Colorado Veteran's Resource Show - 9.3.17

Sunday, September 3rd

This weekend we talk to The Mission Continues, Veteran Affairs, Paw of Purple Hearts and Dr. DeCino! Enjoy!


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Colorado veterans resource show and crews in 1430 your connection to information and advance live for and about Colorado as military better. Viennese and let's get started with a. This week's program you're just in time for another edition of the Colorado veterans resource showed Yuri crews in 1430 Emmerich Crandall wind this week on the show. Will learn about paws for purple hearts and organization that helps. Canines. And service members match up in a very unique and special way then all ready is making a great difference in how service dogs work. With the veterans and you'll learn more from Greg simple the mission continues. What about an organization that takes veterans after they leave service. In who lets them find ways to still be engaged together in helping others in in this time to communities they live and that's the mission continues will also update you on the Colorado freedom memorial the latest on the repair of the damage from the vandalism in what else is happening. That's a lot to do it's the Colorado veterans a resource show will be here for the next hour sit back learn about the program by four in about Colorado veterans starting now. Well my friends welcome to it Labor Day weekend it is dark tour. About right smack dab in the middle of the weekend now are only. Didn't change a little bit weather wise tomorrow do little cooler it's been warm business. Today I guess is going to be the warmest of the day is this weekend so you'll find some shade listen in for the next hour of the Colorado veterans resource show the program by you for it in about Colorado veterans. I'm Rick Crandall land day it is a pleasure having you along with the screech. Oh planned for you today a little bit later. We're gonna have the folks from paws for purple hearts here now there's some wonderful benefit it's going and over this weekend. And they're pretty special event across Colorado will share that with you we'll talk some about cholera free memorial. Of course a project near and dear to my heart. And update to our nerve to repair some vandalism that happened out early in July. Some good news to share with you about all that but we're gonna continue with an organization that's just kind of been following from the outside effect. I just figure out how to get one of the T shirts it's called the mission continues. You can if you wanna login into their web site mission continues dot org and you know kind of be there is you're listening to us and follow along that says it's not a bad idea. Then I Ku is with a series with them mission continues and thanks for your time appreciate it. And thanks for having your cruise for yourself what can you talk about what we do. Yeah and of course thank you for your service as well tell me. It's only a Boettcher do you are you win where you we have. So miles from the army through nine million Changchun 1005 to 2014. An amateur acting chair and Afghanistan. For you. Yeah he won wasn't enough you had to go back for seconds. Are noted yeah I think I think yeah. They that's exactly right there I think most to who served during that time did more than one deployment what think you. For your servicing continuing to serve with diminishing continues. So for folks who aren't familiar with the bin let's start with that just you blew explanation about what machine continues this. Are the moon food just celebrated her ten year anniversary of the girl for ten years how what started as an organization. That are strong pitching who helped try transitioned our own bedroom coming out of military solution wounded actually started with the culture program more. Oh commonly called 9/11 learned can come now we can partner up with the nonprofit. Government and computer school virtually. For six months only our unique. More volunteer learn new skills who blows to the benefit fairly from outside the organization they work where. And we actually provide a coffin inside than the kind of help and meet all they do this. For the really successful program. We do almost 300 fellowships every single year now. Over the past I knew that True Blue room. Com we also have a sort of thing program in 35 major neck blew us cities across the country now. How do you have won here in Denver and also how Warren can call that is hurting the most open for everyone better and Vietnam veteran for life. Wow. Okay soil. So I'm not so Smart as I thought there was about what you do because that's even as much as I knew you were doing that's. Goodness gracious that's a lot of involvement in the community. Well that's really what we're about you know they're veteran third he conceded she can't. Change we can mean construction and interactions with like minded individual. And can show our community that you know. Veterans how cool thing we can get them out get them involved to really help them transition back into their commitment. Sure now. If you've got some examples I know Annette I'm kind of doing this to you. And without warning but I'd get some examples of some projects you've been involved with here and in the front range and in the metro area. Papa wouldn't so I'm really excited. September 11 it's not too many veterans and Americans across the country and very important days. On the they can be a bit sad that can amendment so we'll try to change your narrative. Are you know I didn't do it campaign so. And I am in and around here in the area in Denver where they have a large in this project. On September 10. Near Denver technology program and knowledge is power program for bamboo collegiate high school. I'll Morgan Hill and on the human he probably about 35. I better not moonlight and doing things to help ensure that your mission at war. And actually that's Saturday for a lot of movies on the power can already strained. Open to revitalize there. They're trail system won't make it official crucial things come out Jed York the warmth of our friends there is absolutely try to figure it out in action news. We get to me somehow so people wanna comment I'm not they can check it out check if Michigan can download like you failed. So sedan to tell me I mean this this is great stuff and and I know from from know on a couple of people that are involved what it means to them to do this in the end you know showed their support for the come community tell you. Tell me why people sign up to do this quite or does it did to veterans and sign up for looking for. Well what we've found thoroughly search and what I can personal effect from my experience from the truth about. I sympathize with how many veterans when they knew the military they find that