The Denver Home News Show - 7.9.17

Sunday, July 9th

Lane has news about making smart remodeling choices that will garner top dollar. Plus, Lou Tornambe from Axiom Financial talks about the “downsizer dilemma.” Lane also takes listener questions in “Ask Lane.”


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It's time for some real estate reality on cruise in 1430. A licensed realtor Elaine line. Welcome to what has enough busy house hunting weekend. I gotta tell you I just breezed into the studio here how about I don't know what five minutes or so you guys. It's been reduced a's would or even that market. He's supposed to slow down just a little bit I mean we we've got a fast paced active market. Here in the Denver housing world but right after the fourth of July. The last couple of years we realtors is starting to see new things kind of slow to know a little bit. In our thinking is that most people. Who have. Bought homes. Wanna get a vacation in before the kids go to school. And we're kind of late in the summer as far as that goes now than I can tell you though they erase everything pitch his Santa. It is still very very busy at least in my business I had two different sets of buyers. Two this weekend. Yesterday and today both first time home buyers think back if you will to that first home. That you dot. I had my father on the show for Father's Day. And few weeks back. And who is interesting because he talked about how his first home. In Aurora Colorado out in the Amanda hill's Syria. With 25000. Dollars in 1973. And what that what I found endearing easy shared something on the year they Damon had not heard and that is he had to borrow. 500 dollars from ms. mom for the down payment within. He egging young flyers are still borrowing money from their parents these days to buy Helms did you think back if you will to your first home. He was he was eye opening for me as I work with first time home buyers on a regular basis but this weekend in particular I happen to notice. There's something you've got your first home. That is so significant. Any disease different than the home buying experience for us realtors because we finder shelves not only educating. But to being a part of something that is pretty significant. So that is our question in our topic of the day to day. It is where was your first home. And how much did you pay for it we know times have changed we know values. Are way up here in the Denver area. So we invite your calls and your emails today on that topic I think back to your first home win was it. And how much did you pay for it. Chances are no longer ago it was. Do the smaller that mortgage payment was. And we'd love you to share that with us here on our crews in 1430 news lined. The number 303631. 1430 record down if you think about calling in to be fun we'd love to have you 303631. 1438. Also will be taking questions later in the show in our gasoline. I mean if you have general real estate questions is there something you wanna know about this market if there's something that your curious about. Send us an email ask glean. And Denver home Has claimed at Denver home news will be read some of your questions a little bit later in the show. Good afternoon everyone I'm lane line you're plugged into the Denver home news show. We'll have more on our question of today. Will be taking your questions throughout the next hour and I am just so excited to be here you know the car said 99 degrees of and he did trip over. To the Entercom station today and actually as I'm looking at. Our our online services 95 as the current temperature in Denver so we are having a hot one out there so. If you're in the car with the air conditioning on or perhaps listening online inside. Take advantage is an air conditioning sit back relax we're talking all things real estate again our numbers 3036311430. If you'd like to join us cutting. Today show we're gonna talk about what I call the downsize your dilemma. Your kids are grown. Near tired of the space. You're tired of most areas but you give pause to the fact that you have to spend so much more money these days or less. Will discuss that with a mortgage advisor from Acxiom financial plus. Calling all less than lovely kitchens out there. You know inner awareness restoring the show together we actually called it ugly kitchens aren't gonna call your kitchen ugly. I'm not a judge your you know if your kitchen is less than lovely. And at today's homebuyers are picky I have to tell you your outdated counters and cabinets might need to spruce up in this market. Particularly with these young group buyers don't wanna do the work they want to work done for them so if you're in a situation where you're looking around in your house and think how. These how the outlook. Cabinets or standard and we talked home or maybe it was dark brown wins when we bought the home back in the seventies not gonna work as well today's markets OK we have some expert advice. Home remodel her Cooley is going to help let's get the best return. On that re modeling investment that's coming up so today on the show it to Denver a new show we're glad you're with SM license realtor lane line let's think started though with some housing headlines. Ers I am very cinched up tight how losing market. Might actually be loose and easy. The post reports that residential inventory in the Denver metro area increased. Only 