Dollars and Sense Radio Show - 10.1.17

Sunday, October 1st

Troy is out of town. Get ready for some fun with Lauri and Ryan. Pick a song and let them know which you like the best. Enjoy!


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Your listening to the dollars and cents radio show was Troy and Lorraine. Investment advisory services offered through your wealth management LLC and registered investment advisor in the state of Colorado insurance products and services from your pitcher who incorporated eventual management LLC and hit a hundred. And now for the dollars and cents radio show and your favorite old Troy and Lorraine. Hey hey good morning welcome to visit the you call first day and got an October. And the way I don't like this weather and just done in this case in NASCAR history talk about your soon. But didn't Christiane thank you for tuning in. This Sunday morning on our live program on the dollars and cents radio show happy Sunday and very very different show this morning Ryan. If you caught our show a few weeks ago you kinda know the vibe that the fun times or get enough what to do want to tell me not on the appeal is a big. Big huge. But the term than the. IRA that is huge so it's totally different day today. I am here I'm Laurie. And now I'm here with Bryant and hey hey doesn't. Oh we lead paint misty Hank actually he's not here with us this morning. So it is going to be a very very odd shout it rewrite Ryan what was it 34 we got a news and and golf tournament. The end. This week key is in death a weekend he's in Dallas. With one of her very very long time clients who are going to be talking about her later initiative is kind of part of part of that is so today it is like. The show must go wian the odds go on nots is a wave. This now or I'm glad I confess I did it and hang will be with this is about now here's the interesting twist. Well we are here this morning this is never happened so we had had never happened before he's never missed a show. As of three days ago now he is missing his cell backs. In what I've done this with number ten years he's never once ever I don't think ever wants answered a phone. So. He will be taking call this morning he's going to be playing years to hot crying in. In doubt. So it's it's funny because at one time a few weeks young attorney said enjoy your radio show today Lori in rhyme because it would never happen again. Look where we are following the coup is answering the phone this morning. It is so opposite I never I'm not a president is staying IA so here's the thing you don't wanna take your number down pressure. Because I don't know I can't see never happen again did I just another visit every happen again and this is odd. I had but anyways if you have any questions. You can certainly. Take his image and ask him quit this is is that this is his free time I'm I'm miss say this so. If you call and again it's the voice mail please leave a message. And he will get back Hugh in the collier orders received if you have questions we are actually. He didn't even notice he didn't even know this already has fun with him this morning so what'd he can't do anything yet because he's way over there and were win over here. So when he's listing of the show right now path and so he can't do anything. No sound so Ryan and I have devised a little odd couple plans and amber did you send without like Troy verses Laurie can head. Severed tableau we've got some. We've got some you gonna vote for your favorite something from need vs Ryan friendly competition between Lori myself I always friendly BI all right pretty nice then you're busy you tee and into a great show yeah I am glad you did indicate there's going to be a fun fun Sunday morning he'll look on some financial Faxon says he said don't worry about dad but just not not as many I said I was gonna put on a Brad Pennington. I'm just so excited and everybody had four shots espresso settle para Larry the number to call 80 I am. During this radio show or Monday through Friday and the and we afforded the transferred trees benefits you know that power technology he be in Dallas taking these these calls. 303539. 5420. That Syria 3539. 542. Easier coach you can call betting Gingrich had him on the show as well as any questions that you have for try to. First. Let's start with RFID cards. Yes so if you listen to the program last Sunday and one of them beginning topics that we discussed was. Although security proms are going are now specimen Equifax. And I kind of alluded to how what steps can you take two. Protect your identity per day especially your credit cards. We are entering into holiday season great Thanksgiving Halloween. And Christmas especially. In mid demolish you'd be shopping what steps can mutate to further protect yourself I told you guys last week if you didn't listen to show. I give that a website. To check to see if you might be a potential victim under the Equifax data breach and that website give you Gant is trusted ID premiere. Dot com. It just putting your last name in your last six social he can tell if you're affected. But as slow our trusted. I. You can go to it's easier than trying to go through Equifax so if your potential victim on. Decking delegates so far what we really talked about was ways you can safeguard your credit cards your information on a day to day basis we talked about the RR FID blocker card. On that Hampshire wealth management was happy to get about two listeners. The response was huge I mean I I spend more time taking calls and I did on the air with you guys last week after it went. So people have called throughout the week I mean Nat word not even stopping yet which is why we thought we read. Continue this I. Protections are such a huge response and you know a lot of view where longtime listeners first time caller is so cool I'll really appreciate that you told us how much she loved the show we really conceive that don't call only to sell determined not accent asked. My heart doesn't wanna break today exactly who was you know like I said this is shopping season president's. You're going the airport he might be traveling in these places malls airports are where these data steamers these. Packers if you will will get your credit card information without even knowing it's just sitting in your purse sitting in your wallet they have skaters and you buy from eBay and from Amazon all they had to do is be in a ten foot radius of view and it will pick up your credit card information. The RID blocker well block that signal. It will not let these gamers get your credit card information. Alone again and we had such a great response we're gonna open it up this weekend as well so. If you call and right now to Troy you get to type Knology gets talked to head honcho. You hear him but would you ever get to talk to when you call you always hear my ugly voice so when you call and you get to talk to try and request your arf ID cards and like to Lori said if there's questions you have. Financial questions concerns he is the manual I talked to you if you what do scheduled to play mitigate consultation. Troy is the man to talk to. Call him now threes are 35395420. But again and get an RFID blocker card for you when your spouse. I promise you you'll appreciate it you you'll have some peace of mind knowing that your wallet your purse is protected. So we always say hey united America until you live on the air we really peanuts which he didn't but we never put it on the air when they come but it is a licensee king calling. Questions answers and such. Any you know I have sons too late last week you were in here talking and we tennis swap out so I got to -- the phone a couple of times yesterday are yet in yesterday's. Now Sunday. And as well so we I get to as it's on sometimes he'd talked to me if he Colin sometimes rhyme but never have you ever talked to choice I'm very very excited. And it should be ingesting so none. Saying we need to keep him busy he's happy and you know what this was his idea. Troy about Watson's are being taxes you Gloria are we doing the show what that you have a callers call me. Same phone number that we always used by to have them call me I'll take to Collison said you were you really want that Troy MIA BIP phones off the hook for every night and again not so good. I'm very happy to take your calls and this is a change of pace right and also. Yeah a few EPs on another line please please realize that if you have to leave a message he will give you car right back. And and take your calls like that I wanna say to speaking of the RFIDs. Something weird having to meet this week after recent but I Gimenez I never give myself on that ever ever I mean. Very rarely some of our clients have it out we see my friends have a that I never gives my cell phone to anyone. Given the office numbers like that I had the weirdest call. Going into work one day this week. And it was and we we pesky hands and scams where Dino my neighbor is retired person there retired. She said every day they get scams about something on their on their home phone we don't use a home phone except for you know my home phone as the reasons for taxing for does that anyway they don't only cell phone displays and keep it upright it is because. And I got that phone call from eighty solicitor. And and I'm just say it was for veterans asking for money. And I sell and I was so cost guard 'cause it was a local number. Center like every green like they would be a delay before they talked to me means and I ad and say how I was so kind of Carissa how did you get my number. Because they im giving I definitely give to organizations I have a love for vets I mean obviously year one. Dad's one but I was so taken embarrassment like that. And I bit I said how did you giving amber twice he said that he said we just want to know if you're