common mission. I'll bet that content appropriation is no longer there when you're out and then what we like to call the real world now. So we've provided framework for you you can't join hands with those people were like minded and won a major difference. I'm not true that while it's on method because the challenger Al Assad war period. Should go like war leave my upon our uniforms so we're not done for these double off at all. I know you know from my own experience I was in the air force a long time ago from 763. B two and I've had the pleasure talking to Korean War vets in Vietnam vets in World War II vets and and even when I first started your World War I vets were still alive with him. I to a generation. It always comes back to that this thing I missed most whenever I. You know got out a winner retired this thing that I missed most was that sense of of camaraderie with them through the men and women that I served wish it do we we all feel that when we leave and and I guess here do you give to renew some of that. Absolutely new and more importantly I can do if you certain things camaraderie. With members of your community you want to earn shoot really helps you transition back into this hole is not a surprise. Yep tends NC that's the thing I love most about its mission continues is not only do the veterans you know those who served in uniform benefit. But the community gets an even better understanding of what it means to serve and it you know what military is all about so I'd act. I think drafts. You know everybody wins in that situation. Tired and wore them. Actually consider your mentioned in the blue shirt. That's come our trademark that's that's what we're about old people feel former blue shirt on the Baltimore out there and make a difference. We welcome you to get wanted to know the situation. Could come up to third what probably you can make it out over the weekend. Good luck to anyone who look signature involved my project and the jets now and maybe we have. We have all different after all different type of people knew a lot. I'll a lot of pain and building construction. Boom you know that found some members of mutations in the fact that. And from Obama cited numbers are individuals should mom each insurance and activity. But the majority of creeping back equally as important thing we have company for everybody preaches love didn't chat about our approach. So this doesn't all just happened no immunity to you know it takes what it takes a lot of organization it takes. Certainly a budget to pull this all laugh. 111000. Plus some veterans. Have they have signed up to be a part of this and you need to support that effort so. I'm I'm certain there are ways that people can support what it is you do stay you know non veteran seven to our veterans like anybody that wants to. Perhaps a make financial donation or some other way to be involved there's an opportunity right. I pull out toward 100% donor funded. Both about what you've been involved with some interest in making a contribution to boot directly. Falcons veteran and helping our veterans phenomenon collection where you knew you had to capability mission controllers. In domain now. What's your favorite project you've been involved with so far. So they've all had there they're their own needs. You know. Point so far on the court challenge and I think that's why did you keep coming back. Com don't really I'm his biggest problem but Ruben Pardo slows down actually what he called NAFTA opponent every year. We try and suddenly five veterans from the off the country. Pumped one major city the first moved in 2016. In Detroit and just concluded. A couple of months ago. Our Atlanta Georgia mountains only 75 different murder for a permanent move each. I'll meet sir warned should you be lit. Project after project after project you don't get a lot of movement a lot of work it's actually kind of likened him to poignant song and in some regards. But it didn't change the fact that you try highly motivated individuals from across the country with future new different background. Impact it has been happening just. Seven days I'm. They're really changing lives on the Italian people try not to think symbolic gesture a more information on the web site on the tunnels are definitely open wouldn't be in Los Angeles can actually do well really try to not put off a chain he didn't really try to. Good how can you know lose your ability to really impact our convention here in the United States. Since you think about it when you think about LA you don't think well those those don't seem to be communities and have a need for something like this clip oh yes they do. Who wouldn't it shouldn't be there are eight. Like this this was great I really appreciate spend in this time with you we're gonna keep. Bragging about the mission continues if you don't mind right here on the program in the coming weeks and months and we'll keep tabs on what's going and remind people how they can be involved and you know we won't get too far down the road in we'd love to have you back here is Chad and some more if you don't mind them. Our love the opportunity for you so much on the people you never run out of this so distraught that. All right that's perfect and thanks take care my friend ever give Labor Day we can we'll talk soon. Oh are right there you're joked that's been I call with us from the mission that continues. And their website is the mission continues dot org. And you know him he's got a little bit of time here on this so Labor Day weekend check it out don't go your little look and see what it's all about these. Mean these are remarkable people that do some things are veterans right who'd just wanna be around folks that have a shared experience with them. That's no different than anybody else we all like being friends with her near with people that we have something in common whiff. And yet. Also have differences then allow us to grow in the veterans community is like these are people from all across the country that nauert you're right for whatever reason they ended up in Denver. Their army and air force and Marines and Coast Guard and navy and and they have all served in. Once you get out to you miss that. You guys know your blood Bure veterans listening you know that in here's a chance to read team. That sense of commitment to a joint project to a joint effort with the mission continues. There's a website says right on the front page and looking to get involved you've come to the right place the mission continues dot org for more information. And thanks again to have been for being with us on the program today and tells all about. Well I'd say that's a pretty good way to start Tim we've got a lot more than you don't you can always. Gets the Colorado veterans resource show its crews and 1430. And did so with a