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Sunday, June 18th

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You're listening to the dollars and cents radio show winner Troy and Gloria. An advisory services from traditional management LLC and registered investment advisor in the state of Colorado insurance products and services for your venture of incorporated. An actual management LLC in. And now for the dollars and cents radio show in your favorite couple of joy and Lori and. Okay you're welcome to dollars and greens radio show with Troy in Lorena we are happy to have you here with that this morning. And dad on Father's Day morning I. And fire them I think you meant that despite an hey welcome every father every day and it's. If you're lifting we're happy to have here so the time this morning is of importance of which is in the US open. Yes though here's my question I'm all into it and known. Is his longest golf course. In US open golf history. Flares and fined Erin hills Wisconsin. Well they've got a lot of land probably there. And we can't. Ray went Wisconsin yeah. They're both there and what's. Loan them your name isn't our rate you've been there once to my golf freak them that yes I'm just saying you don't hear Wisconsin often it's another very populated area but here's my question. It be US open every week every year the same weekends yes so the biggest thing I had since I've known you had missed about a 117. Year's open is still on Father's Day I don't think I've ever known need enough thank offerings. I. I cannot recall. I have been watching also a lot of that testimony. The congressional testimony at a oh win at you know until me on her you know did trump the other stuff from the Russians and so that just came to my mind yeah you know I recall. Okay well I am pretty sure I 1985%. Say that you've played golf every fundraising but it is going to bring you TU sent to. What's the US open how do you miss most of the last. Day well the important part is you know really it's kind of like. You know if you're watching a basketball beamer hockey game I think all the action is this is yet the last two minutes selling golf it's like kind of like the last five holes or so. In the last two or the last group. We're which currently is the leaders. They don't I tee off until 145 our time and I guess finish until about six full time 630. And then there could be a play offense from all that drama unfolds. So exciting that's exciting day though it is happy Father's Day thank you thank you worried anything will we know it we military's doing. I have that you range do anything funds thanks. Not to play on a soccer game today and plan. A lot of my girlfriend's daughter she the flu I took her to the airport last night because she's lineup to go see your grandmother Annette Cecile and summer break. And then Cheryl is actually working on base today self. A real low inferred. Think most the Father's Day that's all right everyone you will Romney's ahead tonight that did a good I think you're exactly does she have a father ideal father argue the call it the relief you don't amount but I just since he lives up in the mountains is trying to. Hard to miss Agile and I yeah Dylan had a nice time to see you but I've given little chance you know that if they love you dad dad carried Mary on Tuesday. I was happy Father's Day everyone and glad to have you here where the next. Howard a half minutes or something like that finish. Yet when we got on Sunday. Well as always we have a packed show. The end we have a lot of great financial information strategies and steps. That it used. We'll spell success for me talking about financial advisors in the state planners the end. Jacks of all trades. Really explore what sets them apart as well as the value of them working together. And talk about taking the right steps towards financial. Wellness. Common sense strategies. How to reduce taxes by saving for retirement. In what the recent interest rate hike means to you. The Fed raised short term interest rates this last week as was expected. We're gonna talk about the effects that that will have. On you and I going forward also. We're about halfway through this year in so in addition to my weekly market recap today we're gonna have a global. Economic. Update in recap as well so you believe happy you're almost through. No it's crazy. Just like the older you get a faster time go to stop. There but it's what it is but you know the good news is is. As fast as we've gotten to this point. As it seems from the holiday season. It's my favorite time of the year. My favorite time of year. Flowers are in bloom everything's green Ryan you were looking at the studio window this morning same altitude smears it's just really really green. And we've got an amazing view here from the studio here present. And we can still see some snow on the mountains. That peaks up there. And so it's just you know today's supposed beaches to beautiful gorgeous day in this displayed in overtime at your view appear that there. That's fields so that's what we have on the agenda for today. Let's start with the bulletin board as always we have open phone lines. Open phone line. Or is initiated that phone number which you here momentarily now one's gonna put in there. That. If well I guess it didn't matter fury you must have been if you are or if you just catching the program. In you know somebody special. That's listening to the programming you would like to send them a special Father's Day message. Pick up the phone. You'll be glad you did you're gonna feel as good. Giving that message gratitude would love. As they feel receiving it you can make somebody's day if if you would like to share special Father's Day message. Historical message. On aired. We're not gonna play you like on the here. When you call Brian is life you're in the studios you will know we'll take your call. Sure the message with him and we will deliver your message on your behalf. To you or special someone may be too grandfather. Maybe it's your father. Maybe it's somebody that just is either friend or relative or husband. Or just somebody that you know that is a good father that deserves to hear. Something good so anytime throughout the program. That phone number is three. 03 by 39. Flash forward to zero that's in 35395420. Again we're not gonna put you on the air about a BS you're welcome for that but. Right it's just one of those it's got like Mother's Day and. Or Valentine's Day. It's kinda like Dan it's a special day for somebody in your life more than likely and it feels good to share something good with those that you care about and love TSX sending a message without the bouquet of flowers you know it's interesting. Every single. Year on our program fallen Mother's Day in when Valentine's Day hits on sending. We were stopped at the coffee shop at the grocery store on the way into their own radio show. Thinned on Valentine's Day Mother's Day it's always have mad security as you know 6:37 o'clock in the morning with all the men. He won their last minute shopping in time for flowers and balloons and cards. Today Father's Day and we're in the country show. Pressuring nothing bad nothing you know why you know why because women. And Marty had there. You know planes in order anything we were gonna do they probably get a three weeks ago. Know your sleep and there's another reason begin. They don't get why they noticed I was I fell one guy. Look if flattered like what you need him playing Memphis when he Phillies appealing decorating your grave. A little math on your so Smart Fella you get in there and that's it inline mom's. OK so now I feel. You asked the question I would not thought that that. At clearing them down fifth you can also catch more about him true wealth management. Our team I was services. And educate yourself with our video library at our web site H wealth all one word H twelfth dot org. You can also contact us via the web site is Susie go to H wolf or there's a person that will appear red on your screen. And say what can I help you where you have a question. You can even ask that person in question and they will immediately forward it. To our team and we can't answer that question now if you would like your question. Work comment discussed at anytime during the program again it's that same phone number 303. 