Dementia Resilience - 10.1.17

Saturday, September 30th

Jill Lorentz originally hails from the great farm country land of Illinois and has lived in Denver since 1984. When her mom was diagnosed with a form of dementia in the early 90's, Jill dedicated her life to learning about the disease, which lead to her career path of working with families and professionals who need assistance in this area as well. Believing caregivers can hold the key to setting the tone of emotional stability for the person with dementia, Dementia Resilience with Jill Lorentz sponsored by Belleview Heights Alzheimer’s Special Care Center will take an in depth look at how we can strengthen our techniques, strategies, and even our compassion to help people live with this disease; not to struggle with it. Our show's goal is to have a candid conversation about dementia and its effects on those it touches and to ignore ridiculous talk of a stigma attached to Alzheimer's. Resilience is your ability to adapt well and recover quickly after stress, by overcoming obstacles and adversity to find a positive outcome. People who have a resilient disposition are better able to maintain poise and a healthy level of physical and psychological awareness in the face of life's challenges. This 1/2 hour radio show, Sunday mornings from 10:00 -10:30 will explore avenues of intentional care and finding moments of joy while living with dementia. 


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Welcome to dementia resilience we chill arrest sponsored by building heights alzheimer's special care center. A candid conversation as we learn about dementia and alzheimer's and it's effects on the people we love. Jill has years of dedication and experience help you adapt to recover and overcome obstacles and help find a positive outcome it's time for dementia resilience with the Jill Lawrence. Hello all my listeners out there today. You know it occur to me that I might have some new listeners. That have not heard maybe some of mine first show some things like that so I want to do re introduce myself. Horry anybody that doesn't know me. So of course you know dementia resilience which Gillibrand site I named it. Dementia resilience because I want to be able to talk about different types of dementia not just. Alzheimer's. Or frontal temporal role. He spoke Campbell sclerosis and now I'm dieting in two parkinson's here pretty soon. Some going to be learning all about Parkinson's disease so I can work for the university Colorado hospital with their. Patients out there starting in January. So my background is that I started at the Alzheimer's Association. And was volunteering their for many years my mom. Showed signs of memory loss. And from there over the next one he some years IA work to do association and I. Facilitate his support groups IA. Facilitated the Seve caregiver class. Worked on the help line for many years and have been involved with the early stage program. And they have just done a lot of things around working with people with the disease and the people who care for them. I lovingly call all my listeners and followers might caregiver nation because that levee also much in wanna be able to help you. And I have a great website some resilience training dot com. Where I AM updating my let's say right now to have a lot of different information that you will need. But speaking of a different information that might be kind of fun to recap some of the shows that I hadn't. Over the last year ad because we've had some really great great guest. And some good topics that we discussed so I thought maybe I just recap some of my favorite one so. Morn the first shows I did was all about triggers and how we create triggers as caregivers. And don't even realize it and get behaviors from people. With alzheimer's are different types of dementia this because we don't know that what we're doing his agitating them and creating anxiety. And that was my very first show on the 29 the January. Done and that was just a really I think agreed showed it help people understand it become more in touch with what. They. Are doing and how they're working with their loved ones and may be reacting instead acting and so you wanna go back in business that Ellen that was really a great show. And then the second showed that I did was all my history everything that I did with my my. I am we direction skills I try. A lot of different things like that and just really sharing with the listeners what my journey was like in the resources that I used. And as a token she about this you can go on my website or even prisons website 14:30 AM. And crews and our crews and dot com I think you wait and get it even find because it's a popular station but if you just click on weekend programming. And you will see you resist. Dementia resilience the children's. Social the other. Shows that I had that I thought were really great was I had to occur. Faust on from home instead. Denver north talking about what home care tackles and and how they work with. People with alzheimer's and different types of dementia and in addition to that I actually did their training for their new orientation class. Every Wednesday so that there are a 100% trained in worked with few with alzheimer's real proud of them for taking net non. I also spoke to Linda white from the Johnson adult day program it's a fabulous