20% in June compared with today. And the metro association of realtors says inventory increases this time are normally. Around 6%. So let's bank and up the second so inventory. Increased. In June compared to may 20%. In 6% isn't normal so so we expect some of that seasonally. We eat only grass is getting green anyone who was gonna put their house on the market tends to wait. Intel those late spring months but this particular year. We're seeing a lot more inventory coming on compared to last jam make a mistake and we are still in a tight inventory situation. What does this mean bottom line inventory increases can be great news for buyers. Buyers who were beat out and speed up in the springing. Now have an opportunity to go to come back and play ball and in May be get a chance at your house now it is all about the pricing so. If you're a seller at this time of year are particularly with this news that inventories increasing. You need to be so careful with pricing and this is where I like to sit down with people who are selling their homes and think. Less about the price more about the positioning it in this positioning in today's market. It is so important because the because there's a danger. If you price it too hot a big idea on the street gets DR Friesen you don't you sit active on the market you're active you know you had an offer. Sad to say a home sitting on the market for longer than normal. Okay normal in today's world is like two weeks you understand. And I'm talking generally 500000 and under. But if you prove the market over two weeks. Tires on these real estate sites tend to think gosh what's wrong the whose legal. With that house and I warned sellers about this he's a week there's nothing wrong this came up. A bit strong. Oh that's why sellers have to be careful in buyers should really take note that the inventory increase and the market means more options it means less competitions and that means. Let's competition and it means that if you've been on the fence about buying a home come on down. But you know the water signed on here and I certainly would love to help you if that something your thinking about. Continuing now a writer in Houston Chronicle zeroed in on Denver and the impact of marijuana in our city. A dispensary owner from Denver described how the value of industrial buildings has spiked. From and buy Canada's growers in apartment rents have doubled. In part because the pot industry. Has attracted so many new residents from outside the state. Now as realtors were getting new information all the time. About the legalization of pot and in his how it's affecting resale homes so aware learning there's a learning curve as far as this goes in its first Texas coast. And they are keeping a close sign on Colorado an adult to decriminalize. Marijuana hair. Is heading for hearing in the Texas house so we will definitely. Keep an eye on that state as well because they're watching us that's a look at today's headlines now to what I called. The downsize your dilemma. Are you by chance feeling to downsize your dilemma I hear about this particular scenario a lot clients only that they wanna get rid of the series. But on a touring sound familiar. We can raise their kids we've been in this little house for a long time now it's time for resting to get that branched what he wanted. And all of a sudden we turn on the news and we turn who hate DL and we find out. That in order to get that house that we've been dreaming about all this time quit and he more than 500000 dollars. It's true who it's what I call the down size or dilemma do not I hear about a lot in clients tell me that they. Really getting frustrated so in that frustration I usually send them to experts like my next guest here on the show. Two or non B is mortgage advisor with Acxiom financial. And he's on the line for us now hold on just the second loo little. Air what are your way farewell to Denver so glad to have you here on the show won't. They we hope she talking about first time homebuyers. I know you weren't quite on the mind and but no he worked with plenty of first time home buyers and in the air a special kind of population. Then ego sometimes some special care. I'm curious if you hear from this down a group that I've been talking about two new wondering about the options for them either on life. Well. Believe it or not more often than you may think. Colorado has quickly become one of these. Its population. Of these new retirees. Older retirees do we all know that. Florida and Arizona are full of people would've been there but. Lot of people didn't movie Colorado or are thinking about a return wanna come to Colorado because I don't know whether and the lifestyle. And they're not your typical boomers say they don't think of themselves who boomers face. They've taken themselves as people are ready to retire yet do we breach so you know a lot of that mentality there's a lot of that clientele. And now we hear about it quite often as a matter of fact. At what would you say is the biggest concerns. You hear from its population perhaps just a working or may be there they're trying to transition out of working. Thinking about buying a home in a it's a very different story today and perhaps they bought their last home what what are the big juice for this group would you say. I think that's single biggest challenge frankly is coming to grips with