Colorado Veteran's Resource Show - 9.17.17

Sunday, September 17th

This week we talk to Benjy Brackman - Rabbi - Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities - Surviving Auschwitz’s Angel of Death, Disabled Amercian Veteran's about their information seminar and The VA. Enjoy!


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Colorado veterans resource show and crews in 1432. Connection to information in advance live for and about Colorado is a military. Viennese and let's get started would this week's program. This week on the Colorado veterans resource show we're gonna visit with rabbi Bengie Brookner who's going to tell us about a program coming up at DR data center for the arts and humanities. That feature is a child survivor of our shorts and the Holocaust. It is an important evening for the Fam leave four kids in for all who want to know this story and understand the history and become witnesses themselves of this. Horrors of the Holocaust. We're also gonna visit with the VA the veterans fare is getting closer and tons of job resources are being added will bring you the very latest information about that. Put gel with our friends over at the DAV. They do incredible work in our community and across the nation we'll get an update on the DAV. And some national POW MIA recognition day was this week. How many POW MIAs are there will tell you that is well the Colorado veterans resource show begins now. I cure for the Colorado veterans resource show occurs in fourteen. Thirty Sunday afternoon emirate Crandall thank you so much for tuning in this program by four and about two. Colorado is veterans and sometimes that includes veteran experiences sometimes. That includes a bit of history in our program and end. That's the aspect to that we're going to start with here today our friends a paternity or Travis center. Are opening their doors to a very special event surviving how Schwartz's Angel of death just an evening with. Child holocaust survivor. Are reminiscent mango and I'm really really excited that two oh the Bengie is with me here today who is center that is. Hands in this sin in involved with putting this together brings you thank you so much for your time today appreciate it. Eight. Slowly closer to be here. So rabbi Bengie Brockman and a lot of you know those of you in the Jewish community in particular no of him in the works to the extent. Let's let's set let's start a little bit Bengie before we get into this evening talk a little bit about the work ditch your degree work do you do after a northwest metro Denver. So we're here for about 141514. Years and a goal is to reach out and Jewish community. Eat you you'll be quite metro Denver is. Not like guys Honda Glendale that I'm a very large Jewish population so lovable we do is. You have reached trying to. Engaged accuse you keep. In the program kick in the teeth and their approach this problem that we believe might well coming up. Next week it is just didn't line which are critical to reach out to the but not quite met through the good Jewish community people who engage them in eight really exciting and there. They are flashier than. And we consulted they can't speak actually look services. We have elections throughout the year we have global education. Treat different. Sixty courses that we offer beginning in October and another loan beginning in the third period and a lot beginning in May. Very engaging. And we have we include social programs really reach out the elderly and infirm in the community. Eat Kraft democratic hopeful I'm beat up a bit. All they yield all NBA should model and a full we are we here and for the community and a lot of what we do also served non Jewish community is well. This one. Being one of those types of government where many. Non Jewish friends a little bit and then won't learn about this and they're a rebel and I got all he. All this is so. The important beyond belief it's as I mentioned you just briefly before we started its. It's personal to me in a sense. I'm not Jewish would've I've been to die for our bill I've been narrowed to two Roush which works through with the a woman from here in Denver who. Who lost relatives of hers and our swift so I am haunted to this day by it. Right not so much Steve their physical structure but just the feeling of being there and sit com. And it did now has you know become. As well for me or cause the people never forget this time in our history and so now here in our very own town. A chance to listen to somebody although only ten when it happened has has changed the entire direction of his life. Correctly and there you can get killed and and that through the lab like. If you if you could see it through I mean this conflict. You. Obviously got completely it's succeeding in the sense that I. All of our flag getting older and are hard to look in beauty can dig at Taylor and but you don't like everybody Gelman you're rabbi in. Can have a how good the hall of course going to be no doubt you can you can carry content becoming stronger and strengthen this great us. That they can be treated very special. And NN two I know. People would have been natural. Fit it would be human nature and it is human nature to think fit in scenes like this like an Irish whip through those that. That fought in the jungles of Vietnam are those you know what those kinds of situations where there's so much death and there's so much evil. Do you know where we're is guide in