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Sunday, March 19th

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You're listening to the dollars and cents radio show was Troy and Lorraine. Investment advisory services offered through central management LLC and registered investment advisor in the state of Colorado insurance from. Products and services for your venture of incorporated visual management LLC and hit a hundred. The candidates and now for the dollars and cents radio show and your favorite old Troy and Lorraine. He took to get for tuning in to a lose Sunday edition of dollars and since we live in the studio and as always we have open phone line cell. If you have he financial question now would be a great time to get that number called. When you call or not gonna be live on the air that Ryan there real life person is standing by in the studio to take your calls that phone number. 303. 539. 54 to zero in your Oscar wanna get that number down we're remembering that to memory because we have. Some great giveaways and where he's going to be. I'm feeling here and a few moments. As also is. You can go to the website. And give. Collect all sorts of great information at 812 dot ORG 812 dot org we have our video library. You can request a complimentary copy of whose retirement is it anyway you can register for. Our upcoming new generation financial planning universities. We're going to be talking about that in a few moments. What are the dates of that too and get the dates out there because we are midway we are in full swinging registration for my nose sixth week three knows that we GAAP. No it's not a six we grand Sunday. This is Sunday and next week okay so next week in March 28 not this coming Tuesday but next week march 28. And my train nine cents Tuesday and Wednesday both at 530. Indy even nened. That spur Hampshire university. And wet as well as we're doing one on April 8 what are you shaking your head for. I think the you're experiencing is that a mosquito in here there. Can diplomat. Ace oh. Tuesday march 28 Wednesday march 29 that is a week from this Tuesday and Wednesday. At 5:30 in the evening through provided by a Maya I was GMA. And a lot to get information would trail talk about in just a moment and then also brunch on April 8 is a Saturday April 08. University looking forward to that at 1030. That is provided by a delectable and the end Thabet. So the programs universities power are complementary. However seating is limited for each of the university events the 2829. In the eight we still have space available. The program is free to be information and all the goodies that you collector going to be yours to keep our reservations are required so if you would like to attend. You can call phone lines are open we will keep you on the reservation list you know and we look forward to meeting you now what are we can be talking about because. The new generation financial planning universities. Will be our first. Three. Topics. Here's to this is for first of all it's not a one dimensional university so we're going to be covering. Me. List of topics. First and foremost we're going to be talking about Social Security Max who is nation and I know you hear a lot about this topic can about this information. Which your seventy take it sixty to work will be talking about how specifically the tools. They you can put to work to be able to utilize. Tell maximize of Social Security benefits because it's not just a one size fits all weep tears seventy type of its. Answer in so we're going to be addressing that. In the university's how to maximize Social Security. The end of the day for every dollar for every additional dollar you get from Social Security that's one less dollar you're gonna have to find elsewhere to supplement. That retirement income so we're going to be talking about that work to be talking about how to. Take those assets that you have accumulated. And contributed to during your accumulation years here I eraser for a long case your savings. And how once you transition into retirement how to take those assets in turn them into retirement income. Had to create depth blueprint we're gonna talk about that a little bit today in the second hour but. We're going to be talking about the every specifically in the university were going to be talking about risk tolerance how to properly managed. Risk is you approach retirement so that in more. New generation financial planning universities march 28 29 and April 8 so you can go online and registered. They have the university dates in the information topics were going to be covering again he twelfth dot ORG right there on the first page. You can register via the web site or you can call if you call during the program. Rains taking calls right now he's in the call center. He can email you. And actual invitation in on the ended invitation has all the details that has all the topics were going to be covering during university and that would be good place to start. Iso 335395420. Rates. I got a giveaway. We'll give away from my favorite place when my favorite things who in their last night amazing. So. If you at all if anybody lives out. There is that a brand new the new list three margaritas. One of our favorite sicken me and we restaurants that please do be an easy and they're all individually owned kind of but that a new oyster wine and so on smoky hill on the eSATA tanner rep arapahoe smoky hill and arapahoe road. You are interested in trying it out carries if he if you live out there whatever if you want to venture out we have free meals to the way. So. Free Mexican food governments and it's been out isn't sales. So we had we love then people are that we'll sweetest and management the owners are fantastically they're awesome end and so. Hector is awesome he gave us sheet June and it was called we tried last night it was an appetizer. Oh any era I'm sure Symbian mushrooms in a race in a tomato sauce. So I TD a whole thing and right now but their food is is so good at its. Fresh fresh ingredients fresh vegetables are sauces are home maiden in house it's this it's really amazed jealous the space they've built out brand spanking new so it's clean it's nice it's huge. Been really really address. People are fantastic I mean just a great staff there wonderful EU is. Because we love them so much we have a creamy testing in a way so if you would like a free. I entered Fiat dinner lunch whenever. And even get this column 30353. Man main site for 20 to see you name and address and we will send you one. To your address. Just. To have just like if a million people caller in his early and I thought at that. And you are. It was a first and that now it if the if the phone lines are busy just call back because I know you're gonna get our highly is hinges on that the line right now so. Stuff 3035395420. Cents a and in my early as ten callers. That speak with Ryan we are going to send you a complimentary. Dinner or lunch or lunch at the all new three margaritas. Yet she had a Hector. He's the manager over there and he streams and now just to settle an alien unless they're fantastic they're great people so they pastries or three factory nine fact a war. 20 so what are we talking about today. We have we have a lot of its do you argue that I that I got a bone to pick with you Hank well. Not IAE CRA. And it's taken on Lou idea who you really as I had a friend Jimmy. All the stands yeah because they bolted out and down that it Downey's highly do IE under the bus because she says because you're putting him back. Don't look at me hey guy apes yes here unlike earlier. That's okay AA is sad yet I hear out of bad luck from now on is able to did down because Hank wasn't an attack. Nobody knows who you're talking about I wasn't put them back Saturday it was still here Sunday morning when I came. Didn't know that I'm gonna talk there. And it talks about accurate. DS LI there is Steve we have stands very notes and stats NBA I don't get to see anymore so that's the day on the dollars and cents radio program. We are going to be tie we have. Me various topics all fantastic work can be talking about women in retirement and folks the numbers the statistics may shock you. We're going to be talking about the importance of getting a second opinion. In to begin with a blueprint. Begin with he blueprints we've got some great. Information to share and pass along with you remember if you would like. To register. For one of the upcoming. Financial universities now would be a great time threes or three. 