resource show was. Our host we. And it's so. Here we are back at the Colorado veterans a resource show Labor Day weekend I hope you know so far it's been good there that I said we're we're trying to smack dab in the middle of it here on Sunday afternoon you so get. Rested today in all day tomorrow so yeah I gather yourself catch your breath in me and enjoy this show by foreign about veterans and re now a chance to visit with my friend drew breakfast so we're Smith's from the VA who. Is here with us again how Loria. I'm doing well thank you it's. You know just I think OK food we got through the busy season with summer and all that stuff. In and they get your press release. And it's like go Rick K we've got to town hall here in town halls there and then and then we just loosened. There's no slow season anymore. I know right before I hit colleges can't get don't. Thank you reported this we just picked up with a whole new theme veterans. Tell the hall these are these are pretty cool opportunities. And there's an important warned. Actually bid is coming up here very soon. Yemen after Labor Day weekend on September 10. Soon soon. Well this fever were how to veterans affairs commission. And two of the commissioners are at palm coast you know I think. VA invited us to come speak to Anna I'm cute I'm going to temper that hole I. You know we've got that little building going up that are. Yeah hospital where I guess I've seen that loosens. Yeah okay. And and we have a category and veteran basic. You know Laura went Buckley. Sound and of course just Tina Allen after an insurgency as well you know. Oh we are going to have I intimate feel that earned town hall on September fitfully I would call them in the evening so everybody come from 6830. Content number of adults we are gonna have an ideal world municipal plan. And that's 15151. East Alameda parkway you know Laura I and apple really gonna do well we're gonna have the leadership comes speed and they make brief remarks as normal until you don't go on and on. Most important he's the kind of welfare of cables and everyone can act. You go to a particular table or maybe you're having difficulty whip. Obstacle billions com or. The choice program you know whether you go to your doctor at the VA hospital or clinic near you or whether yours can now on any choice doctor and maybe you're having some difficulty there hasn't questioned how does that program work. You know they'll be people there just for about half com I'm Mike got to the house we have veterans benefits that we work with claims. Maybe you've got hurt aerial and the terrorists may be served in Vietnam you have diabetes now let's talk about diabetes insulin the presumptive conditions are Vietnam graduates in Vietnam. You know looting and Vietnam. I'm very well could happen. And there's so many secondary conditions. Can skim through there's. A number of other things that we found mad I. Vietnam that could have been exposed to and now we're having difficulties so. I cannot incur blow and that's. Don't even know what benefits they're eligible for. And so can't deny that you can come in here about what's happening NBA. Maybe you know a couple of new programs that we have at our facilities. For the most importantly didn't go around both tables and talk warm along with people saying hey you know I hear myself from the person and it's never gotten better. If there's something you can get from each. And maybe you know here any divided on how to refinance. Your home launcher reality. Maybe you can't make you payments can you need some help all of that we can now. And it's really incredible hand. And you know back to the the eligibility thing you know if you show up in the end maybe you have your DD 214 in you bring that with you if you have it if not you come you give your Social Security number. There evil very quickly and easily to look Q Upton in check your record of service and then and feel fairly immune alias Rebecca same on the spot tell you hey here. Eligible for XY and see and touch we just happen that some people here in a week. Yeah I know point oh yeah exactly yeah. Yeah I thought our. I may have participated in men in my at least they get Lauren do you have let's exactly who are good at the other end are good now I don't have I'm actually therefore about him personally I would. I was just gonna mention that is a son that releases well in two yeah I know I've just been they're going through that was my own father just make him make ensure we're all set to air so I yeah its it really is important it lasts for a couple of hours two and a half hours over we call it the AMC and roar of the you're immune. The Rory municipal senator you know relate to make acronyms birds insurer and everything every so yes so the AMC over there at Alameda in chambers have big beautiful building right there. In how and you just come Arabian and no movie pretty easy to find in there and Josh I hope a whole ton of our veterans come now. If I can't come September 5 wheel there would be another opportunity. There we learn territory haven't totally income development but yeah. On September 27. This is that they are KG gold band you're all about how yeah it's 23 months trapped by the heritage park in Aurora. Yep right out there roster of food before seventy in about cart trails through those if you live out now part of the world okay beautiful dog it's gorgeous and then I'll surely be. They're really as a clubhouse is it is as a host a couple of events out there and it's a spectacular place. In crude for those of you who live way out south east tour in Parker or heard. You know dead down in that area and you just. Really it's not convenient or has a mean communion free to get somewhere where you can get these questions answered here's great opportunity. I know Jim Persian image and the folks over to veteran affairs commission have been working hard earned. On this so they've got a pretty full evening Clinton. Yeah I wanna have once again live speaker not only from the able love because from the local community of both of these events. Which I think they're great addition to come all we're doing it. I'm because there are all in for veteran. And an and then the resource table full of them there as well. And you will see outside of both of these events the mole that's kind of act and the local veterinarians. Is available to any better and active duty service members to include National Guard and reserve components. Cliff served on active duty in any comments theater area of hostility are experiencing military factual trauma. Assistant it's also available for families who have experienced some active duty death anniversary tell me just say that I could do what he did well Susan. They are an incredible organization. Make you feel like counting the individual counseling. You know