Colorado Veteran's Resource Show - 4.9.17

Sunday, April 9th

This week on the Colorado Veterans Resource Show I'll be joined by Dave Lewis and Lew Moore tell us about the Broomfield Veterans Museum. Kay Howard’s third year to celebrate Memorial Day (Sunday) May 28th at Englewood High School. And Rebecca Sawyer-Smith of the Denver VA!


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George just in time for the Colorado veterans resource show an increase in 1430 this week our program will introduce you to US military maintenance mile high a commercial cleaning company that's a sponsor of this program and an employer of veterans right here in the metro area or talk to our friends at the Denver VA about resource is an information and how you access the system we'll check in with the Broomfield veterans museum and learn what they're doing up there at this incredible collection of military memorabilia. And K Howard would drop by from the city of Inglewood and Inglewood high school to talk about an event they have coming up in May and in our Colorado military history this week. Will introduce you to medal of honor recipient frank Munro Upton. It's the Colorado veterans resource show Emmitt starts now. Sunday afternoon at a must be time for the Colorado veterans resource show right here Chris and 1430 everybody. Also Sunday is still right where we just ahead of Easter and it is great having you with this hero in this beautiful weekend there. Colorado Rockies home opening weekend you know so everybody excited about that just it's a great time to be here in a good day for UB two million. On the Colorado veterans a resource show a lot of good things to tell you about today are friends from the VA will be along we're gonna talk about. Volunteer opportunities with the VA kind of interest in you know how many different programs and in things around here in town with volunteers woke. Talk with a David doctor via about that so also we're gonna head up to Broomfield visit with the guys up at the Broomfield veterans museum. You're about this place it's open a couple of days a week and it's kind of a cool place we'll talk about that. Jay Howard will be along to talk about it Inglewood high school's Memorial Day ceremony that to have for the third year this year. I will have a Colorado military history moment talked about a World War I medal of honor recipient. This week T 100 anniversary of America entering World War I April 6 as a matter of fact back in 1917 but. We'll start our program today by introducing you to ladies doing some a pretty good work your intent is to bricks with this how are you. Don't worry if I'm doing very well thanks in debt paid first off thanks for being a great sponsor of the program from that from the beginning I appreciate dad. And I'm excited to hear about your business tell what you been up to. Absurd. I would have been burned a few years and we're looking at it and I've had a lot of help. And we society and our mission. Hiring black community by paying back. Exactly accurate and their families and met providing them an honest and honorable wage. Am a great kid you know cleaning in the very low. Impact. The so I really don't delay and in the mental health and anything regarding. I. The background thinking I'm about how I have an actor certainly did help. I'm tired and my little niche industry really help the veterans. They didn't like him back with one hand I'm. Let incompetent so I'll eat you up luckily there are out of commercial editorial building maintenance at we. You any income drop there is you update their counted view. You know even your video they could handle. That it. What are our yes. Are you suggesting we need cleaning in near you. We didn't meet people think that there is. No doubt about it I I do know. Did just nobody is the US military maintenance mile high deaths that's the name of you go to mile high WS military maintenance dichotomy confined to their end and the company. You mentioned Reid decides I teach a course of the Regis in the springtime stories from more time and we have a lot of Regis these you know young vets just back from Iraq Afghanistan. The war on terror and and you're right you see them at different. Points of return you see them in their from point to the process of react to a meeting and just trying to get their feet under him and in good for you for providing an opportunity. Yes apparently. And I actually I remember a year. You're out during my memory that the burden that time you know you're gonna let that ran you don't have a high ball and you know I was I was glad I think ineptly a lot. While that's not. Blah blah. I I would I would not bloody year out here are identical and am I different ilk. He IE I didn't I can rarely do you record the courage your family you know. They're given up crime without the you know they move around a lot they act it's you need to actually be a leader. And you know I can't Gregory or her employees and Linux are they don't you know that turned turned. It inherent Colin Powell. You know I'm gonna let you hire a veteran now we've incorporated about him he could feel that. Shouldn't he include other. Absolutely right so. So her business Asia's business hires veterans to to work for the company to to provide cleaning services and as as a signature feet under your. But more then bad also offers you of your business an opportunity to. You know to hire a company there to do some work free of its employing veterans and know that a portion of the revenue a goes back to patriotic concerns right. Crack. We've partnered to hire a period where is he I don't went Petri topic. Has started