program. About. Working with people and keeping them engaged in lots of different activities. So that they can stave viable and have meaningful. Processes and programs that they're working with every day and that's just a really really great program. Probably one of my favorite ones was when doctor Huntington potter was on he is the director of the rocky mountain alzheimer's disease center in Denver. At a university Colorado hospital he was explaining. All about. How he's getting closer and closer to lecture all people let that get too excited. He is really doing some great things with the drug called Lou kinda out there with this team they now started. Working not only with them my acing clearing up the alzheimer's in the mice. Brains that they are working on humans right now and showing great progress. He had a show one night news not very long ago where they had coach McCartney Bill McCartney are big C you. Buff coach for many many years of the football team took to national championship. And coach McCartney has been living with alzheimer's and it seems like doctor potter in company with their. Research in the study they have gone on that. The clinical study is doing great things for him he won listen to those shows that those who were via. Now the nineteenth in the 26 of march. So that was that was just really cool. As a super special show I had was when my friend Heather Goldberg her mom Suzanne Jauron. And that was just a fabulous show her mom has younger onset. And we talked a lot about what it felt like to. Have to diagnosis. And she was working as a nurse and really loved her job but all of a sudden Monday. The duck she was working for that I think you need to go and get to some testing done. Because. We think maybe your have been some cognitive issues and it turned out she got the diagnosis of alzheimer's and and just what she was going through and how she's still trying to. Still eighty very viable in and maintain her dignity and her daughters are trying to maintain their quality of life and and just how resilient she was was just absolutely amazing to me. So is so those are really really funds shows and that was on in April. I also explored. That three best care communities I thought we had didn't. And how they're working with person centered care. And really. Really changing. The trajectory in the dynamics. Of what we can expect for our loved ones in. Care communities that that know how to work with the person without Medicaid in them. And I think that was one of my most. Fun fun fun shows so idea I hope it's been little. Fun walking down memory lane talking about some of these different shows that that I have head. A couple others were. Strategies to communicate better with the person with alzheimer's. One week I talked about music therapy and how music therapy can make a huge difference. In the care of a person with this disease. And them that was then that was a lot of fun in the beta without a battle like a lot of calls on that show. Because it is very difficult to get a person instead take it you've put and they get very progress that this disease. You know a lot of time let's talk about statistics. And and scams and how can we keep our loved ones they've been. And just different topics that I think will mean something and of people so I hope you've got anonymous and to some of these shows and and really tried to air learn as much as you can about this disease and even making your home save firm and a lot of different things like that I'm gonna talk about a few the other shows that I had and then. In the next segment after we hear word from our sponsor and I want say how grateful I am the W heights. A JEA community dead and puts on the show every week so. We'll be back in just a minute now we'll take another walk down memory lane and then I'm gonna have some great ideas for yet. Of how to get to this all. With some some fun homemade ideas and activities okay so we'll be back in just a minute. Making a decision to place your loved one in the care of others is one of the most difficult decisions you'll ever have to make. If that's Simmons specialist in your life and is meaning memory care W heights is the place to call home. Bellevue heights part of the JEA's senior living family is deeply committed to serving people living with alzheimer's and other related dimensions. Bellevue heights believes that supporting families and caregivers is just as important as caring for our residents we offer free monthly support groups. Education and lecture series and presentations by experts in alzheimer's and dementia care. All of our programs are free and open to the public. Called LV heights at 3036900700. To learn more about the high standard of individualized care. They can offer your loved one. And ask the matter current and upcoming education opportunities and support groups. Tell you how it's alzheimer's special care center is located at 14 or 500. East Bellevue avenue in Aurora. Is it JEA's senior living dot com or call 3036900700. To schedule a tour come on to Stanley. Come home to Bellevue heights. Welcome to dementia resilience with the chill arrest sponsored by ability heights alzheimer's special care center. A candid conversation as we learn about dementia and alzheimer's and it's effects on the people we love. Jill has years of dedication and experience help you adapt to recover and overcome obstacles