5395420. You can also use that number to call and request your complimentary. Copy. Whose retirements is it anyway. I should have put this out last week. To call. And request your complimentary copy of whose retirement is it any way to be sent to your. Special someone for Father's Day it was too late for that it's not too. Give a belated Father's Day gift of power book. You know call during the program you can always go to Type in whose retirement is it any way purchase a copy there we don't mind that either. Beginning any questions or comments that you have or any ideas for future programs that you would like disgusting specific topics. A lot of what we talk about here you know our voice said this is your show. But what we talk about here many times. Topics. Subjects. And concerns. That you have already provided to us that you would like to hear more about can we create these segments and we talked about him. For your benefit and this is an informational show worn out here because I. You know hate early tee times on the golf course we're here every single weekend. To educate you and in pass on these financial power tools to make you. Successful investor. You know with some of the things that is 10% of the best I think. Radius as we have are we compile a list of questions that we get over a period of time for my listeners. That you training answered. As the show unfolds that I think were going to be bad do for your time for questions that you guys have had or may have. In terms are submitted to the website and so we don't get until after the show yet and you know we don't just discard them. We keep them for three time. Exactly so if you have questions that you might want to on the next couple weeks meeting next week for the week and I guess not what it's like we can but as the week after that. Give any questions you can certainly go on anyway Torre just said. And to. Just ask the question we will or we can do even a whole topic on itself. I know I had a topic for next week that we were RD two full and I when it came up yesterday but. So. It really easy now easy topics are your questions or your comments or what have you so again that number to call 303. I 39. By 140 and it's at 359543. You're just a little footnote also if you call. In you do nine. Directly. Give Brian that just means that he's on another line with another color. So you can either just leave a brief message with your call back information or. Just leave eight. Or simply just be patient and in you know wait thirty seconds and call backs sometimes the phone lines tend to get busy at one time. So just little footnote there. So. You gonna happy father's image phone. In the names for the first time. Yeah and room is Ben. Really one of our clients is commonly seen happy planet Xena you know what I don't think you ban has pleaded that yes. In you know and IE. It I'd love meeting with them no because we always been the first ten or fifteen minutes talking about family because bad. Has been a long time listener yes and we talk about family a lot. And so she comes in there shall say well you know guys have added that work out when Logan you know ram back in your car or what you do whatever it is. And it's just really nice it's really nice so I just wanna say that they have I appreciate you. In down. Yes and how about then well the end he had other other human immune and yet eight and then I know you have the second additional. Things they want is discussed and we will do it later in the show the cellphone that I had something else that we will and to the show thank you very much for the bad death. I thought about the we can work. We've got we can market recap for the week thief got interest rates there's a lot in the news there's a lot to talk about financially. In the goings on right now stocks were mixed. But the week with the NASDAQ lower BS and he flat and the Dow slightly higher take your pick. All eyes were on the Federal Reserve's interest rate decision which did not surprise Wall Street with another quarter point rate hike in short term interest rates. Disappointing retail sales along with inflation data. Also played a role this week in driving the markets. Oil in the energy sector. Provided positive tell wins at the end of the week with a strong finish on Friday. They're big news this week. Who's Amazon's deal to buy a Whole Foods Market cheer about that yeah you're that's a big one does so that a good thing or bad thing. I have great faith why. While. This basically. People are tired tired of people yesterday they're asked me did you hear about this deal was that nature. In a whole foods was gonna change. I don't know if you noticed but Amazon just opened up their new yen. Service in Denver that you can order it might be a little I think it's hello optimistic to say in an hour two hours regularly and were very it's AME get pilot program right now yup. So now that you can get your grade it as some point they're gonna established in your groceries hope for groceries and atrium is on. Give me probably get delivered Wal-Mart does that I think peacekeepers delivers groceries as well five. Now you have Amazon and Wal-Mart Wal-Mart is jealous because it was on has such good grades on line. Now they're getting into the food area so while wearing they would really have their doubts I think she's the competition is going to be great. For customers but I received a degree of dressed up on that front he know the reason I ask what you thought about that deal is. I think your take on the and your books your takes. Are probably going to these similar. With most people it's a good thing for us it's gonna create. More competition. Better service quicker access etc. great news. I think so. There's sowed the wind is getting a little bit too thick fan that's a whole another and I well I don't know they're does. So here's who suffers. Pierce who suffers in years who suffered. On bad news. While the big news was yes Amazon's. Deal to buy whole foods. It also dealt a bruising blow. To competitors' stocks. Like Wal-Mart. Which fell four point 7% on the news. Kroger which fell nine point 2%. On the news. And Costco which plummeted seven point 2% on that very news and on Nancy news whole foods if you owned a whole foods the stock was simple for 29%. I am saying he thinks so it's what side of the teeter tighter are you wanna talk about them more in a moment. The Dow closed up slightly on the week. Still up eight point 2% year to date PS and is basically flat still up eight point 7% year to date the NASDAQ. Has had the most