the program years military need it and luckily I have a partnership across the country for all your head or die I've been turned owner Rick. And goes and the employee island community into Amber's got Barbara real I've said that the higher it up. Sure it's a great idea you know I'm get your ability to clean. How Leah did you record are well. And you know you're given back that you can mean you're up to get him back or PJ. Nice arts moved so but before we go any further America's I wanna do this a couple of times let's tell folks have a new entitlements. There you can read their act and it is now I'm aware that in thirty and I think that they are on the way. And you add edit and do you think I'll call you all US military need it and dot com. Perfect tomorrow Haider US military maintenance dot com. You know you've got a business even a home run you do army we've talked about businesses what to do all types equating. We've killed we do anything against them mop the day I'll read you went and grainy video contract hit. You know your movie. Meaning you needed common greens you have that extra time. I've got other times you know it mainly in the movie if you could check in ignorant remark on your house eating lunch. You know he didn't they let you aren't. How about flying it in now copy management. I think creating Natalie ability to go wide you know we're we're here at duke. You know look in your Atlanta and I I go back out you know what you read like our mission and we are definitely I'm. Above the national. Sure now tell me about your service you're in the navy right. Yes her that I do I didn't plot here I'm Donald meager reserves I'm not here ethically airport eight. And how can you see glory years and I look at it another thought tree on the failure. Okay good still and reserves still serving in debt. Who one thing meant to a lot of people don't understand about McCleon MM pretty close with Buckley. I'm engaged with a lot of guard events and things and the actor goes after birth Buckley is made up more of just air force in National Guard the Marines are there of the navy's there it says. It's got the full force out there represented in the end you know it's good to see it's good to see all the different uniforms. Well I think they're you know I don't know there are many people I would either you know are you gonna grab electric car door and quite. A bit you know and an end and it definitely need you got like I play immediately him back and what are your. Yeah and you know an important bit how he you know I'm I'm deeply I had my my company. I'm out there you know puck into that potential client didn't confirm me out and John Boehner is there a little nervous and I am. You know they are getting them you know our community Karen damn birdies and an up cargo airplane into the spring this year. And now they're just very. You know they're very well remember a lot and I think we have a great catch and but I ordered here in our community. That's very cool well for all those of you listening to the program today particularly those of you the use cleaning services whether at home murder or. With Europe with your business. They say are you ready to experience military clean and Iowa now allied because for any anyone of us who's been a basic training on our knees with a brushes cleaning their cracks in the bathroom floors so we understood him Phil woods are actually interface so. So yeah it's a special try to clean so boy give a collar draw on the website them and the abilities and get him signed up and haven't come do some work for their good good job my friend and angry for what you're doing. You that he crick land I have a wonderful day. Yet you do the same I'll talk to you soon I got a big glass memorial right up by Buckley there that needs cleaning from time determines a Demi because you. You. And if you aren't here at the park aren't other American community here in an hour. Anarchy. Of course we're proud to do it thanks very much a talk to you soon. Aren't there you go in and so there you go you know that's that's kind of a cool way to start today yet. A veteran owned and operated business employing veterans right that's what it's all about trying to help the veteran community. And thank you to teach you brick again it is US military maintenance mile high. If we go tomorrow hideout US military maintenance dot com you can get all kinds of information right there. Yeah and she says are you ready do experience military cleaner that they'll do an amazing job for you give McCall took him to work for you and that's how we start to show here today. We've got lots more to do our friends from the VA your dropping by next stage to him. Military service of our citizen soldiers sweeping Colorado veterans resource show. Time for more valuable information for those who have served. It's the Colorado veterans resource show right here at prison 1430 thanks for joining us summary crib hosted the program Christian failures during the week charm The Breakfast Club Monday through Friday. From sixty noon but I get this opportunity on Sunday to share an hour with do you end. Discuss things by foreign about Colorado veterans know only a show in town that is dedicated exclusively to Colorado veterans and we're proud to present it to you every week here and of course every week on the program we're joined by. Our good friends over at the VA and the bed and that's an important relationship because. You know there's if it's like anything in the world right now is today you know social media can be a little misleading at times that just because you read an onion and that doesn't mean it's true in