they've been there done that no better patterns to combat veterans should. Maybe you don't wanna cut PP ST you know on your piece of paper bags maybe can't sleep at night yeah maybe your kind of a little. Then you'll love going around the house continuing U. You know he's gonna wake up but nice try and sometimes you give seemed to get a good sleep well maybe if I. You should have been somebody it's okay because you have China they went through ten. I was talking to a vet from. But are they guys served in Iraq Kim is out now Brit he told me that when he came home when he first was driving down I 25 he was telling distance between cars. What you would have done in a convoy right overseas and he was. He's an effort to myself oh my goodness what am I doing right when he was like you know what's the spacing and news. And what's in my ear you know. What's my escape route and stuff like to have an easy that was pretty much the moment east side helped him in these cities much better but yeah out of those kinds of things happen in your life there you know. Get get that checked out. Pound fight and it's it's not a state loan me who definitely something no. Now held without the importance of treaty not as important treating your foot up for the defendant he hates having it come mental health summit and then we've invited I. I mean inviting enough I'm providers. And talking to them about you know how to provide care for veteran and like VA has available so. This so they consider veteran Jeremy should have our network at Steiner and our Coke cup providers are veterans so lucky if it's. It's amazing what I'm kind of thing women come back Clinton. And you just don't realize hey you feel you're alone I mean I'd continue achievement guys come you know Donna let him cruise came back. Here is big here yeah. Years ago and they like that that's ten or any group fashion and they talk to each other into coming over and finding their claims and yeah. They don't likely know online they're going to smile like yeah. Things like that you ain't got. Now he asked so. It helped that they had there. There. Military buddies was something else camaraderie is excellent. Yes. Yeah I was I was with the a couple of guys earlier this week who come. Goes to a group session with both of those guys. And I and so it was kind of interest thing I've known Jim Jim is a dear dear friend of my hotel Dunham off and he is one of the kindest souls you'll ever meet your life yeah the end you know you just. You don't want him to hurt her I Eudora inherited. Have. You know those things doing and so then we don't want any veterans to have those things too and I'm so. A great opportunity the veterans town hall in Aurora September shift six to 830 it'll be a mirror municipal center it. Alameda in chambers it's open to all members of the public can veterans service organizations like and if you're you know what if you serve veterans sin in even you'd need more information this is a good place to come get some. I would I would highly agree don't agree with we have a number of organizations like common it's wonderful because we. We just can't connect. Yes all right we're will work. Keep telling them to come connect to a few the first time here in just a couple of days and then the end of the month or keep reminding folks. Good so if you have any. At. If you need information on BA even go tour web site SBA dot gov you can click on benefits sir how the first cemetery or other information if he ever veteran you know it can crisis or if you come find yourself in crisis. The number for the veteran crime that's fine it's 1800. 273825. Content and pretzel on the. Perfect. Are you my friend will enjoy the rest of your weekend here and material and I will see you soon I know but thanks for everything and well we touched base next may be will live here and a couple weeks get together and talk about veterans fare coming up pretty soon. No thank you are right thank you as well a touch too soon. Are advised to read your Rebecca Sawyer Smith with us. From the VAN again it's the veterans town hall and it's going to be an roar September 5 it's going to be in the evening and you were municipal senator doesn't cost you think. Bring your ADB to fourteen in your questions and they'll be there to help you out okay. Just like down we're doing good work here at the Colorado vet as a resource show his crews and 1430. Halfway through we got lots more this year with just stay where. Did so with a resource show was your day. Our host we. Right back here to Colorado veterans resource show Labor Day weekend and you just choices of allowed things to do that today including this hour in your he your weekend is great we can't thank you enough for that. The show by four and about. You know our favorites the veterans of Colorado and did it from time we can read it to our toes in the water outside Colorado the word about organizations did that actually heard or doing things that are helping us and I I was reading an article I think it was in the post some assurance that last week an article about but gentlemen I've known for a lot of you. A remarkable guy that I've known for a very long times almost since he was involved in. Then the crash of that united flight and Iowa all those years ago you'll remember those of you who live here. The flight that left Denver headed for Chicago doing and crash landed in our way and injury survives doomed. You know went through many years of recovery and as you can imagine student even veteran tour listening you survive something like that. Bill is certainly PTS deal that we didn't know what it was called them right there PT SD and it ended and in what does that all mean what why did I survive right so. Jerry is live through all that and now he's going to be doing Iraq and across Colorado from one side to the other and his fight to raise money. For this organization that we're gonna visit with here on the program today and that's what led me to a million. Great simple is with us and as I told Greg on the phone earlier true if it's important Jerry gets good enough by me paws for purple hearts Greg welcome news show it's great to have some time with you today. What rhetoric I appreciate it is really an honor to be here and thanks so much clear what types. So. I side started did you middle little bit too to you know learn about the organization and what you do this is really scary. Remarkable there there are bad you know hey it's obviously we've had a other organizations on the air here and a program that talked about. I matching veterans with some with the canines but nothing like this are pretty remarkable organization. Who watched what we view that's a little bit different than the others is let's start recognizing there's a tremendous shortage of Serb response. In the world today show but I would