Dementia Resilience - 12.31.17

Sunday, December 31st

Jill Lorentz originally hails from the great farm country land of Illinois and has lived in Denver since 1984. When her mom was diagnosed with a form of dementia in the early 90's, Jill dedicated her life to learning about the disease, which lead to her career path of working with families and professionals who need assistance in this area as well. Believing caregivers can hold the key to setting the tone of emotional stability for the person with dementia, Dementia Resilience with Jill Lorentz sponsored by Belleview Heights Alzheimer’s Special Care Center will take an in depth look at how we can strengthen our techniques, strategies, and even our compassion to help people live with this disease; not to struggle with it. Our show's goal is to have a candid conversation about dementia and its effects on those it touches and to ignore ridiculous talk of a stigma attached to Alzheimer's. Resilience is your ability to adapt well and recover quickly after stress, by overcoming obstacles and adversity to find a positive outcome. People who have a resilient disposition are better able to maintain poise and a healthy level of physical and psychological awareness in the face of life's challenges. This 1/2 hour radio show, Sunday mornings from 10:00 -10:30 will explore avenues of intentional care and finding moments of joy while living with dementia. 


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Two dimensional resilience your arrest sponsored by I don't know if I also have a special airs tonight at any conversation has whittled. Out dementia and alzheimer's and its effects on the people we love. Jill has years of dedication and experience and so do you adapt to recover and overcome obstacles and help find a positive outcome. It's time for dementia resilience with the Jill horrendous. Good morning everyone. I'm so happy to be here on New Year's Eve I hope everybody had a great holiday weekend. And enjoy the Christmas music over at Christmas Eve and Christmas cheer on treason 1430. I am today. Eight im really thrilled to have against in the studio with me. Her name is Christian Frederick and she owns Christmas Christen Frederic therapy. Cut social critic and you are offering. Hope and health Kristin. How are you welcome I'm glad you're here with us today. So I invited you on the show because. I really like. You or new. Concept and the and it put shouldn't be a new concept but you've occupational therapist for many years. When she tell my listeners a little bit about yourself to start normal dive into what you do okay. Actually soak as Joseph said I'm occupational therapist I've been one for 21 years. And my focus is always pretty much banned in my lab has been senior care. I'm in I'd say in the last probably decade is I really started to find my passion working with people with dementia. And just started to really find some significant enjoyment. In helping people and relief tiny hole. I'm I'm looking for those joyful moments as well so I caregiver nation as a my followers and listeners. What soccer additional therapy that it's really confusing sometimes right. A great question and people often ask me if I'm gonna help them find a job. And that's not the case I'm tradition occupational therapy is actually. Basically focused on and occupation of living. I'm so if you've received traditional occupational therapy focuses on like self care tasks being able to do all the things you need to do to get ready in the morning. I may focus design. Things like money management. And copying and strange and balance lots of those pieces so. That's traditional piece and then I kind of come at it from an alternative space. I'm just based on watching what I've seen in my years in senior care. OK so a win you work with families do you go to their homes do you go to care communities. What how do you pretty facilitate your work that's a great question to soak. I have a clinics they spent most of my time is spent in people's homes or in the there care communities because obviously if you are working with someone. Who has dementia can opposite. Oftentimes be such a significant challenge to get out. Yeah and it's wonderful to be able to be in someone's home environments and actually offer them the support that they need so really had a high function burn it okay. And so 00 what things that I. I really. Love about what you do Christen and I've known you know offer a little while. And it is that we both understand very clearly that people with dementia often times work from. A place nine at ten times. And anxiety fear that kind of thing and people don't. They recognize that that is that all my loved ones up tearful but but they really are they they worry about. Saying the wrong thing doing their own thing and you Laura work really focuses. In in such a strong way which I really like. I'm their fitness or nutrition. Lowering their stress and anxiety and and more so explain a little bit. Played so that's where I'm coming from an alternative space so what I'm offering is not traditional occupational therapy it's really different and that's why I noticed there was a missing some peace is that we need to hone in on lifestyle. And to appreciate that people who are struggling with dementia and the people that are providing the support to those people. They need to have a healthy lifestyles and we need to look at things like nutrition and exercise and stress management. And sleep is a huge one. A new learning really facilitating the opportunity for that. And you know appreciating an understanding that like he said people are gonna have anxiety we have to understand where that comes from and why it's happening. And take care of the person that has dementia but then also ensure that we're taking care of the person. That is the care partner caregiver of course our most men's working with that person because we want them to have a joyous relationship tailed absolutely. So we know well. In the dimensional world. That our friends with Louis body especially have disrupted. Sleep right as straight sun which can be. Severe right and striking out mom dean you know diving out dead one right