this and to have somebody like care rabbi mango here to to to tell that to explain that. And then tune to. Add to some personal some first person. You know knowledge of what that was all about it I I strongly recommend that people bring young people this is not something that's taught every day in schools there are most likely any decent school so. Anytime you can get somebody who has a first hand experience like this. Around you would do you know when you have an opportunity to participate in the conversation. And shame on you if you don't resonate. Yeah yeah I think especially young people who did yeah. Yeah obviously you know and he's right. Even if it's important to hold it never. Already told with the provide good. Yeah and Poland and the like you're very good person that I can rabbi from going to object okay. Yeah see you probably one of the greatest crises we're crises took great sentinel also looked at so many people and but it could detract from the election for young people and I encourage and we actually have the baby is to try to get an adult look. Pull through student the company we want to encourage them that Mulder really ugly. A demographic that we really want to reach out to they're the ones we're gonna be continuing this story effect you get to a handful year old child in that. It in the audience you know. You seem to be be telling their story now. Or Q3 no grandchildren this addiction and the life from the narrative by another under the third year. They knew very real person the way through actual movie. And it is for the children. It falls on us all of them because of that generation continues to leave us I mean they're in their ninety's now dude dude there firsthand knowledge of World War II. Is soon is soon to be gone so then it's on us to be witnesses to that experience and end. Into the continued telling the story is usually as you've said rabbi Bengie Bragman with this. So it down surviving OSHA which is Angel of death it'll be Monday September 25 that the main stage theater of the DR Bradley Center. Com you can get information about tickets and all that good stuff if you go to our data center dot org slash on stage and then look for this event. There are couple of the ways you could participate you could buy tickets and sit in the theater enjoy if there's also a VIP reception packaged. Yet dinero Bengie is says there was reading through the information is the thing that. Also the reason you keep mentioning use them I keep mentioning yet. Even today in our own neighborhoods and certainly you up in northwest metro Denver we still see signs of of hate to it's it's unfortunate that had there been incidents of of anti semitism and consider teaching young people. You know the root of that he demand what do grows into again and we set it a million times but it's important for them to be there this evening. It's your vehicle and he. Feel really fairly blatant dirty didn't countries that can't get everything was granted. He didn't exactly what you feel like I'm not excusing everything that they did have didn't have the perspective of all of course. And they're rearview mirror. Today. Do you have the perspective of all of whole scenario rearview mirror however we go read this thing up myself further and further from. At times didn't think Q and yeah as such I think we are seeing her. Surgeon told the anti semitism and eat and talk and being aware of this paper and you know. I'm not I'm not injecting god it is good we could be all of a whole new concrete it's a blank do you think that we are we are. Getting the less the less absolutely completely cute. And it's. An event like this reminds us that we are. Familiar ground global giving your mind Google walked people that you control. Because. And big picture that went unchecked spin this and then you know I believe this is what we see here. We can't take that didn't. Big area KP did that I think Australia. That won't go to school. This is great so nevertheless we can't speak up and young people are probably one when they see something. If you had been picked on in class because it is religion it's a people. And if we want people to speak up and business like this I hope bullet out of touch it. Absolutely do. And and that's the way I've had the you could call it. Good fortune or misfortune or good good fortune RR sixteen year old granddaughter has lived with us her whole life we've helped raise her hand. I can count and a number of times where my own opinions of things were changed by her opinions as a as a young person looking with a totally different set of eyes that things. You know don't discount them because of their age values their opinions and listen to them and and you know I think they can achieve change in us as well. It's. That we can and cannot and it's refreshing actually Bob. You hear club and hitting you kids. Speaking out gained great I didn't been big in this debacle on the project actually that we do. Been so good equipment debate camp called camp Colin. What you are what you did to pick your kids the opportunity to. YouTube service station volunteers in the community. And opt out and he's beautiful if he really didn't they whipped up when we had refugees come up from damn good at keeping up. And and the empathy and behind you said that the young people today shares for the Rick you can't live here in Denver. We're extremely rewarding and very very satisfied continued kids today if you have. Don't stand