volatility. Thus far year to date closing at 6152. Down almost a percent on the week still up over 14% year to date I believe his last week it was nearly two weeks ago it was up 17%. We shave some of those gains here recently the ten year treasury. Fell this week is now down. Almost a third of a point year to date posted two point one fight percent to ten year the ten year. Oil closed at 4473. A barrel. Down 2.4 percent on the week down sixteen point 7% year to date I'm going going to address the energy sector and oil here. In my global market recap. The take away although the Fed interest rate hike signals a strong. In strengthening economy. Were higher levels of sector volatility right now. Thank. Single stock risk. Single stock risk. I'd just had a lengthy conversation yesterday Saturday with one of her clients about this very thing. Fifth. But it Israel. As we witnessed this week with the Wal-Mart Costco. In Croker. It's real. Having a well diversified portfolio can provide volatility control. What sectors are present in your portfolio do you know. And if you don't you're not alone. Too many people don't. If I said what holdings are whiff. Are held inside debt mutual fund that you won't. I'm not sure Troy you're not long. Free. It's important to find out important you know. And I'm going to give you the tools to find out you're just a moment. It. Knowing what sectors are in your portfolio if you own a sizable buffet. A mutual funds. Do you know what stocks are present in those funds we provide something that's called aid. Stock. Intersection report. Term. Stock intersection report. But once you understand what it is. You're gonna get the value of this highlights. This stocks that you own. With in your mutual funds. Indian how many different funds and places you own any stock for example. I brand many stock intersection recourse for folks and they had no idea that for example they own wal mart's. In twelve different places he can make. It's a dilution of little bit. So for example. If you own costs go in eight separate holdings. Each of those holdings. Received seven point 2%. Hit. Mean negative direction. Just from this one stock. Because of what just happened because of what just happened. Where we begin we begin with the understanding better our own portfolio. We cannot address. Which needs to be addressed or even know Whitney's to be addressed within our plan within our portfolio. Feat. We first understand it better. Theft. The first step we take with every individual with every family. I can recommend changes we don't know what those recommended changes need to be. Until we first understand. Which in your portfolio. Which you understand what team you're playing in which in your portfolio. You'll banned by default. Start making these decisions like you know what. I'm not comfortable and it. Now that I know of this. And too heavy in this area. And carrying around. Too much risk for my appetite those types of things. Last week. We offered. A complimentary snapshots. Morningstar report. Which allows you to grade debt. Your portfolio. You know great ABB minus to plus. In response was fantastic now. If you even if you requested one or if you cut yourself you know I should have done and where you know I'm busy you know press nation. Today in addition to that complimentary snapshot. Morningstar report if you call into dating tender in the program. We will also provide a complimentary. Stock. Intersection report. It is underline the word complimentary free. When's the best time now with the best country to take advantage but fewer dollars and cents then as we market recap. Let's talk about the recent interest rate. It didn't really surprise anybody. Think. In the Federal Reserve raised short term interest rates by a quarter point on Wednesday now this doesn't immediately affect mortgage rates. No mortgage rates are what we look at is you know these long the long term rate these are short term rates they do have an effect. And eventually they will spill over to mortgage markets. It's the Federal Reserve's third rate hikes just since December. So. We know we are issue. Where you happen that fast yes I didn't really there was going to be that fast I mean obviously we knew that they were coming that. It just seems faster than I was expecting to I was thinking by the end of the year. Three but in years. Thorough we've had three since December. Handle give you my outlook on what I think going forward but. You know they they promised a year and a half ago slow and steady. He had just as the team's phone sending me and well it is I mean our economy is strong I mean that's you know that's what the federal read serve does in response to. Our economic data art economic strengths or weaknesses. Raising interest rates at this point. Is not. He strategy that the Federal Reserve is using to slow the economy. That's why they're doing it at a slow pace. And over the big picture long term. Finish your question. Do they do something like this to. Prepare for inflation or control inflation and anyway we're absolutely they do. You know very inflation. Outlook was. Downgraded not downgraded but. Hold back for more at one point 91 point six or something like that this past week so inflation is lower than. Initially expected. But one of the key reasons. For raising interest rates. It is you know if if a Federal Reserve chairperson was sitting here you would hear the word normal lie he's a lot out of their mouth. I read their briefings I read their minutes Andy would whip their goal is right now you know were not a normal interest rates if you let go out. It throughout history. Laurie your mom and dad. Knees put in perspective. When Nate bonds. There. First home together. What year do you think that was an how many years ago that was may just get an Indy team okay ninety's didn't you. You know get when rates were high urine van that then they are now. They had better CD rates in the bank in 1972 than they do now so I'm just putting it in historical perspective so the Federal Reserve. He's not trying to put a lead on our growth. They're trying to normalize it. If that makes sense. Normalizing it. The other thing that's is important understand where. Getting interest rates normalized if they are normalized. Carrying. Here's a good example back in 2008. I called the Black Swan event but nobody's coming. These mortgage backed securities just took Wall Street am wondering how does our country economically fiscally financially. Bounce back from man. In claw our way out of it's monetary. Policy. In monetary policy. Allows them to drop interest rates. To stop the bleeding. Stop and start to climb our way back out if interest rates are already nears zero what tools to they have at their disposal next time we enter a recession. That makes sense. OK I've got some boarded to talk about on this that's okay after the break but I know that Dillinger you take this into a break we have one minute situated upon. Look out there but happy to do it even if you want she's giving questions if you want to say happy Father's Day to anyone that you love out there and the end of nice this please give us a volume caused during the break or throughout the show for the next hour number to call 303. Size three now name size shortens your own goodness 3035395420. You're listing to dollars and cents radio show. Please stay tuned as we'll be right back right after this break. Interrupt this program and with