the idea that. They'd like to downsize. The the size of the home. The end that traditional thought process wasn't downsize the size of the only downside the caught but it could have been in this market in Colorado. That's not always going hand in hand because a lot of people are finding that the ousted then then I'm all this beautiful equity you know the opportunity. They want the downside of the bigger house. Fully to a smaller house. And financially. It doesn't. He would like there's a big printing. Sure she hung them out in the cold. You know I wouldn't say children from literally can't believe or smaller home. Yes cook and and it just it feels like it's counter intuitive to some degree but I know that. There are ranch homes. There are in their homes without stairs to your homes that back to lovely open spaces. So we set out to area in in enjoy their later years but we find that those prices are high so. What happens in my practice Luke. Is that we have we own our home free and clear so all along and I think there's assumption out there that would just use that equity inducted in pay cash. And only real thing is that's not an option. And I'll do. So what what is the steps that you walk through. Someone who hasn't been mortgaged aim for awhile maybe they own their home free and clearly now we wanted to get to kind of RR Garber prone do you the next home. And a half to. Post honey it's the seats that's counter intuitive also for some people who pieced it. Borrowers. Well it can't counter intuitive because for so long we've all been taught that fail your home pay off your home pay off your home right everybody. Are you could get through that particular scenario. Into the problem that we seem. Is that there are quite a few people in general Bolden their homes they captured three to 400000 dollars in equity. But they know how bad equity in the three career home. And they're out of their earning capacity here. The end because you are out of those urban capacity here you have all that great in coming your home and you get. Get through it but until you tell you. So in order to be able to pull some of that equity L you'd have to have the ability to qualify for mortgage. It until retirement we learned. Lot of people would stop working then they have. Specific income provided by retirement account or particularly the Social Security. We have income but they may or may not have enough to get all of the equity out of their home. So what we try to do it you try to have a couple fatal bleeding with those one. The secretary. Are you thinking about that is that something you gonna look into the future let's put it what kind of income you have. To support your lifestyle. If you have a home without a lot of equity it's. Sell it maybe they absolutely equity. And why else would finance a little bit there and how vocal budget act in the bay left over from the other. Yeah what a different carrier also look up a lot of different can do depending on the particular situation unique individual. Absolutely for just joining us here increase in fourteen Terry were talking to elude torn nom b.'s my guess from Acxiom financial today. He is mortgage and I easier but often it sounds like Lou you've found your you find yourself in kind of a financial. Planner mode. Without being a financial planner particularly when these issues come up if so is the honest Eckstein com or there's still options. In a mortgage. Absolutely not only are their options and be able to you do that sixteen somebody in certain situations. Whether it is pre cut proposed tax dollars. We are born mortgage side. Do you increase that standard amount that you have coming in by a 125%. Good ball he paid tackle block so in reality it acts like a lot more money. But there are a bit different. Mortgage mob then the people. There on six and go yeah they are allowed the issue is that it's sitting on the ball. So what you're hearing at home it purely if you joining answering your car in and you think this option or this idea. Of downsizing is not possible listen to lose now because there are options out there and everyone is unique I know that we all have our own stories that we all have our own history. But at least you can sit out and talk with someone like Lou that's free you don't necessarily. Bring any money for that Lou let me change gears just for a second while we've got you here because I know that there are some elders out there. Who worked catering. To a pop. Even for this large baby boomer population NPR on and there's just a lot each which is what he is out there and who are often times the old as well say. If you want to buy our home we will give you an incentive to save the whole gallery to put some more some pretty design features in your home but you have to use our loan officer you have to use our lender. And in blue I'm wondering what your opinions are on now at I tend to tell my clients they should get a second opinion do you agree and why. Well I guess controlled the logical standpoint when somebody says we're gonna give you 25000. Dollars to three granite. If you don't mind. I. Despite this census says single yeah. I think there on the back in here and there actually dried up when somebody says we're giving you 25000 dollar simply. So where how that happened and where you really paying more. Or maligned big hit different if he didn't get there. Free one Byron using