gonna be who the white blue or orange member. And it what can we X I sticky send me some think he is I just seated commitment from you today of what your meaning it anyways I set. I still don't know if it was a row both saying in the aviation comes back I just blocked the collar but I just not play how how old who you are out my number. Any how did people Cyprus do what to scam and what's not. And I Smart person I mean I tell people don't do this gives look but then I felt complete guilt my still feel guilt today about I didn't give today it to the bench this. Don't know. As of and see your your your fine. Well they did you just give you Qaeda I didn't have last GC ID IC and it give personally and otherwise but no I I agreeing you know I've had phone calls to that. And one big one is on. Collection agency. From Arizona I have lived in Arizona for over ten years and see you know when they called and said eat your owing money before we send this to the credit bureau and you know what your credits are affected we need to take care of this now and it's an okay what specifically do I owe an Arizona that I have a live it's there for ten years we're like oh. And again they kind of beater on the bush so what we wanted to carry this matter now we just need some information for you. You know they really they're getting more and more clever you know all are in it it's not much emails from back in the day if you remember prince of wherever Persia or wherever that would call and say I need your you know we need donations now. Those kind of email is doing really happened that they're getting clever they're getting more tricky cell. Being mindful about what information you're giving in to be given to you wanted definitely validate who you're talking to what you know what you're getting. I'll be for you anything yet well. And he would not sends me I just the key is if you've got my phone number can you just send me information now we need to know what Pannemon I electoral. Are you how to get my. I don't care anyways so he had deep prey be it he aware and your circumstances whether it's over the phone or. We're getting that RFID card. Not gonna classy thing of just give trade college in Mir on information we will send anti like I said Gergen Jamal week to same number you can call all week. Or me any time is 303. By 39. Cipher to hear that through 3539. Thighs for 20 just out of something great Jimmy deviated sixty seconds to plug the south you can have as many as you want trees night here. Just try to. I you. 000. Well here's the thing we talk about some very serious matters on the show very important matters that could affect your livelihood you know your. The right now retired and identity fraud in credit card fraud. If you're friends family that don't listen to show or too busy to listen right now. You want to relate some disinformation because it's good for information for everyone. I want to tell you want to tell your friends are fairly love warns about our mobile app if you don't have a mobile lab this is the time to get it. You can listen to our show alive. If you are not sitting at home if you're not your car with a radio Warren. All you need is you works if you have a Smartphone all you need is your Smartphone to listener our show and if you're crew is a listener all through the week he loved the music you love the talk shows. Who died were crammed all you know you love hearing. Every show that we have their crews in here. The mobile app lets you listen lives every day. All you need to do is either go to our web site. Www. H wealth dot ORG and at H wealth dot org. You can scroll to bottom US seed. I think to click. You get our capital dollars and cents app or you can use your Smartphone if you have an iPhone you go to beyond. The App Store or if you have an injury to go to the new play store. And all you have to do a search dollars ends in a percent sign cents SC NSP. Dollars and cents app and you can download it for free. Tell your friends they can listen to Pashos. So if you don't what do relayed all the information on talking about today are Lauren are talking about how the listen to the show when we get it up on the that we usually get up a few days after the show anyway itself. How can download the they can listen live. And I eat a good point if you wanna talk contrary now hers and you got the app you can always get on the at and click right yes. And it's directly submitted to us sees now is Neil contact tested that way if it's easier didn't you can also. On age but dot org there's a contact us and as well that we get stuff cemented it immediately. You know it's funny because we went to and dinner where is. Just the most fantastic people. And Jack and Diane yarn and and it was sunny was last weekend he was in his home in his mountain home humor into the Rockies. To train get our show oh. So leaving this card trying to get that because AM doesn't come up there he's in his garage well personally. Was non crises is we never found insinuate but how lovely would it have been for him just to hammer out gas leak at a dead end by the fireplace. And not not sent a car for an hour and a half which wow that's really nice of the side that wow that's not even necessary so if you just get our act eaten. Be listening to mr. again new best ways H wealth dot org each bought duct work and again any questions you guys have. Morgan Havel a few things going on that and increases you have. For Choi please please don't hesitate. Troy will be choppered in to answer the phones today for our loyal listeners let's keep him busy people do is like the man was recently heard seen morning. I just wanna call and ask him a question he's okay do our seriously let's ask a random questions you do I. I live in Dallas yeah the weather is out and Dallas. Who would chuck should send a falcons ideology though don't TO of course well he had that hey he's. Do that to me when I was at I was like answering phones he'd be like he'd put the phone number in and then I go out on the I mean during a commercial break and stuff like go out in the hall in the needs I was enough you know her and so CBS I do anything to him made me go by all means against 33539. By four to zero all right the segment this whether you're. NN first of us checking me out because my puppies love the outside being so in the mornings is so cold. The other matter an awesome time this week and win out and it was like I don't know they they didn't even last late two minutes they receive free delivery. So they can't go outside. And I was an I it it's weird for me too because it knew what he did happen you Wear these warm clothes in the mid day years Wendell let's so it's. But I heard today. That I went when I got my start Rex Mays is Starbucks. Good friend Tyler said. The I said I do and he does rusty and said really I think a lot of people are saying that they're just can I doubt he does it's just whether you know the weather we're having. Lack of sunshine according to nuggets that are real thing yeah absolutely real thing Italy using when you think of you know my sister lived in Ohio for a long time ants. She was bill that does by the most depressed embarrassing or not there Rollins midwest states by the weather can be. Kinda crazy cloud coverage all day every day for awhile no sunlight that them that can affect people absolutely. Yeah I think that's what is the most was suicides in TM dollars and an hour or again there are some like that so I eight I can get that but it is it plays with you. Mon you know Colorado we always had the expression if you like the weather just wait an hour and this is true this is the time where it's like you fall common day and it's October now every morning it might be a little cloudy little cold. He got during the day you know who knows we're gonna have today sound. Yeah hard talent and one hour to the next young Selanne. I is still on that note speak landfall last and that's not him hang on October 1 finance. We got some fault tidbits for you today we got some facts about autumn fall would everyone called legally send this link and I'll finance and we now know because. Well toys away there. This is beautiful and episodes. I'm so we you know what they call far autumn America chemicals the fall. British brits call it autumn I kind of like autumn it just sounds cooler anyway the Augusta Backstreet today. Some interesting tidbits you might not know about maybe your favorite season. You know I used to love summer that was that was my C totally mine summer is everything to me but now it seems like Colorado who's getting hotter calling global warming I don't know but. I almost can't stand the heat of summer now in Colorado nice looks fool you're telling Ford to follow you know my birthday was. The 25 to September. Anymore think about it I love this time a year because it's not huh. To hide it's not too cold ware any good transition period yes it is a little cloudier by. I love fires are concerned to be a fall guy. On that note Logan's. Birthday was on the 27 Sunnis on Wednesday and I I was grumpy about the weather is that morning and he goes. This is god please sing happy and then he does the rain and look who my 12180. On the order Ebert they had to hit. Dad doesn't let me so much apparently met then back IRA was. Let's start us some facts I'll I'll go first if you don't mind Lori. I'm the first day of autumn and I'm pro you know miss pronounces but I like science fact spaced out play if you know I'm in the air force I workspace operations so anything space and do what the planets in the sun and I love that stuff so the first if autumn is known as the Auburn no equinox. On this day the number of hours of daylight and darkness. Are equal which is pretty cool on the first day of autumn or fall 20 September soared past itself. Security forgot about teaching