a special live. And wealth management find out what's going on in the news and how financially affects you it's the dollars and cents show and here is trying to lower. All right maybe instituted in hanging with anti on this Father's Day weekend having fun as states you also know. So I was actually Troy get it do then. And next week. He's it was a great finish but I have to do now so Christmas and the Merling we might yelling my continuing next week that because of HIV that was then. They Amazon and and whole foods and how it affects your stocks it's up like that. Because of that again turn never knows when you talk about so but because of that it made me wonder this week. How old. One kid but Amazon. Back in the day and now this stuff happens like how rich PGD with all the you know the IPOs and death if he had purchased stock. And wind you know. He story. Divided in became so famous tennis would you be worth so. I got a couple of them but again Eminem have brain do little bit more work so that here's a few. It huge plates and these ages theory it's articles I'm not gonna do that path you know the headers of who who did that. Calculations but if you put a thousand dollars an apple in 1988. You'd have to gain. 220113. Outs. From her. That's Athlon if you put a thousand dollars in Microsoft. In 1987. He had. 546. About 547000. Dollars that's 1000 dollars and GT seven. And don't know what and then tee is. But if he'd been a thousand dollars and then in 1980 you'd have 641000. Dollars. So basically with those 3000 dollars he had done and you'd have one point five million dollars now. So that's interesting he had the power of waiting well Louis city rings Luis earned a well just a couple more to Wal-Mart I cannot Wal-Mart. If you purchased 100 shares of Wal-Mart. I in October of 1917. With its initial public initial public offering. Price per share your investment would be worth over twelve million dollars today while over twelve million for the CN himself. The longtime fifty Anita how do you know how do you know win big or not only found one wire and then I'm done. And at one point and one and if one purchased 1000 worth of when does none is worth of. Apple's shares in June of 1997. Wouldn't show I was trading at three dollars and 56 died just three dollars and 56 cents per share. They'd be burned 632000. Dollars shorts and a teacher doesn't so I mean the power of guy simply just long. Term investing in any flow any is so along those same lines. Why I first became a Berkshire Hathaway shareholders. Years ago. And Lori and I used to go back to their shareholders meetings back before they became circus like in post here Omaha Nebraska every man. If you're right guys like ten years in a row I did not miss the Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting. It's stands. At bats tying. You know we would drive back to Omaha are fly back and you know go to the shareholders' meetings and hoopla and it was a great time. Fish. I remember reading an article in the Omaha newspaper. During one of those shareholder meetings he always you know due to history I'm Berkshire Hathaway because warm buffer let's Sonoma xetra. And he said that. Of his local investors. In Omaha Nebraska. That dot Ian in the beginning. And for what we would call. I'm not huge initial investments. Yet this number. At that time. There were over 100 people in Omaha Nebraska. We're worth over 100 million dollars. She asked via appreciation of Berkshire Hathaway stock. Won him didn't he knock on doors to get. He did you shareholder notepad and pen. Yeah and down and started his own investing. It in business where he would pick stocks managed investment sector. In course to rest is history back. Yeah but furniture that with you feel we. Like can I so can we do a couple fathers in fact. Weekly tech Beth fantasies just love it just today where I hear about it I think well I think we out of given not to on site before that Brian. We do we had no collar Collins obviously. Diane shade she recounts youth she said Dan beard to the punch. I want to issue for happy Father's Day but she also once you get a foreign deja on you by. Jeremy who is my brother who is actually not here locally today he's done Fort Carson serving. Earned. Happy father's State's Jeremy in June who is my brother in law who him in my sister Kelly are expecting an August that's right so he is honored to be yes. Com Diana's father my grandfather. Passed away in 2007. Big inspiration for me kiss he was its army air corps turned air force and air force self. He's very important in my life so have a positive him. Diana's boyfriend Eddie who does a lot of mission trips around the world for projects you're right yeah incredible incredible human being thrown. Wanna give a shout to him and then. As you know my mom is very big into her church retreat he says she when you've happy Father's Day see you all the priests and ministers because they are fathers to our file. All I salute. Now around links Diane I had you know play needs. I ate there last time I well this past week brands in the office and insurance gives us great feedback no no bite you. I don't know. Isn't he great he is not the RA he badge that's right that's right but we'd love you went in thank you for those kind dots. Thank you for those kind cuts we appreciate you feel. Well I appreciate you. I let you die and it's fun. Oh I guess my dad's not listing grandest things they have privacy dead I doing sentencing that could be I'd be remiss if I did not know. And finally to Father's Day dad if you are listening does from time to time who assisted programs so furious I mean I'm gonna see later today but I'm happy Father's Day. Well then I looked safe you're listening having fun busy caring it right so putted it back. Do you like the first or reversal that New Jersey yet familiar. Or so this is titled the mother. A Father's Day I bet you most of our listeners will not know where fathers' day actually originated I don't know tech. So we're talk about the mother Father's Day request the daughter of an American civil war veteran Sinorice Smart Dodd. Led the efforts for fathers to be recognized after hearing a Mother's Day sermon at her church. Her father cared for her. And her five siblings after their mother passed away while giving birth to snore snore was the last one obviously hang on so. I guess amazing me and and she died my dad needs recognition all dads need recognition they have a tough job just like mothers do so that's where originated did you know now wait. Does it give a year to you know the year or I did earlier I think it was 1910. Okay and I would admit I would have no idea it was around the same time that they brought down Mother's Day is that. When that they hold close and I think that was into the and I could be wrong but I am. Can you for since cash and have a of this sentence data shows that there are more than seventy point one million dad's in the US. About a third of them. Are married with kids under the eighteen can here's what my thought is. And any point one million dad and according to this. About 2141000. Men for stay at home dad I did a very low number for all those people who. Well it's a high number compared to Riley for decades ago. Truth that's I. I would have thought more or have thirty or forty years ago furious dear old dad you're unemployed yet instead have. Well because I was you know dead dead you know mom. Raised a family mean that was just