sure you're awake she would trash some of the other one more critical element shouldn't when you talk about fractions of posttraumatic stress. Which you did allude to I would cherry east's. But not a veteran but of course she's gone to repair genetic situation and he's learned to cope with the act. So I threw thing is might still lighting can get Julie very good works like for organizations like us. What we did is instead of just 71 dog go cheap eight. Certain person to be raised should work out a year after two years we actually were pouring dirt veterans day and computer training of those stocks. And you won't sign a professional trainers so what happens this will get about she achieved yet trench. Every single dog big Christian program and frankly that is our brilliant magical what we do that there's a little bit different than everybody else so. All of which turn on and national code ought to be true agent come lot of ties and animals such a way it would just change all the wet. I there'd just wonderful creatures and they can chaebol lot of liars. Even if you're only working hard trying we each other and that's true how what we do differently and it's so that's why we can't market watcher is always good about. Which warriors LP warriors and other veterans are helping one another and to get through the air posttraumatic stress. I was. I was equally fascinated to learn a little bit about doctor Bonnie bird guarantee and and virgin university. Seems. Seems to be a pretty amazing person. Oh gosh yes she. She really has side church a remarkable thing and actually has gotten so much tougher the head start community can and she just basically try and thought I used the word. If I it's I don't you lightly but she's the matriarch of the servers are industry. Basically in the 1970s. You had military working Darche. Do you at dodger or working true or. Probable leash he hadn't yet came out and let this guy got tight sanctions. Action you recognize it was a lot more action happened pension which he ended up doing worse creating this shut industry we're now you have blog sure ought to Islam diabetes shear detection so I can't certain they're really remarkable and we're just only beginning to cap and GB. Remarkable qualities of these animals so. You know I've got I've got a couple of dogs in my house serves as long as I can remember I've always had two or three run and around the floors and get in the way and NB in the first two you know greet me when I come home from a deal work in and people even with their own experiences right here in the office all day and you feel a little beat down and you walk in the house and there's that smiling face and that leg and tail and they don't care they just little love onion and immediately you kind of view or get out of your phone can you feel a whole lot better so imagine that times the Brazilian forward. A veteran who's been serving on the deployment overseas and has been in harm's way and has been there with with a working dog perhaps. It or even nod but just that companionship. And that unconditional. Love what that means. I've seen it so I did you live it so you know it. Did you know at the beginning it was like oh come on their pets button and their little bit more now. Absolutely I mean we each HR dog chug very seriously did you look short. But it's very unique chair duration contrary each one of sanctions and you have to have a very low. Such trouble spots and low reactionary response. And we should work that is that they can't change wolf and dark in one direction and all the sudden the veteran thinking left in a bad situation. Thought perhaps it's clear mobility impaired. They might end up are getting pulled over or calling. And that can be dangerous situation Ford and so obviously one of the things we would like to do this try to get those veterans as much help it's impossible declared. Actually that's it's it's all about training them at an early age I need him beat this very unique quality checked god. And then there are more than a companion because they actually perform a lot of server central region veterans especially. I want your mobility impaired they can open doors check out jeez. I'm you know crutches or track we were at Iraqis changes last night ma am on a hard charge throughout the first all. Have to actually go out like that perhaps bigger danger elbow actually ran an intranet Richard compilation of the catchers met non BC had one of our veterans. Ansari. Because this ignited some Serra wasn't there to see that a bit the place went crazy. They actually DAN word weird got the video will have a poster here shortly today besides what's exciting you really did enjoy it I think everybody shot enjoyed your show word how to really get back through it and perhaps more try and but the bottom line is Leonardo lodge eight pre game controller that an act that game last night one of the dodge. The woman for directions and try to scratch. They hadn't there's another sergeant major and major presence down takes up the college and did you children there and match. Favored nation seem like very mundane things occurred retribution. Suffering as this tornado is what they are very severe back injury and I like hanging it's degenerative. Let simple motion Judy out. Do you charge traumatic crescendo that pain dimension stimulate other things in Indian mind. So why are not thought they are just cheap share proposal I thought well it's wonderful turn of course everybody loved major because he. He took a look. Very catchy like GQ RJ here in the match got a whole lot of bad that we had to get a much smaller ones so he's carrying a little sloppy game all around the ball. I FF and everybody just thought it. That is awesome paws for purple hearts warriors helping warriors this. Is organization. That this. You know for awhile now mean to get over a decade under your belt so you didn't you know you can pretty good at dissing him pretty well known. Look like he actually our niche. It's been you know there's any time that sort out its struggle. Hard to execute the right people are not finding the right sort of structure chair Napster he would donate a little bit of money here and there from what we and that's the only words. They actually are littered over those last ten years and then didn't really got to count act and how much they were doomed for a remarkable things weren't five locations nationally would mirror Washington DC. San Antonio Texas. San Diego California championship stroke California and also all the way up and share bank slashed up. And that's Denver Colorado here's why in part shares Lou really love to be here. Shanghai and in 2000 they can eat. So the web site for those of you listening if you want to I can follow along as discrete and are talking here if you go to paws for purple hearts dot org you