full full full bigotry and that they did you move people need to be reinforced. Sarah what do I know one of the highlights before I let you go one of the things I know you do you must be. Thrilled about it is. The first two few letters of the new Taurus scroll. That is going to be dedicated to the victims of the Holocaust. That's going to be taking place here as well and and down must that that must really ever enjoyed your heart. He really does he know he. A few months ago unfortunately. There was that swastika painted it's on the bridge is so look option brilliant we've been. Actually culture or walk away from us in the yard and I looked commitment connecting YouTube person try to root. The pregnant clothes like intimidate that we look at and intimidating close and I don't. I we and I congested doesn't find you couldn't have actually helped people to look into I think you know. We should really do they pop up something crawled up. Follow Obama holocaust memorial. Here in the community has never happened before. And get them. You know. When you think about a memorial if you could think of actually owned structure. That's the end there. And that those blue grit true but we wanted to do something that adds more significant than what impact that Torah scroll is a living document this big. Gift that god Chadwick and Jewish people the shaft. And blog to share with everybody can there be a light up on the nation's with the power. And I thought that it what better memorial for those who were killed in the Holocaust than they look at Tora scrawled. There will be in the community through generations could comment. More importantly who have a venue like there about it then there. Where there which they holocaust survivor. Coming in like government doubled its procedures and begin writing picture with the terror. It's really an armed to the memory of those who popped away and those who were killed and perished in the Holocaust than what I do on the political and to be able to beat. Be able to have met here and talk communications this with our community agrees you've competed in such a public men are likely going to be doing. Tradition there and then there's the league will be a historic moment for the community when we talk encouraged girl. Bonuses this is wonderful well. Please for those of you listening to to this event surviving house which is Angel of death. That was a doctor Maine to who is yeah its infamous for all the wrong reasons and I you'll learn about Tim knew learn about an hour sure to learn about life afterward to learn about it. Finding guardian in the evil and you will walk away a changed person I promise you. Rabbi Breck and I will keep plugging away at this and reminding people I hope it's up. Packed to capacity event and thank you for the great work you do and our community. Thank you very much like we shall larger trend they've got these three new year rush a shot at coming up this Wednesday night and make sure you go to synagogue we have one up here and what clinched their. And trying to close to the this show for blowing that your your community and c'mon let's celebrate that the new year 5778. Perfect are you my friend take care of look forward to talking to you again sometime soon. All right all right there you go in again. This is an important evening those of us who have participated in the Regis university. Center for the study of war experience class is no doubts. We've had. The Holocaust survivors there to speak in the class and you do not come away from the evening and changed so. Monday September 25 the main stage theater at the it is an important evening good or bad a senator dot org for more information. Are right how about debts for a good start to this week's Colorado veterans resource show right here at crews in 1430. Don't you dare go away we've got friends from the VA come enough to talk about our veterans resource and job fair. We've got a whole lot more to share with you as well stay right there. Series service of our citizen soldiers with the Colorado veterans resource show. Valuable information for those who have served. Welcome back gets to Colorado veterans a resource showed the program by four and about the veterans of our great state for Cramer here with peer pleasure to host this weekend and week out and you know there's so many things that are going on for veterans around our community and and you know no easy way to tell everybody about all of the right so that's who we tried to do here. Is weekend and week out to introduce you to folks in the community making a difference and I don't need to introduce you to GAV I know you know the initial say and I know you know Disabled American Veterans such. But maybe not everything that they do in just who they do it for so. We've got to have the pleasure of having Carmen mcginnis with us here today how aria. I'm glad thank you Dario. I'm well thanks so I I guess before we jump right into it mayor you know I shouldn't assume that everybody knows. DAV talk a little about the organization with them. Sure it. Yeah maybe the nonprofit charity currently provide a lifetime that the part about her and for our generation are killing so are not specific to one Sarah pattern. You know our parents and I've earned our local art ovation. And then oh we provide we've got the thing that we give Blatche. Who upload and they get things though he clearly to try education network and not provide the most 700000. Light. Rewrites