this is what they went through a minute by minute and you don't. I don't have don't have to really have an opinion about Vietnam you have to play you have to like people to book that people. Because who you know the war's over and this is a story that remains with us switches. Terrifying moment transformative political other guys are important but a lot of them have not really spoken about it so. Credit is kind of buried a very personal which is larger epic battle and she shakes so that's the experience in the book. How how many of the forty. That you write about in echo company were you able to talk to were still available for you to talk to cut. But has the opportunity to cease and super the other twenty I think we. Sure equipment thirteen blue B who weren't happy for them. We gathered around. For several. Days long sessions. More. Good cheer and tape recorder running him. So guys what happened when you don't tell me tell who it felt like I really interest in how this sort of change them you know I'm glad they have that so. What we feel about Dora put the American public is show to go to war but. Fingers what I want to do it hasn't hundred powdered or make you feel your hard to change you guys it's such changes that we're living it today when you see if until then. Seventy enjoyed by the way or some other fairly they'll they'll refuse dissident. Like I say very few of them really are willing to come forward and talking and gum there's a lot of pain there there's a lot of joy in the bookends to this model it's not a actually closure a lot of with. And don't just to try to phrase that sounds you know stand tells me this. Gone you can go through this experience. Who has given him so that in. I'm very happy cop asks. You know I'd. Bill Terry. Spearheaded Mitt and go to memorial appear in the Denver area dedicated to. All the Colorado veterans killed in action since we became a state their names are on this memorial and its families come what I've learned is sending you just spoke to a closure and may I would like to see now as we we will bring you closure but we bring you closer. It in her food and I think what you did is exactly that. Let's guru and I'm like are you sir absolutely. I think I think there can you tell us. Are you who were nurtured when they're really saying you're you're exactly right. Armed closer to a considerable yes. No talk the you know I wrote this book in harm's way about Indianapolis that the world or to brought up. What I meant no mr. Gelman MacKey and early 2000 they were turning seventy. Mountains he centrists. But turning seventy wore that same inflection point. And I think we have been seeing that didn't. When he turns 72 were loosened up pit bull and and yeah I think that is where we're out so yes getting that allows you to get. Yes Doug stand with us the book the new book the Odyssey of veco companies in 1968 Tet offensive in the epic battles survived Vietnam War. You know talked a number of Vietnam veterans who say just those words right all I wanted to do was survive. Move move move in that. This confirmed. This report. They're two Richard Gordon Vietnam War of the stories that have been clinically with politicians in general also the American public defenders historians here. And let's say your grandfather your brother your local and that's straight home and also book isn't the kind of homecoming. When when UN back with the with the stand in him you know and and witness to their. A visit to the place. That have left such a mark. In their mind and then as you saw them. The meeting Viet Cong that they had battled so hard against what what was LA. Well it's amazing because. It was some plans do sort of very small on a settlement. Standing at the or separate. Disassociate Jim Parker had been hit with a grenade after charging machine gun position. This enormous kind of sequel to a book. And it's. In New York caught him. And who we've found that she oil habit. Killer on to be in special operations community it lick skillet heavily insulated from the military but this is one result strawberry. We're resulting in out getting closer as you say understanding and Irish February. Wounded and down the road came a mr. shin. Who is it is all of our Vietnamese who commander at a time during the same battle it's solely government to limit the approach that's been there at the same time. And that the position that stand glue which actually mr. Shannon. And had burned down his. Headquarters. And I I think filmed this isn't and if you go to our web site that stand dot com actually just put together a small video of this moment and I think in the I won't give too much away. It and publishing end the book I'm sure what I say and with a smile of a boat here's what is that took away from it should here these two guys. They put each other try to Killy church the church but. Now they're having a picnic together concentration plus. To help us here. Is all it took there are happy for them I mean you're looking at maps and kind of checking each other story knows if we just. Beat. B is neither one of them any recent Super Tuesday it has if they can do this why can't we yeah he's such the American public. And don't do it communal are a little about the war. If it is that we need to approach should note this story would that change and just. This insisted this is the story about one