the countertop sort whatever that the fund mergers might be we're gonna do that do well. I think we're also important to note that nobody giving that to you so how are you paying for. Where are you paying for it and how is that affecting your buying ability pin maybe analyzing. Oh lending situation outside of what the builder Hank did you captive for sure. In this case what can official option might be that's not kill their fine you know they compare. And sometimes interest we have now lot of friends in an open world there's no doubt about it but I but I wonder when it comes your money sometimes those design features. And your actual loan for the home should be considered differently in the and that's why I think that's a continues importance Alou or appreciate that for alleged Al. I would be remiss if I didn't ask about mortgage rates. About eight. It's got you on lie and M and I know you happen now that crystal ball with you and he can play for us. How how we could be in general a thirty year fixed if we've got good credit. What are the rates look at like these days. Well it would allow you to step up until ballot box for just one moment I would like to dispel the myth that the feds are raised interest rates. And that'd make it more expensive to buy a home men did not I don't act. The rates the offense are working on are not mortgage rates like sort gets sent out there okay couldn't be in my view should alerts. A lot of can't get him unfortunately being advertised incorrectly decrease here. It is something now before the Fed raises interest rates and I'd love to have another hour to talk about that but. I can tell you that for a government insured loan FHA or V. You're seeing interest rates in the mid to mid upper story for a while qualified individual. On the conventional loan. It's a well qualified individual working racing those in the forward mot more support for the day. So very very very competitive rates. Bill. And I that we like we like good news. Let's thank you so much you're listening to Lou toward non B Acxiom financial Luke how can someone get a holding view if they're thinking about this downsize or idea. Thank you weren't there when my phone number is very simple it's free in zero free. Eight states hero. 9977. That number again 30388. 09977. Or online didn't score mom be. Dot com. OK and and Lou thanks for being on the show today because and we Telus real quick where you are conjured here in kind of a fun place today. Marty. Well for a lot of boomers this might be quite a funny but I Mellon Volkswagen sponsored event. Which is one of the largest Volkswagen event from the United States out front Politico are California. There are 41025. Volkswagen beer at every. Every bit behind and somebody is probably just started. Ain't nobody is completely it is good points and we were here is this somebody four or could build up. I'll wonder how are you again where is this look at an American you're only enemy here again. Hey I check out well again has ordered the capture account Volkswagen's true throughout the air and thanks so much for being the shall we we really appreciate your expertise we come back some day. I was doctor regularly yeah. Okay that's Lou loan officer from he's a market advisor from. I can hook you up also with resources on the employment side. If you have a topic you like to hear. You are in our house headlines are aghast you'd like to hear from on the show he can reach out to be directly my email is it'll ask lane AS KL a and and and her home news and dot com we can also contacted Denver home news team any time during the week. But we're 33667030. And final say one more time. 3036670309. That's like if you want to reach out to our Denver home news team. Standing by during the week for all of your it was state needs. We have a guest coming up next to that I've been looking forward to talking to. Particularly if you're thinking about what to do to spruce up your home. He comes up a lot to out predict what's HDTV shows. I find yourself thinking my own kitchen needs a make over how to get a one of these shows as well. They and chances are you're knock me out on one if you didn't you an in depth with the discount but it's not we're to talk about how to make your kitchen shine it. So all that's when we come back here and her new show. It's. 1430. We are alive in the mile high city this is like to drill two lane Lyon. For talk and all things were posted today on the Denver home news show so glad you're with us. And whether it's hot outside I don't know if you noticed. I am 95. It is expected today. In the you know what this trend is gonna continue and isn't as they look at a forecast. I see that we've got ninety's. Expected for Monday and now I do is expected for Tuesday and then we start to cool off just a little bit in fact I was on not CBS for this morning meteorologist Dave thank you Lara. Was talking about cooling down into the upper eighties who can check out you know must be summer in July so look at that little cool off towards the end. Of the week. Right now it's a 330 or IG joining us here one remind you our topic of the day is today and have it as. Where did you buy your first home and how much did it cost you know we talk about the home values going up but sometimes we think it's nice to reflect how far we've come. I mentioned that my dad at the top of the show pay 25000. For his