get to the web so beautiful website really easy. To manage and then work your way through an explorer like to work served an awful lot. And you'll see you'll see a lot of things that they do you see their success the numbers of people that they've helped you'll see how you can help by becoming. A volunteer or about becoming a donor can't construct read this one number that I saw in here because this is this to me is really. Highlights what it is that you do different differently and it's it's this. A box called the veterans new mission and it says veterans enrolled in the warrior canine therapy programs learn to train future service starts brother injured comrades. Every paws for purple hearts puppy. Celts forty to sixty of our nation's brave for years before being assigned permanently to a single veteran for the remainder of the dog's life. That to me. That's the great gift of this I mean you're certainly the veteran who will now have this service start to aid them that's wonderful but the forty to sixty that have been helped along the way good you know good our new. This. Are matched the actual real magic go to. This methodology. Malware that we do it were a little bit of overhead because we have to absolutely. Certain which trained dogs checked other shall send it out. To somebody and it will be grace in their home while we bring the veteran and war. You actually transport the dogs out to the veteran facilities should file which is really get strange actually that you can get out to a lot of B Morse senior proud veterans that are out there are a lot of our Vietnam veterans who never got. I need necessary attention and time. Just a word yet it's those people's well so it really isn't unique process and so far worse we're very proud. So right now I'm no way I can nomad Jim you know you and I haven't touched on all the good that the guards do specifically with things like alcoholism and drug abuse and then and homelessness just by dude you know be in this companion weekend in certainly worst of all which is suicide. Did is as it do you have enough dogs but you don't have enough dogs true Farina so you need people to help training where it. We yeah. We actually your your group definitely hitting the nail on the head there are so one of those things that. We really would like cheating. Anchored down market says did interviews suggest it's a very challenging to get that light dark. And and get the cheers and some. And now I have no you know eight or eight jump out that that's at the last minute which can happen should and you know it's not. So the end the world because those Dutch certainly can do wonderful things. How what we get those words we are trying to get them through as quickly as chops and I would shake it is a challenge for us to do some black. But shortages dodge is. A bit of it and I note some your listeners and actually achieve shaky you know the shelters just chock full blown yeah nagging injury. Well unfortunately. We don't know what we're getting with that yeah yeah we've Q1 our veterans we have programs for veterans what would those talks. But I think and should get that highly trying and very specialized service start. What takes a little bit extra effort and I'm quite a bit of money believe it or not and what she made that substantial investment. I you really don't want to lose its attack at the last minute because of something that you didn't know bludgeon that dogs yeah she. So we do have a a little bit of challenge we tend to use our chamber region's post about specifically and that would media Labrador Retriever and a Golden Retriever my mainly because they have the physical size they're very intelligent. That they are just lovable affable and bearish weekend action by the addition to change large very quickly and very touched shank redemption okay had a chance I would encourage people to go out on our web site you watch story called the Arlington Angel. And that's surcharge you even talk about because it was a very emotional moment where it's a veteran was at that moment. And thank you coached. Banging it. Am one of our thoughts just happen to be their site god. And that changed everything to. And he put a grip on our. A lot of pain and larger ownership when he was done. (%expletive) taken her life and usually aren't with a steady. We stayed in touch or search for that. To try and young man. Nice. That wow. All right go to the website you guys listening seriously to enlist and at some were about a day and a half away a Graham well I mean as you're listening to this it's under way I guess the Colorado recycling challenge. Which is that the venture for veterans Colorado cycling challenged the jury should more. Is it going across our state to raise money for. Paws for purple hearts if you'd like to contribute and I'm certainly I would encourage that go to the website you can do is there. Paws for purple hearts dot org. Can't find out so you know about volunteering and stuff I get it we're in Colorado good you know them. The more we show where intrusive and having them here the sooner we can get him here and doing good work for veterans in state of Colorado as well. Absolutely I think that is. Essential for the success of this organization. The volunteers to make it work. And I think that good shelling by the troops are good people in that state of Colorado. Who grew a lot to motivate some of your larger corporations to. Suck money out here and there to help us get what we need. Go forward so thank you so much actually started today Jim. Greg I appreciate your time will keep after it tend down the road some time will reconnect in the end please if you know once you. What you start getting closer to heaven heaven Denver is one of your place is let us now. Absolutely. Thank you so much got what everybody out there and out. Will hopefully be here election year 2003. I've been wonderful here I'll see you soon thanks Greg. All right thank you are buried your great support this again that's because. For purple hearts PA WS paws for purple hearts warriors helping warriors. They have directly improve its 2290. Lives. With 52 dogs that we've deployed. In this got a lot of work that they leave room left to do they believe in could really use your help getting that I've done some. City veterans doing good for other veterans the veterans resource show. Back get to Colorado veterans resource showing cruise and 1430. This Sunday of Labor Day weekend and hopefully MM laboring your way through right. We're wedded about a half way point right now so hopefully you're not much I mean you all the work I don't know is that labor yes probably are mostly hidden to the participants here. Tried to wind down the yard for summer I think it might still be a little too soon to pack away the patio furniture you can probably leave that up for a little