humanity and what happens in combat and com. And it is alleged so removed from the for the moment anyway concern what the political thinking cutter solutions focus on these guys CN. And that's that's how the Balkans. You know isn't it isn't an interest in Munich you know I'm sixty now I'm a little bit older I can I do look at things weighed differently than than I did when I was younger I know I need to live that experience now so I understand that a little bit morbid. Visited two interesting and said no way that many times. Politics that just that word anytime he gets brought up all of a sudden your hackles go out and you're digging and then. You find yourself not talking anymore. Move it can't break. Politic it seems to be at a matter of like a light and word you know it's a better certainly. Genuine you insert your. They're an extra neighbor young agent global conflict and they come home. We're thrown finish preferences and in the case of Vietnam it was not a happy don't you know stand down. It and a keynotes from not only was it tough fighting. But around the track tours of our guys warned that they probably shouldn't talk about it yes so. That in New York edition it's kind of the unique thing and the American experience because we can talk about it. Korea oldest civil war Uga should more cues certainly. So when it comes to this war we're still stuck in and out but I'm hopeful changes. I am right there were few and books like yours are are going to help that happen there's no doubt in my mind about it. This is. A book I cannot wait to get my hands on. Everything I've read from Doug is just been remarkable and social early and well we search to meet him he's a great storyteller. And MM cellist she made a movie now in the you know there's going to be no live in with them after next year when the movie comes just. I think that's a bit but yet if you call our offense FF FF FF. Well I again I'd I appreciate the time you're you're gifted storyteller I'm glad to to know about stand at a may need to give him a McCall now that I know he's less than an hour away from me done in Colorado Springs though it. I mean do you do need to give midshipmen to introvert service. Right we who wouldn't know we've got two appearances in Denver so I checked the web I'm sure you can find pictures in total personal a stance. Come back to town would Judd love to see when you come back did you. Well Fareed Doug thank you so much have a great day are really appreciate your time. Or are you there you go Doug Stanton. End to new book is called the Odyssey of Stucco company the 1968. Tet offensive. In the epic battles survived Vietnam more he follows. The men of the first of the five those first 201 airborne division forty man. America accompany any follows them through a pretty. Happy camper which battle that not all of them survived must reading if you're looking for somebody who fashions himself you know I'm. Somebody who likes to. Dabble a little bit in war history or perhaps of a Vietnam veteran in your life this would be. In incredible book to add to their collection okay it's the Colorado veterans resource show for gonna start that way you know it's going to be a good show we've got lots more to do next. Let's catch up on next week the veterans fair all the details coming up right here Chris in 1430. This is the Colorado veterans resource show on cruise in 1430 your connection to information and advanced life for and about Colorado as military veterans. DMV's and let's get started would this week's program. Welcome to the Colorado Rhode. Veterans resource show those of you just tuning into the program integrative and along here. Sunday it's it's Broncos raiders stayed today's so. You know were getting all fired up here and the veterans resource showed no doubt all kinds of fired a fury and and ready for deemed edge you guys got my orange on you better bureau orange until noon to do or well. My friend Rebecca Sawyer Smith here from left. The video V aid to public information officer extraordinaire. Who. Hand partner in crime I'm Vince from here to there and everywhere how you doing. I'm doing well I think you're not got my learn John. Today the Yeo managed to Iowa. My rings. Writer yes we are yes we are. Well next week at this time we will be catching our breath because the our thirteenth annual veterans affair which is now the veterans resource and jobs here because it's grown so much thanks to the PH. We will have what it'll be you know our rear view mirror a week from now. And we will have celebrated a great day no doubt but we wanted to let you know today. Thanks to. Rebecca we wanted to let you know. Just what to to expect as much as we can tell you now hum what to expect next Saturday and why you certainly don't want to miss the civic. Paula tell you what we have read her parents have I mean all the time for better and there's all kind of events that are happening but I'm last year when we. Partnered up. We really made a difference I think he is and non blood John Kerry and returned there on the beach we have a number of organizations that are veteran friendly and they may give you discounts. They may. Be able to talk to you about how they personally work with veterans and their small business or large defense I'm but I will tell you also. How many veterans are getting out of the service every day. So all the