first come in 1973. I've got my first come in 2003. So. Some thirty years later for 145000. Dollars who's a three bedroom town home in Salt Lake City. I'd like to do with that thing is worth now because it was huge it was like he was larger and I got a better deal but in a town home because they get more square footage and that's still the case today. But it's difficult to buy anything under 200000 now whenever I hear from. Iron short needing a home and they've got good job they've got the down payment they've got money in the bank. Our budget is 200000. You know he used to be that that wouldn't be enough. Not achieving Maurice OE if you liked. To hear from you give us a call your 3036311430. Anytime won't pop young would love to hear. What you paid for your home and where perhaps it's here in the Denver metro area. It's it's always fun to hear some of the stories about. You know back in the day when it wasn't so crowded. So it's okay if you like to join in would love to have you in the numbers 3036311430. He owned real estate we've long said that kitchens and baths sell homes but I have to say sadly both can be costly to read too. If we do have some help in this area if you're looking around your house and saying we got a cell but that kitchen. Looks like at a time machine back to 1973. We have some expert advice stay with us is bright and tender cast. For professional home design limited Brian thanks in for being here welcome to the Denver on new show. Well thank you lane is a real pleasure to be here. You are CEO your company valued a lot of kitchen read. This and so earlier in the show I was talking about ugly kitchens well we don't really like saying kitchens are ugly head because some chickens. I am seeing I wouldn't have DeShea alone it control. You know mr. haven't been updated since the seventies and eighties. And the folks that live in those homes are now you don't consider that sir you are very lumping one update on the moon. We have a lot to do a lot of winners course a lot of options I don't see that federal structured. But do you know Lucic and parent she sure is critical for middle part. Absolutely and what I'm finding is. A lot of times if someone has been in the same home for a long time. We can tell wouldn't eat now Brian when you go in Ohio and we know that they haven't made the updates and and find myself telling my friends. And their parents and my own parents you've really got to be updating every ten years. And looking around at the flooring at the counter tops gliding and say what can we update because. If thirty years ago was dying in it it does I just had a listing that sold in Aurora. Last week in the it was it was a real challenge because the seller looked around and thought. My house is dated so we call you Bob Bryan and one of the reasons that I think that we don't update cabinets and counter tops is because it's much easier and less expensive to do so carpeting in pain so. Do you start on an ugly kitchen now made do you have advice for people who are who word needing just take over her are there areas that you like to start. Well I generally look what I do is stretch it out all former GM job. Searchable and find out they've already. Given plot to order new design of the kitchen what looked like your courage for being pregnant redesigning a third child jubilee. Who's Mellon designers I haven't changed I won't try to choose. Shut up and meeting it was examined my my desire cooler. In the system in designing the kitchen he can give and give them kind of footprint. To go blind men have points. We know at that point we can start. Can configure in Ireland didn't. Chad mentioned knew what type of camera option normal little little little more formal. We'll move forward one stroke a little black slash mobile of the financially. All of these considerations going to bottle and kitchen. And then you kind of have to take a mistake this time. So the first step I think is to design the kitchen that you can just wanna read do what they. Currently have in the configuration moved. You know still have a new plan designed promotion you. We'll give them much election and a cup that your real scorched granite. Look at the camp initially would like to have. Send him to an appliance so person that I work where you could kind of elections and so we kind of kind of walk through the culture which. NNM I'm fascinated by the fact that it sounds like you want to bear the responsibility of telling your client. Looks good what you don't look good colors you'd. Get in an expert who handles. What updated oaks like in there are. These should include construction. Hole I have a very core of visual ability to could visualize that you are you sure you're. All designed so I highly that if somebody is pursuant to let him go. Launch so easily applied to the how. Concept. What they want and of course my future crush committed no assurance. Can. And execute the idea. Yeah I gotta tell you that ID I remember what adulterer a new home pounds several years ago in it was so hard for me to choose all of the materials. And if I'm they got a lot of this just in and I looked over at the superintendent sent do you think this looks nice is it's all go together and looked at me and said. I don't know if that's because that's how it is obvious. And so all Brinkley's a let's move on here a little. It's oh let's talk about. Cabinets