experience it to next year but it's pretty cool to know that there's one day. Well two days in the year but this is being fall equinox. The daylight and darkness are equal. I believe it yet critical. Not really we have dogs who wanna go out pass that hour and I like 7 o'clock and nine eaten yet wolf you'll like this where it's always of the winter solstice in December when it's the shortest amount of daylight things are today yet. I just preparing you for that because we don't think about in the night kitchen that day in the office says hey guess what today is you're going to be mad so I'm preparing you mentally right. Nothing can compare me mentally for at least I let us get a. That those who live in the closest to the which is the center of the planet. Never experienced is he's a number of autumn so. Around the equator that temperature remains consistently warm that's got to become boring. Who thinks I mean you're talking in. Where am I not only DOD AM we should memorize that straight. Right around the Mexico's. Yet the equator right around their most mostly do the tropical warm places is. Anyway you see that down south. That's C yesterday didn't you already need to retire a eyeball has never Margarita Ville. I do we can do that in margaritas out of time I went there every day favorite. Place a year on down they're pretty quick. Iron Man antagonist program mark I like I like this fact again like signed stuff is pretty cool. Yell and I bet you a lot of listeners don't know this look yellow orange in variations thereof always are into we're talking about tree leaves you know this is the season where there's turn to change color. So people think she you have green leaves it gets colder winters coming winter's coming and then released chase has been thrown referenced by the way I know I love it now I am. I went in about I yellow orange and variations thereof always resided in the pigmentation a tree leaves but they are overpowered by the abundance of green. From the core fell beliefs. So quick science fact chlorophyll. Taking sunlight turning you into food energy for the leaves us who it makes the leaves green. So basically when the sun Ricans and weekends in the days are shorter the amount to chlorophyll and diminishes. So technically. Leaves have that yellow and orange color color inside and beneath the green it's always there is just less chlorophyll during fall. That it actually shows that's when the green phase in the turned. You'll owners cool fact I think it's cool facts. Either remember it like next week probably not announced but. The tour now as a breeding a race as hard to follow to pregnant okay redden per believes are caused by the presence of sugars from sap. Tended to that's a cool and it's another cool I was present to you as pretty a half way you science like one of the as well liked it but I was just I was she can. Our line up look flags for all time do you see any they are out early and hang or outright that they will it is the only time of the year you can see the northern alliance. All I love me I grew and all the phone numbers are no gun owners and edited and boiler eluded it for when. I'm all it's your own you are down that's when you go ahead is a very goat most is. Time of the year when you're able to visibly Siva the equinox. Com just click on weather and our am Laurie Allen. Made me so I turn off paint we actually there's a client his sister didn't decline we have it's actually taken a trip to. Iceland maybe Greenland maybe green lends specifically hopefully to see their horror Borealis the northern lights. As desperate and if you've never seen as decisive. Is it Greenland is the coolest place on earth very. And I think guiness I think he Google that is Greenland the coldest place on earth pink. Check it out keep them busy while you beat her so we were uses the F spoiler alert and OK it's no way we gonna like. Sure these African coast and here are eight. Follows peak migration time every species of birds. So they add go to more hospitable climates apparently hawks now's maybe don't because they're still around to pray and my little puppy somewhere I've learned. So who cares about those little ones and but anyways. So they dare. Journey today they journey about 111000 miles each way for annual migration has pretty awesome. Long ways. That's a really long time yeah long road trip unfortunate. Contrary to prop popular belief squirrels who have spent the entire autumn collecting acorns and other fruits do nots hibernate for the winter. Actually they spend the majority of the time in nest they built to shelter from the harsh weather obviously. Was corals do come on the winter they usually tunneling under the snow to find the food that they buried where I put that nut at. I can't find it SS stuff on this called white substance hiding my food yeah exactly. Halloween obviously is a large part autumn or fall concept of wearing masks they noticed too far read this. Concept of wearing masks and costumes come from in ancient Celtic tradition. Cells leave ghosts from Rome on Halloween and people who word. Disguises we're trying to hide from the spirits. You know Halloween is such a big part of that Mexican culture as well relate to what came first that. I guess I'll be you know Jerry Miller is a solid time to get to see IC we will be there for Halloween here. Mexico still in place it is a scary is the dia a dia de still years I think those Mort there's some like that I mutilated or Afghanistan my never. I am gonna do one more and then did you find out about Greenland Iceland. Obi Nicholas yes no actually there is a place in Antarctica. The I was I don't. Yet right across the day eastern Atlantic. Pueblo implies her but to. Okay well I've heard Greenland is cold it's cold it's up there it's up there so it's closely they turned would believe it quick at some. Other says they Elaine that I and they didn't even wanna announce so here's my last when you vented. See punk pins everywhere I got my pumpkins up by an out there ready. And they called the senate bill orange item upon which means thanks Mellon here's a thing A until I read I really word record for pumpkin Heidi. Easing about a punk and eat the pumpkin seeds audio how how do they make punk in. What and when hanging pumpkin pie eight. But what you may think there's nothing to us in Turkey and. It is an eye out there and yes that was hard stuff some are yeah I guess you're in your written code kitten so do what I. I just to sugar by C a lie aced a punk and insert in the blender row would happen. Welcome cloak a prime bring what you wanna make it first and you bake it and get them pumped in nice and soft have you like and that. No just right you I don't lying I know how can yet really doesn't all work no I know I did at a cost literally happening you know is do they canned pumpkin. Yeah some say eases you slice it and then he's still in the other and what can happen can eat it. Does that you can really gives you that they avenue then you would pure a it down to a kind of a pull the men. Edge of sugar flower world I could stuff who are you Martha Stewart the fifth Turkey's what time is because they hate how many things are. Of the pumpkin bread you know pumpkin spice latte everything that's Pontiac is right now like yeah do anything Republicans nowadays you mean I I like the roasted diocese of little missiles and he had a girlfriend I ever did wrong growing fan but I and I never thought about actually eating. But. Eating opponent and maybe match Agassi is mainly just all yeah hey it's sincere memorandum holly prison for sure it. Dell and apple made come come Friday now finally I did begin at that but you know I I wouldn't mind beacon a punk and among hundreds hour. But I'm getting whipped cream. Now eyes not to say I hope my mom's listing because she knows more than anyone and there is one thing that. I love whip cream on my punk compile so much there literally is more whip cream on my pumpkin pie and pumpkin pie so it's like I'm having whipped cream with a side of pumpkin pie is it would Cramer cool whip. Cool whip you know I'm in different I can do either but it's got to be in my ultimatum as a whole need it. He's we're bird I hear okay I'll give you one more note our tidbit. Evergreen trees will not lose their leaves like this is Jewish trees their leaves also called needles obviously. Our cover with a fake wax in this wax protects their inner components of the needles. Protecting them from freezing. Gee whiz. Yeah Harry listen we've got to Herman it's in that burden for the first two minute commercial break we believe how fast that I qualify and I had a so all I lift and we have got a lot more for you to come so don't go anywhere we're going to be right back shoot the that a lot actually that we can bring each and Matt listen. Where are we talking about women and I love check email who has been your favorite topic and get retirement planning is hard but it can be harder for women the end. The big question. Why ask the word YE. Book I love this segment. It's I I really do its bit and it might be confusing handle why ask the word why so we Jesse go quick commercial break. And eight and it Tories on net that phone call him cleaver that's RFID cards. A few with like an RFID card if you have any questions and all you don't hesitate to call 303. Back three and 5420. Again through 35395420. States union will be right back. Okay thanks it's. Great show without trading day. Ryan and heat. Fantastic and very excited to be here so. We DA say the big thing in history is taking calls he is not with says today he is down in Dallas taking care of that. And whenever a long long time clients who just recently lost her husband. And so he is taking care of her out there but X. He is taking your calls right now seek to give not condoning the asking