sort of to waive it. Things happen and anything but you know life I know. There are guys that I graduated high school with thirty you know years ago and down Christine I'm at school and the wife as the professional. So long after. Having to babysit my niece and nephews and watching my girl crazy. On being home with the child that is a full time job I don't know how often yeah did the horizontal. Anything appears to have to do that on a daily basis might not remember this stay on. Yes did your month I think they get distance you know batter it is it is now full time job with no pay and I mean go to pays its ad that says no say in the system and kudos for yeah exactly and there have nice and so and. Really bleeding into my global market as fast Dave I'm just kidding go ahead everybody would rather hear this in New Hampshire. Well we talked about Father's Day pretty much starting with Senora I in 1910. Did you know that Father's Day did not become a national Holiday Inn until President Nixon made it so in 1972. Railing 62 years later. Finally became a nationally recognized holidays. We know there are no recognized Roosevelt. Then it Roosevelt who this mother's it was never is enough I remember we said that a few weeks ago McKay sorry. Yeah I don't recall back so I thinking United States. Probably men and one. I'm guessing. That they celebrate there most celebrate they're and their Father's Day with golf and getting. Well let but there's a huge. You know percentage of our population male population doesn't play golf so where they can I mean you know Mother's Day seems to peace if so steeped in tradition. Bats. You know some families. Well reservists. Huge space that are restaurants and we'll take mom and grandma on nine you know the of the family out need you know in celebration of mom's right. They give the cards and gifts and flowers are you on mom know cleaning today we you know that so it's it's like Mother's Day. There's more. Steep tradition in in Mother's Day and how it's celebrated. You know we typically do a family we don't go out to dinner. It in our family we get together it's like our house or your mom and dad's in the whole family gets together and we cook in wiest you know we should spend time with. Examining punish your mother's Mother's Day how do you put them Father's Day it's like there's not really as set tradition it's like. I I feel it in May be our families different. But it's like okay what are you wanna do today just go do it every wanna do you get your own gig well you know they pass and you know I'm not gonna complain enjoy spending on the golf course they would ever so there's it's not like. Authors said there a specific tradition that we followed it well every year we get together and we do a barbecue or we you know. Yeah I disagree is that because I think every mentally they don't and every southern states like off I think that's the. We know. I Disney not true because I may we don't ever do anything on Mother's Day any nine. I we have the we have a big family dinner well every single year okay events is saying to during the day. I'm like yeah I have a team but okay so in Germany it's drink beer all day beer gardens. Oh and that. When I ran here Friday that real home green home fell climate German descent yes yeah. Good venue and in Germany and you've ever been to have you ever the iron on Father's Day beer garden I never even noticed he'd go to a beer gardens so. We really don't have them here as chance. Iron that are far if you buy the ones you do you find there's one in Lowry that is amazing until today. What no no no I don't care what are your very general but is becoming a thing here in Colorado especially with all these micro brews you a beer gardens are coming up. That's interesting do you have about four minutes to get here. I'm not there and get me into a corner on on Thursday and we and we don't we do have. We do have a percentage of our listeners that are eager to hear is my global update I'm sure I mention of the year and now you're like you get three minutes ago there. Yeah but he's just sabotage my little one more minute than you thought so gulf war knew I wanted more and finally here on me now here's why is being cracked a funny is your argument is one minute. Three minutes thirty seconds they'll look at this I Rodriguez says wait my second. Here's what we're gonna do on the other side on this commercial break. I am going to give my global market recap and economic update. Well before that we human and they'll advance through action. Yeah Ryan so. Bad calls and just had a comments. She wanted us to share with our other listeners yes she would is on we talk about the generational ball a lot on the radio show and for those you have heard about before it's. One of the web sites that we utilized for a website now what I platform platform yes science. Platform that we used to restore our financial documents you can store is it your fault it's going to debate Q safety deposit box. In an online version your real profile you signed in you can store any wills however attorneys any personal documents you can find well as manage. All of your financial eventual. Holdings in plan in accounts on to date on the daily numbers for your accounts you know what's gone on what's your portfolios. So bad one it's a let us know she was storing her will and testament and personal documents yesterday. Well as how easy it is to navigate with the website I've heard of a lot of big companies that they can find this account from now account on the website the generational ball is something that you can easily navigate you know your stuff is you know how to upload yourself. It's safe there and Stanley members of something happens to you family members can access it with ease. To get the docking is that they need and she won it did go out there that this is armed a service that we can provide any Warren. I despite the situation that. She just raves about it. I don't know one more thing netstat now and I'm as wanna say that product that bad and Manuel. Assuring that because. My generation. And I know that's generation. Were anomaly meals we didn't grow up with the electronic age feel okay. The information age we didn't we just didn't in so were not as you know we we panicked. Grasped on to the little pieces of it that we use VR Smartphones in self. I appreciate this because. You know. Have this sharing the fact that it's easy to use its user friendly because. I don't like things that I don't understand and I don't like things that are difficult. To use. I'll just avoid them and I think many people are like cats so I and I appreciate that one. Anything that we use safari just yesterday was. Clang came in and she had just sold a property. She came journalists that stack of papers and said I don't want these papers are you said what do I need to keep what it's what don't I have let's say well we're excited to announce sale of the property which have what they couldn't condemn this I don't wanna all these and some of them were from New Jersey in 1987. So between. Took some malls Gene Lamont race there was she was in the meeting and put a man heard downloaded them intergenerational balls so permanent record permanent or. Like I say they had do you spend a day looking for certain documents they need to bring an end. As soon as they find those documents put him in the vaults get rid of the piles of papers in your room in your house and make it easier yourself off and I. Are so again I think it's a commercial break thinking it was caught 3035395420. 