the you know all of that so and so disinformation misinformation so we get a chance of our friends at the VA every week to just be sure the Wright story to tell you know but what's what I know how you get to stuff them. I'm really glad this weekend I'll have my friend David for an interview with the cell Eudora. Bob do wonderful breakthrough on the grid here are. Probably multiple numbers in the bathroom door and opens gated all right. Where are RO I appreciate that thanks so much and it's good do good to share some time with you here today. Does he got answers for folks in the end there we got to we got some ground to cover today which is exciting. I learned from you every time I talk to you my a V8 311. I don't know that I really understand that. Well you know bomb the heck out. We. The longer cause call that a huge sense golf course to follow the example law doesn't follow all the mention is made it easier of a veteran made it better. For the veterans there were 100. And 42. Separate 1800 numbers of phone numbers. Tibetans can call I mean. Whether they needed that you don't talk about ahead stronger. Almost debt Trevor. Media guaranteed home alone or you know health care eligibility so he did VA was really sweet. We it is almost virtual love the way we realize that these would be. He's not a market anybody that it could call you okay they'll go forward into their car rental Villa rental insurance LB insurers push. And that's what might be 8311. Or is loose setup for that by the way if you are 1844. My PH three flood water. 6982311. And into basically triage. All of our veterans true or family members are stakeholders. Beginning answers Jerusalem. And rolling out their benefits of the things that they had arm through their service to the nation. Okay. Fair enough that debt seems like helping people in end. Like you said there are. I don't think anybody really graphs are really has an understanding. A just this go through the range of things that the VA does for veterans that do that. Opportunities that are available for veterans and including the veterans who served dinner and those. You know you're you're absolutely right Rick I guy out behind. I think probably you know an expert until I come in the next day find out more things that all of our learning you know we have although we're caregiver support for people post 9/11. Family members friends. I actually is site and didn't and eighty. There at all insurance through Katie Gerald veteran that jet daycare and so all we have a debt management center which helps people figure out their finances and coaches and we had education. All my daughter the recipient might post nine elevenths Shiite village use Porsche and if you received minor senators you do American University. She didn't get ready to graduate put it equally occasionally you do learn how to apply the good I believe. I'll bet for medical program veteran Luke never hurt a little while conservatives when Merrill sees. Can receive free medical. Are cared cemetery services. You use your honorably for your nation. You're gonna be honored in your final law. You're you're you're vital love services and patient's life insurance although I didn't usually end of the benefit our. We have notebook there's almost reiterated longest outlining the it's. I. Wow. Oh yeah it's like trying to read the tax code right ME NT did. The tax drugs like thirty give zillion pages long and try and understand all that so. So you know I mean good for you did did that your in the office there in you guys are. Trying to make it easier for people to consume that information. Absolutely and and you know I I I feel really you're absolutely. If other people you know remember I'd like to give up my number it is obvious question that I can also direct them. Local in Colorado Tuesday veterans or eighty VFW American legion but if that's all right ripped up like you know my personal somber. Yeah absolutely. That number 303. Seven or eight. 9992. Against real dream. Seven or eight. 99. Nine twos so if anybody ever question my maybe it'll help avoid them in the right direction you're. Kim is one of our. Community engagement borders. I'd be happy to do all. That's perfect and tell me about it because. You're now. I mean we've got so many different offices and acronyms and names and stuff which you're in you're in the veterans engagement office right. 88 the right direction experience do you. My call our office or directly burrow our soccer and using now secretary of the department of veterans affairs and pour it on several projects where you're really a percent. Oh what an Asian experience. More enterprise all the Asian experience seeing those practices is allowed to glean from organizations like UCLA. Mayo Clinic job in Cleveland clinic. It will internally in really trying to. The best practices and occasionally experience. Together to make our urgency you know you're better another is Mike communities where we have seen Yi who forward and we more weird the local community. And help provide those services. For example we have eight joining community forces. Other knee showed quarreling catalog since they had over 300 nonprofit organizations. And there's little. Provide help like wood memorial for freedom service dogs are these people who shouldn't really wanna give back to those that trojans sacrificed so much. Perfect perfect this is all good stuff see that's why like Kevin you guys on every week because. Everybody listening ear nose going wow this is you know this is so beneficial for me so helpful for me. And the end it all exists right here in my own backyard I don't have to. You know be