5395420. Now before we get into women in retirement I know Laurie that is near and dear to your heart payment still a lot of great information some interesting statistics let's start with the weekly market recap for the week ending. Seem patty's day. When he seventeen. Like you wobbly week on Wall Street. Which sounds very much like Elmer fud would be saying that he wobbly week on Wall Street. I stocks higher with all three major indices claiming. This week's market gains follow the Federal Reserve's interest rate hike. The Fed raised rates by another quarter point in you can likely killed on more rate hikes. To come this year with speculation on what to expect from the Fed as well as the timing of trump peace initiatives in the fighting in congress. You can expect volatility to rise. I will repeat that you can expect volatility to rise. This high in new ride may be coming to an end which pressures in. Both good news and bad news let's start with the bad news. As with any honeymoon win it is over increased volatility tends to appear. The good news the underlying economic foundation is strong so as long as you've built a portfolio. That can withstand the volatility you should be just fine by the numbers the Dow S&P and NASDAQ all rose slightly this week. The Dow now sits five point 8% appear to date. The Dow I'm sorry BS and 2% year to date in NASDAQ still leads the way up nine point 6% year to date that tenure treasury closed at two and a half percent. Oil is down nine and a half percent on the year closing at forty dollars and seventy cents a barrel. The take away. Folks it's been a strong start to the year and that is a good thing. When it comes to your appetite for risk however. Make sure you're not biting off more than you can chew. As you approach retirement. You should be managing your financial diet. More closely. Just easy need to manage those car herbs and calories. You need to manage your appetite in intake of risk. Also known as red money. Books if you're approaching retirement if you are within 24 months if you're within two years to retirement maybe today's the day to make the call. And request your complimentary. Risk assessment. In get on the road to better financial health. You can also. Go to H wealth dot pork and at the very top of the page. There's a tab that says get my school war. In the do you see the letters seat though MR eight comrades get my school work. Color of money risk analysis the best place to start if you been procrastinating. Go to 812 dot org at the top quick can get my score takes five minutes it's eleven questions. It will walk you through any it will produce a score. With an explanation. Of your risk analysis. That is a good place to start because that will help you identify. How close or far you are from where you actually should be it's a great place to start or I'll take it a step further the best place to start. Is to call that day and register yourself. For the upcoming. New generation. Financial planning university and by the way we've been talking about these universities. For the upcoming universities for what Laurie about two months now tomorrow. Is the official completion date of our new university center. Tomorrow is the actual completion date we've been working on her new center for three months. Absolutely ribbon cutting tomorrow. And that is the week marks recap. Irate so lack gathers and allowed Steve to Mars like in day. And in vignettes you know we'd open at on deck for our listeners for our clients and it is really. An amazing space it is built for. Financial education for learning. It's room really an amazing place in the end of folks that attend the nine year old university series. Are really going to be in for a treat because we have I mean obviously we have some of the best food. Going to be provided at university mushy on most electable Hague we have some great giveaways. During these first series of universities so I'm really excited I'm really excited for this first. Series and down it's going to be great opportunity to meet you as well. Ari and we are excited to be we got our Chris masters now we see that but it's true. I re ready to switch gears tackle than about women in retirement you just did. No okay fantastic well obviously this is near and dear to my heart because anybody who knows me who's listening doses. I jest in jail way you ray Whitman. Ethnic. Does that may be factor in but I understand women yes say so yes I remember telling a little of the night do you. Three men. I am I am like I wanna be the way to practice so. And Italy what into we have decline in two. Hasn't been married in a long long time and it was two hours. Yes two hours I was in with her. And it and just chatting visiting him but that's like normal. And that women need that here that they need said they need people to understand. You are that I know that magician behind that bad. Cloth to make things happen there's no magic. Well you understand things enough to make things happen you under is ED disc can make things happen. But I I understand women so it is near and dear to my heart. I'm OK so a couple of statistics. According to the recent US census survey. Women 65 and older have 26%. Less income than their male counterparts that should not be. Any new news to anyone better when happens for a long long time. But what happens is it makes it easier for women to file into poverty especially. After the loss of a spouse. Board do you get divorced but US ladies are working longer obviously as a result of this which I don't think is a bad thing. But according to surveyed women 55 to 64 in the labor force has increased from 53%. 259%. Since the turn of the millennium. That's not anything that's not a big concern shock no on and it's gonna go up I mean it's it's gonna anyway with longevity in women and sent to. Women (%expletive) beat the working longer shoot any know you can also compare it to my mom is retired but she still where she saw as part time jobs. There's a very distinct difference. In having to vs between. Working. As a source of fulfillment. As a source of. A social interaction. And is. Eric talks so much more during the day then ends so I had to relay an. Husband then he had to get out there's a big difference. Between an act in working because. The paycheck is necessary and yet there's a big difference having two verses wanting to turn eight. That's a big thing OK another census report says into when he fourteen. At the end of Tony fourteen. Dig deeper 4%. So more than half of women aged 65 and older were single. Whether it be from divorced or widowed or never have been that would it was a surprise it is that one was a surprise is how lax over half of women aged 65 and an older were single. Again whether it's from divorce widowed or just being singled. Over half men. That says a lot I think that's allowed number vet them against that is what is she Ari so obviously any of these situations as Dennett. Then once you kick a woman into and taking charge of their retirement getting ready. So what are the best options are best ways to start first and I'll biggest one I know this sounds like. So a super easy but that really it's been missed a couple of times and you gotta check your beneficiary information make sure that you're the beneficiary and you has been. Camps. Now don't miss you this how why and for the girlfriend from years ago no here's the dot kids at the bottom line. Ease your views are necessary in this match is the beneficiary review on your biggest account but go through the end review these documents because a lot of these documents are so older. The main beef from thirty years ago and maybe it's an old old life insurance policy. If it's. I cannot underscore the importance enough of doing these regular reviews and we've shared stories yeah. On this program. That's. You know she loses her spouse and realize that she was not the named beneficiary you cannot challenge that none. Now EEL a couple of things we had another instance where ownership to Donna documents. And so he changed ownership on the document. We kitchen and dad and kids. Were became that beneficiaries. It happens it mistake and kids got then. A in his surviving spouse was not the beneficiary of the