303539. Thighs for two easier if you've got a question. If you wanna give a shout out to somebody on Father's Day. Anything we've talked about you feel free to give us a call that number is also good Monday through phrase well in 303. I 39. By four Q zero stay tuned we'll be right back. Now we're back with a dollars and cents radio show was your favorite. It was a couple trillion lorries from Hampshire wealth management and our next segment. Family matters. And here's Troy and Lauren. All right so we ensure the center make it reflect high K came to a realization this weekend and this week. I and I think grind you need to be a part of the love it. I had to go to that orientation with slogans. How else. Became anti to spend my day go into an orientation with Logan this past week at cost for college. And I am not kidding my bout with in the same seats. From 730 Intel news. OKD get a fifteen minute break but we were seated in the same seat in the auditorium. Not comfortable chief teeth I and to listen to people come in and talk about things. And I do realize. I think this is what the kids have to do they have to sit in his seats. And learn the information that may or may not be curtains then and I'm not so I I am an advocate of school not saying that Andy Cullen and Sam not that I. Philly school is like kind of like a racquet. I get it through high school because they have to learn certain behaviors communications skills and such like that's. But it is so. Not the same is real life. And work life like I feel like work is so organic it's I mean it's like. Brett I mean I'm asking you to strain he's aegis are fresh out of college. Blake. Are. School is just structured and it's is set a scripted learned. Timetables and submit you are going to be learning from one person's point of view. He reached class here but is there and if you glean a piece of information are too great. But yet might not whereas worth. No day is the same you don't know what you're gonna get hit winds. I think Dan out of the chair and you learning stuff and it in an environment that pertains tiered you know. What you or I just realize as they point low end is gonna go through another four years of what's gonna be pertinent to him. Don't eat you notice saying well here's the thing says he's. Went to metro and that is well moderate I hate you know it's nothing against CSU CU the big schools a Colorado they are highly respected and very prestigious. Here's what I like about metro and it's I don't think the orientation in Serb state justly is. Metro is a school for not just fresh and high school Hong. Brand new college kids it's for people like me who can win later life. Who work on you a full time jobs to try to get classes and basically mature as a place where it's more personal. You don't have an auditorium of students for each professor experience you know twenty people I don't like the Macs much more personal but I. I think in can't just school in general like to begin back to don't high school and stuff it's no year but senate seat for whatever the teacher wants to teach at bats and that's why Adrian. They entered their right finger and our trending towards like this last week President Obama. Think it was Wisconsin. That he was in and they were promoting devalue. Of things he's not against them for your education but of specialized. Cable news. Education. In a truck driving yet in order. Giannone is yes okay so schools. And if they were promoting the value of that you know I agree a 1000%. Because. You can net. Make eight. A great career. Wish you were niche industry which you were skill. And I agree also bad to if you know what that skill Liz with that skill set or with their vocation is. You can get it. In trim a lot of fast and down out of the process. Of not having to take you know a semester of archaeology. Exactly burn it exactly that's exactly my point thank you an agency and think and aced it. I'm guessing around 27000 dollars a year for most universities around here and the first two years so many people don't even know what they're gonna do just the general education that they're gonna admit they're getting like other grievances are done there exactly they're getting general education and high school PI is the ice on the value of like intern checks and so. I night I was forced to go to a university and think your mom and dad but. I aimed I would of life I can do I'm so excited to kick outs. A schools like you get on with my life and I felt like I was raided just about the theft. Cesare let me answer yet at what point. In your. College. And career. Did you know exactly where that college degree was going to take you freight question. I thought I would say my second semester junior year because that is much more specific towards me taking the classes that I think. Well certainly just eyes and did you know. Exactly what you're going to do once you graduated. All I know that's a mile lasts a while minded last semester really come to work for you after I had graduated so and it lets you share their listeners how they came about. I was so I'm Brian. Contacted. Mean our office and you re doing years I was doing numb I think it's burning entrepreneurial class a to a report on you and you had today do. You had the interview somebody a business person. Hands. There are certain things that you had to do be a bad interview and so weak I put you on the eighth the calendar you came in. And we sat there for quite awhile over an hour when he. And you asked questions and it it was an interview and I gave you the answers my thought you learned a lot about the inside and in sight to you you know my career in my thoughts in my beliefs etc. I don't who would it be fair to say that it wasn't till that point that you knew specifically. Yes we wanted to do absolutely fellas fellas that conversation that we had. It is so inspirational to me I had one goal in my life and now is to do you do because. I could see up you know one of my biggest idols on the business side as we go to business school was more cubic continued to have such. A similar background how you started and where you are now. Home amazing. Inspiration to me see ya that interview definitely showed me this is something that I have interest and this is that Huckabee could and learned under your tutelage that was it you're so the interesting thing and it's a blessing for all this because your valuable part of our family now thank you bet it. You know tear point Lori. How many kids students people. Our three years three and a half even walking down that you know across staging their to form any don't know specifically what they're gonna do with it. Don't end up being waitresses and waiters until we figure oh don't you can do it I don't know like laurel and spent a 100000 dollars that play exactly sound OK and you're listening to the dollars and cents radio show believe it or not. We are on the. Home stretch on this Father's Day happy Father's Day to all of you father's grandfather's. Listening step fathers. Fathers and laws. The global you know we're six months. Into the year we've got six months ago. And it's interesting. You know I'd look at these things and I I compared I look at how drastic. Changes. How drastically things have changed. In many cases flip flop from when he fifteen to 2016 and and 2016 to 2070. So where are we at