get here recently I learned that from the shuttle. How do you. Help put them. That's really worked and we can't I can't do a heck of a lot in regard to what's just wrapped dean. The sleep cycle so when somebody has Louie body you know they're having those outbursts. In the middle of the night I can't do much for that but what I'm trying to teach people early on because in our society. You know sleep is something that is oftentimes we kind of where it as a badge of honor not to sleep so I really focus on the importance of sleeping and if there's things we can do in regard to their sleep hygiene habits we modify those. I'm often times people will stay at super late and it just gets worse and worse and worse and then they're disrupting their daytime so we can work on modifying that schedule. Und dot super important though is get our. Lowered its sleep that that's crazy important because some a lot of there's a lot of the questions I get from families this. How do I work with my lover my son downing breaks and makes you and I both know that dad is directly. Impacted by the amount of exercise they do throughout the day rate sites how well they are kept on a routine and so on and so forth. So do you work with damage to sort of help with that end in addition to the other things you do which will talk about the second half that he can you help put that some. Some perhaps truly know something I am also recently read was. That are as we age our eyes out process vitamin. Can really help support sleep later in the day and I thought that was fascinating because we know that we don't. Getting enough vitamin. Corresponds to our sleep patterns and how that impacts us more as we age okay so those are all pieces we can put together okay. I didn't whip it whip the trying to get the vitamin. Do you recommend knows what what do you think you know when you come down to that I think that the supplements can be very helpful that you and make sure you have a quality supplements. And given I'm not a physician I always recommend that people I start talking about the fact that vitamin d.s important. But then I connect them with their physician or health care partner that can really help them so that they have the appropriate. Supplement support that they need to look at their particular body cultural difference Maroney. And and whipped at a lot of people. Have a lot of inflammation. Versailles as cem. Nina things like that Reyes are our hard on him arthritis things right that do you cope with things like that yes so absolutely there is a protocol I utilized it's called the body whisper. And it actually is intended to help reduce inflammation in the body over all so our diets. Truly significantly impacts our bodies our lack of sleep. So this article not actually allowed your body to kind of calm the nervous system. So that it can do what it's intended to do so I'm not in implying and curing anything but it allows your body to calm down. And it's a light touch you keep you stay closed. And we worked on moving what's also called the cerebral spinal fluid which is what gets the toxins out of your brain and actually helps your brain can memory means stable. So that's another really neat protocol utilized and it's good for anybody you know half cent. Be struggling with dementia had to benefit from combing your nervous system Noah Addis. Roche group I think the more relaxed we are the more comfortable we are. Me is certainly helps us to be more productive throughout our day and then just really. Enjoying our life on on a better level so again I have Christian Frederick with me today and I am really excited to have her talking about ways to common nervous system. So different holistic ideas that she hasn't she's gonna share with us wouldn't back in just a minute you're a little bit more from person. Making the decision to place your love join in the care of others is one of the most difficult decisions you'll ever have to make if that's someone special is it you are life and is needing memory care. Bellevue heights is the place to call home. Bellevue tights part of the G-8 senior living Stanley it's deeply committed to serving people living with alzheimer's and other related to pensions. Living with purpose and meaning it's the best reward at Bellevue heights alzheimer's special care center. Or loved one live life to its fullest licensed nurses on staff 24 hours a day. Compassionate caregivers and three well balanced meals at three healthy snacks are a few key elements of the G-8 eat age difference. He also offers fully furnished private and semi private rooms. Painful activities in scheduled outings. Called Bellevue heights at 3036900700. To learn more about the high standard of individualized care taken off for your love and Bellevue heights alzheimer's special care center is located at 14 or 500. Eastern Bellevue avenue in Aurora. Is it JEA senior living dot com. Or call 3036900700. To schedule a tour. To Stanley Cup home to Bellevue heights. Okay to dementia resilience until arrest sponsored by building heights alzheimer's special care center. Conversation as we learn about dementia and alzheimer's and it's effects on the people we love. Jill has years of dedication and experience do you adapt to recover and overcome obstacles and help help find a positive outcome. It's time for dementia resilience within Jill Lauren yes. Okay anywhere backhand. Has all my blisters and caregiver nation no and I will welcoming this news we have out there. My show is all about trying to find. Ways to overcome obstacles and adversity to find a positive outcome that's what resilience is all about and I work with a lot of different types of dementia those we now know and I I keep mom my listeners. Very well educated at the mention its self is just a definition and there are diseases under there are twenty different types of dementia is. They act are not diseases so let's be Smart let's be informed out there folks and to help me a little further with that today I have Christen Frederic with meek and Christen is an occupational therapist who is trying some new holistic ways. She she offers hope and health and Kristin thanks for me and what this against