and help find a positive outcome it's time for dementia resilience with the Jill Lawrence. Okay we're back here and I'm talking about some of the different I guess I hadn't topics I've had on the show. And that just reintroduce myself for some abuses that don't know me here where I come from. And I like company summit resilience training summit is not anything about mountains are censoring thing like that's just a street I grew up on. Kind of a nod to mom mamma. Who has inspired me to try to help people with different types of dementia and the journey that we Denon and you know I'm just really proud of her for leaving a legacy so we now know that. Her death was not in vain and because of the study my family is in out of Washington University Saint Louis when a clinical study. I have learned a lot about researching and hand information like that I I read a lot of books in them and that created my company so why could. Do in home consultations for people I have classes that are available. My next class for families is going to be October 20. And that's a four part. Class in the morning I'll have a location for now my web site and then the following week on the 27 he can come back and and be in the second part of the class and I listen my website what my classes are all about but it's helping caregivers understand what it's like to have the disease. And to. But the Doolittle into the exercise work on the caregiver stress and how we're gonna manage it. And then how to keep your home safer and share the care and learn do you skewing techniques and you can help your loved one throughout their days and weeks with this disease still live in not struggle with. So that twosome the show we had our net GAT I had Sharon stokes who used to work with at the Alzheimer's Association. And a on my show and she was talking about her company I am still here and she. Facilitates. Support groups for people with the disease and that was fabulous show just some of the things she's due in. Have to say probably my favorite show my absolute favorite show so far has been when I had Claire only Charlton on. She was a debts and tax attorney and that may not sound like a great show which she talked about. Whether or not parents need to file a tax return. Windy need to file it what do we owed the IRS. And how can we take deductions off. If we are her having the in home care come in what if you have to sell your house. The state gifting and how you work with that. And boy was she really informative on all the tax compliance information she had and preparing. For long term. Estate planning and things like that. I just thought that show is awesome I really love that. I would just truly have had some. Crazy fun shows. I had filling Harry Booth on and they talked about sage bunch functional aging and they do that person centered care. Indian home and care community settings. Musing occupational recreational. Therapy so boy they were really something. One for the personal shows I had on was Jin roms from Ontario Canada was on with us. And she talked about her mom in Canada and how. She wrote a book because her mom was hidden away in different care communities and moved in moved in moved. Because. Her step dad didn't want her daughter being in communication whether that was. Wow intensely personal personal show but I thought that was just a really really good good show. Probably one of the best shows I had was. When I talked about. And caregivers doing it alone I had 121000 responses. Two. A blogger wrote up my website some resilience Trane dot com. About it's talking about. Kick caregivers just haven't to go to Seoul alone in. And really saying how they felt about having to make decisions by themselves and and people not really help on a mountain. That was a that was kind of this had happened. Conversation. But. You know it was it was actually a good one because I caregivers everywhere and my cure human nations told me how meaningful that was to them. To have somebody speak up for them. And then I think Ali wired them the best shows I really had was when my sisters were on. In August and we talked about our journey. With our mom and just everything that we went through kind of some laughter and in tears and in how are mom was abused at the first community that we put Ariane. So even though I consider myself an expert on this disease. We made some mistakes and we shared with listeners. How painful atlas and all the all the things that we had to go through when we seed the nursing home and the doctors in. And it does the pharmacy and how we had the look for a new place for her. But that was that was a really agree in personal chauffeur me and I and I do like that when a lot. My husband was also on one of the shows we talked about law enforcement how we can keep our loved ones safe and what is neglected what is self neglect and and how to week look for somebody who's wandering and how he's teaching law enforcement all across the metropolitan area. And in best ways for critical incident training when they pull somebody over he's been driving and probably shouldn't be. And that. Let the student they showed a driving the show where we talked about how to take the car keys hope like I hit it. It's so that is folks that we have had some really incredible shows talking about everything that somebody needs to know. And I'd kin and I just employee