indeed true people on the other side of the planet I can talk to Dave and I conducted room to Rebecca I can talk to folks until it. You know do this system in the end it's all just really here if you just know the right things to ask him the right places to start itself. You know there's one thing and I can't I'd also like to hear about this desert yes you can call might give our walk. Globally this year and at 9 o'clock a lot of holdovers like they had to do warned everybody hadn't had a paper out. I think a number glue outlook given to Medea. I couldn't. Did you call them IE eight Cleveland won you're gonna be able to give link here but I want to give out the veterans crichton's long com we hear about it it is a couple years or some bad press Aussie what is good and prove they're better able 400 a operators. We major crisis isn't in our nation's. Especially acute among veterans. I'll I don't understand that there are actually do understand it we have. Relief for you veterans day the war. Cheat their own lives and keep. Don't want any end. The more people we can get out of reach. So they do better and so I'd like to get better numbers so everybody can know and yeah pretty good or you know another number of organic. 1800. And sent him to read off that these two sides 18113. Talkative online. It's 24 hours a day they're professional Al lose all these you know with low post traumatic stress. All they can also although there that you then maybe they used to make sure that veterans. That all care needs of taking care of immediately end and I heard people who write that down I don't know wall put America first. And then they ever had been healed he's been here so they're like they're. Give that number out because these closer absolute professionals. And it won't solo blue there's lessons crisis. Perfect you know this has been all really really good stuff all right so now that we've given you. The opportunity to very grab a pad the pencil and all that stuff let's do this again so you just got the veterans crisis life. And then David if you would demy VA 311 number again. Absolutely I'm gonna get it is to raise. Remember 84 or. And then you can still have your own mind VA you know is my opinion he's bigger. My 8311. It goes just like numbers that 84 or. 9823. 11. And also my phone number so what can we get to Colorado resources. Like doctor Diana Richie lull that from them saying all of that is sort Smith who's a preacher that. Do you recall sir I can link yup right it will suit. From my personal low numbers through a period. 74899. At 92. Perfect well very. Very well done my friend lots of great information there at the end what you to make me a promise that did you come back to visit with me a whole bunch. Absolutely god bless you got bullet you can I have three. Thanks David I talked to you soon. Are right there you go again David frank give via if you wanna know who that was and who was giving out his cellphone number for your column David referring to via. Is his name and he says he's one of the good guys with the VA. Frank reveal spelled FR PNC AV IL LA again he's in the veteran experience office here in town. And I certainly. David knows everybody that's there and Jim direct you to the right person if you're looking for a little help. You can also check with your American legion VFW post strike all of the states. Department of the American legion of Colorado has a service officers there that can help you Robert Rhodes. Daryl Meier helps over there as well the VFW has people also so if there's a lot of people who wanna help you just need to. To find them in and give my call and ask okay so. There you go that was that was pretty good stuff I'm glad we can do that we've got more to share with you that's for sure it's the. Colorado venture in zoom resource show up next. The Broomfield veterans museum there are pretty cool place to tell you thanks. You want the military service of our citizen soldiers. Veterans resource show. Time for more valuable information for those who have served. This week in Colorado military history we're proud to remember frank Monroe Upton and ends in in the United States navy. He was born in Loveland Colorado April 29 1896. And earned the medal of honor well serving aboard the USS Stewart. In April of 1918 during World War I. He died June 1962. And is buried at Arlington national cemetery his medal of honor citation reads for extraordinary. Heroism following internal explosions. On April 17 1918. The CEO in the vicinity of the wreckage was covered by a massive boxes of smokeless powder. Which were repeatedly exploding frank M Upton of the USS Stewart plunged over board to rescue was survivor who was surrounded by powder boxes. In too exhausted to help himself. Fully realizing the danger from continual explosions of similar powder boxes in the vicinity he risked his life. To save the life of another man. Franken Munro wahpeton Colorado zone and our Colorado military history this week. On the Colorado veterans resource show. It's the Colorado veterans resource show right here at crews in 1430 armored Crandall hosted the program and always a pleasure to spend time with few here. Any chance we get doing things by four and about veterans you know how are strongly we have believed in that over the years and continue to believe in that didn't. This program is it really that it's by Ford about veterans not only do provide veterans resource information benefits information and the like but we tell you what's going on in the community for veterans as well went. Since the day they opened in fact today even this museum open they deny your radio show that