because. I like the fact they we've got someone working with us now who's gonna tell us. Billy what put the what the current style looks like. If you watch HGTV and and chipped in July and are part of the conversation and in the kitchens are going to be YE we know that the white cabinets are really in right now. Aid do you find you need to really pull everything gallon and take and you work with what's there are sometimes Brian. Yeah a lot of parent should. They customer to bolster retained. That turned cabinets or they won't see them actually come to do what I am. Crucial change a little more government money. We we complete our company does lovely Spanish championship you would look into an issue jab that's what. There are people who do that. But yeah the tablets are are an important. Part of the year. You'll design and I think cancer probably you billions to costs ripple in the kitchen. And I kept answer interest in Brian because they think over time and I'm curious on your opinion on this over time. Cabinets of kind of evolved from something more utilitarian. It's where we we it's where we keep our. Our our food and our our glassware. To all the speaking. Showpiece furniture. Style home would you agree that the people really do at camp it's up more now. Yes a move that's why you're actually different cost cheers. Look at that you know you can go with you know really high end and cabinet sort of make Europe could go. Or you can still get emerge in the camera which it could Americans make cabinets that are. Medium gracious. That you wanna go high and the others all kinds and for the north Scandinavia and know that designed cap that's on the special word to quarter whatever that means much full extension of the Kenosha political hot food too that took you didn't mention there are anxious. The average should general interest to the the average. Cost of the kitchen remodel in Denver in these huge statistic scope of 2016. What all the metro areas and Paul Eaton is about thirty or five trucks from Ian. Price kitchen. Do you find that to be true as you do your jobs is that about right yeah. All me actually have a host of our futures are lower than that I probably around mr. 2830000. Dollar range. Behind in kitchens you know we at the meeting there's about 65. Even 1000. And. I'm curious about when when when people get started Vick maybe one of the Dallas on the market and they bring you in and say okay I've got to dated kitchen. Even in an wanna save as much money as I can because let's face it we're leaving you or reported willingness to appease lane the real Terry and hopefully the buyer that buys the home. More when we think about the elements of the kitchen Brian cabinets counter tops flooring. Is there an area among those may be something else where you think we can get the most bang for our buck with every model. Now I know I think if you're going to be around. The most cost effective. Minions doing the kitchen saying and she Easter chicks you treat your true. You know concerning his movies you want a picture of sorts track approach and channel chops. An appliance and surprises. Probably our priority. Good starting place to be out yeah let's talk about carriage house because it was well you have the design experts next year you obviously see trends when your when your overseeing the install. A I didn't kind of frustrating because my my kitchen has Corey on counter tops which you know don't judge me out there can radial and though it's on these days would you agree. No it's very honest she you know Koreans stress say to open nobody at least one week you know worst. The ones we've done nobody was selected according honestly replenishment. It's almost always core chip or granite. Didn't which a judge on the extra foot. Hope for the most foreign scorcher grant you what's he. Granted are pretty much challenged to about the same. How it. Well your due course is more durable. It is. You don't have put Sheila. Well that was where as we're hiring in granite chipped in which sealed so much additional cost of fabricated charges yeah. I just think that they get the court should immediately you know I've probably had more controversial courtroom granite and completely still infusion granite. I'm seeing more courts now. And it was and it almost exclusively in the last couple years or so we started to see that's we'll tip some interest and and in hearing that. You're just joining us at voice you listen to his Brian. Pander gassed and he is from professional home design. And if he helps three model ease the guys that make sure this gets and you make the decision that you wanna do this and and down. I appreciate the fact that there were gonna if you wanna do a real good free model that you could be looking upwards of a 30000 dollars to move to Florida now. Boy that the options and flooring you seemed to have enchilada over the years you're right Brian. Can't tremendous tremendous show situation orange. And it's England's crunch are coming out every day controlling. But Childers a lot of you know a lot of people just like within the engineer boy it's. We you know I don't do you really too much laminate floor in there. From the most powerful can do that the real wood who could reward amoral our can be anymore we're sort yourself. Number one world opening statement. Ha ha I shouldn't try to shore that up until and they physical on site