did go on cruise in 14:30 AM. Click on the weekend programming. Button the tab and scroll down to dementia resilience of Jill Lawrence and listened to those past podcasts. If you wanna go on my website even though on some resilience training dat come and I have my radio podcasts listed there and you can click straight on. And I tell you what the show was about so many of these sounded interesting you can go on and and she used doctor potter show or you can choose Linda Niedermayer and show that owns can't would real estate. She talked about how her and her husband Peter. Have helped her dad bill more real estate mobile here and I and our state. Through his dimension and even her mom's dementia so. Some just really cool shows in. I'd like to remind you that I am loading. New bundles on my web site. That will be available to you October 15 free of charge were experts are gonna talk about all of these subjects and more. You can download the information. Prince a mock van. They start looking ahead for planning. And trying to help the person that has this diagnosis be a part of their care plan which I think is hugely important. And when we come back I'm gonna shift gears and we're gonna talk about this cool rainy weather we've had for the last few weeks. And welcoming fall and some great ideas were. Ways weekend kind of visit mammary lane an old hold. Ideas. Homegrown ideas of how we can come up with some great activities and meaningful. Experience. For our loved once so will be back after word from our sponsor and talk about welcoming fallen activities for. These rainy cool days come and that will be back just a minute. Making the decision to place your loved one in the care of others is one of the most difficult decisions you'll ever have to make if that's someone special is in your life and his needing memory care. Bellevue heights is the place to call home. Bellevue traits part of the GA's senior living Stanley is deeply committed to serving people living with alzheimer's and other related dimensions. Living with purpose and meaning is the best reward at Bellevue heights alzheimer's special care center. Your loved one will live life to its fullest licensed nurses aren't step 24 hours a day. Compassionate caregivers three well balanced meals and three healthy snacks are a few key elements of the GE age difference. We also offer fully furnished private and semi private groups and meaningful activities and scheduled outings. Called Bellevue heights at 3036900700. To learn more about the high standard of individualized care they can offer your loved one. Bellevue heights alzheimer's special care center. Is located at 14 or 500. East Bellevue avenue in Aurora visit JEA senior living dot com. Or column 3036900700. To schedule a tour from one to Stanley come home to Bellevue heights. Welcome to dementia resilience with the chill arrest sponsored by ability heights alzheimer's special care center. A candid conversation as we learn about dementia and alzheimer's and its effects on the people we love. Jill has years of dedication and experience help you adapt to recover overcome obstacles and help find a positive outcome it's time for dementia resilience with the Jill Lawrence. So most of the country has been under some incredibly. Tough and tumultuous western state the feet. Holy smokes and all the her keen sense just this fall you know or didn't is cooler weather and and it's kind of tough. For people that are caregivers. For people with alzheimer's and it tends to make our. Our friends in the diagnosis a little bit irritable sleep be it can cause son downing Nixon had days and nights tonight tennis stuff. So I had a couple ideas. And I have not been up by a number is a partial with the ideas so I sort of think about what went back to our younger years. He now. We know that people with this disease as they get progressed they will go from. You know their childhood learning adolescent learning an adult learning and then work their way backwards. So. If it's rainy. And it's ridiculously. Muddy and funky outside. Go busy your favorite Murdoch's store shopper added their buys some goal washes and for goodness sakes go stomp and some puddles. Why that I have some fun and don't be afraid to be silly. You know if you don't if you don't have the money he can do that gives some safe where kings super garbage bags and you some rubber bands and pull up around your shoes and three tennis she's on and some garbage bag and go stop and why not you know. How now poll announced some old photos that you needed to put scrap books for the longest time but haven't gotten around to it. Sept freedom out. You know if you got these he got photo albums that have fallen apart now's a great time to grab that person. With the diagnosis and sit down and and restructure those so they can. Good visit memory lane how apple announced include books and come up with some soups in chili's and steel used in things like that. And maybe even go to the store buys those ingredients. I think it's super fun when you get those little bread bowls and you cut a map you can put this do in there. You know let's do some things it kind of remind us of memory lane. How bout may concerns stir fried veggies and some chicken import shops dose and applesauce on there. All these things remind. Our friends at diagnosis of their younger years didn't he Ollie those kind