bit longer good. I letter people who it gets to this point that's it all bets are off they put water in the yard there was like no it's it. They summer ended bits fall thing Q I'm done dumb play in the yard game. So wherever you're out with that were harvesting pumpkins and our backyard and I. My wife in prince and has grown the biggest pumpkin and did as you know lake scene in our yard ever. I mean I know some people grow those 12100 pound pumpkins it's not like death but. Up to sinks push and a hundred pounds this is just enormous. We're gonna have pumpkin pies for everybody here pretty soon is what I've seen him. Are able listen here in the Colorado veterans resource showed today I wanted to bring up with you an update quickly if I could about the Colorado freedom memorial what's going on out there. Does wanted to because posted on and since we had damage on July 3 the vandalism out there and one of the panel supply us was. Was that was destroyed really I mean it's still up if you wanna see that it shattered his shattered in place which it was designed to do but. I wanted to bring you an update and let you know that the new panel has been ordered mum and it will be a custom cut here pretty soon. And to be benefit to that we have to this is that panel of glass that was destroyed his Blaine kid didn't have anything on it. So were able to add some of the names now that we've discovered since we dedicated the memorial for years ago which that number is about 250. And we're going to be able to get about a 140 of those names up on the memorial just over that. So that's gonna leave about a hundred names and that that we still need to get on the memorial. With those will all be put on that a new transition stone out there. So for the first time since we dedicated that everybody that we know of who's been killed in action from Colorado since the Spanish American war will be there. And that's kind of I'm very very very excited about that everybody. Will be together in hand so so that's good news right so. It will be about eight weeks because it's a custom cut in the its custom glass and it's a different she didn't. There's a lot of work to goes into this so it'll be about a week so I'm guessing veterans day you're that we can and will probably be. When the glass will be we're gonna escorted when it's it is finished and on its way due to Colorado. We're gonna meted jewels bird and we're gonna escorted by a patriot guard writers. You know what have they ever a lot of people involved to work and given an escort from the state border with Nebraska all the way to the freedom memorial. Where the company GR Butler will be standing by to put it up once it arrives so tax. You know this is all very exciting stuff right so so that's cool that we have the glass also I can tell you that we have hired a company. It is going to come has designed in his installing a new security system out there. All pretty state of the art pretty heady stuff it was impressive site will not lie to you they were talking over me with the with the fact that the trip. They had to dumbed down a little bit because you know how it is with technical people all do together they get pretty excited what I could tell by their excitement was this was pretty cool thing that they were doing so so yeah it says it's going to be pretty remarkable so we'll have a level of security there and I was well it's unfortunate right. You you trust that places like this are places of honor. Did that nobody in whatever. Do harm to and yet we're seeing more and more of it around the country are me and we were affected by it as well so. So there you go new panel last sub security system up we've got some great ideas for things were going to be doing next year. But I wanted to give you an update trillion on the very latest so you knew where everything stood with that. And as certainly as we get closer to the end of the year if you're interest and making donations to the memorial for tax purposes. If you recommend seeing the memorial this Labor Day weekend it is certainly open to the public during pork park hours tomorrow mounted to peak. The Colorado freedom memorial 756. Telluride street just take sixth avenue East Coast east. Pass to 25 past chambers passed airport boulevard. It's the first stop play pass airport boulevard turn left and you'll be right there. At the Colorado freedom more website www. CF MF dot net will ditch into the freedom memorial website RS. There's a little update for you right here at the Colorado veterans a resource show it proves and 143. Did so with a resource show is here. Our host we. Here we are the Colorado veterans a resource show this Sunday afternoon Labor Day weekend great avenue with the Syrian you know. Our regard for veterans and first responders in in all of that doesn't stop other holiday weekends at all wind somebody else who is pretty passionate about this group as well as my friend doctor pat casino up into. Does seem you know family dentistry how you doing. I'm doing well how are you doing today. I'm doing a OK thank side. I've you know I have the chance in the past to brag about this I'm delighted to do it began its hero appreciation month now that we're in the September. Over it does seem a family dentistry Ari pat tell folks what you guys do. Apple we do is far all firefighters first responders police slot enforcement military. Active duty retired I don't terribly discharged. I'm during the month of September. We offer our services that you schedule an initial visits during the month of September all of our services that are 50% off. She for a full year. No. That's just something that we continue to get back to our heroes. Holy cow that is pretty cool so the way this works is you call and schedule your initial visit during the month of September. And just in the special extends through September of twenty teen this in a family dentistry from at 951 that's worth boulevards where you'll find them. This is pretty remarkable I mean this this includes so a lot of people are eligible for Vista. Huge amount of people and I hope they take advantage of it because again it's my way as. You know paying it forward. Sure. So we're talking dad this is firefighters first responders police and law enforcement military active duty retired or honorably discharged. Including immediate family spouse and children under eighteen so. That says that's just an incredible exceptional image and I'm just proud to brag about this. Or let's talk a little bit about your practiced just their folks are familiar with third. Did tell me about what we're kind of stuff you use and over and I know your pretty much Kaeding had journey. Well we try to be. So we we utilized saddened digital radio McAfee I'm so did you lecture is we have as we can both be forward nitrous oxide. That's kind of a