provider and I'd take them pure and from their excitement their BA appointment. And then when he sixteen you can write it for Elliott playing for a billion dollars. I'd mile retroactive benefit term pattern that failing. You can violence squarely claim that we we have claimed the whole 300000. Disability claims every year and they're gambling itself. Current reluctant until we can't really of outreach program. One with the public servant confident we do trips around and State Street chatter and Hitler. You normally get to our offense here in Lakewood Colorado. And then Tampa and information and an hour the cloud are we can't change the Indy information about a registered what we're doing next weekend. One of the it's not a seek crew one of the things that that you provide. Services that you provide among the many. And and what I think is one of the under utilized services reported that a lot of service organizations have been in even count easier have a and that's the the service officer race. And that you have certain national service officers and a Sosa division that have been trained allied and are pretty adapted the just helping people figure it out looked every we all know it's no secret to VA system is a B do. Imposing. It seems like. You know and an easy system to navigate these NS those are brilliant that it pin it and it's a free service you offer our. It had been you know I love I love pineapple for the public think we have eight national for a topic food from third to our international burn Papa for Colorado. And they are Paramount chain they go through a very end up sixteen months training program. And they are passionate about what they do and you know one thing that says that parents and their departments really get a gain from. I think that we have a really good working relationship within the age here it'll be illegal opera themselves. When I think trying to politic that we can very easily step and you get single acted because there are working relationship with the VA and our trade little girl I I really did get things aren't very quickly generally. And can do and you know not donated. 'cause so rusher. You know a whole bunch of people stand miniature door when you go back to work tomorrow but. But Brian did the service it did you or MS those provide it's not just for disabled veterans. Right I mean if any opinion matter and move once the pilot disability claim that the UKR and education and in fact question though aren't they're having. Part navigating through that being helped turn the turned. Or if they need home loan guarantee questions or actually alleviate and that's what we can help. At first definitely content started all you can have a bigger attraction and sneak. That is looming and land that are independent of wild. Yes we have to help everyone won't. That is awesome com. How many eve folks do you suppose. Did you serve here in the front range community. The far right now that said Denver national turned up at our offense carrying liquid we have. Are about 5000. Current. And being parade moved cleaned our appeals hotel. I'm cold apple get killed and the other half are cleaned up. So I need to take out there and it's worth but who we are very very busy offense I have I have a bit more than deeper worry then towed. Yeah. And then on top of that in there is there is DAV chapters straight. Much worry much much like legion posts and VFW another series there's DV chapters in and that continues the mission. Of GAV by serving the local communities as well. Absolutely we're really wanted to get more people involved in the actual need for that our local chapter that clearly. Yeah this is that this is really remarkable work for a dead that you do now. If somebody's listening and think oh my goodness I get a get in touch with the more what's the easiest what's the best way for them to do. You know we have a couple we have finally get a hold and I'm who won I would say is. I can't remember it's three there are 3914. Or 5570. I mean do you only have one polling coming in I can't I get the call got an email address. And that. He Ain TV IPC. Aid he he and act the EA dot com. And then also mean that fact number 3039145584. I'd say though that fast waved and then. I'm a little even make it manic it and that's a letter as well do we believe RA we respond to letter volatile it's up to frighten you need to mailing address. Yeah we said the great. They don't send a letter they need anything and that's CPA beach fox Q fives weren't cute folks. And her Colorado. Eight and there are cute cute five. I know that. You know nobody wants could be nobody wants to be a member of DA believe it's a known and organ it's it's like gold star families are right nobody wants to be that. Nobody nobody really wants to be a purple heart recipient nobody wants to be a disabled. Veteran but when it happens and when you find yourself in that position due to really great doctors you organization around. Absolutely absolutely. Making it important to note that for being leader represented. About her and they do not to be a member of organization so that's where it is dependent upon learning. I like when they look to our nation compared chocolate are certain sense but where were they don't have to general patient I'd just a celebratory. Ma'am that's good stuff whether you're how did you come by being there. I'm you know I'm on the table batter and error and turn I hate it wasn't working with Ted