of things we're kids. She's toast he's toasted cheese they Rico Ahmanson soup and stuff like that. Make some cookies. Bake some homemade cookies. If you don't have a recipes that can fill up some time for ages go month. I those little told house. Logs issued and get your frozen section those are fine they smell abuses. And that can be a fun thing to do brownies. And the reason I mentioned now this is because we know our friends a diagnosis get that sweet tooth. So why not help them out if they don't have but diabetes or something's that's. Just explorer ended his pumpkin pies now is that timing year to do it. And hey I just went to Michael's the other day. I know. Love going to Michael's and hobby lobby for fun. Ideas for decorating. And right now they have forty to 60%. Not. You can buy some of those long strings of leaves and and stuff like that pumped Kansan. By those in and put some. Maybe some flowers in these are great ways to have meaningful activities with people. That have this disease. Now how about. Food or or bake cookies or even like. Now how about taking a referral to your hobby lobby. Grade or maybe. What do they call those it is not Jordan's. But there's ace hardware errors in things like that right eight. When mission Murdoch's a little while ago. Pretty soon we're gonna BC know are grass for the snow. Maybe you can get him out there with a little hole plug her and start working on your line and and see it you can roll those seating. Contraptions back and forth. Water line rake some leaves and guess what folks that beating the issue we talked about earlier. There's not some like get NASA I didn't duty. Give no yard where Dan and everything you get hands away it's a great time to go in and have a hot shower at. So it's packaged good things like that. And how about going to goodwill consignment shop taken up for newsletter too or jacket for the cool weather. You know or even going through their old closets. And finding clothes that they can't Wear anymore and taken to those consignment shops to. Get you know some money for their good. Some things like that it. Long walks on a nice day when the weather's cool. Good ways to get them out no proud and in in movement. And then them up scrapbook and then stuff like that maybe just a cut out pictures out of magazines. And it. Pictures of cups. Plates. Glasses. And then put those on your cat and it's so they can find him. When the disease progresses. It's an easy way for them to be part of it say you know what daddy is not the big deal that you don't remember which cabinet things or Rand. Why don't we just grab a magazine from the store let's cut out some pictures. May be one that's got those. You know look Fossett things like that. And and put them on the bathroom door or just print some words on the computer that you can help them with their. Reading and tight being in keeping them. You know being able to read end in two right because those are things go away in the disease gets progressed. And you can print those off and just put them on the doors this is the bedroom. This is the drawers that your underwear and things like that so we don't have to struggle through this disease that's why I mean this company resilience training I want people. Two. Really think about how can they overcome these obstacles and adversity. To find a positive outcome I mean I think I think this is. Some things that we can do it is to keep ourselves busy. And may need a few more ideas on Saturdays you go hit farmers market just do some fun things take a drive through the country. You now take a drive up to the mountains to see the the leaves change and all those kind of things can keep our loved ones that have this diagnosis. In key to tin and happy and enjoying in the enjoying lying he's been cheated death announced to sit down and have a cup of hot TE. Reminisce about the days gone by and remember if people. Keep fears. So it's safe and healthy and happy yourself keep your emotions instead. Keep your loved ones happy and content and everybody's gonna have a much better time to this disease. It's tough enough the way it is but if we can come up with some good ideas to keep our loved ones engaged and keep that. Keep ourselves happy and content we're going to be a whole lot better off. And remember don't talk around the person. Don't talk like they're not there or talk to that person has this disease as though. There opinions are still important because they are. And asked him about how they're feeling. And make sure you keep them engaged so that they feel like there's still valuable to us the okay. While until next week. And next could tell when have a lady on is her name is Christina bond she's been talked to us about hospice. And she's from the university Colorado hospital the narrow palliative care center. And we're gonna be excited to have Chris doctor Christine a bomb on to talk to us about the end of life for those of you that need information on that we'll see you next week. Have a great week and I'll talk. He has. Its resilience. You've been listening to dementia resilience would chill harassed sponsored by Bellevue high risk alzheimer's special care center. Visit the website at summit resilience training dot com to learn more. And join us next week as we learn more about dementia alzheimer's and overcoming obstacles for the positive outcome see you next time.