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Tuesday, July 25th

Another great show with Troy and Lauri! Enjoy!


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We need is a paid program that does not necessarily reflect the views of cruise and 1430. You're listening to the dollars and cents radio show. An advisory services over your actual management LLC a registered investment advisor in the state of Colorado insurance products and services offer. From your pitcher who incorporated visual management LLC in. And now for the dollars and cents radio show in your favorite couple Choi and Rory. Hey good morning welcome to use this morning I'm decent career and your life and who. For the dollars and country show we're here in the Q for the next. Our in I have to tell 10 o'clock and this morning and were happy be here we've traveled that he didn't I know that. Some people have noticed because I hear through the email and Stephanie can be backer. When you mile island last week we had a best of show we had a best of show so I got them back we're back in your life this week. It feels great it feels so good to be home. A full day here on apparently here we have Ryan back because our last live show and really takes a lot of time off I might do. So I can't Ryan's job you you don't think. Idol has ever Johnson sons they were back in the after it's Friday in braids gone. It's that if there is this your point but right back in the studio so we're happy we've got a whole Famer backache is here. April is here in studio with this year's morning so we've got an all new program with some amazing information you share with you today. And we are continuing our new segment back in time. Back in you like if they met her I love to send me because. It really does take you back it's easy to kind of forget. The big things that happened at certain times in history and today's spotlight years. My favorite years 1980s. Might lay the favorite here. Well which you remember of that it's the years that Ronald Reagan was elected in the beginning. One of our most robust times in history that's true a lot happened under his tenure begins we're gonna focus on the year 1980 so. That's what I get here at the top of the hour 9 o'clock but think about where were you in life in 1980. We're where you think about that in we've got some. Some tips certain at some chips. But some bits of history make your that you may not even. Fewer have. Deadline. Back in time. We've got the weekly market recap some interesting things to talk about this past week in the markets. Family matters. Yes indeed does matter. And on the show what matters Lorie has something I'm guessing for family matters we enjoy about love and again. So well would Brian two weeks ago clearly wouldn't say. Well I was conceded two weeks ago Ryan wasn't here in Logan. Phil Lind. You know fill your shoes that day and so. You were glad your back we'll say that fitness and bless his heart Blanton I guess he's going to be the topic for family matters we have ten tips. For those that view that plan on working. In retirement. Which is becoming more and more of you. We've got some tips. Some mistakes to avoid. When working in retirement we have a segment on health. Don't let a healthy habits destroy your retirement. In our power segment today. Money that misbehaved as most people do not associate we're behavior. With money. But you should. You Manny does behave in a certain way. And we're gonna break that down and we're going to share with you have to identify. How are your money's actually behaving to power segment today. As always you can catch more about us. In the topics that we're talking about each week on the dollars and cents radio program website at H wealth so one worked a twelve. Dot org. That's also the same place that you can go on your mobile device cooled down and download. The ever popular. Dollars and cents mobile app. So you can take crews in 1430 with you anywhere any time. In fact when we were in Ireland. Wouldn't talk about that. We ran the bus hitting is somewhere to it. Only been up maybe two or something. In late you know word is seven hours difference from Colorado. And I looked. And my watch was still on Colorado timer set a radio programs honoring him. Laurie goes right to the dollars and cents mobile app guess what's. Even the Irish. Can follow the dollars entry program not that he will. But you can. It's free where can go to the App Store. Or I two straight games against it against next App Store. The end of the dollars and cents mobile app you can also catch any of our passions we catalog over past programs. Lots of great information on each program. The dollars and cents called why women did you say that I could download I I could not get. I cannot get it it would not download if you had service alone run a bus carrying. Yeah we were at the hotel like said we don't worry I got the hotel. Think the only energy I couldn't I couldn't they wouldn't download IRA if you leave it at PI RA blew out take him. And Santoro read. Into the studio with us this morning I didn't mess our and he did all of their lower unit come and pick Jason may easy. I taken no shortcuts. Think from. Think you think small. I'm also you know we we have great information as we do today each and every week. To inform you to educate youth to maintain your status have been savvy investor. And all of this information. You can have your fingertips. Just by having your own copy of cruise retirements is it anyway. It's available on Amazon but you have to pay for millennium is. If you go