he gave a great half program and I would have got to be eight feet of rock. It's the right that I mean they had an opening and I took it turned out that I and that getting a job there and working OK it's my passion and love letter to your grammar. My eyes most. In it remarkable that dead is of all veterans I was in for six years Tom Whitmore was. Was not the injured or wounded or you know got through my service in and out and I was doing radio in the air force actually there was some that was what they did then that's what I'm doing now. But but I've never strayed far even after giving out from morning to still somehow be connected to my service experience right. In the end endure the experience a similar. You know now. Now with you know. We've with your disability and not letting you debt limit you in anyway and in fact using it to help people dislike you that's that's that's what happens when you served. I think I appreciate I iPhantom handling cargo without Obama family should try to lure those fans they're trying to countries around the world like hockey experience but they can dominate out by airing. Do more and I would not fulfilled any position and how else. But I can't be navy you know it's my home at the alien I'm at every batter and everyone Black America or become their feelings and we try to do we can't I guess and the benefits they deserve. Perfect to a listen thank you for your service. Originally you're continuing service thanks for everything DAV does. We'll keep cell phone number close Herman will share with people when they call and hopefully he had maybe after first year will get you back with chat some more. Martin thanks so much there you go Carmen Maginnis with us and again from DAG. Mean I would agree personal story of personal what great work they do. Get steps program that somebody four in about it's Colorado's veterans the Colorado veteran resource show ready you're cruising 1430. People will say that if I did get an email from somebody this week and they said you know we can never you are no user to which you don't ever include yourself in that group when you talked about those are served well I mean that's not what we do wouldn't rule it. I mean most of us don't you know I. Did my time I was on there it looked at it it wasn't like I was going house to house in Fallujah that was on the radio or in Guam that was pretty good when. My morning show was getting close to ending the guys over in the in the dining hall were were cooking breakfast warming so when I got there it was ready I mean I do not pretend to have been doing anything heroic if you put the ticker this car is. Is any of that I say factor sixers they serve for peacetime I can't my own merit do you remember the VFW and American legion I can be. Does my dad served in Vietnam I do you like to some of the leads him or something like but. Infected took them making me an honorary life member. Without a championship. Police in membership but you don't but I served dried AM. They did him in Guam was a beautiful place in the new air force academy go to. So yes thank you for the person eroded this would consider mentioned your own. Your own service yeah that was in it was right after Vietnam so it was a time when knowledge of people were enlisting him. And so there it was Susan perhaps a little bit of an easier time forever somebody who is a new in this do you best I wouldn't trade it for the world it was one of those great experiences in my life trim. You know it impacted enough Indian people like Rebecca assertion of who's on with this from the VA impacts you enough. Then you don't really at any point your wife's stray far from it. And there's still there's a lot of people like that if the you know the age they belong to The American Legion and the VFW or were. Who were you know they find ways to to stay close like air force academy graduates are beautiful part of me just. Once you've been in their says sense of community there's a sense of service that you really do miss. I yeah and that's why we we get along so well and if so many activities because found a camaraderie strong fast and you know no matter where you served the fact is he's served and you were there serving any purpose and whether it was supporting others. I'm whether you were the one who actually can combat Plano. Can needed is important and you that you were there and you were ready in nineteen you know raise your right hand and act and went in the service. And you know the statistic is staggering American habit to the exact number but it's like 91%. During during time of war like soon World War II Vietnam you have to work 92% of the people who serve didn't serve on the front lines they served to support its right to. Negative reaction so it is I mean an end is that big given number of federal haven't exactly right it's it's pretty close of that so we you know I have work work you guys. As you know sadly most of them gone up but I would have pulled were two guys call until you know recover never call myself a veteran because they didn't shoot at anybody were upset at least. Crazy. You know industrial equipment. Yeah so calm himself on that aren't very often I mean you have to think he can serve in the military and Malia I I didn't do what they did. Yes they actually tell you that they would not have been able to do what they did the men and women you know my friendly. Post pictures of themselves and terrorists and they come from big