we partnered with com. You all into another good friend like Humana and and here we go we've got up over forty some vendors including the Department of Veterans Affairs for the new hospital and some hiring not large amount of people over forty positions they actually need 800. Do you call it. The continue to double there. Almost double there and personal so and it's not economical content doctor and nurse since that's housekeeping and at mend its you know help technicians who who wide variety. That's a great opportunity for veterans to come out. Camaraderie with another fellow veterans should. Visit the veteran friendly commercial. Vendors and education lenders and ask you even resource. Merely to god American legion in Vietnam veterans chapter and we'll do warriors. I was so they're gonna be there as well lots and lots of organizations so we have small companies site. You know bleak then you go man you gonna travel and go to terms with all the money in it. There are only good news shirt. Fifth a fifth. UPS. Yeah you know it and and this small and large organization fairly cool. I want to look Clinton and beautiful I think on how can you do not like. And totally free and people anxious to help you and you know if you're seeking employment bring Reza Mays if you're seeing keying. Information about benefits because you can certainly learn that as well. You know bring your 214 if you habits if you've not been too if you're not registered with the VA yet. What we're Rebecca over we will be a day where people could do that if they needed to get registered in the system. Yes I will tell you BA we'll all be in one building and have all kinds of services therapeutic target somebody about trickling down that your benefit that Ottawa enroll in the hospital. What do I do about my dad you know he's full portrait and I wanna make sure that he's. Gonna be able to be interred continue to follow them you know. Those kind of questions we can talk to pump up. We'll have employment specialist they're tomb and county about how to get ready for that job Terry if you're not me you know if you're just starting now armed take a look at your resume if he'd need a copy of the DD 214 and you. We keep benefits from hospital for wall have them on trial pertinent now. You have veterans in front of her title employment. Parents get a preference in federal unemployment. Very important. You can take every piece of paper and show it to them renowned you know he'll get a government. Anthony M hand up on ninth position that they're looking for and then we have the VA hospital there and nobody looking for all these different job and have different people there we will be doing interviews some response out of shape come you know split up. You're DD 214 road the main hand and it took my only been a nice time. Yeah I'm sure yeah. Because everyone you talk into the second interview and he treated that way stitcher elevators each ready. You know and and Nancy you're not ready for that I'm telling you the Department of Labor will be there we have workforce center folks that'll be there and register your interest in Colorado and their natural acumen that's. And so they're there to help you with everything. They have confidence all over the state. They interview how to prepare read the name. You know bear a special program just turned I think you're going to divert a portion senator Sam and an and I aimed neither job. Boom. But the kid down take care of view I continue the process that you need. And they have a database that can send out information like this there I don't know got jobs. They really are an incredible resource. At this. Resource center. Now this is all just so exciting. And and I know I will say that do big key there you know we do we started this event I started this or thirteen years ago it's purely Uranus are resource fair justice. Because you know I've been to a lot of veteran sings and I noticed if The American Legion had a thing. Nobody. Else was there exceed you know it was just that we were really very territorial. Tens groups. Like cats we kind of mark our territory and and nobody else came in there and I thought you know what a shame that if somebody comes great that your dare boom greater. You know the DA VP there that VAB you know so image and it grew to this work what it is now thanks to the VA joining us. And people like Humana and the cholera crisis senator services. You know day UPS those folks there I mean thanks everybody that this so. So Rebecca is right what we've discovered is we've created a really cool thing that's kind of you need cash on there as she mentioned there are a lot of veteran job fairs where you walk and then you stand in line and good table to table in the server great purpose and veterans get hired but here. Men only do you get hired British. You're having trouble get tired you get coaching him here. If you've already been hired thank you bird I'm curious if I'm eligible for review loaner what kind of education benefits to have all of that is here and that's what makes it unique. Then after I really like about it is. A lot about business so they're saying on a higher. We work with these companies we've talked a number four. We mean by hiring you know. Well. Let me tell you why you should hire it's. Because they have a lot of building characteristic that you want in an employee. Before