a question he's a wizard behind them you know whatever it is and was behind the curtain. Yep he's an easy investment advisor if you would ask him I'd investment portfolio you have a question about you know what you have where he thinks about it this is the time to talk to him. Scheduled appointment with unsafe hate. What do you think he'll give you his opinion be like you know what I love to take good closer look at it scheduled appointment with them come at a preliminary consultation depth. He loved to Gilad Shalit be allowed to see you. Yet seeing give him a call right now 3035395420. That through 35395140. Ryan and I and hang. Think in his he's here with us this morning that we are holding down the fort in Denver and dad have great great time today. I don't know oh this is a great way to start over thinking you'll excel Ivan cruel and near perfect. Are great so let's say oh wait then Canada. So doing he is very different this week obviously not doing the market recap. Haven't done it didn't do you know in the last segment. We are gonna do a kind of a weird to throw back as not really news at calories attention. His momentum back in time right now we're doing and news that caught our attention but. Where is changing clay says and after this next dig segment talking about women. Ryan has got Seth they caught his attention that I haven't seen yet so it's kind of a role reversal on kind of in Ryan her in choice seat. And getting you know blind sided by some stuff so I'm excited about that. A deal little tease there it's twenty absurd facts about money tank we have three guys are aren't my goal is to. Shock glory into a speechless states. OK now I gotta tell you we did a twenty is very ambitious and get through you realize that we can get through I am I'm playing myself now. We can't give you Tony we never get through Tony city at well be what we know talking about your family and stuff missiles and stuff are is this. Okay also big excitement first time ever. I said list are always the commercials were not doing commercials instead of commercials. For that easily we do we have to do commercial breaks son you know between minutes and forty minutes instead get everybody you pick a favorite. And the united data purse and but a favorite song so at school when he asked her are when we're done with this these extremists we eat Ayman claim my favorites on one my favorite songs from the 50s60s. And I think it is kind of one it says that you know he rolled and you window and and sing along with and you know. Year has been to tell you look stupid dancing and singing like that could but I like it that's what I get from that and then if Bryan's gonna hit play his favorite pets. And he'll tell you more about that going into his and many days get a cult Choi and say who's that. Party ends you just gonna say yeah I think lorries better that's what you're gonna say when you call through 3995420. Began doing and not after replay Boson. Yeah okay so the next break will be lorries page glory song no commercials look no commercials and our last break for the show today. Will be my pitch and I think you'll be. Very happy with my selection I'm just gonna put a little campaigning on numerous yes but in Troy way after my song called Troy is only my you better. Tell me which when you tell. But he did do now is because it would even work but we're actually ready to be able to tell you who won Intel next week because I figure those we want to know what's coming during the show at wolf an announcer the masters fine because we always always always get calls after the show so when even be feared to just do with trying to assist up. Irate so. Anyways dynamic down 33539. Size four to zero is the number to call 33539. In fact for teaser let's talk about my fevered subject's. Retirement planning for women yes now it's my big one I keep going back to it. I may just get to spend a lot of time with women won and won her single widowed. You know I had never dealt with finances may be have dealt with finances there is that anomaly and I am setting one of our clients this week this past week. That she is kind of an anomaly in that. And she comes to say Darlene is an. Awesome with investments she loves it she pays attention to it they have their own investment group I mean there's so. Hands on about very intelligent. Absolutely really exciting and for them to get together in and do this stuff but that's not the majority of women. So in the leg. Darling and Yani so I answer questions deceptive she really has a good relationship with yourself and with Troy in and the in denounce and didn't find. That adds how many women. Really have have a good your hands on know everything in an out about finance. And it's not that aren't as scary there yet had to share out deal with most a year your staff a year financial stuff. She I mean we should we shared the responsibility is finances we agreed together but she I think she has a better understanding because she. Her boyfriend is app works in Delray advising companies sell you know she just ins and outs all. On. Without without my knowledge I don't know I know I don't know how she would be but in Brighton sound area to see Beverly Katz had no. Yes how about you Hank what about your mom and your wife are they more. Hands on with finances or is it you. And my household it's me but I do more of the the financial stuff they in the bills and give NASA squared away but. In my mom and dad's place it is more of my mother's role soon. A Hummer lots. He he's charged all that. That's and that's what I learned it from two I just awesome okay that's okay that's not necessarily that the majority of people either and I'm not saying that any need dad wake. Just like Troy is right now on Dallas taking care of one of our long long long time clients who. Is amazing great they were at her she he was an attorney in the eighties. Back in the eighties and nineties retired at quite a while ago had their own boat had their own crew. Un and then yet on health issues SF in the past 1015 years. But she's setting she is relayed this to mean that over the past week she said. She said she had told her husband a couple of years back so I don't know wind that she was so ski see the news he was going to be passing. And had parkinson's. And he said what am I gonna do when you're gone and he said you call Lori. And he similar because we talked a lot and not BC tours man behind me machine SF but call Lori Eaton does call Lori. Enjoy they will figure everything out says it's a blessing. To have that be trusted such as that and and so some women are like that just fixed it just make sure I'm okay dip and that's fine till. And that's that's actually find too but retirement illiteracy is really really low it's it abysmally low unfortunately. And which is unfortunate because there are summoning widowed and separated people. I NN study conducted by the American college only 35%. And a men. And seven 17%. Of women. Age sixteen that pass to basic quiz on how to make their savings last arrestor relax 17% war. Seven yet an easy concept. Any you know we're doing is somebody you can have. Five million dollars. And spend through your mouse quickly you can just you can leave quite comfortably some people have quite comfortably and only 50000 dollars of savings. It's about the planned and what year doing without money and how you're going through in budging ins and such like that and so and but that's. Really step guide to. That's just really sent. And the same city showed that more than half of the women showed extreme confidence that they and there's thousands have enough to live in retirement comfortably. It's kind of a conundrum. Who thinks that's a student. Disney films like you date did you see what the scores aren't out of how they're doing but they are confident that they have the money as long as there's a big pot. They they kindergarten pot of gold they're gonna get for Dresser lives as scares me. Yet eight is in and is not at 17% of women past basically is on how to make their tanks Hammond savings last but they think that they're gonna be fine in retirement. Are handling having a slip comfortably Ed but we see this all the time move a neat actually I'd say we see a lot of I just don't know I don't wanna deal with that. I don't. I don't want to set almost like they deed the mindset to common mindset is you know let things work out. Everything will work out the way it should just turn their laws they fare letting it be let it handle itself. And that's that's when you see yourself offer the opposite success I think. Right absolutely and you know what here's using it sounds like you. Probably it's time for reality tack. If you don't have it by so many people say we'll wish I get an advisor. That this suit there's no time early enough to get an advisor financial advisor. No word I'm not a doctor but I know what I need to go to a doctor I know I'm not a Dennis spend Millen and he's delete the teeth Mino checked so it's the same staying. With that with this and I think that so many times. Women. Were first of all your instincts should be rates but if you feel passion about something maybe she get a second opinion or third opinion our fourth. But do it makes the most sense we you're looking for an advisor and not tell you this I said this many many times on the show. My passion is helping women. I mean with their because I and steam them IE I get it I realized it is it could be. And our tagging up finances and an extra tightened our team at their feelings towards them so and I have to time mean thankfully at the time I and tip to invest in why things matter why didn't matter TU. That this money goes to Derek how do you maximize what goes cheer daughter maybe you know verses how about health care and in his thinking outside the box and making of any