now. Let's start with emerging markets. In this is important information for you to know because this will allow you. To may be enhanced or Jews have your own portfolio. With this information emerging markets. They bottomed out. And now they're beginning to accelerate. Torre what are emerging markets. Laurie would tell me dumbed down. Remember. The acronym brick BR IC brick. The RAC those letters represent the four biggest nations. That make up the emerging markets sector. Brazil. Russia. India China. The four largest. In the emerging market sector the bottomed out. Just as we did in the beginning of 2009. Year in the US but now they're beginning to accelerate. So far this year. United States has lagged. Both international developed and emerging markets. Significantly. We are lagging those markets at a dinner bat thing. It's just like toy deal the energy sector. Back in 2015. Bad sector crashed it crumbled okay. The end. Oil fell below thirty dollars of her. But we wanted bottomed out what happened. It began to recover and accelerate. That. Is wearing an opportunity lies. So a 2017 so far. Large cap growth. Large cap growth. In large cap value. Here's what that means. Growth companies are companies that don't pay dividends. But they're reinvest their profits. To grow. The price of their shares Gary. Give you some examples. FaceBook. Google or alphabet. Amazon. Netflix. And those are growth companies. Their primary concern is growing. Their share price. Value. Companies. Are companies that distribute those. Certain amount of those profits back to which shareholders. We call those dividends. That's in one's better worsen the other thing here's my whole point in 2016. These growth companies. He didn't making money on. I'm just talking big picture proof companies were flat if not down. And value companies had a super year in 2016. That was just then. What about now now in 2017. Growth companies that were down last year are up almost 18%. And value companies that were huge last year. Heard about one point 65%. Total flip flopping when sixteen. The S&P 500. There's something called. Price to earnings. Don't need to know that the entire formula. But right now in the S&P 500 priced their earnings. Is higher than at any time in the past ten years. Eighteen times. Right now priced earnings is eighteen times. To put that in perspective. They're global. Price to earnings outside the US. Example the emerging markets is twelve times earnings so they're cheaper. You know over the past. 567 years. The global economy further global. Eight investment. Landscape. The money has been flowing into the US markets because we have been the safest place the best bet that's growth opportunity right. So tall and investment coming in with all those investors putting money into our companies here in the United States. It raises the price strength. So we are not as. Cheap if you will I don't mean that they are just mean that in the win the price in Renton that's right. Right now the emerging markets are trading at twelve times. We're here in the US it's eighteen times. There is great opportunity there and we believe theft for the next three to five years emerging markets. Are going to lead the way inequities. Now these are conversations they may say you know Troy can that's I don't need gap much information. By your financial planner your financial advisor. Had better be paying attention to that. Because that's where. Opportunity exists. In as an investor. You are paying somebody at some level. Management. It within the mutual fund it with your big box store you with your advisor your planner. What are you getting for what you're paying for far. They are they keeping you on the forefront. You know if you stay at the same old place it's kind of like the old theory. Did the broken up this rate twice today. And you hold that. Investment. Well you know. He's from you know something. Points being hit me in the news. Weakest sector. Great for us. These things. We'll break here in 2015. The energy sector crashed. Many oil companies energy companies. Went bankrupt. We knew. That was a deal between fifteen and we knew. That there is going to be opportunity. On the rebound. So our portfolio. Managers created in the energy sector portfolio at the end of 2015. In 2016. Hopefully you know. We believe that there's going to be as. In those markets as well. So. That's where we sit. They're going to. He's been headwinds that continue to exists economically and politically. At the end of the day there are some very strong. Economic underpinnings in our foundation. And I think you're going to keep us going in the right direction. How much we turn. You expect in get will all depend upon. How your portfolio is being managed and I know you. Giving me through some breaks all turnabout PS sorry you listen to doesn't since Rio show if you have a question comment if you would like to schedule a complimentary. Consultation. Please give as a paltry 035395140. In the 33539. That's four to zero your listing to the dollars and sense of what show with Choi and Rory. And lying in eighteen will be right back for the last fifteen information. The dollars and cents radio show with a story and Lori and their Marjorie can. When we talk about what's happening in the market and our thanks to you. Now here's Troy and Lori. Welcome back the dollars and cents radio program as we are on the. Homestretch. On this wonderful Father's Day weekend. Happy Father's Day dollar view for the weekly market recap for the week ending June 16 2017 stocks were mixed on the week. All eyes were on the Federal Reserve's interest rate decision which did not surprise Wall Street with another quarter point rate hike. Disappointing retail sells along with inflation data also played a role this week oil in the energy sector provided positive tell wins at the end of the week with a strong finish on Friday. The big news Amazon's deal to buy Whole Foods Market. Which killed a bruising blow to competitor competing stocks like Wal-Mart Kroger. In CommScope which were all down significantly. On this news on the flip side. Whole foods stock China for over 29%. But take away. Although the Fed interest rates hikes signals a strong and strengthening economy we are seeing higher levels of sector. Volatility. Single stock risk. Is it just pointed out of Wal-Mart Costco Kroger. Is real having a well diversified portfolio can provide volatility. Control. What sectors are present in your portfolio if you when he sees only sizable buffet and mutual funds do you know what stocks are prison those funds. We provide a tool. The report called a stock. Intersection report this highlights the stocks that you own. You mean nine even know that are in your portfolio. In an how many different places you own each stock for example. If you don't pass go and eight separate holdings each of those holdings received a seven point 2% hit. This last week just from this one stop. Last week we effort complimentary snapshot Morningstar report. To allow you to be able to grade your portfolio. In addition to that complimentary report if you call that they will also provide a complimentary stock intersects report because now is the best time for you. Take advantage of your dollars and cents in that is that we can market reject. Larry before going Troy you wanna know that your and a plea of Father's Day horoscope and well I have a horoscope yet I keep abreast of every damning so this