they even come Q what they recommend that kind of leadership skills. That's teamwork skills. Their very mission driven you pound the mission and and and open event. That show up on time. And they do their work they work hard. Although characteristic that you want a new boy they've got good even before they tell you about all the incredible experience they have now we also teach them when they're ready to talk about that incredible experience that they have from the service. We teach Candace say that in the civilian terms. Just not easy to. I've had many terrorist members telling that they do and I look at him because that's great so what are you didn't but the I usually successful Iowans should be able to go to that table and tell their company. This is the kind of experience and I haven't. Seen on some of these companies really want you to have back. Yeah that's security clearance. Especially you know and everybody DOD contractor that. As we have permanent basis and then Burberry military base here in Colorado so keep that security there and puppet running. And if you have that in your hand if you've got to step up anybody from the outside to. So I'm definitely feel like the terrorist. Experience. What you've done in the service. Is important. And should be shared I think that that's really hard for veterans today yeah I was in the service. Okay what did you do all my penis in nineteen Mel what do you do that's another hard thing that we have to teach them implicated talk about yourself. Jump jump comment that's it's good are all good stuff see you again why you need to be there and why you need to be a part of it it is Saturday. October the seventh from nine to one it's that Hudson gardens there is. Parking there you'll be able to come in and now will will point January just to directed to where you need to be. Stand as much time as you need there. You know and then leave him and look if you're a civilian listening right now and you think command. You know we're probably not Khannouchi see out if you come. Armed you know if you're looking for for an opportunity as well so. So you know my advice to you but for those of you listening who maybe have. Children of your own that are in the service who you know we're going to be. But getting out of the military soon hey you let them know maybe they should come by just we will won as many people as we can help. I would say that and tank you know what else I had a veteran who Hewitt told attorneys and I just trying to work part time. I just need a little confidence. You know talk to these companies do and say you're not already done all that stuff to contact you know there's plenty of other small differences here that he's failed and installation. Whatever the product is amazing that some familiar interest isn't going to happen contrary. Her younger yeah. Perfect RM my friend well I will you know which is star packed enough demand we'll have a busy a busy day out there and. We look at the pelican perch and very excited. And bring in my camera can it is scored just sent out. It is beautiful every care is a great idea are you listen have a great week and I will see you on Saturday all right good you're saying that you value to thanks Rebecca. Aren't there you go Rebecca Sawyer Smith with us from the view the attention is public information officer there. She'll be there helping I'll be there to kick things off it's going to be a great day the thirteenth annual. Crews in 1430 veterans resource and job fair. Presented by Humana cholera crisis services and couldn't do that without the folks at the US department of veteran affairs and and UPS and hope to see a bunch of you out there as we try to help coloradans find work find jobs that's an important thing. Wanna put you to work. This is the Colorado veterans resource show on cruise in 1430 George connection to information and advanced life for and about Colorado as military veterans. Viennese and let's get started with the this week's program. So we're back here on the Colorado veterans resource showed good to have you tuned in today the program by foreign about Colorado veterans in you know every week we look forward to it. Inviting you're just along who's written Arab agreed tail would brief story agreed history a great you know something it's got its roots in. In military history a bit perhaps and Jason has got the story of two this thing's got it says tentacles in everything Jason for Tony with us this morning how you doing. I'm good Rick how are you just. I'm doing well thanks for those of you listening I suspect you've probably room. Read something that Jason's written here he writes for an awful lot of places that he's been published in. And now the the book the woman who smashed codes. This if this doesn't have movie written all over and I don't know what it's. Program. I mean I would love that. I I would love that immediate future it's definitely. It's definitely a wild story it's it's it's kinda deceiving the American story. And it was suppressed through a long time and and I wanted people to know. What are you know it Ed just when I think guys would do what's left to be written about our history and especially you know kind of connections to military history and stuff that the court nor can there possibly be a man. Someone like Elizabeth Smith comes along and and you mentioned that