female feel like they're doing great think it is the new bids not finish shocking to me that over the years Annie Troy is brilliant and he really really as. But how women. Has that I I just wanted to touch another woman. And there's nothing bad about that because you don't I've never had a Meehan say I just wanna talk to a woman doesn't happen it does not happen. So it but it's not surprising when we've said I just I can't sit down with. You Lori. And and that's I mean there's no harm in that because now we have choice to go back to relay what's going on so if you were a woman. Specifically. I'd encourage you to make an appointment tell try to get on the phone says I want to make an appointment with your wife that's a I did not only am I doing to me ever say this I why it's safe to wait any disk isn't open with your life to tag that my finances. That would be fantastic. Put him on the you know put on their three entry affecting nine by fortune easier I'm just kitty detecting until. And Senator Clinton with him to. Barry so obviously if you're a woman he's their fifties or sixties. It's so easy to say to live to a tumor deck at decades but as a widow people are living longer than ever knew absolutely and so you've got to think about it when it comes to your assets you gotta have a plan in mind we always say. You've got to have a plan hates fund said make a plan for your vacations. Planned with your kids. These funds make those with your friends going out to dinner whenever it's fun to make. Free hands. Tiny initial decision making is not fun begin next. It's is not fun nobody gets excited to get up in the morning go talk tear pensions nicer and less here and I needless pain ahead. I love that everybody is so much ai an Intel. But if you eat it mean it it can't be exciting to I think the more you know about your plane and the more excited you are right. You know I'd IE. Being in the military picked up a lot of beings that help like I'm I'm good at reading body language I'm good at reading facial expressions. And I love watching people before and after an appointment with us because I see this. Nervousness uncomfortable feeling when they come and we give them you know I'm a guide our guidance to what they need to do for retirement give them a plan that sets forth that they can take these vacations they can. How this extra spending money and not ruin their nest egg and when they come out of that meeting that appointment. It's just sheer happiness and face smiles maybe tears of joy I've seen a couple cars have cried kids are so happy they've realized oh my gosh. This is a fool proof plan this is an actual plan on paper that I can follow through my retirement I know my money's gonna laster retirement I have peace of mind now. I can sleep better it's great scene and our clients. It is I mean I think it's what it gets us excited about going to work Alia is not. It is so educational I mean I think I think it can be fun it's. Truce deal occurred in Troy is the only person I know the gets passing crunching numbers. I don't know when they are doing the dirty work but we audit passion. Hoping people via and seeing how happy they are how faithful they are and how after they meet with us you know that. Having the good feeling about what retirement is and how can who. How it can be OK and safe they can be as safe it what am I six safe sleep insurance elapsed yeah we wanna be seen insurance is not. You know worry about these ten things going through your through your head you know we have they and I aimed kittens the finger number that we've only got a few ran a site that is just like her area that in commemorated all of bigger age. I find better and that is three minutes RA style winded at carrots and but I will say that there are a lot of challenges with couples as well. So we get. Number one and if you grant me an out there. Who controls all the money and stuff realizing your wife might be alone at some point at some point he's got to get on board. Just like and Guinness they would Bonnie. Half that good accurate head mend I mean you really you love your wife if you let your partner. C have hurt if you're the one controlling the acids except make sure feels comfortable I will say we have one client who thought he would have been. Passed like seven years ago he still I think got. And he said the reason I'm here is because I need my wife to feel comfortable when I passed because you know like cancer runs and stuff like I think buddies in remission. But I'm just say that was so sweet he's they'd listen to our show forever he that there really didn't she gets you. And I I we're here because we need I need her to feel comfortable win I tax so god bless him when he got. Yeah absolutely you on the other spectrum you know we talk a spouse is a lot what about the you know do you force days before sees how does a deep course stays DT he more days yet. You know if you're divorced did you know that if you were married for ten years that if they insert her sister right you can claim. Spousal benefits from your ex spouse you a lot of people don't know that this is stuff we can help UF did. Doesn't matter what your situation is married widowed divorced. You can call us and now sister questions this is my situation. What can I do about it what benefits can I get from a certain situation we can help you with that. I'm gonna get a little teaser or your team that I will be asking for women's health not yet not ready for bats. Severe blow to ask Sunni unit rate another bat well I think the one that is out there in the coat tails is. For us financed for women by women nice and and so I will be probably first of next year be asking for help from me you people. From single people married people getting people's it eaten needing to get eBay is impact for the stock that will be compiled that is my 2818. Project so. And if and I will be getting soliciting that Seth more privileged Jersey into the year and asking for people's how the death be needing just the that in here on your radar as it is important if you're a woman it's important. Our great. So invested in a commercial oh no no no there's no new bride we had a theory is might only lower I sunshine is coming up right now this at all this ridiculous and no one in my favorite songs if you can't DS in this let me move diet minimal played a second time. It SEC it's easy like John. That is a good zone and no. Let's you hear like three times in route to the half in my car I definitely have some tough competition I'll say that much of that song yet so why here's the thing goodnight and I. I did like throwback like I really surged deep you're coming doing this one is so I have named any neighbor classics I like those I haven't fair it's Canada and there I'm just saying you toll to pick ipad's now well I dug deep. Dead. The cast anyway so that was Susie question that was my picks so in next break not commercial break in the next break it's gonna be Brian's indians' front and wind blew. OK so don't call now you on the mound Jason who agrees with your favorite street by 39 by four. If you're just tuning in or have a listen the whole show this morning I Troy is on the phones answering questions answering your request could concerns whatever. If you are looking to get an RFID card. Please call in Detroit 335395140. Have a channel them he loved it he's got his laptop these guys copies listen to reassure right now is in Texas. He's got his phone most importantly so 1000003 a three go ahead. I very nine fife story T zero and also if you're on you're at eight at eight or honor let's take a twelfth dot org. You can bright guess announced they don't go directly to us as well. Come on the app does as well. If you want to use to do anything anything if you wanna send an appointment. You go ahead he's got our schedules as well also you can do that as well and again 33539. By four to zero and you Ghazi Zemin that number Monday through Friday as well so. We've got better role reversal gone on here usually in the script a little bit today we chronicle a lot of eye on it I love you mrs. News that caught Ryan's ten yet. And it trait is a back in time week we mixed that when he's not around Newton has and the masses away. I gave Lori are great today usually is the news or color is attention you're low break today no breather I now I took the added to the rains today. I mean I enjoy this so we have been we're gonna get through my prized when he is a little on missions would get on what is. Surge facts about money. All right you ready. So here's number one pretty easy a penny costs 2.4 cents I knew fracture yet. I as to what you guys say yeah you do what we what I estimated manufacture. No longer do so we're gonna wanna get this idea idea trickle right. All right number two more than 2 at this morning. I'd have trouble believing that but I trust the source more than two million Americans live on less than two dollars a day. I mean watch. Wait how sixty dollars a month to look how many sixteen last month but they're they're not they're not living in Denver repeated that does that and Americans. Two million that do like kids. Let me doubt how does that not every not every state town place in the nation lately labor costs us lives off of less than two dollars a day six dollars a month. Wow. Even see how they get that statistic I don't know its weird is glad it is what it is our it the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Uses nine point seven tons of ink. Each day. Bird like built every day they're printing money. Nine point seven tons of each each day I manage Jamie NTS to order into our office like every month now. So they have to active facilities staff from which are prints money. Today right now presently. One in Washington DC and the other one is in Fort Worth, Texas together these two facilities