air. Kids after you can do one and act money so I mean it's Tuesday it and act could be big challenges well he. Or another thing try one of our clients who became clients. And they're young they're very young. She had missed a few kids and he passed away and again he was young and thank god. He had her listed as. The beneficiary because again there young fitted in depth former girlfriend or something. She not be in the place that she is right now so. You know that was that was lucky that Hussein is says thing that can be mistook an easy thing Ari here's another and get to know your financial advisor I'd say this is a more of a fact than anything else and that is two ways to go with it. First of all you or financial advisor as a female you should be comfortable with comfortable talking to carry important. Add color and comfortable with the knowledge that they're getting TU a major steam end. They're giving to the information that they're giving to you should not feel like I feel so dumb I can access or has to be a level of trust seeking an open communication with. You endured riser. Then it love it if you don't understand something you don't know rockaway and say oh gosh you. Wish I would have asked this question more because no questions are done. He shouldn't feel you should feel like you should be able to tell your neighbor what you have. And why you have it wants in place. Several times we've had so many people come to us over the years saying. Not so many men sing my wife doesn't wanna know any evidence but she has yet comfortable with you comment then she as a comfortable all I eat at you to take care of her. And I passed and now I wanna feel comfortable on the knowledge that she's going to be taking care. The biggest factor that I you've seen over the years he passes away and he was the one that handled. The money yet I finance the investments. The income. He passes away in all of a sudden. On a second's notice. She is now. Peg with the responsibility of learning all of this is no understanding all of this making decisions making changes. All on her own. So he instead of that being the case. It's important that you know your financial advisor. Dei you understand what it is that you have. Better that it's organized ahead of time. How many times have and we had that curb. A new widow come in bloom with all of these different financial. Documentation. And they have no idea what it means what they need to do doing need to take distributions is this or do I don't wanna make mistakes. It's overwhelming our. And Jason. The biggest thing that makes me mad at her angry. Is people they get taken advantage of the women to single women are the widowed women they get taken advantage of and we've seen at what age. To Lisa it. Yells my black and it does that rate is no way to excite a boy or else could I. I hate it when women are taking advantage after she and this team everybody is like my mom and grandma and is due who. Aids need to be taking care of we look at some of these things it's. Just wrong website and people have done and how they need to do the end of I'd say this. So make sure that your finance advisor is a fiduciary just to make sure that they have the best interests. You as their client. And not their pocketbook because at CNET I hate to say that there's those people out there but there are there's people who take advantage. And it just sticks in my craw so. Anyways kitchen your financial advisor please make sure their fiduciary and they're doing what's right and for you. I'm a referendum rather referring to and 303 factory NAND fab four to zero again 303539. Thanks for to easier that is also the number of these and call Monday through Friday by moving on have a plan. For long term care here's a thing obviously it's women. Fantastically. Who go out there live. Then men and didn't sits it's a clear they well sell. I health care may be it's in the Foreman of any new eighties there's so many different ways to get look long term health care costs. Into your financial planner so there's not only is great for it you know you verses the next person ridges of verses the next person. Here's the reality. For a married couple late 65 years old today. The average out of pocket. Out of pocket so non covered health care costs. Age 65 and over for the average couple that 65 today over 240000. Dollars so there needs to be a plan in place for that. And especially if you are single year financial plan needs to take that into consideration so. Oh and you know here's another thing we don't wanna be dependent on our kids I now I don't when I ate do you know. 8 the I am on and out if you Troy violent view I don't wanted to be dependent on the kids. So Detroit is they don't want you to be there actually eggs at my parents and my doesn't wanna be dependent on me. If we leave golden girls and she will be living in my house and tell us is a 109 and check your eyes. I'm is it easier eight here's a big story if you notice last last week we had an emergency. Keep heat on our Sunday show because strain had to make emergency trip got to Nebraska. But his mom to put his mom and I home this sixty years old she is you only. But she has. So she is that pet her into a home she won't be able to leave or anything. And true eight is that once she's dependent upon she's been single for I don't know how many years many decades decades decades yes 028. You are she is a burden and I am saying this senate you love her but she's a birdie you financially irresponsible for her ex. Every single thing you're responsible for her. Isn't place thank you your kids to be in most normal people Denton there whenever sorry do you mean your mom and a mark. After I do affect just saying this is not usually the place he won a panic situation you don't want your kids at so. It's not the situation you wanna find yourself and write down the road in and so. You know really to tell it's just put a nice bow on this topic of women in retirement are you ready. Now where's that tying to just get organized. And have a play and have a plan. The best place to start is to connect with the right affirm their right professional that you feel comfortable with. That you trust. This helps you maintain an organization. That communicates in a way that you understand. In that works with few. In a way that you wore comfortable. Once you do all that a lot of these other things. These boxes Lori that you were talking about these topics. They will automatically by default. Give handled those boxes will be checked when you get organize your working with the right professional. At the fiduciary level that is very important that means you're working with somebody that is required to pick your interests first. You know I'm gonna liken it to something you know you've had some melanoma issues story and how many doctors did we go through that I can like that I fired. As I ask questions I levees so much I would I if I didn't understand some things they were done and can't if they didn't spend time with me because. I love you so much I was in asking questions I needed to understand. And with they brush me off we fire I think at 55 of them we finally got to some of the highlights he spent that Tynes to east aid air and he let me understand. Actually it is viewers single woman divorced whatever so would you should be doing you should you advisory should be taking the time with you they eat who do you. Take the time with you to ask any questions you Barack's. I mean I'm not a doctor so I didn't know so I was Estes to the questions as it should be a feel free to do with your financial ties are right but that big a price of its effect. I've read and I to zero again and never to counties here at three. I think 95 Bertuzzi and sting to the dollars and cents radio show host as we will be right back. We interrupt this program in with a special live. Poured from Hampshire wealth management find out what's going on on the news and how financially effects it's the dollars and cents show and here is trying to lower. Is it into dollars and cents radio show one of my head to the program is music come my intention to really means a random stuff that men. You ran into smoking ban for the day it is brain less staff. So if you tell like if you cut. In part of the dollars and cents Saturday edition yesterday Lori started this list with nick isn't random facts we. Adds time to