guns. That until he can do any good. The so there you go so if you are listening to us right now and you served in. You discount because you know you weren't so deployed today. Stop me stop you serve your country that there wasn't a choice of years I don't think here. You know I prefer to say like my name my sixers a peacetime when I served I prefer to tell my friends. Mainly Marines Kazuo and to give me grief right but I like to tell them you know the reason do we were pieces because they knew I was. No because. And they get a kick out of that it that is the coverage they should so. I'll look at you what it did for you or gave you the opportunity to do the job they're doing now. And serve and it's it's just don't get ahead and that's yeah they have kind from veterans that they wanted to get some pride their thanks so many in my work for a nonprofit. Yeah absolutely and you see anything that can help and we're over 54%. Just in my office so that number regional office that earned it. Oh yeah. That's right here right out of service. So those of you. We'll switch gears in hand and after that those of you who have gotten out of the service or are planning to get out of the service or. If you're the parent through the grim parent of somebody who is serving in you know they'll be. Getting out here I've soon. You know one of the great challenges for their bare of west couple a generations of veterans is finding work when they come home I mean it's. You know World War II a lot of people came back some picked up things they did before the war there was you know a lot of high hiring Dennis. The economy was so switching from wartime to peacetime in. And their homes were being bill tuning cars were being made again and there was a lot of opportunity it's a different world now so when folks come back to one minute they don't. Oftentimes especially those young men in list d.s who went right from high school to the surface are great from. College to the service and don't have really a develop career yet. What they've been doing doesn't necessarily equate to a civilian jobs so. So what do you do where do you go well you come join us on October 7 right. October 7 we have resource and job fair touted beautiful hot thing garden. Up and much here. We had 900 people I just blew my mind is gorgeous sunny beautiful day. We had I think contends. Any kind of big and and then we have done to log cabin. And one in my employ Freddy got married there hasn't been the captain Corey is Corey did he tell you to be a restaurant right. Yeah I presume wayward north with him. Yes yes yes. So perhaps. It's great having gone wrong kind of thing again and luckily gonna be able to do create an error while. That the number of great vendor of server just general plane friendly. To veterans. And some of them didn't know that we also had the job fair going on that day and they can look I I need a better. Yeah I'm not tired so they started to itself. I'm basically a little weak had something good and and and made it greatly bigger expansion of your. So many in of course we have here in Colorado on the basis of how many of you know every day now some of them are retiring after twenty years. And some of them Mikey had the wind laid out of high school served 23 years. And now they don't have job experience so now we have Colorado Department of Labor we have workforce senator going to be there be able to talk to them about any training they would need app. You know work at present they get them. Actually registered at make him live about the program. And they can you know get amend that and help them with a number of opportunities so we'll have. There's gonna be like 707500. Exhibitors there I'm wearing. That's sending their determined Q higher that's how bad. There's lots of reasons why it's a good idea hire back. Up dependable team later. I remembered. There. Focused on the mission. And they show up everyday thing straight there they have all kind of feel they've done all kind of things and now come under some very easy to explain what they did and they have maybe a hard time explaining what they did. I know I spoke to a young service member when I was in Colorado Springs country what do you do. And then I can OK now you've got to go attacking him because I don't know what you can. Think that the that the equipment. Here mechanically minded you know you take good feedback carried over there you yeah yeah just those kinds of jobs. Okay. So we will also help. You know trying to translate those funky MO I think independent civilian type child help you learn to speak up speak so that you can show up and give your you know elevator speech and can count all the technical field they come in and leadership still feel I'm in the direction. And then also era just suck. And the fact that you already held up pretty stressful job at a very young needs are and have learned and lived through it and so. You know that you know whatever whatever challenges. You mr. employer you're going to have I certainly feel capable of handling them. Yes and mount stumbled come out and it was going to be called a different time education. Which is fantastic great that's so I and and they're usually pretty you know a lot of my friends of deli masters series so. I'll tell you renowned. One of the employer's parent and you know I gotta brag acted NBA. They get the new hospital on up anybody see that kind of patent. I would buy the other day well that's good. Yeah