mind blowing nine point seven turns. Of ink a day we like to be their distributors. I think by and Adams hole because. Well like I did I. It's so it's inside now Obama made it. It is you're right on it in the government you're eat. Spirit is an excellent 5% of the people who buy lottery tickets account for 51%. Of all tickets sold. Are you that gas 5% of the people who buy lottery tickets. Account for 51%. Of all tickets sold when you buy lottery TDs by one. Oh I see no you're not your odds may be didn't much like I just really let it. Choi is a better one that I don't really buy lottery tickets very much. There was side note on this one I should be noted that a person who drives ten miles to buy a lottery ticket is actually three times more likely. To be killed in a car accident while driving to buy the ticket okay and the art of winning the jackpot. This is physically doing that's who acquitted. I've I'm telling. It's it's viable it's viable way and I believe that I believe that late this say dead statistically you're safer flying in the plane than you are road trip into your best nation. Even though planes people are scared clintons could worsen your flight. Booed. Whenever we and we are number five we'll get there gambling generates more revenue each year than movies. Spectator sports. Theme parks. Cruise ships and recorded music combined now I only that was with spectator sport out of money on it did. I can't take this 34 point six billion dollar industry runs the table beaming yacht. Tom Cruise the Dallas Cowboys Mickey Mouse to weaken the Caribbean The Rolling Stones all of those combined some gambling generates more revenue I absolutely believe that. Actually the house always wins Lori drew play yes Troy MI have a hot hand but the house is gonna get them at some point. I know that no he gave it's a long time now don't don't get if you're Jim Foley now and closures for second. 94% of bills are contaminated with bacteria. EL don't allies are right that the money is dirty. Yeah you know I can't I can't tell you we turns I've seen offering yell at her daughter saying soccer player what Ronnie go wash your hands yeah well that's your money is dirty mean. It takes around so this for you to sing it takes around 8000 folds. Before bill will hear from used so I'm not saying Taylor well what 8000 foals and those are wearing down to the point where tenors. Interesting okay you carried out dollar bill it is crisply that mean. How is it easy it's here yeah all the cyber is incensed yeah glad OK really you recall how how many of you why you try. Oh that someone else is a dollar bill as lies clearly heady days ever tried it duet a new dollar bills is to try. I've accidentally Torre knew don't have an accident on the current outbreak is still all I'm gonna go to my wallet go ahead. The life for the bill and this is pretty cool the life from the bill generally depends on this denominations so for example a one dollar bill. Had a life expectancy of approximately five point nine years. Whereas a hundred dollar bill can expect to survive in circulation for up to fifteen years. Why I don't know. I to have time to research that could honestly didn't use our dad did tell you on an exercise is new ones and Jabber yes I I think he's as good as absolute sense is his goat but when putted tearing me too funny so my love this one of my favorites. There is more monopoly money printed every year at an actual cash. Legitimacy into does does that Miller Brothers go through the shahak seriously this popular board game prints up to fifty billion dollars of its currency each year. Other Bureau of Engraving and Printing had a much smaller budget they must follow with only 826. Point seven million. So we're talking these verses ams allocated for pretty costs. More monopoly money made every year than actual US currency and just wanting this one's a little. Different if you're. Breaking bad fan here young. You know it's different but 90% of all US bills have at least had a little bit Trace of cocaine on them. Wait say that against the 90%. Of all US bills have at least a Trace of cocaine on them. How how is that possible what is that have been like what they're doing okay. People know like people. Snort cocaine there are no bills that's been the popular thing to use specially back back in the day we cocaine all. And they would use their bills to snort cocaine. You never allowed to do my job again steered your following what'd I say just drops she is shocked right now people I. He says he never dare I I absolutely. I noticed my and again irony Manila today that's written bacteria now eighty person and a bills have some type of cocaine on three senior person you can. Touched a bill testing I did at all really 120 odd saying it has cocaine on Trace of combat is. I know I'll leave the box while my song is playing to an expiration your wash your hands or promotion costs. I'd move not only 8% of the world's currency is actual physical money. I believe that it claimed the why believe that be because in the technological error the wherein. Everything is electronic ever use credit cards I mean how many assets cash Jefferson is using credit card how you're only eight percents of the world the world's currency is actual physical money. That's crazy. Idea that's actually a believable is to some the UN really necessary I think Andrew has commenced. Take Geo Group Pablo Escobar is no yes parent I got one for a dead rats. Little rats yeah they rained geeks days like that there were severe is newest news tonight. Rats ate ten million dollars Apollo escobar's loose change. They limit who is Pablo Escobar. Oh he's famous drug lord. And down south the South America or Mexico or use somewhere like that yeah I was down south enough famous off. Was it head on show of Mulva. Gang activity and drug activity down there. You know it was reported that the drug lord Pablo Escobar had so much extra cash lying around that he lost an astounding one billion dollars per year rats. Wow he's rats had an obviously an expensive tastes blue moon is hazy cell life. I think he's brought I don't I think he's gone I'm not positive what I see some documentaries on and it's a fascinating life not to send new guy that that guy. Oil chop though. I don't know Chaplin and the did he is 81000 Nelson but and he's an American now than it was actual guys in America but ask. Are announcing he's can do we got prisons he can't get out of here I think. No digging in their rings and out of the Mexican prison and a cold it is not here death. So for the Nextel towers truce here just like to see what his reaction is if he's ever heard of this deal with the largest denomination of the UN's US bill is 20000. 2010 does not know hundred a little boom got it. The largest denomination of US currency was the 100000 dollar bill and I'll explain the largest illustrated by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. 100000 dollar gold certificate printed in 19341935. Is primarily used during business conducted between banks which kind of makes sense and not really used for the public obviously. I cooked quickly became a thing of the past. And obviously now 500 dollar 1005010. Dollar bills we know seat anymore but 100000 dollars is the largest denomination of how many did they pretty dense there. Many but can't be many know would use it she actually. In the ninety's hundreds let on the out hundreds Aslan. Next when North Korea attacked on north create kind of last week about not cyber security North Korea is the largest counter fitter a US currency. They really don't really have perfected the replica fifty dollar M 100 dollar bills in the called super dollars. As of 2009 an estimated 45 million worth these phony bills have been identified. In the zone circulation today North Korea but you know I'm Dennis Rodman yeah I think. Yeah I do they edit the earth did you know that the Secret Service was actually established to fight counterfeiting yes. You did know that I did insisting this is backing that civil war time back in the day I did not know that so good on you. Annan. The average allowance. For herb Logan Connor as their kids the average allowance thing about that on the day you are back and today but. I'm Gasquet you know mindset how much did you give loading Connor allows back to today the average lost today in the US the 65 dollars a month. This is say ten back in the day you for me was ten dollars a week the fight had to go into their savings accounts. I did not get ten dollars it's ten dollars a week they only south live and it begins by winds and Hispanics. I like I didn't miss less total approximately 780 dollars each year paid too little ones that's pretty impressive. Yet my girlfriend's daughter is always asking her for money. Well might he's never had said that I mean I dies is all they needed because mom pay for everything Tokyo. I mean since its candy whatever so wrestler beast whatever but that means yeah. The big things momma he's got a lot this woman in this has a lot of good little fact with that American spends. Honesty thing argued view then choice how much how much you think Americans spend on fast food every year as a whole one American. No I as a whole Americans are total. 