do a path to a handful of these say fifteen is ginger DT today but in his start with the wanna start with yesterday's of eighteen can see if this is that I feel like this is the biggest untruths. So does that that. Horrendous acts category in just refuse random acts Harry acts. No rhyme or reason so all joining Hank I want to know on this one is a random facts by the Google. Arab and in can initiated divorce if there has been is don't pour coffee for them. I thought that sounded there's no way that's even pass. Marlin let him now. I'm I'm not up to speed on all there rule I'm not only pay at just sounds a little yeah I think it. That sure is like a hundred of that night and on and thirty now so but I just wonder fester so maybe could put Denham who looked great. This one is to each answer Facebook's Skype and Twitter are all the end in China. I believe that and arena until. The so speaking of Twitter and North Korea. And we sure sure that the speed of Twitter did you know that the Twitter bird actually has an name. Really me. Filter at a very well off his name's Larry Larry that's I would Larry that Larry eight. It's at I'll let eerie. I think you're clearing snow and it gets and that's raising the Larry Larry no it doesn't irate did Titanic was the first ship to use the SOS signal. Didn't work. Knowing apparently by that again what are never got the signal though couldn't get there in time. You saved but again it's sad. Hewlett-Packard name was decided in going tasks. I don't know if that means like maybe it means it is this really is yells it would be Packard Hewitt Hewitt that's so I was thinking yeah probably. I pirates earrings because it believes it in prove their eyesight went. OK and just get his on the dual. Now I'm in Bahrain they want for some reason and a Lori is of the opinion that it fits on that Google. News fact probably it is. Irate the first alarm clock could only hearing at 4 in the morning. Ruined the night and outscored diseases also it was just preset that's dead aim maybe is down one alarm can I. That is. The effect that. Lying is illegal in the house of parliament. One attack I know how they bait and I ate while you're in there yep world war they didn't punish you I don't know where ET European. I. A life that way he'll be. He I don't know apparently source blog that they have according to Europeans. Speaking in that lets since returning mad death. Where to go. A California and has issued six drivers licenses to people named Jesus Christ. Been through DN brewing in how many hundreds of millions of people via. The average person walks the equivalents of twice around the world in a lifetime. I believe that I have believe I think I can't blow it yesterday that the average woman. Uses. Five times her how rates. In lipstick. Every five years. Wow yeah then. I think with laureates every two and happy that is not so. If I. I erratically you know short and you use a lot of lipstick coming poised putting again I O two and have pierced and his. I'll get off the distance say not and. Let me use in the cherry flavored primary I don't know OK and Mel blonde DEA's injury is not block out who yeah he was the cartoonist behind like Bugs Bunny and adds new. It's useless and that may antagonize. Hughes. It's he's actually had to slow pace of Bugs Bunny and he was allergic to carrots. Curtain. Very does sees as a information. Eight. I met Al Seri. 1895. Ham Shire police so in England or England. And now the first ever speeding ticket the gays are won and guess what he was doing. First ever speeding ticket or Internet. Ask us allows you say. Just leave it to say that miles per hour hour kilometers per hour now well they've been in miles per hour OK and they converted doing fifteen and a ten. I'm saying don't like forty over. No they find demand for doing six miles per hour. To this low just six miles per hour yesterday a minimum I would say yesterday the day before I was there it was I was on Tokyo road. And eight guy is on them by getting to gossip and a typewriter was in my lean. Why dig in deep into 45 miles an hour and that I break in the middle of the tee in the middle of the lane I thought that. So he shouldn't be fines for that it. We had to go around in this sidewalks I don't buy guns that are listening or cursing I. I think is so dangerous. Each can get back to Italy and the miles an hour I agree if I was a bike rider I would not want to be have you behind me and I. I would not I just wondering I think he should legally be on the sidewalk she anyways the course I had been run over by a bike on the site rock mines in sixth grade. Is kind of birds and had a nice looking like I. While I don't we're FS and a half ago about my husband and I one day last line. He scrolls forget where they hide about half and that's a different that's Obama. His ground. So yeah it. Indeed constantly are hurt. Who Estes soul are glass stock Henry now past Yankee great name you act and did you play again. Q how I ate his would buy him little bone for Christmas were never in he would hide them like in the cow like it out commissioner whatever. And and he didn't go or around the house whining because you can find nothing. And I knew it was looking forward so I would try to help and so I didn't just toss it out there and staff and then he would re hide it and then an hour later he would forget for a delay the guy he dementia and Eddie you may taste like. Oh all I know IRA. But some anti dollars and cents radio show I love that part of the show though I know. I have. I think you are all going to enjoy. A laugh on me here in family matters today. Really yes I don't know I kinda had told paying this for I didn't tell what it was gonna say you're guilty to kick and I do I know I didn't yes you. Well now buddy you've only two but you will when I say it. Bet he'll stay TNT plastic irate so I would like if you would like to sign up for our university. The university. Generation financial planning universities. Now everybody that attends is going to receive a complimentary signed book of whose retirement is it any way and as well as. They're owned Oreo RFID card. Radio frequency identification card we do with it. Appeared he might putting your cursory your wallet guys putting your wallet re carrier credit cards. Put it in there and it reflex. Whose scanning machines to you know airports is number one. Yeah I just found an answer and then shopping malls. If you have you wallow in your pocket or your purse. They can skiing and all of your credit card information. As you walked by. These cards blocked that so it helps you protect. Your financial life these cars so we. Are going to be giving you any free RFID card as well as a complimentary signed copy of whose retirement is it anyway. Plus plus. All of the great information. And my pianist. Towards electorally if you come to the brunch. Universe and I GM asked very senator Lamar Janice okay. Our eight had a 033539. Thanks for TJ you can also go to Debbie Debbie Debbie got each. Wealth dot org to its H well dot ORG. And universities tad you can just. To register right there. A picture however if you go to the website and register because we've had a lot of you register via the web site that's fine it's easy and do it on your own time. Make sure in the remark she let us know which university event that you are registering for an how many senior group so that's you plus your spouse but a total of 24 marched when he. Example so mean to. IRA and they must and that the importance of getting a second opinion now the blueprint. Why not only a couple of people. It prints. I said this many times LC begins you cannot. Plan on income and you know you'll need. With money you don't know you have there's a chapter in our book. That talks about the power of blue printing your future. It's one of my favorite chapters. Begin with a blueprint let's start about talking about assets. Throughout your life you acquire assets. You work hard you contribute. Yeah for a one k.'s diary savings account pensions etc. Typically within each of these investments you likely have some investment options like mutual funds for example. As you know there is mutual funds you feel old diverse defy that you feel diversify. But remember. You can't build. No that was so income that's with a K you can't build knows so income using hope so investments. Retirement he is a the future you've