this had been suppressed had a habit didn't intentionally suppressed religious been forgotten. Fact there's a couple things going on oh we use sexism played a role in keeping a story under wraps you know it was a bit. It's accomplishments were. We're sometimes omitted Hillary been erased from history books. I. The net in her life. Men were in power earth are met around there because I think that's how I'm women warrants. Giving visibility for. Accomplishments in the technical field like legalistic prevention. Code breaker. How will follow or somebody you. Solves secret messages without knowing achieving. And she used that ability to view all of these things do major importance that kind of altered the shape of the twentieth century. Even though I did say she does she didn't get the credit reports. So Elizabeth Smith. He is the Shakespeare expert right. Yes so just the story begins. Specter you know this is what it is is hopefully in a lot of ways sorted out the birth of the American intelligence community that day. The CIA and FBI weighted these powerful agencies come from how did how did how are they born and how did big grow it to this mighty state fans. And it happy they begin to the very surprising way I didn't know the story and it's a pride we begin with Shakespeare. So in 1916. But the year before America entered world or why. Elizabeth had this chance meeting with with an eccentric rich guys. In Chicago. Who happen to be such a Shakespeare. And he was interested in a little bit because Elizabeth was. A poetry student she was. Not a mathematician shoot the poet and she's steady she's very college. Pot literature at a small school in rural Indiana. And it's rich that it was cafe with a little bit because she knew something much experience and the rich man how this. God fearing that. There were hidden secret messages hidden in the works of Shakespeare and there's these rescues could be revealed. And because he had so much money. He couldn't afford to hire people like a little bit and bring them thing is. 350. Acre. Lavish privacy private estate in the Illinois countryside. Or bring them there. And tell them to finally secure message since Shakespeare and it turned out to be kind of a wild goose chase the messages were not really there. But. That project Kindle. An interest in assassination in Elizabeth for. Secret message for all things related considered precedence for not breaking any kind of got hurt started on this side brilliant career. So she gets started along the way not long down the road she she meets a guy who would become. Her husband who who is a crypto adjusts William Friedman. And then the story really takes off right. Yes and so so Elizabeth has brought at age 23 to this and move the kind of bizarre state in the countryside is half a rich man's. Playground in half scientific laboratory. And there's she needs to be. A young man. Jewish. Scientists from Pittsburgh namely treatment. He's cute not a mathematician either he's a genetic because he said he planned. But. Elizabeth and William click. And within a year they are married. And you know Italian ranking seventeenth street scene after their needs. America enters World War I and so all of a sudden. What had been hit Susan very kind of eccentric. Eight cents to pull literary project. Defines the secret masses and Shakespeare. Turns into a very urgent project if you find secret messages written by. Germans in the war and so. You know because America was to Australia I'm prepared at that time there was no let us say that CIA the FBI is very young. We just weren't people in America he knew how to solve secret messages without knowing that he if you're a couple of the only people in America who really knew. Where were these Shakespeare experts in in the in the Illinois prayers. And so when would America into the war. Elizabeth and her husband William were recruited. If you its military projects. A solving military messages. Well that this is just this is really fascinating I envisioning this place in Chicago. I have the book to have an open and mrs. Kutcher I get to book late last week considering your office haven't opened yet. I'm imagining a faceoff photos of this place in Chicago like this really cool place that you know you might see on television and some Crenshaw or something right this room were released and they do in this word can. In just a bunch of really Smart people that are feeding off of each other was that anything like that. Yeah I think it's it's kind of it's kind of a forgotten. World it's the kind of place that. You know I'm very rich man in the gilded age group could create it was almost like. The late his own little kingdom. I mean. And and he could populated with some of the most talented scientists and countries simply because he was he was willing to. Build them whatever scientific equipment that they wanted he would go to those two leading expert didn't. In America and acoustic themselves spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to build your custom acoustic flattening and he would and then they would they would come. And so good that riverbank was it was a very odd institutions like a combination between. You know Willie Randolph Hearst's. You know enormous this stage and how pathetic thing is neither side is Glavine in Menlo Park. You know you walk around riverbank and you would