dale after museum. Which was a great treat for me I've been up a couple of times and I'm talking specifically about the Broomfield and veterans memorial museum. And Dave Lewis and Lou more with the summer program today hey don't tell us. Bilbray thank you see is four and were good guys. Reiterated it is a pleasure to have you here Dave let's have them not assume that everybody listening knows about the place and and so what don't we start or give a little history about this museum of. He broke for America memorial museum was started brace for more war two veterans are reliving it and they grew real look at time. And they you know they have some artifacts from all the stories to share and they just couldn't do you know what what's gonna happen here it's as real as we believe that you deserved. It has decided to assist sort of hold museum. And does this is another Lebanon but around 2000 and actually started using the 2001. The end it's located in the old may be dealt with Eisenhower library. In Broomfield. And and it's that time mr. girl putting a little room. And since says time has grown to work to look we have a whole entire push for a video of the building. It is it is really a remarkable place in the end. You know I think what would fascinates me the most about it is it's made up of a lot of artifacts and items from folks in the community it's surprising what people have in their possession. No actually they have more stuff than we can handle. Is that right who have yeah yeah. Deep VP I suspect you do get a lot of people locked him up to the door saying hey do you want. So yes we do it. The fact we've finally had to put up assigned to please do not least open the door. I. Think that's a typical that the so and so Lou tell me how you came about being involved with this group. So I would. Let Hillary and they were looking for somebody to be a treasure the new organization. So I get recruited them and that kind of opening night. But I really enjoy it it's good it's a good group of individuals in this this program to do are quite exciting. I'm very interesting Cilic eventually become. Patient if you well. Church has and you know I think show one of the one of the highlights of what you do there at at the museum is the little gatherings. You know the coffee's worth folks come in and share their. Experiences their stories and you're welcome to sit in them and listen in to be part of the conversation that you know conversations always a good thing. You that we simply do what we call C agencies were just talking conversation twice a lot for example we have won this month. Far this Saturday two things. And that's. In the week we bring people ended murder very understanding to this general political and they're veterans sort of attack Israel folks just have been essentially stories. For example if you with a few months ago we had a lady there corporate voluntary war to. You her story was purely a string them last. Two weeks ago I guess we did three female. The risk that the ladies there have been in the military they were telling their story. You know there was extremely interest rates so we we invite people in the community come and join us opinion does have a look up in the door isn't just just enjoy it. I suspect if so if folks what doomed the endured the word may be surprised to see them through the breadth of the collection there. Where they were talking you know civil war through today right. Yes that's correct. And we try to continually these they can refine. We're still growing and we're still learning how to be a real museum. Yeah yeah. Well lets you know it's an Anthony teach in school. But because I don't work there were about to volunteer. Yeah that sort of. Yeah that that's really kind of the the finding its its what I love about everybody mean. Most of the folks who listening know about you know my involvement in creation of the car at a free memorial auditorium in in you know it's the same kind of an idea it's a real grass roots folks that are just simply because their hearts in it and you know what I think that makes them the play Smart plays and in yours is well even that more exciting bit it's just people that really care about it. Yeah and I think there's a lot of camaraderie among the volunteers we have Serb colonel I think it's 35. Volunteers. They're kind of rotate and do the show what kind of been to deal military role yet. Sure sure now you know I'm near its worst what we're bring in three days in. We remote airport yet so I was here for super do you allow Marines dinner do you just let him visit ever saw some. Stuff. But there. That the rape of winter flying missiles there. I FF FF FF that's a look at what food and. It is you can gather listening into the conversation and all of this this goes on I promise you at the museum as well there's. There's there's some bid doesn't take very long for a bunch of veterans to be together to start to pitch in impose punitive. Love some of no return outdoor we've taken we you would have. Others from our donation but both of bubble yeah they're they're there is they've done a fight is airforce Marines. So army. That it. Let's let this week we will provide them supporting a success. Luke Luke tell me about your your service and you're you're retired colonel tell me about your service. I spend a lot of my years in the strategic air command. Major aircraft that flew it to be picked to do. Flew over mom and he had a lot of Cold War flights. And then I ended up. In the systems command and actually give a lot about play after retired from the air force who worked for IBM. The bill does stuff that can do those. They