perhaps two heavier so I'm. You should but the person impacted by dimension which also helped the families. I want you to they'd give us an example. Of maybe somebody that you worked with. And how your therapies work sure absolutely so actually made very first family's. And it is a couple and the husband has mount cognitive impairments are still very functional couple. But they weren't looking for some additional support a somebody just help them kind of problem solve. Through every day scenarios that they were facing and to figure out kind of you know how to manage through some of these challenges that they were facing. I'm a little things like. The husband and want to learn how to tax and it wasn't because he was incapable of learning it really wasn't something that was significance of significant importance to him right so we have to navigate through what it is. Someone's inability to actually learn something new and and let someone really doesn't wanna now. That's challenging to be one of the characteristic. Of alzheimer's type dementia. Is at. We. Have. I didn't we lose the ability to. Our new thing break so how did you tackle. You know it depends so windy I can do with my background is an OT as I can determine where someone's functioning from a cognitive standpoint. So I can appreciate if they're capable of new learning are not capable of new learning OK and you can do that through standardized testing and I can also do that just through observation based on my years of experience okay so what I've kind of figured out that's spaced. Then you can determine if it's really a person's choice. Not to learn something or if it's a person. Who actually is incapable of learning some so that's really important to for families appreciate OK because often times people will think that they're allowed to line. It's just responding in a negative way to be obstinate in the and in fact they really aren't capable. A that new learning or maybe they need a visual Cutera member or work a workbook that they work from our calendar so there's lots of different things you can do to support people. Especially earlier on okay and how do you support Sam you don't really got is a great thing that I can do and I love it because I ask me questions like. No wind so and so does this it really frustrates me what can I do about that. All this happened yesterday and I was really scared what do you think they should do know so that's really important to help them kind of navigate through the situation because I think it naturally eat. We become hyper responsive when we know someone has some sort of memory impairment and we kind of lose our space of going. Oh you just forgot or oh my god I should this is the dimension out what I do so it's finding that place in the medal. To navigate through that situation cake. Perfect media expert here give us okay actual actual example so I'm having somebody to do that you helped them absolutely. So there was a scenario one time where I had a couple and the white text me and they'd recently got a new puppy. And she was really scared because her husband had forgotten the name of the puppy and she said he knows the name of the president he knows the day eight. And it so we work through that and came back to him. And what I had to kind of go through her with this you know what do you last learned she first forget it's settle in if there's anything additional going on stressful if you know the dog is running around in circles around you. And you forget the name of the dog. That's probably just something that's happening because of the situation and when you do have a memory impairment. Things become heightened when you have a distraction around time. That was a situation I work through that was absolutely. Good to figure out I love that so. How do you calm nervous system. Is actually eight through the way that. I do it and there's a lot you can join your own as a while but the protocol I used which is called the body US firm really starts working on like I was discussing earlier. I start from the base of the body work out and around you stay clothed. And it works fine your hand placement is on organs in the spine because in order for the spine to release the organs have to be able to move. And with that I'm helping get that cerebral spinal fluid flowing which gets us toxins out of the brain which called the nervous system. And so that then allows your body not to be in that fighter flight space and actually. Be cold enough to function in normal everyday activities while I'll. So that's what I do and then we've got some other things we can do to Gary conjoined her own two OK do you work with anybody. With mid stage in late stage dementia yes absolutely we'll tell you courtesy progressive progressive. Advancements. SA's latest say that got us all rights. Do you look forward to see as as a marker of about what you're cheat and that's a great questions you're absolutely right in that when you got somebody with med. Or later stages dementia eager not gonna seed. A significant hit I opening probably change which you will see small shifts so. If I'm working with someone and I'm doing my body was for treatment on them I do notes typically. A very patient and their presentation from the time I start in the time I and where there's just a greater calm amount about Ben and you can just sense that they are. In the space of peace vs navy agitation when you started because we work in a quiet space we spend an hour together and the whole focus of that time. Is common in nervous system and most people also sleep through it. So not only are they giving that nervous system combing they're getting some restorative restful sleep and it's fasting to watch the processing going on there's hand movements. Virtualization ends. It's really really neat thing to see happen no mace excellent so I would tell my day care urination how they can get a hold these. So early so I have a FaceBook page and have a website and obviously a phone number I'm always allowed to talk on the phone. And so my FaceBook pages Christian Frederick therapies. And in my website is WW dot Kristen Frederick therapies dot com and then my phone number is 303. Or 75977. To say that one more time you bet 303. 