been planning for. When we throw that word retirement around it means different things for many folks for some it means well when I start taking Social Security. For others it means when we quit working. But retirement is the future you've been planning for all those years. You have a vision for what you want to accomplish you have a vision for want what you want debt retirement to look like in to be and to play out. Now you're approaching retirement it's time to learn how to best utilize all of these different components and build. He blueprint. Be real working plan. The blueprint is what we specialize in. Any time you're going to build something of value. Like a retirement. It requires a plane and it requires. Thought it requires. Time and effort. It's like if you gonna build a home. You have to have a plan you have to have written plans. You were blueprint. Is the most important. Tool at its most important component as you transition. Towards in into retirement it is all about. So blueprint. You investments. Must fit the phase of life fewer and think about that for a moment. Your investments must fit the phase of life you're in. If you're 45 years old. In your gonna work you know you're going to work for another twenty years. Those investments. Should fit the phase of life you're in if you are within. Five years of retirement your investments. Should fit that phase of life. If you are within two years of retirement you're investments. Should fit the phase of life you're in. Now if you're within two years of retirement and you have the same investments. Those same mutual funds for example. The that you had when you were any different phase of your life. It's not compatible with where you're now does that make sense. So start with thinking about that. The first segment of your life we talk about the slot as the accumulation pace. And this represents year earning years. Your contribution years. Saving for retirement while you're living off of your earned income. It's easy not to pay attention so much. To these assets were accumulating because we're contributing we're working hard. We're living life we've. We've got a lot of things going on a lot of plates spinning so it's easy just well we got her statement went up you can file that away and off we go. But this is known as the accumulation phase of your life. The other segment. Is that distribution phase. What you have accumulated must now be properly organized. So you're distribution model will last as long as you do. That's as simple. As I can communicate. What you have accumulated must now be properly organized. So as your distribution model will last as long as you do that's the real challenge for folks retiring today. Because of several factors. One of those factors is longevity. This last week. Laurie you're the parent alluded to there's emergency and I had to go back in and we had to move mom into an assist little I don't know allude to and I set it. And so you know moms only 68. And her next story ended one of her. You know nobody that's a tough thing to do is to have to you know give up that independents nobody wants to going to those places. In so I'm trying to talk positive to mom and say you know gosh mom there's going to be lots of folks in there and you can you know social activities and all these sanctions well. Going to be all these old people in there nice and well there's going to be some old people in there. And there's going to be some younger people in there. Well it just so happened that. As secure as were shown mom her new apartment then her next door neighbor a 10300. In three years old so. Mama the first person she that was the oldest person there and she just over there. Her name's Lily rose. She's a 103. She just of their three months ago from her own home. My point is long Gemini is real. In it should not be negative thing it should be positive think folks are staying healthier longer. More active longer. All of those things require B financial component. So when we talk about the distribution phase. In that lies the challenge well. And I think people have a hard time with that because. For ever heard they've been accumulating so they know how to accumulate in immediately he ate your paycheck can you put money away he had 401K he would save. So people are used to restoring that dough boy when it comes to distribute. Shan whose assets are you I look at him his dozer dormant assets. That was higher rays. Have been dormant. It's been one way street money won in nothing coming out right yes he just interrupted me yeah cause there wasn't I don't smoke pot aren't serie dear. Theory okay so for everything China. That's O. I would say rises people know how to accumulate assets they have patterns they know for forty years or whatever their accumulating NASA's seeding in any way they can say putting their money in a far Owen K. But when you get to your retirement. I people seem to. They're distraught and they you don't really more people than not are distraught that they did it's their first time things Indy would just seemed eaten. Didn't tell it where he take your assets from how much do you really need to live on. AD make good use too much and I do I not have enough. People are just not T used to that when you get into your sixties have to realize 00. Now I have to make a plane and it's like where do you start we have people asked. Who have may be very few assets who don't know and very many assets who just don't know so it's making a play and anything that planking and convoluted. Aunts and stuff but that's Sweeney in need of financial advisor tapped yet to navigate through. What's ross' staffs and and how to make it easy and have a plants so I we do that is take a quick commercial break. And thanks felonies and sat eight and a 335395420. Again 303. 539. By 140 stay tuned we'll be right back with his family matters. Oh yeah. Where is Tim likes things exactly the people on led to believe Brinkley and dean clears some and a those little I don't know weird things from PBS cookies and Allen's. As it is and choice who at 39 birthday this week and I went back. The surprise I ain't happy. It was all going to be out we can surprises and there are fewer around the bend to putt and happy birthday to weigh in here and I was shaky and that was his surprise he's won her. Rahal media now I love your birthday I think alleys let your birthday more than mine because I like it I like you have happy birthdays. Who last year was the last series heads to that thing together for on the John was a lesser of two years ago spicy yeah there's two years ago hung around again due for a couple more anyways thank you to be a hole. The nothing like that and we got good reasons for H that was nice I hope you have the best birthday week and there oh I will. I well I mean Hillary too I Ain TUI and British right. An aide there then see it than me Hanks so even if analyzing fleeting cleanly Greer whatever there yeah. Yeah I have the as an. They have the little the blue person in the pink person in the you know I tell you know little or no food no clue but I'm sure there is are there there in clean clean clean and and I'll. Family matters really matters so I don't go ahead with yours and I in is this is just something that. Happened this last week and again I go back to you I had to go back to Nebraska and I and my sisters from Omaha opinion she. Met me. In we had to break the news to Marlon mover and so on Sunday. We had to play a best of radio. Warm I'm never listened to the radio show because she doesn't have Internet since she should never Smartphone so mom doesn't listen my sister's Nomar she doesn't listen. And so I didn't know what was on so were you know packing some moms belongings and I have the radio on playing from my mobile happened months as well as. What is that is that you wanna sit well I'm just listen the radio show so I'm not sure what I think was playing this week. She's listening to it. In from time to time I talk about them because I know they're not listening right now. And so awful I was talking about the time my sister called me. Now my sister and her husband are in the house also or not you know listening. It and I'm talking about the tying that. My sister called in the end. She is an angry because she found out that her husband had put so much on credit Carter then remember that I don't know what that this will happen to be playing so my I think Tracy. Men in the air this others talking about Jim has lake oh. IE and so quite yet we don't need to listen and ask might turn them off what are the odds. That would have been playing mean ever listen in here I'm talking about in mom yells at my sister Tracy commander there is talking about Jim. The out ahead didn't play out that all of us or is it. And old are the odds ago. Now I'm into another segment that time I played all right. So it plays IEE I was able to skirt around that just fine but anyways so that's my little family. No matter that's mother looks like eating. NORAD that's completely fine so I gotta tell you and just it's gonna be stressed out because I know one of dig that Lilly grating cleanly he is Powe is one of them all we had answering putt and then I pull up Ole lie and PBS it nothing and oh Hank go find her calls not now it's OK I know what's not in and so frustrated I. They had a little space thing cap space and one didn't top I don't know let's. Frustrating thing go find it now I don't know I just had to Google if he is irate it's begun. We have not finished with begin with a blueprint but again if you like to register for one of our universities trees your three. 