go bubbled up there. It's nice yeah is that a good life when she's. My in my career rescind the in the air force that was a load master Fulton into too much or 00119. Jeanette from 130. OK so I flew a modified 130. I was doing radio in Guam and flew modified 130 with the weather squadron million to a typhoon in the whole world. Did it once and survive didn't didn't see any need to do really don't serve. As soon as I felt like I would let you know that when you go to repaired and returned to restore reason Deborah Russell regulator to let us. So folks listening who's who would like to come to the museum for south let's tell them for sure where you're out. We're at twelve guard center in Broomfield Colorado. Which is just talk but to release seven the end midway boulevard. It's they come since fighting deep Wells Fargo Bank facility. Okay and as I recall were oh in Saturday night to three Thursday tend to. This terror and it embodied special you know it's. That there's a group or something no western come visit won't make arrangements to meet demand that. OK perfect end to end its people hurt our interest in May be more than just visiting. They'd like to volunteer or make a donation thanks sure that's welcome as well. So I can producer I. Definitely think the bookcase. That that. At one thing Rick all of our program some all of the visits are free. Still don't charge for a meeting widow and charge for the doughnuts. Would you accept donations. I gut check of Broomfield veterans dot com you can get to the web say you can sign up for the newsletter there and I would really encourage bad sign up for the newsletter you then. You know about speaker programs that are coming up and other activities that happen during the year Memorial Day program sings like that. And it's a good way for you to stay in touch with the guys up there and and that team. Amendment make one more intrigue there is appropriate reference of. Dot org you know what I do that all the time Broomfield veterans out oracle future that there is there. Guys again thank you for your service thank you for your time in in sharing with this year today about everything that goes on up there I know you're awfully proud of that in May and I hope you tell everyone up there minimized things cheer my thanks with him for all they do not just about there's some. I'd like to come up to be a speaker after one time may be about the memorial and to share with you get. You know you probably do create a real wonder presumably it would be and it's still I'd love to have out to them they are they cute so our eyes glued to give you lose take care proto. Our own either you go Lou more to him and Dave Lewis a couple of the guys that are involved with the Broomfield veterans memorial museum. You know a community that Texans face that was available in an old librarian decided to do something with it something productive thin and made veterans museum out of there at the end. They've got wonderful artifacts in collection after teach your kids and bring kids go in the NC a little bit yourself to get him involved with the intrepid now part of Tareq. I promise you you will amount to regretted they're really good appreciative people in fund to be around spent some time. Are right it is the Colorado veterans resource the show right here and cruise and 1430. When we come back to the Memorial Day is not far away believe it or not in that weekend at Inglewood high school K Howard's got a pretty special event viewer and I'm. We'll hear about it from her next from right here recruits and 1430. Military service of our citizen soldiers with the Colorado veterans resource show. Time for more valuable information for those who have served. And we're back hero on the Colorado veterans resource show which crews in 1430 Rick Crandall with you this Sunday afternoon hope York. A beautiful Colorado weekend is doing well this a new show that we've debuted here. They crews in 1430 now and our fourth week cam day getting lots of wonderful comments and reaction from those of you have become a good listeners of this program quickly so thank you very much in. Each week on the program it's important for us to share. Not only resources that are available but events that dorm and our community by four in about two veterans in one of those happens over at Inglewood high school the Memorial Day weekend. My friend K Howard behind all of this and she's with us now on the program how are yet. And I'm good I'm excited to talk to you and let everybody know about what's happening well. I'm excited for you this year it is well so I'm gonna get out of your way in the end what you tell them what's. And we haven't had been scheduled to 28 at my age. Fisher auditoriums. And it's to honor all of our veterans on the Sunday. And there are a lot of partying handicapped access to help the big theater. With theater like seats it holds about 850 people. And I think our third year to celebrate. The first year we honored world like you. And we have about fourteen. Arab World War II veterans consecutive year we honored Korea and we we're. Honored to have about twenty. Curry and that's. And the rest of the theater when Vietnam. All the other veterans consistent. Defense not checked for. Tingle legs veteran skin or. Everybody. We want them to come and we encourage them to Wear their uniforms and their ribbons pinned their mettle. And we want to pay honor to all of her mattress until we know so much cue from our freedoms. Now 12. Let two point outfits have. This isn't just because it's it's part of something that depth to you're intimately involved with us and and I was proud dude to