35 billion dollars highly highly sure in the bees a 117. Billion dollars each year and I research reports we spent 51 billion and our beloved pets 310 million are not pet costumes which I thought you might like for your little ones in Honolulu. Now I'm ready got one of them so there are other intercede buys coffee eleven billion a year. Over the counter teeth to minors one point four billion a year. While. Tattoos 2.3 billion that tattoo removal and 66 million. I just went toilet paper two point six billion dollars month nobody can do without it felt exactly that's throwing it. Are moving on. Credit card debt now starts in high school. You don't think like that by credit card debt now certain how how the kids are getting their own credit card their parents' car loans. I don't hide my parents to not pay for my car when I was in high school self I pay my insurance I paid for her everything else and we are so busy phone shouting. But now credit cards are becoming new thing for high school kid would season went within ages that people are they'd kids again credit cards don't wanna know. All right I know I'm right on track I and so right on track aren't here and a great team. Secret design of the one dollar bill links to the original thirteen colonies and give you some examples. So I thought of one dollar melody doesn't spare time here's why what she looked foreign tanks gone for it. Thirteen different representations on the number thirteen of the bell I'm not sure that means but we'll keep go like some time pressed for time. There are thirteen stars above eagle and I believe that's on the back. Thirteen stars above eagle yup thirteen steps on the pyramid. Thirteen vertical bars on the shields. And thirteen horizontal stripes on the top of the shield take a look next time you'll see a lot of thirteen. Lunacy I am crazier it did I don't is that myself when I saw the fact what's up with the number thirteen to keeps calling me earlier colony there's another easy volleys tank I was I was unlucky but I I guess not for the colonies out. Two hour. 96% of employed people will not be able to retire at 65. Honey 95% of employed people was not be able to retire 65 and I'll go into why and it's not a surprise to us try to tell us on sale. And health care costs health care constantly just average Americans living longer you know back at what was it ten years ago vessel security sort of bump and age moves forward Harmon. So SSA had to make adjustments to be able to compensate for additional payments it has to make cell. Why if you're born after 1960 thinks you're looking Ned for retirement age of 67. So we're right there I am not memorize that table but I yelling stand Troy I think we have to be 67. 66 some like no no longer to find out hearing 66 and seven months or something up it's not surprising to us police presence people that haven't checked into that. All right last one. This weird one if you have ten dollars in your pocket and no debt zero dead you are wealthier than 25% of Americans. Say that again if you have ten dollars in your pocket and absolutely zero deaths and you are wealthier than 25% of Americans. School. School loans car loans house mortgage all that stuff no how no debt zero whatsoever literally no doubt it. Ten dollars in your pocket you are wealthier than 25% of Americans. Crazy I guess secondly that that makes that makes sense semi tennis less Ryan is a hot his attention twenty absurd facts about money. I told you it doesn't financial stuffing here are right so may get the number out there and then then Ryan will introduce his song picked. And then you can start. Calling in with your pics of that or what you think is better. Which one Susie got to show where his weight that hold on okay so he could also call Choi is answering a cause out if you have to leave a message that's absolutely fine. And he will give you call back or if you're choosing which song you like better and he doesn't get cute he's done a play other line with another caller. They need to just leave a message and we'll add that since Italian we're gonna have to tell you the results next week because. Obviously word we went to rent out a day right now Gary voters and and vote and with him not with us since he's in thousand right here we're not having good and he he's not able to get in touch with us to let us know what's going on that and as easily if he were in the other room which is where Ryan usually ourselves. We'll tell you wins hopefully is Laurie and met next week that. No they're remember you're doing. Like a cult classic I did I dug deep and RA okay the number to call 303. 539. Thigh four to zero chemistry three size 395420. RA what's he sing on my page is quite a classic sweet Caroline. By Neil diamond's new joint. We're seeing again. And yeah and no wind. Now I know it's grew engines you know. And and and can turn. This brain. And scream. Some. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Little did the nine. And don't seem so. Alone it. We visited. There's only ten so. When. Yeah. And. I love that Zelaya. Love that song everybody drinks on their bibles you can either his pick to double large ones reverend al-Qaeda well you know I. I'm homage I would RW had come a huge tuna bar guy I love it love it love it go into paean to Mars how to moon downtown by Coors Field. You can not go there any weekend night and not hear sweet Caroline. I assess the secrets on it's a cult favorites and it almost were playing in different feel about OK now I can vote now I don't know but for Ryan's son. Yes yes vote for right side. He's right it's not what I was into our son of a band that and just eat my words now RA vote for call 335395420. And tell Choi. Net you really had Aikman sung his song really feel like it will make it fair I just stumbling end. ORC's Neil diamond's sweet Caroline. So and he didn't hear mine then mouse brings and it's still like it takes you where's the pen tonight out of the round late keynote some that nobody at lake he could just. Bill Whitman. You gave me no limitations are sure urgency and I just thought it's on Ryan right now I am it's on its committees that are now are right so we've only got a few more minutes. That's in the Indiana in his cell. You Austria 35395420. And again Brian Knight in painter in the studio this morning Choi it is out in Dallas. I'm taking care whenever just would love. Love love clients. And sand so but I got a question before we go on actually I'm you've been really matters and it kind of weird it. But first I have to say many loud and give better soon yes. Hank which he's using his verse here so for many nuts his head throat surgery this past week. And so. Where bad has seemed to answer to a bell. Raided a rock that bell around his throat I'm sure I can a man you rather would you rather have they would lose the two evils would you rather have the wrote surge three. Or would you have rather have a ballerina till the time. Probably just a bell. That wager to get away and I wouldn't you wouldn't have these and valid way I'd rather be milieu you led yeah. I think I'd rather served on. Metals sank eight we continued into Indiana and assume that three days and yeah. We the it's a tough one as I have now is that I probably just give them extra doses of his. Sleep medication and take bellowing up a putt but we do issues BS every and your inner prayers. Yes exactly and Joseph also was going to surgery this next week so straight and yeah it is our minds so to recovery C about. Are right radio quick family matters and then we're gonna wrap up with a big get. That's why the big why. Stay tuned for that but a date quicksand in matters. Ryan what would you do usually we talked and I say this very Aston usually detect out of our four kids we talk about low in the most because he's on the show. And he's a part of you know he's he's helped us with the business often on a lot of our clients know and love them. And and he's talked a lot of them and the stories always interest thing yes well it's crazy and but anyways so Logan has a bunch of stories disease is. Meat of some kind of fiber that makes things follow part of the tank. I have to ask you a question. About Connor again it's I don't think is fair play to talk about Oliver tents all the time because they're just not a part of the show but I I. I'm gonna ask and I'll listen if they're not resting rate the Selz affair thing and so. Connor is very into going to different places. He is he has six threatening he's been to Israel he's been to Ireland in every sentence that. Paris Barcelona and he's just done these trips and it makes me crazy is a mom yet to do this but is he loves it. There is attracted to school to that EF two hours as is when he takes small room but he really wants to go to. That next year for 99 eighths. It's like in the spring time nine nights ten days on that World War II. To work memorial source Miette happens through lake Austria Germany. And it. Like Norman. Parents. You know and London wow so it's it says it's several places but what concerns me is. Paris and London UB in the military is stats if this was your seventeen year old son. Who going overseas here Mike White kids is go to Mexico is if raped and beat them cartel and all but why can't you go there. I mean it freaked reality within Barcelona and add friends a couple of years ago you know what do you think with the climate would you would you allow your kid is who's your seventeen year as kid. Without you going to school tour about would you out of. I would I'd I'd have my reservations and ID's. A lot of sleepless nights by an I would I is just. You'll be in the military specialists as long as I've been in the military and my siblings how long they've been in hand you can't predict where and when something's gonna happen so. Do you keep yourself offer beleaguered child in a bubble because you don't want. To be in that random attacker random bad situation. It's hard prevent that now obviously Europe. Attacks and what's been going on lately in the past couple years is a little more rampant in here in the US by. I think something like that I'm I'm jealous I would love to do something like that that is huge Wear what she means a lot to meet my grandfather and he was an entertainer. You know a bomber retainer so I would love to go on a tour like that so I think that's something that he will remember for the rest of his life. Security aside and his