little. I'm jumping back and relaxation. And we did get we tried it stage you know on tablets they technology and utilized it as much as we can. That's excellent. And as far as people who are listening who might be concerned about. You know finances it's been a little tough for everybody we know it's getting be a little more challenge who in the metro area with real estate and everything else around here. You're not gonna turn anybody away likely right. Most likely not especially for our content Arab our hero appreciation. Will lead. You know offer financial aid options should weaken cat try to make it work for everybody it's. You know the veteran community first responder community some of them are our folks with the union you know injuries from service with. Some to some disabilities come to you treat patients with special conditions right. Yet we deal yet we do. And we attempt stately if we can't we eat we give them differently said they can get after breakfast. Excellent. You know to dental health people hear about it made me think immediately root canal some wisdom teeth embraces and stuff like Jeff. I know ten million you've talked to a bit about this with me before. Things that happen in your mouth can affect your whole body. I lecture canned and it. Actually you know life I saved treated patients that we write notes systemic problems through their oral health of so it's very important hit a peak keep your general health. Healthy. Mom and dad also that you're systemic health as well so you know what I find is that patients. CB more than they feed their primary care physician. So if I see condition that is you know can lead to something. I am Hispanic work through their body. I refer them to their primary care physician or get them to it and a doctor so we can take care at. How do you decide to travel down this path. Well you know I was a catalyst to confer about ten years in my early days. Com and worked with says dentist Chu who. It was my mentor and she really tucked me into. Becoming Adventist. And I actually work in the same practice set I was a little assistant. In haystack in the eighties. Can you tell them that's a very cool are limited storage. I got a new era as I did there was a story there it's a senator noted that's great. Yes yeah it did it's been a journey and penetrate my passion and I am very very blessed end. I'm being able to share that with many many people. I actually candid joke around and say united industry lobbied very lucky person to be able to pay you know. Do you had a profession that it poppy. And the other advantage that you have that is having been unlike. The dental assistant side in the end and hi Jonas I mean you understand the role. I mean up to the Dennis doesn't but you've done those jobs right yeah so they're down alleys so yes so. You know what they're going through in the end the challenges they have been so so you can be a little more or. And not compassionate but to little more understanding about what they're going through so it and they know that's that makes a perfect team. Yeah we we really really work well together I have on so very blessed to have a wonderful team here yourself. I feel so very blush. Well I know that the hero appreciation month comes to you honestly because it's personal I met I know you've got a family of heroes there are those that have have served in continue to serve so thanks for that. So yes thank you so much I'm very proud of my family they yet stated very very very proud. So I'll listen and that is very that is that is you know one of the main reasons I ate and you know contribute to your appreciation month to honor my family as well. Absolutely right. Well I think you're the best you know that I'm only to give back to is to what you're doing in there and because there's probably somebody you know. Half asleep right now that wishes you become six and so while what you're triple what you go. Followed you do do do great work that you do amen to brag about to all month if you don't mind and tell people to get over there. Can't thank you thank you very much I appreciate that you. You have a wonderful day as well. Our iPad thanks so much talk to you soon. I nobody there you go she's one of the best doctor Patricia dissing you know surname casino family dentistry. So here's the deal if you just cut us to seen a family dentistry is at 950 Wadsworth boulevard their phone number. Is 30323736403032373640. They call this at their practice a hero appreciation month during the month of September. They reflect on the events of 9/11 and our nation continues to come together. To remember and to express their gratitude to the men and women who district demonstrated what it is to be hero so all firefighters. First responders police law enforcement. Military to include active duty retired or honorably discharged including immediately Finley spouse and children under eighteen. You make an appointment here in September new patient okay. And if you will get 50%. Off all services and fees for the full year. And this applies to all the heroes that I just mentioned and immediate family members. Who come in for a new patient visit that is incredible on their way of reaching out during the month of September to honor those who serve forward. Is that cool right then again it's to see you know family dentistry if you want more information 3032373640. There you go you know that we get the best people in the world on this program to talk about what they're doing by four and about veterans so thanks to. Doctor Patricia this email pat her team. Over there and I'm gonna keep reminding your on this here in the coming weeks on the showing not a holiday weekend so not everybody's paying close attention. Maybe you're trying to grill some credit though we'll keep reminding me here this month so you don't miss out on net fabulous opportunity if you need some dental care. Swelling just like that we've run out of time once again for the Colorado veterans resource show you're cruising 1439 you'll be able to hear at this program again. If you just go to our web site crews in 1430 dot com go to the Colorado veteran three source show page. And right there will be the podcast to this program where you can listen to it at your convenience if you wanna hear it again if you wanna recommended to a friend. You can share that with them as well all right it lives up there for a long time we like to keep those so you can. Review omens perhaps you heard something you're fascinated by wanna give it a listen again and of course we go. All so winds to let you know that if you get ideas for deaths are topics or any of that just reach out to us on that same page the Colorado veterans a resource show. Hey thanks for your service all those of you who wore the uniform enjoyed this Labor Day weekend. We'll talk to you next week.