it's incredible I stereo and although frankly appealing to take a while I heard from. He then what if I got to go to the other end anyway and I'm. So this came at times but anyway I think it's gonna take an awful lot of stuff to get fed up and running in Canada com we have a good apparently wanna make it better and bigger act and conservative manner until now played so solid other VA facilities in the area. So last year we have the whole log cabin. It's. We VA and and support of staff and a so they are hiring they sent me this long list so I'm jobs now some of them are like and how to keep being panic human research assistant inventory management specialist. So you know go to you don't need highly specialized skills for. That they opened heated tent there. And they need to nurses they need occupational therapists they need. Police officers a lot of veterans go into that physical therapist pharmacy tech occupational therapist. You name it they need it. And what's also exciting news there in need of Albion licensed practical nurse sent. They need a 5000 dollar signing both. Holy smokes you change jobs. I think 5050. Wow. Yeah and you and you serve this country you know the clientele at the hospital you know he can't help but love them up and there. That's right end and if you're listening is Rebecca and they're going through this. You eat you don't need to be a veteran know apply for these jobs we talked about you know veterans getting hired in its findings were. But you know what if you're a civilian loosening down here now PM or if you're you know that these jobs are the news well. And I'm sure that none held until the public can. One of the best things you can do by giving back is this type serving veterans and you'll need not take an election helping outcome organizations that help pattern picks. Exciting anyway outside fact it's gonna be there and then they've got a couple different. Organizations that are there the first faint hope we have universe here remember only hired NM flash. Yes that's right. And gentlemen. After failure so yeah it's not only is he don't need a four year degree for every job there. And and that's the wonderful part of it as we you know learn that day that are in this kind of pattern is a veteran. I'm veteran as a male or female let's served in the military service beyond that there's not a lot of things that are alike except that it made great. Beginning characteristic that they have published markets in fact that's so we'd like to have a wide variety. Of opportunities there around the information on land and job life and do you have to be a kid coming down this terrorist to want a child to know. I had one gentleman that I worked at general last year and he said he wanted to pretend recount. Million doesn't go that hard work. To do anything but I just gonna get some part time retail and then there's a lot of times it's a comp part time. Because Spain they need him to do you think he'd send idiom that they've already done their military time may not our job afterwards raise their family and I need to get out about how a little. Hey maybe some yeah may be supporting their retirement right there working a little bit to us now sure whatever the situation yes. The only kind of -- ever wanted to know that it's not just DNA content possible job if it's everything at. Highlight BA because they do you have how many jobs opening a lead there but apple has two full ten. All kind of in your crown he'll be there can now. That will be different you know we've got to think about that part of our life to. Handle these services organization circus maybe you wanna talk to them about your health carrier benefit claims act now if you don't have a copy of the DD 214. And you can apply for VA benefit some at some point in time. Well frankly we have your discharge papers on. On record so we can print them out created. If you can never applying for any benefits. And we look like you wouldn't have done information. And if you need a veteran's preference whether I'm saying you and apply for federal job as well offense there. You know you can get 5% 10% higher percentage and puts you up a little bit on the list now for federal jobs lost in Philadelphia would attempt. Yeah and we'll have the vocational rehabilitation and implanted. Program person learn from and from the states so I don't really kind of a well rounded anything you need them. It's 921 that's on October 7 two outs and garden since our. Veterans. Resource and job fair and just spectacular it's absolutely free you just come by you come on me and we. You know would give children would get to into the right places where folks to greet you in direct you and all that good stuff I'll be there. At least that the beginning to say hi to folks who show up to start men usually get to talking Rebecca and I don't leave for a long time so. We'll we'll hear of her as senator. But but it's usually. Again I mean weather's been spectacular reaches into and it is a gorgeous place to be when you're you know when you're done with all the stuff to their to do you didn't just walk around a little bit mean. Gather your thoughts in the gardens there that's a good thing real quick before I let you go September 27. And Eddie eagle bend golf course in a moron. From six stable. Better integration ninety. So that's the leaders speaking from BA we'll have some city officials think in a follow up a little short term to. And and the best part about it is