finish. Hardware chair right vs the kinda got out of the box already finished. Well look you can get you can get the you can get it finished ark where they can't argue about usually unfinished. We're able to pollution wishing fictional. To move cartridge pin them. That's a little less substantial than the state court. Sure sure. You floors are counter tops if we're gonna pull out the florists in putting end in something different maybe it's engineered hardwood. Are we looking about the same as replacing the cabinets or or is flooring just in general and you know it's tough because there's so many variables but. Just expensive cabinets flooring which is set. Well I that I crucially be re doing all your championship. In my ministry capture more such a shore tax. That's splash well you know growing up we never had a thing called a back splash in the kitchen and you know you and nowadays if you don't have want to name your talking about shot. That's. You see a lot of are you see a lot of backs flash is these days. Yeah absolutely no effect we have been many kitchens and did not have a new speculation. Put him show. He eventual contrition condos we can better explanation. Yeah. I'm curious about town styles when you when you work. In the country do homes I'm sure you do smaller homes urban homes suburban homes. What you say or are kind of the the main. Trends right now they are there things are their colors materials that you're you're you're using a lot of these days. Well there are sold so a little lighter colors seemed to be in polls today. Why teach you multiply extremist. Occasionally and that is not don't want thing is becoming more more popular enriched. You can color can drink it should be an old country you know two different pension age will go to orchard brands it in the kitchen. That's becoming more more pocketbook. Who will be we don't see any clear day you die I don't regard. Colors in the kitchen can truly get. I'm really light commitment lighter color and it's. Yes. OK that's interesting is that that kind of thing ebbs and flows to and O'Brien. How advice. You know there's people out there who who are thinking you know I can probably do this myself. It and then I have a conversation enough frequently with my own clients about doing something by yourself for hiring a professional. As a professional. In your trade. Give me some reasons why you think it it it actually behooves clients to spend the money and hire someone to do the job right. Well unless they have experience should Elaine for additional mortgage. Putting together the Cha and solid cabinet should they have some experience that I felt from which usually during his mother Trevor treated so workshop. Installed properly and social. Let people who actually been experiencing and I think it's been horrible around there probably in the Orange Beach circular motion picture. Have you ever been hired to to do exactly that. Stick somewhere else. A yeah a couple times we've comment on the job for a contract or else it's who should I was in Tunisia less in the global typical. Position at the end because in new. Thank you and do. What's been done in the metro redo and so it. Yeah relationship with the extension do little to lose to them. You know much. Not a way to approach. Now Brian way a last question here before we let you go excuse them as some some words of advice you know there's a lot of people out there. What you're paying. End and I thought oh I'm certain there's a lot of reporters out there but. Hey he can you talk to our audience real quick about things words of advice warnings they should keep been content when bringing people over to the home are there. Are there some common things that we should all be doing to make sure that we don't end up. In this situation just mentioned. Well you know you're moving around. You can moving plumbing. You're doing rewiring your do you need to really cold or that you should not doing. Committed war and Patricia the kitchen here feel a small that you know moving plumbing launched a functional. Mean I need permission level and then in the kitchen if you will we wiring the billion on the shortage. Portland contract applicable permit. And I didn't even have sold more positional preventing picture of the stipulations. Contractors can come into the before they electrical with the deployment for them. Yep ask if the contractor's license I think that's a good a good thing to remember. Brian thanks so much for being here if if they knew and listening says yes I need Brian in my kitchen and his designer this week that the atmosphere available but what's a phone number that they can get you out. Small business relationship and 20369. 