hostility here I I don't re apply to me and talking B play is like mom thinks of yup and you face you know a lot these places it. Sometimes it just it happens and it's hard prevent bites. The security is titans now people are on the toes yeah eyes are wide open security is beefed up in lobbies. Hot spots I think gap com. But he never know where I need your real where are one of our clients was sent Barcelona wait a month ago maybe I'll win that and with the two. Two terrorist attack when the terrorist attacks that occurred at -- so worried for her I can't imagine this being my own kid yeah in the climate that we're in I'm just it's a very very nerve racking any dean coming out. I agree it's one of those things that is. Any he loves all of these two tees it's it's amazing what he Annie you always want your kids to do. Staff that beyond Dino the four walls that they know and ice where he could be. These gonna go into software yes I'm just mark you said he loves history like I I tell I was meaning you could be history he's a junkie. I don't to step that he knows his mind boggling so. I Adrian is really sentiment coming asses like boy these kids cannot stop giving me gray hairs and hatred that they make me just say awakening wind and into windows events. I don't now so maybe never made it a B forty and still make it mean honestly the alumni but face a lot for you know not EMI's van Allen. It's okay as a mother just staged. Dad is hard to go through. My mother how many deployments has she help you think about with her kids I Deanna your house and tell legal and older. I had there is one time I think I'm turnovers Kelly or Jeremy Bennett. I was over in Iraq I think Jeremy was there and actually sell now on the same base but in the same country the speed Spock and. I tell it but you've not heard let me our military mindset since she understands and that's what he did advise her how to cope. With that OK but I get it and I I get it it's just debt it's it's I am a civilian leader withdrew. I love you guys for defending our country but I'm just saying I am so I am a mom and I am not a military mom. So it just makes me ever love is one of the things that I've just been through this enough that I realize I'm not gonna win seasons so I just have debt. It's like a tunnel it's like he's gonna be in the tunnel for ten days that's how I can feel that's how ice. Feel fellas I'm in businesses can't do any about it no my ass so I just need to as though whenever. IRA so things didn't work out anyway beating LA I I made him they was low his birthday. This past weekend made him tell my dad thinking who I say go bring that package here debt are two Graham pot and Lucy what he thinks. And I got it's all about isn't no I ACL military guy. I saw it so much now my dad was BHF Brennan like well that I just subcontract out on the this so obviously he's gonna win he's gonna go yup I'm gonna be free to upper ninety's constrict our rights. One more time number cost 33539. Fight for two years a number to call 33 I think 95420. K we I mean is say before our last last few minutes here. And we've we've enjoyed being here with you guys would absolutely I mean we try to Troy is the medicine. We're just missing in the house again or go down but he isn't obviously this is what his passion is he loves the financial stuff I know it's been the sugar a lot. This morning but you know you need some times it's a change of pace pace and its faults on and it's cold outside so you know he might as you wait to hear what kind of phone calls we got today and I I ended it especially was so great here last week that RFID other the people are saying they were longtime listeners have. Well this is so nice to hear and it's great to hear we really appreciate it. And but he can also copy when a complimentary consultation not an attorney Jeanine being. If you wanted to meet a with a girl with a female another female. And if you're intimidated by guys I understand I totally understand women can feel intimidation by guys. Or they might feel like nearly an app is going I don't even know it was just said there. And I can dumb things down. I mean I can do the same things you can't Ryan. Too I mean I get a terms and that it that it knew this for ten years and you know it just might take me a lot little bit longer because coffees partly involved in the habit that will just dig back temperature in the senate from went. RA. Let's say I I this who has a topic that I wanted to talk about and how to song you do we hacking. And it's curving chute and got this got this we got irate. The big question my eighth and they question why. How many times do we'd just take information and walk away with it instead of asking the big question why. So one of the things it came out and this weekends are this weeks or in the past week. This past week was they said we're dealing with a client who blasters assets were Choi is right now. She's got an attorney who said basically olive his staff parts and pieces were in a few trusts. She had a contrast that everything was supposed to finally until. Now we are not attorneys but we certainly have dealt with attorneys and we have our own one that we deal with sun and in our offices on a regular basis. Should dare they tell you that we're we put the money net keep it in the trust in her trust or put it in her name but there's no reason to put it in keep it in the trust me there's just not. I mean from my point of view from choice point of view from our attorneys preview they had the best scenario ever she's got one child. Basic investments. And and and different. Vehicles for those investments. It's easy it's cake now let's take it wasn't when her spouse is a life but I keep asking the question why why keep it in a test. Why. What is the answer and she won't. Says when asked her attorney because every time she does it's another 2500 dollar bill right. So any better at what's taxable implications of keeping an address how much is it gonna cost you. To keep it in his chest that a lot of people they just don't ask why they just do what they're told to me how many have you I don't care what it is. For what it is for. But I mean in finance. Do you have an advisor. And not ask him why we do you understand. It. What your money is doing where it's coming from and what the purposes it's do you ask why eight. And you understand because I tearing TO. Your advisor had better have an answer or your attorney had better have a Gideon's. Your and medical professional if you have some kind of something going on. Had better have if you can ask why he and understand the answer. In your much much better off than your counterparts. So all many times we don't ask why. We just met with someone in our office the other day and she was telling us example of how money switch around how they have this new advisor he's saying a lot of financial jargon that they don't understand she doesn't understand. And what does she would she tell she said that you know why it ended in my husband's guy he must understand as long as some and the green in my money's in the green I'm making money and it's fine. I don't we why we need to set I don't need to ask why. I wonder ness we were gray haired he's a great she's still making money perfectly fine they're not thinking about retirement anytime in the near you know ten years or so. But they better be thinking of bred retirement Theo and you know he's good at saving. But they're not asked why did you know people enter a different names on there and their statements are coming out each. Every so often they've been third day you know with their advisors that they were sitting next next to them in a grocery store they eat good. Roddick I mean the products that are recommended they say this is the best for you you're gonna love it. Are you know why is that the best products you know are you is this investment portfolio really in the best interest of user client or is in the best interest of your visor you know argue seeing the fees you're paying. Are you asking why why do you recommend is what is the kind of performance I'm getting what is your return what kind of fees and I'm paying why do you recommend exactly they're not asking it. Exactly so any got a I am gonna say to you guys ask your professional. Are you captive company are you do have access to all different tied up in products a cross the board. That's what you wanna ask so ask why an IC BD diligent in what in in this all week just. But a question of the week BY ya I don't care with its financially if it's legally if it's freer car speeding car repairs asked the question why. Don't just be OK with driving away you know thinking somebody else is taking care of things please understand understand. Why that's my that's might think about it. Ask your advisor why day in even when you get an answer if it doesn't sit well what you. Call us call choice you know ask the question why why do you think they did this and let us look at the reports let us look at. The statements let us do the dirty work and will tell you why and see. The education is our view we know we can open your eyes you know if you're not gonna ask why we can help you with that you know we can do to be confidence we can give you education of understanding what you have and why they did it. RA so we have run out of time. Great show Rachel wood until I have if I do 35395420. Is number to call a pretty boat. For Lori grip three. 5395420. And and that we sees same time same case next week yeah to get the results of the song challenge but really see. Investment advisory services offered through central management LLC and registered investment advisor in the state of Colorado insurance products and services offered through Hampshire group incorporated catcher wealth management LLC enhance your incorporated are affiliated companies and.