539542. Easier any know let. We've had a spouses a poll their spouse and not won any known drag men in drag them in and it's usually she is dragging him in that. Moon you and happy about it and we don't hear about any of them that say this is a wasted time. That we do hear about the people who say I'm so glad I went. Yeah I'm the and it's usually the guy sing you know what I did want account wife made me come along and were so happy we did. You sound. If you if you're thinking about it to this country's your three size three man named fassel were 20 O and also have on hand RA tourney lac. Estate planning attorney. Wills trusts in such freed is speak with as well as a CP eight. Maybe tasks like India such. Questions you can bring them with key to the university and were going to have all of that information Korea. It's complementary. And so we are. Looking forward to him or send it to me so okay three or three factory now you'd have to work teams you're okay were talking about to the power of having a blueprint beginning with a blueprint remember you cannot plan on income. You know you'll need with money. You don't know you'll half. We're talking about transitioning. Out of the accumulation phase of your life and into the distribution phase of your life. If you really think about it in those terms it's. It's going to be make for eight more simple process for you to transition. Into retirement. Accumulation. Distribution. And we talk about the distribution phase that's when you have to take what you've accumulated. In properly organize it so that that distribution model last. As long as you do see your money will last as long as you do. You know we talk a lot about the color of money. Specifically to different colors. We encourage you to categorize your money into green in red green money also known as. No it was so money KN OW. This trip percent safer. More dependable. Assets. Safer and more dependable green when he comes in the play. To fill your near term and mid term income needs in other words. A gamble. Seemed IndyCar. Smith right just came in its these day Q for the collar new and called Intel daddy epithet that appreciate it okay go ahead. And I say that was so annoying area you have thought that back and. Thanks Ryan I. Haven thank you call iron I was struggling meant. That the actor green money that the. In this is these assets commend the play. To fill your immediate in near term income needs don't gamble with many you know you're going to need to. Now. I talked about this yesterday on the program and I'm going to shared again today if you can catch yesterday's program. I'd like using the example of Las Vegas. Need to do because we knew we were remember the first time you went to Vegas many of you listening won't be nodding your head the first time you went to Vegas what was that. That main piece of information that piece of advice. That those that have gone before you gave you. Have fun but it will take more money then you can afford to lose. An ice right. Makes sense makes common sense it's this city way when it comes to your retirement it's this scene. The exact thing when it comes to creating that blueprint green money. Don't take your green money to the tables of Las Vegas. This is many you're going to need to come off the bench and play that supplemental income Roland retirement. We talk about market volatility we talk about longevity. Green money has he purpose it has its fit. It has its role. In your blueprint. It's not Dick green money is any better. Or stronger than red money. What's important is having the right balance to fit your need it if it's playing the right role in you were blueprint. Advani also known as hope so money this represents money which is exposed to risk in fluctuates with the market ready when he comes into play. To build and grow your net stake for future needs. So green and he has is designed. And built. To supplement your needs now ready money you are managing it in growing it for future. Needs. To replace the green money as you utilize it for income that makes sense. So everything really does fit together so it's balloon many. Blue money series freak. Drilling whip it party or eating your finger and it's pretty. Soon before her. It is is property and it did according to yes. It is too many and according to action generational vault. Property is the new money is categorized into it yes thank you hear them ahead. With the element and. I think you heard who did teletype Beazer bouncing her head right now is still clear volatility of these two. It is I did an answer I don't know who he is raining here with dead wood is eating your fingernail and down from time to time she looks up and she says. I like bunnies. Favorite color. Okay so we all money is actively managed money there are cut. He is as we talk read in her book guest here. Is I'm trying to keep it simple but in our book we talk about if you have read money. If it's being professionally. Managed. It is been categorized as yellow. Yes thank you look rainbow. Yeah I'm back and then what colors now. Boy. Coloring book over there rocks and we need to keep her busy. It's. I did surrender and easier to tell some crayons coloring book in here hey can let's just see what what happens when Diane hill thank that I use to cut. I had so let's on the same page here this morning this sunny and planning. That money go ahead setup. My Goff Hank act but the big. Or listening to the dollars incidents radio program with Troy and Lori 2.0. Today. Two oh what does that even mean Mike always made sense what is two point elf. I know it's it's a different Lorena here today it's a newer addition. OK you know. It. Understanding manga and we do they rate earlier thinkpad and now they eat right into the. They with law or eight and so it's Sunday that I think if if that's. Bag through. It's. The public as a group blueprints I like commits to building a home. When you build a home your building a new home first of all if you can end. Avoid divorce while building a new home with your spouse. You want certain things in that new home you start with a vision. You weren't so many bedrooms right. What your garage to fit both cars. You wanna finished basement you wanna spacious kitchen with a large I lend. Where do you start. That vision doesn't just. Happen. You first needy custom blueprint in order to build your custom home. Folks it's the same way with your retirement Europe blueprint is that map it is that guy to its your compass. If you will. For navigating you to in through. The retirement that you've been working towards. Daring you order accumulation. Years. Think you're going to accidentally end up in the right place. As Ben Franklin said if you failed plan. You plan to fail. If you all are. At that stage in your life. In your hearing yes you're thank you know what we do need a blueprint because it's not about the size of your nest egg. It's about the plan. It involves your nest egg. It's about having a strategy. Instead of taking random distribution twenty retired hope that it lasts as long as you do. We talk around the book hope. Is not a plan. A blueprint is a plan. We specialize