have talked about Jim brag about to do while it was under way by touch. You worked very hard on me on a memorial that sits in front of Inglewood nice. We can head. In fact it you do you know Kim drag ago. Each state sponsor and and creator of the Vietnam memorial downtown Denver and friend capital shore he was one of my mentors and you're one of those cities encouraged to meet in the beginning when you very hard. We created a 300. Color rather grow granite monument that is in front of the school by the flag pole shift surrounded by. He heard. With veteran name on them and some of them are tricks. Like this long so they're big papers and they tell a story I can't tell when they come. They can see. And the history I'm glad that you can have done. A lot of KYE a guy in fact I have. A lot of until killed in action pictures and bios that will be in the lobby and I encourage everybody. She can be just email me pictures and little bio can help put him in the lobby. Perfect so this is it Englewood high school Fisher auditorium is there. After high school in this is going to be on May 28. Memorial Day weekend it'll be 130. And so wonderful celebration now let folks know what always involved with the celebration because there's music and distributes its its a big deal. Apple are it and then you're gonna have fun and they're gonna have an opportunity again. Can talk to these veteran caddie a story we have the New York 79 Thai lenders bagpipe career. Douglas county and marine escort people keep their seats. We have absolutely fabulous orchestra Jill Petersen orchestra and he entry fears. We had about rolling thunder you know like. They're gonna put on him making law and ceremony and that it brings everybody to cheer universal. We still got fixture in 16100. Vietnam. Veterans missing. And then you're supposed ceremony outside. The honor Dell foundation. We'll have a live bugler playing cap. A rifle salute. And they're going to treat and an American flag to a gold star family. Reunion curtain shoot building in Afghanistan hasn't. Stanley any little girl can be there. That's wonderful. That is wonderful again this is going to be Sunday may 28 130 in the afternoon. A lot serve so pieces and parts K he's done such a wonderful job with this so. If you're looking for a way to keep the Memorial Day the meaning of the weekend. In your hard in me and keep it alive this certainly would be a good way to do that over in Inglewood. And today K you've got a FaceBook page to of people mechanic keep in touch they can follow along on FaceBook can you update details and stuff there right. I do at its Inglewood high school military memorial. I'm page book. Everything there and making contact meteoric com ear whenever. Okay. Well my friend it is. Always a pleasure to catch up with you and it's and a look forward to keep bragging about your event Wilshire keep telling people here. And a best of luck to annoy a lot of Vietnam veterans will be with you this year. And a year are correct it's right do we continue to welcome them home and then give them the attribute that we didn't give them when they served. It's a long overdue welcome home Vietnam. Amen sister are my friend up Archie again soon. Here all right Kate there you go K Howard him. You know it's it's all about what you can do right if you're passionate about something if and she was passionate and Inglewood high school grad she was passionate about. Honoring first of those Rangel would high school who gave their lives in service and created this. Yeah that's a big granite stones at the top friend that says veterans memorial and it's got to symbols of the branches of service on an attempt. You know it's it's a neat thing and it took her a long time all of these things trust me I know from experience all these things take time to do stuff like that. In its meat when communities honor their own and so they've got this special celebration. We'll continue to tell you about it and upcoming weeks can see you know it's good to know about things like that and look at it from reminds me to let you know that if you go to our web site crews in 1430 dot com. And go to the Colorado veterans resource show page you can let us know about events you've got going on right if there are things you've planned if there. Ways you're going to celebrate not only Memorial Day but anything that you don't plan for veterans. We love to share that with you on the show so crews some 1430 dot com. Go to the Colorado veteran to resource page and let us know the details right there. Well my friends I don't know where it goes so quickly but there it is the color of veterans resource show in the books for this deep ruled the ninth and we appreciate you spending part of your afternoon with the Sears today. A reminder for you if you have guessed ideas for future shows a few questions you'd like just to get answered for you if you have a veterans of interactivity coming up did you like forced to share. You can get all that information to us pretty simply go to crews in 1430 come. Check out to Colorado veterans resource show teaching you can submit all evaporate there okay thanks to our guests who were with this today. Coming up by next week's show we're gonna spend some time with Gordon paid just the spirit of flight museum up an eerie. Catch up with the VA of what's going on there including information on our upcoming veterans fare it's going to be April 22 in Aurora. The veterans resource in job fair and lots of jobs available we'll tell you about those next week. And play anymore this year is well it is Colorado as veterans resource show. I'm crews in 1430 see you next week.