475. 9772. And a name your company Christian Frederick therapy how grave so old less thought what. What do you wanna leave with the listeners that you think is super important than tonight. What I think is most important now is bats. If you have a loved one that's diagnosed with dementia it's not the end of life and I think we kind of look at it that way that oh my gosh have gotten this horrible diagnosis and everything's gonna and throwing. And what I once we're gonna class is that people lose 30% of their abilities within three days of diagnosis. Because the people around them don't know what to do so they start doing everything. So my whole thing happened say is to promote hope not fear of dementia right because there's a lot of life left to be lived and you just have to find the joy eight. I'm despite the fact that your and it challenging situation. You know we. We share that it's I know I am all about finding a guy that's. I really think that you're on to something like you that you and I could work in communities you could do a lot of things sad it's over and over that you've done for the last 21 years. But he decided to go on your own and try new way of thinking and new way of doing things so Christians rhetoric I'm really glad you were here with. My flesh and that well will probably have you back sometime in 2018 right counseling you're gonna take a break we'll be right back. Making the decision to place your loved one to care of others is one of the most difficult decisions you'll ever have to make. If that's Simmons specialist in your life and is meaning memory care Bellevue heights is the place to call home. Bellevue heights part of the JEA's senior living family is deeply committed to serving people living with alzheimer's and other related to pensioners. Value heights believes that supporting families and caregivers is just as important as caring for our residents. Offer free monthly support groups. Education and lecture series and presentations by experts in alzheimer's and dementia care. All of our programs are free and open to the public. Called Bellevue heights at 3036900700. To learn more about the high standard of individualized care. They can offer you or I love my. And asked the matter current and upcoming education opportunities and support groups. No new heights alzheimer's special care center is located at 14 or 500. East Bellevue avenue in Aurora. Is it JP Hayes senior living dot com or call 3036900700. To schedule a tour come to Stanley. Come home to Bellevue heights. Okay to dementia resilience we chill arrest sponsored by ability heights alzheimer's special care center. Conversation as we learn about dementia and alzheimer's and it's effects on the people we love. Chills years of dedication and experience and so do you adapt to recover and overcome obstacles and hello final positive outcome. It's time for debenture resilience within Jill we're friends yeah. You couldn't action. Wow I can not believe it is. The 31. Of December 2017. At hand I think it was just a Weaver. I getting ready where because of the year 2000 to come around and now we're getting made a margin to 2018. Or folks listen I I did a FaceBook alive. Over the holidays. And was super her I east. When I set I know a lot of you are going across the nation trying to get home for the holidays and things like that. And you're gonna find that your loved one has memory loss can be an aunt uncle grandma grandpa who ever great. And that it was just a general not really given any resource is FaceBook light posts that I did. Almost 2000 people responded to be so fine old that there are a lot of you who went home for the holidays and saw some things that your concern about. So I'm gonna do another FaceBook live on some resilience training dot com you have to get on them like that site or you can't listen to the FaceBook live. Then I will do it this coming Wednesday eight which is. That the thirty. Skeptic at eight at 7 PM. I get on there and and light that. We had a good year in 2017. We had some maps and down's been on this show I have a lot of great guests and and even today AM we're really glad to have christened rhetoric with me. We had a really good year this year had a lot of good information. You can go on cruise and 14:38. AM. Get on the tab that says weekends and get on the weekend shows. And mighty dementia resilience that Jill Lawrence is right there and eat it that doesn't work for you go on my website some resilience training dot com. Another radio podcasts I list all of my shows and what the shows were about so if you need to find some specific information on main thing from. Driving issues to how to find care community to how to achieve my loved one at home what can I take up on my taxes tax I'm going to be coming up soon. And different things I have bundles of information 26 of them that you can get on there and copy and paste and download them. They are free of charge and I have just tons and tons and tons of information for you. So all next week I'm gonna take all the questions for MySpace put my hands to grandma. Everybody that sends me questions and calls me on Monday mornings after the show here. And I'm gonna answer your troubling questions from the holiday season OK so. To be here for next week's can be a lot about answering questions. So I would just reply I'm gonna close out today's show my dear friend April's Torres to put all my show here and his might. It engineers spectacular. It's got to play a Cy Young for me and my husband it's a Scottish. Irish and theme. And I want everybody jive careful this week in take who would it take to the trains take you there are free buses and trains at three. Take those three. Me. Yeah. I'm sure. There. Minimal. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. You've been listening to dementia resilience would still horrendous sponsored by Bellevue high risk alzheimer's special care center. Visit her website at some resilience training dot com. I'm to learn more and join us next week as we learn more about dementia alzheimer's and overcoming obstacles for the positive outcome. See you next time.