we have proprietary. Software we have proprietary tools we have brilliant. Specialists. That work together as a unit as a team. To help you create design build. Implement and manage that blueprint. So citi's financial tumors they're power tools that we talk of. And Aaron that. Morningstar reports. We've got the ciskei Max in his station report. Retirement come this retirement vaults. Before it portfolio risk reward her for now I'm not going through with these RA now but I'm just saying that we have a whole backlog of tools we have a whole snatch his knee in Troy. Our Ryan doing this stuff. There is a whole support team that we have putting together reports based on needs. Each individual what reports show black and white where you are because here's a thing the numbers don't lie in if you return term investments don't need your retirement goals. Then year ink pen needs are now changes they're not they're not can be met so they're gonna need to change something. Is gonna have to get as if you have say a million dollars in your portfolio but you need a 100000 dollars a year to live guess you'd be out of money. In ten years possibly so in the numbers don't lie we make things black and white is easy as possible. And to sit down with somebody inland not know where they are aware that what's reasonable what's and what's not it's not live in you know hopes so world it's living in you know so world so. Also you known again meet with a fiduciary. Suitability. Standards are different than. Fiduciary standards days they lie kind of the same that you would need to meet with a fiduciary duty to go earn big turn these days. Challenge. Why he's in you know once we gather the information once we create your checklist of what you want and need an expectant retirement. Then the challenge in this is really this is where I take most pride this is what I enjoy. Is creating their custom blueprint because there are no two alike and the blueprint that is going to get you from where you're at. To where you were envisioning yourself in retirement. Satisfying your income needs. Allowing you to do the travel that you would like. It you've been thinking about dream dreaming about having that second home. Hoping loved ones. Living thirty years in retirement. Comfortably. That. Is where the challenge. Lies he hands. If you go it alone without the right professional with Al access. To the right financial power tools you may very well in depth someplace other than what you're expecting to be. And that's what we specialize in so if you're hearing this and it is resonating with you. I encourage you. You're hearing this for reason I encourage you to just pick up the phone and to see you know what I would like to schedule a complimentary. Consultation disturb with a visit. Come in check out our facilities streaks in this press cell we have a phenomenal client coffee bar in there in a brief stay in there. But I didn't kick the tires. Maybe you're on track. Maybe you'll find. Some answers. That will alleviate some of that anxiety as you approach because that's a big transition in life as you transition from 35 years of working. Into the next 35 years of being retired. IRA we see a good commercial break you're listing to the dollars and cents radio show you can use this number now any time do throughout the week any questions you may have. What you would like to register for that entering university for next year march 8 or 28 march 29 report April 8 and amber at call. Freezer at three. 5395420. That's through 35395420. Stay tuned has proven that wrong. We're back with the dollars and cents radio show with a story and Lori and their market recap. We talk about what's happening in the mark did and how it affects you. Now here's Troy and Lori. Surgery after week ending march 172017. And what felt like he wobbly week on Wall Street stocks ended higher with all three major indices claiming this week's market gains. Follow the interest rate hike fed raised rates by another quarter point you can likely count on more rate hikes this year. With speculation on what to expect from the Fed as well as the timing of trump these initiatives. In the fighting in congress you can expect. Increased volatility. The smooth honeymoon right. Maybe coming to an end which pressures in both good and bad the bad news just as when any honeymoon is over increased volatility tends to appear. The good news the underlying economic foundation is strong so as long as you have built a portfolio that can withstand the volatility should be just fine. By the numbers Dow S&P NASDAQ all up slightly are on the weak oil is down nine and a half percent year to date closing at 47 do you barrel. The take away it's been a strong start to the year and that is a good thing but when it comes to your appetite for risk make sure you're not biting off more than you can shoe. Is you approach retirement you should be managing your financial diet. More closely. To see he managed those cars in calories. You need to manage your appetite and intake of risk. If you're approaching retirement I'm talking about within two years. Maybe today's the day to make the call in Peter complimentary risk assessment and get on the road to better. Financial. Health and that is the weak market recap. Fantastic I. Okay. I am going I know you have something new that you brought into the program. I didn't like maybe an enemy I am going to let you go ahead and Bess Marie you leg so Helen to have. And depends on every Davis well then I commend those out except it's okay. I live in Kennedy came across an article I thank you see your name by Easter recess Ngo is her lasting the ten worst money. Problems American faced. In 2016 so these are the two and ten worst money problems Americans faced last year. Yep so. That clears to clear voice research. Ask found that 84% of Americans report having financial concerns. And 46%. Struggled to meet there household expenses on our on a monthly basis 84%. Of those surveyed crash have financial concerns. Are all 46%. Struggled to meet terrace those household expenses are. And I think a big thing didn't think that is just overspending. Yes. I think so many people put a lot of money and credit these days that they just think it's a way of life or credit let's face it credit's been cheap. Over the past. Two show almost a decade now it is never cheaper. Well with interest rates at historically low rate they go and buying a car and buying a house and all this study money and credit cards and I mean ever in this car is and you see counting down it's easy. In a lot of it is cheap. Yeah well okay so fewer of them are just gonna run through and this is these are at the ten biggest money problems. OK number ten moving expenses that's a one off costs I don't know how many people or move in that you know he Tagamet new houses and stuff that is not in Jolene there my sister moved a couple years ago movie is not cheap now it's down. Thank god we haven't done it nor will we need to. For awhile. Irate here's number nine is obligatory travel. Life's surprises choice how much you think you spent on last week's. A look at every hour of twelve yeah heaven I had a lot of out of pocket costs once they got their mom needed a new bed then you know all this there was. I don't know I'm a lot leave me and Tony but I'd stay yeah I'd say they you do you had to leave on Friday left on Saturday. You're gone for four days in you had just spent well over a thousand dollars as an S dot. So obligatory travel caddie just don't plan for. Irate lifestyle expenses. Keeping up with the joneses so I didn't have a people that'd next door neighbor got a new car so gosh. We should go buy new car he had thing I have yet. Keeping up with the joneses thank god we don't do that now. But I know people who should not be spending like they spend so bad that the you know that says that's a huge when lifestyle. Mean I he's he's got a dietary you know do you think that it's. Maurer. Common in younger. Ages younger generation now I think it's a process lower ranking is you know I know younger people he likes to check the travel should not be traveling. Or are they going to dinner and they should not be going out to dinner as much as they go to dinner because it's just too expensive but they're trying to you know guard their friends or go travel with their friends are. You know by nicer stuff and and Nasr is