is for us. Not like holy father's this is for father downer Aries yes. Her and Simon is yours then you're gonna go play golf safe if it's your day just as interesting. You would be blessed with the good time. Let your business partner take care you get sent me. Relax don't worry you're getting my caddie for me. Like man. I bring him here now isn't really. That's true don't worry Levy you'd be worried if I was you can any any series I couldn't relax and that they're paying down while an okay and yeah I never do those that don't really buy that theory news is good treating. I also don't read them all the time to let you know these are my inbox. You know I don't know how I got them. I'm not today addressed that I will for about ten seconds it's amazing when you counted. Horoscopes. In those things you've got about you get a certain Eric your group of people that. They read those things religiously may follow those many got us the other half Fiat company need to go. I'm surprised they did I mean maybe once every sixty days actually opening easing just Toledo they can't figure out how to get rid of it through every cemetery get rid of say emailed. Things that I get three more. They're horrible I don't know how to get my hands are staying with irate. Interest in okay. So I in the in in the few moments of time that we have laughed I aim woo hoo I'm gonna start this segment. We may have to finish it we will roll into it next week. We're Kinney financial advisor do for you what can in the state planner do for you so let's talk about the purpose and qualifications and experience it set her first. We'll start with the financial advisor to the purpose. Pretty forward straightforward is to design. And then help implement. A plan of action to help help you meet long term financial objectives. By analyzing your current situation. If pretty basic but about the qualifications. Unlike. This state planners. Financial advisors have gone through rigorous courses in testing and follow up. In order to maximize. Their understanding of the financial world. That you hadn't occurred when you work with the individual the right. Person the right financial advisor. It has these qualifications. Experience. Tuchman experienced many financial advisors have developed. A lot of experience in experiences. Then estate planners just don't have. This experience comes through handling in V handling of many. Unique. Situations. In provides us with they diversification. In client wants and needs. Financial planning is not in should not be a one size fits all. Which is why do you resent Department of Labor fiduciary role went into effect. We can have for. Think that's a good thing. Can offer you a broader range of products and financial advisor why because the advisors have a much larger understanding in the financial field. And that's what they specialize in. So they're able to offer and provide in their ray. Of financial tools and products. To fit. You were individual needs. This day. With almost. Two decades. He in this area. There's no two individuals. Exactly alike. There's no two families. That are exactly like. Goals different. Resource is differ. Appetite for risk taking how they view the financial world. If their needs. Are different their health. Is different. Their timeline is different there's no two alike. So one size fits all. Too many times. Is what you aimed at getting from what we call in our industry a Jack of all trades. As I'll get to that. So that the financial advisor what about the estate planner very important but not. He financial advisor. In this context. So let's talk about what's in estate planner can do for you the purpose of an estate plan is to help you examine. Your financial needs and assets. To ensure that you were Ayers. Are provided for in the best possible way. This includes lifetime planning. As well as. Disposition of property at daft. Food distribution of property at that that's the purpose of an estate planner. Pretty much different from that of a financial plan. Qualifications Evan estate planner. Add individual or your state planner should be qualified inexperienced. Individual. This means that he or she understands the law to its fullest extent. And is qualified. As an attorney or lawyer that has gone through years of studying to fully understand this film because it's very complex in nature just like that. Financial services industry. Is very complex in nature. Experience just like. An experienced financial advisors state planners should have. Right amount of experience that pertains solely to their practice. This again comes in the form of handling many unique client situation it's. Is an estate planning attorney. He has experienced many different situations and if you were sitting here right now. I would bet that he would say there are no two situations like. Ameren. Kids don't get along my son in law don't get along with my doubters as. If you know there's all those things in family fighting. Humor. Wishes. Charitable giving all of these things really come into play. Now. The real benefit to you. He knew would have financial advisory as I just sort of broken down and simplified in the same with an estate planner. So how do you get the most benefit. In the green scheme much. Wind they work together. In tandem. On you were planned. On your behalf in your best interest. It saves time when your financial advisor in your state planner are working together. Too many times ala carte financial planning. And really. Weaken your overall plan. His unbeknownst to you. And also you know and I know our natural over this next week songs are English as yet and we'll do we'll do it. And more next week but I sense UI am pulling that whole money issue is I I want them one at a great benefit to working together is a lot of times. Like tomorrow I will be going in to Gary's office. To talk about something and an issue with a client's. This you'll never even know about I just have to make sure that everything is cohesive so she was she's every minute conversation. But it's something that we have to get together to make sure that it's you know that marina so we're constantly in communication. About our clients whether they know better not to make sure that everything is in peaceful tomorrow. We're sitting down long along those same lines I'm sitting down meeting with the client. With both myself and our CPA when our clients and again that's you know that's just another level of it that tax side of it that when your tax advisor your CPA. Also works together in tandem. With you which you're overall playing fish is going to be stronger cohesive plan. Vs getting. Independent. Advice. That your financial planner doesn't know. About your tax plan and what advice you're getting from your tax professional or from your state planning. Attorney. But when they're working together now your setup for long term. Projects planned success. Ari even listen to the dollars and cents radio show we will be back in search idea about this. Next week in some way shape or form. And economic and it is a paltry 03539. Fight for 20 cents through 35395420. Same number to call after the show as well as Monday through Fridays we can help you in any way shape or form in any of the things that we've talked about today. Police don't hesitate to give us I can also check it out at my 401K. Store. Dot com that's my 401K stern I can't had a great week happy Father's Day everyone and thanks for listening.