8990. All right Brian tender grass from professional home design. Limited thanks so much for being on the show today. It's been a pleasure length. Thank you. We will take some of your questions when we come back. Our lives and homes Lucia now I'd like to go and I and Kovalev anchor. Glad I delisting today it is 35395. Degrees out there. I saw when he easy skies and looking from this X. Our skyline we can see that haze from all those fires. In Colorado right now so let's hope that we keep weather conditions and such a place we can get a handle on those. Hug when I guess we're talking all things realist a heater on the show and each an every week I ask for your question is. I'm a licensed realtors and mention and am always happy to provide information not only see you at home. If there is a question that you have or if you'd like to invite me over to your home or simply just get a value idea. Oh helped me over. And all he's open to that you can reach out to the Denver home news team. We have teen dead the you would now believe the talent. I have assembled. And I take this real seriously I have assembled this group. Of talented real estate agents who number one care about their clients. We live in and day and age when there's a lot of people doing real estate out there. What's important to me when I formed a team. That I would have real estate agents that really subscribed. To the same book I was reading too is that we. Specialize in exceptional experiences when it comes to selling your home. When it comes to buying a home. It's a big deal it's stressful it's emotional it's it's a huge investment. But that doesn't mean it needs to be stressful all the time agreement doesn't meet me it's going to be something you look back on in just wanna shake your fist in the year. Actually it can be a good experience overall in so the Denver will be used in. Works around the clock seven days a week making sure that time home buyers and sellers have the information they need to make good decisions. I'm to get themselves out of homes or you know homes and if you would like to reach out to ask gosh we'd love to hear from me 303667. 03 easier nine he's the number two the Denver on the news team that's real three. 6673. This time and I am I love taking your questions as well you can email in an ass clean. And did her home And in our remaining minutes here and read some of the questions that have come in police. Lisa writes what did ice for first time homebuyers I Tokyo's busy out there it. We have first time homebuyers who in fact we started talking about your first time a man I know that a lot of people remember their first Thomas so. My advice to first time homebuyers in this current market. Is to start assembling the team. And what I mean by that is reach out to a good licensed real estate agent. Like Denver home team who's gonna care about you. And what you look for that's number one and then we bring you end the loan officer someone who we know is going to be able to. Tom understand where you are financially not get you into a situation that that doesn't work and then we have out. I have to it's aimed at this time of year is my favorite time of year to be working with first time homebuyers why because we have more to choose from. What we were I am getting together earlier in the year we talked about how they're just was no options for tires. I have some buyers who are looking in highlands ranch that actually stopped looking. They they they got beat up and beat out so many times. And that they said Blaine we're gonna just hang off for awhile it was just tough because you have to follow muff over and over a all people who wanted to buy a hot on. If they come into the market now. That said though that when we're working with first time homebuyers. We need to make sure that the same rules still apply there were writing competitive offers. It just because we have to choose from now. Did say earlier in the here doesn't meet that we're not in competitive situations doesn't mean that we start writing offers. Like our parents stand. Action day when when when there was a little bit more negotiation encountering back and forth now it's highest and best offer. Oh is when I say to first time homebuyers assemble a good team. I mean make chief got a real turn who understands how to write a good offer and make she's got a loan officer understands where you're coming from. So that you can bright strong first we have to understand how much money we're dealing with here so that we can become Patrick's. And first time homebuyers are usually looking in the price range that is the hottest. And if you're looking 350000. And under in the Denver area. Out with its more options but there was still be the likelihood that will be going up against someone to win it's so thanks for that question could he also asks he says. First time homebuyers into Denver. Okay. He asks rent it telemarketers more favorable or buying now boom. Question you know we hear a lot of bad things about the market and because it is so unusual in his wild. But that doesn't mean it's not a good time to die in a lot of ways it's it's a great time to buy because of what who told us earlier. That interest rates are still really really good right now in their good now. Why would eight. On all out later we only know about right now. I would definitely say don't and don't don't spend your money putting that money into someone else's mortgage get your own mortgage going. Can't. Hey that music means that we're we're out of time. I have to tell you it is an honor for me to be on your radio I love talking about real estate. And I love the opportunity to be here refute each and every week if you have questions remember ask lane. And Denver hum news you can also find our show page by going to cruise and fourteen dirty dot com we checked I wanna. Thank my talented Denver home news team my business manager and Maxwell hang Pratt shot at the controls. You are cruising listener has some Bratz is there's ammonia learns hopefully you'll learn some. What's the next Sunday at three right here.