here keeping up with the joneses so. Out lifestyle expenses are huge but that's number 84. That's where comes Ted spending more then. Your making it there it lets you know credit cards and you know financing things and be act exactly financing stuff yet there. Here's the big one you know how all done and all educational costs. Loggers. Who he asks wanna stay in school forever rates so obviously college costs continue to rise. And many parents are accustomed to everything continues to eight and and it is glad EZ inflation in the group and I went to college verses when they are going to contest like my point though. You look back at any thing twenty years ago or thirty years ago and compared to the cost of that same. You know servicer product now and it's it's all relative no. Yeah well we it is sick and folks are retiring today they have to factor in what it's gonna cost 111020. Years moves today. That's true things are a college costs it's everything gallon gas slow for brand. Utilities. Travel and try to pay the utility bill then I didn't you know I just insane it's all relative to. I still think that's one that's gone up so far I Witten got new red dead eye exam in new lenses and frames the other day good lord. I guarantee at twenty years ago at this and do you in the lake you have you don't have to eight you don't have to put there have been but it is week. Cats and I said I still on the transition sees as you ain't getting any anger or older factor getting stronger she singing happy birthday no IRA and the Leon I just I do agree with Alan I would put it is number two. Leisure vacation vacation and travel is this. Got to be way up there on the list because. Well our client share their travel stories with us all the time and that's one of the number one goals. Folks have as they transition into retirement Tuesday because. They wanna take it now that they have the time they wanna go and do all these things that they. Didn't do when they were working we didn't have time to do to take this two week vacation to Europe for whatever. Yep no I I agree according to eat there or dot com. A study that they had found that somewhere putting a vacation. Savings and of retirement savings. And I believe that again you always say you know people can spend two weeks of planning a trip to retirement not even two hours I mean planning this aircraft in its end. And not as much time C newsman not spend as much I'm planning their retirement and as you a two week vacation yes. An irate I agree with this holiday and birthday gifts to. I've always said that listen IE enjoy the Christmas season because in our house it's about families it's about reconnect dean it's it's feel good time. Give thinks all of those things Boone but I will also save that holidays. In our society have turned into a commercial tell them commercial event. Christmas Day starter you know it. Well who would season are we in now so we're gonna have Mother's Day and Easter coming up so you walk in the stores and they have all this stuff that you need to buy for this holiday right. Well as is Valentine's stayed so flowers and you know it's is everything is it is you know retail oriented. The ask others cost I believe that knowing. Right number folder. Ginn we're talking about ten worst my proms Americans face. House payments. Roughly 24% of respondents feared from the surveys from cheat sheet that they won't be able to keep up with their house payments will Doug just probably for health insurance now that's like the biggest Mossad people. Half. The out in the lot of folks are. Transitioning into retirement with their house payment in tow. When that happens you've really I do I'm telling you what. You better have a blueprint if you're going into an I'm not saying it's a bad thing obviously it's better not to have a house payment but if you are transitioning into retirement in two. You have a house payment in tow you better have a blueprint. You better have a blueprint well again because. Folks that represents. Their biggest cost in retirement. If your house is not pay them great. But shoot I desire for even rain is horrible at a righty who is more expensive and a house payment grandma everybody knows African design and as house payment is one of the biggest payments that you have are a number three is retirement. And people iron not only stress about saving for retirement but also about their retirement Heinlein. Approximately 32%. Of people from the survey this said that they were fearful they wouldn't be able to retire when they wanted to. Taxi seems low to me. 32% a third of the people on the afternoon that's its parent you think you know now that is a huge joins us and a lot of hoaxes say. I need to know if I can retire. Need to know if I can retire. Yeah and then we he wandered in building the blueprints and you know but they don't wanna retire. With that anxiety should I. Can I not really afford to be retired right now. If you have a plan you shouldn't be. Rates tirades enemy to medical expenses true HP and opine you. Obviously we know that. Well so your mom's medical expenses now are going to shoot won it in one medication she takes is 2000 dollars every three months or something. Yeah her medical. At facility right now is 4400 dollars a month medical expenses. Are. Through the roof I don't even know what to say through the roof. It's just you unbelievable. It's absolutely extreme so and that is a huge huge an irate last line you don't. One of the worst money proms and emergency savings. Obviously different kinds of emergencies but at being great report found that less than four in ten Americans have money ten managed large large costs. Outside of their regular budgets and a lot of time it's that's what breaks them if you need to put money on your credit cards are charge cars that you weren't expecting to. But emergency seizing. So this is one of the components that I all will is. Build into the plan. Is the emergency. Expenditures. By always build that into the plan because it will always be there. Unfortunate will always be there whether it's the car needs replacing whether it's a medical cost whether it is. I do or should I mean that the list could go on for ever. But those emergency costs will always be there in your plan had better account for that because if it doesn't it can really. Up in the apple cart. If you have to draw. Large. Portion. Of cash. From the component that you are living off of what's that going to do. To you war. Income long term. Yet have a negative impact on. Hoyer por lo and had a great savings nest egg and then he'd get a lead and lemon this. For a cardiac. Pack cart car parts are bolts of it is OK Alison thank you for letting me do that we don't attend your segments. And he has argued that in the pipe like if so I'll tell you that I distance radio show even amber. It's you would like to join us for our financing university talking about all things good retirement Social Security mechanization. Troy is gonna be added talking about a lot of different things EM you'll be able to talk to both of us afterwards. Is your phone Hank did those things that's it. And the SE. I hate. Now yesterday he had he tele did right so if you would like to join us for one of those again that cost is complimentary fed food from Montana's or delectable vague is complimentary as well. But we do need it's our CP only if it is down in the DTC area in our new office spaces it's often Bellevue and I 25 race. I. And free given over giveaways to create new beginning everybody book as well as RFID card. And Buchanan activist called 303539. By four to zero. If your interest in antennae units through 35395420. Or any questions you may have hot air. To use at an appointment with trig you can use that number Monday through Friday as well 235395420. You can also get us. Check this out ads Debbie Debbie do you. That each wealth of die authority that Steny Debbie Debbie Jackie twelve dot org hey thanks much for tuning in to the dollars and cents radio show she had a fantastic. And and dad. Mayor weekends Pete great thanks for tuning in had they week. Investment advisory services offered through visual management LLC a registered investment advisory in the state of Colorado. Insurance products and services offered through Hampshire group incorporated pitcher wealth management LLC and pitcher incorporated are affiliated companies.