far resource table they're so. Oh yeah. You know even talk to them Rockefeller about Choi and send in Moline and community care and you know whatever thug union and and you can help I'll talk to our. And and talk to us about your benefit claim and homeowner took we have plenty to do what ever and cemetery and the global that's there will be there as well yeah accountant. Perfect. Our Internet security G eagle bend over there off before seven million aback Artrell is problematic area and that's going to be 68 on the 27 flight I roar veteran affairs commission involved in the NBA and some other folks. I all right I've. That should be a good night moral wounds speak and goodnight goodnight to you come and hang up I knew and be rude and all that puts. Thank you for some time today and didn't. I think maybe you do what would try to do is you now gather apparent couple weeks lookalike October 1 the Sunday before the event maybe we should just Kenneth depth point. Give a little bit more detail about wall specifically skip either. Trains and all right thank you very much thinks everyone for their terrorist. Being helped are too soon so are you there you go that's my friend Rebecca Sawyer Smith with the VA. One of the good people over there there are lots of them she's one of those. I would tell you that in. I'm telling you this veterans job and resource fair. Look even if you're not a veteran they're going to be hiring non veterans but you know we we call it the veterans resource fair. But if you come by with the Reza manner looking for work when I get a kick you out occasion not a veteran so don't don't think. That dad is a an absolute requirement for that day okay America because if you're looking for help we wanna be able to. Colorado veterans resource show who busy day back with more next. Veterans resource show time for more valuable information for those who have served. Welcome back to the Colorado veteran as a resource show on this Sunday September 17 2 AM the a little bit earlier this week actually just this last Friday the fifteenth there was a national POW MIA recognition day in the United States. The observed across the nation the third Friday of September each year. Many Americans taking time to remember those who were prisoners of war and those who are missing in action as well as their families. That didn't sit right even important and we should do that right all military installations flies at the National League of Families POW MIA flag you've seen it it's. Black. Flagged it has the silhouette of a prisoner climate of veterans rallies take place and all that good stuff. Were for a little perspective a little history about this there are 1741. American personnel listed by the DOD. By their PO WM Maggie office as missing and unaccounted for from the Vietnam War. The number of United States personnel accounted for since the end of the Vietnam War and 75 is 841. About 90% of the 17141. People still missing who lost in Vietnam areas of Laos and Cambodia under Vietnam's. Wartime control according to the National League of Families web site. The United States constitution our congress passed a resolution. A back in 1970 day for the original observance of national POW MIA recognition day. And then in 86 it was moved to that third Saturday. Of September. At the Colorado freedom memorial we have to glass panels are recognizing those missing in action from our state. 89 who are yet to be accounted for all we dedicated the memorial there were 91 since our dedication to. Have been identified remains have unidentified both from the Korean War. And have been repatriated to Colorado where their remains have been buried here at home. So still 89 veteran accounted for. There are. Two in World War I World War II Korea there are those that two were unaccounted for at some point. Just due to time and how old they would be no you recognize that it's not possible there's still life and no longer there among the and accounted for but they give move to a killed in action on the official registers so 1741. Who have not returned home that we continue to look for that we try to find remains that we hold out hope. That perhaps. They have those survived and have hidden somehow or have melded into where there are but it took. That's the number hand that's the day we are honored this week national POW MIA recognition day. And it's important that we should our energies like that and remember our veterans not only a Memorial Day and veterans day. But those that are missing still as well. To Colorado veterans three source shows Sunday at the seventeenth. Well. My friends there you go that's gonna do it through another third Colorado veterans a resource show right here crews in 1430. Thanks to our friends from the VA for real along with this today and all our other guests as well thanks for you for turning in them too lenient Ambien with a straight here. And tiptoed do we do to done by the time the Broncos played today so if you didn't. You didn't miss so throws there you go we're back printed next week to Colorado veterans resource show remember. If you have questions for the show. If you have a events for veterans that you would like just to know about Purdue just gonna drop us a note you can do that go to crews in 1430 dot com. Good to the Colorado veterans resource show agent contact us right there. Have a good week everybody for those of you bet serve didn't continued deserved thank you for that thanks.