see. You know one day Teddy Roosevelt would be it would be fair about Teddy Roosevelt fit to chat with. With the rich owner of these states who was his friend and some some other days there'd be famous actresses of today like Lilly let entry and then it you know another side of these days there was somebody who was. You know freezing the whole whole farm animals. Like cows and chickens and then there are dissecting them to try to discover secrets of nature as a very very unusual split. Had seriously that I'll man this this test of new businesses of maize and so Elizabeth and William now you know we go through prohibition and they do some work in. In helping cat should gangsters and and smugglers and stuff we get into world war two and now she's. Up against barrage and you know Hitler reserved. Apparatus. Do they eat it if she's trying to break here and make my codes and stuff like that do the Germans know about Elizabeth. I guess it's a great question so. It is they kind of began its. How are her work who works and how to begins in prohibition cheese during prohibition. She went to. The Treasury Department which has the responsibility for enforcing this kind of hopeless blah. And I and our job was to try to make progress on it and what she did was she created an achievement code breakers delete code breakers foot in the Coast Guard. And what they did every day what they intercepted. Secret secret radio messages that percent rum runners. We're trying to use radio about our radio and codes to conceal their their shipments. And a little bit toward. Sort of throw light on this dark and criminal underworld by using our code breaking abilities and and Michigan that's for ten years solid that you're selling thousands of messages of these front runners and so. Basically by that I mean World War II came around. She was one of the best in the country and the greens are very specialized and very important work. Hug intercepting radio messages insulting the code orange juice just one of the best because she's she's spent ten years between target practice some rum runners and and and it turned out that. Nazi spies. We're using the very similar kinds of radio equipment and very similar kinds of radio codes and techniques. If you look protected their secrets. Communications with the Nazi like in Berlin and so. You know not not planning it out that way but just kind of threw an accident of history an accident of her own experience Elizabeth became. It's very essential. Piece of the allied war strategy in that's our job was to this pro life. I'm meets well he's invisible Nazi spy networks and try to bring you are not respond to justice. Well but they yeah and you know Dave they had a great spies as well so it I'm you know I'm convinced the Germans that I mean they knew about. Elizabeth them and the work that she would. Did they know about her that's a really good question and come up. I think that's. You know. But both sides it was a battle with. You didn't physical part of the word that Churchill famously called the secret war. It was a war that was spot completely under the public radar public never knew about the tickets diamond and they didn't learn a lot of it. For for a decade. And there were. You know very capable. People on both sides trying to outwit each other cat and mouse game. With some of the best brains in the world comes analysts and it was certainly one of those so so. The Nazis did not he's absolutely knew. That the allies had some very I talented and capable. Code breakers what the allies didn't know. It's that's a little bit was able to move around listened to every word. That they were saying. Because he says it was a bit. What people juice salt. Multiple enigma. Appreciate that that is not to Saudi initiative she saw puny machines essentially by hand a pencil paper one of them was called dream. The other one was called red and the Germans. Did not think that the ballots to break their name occurred so so they had no idea there was it was such. Was reading all of their thoughts. Jason for Domi with this right here on May the Colorado veterans resource showed his book the woman who smashed codes. And it is see but just the rich story Tom Sheehan William their lives would. You know to continue Boo Williams for William. Terrible cost to his personal life and you can read about that in Jason's book. We didn't quite get to rule. In the interview the way we wanted because we ran short of time and they needed to move Malone took a third interview. But I really enjoyed catching up with Jason and I hope you enjoyed learning about his book and I would highly recommended for anybody who likes Greek ministries and spy novels and things like that this one just happens to be a true story. Well my friends there you go that does it for another edition of the Colorado veterans resource show right here occurs in 1430 Rick Crandall thank you so much for being with us here today. And for all those of you proudly wore the uniform in years past thank you for that service for those that continue to put the uniform on every day today. We're glad to have you out there keeping us safe and sound thanks for your services well. Back next week with another program and more great guests sharing things by four and about Colorado veterans. Right here crews and 1430 enjoy your Sunday. Go Broncos beat those traders.