to our website H full dot org. I believe there's a place turn on the first page my guess is that right rain we strolled around to the bottom yet you can request and main page in we will send you a signed copy of our. Book whose retirement is it anyway. In our power segment today by the way. Misbehaving money. Is talked about in the book as well. So if you were maybe baby you know somebody who's retiring and then my like this but like Troy. Has just let me know that are one of his favorite thing. People yet at whenever credit unions is retiring she found on the days I think she had detoured me. So I wanted any debate but it rhymes with rail coach. Craig is married. Anyway so he has can achieve big debate every time I go there and she's such a wonderful person a wonderful personality Inge everytime I go there. He says that 31 more days. Twenty more days. So I went in yesterday in the end to bring her a signed copy. Of our book to enjoy in disturbance if Kirby choose indications that you expect. So if you know as somebody who is retiring here shortly MIPS gist of the little retirement you know. Candy give them a good deep. A yes good deed for Vicki ego there thinking of the season 0812 dot ORG would be. Seen tactic I would say two I mean I think as we run into this has problems as well I think so right you can confirm this thing. On our web site it just gives you a information for a call back number or an email address it doesn't do the physical address but he that you get in contact with that you can do that right now. The worry I have to contact you to keep your physical address so they get the book yes we don't descended into digital hurting him in an actual book exactly three exceed your like back in 1980. We can't have digital versions we had a book. It what did we do before the Google in fact that he is we hadn't they think Pete is before the Google you know we have born in the digital age yet people so please. Are given a note encyclopedias are you think they kind Jones and and remembering and in high school when we had to you know major front toward your project where they period we pull out the encyclopedia is seeing with a look at you everyday you get that. Edition every year after you get says that an immediate says 1981. Edition. Have downstairs you mean you know I know I guides aid. We call it that you know that the pages it's a gold leaf additional. But encyclopedias and as her gift for more investment they were so so I even unauthorized. Warren Buffett. A wounded. Encyclopedia. Was that Britannica and. Him so. I thought I I would ask you some things turn Hampshire first of all say he's an iron and leave that's very relaxed because of Sanchez for a long long time ago so we spent some time for our portfolio managers and and in the end of great I love them fit the people I've been Jessica. But I would say I feel glad to get reacted to the normal routine like hot dogs and move the line. I don't know where I can do anything I. Thank you testimony I don't know I didn't really I didn't really wanting a blind eye in his saying what his mean no normal in an everyday person that is not normal right. While I don't know in this thing. Get back to normal life. Am the mother got felony counts for anything until aluminum. Much you know we we do I did you honestly do we know we gave it away I think so you wait and. Oh I think claiming that I'm out there mowing the lawn. Hopefully when I it was ninety back to the rumors seemed glad to hear again but so your finger in this one's small town called gene bank. And everything we went to cemetery. Briefly and the people were like in their eighties and nineties before they. Don I can you know these people are like you know a very long line exact in the entire. Lunch and it's so simple lakes so many of those people had even gotten out of that town of you know. 500 people and their lives where there's no strict like they'll literally did doctor. Was formerly the doctor was only in from 130 to three and many think he's he's 53 hours a day that they're not they're. Yahoo! tumbled clear act in don't have an on a Wednesday through Sunday we want to their little one block downtown and they had all the hours on the door and they're so random. I once a week and we will open at 330 inch ish. That was written an inch. And laid emanates. And and like like bill only restaurant and him and opened at one for lunch that's you know we that was and I made its wait until one has their kind of hungry at twelve. So we went and met the owner. This place has been in this famous in 1752. Or for fifty cents. Something within a 150 years ending his own family but here's the thing. I. I wonder it any wonder have you ever thought that I never thought that the tenant couldn't eat. If we had to could you like to sell all of their belongings and go live a peaceful life lake. In Mexico hours and then and just retired not doing things. I did it we wouldn't. Margarita goes the other thing Brian has more than two events working again. There is can we just like you know I think that exists in yeah I needed they have to do restful peaceful when you know stretch like and that's why they look so long and Agassi don't need help. Parents fight to sheet and we couldn't figure you have you know they do there that the farmers. Left their sheet. You don't share my past here in so they know which she purveyors. They literally spray paint them. The Easter break me. They're sheep think teens why am I pounding the holding justice during its not like pink breaking here on C I'd spray paint like graffiti. By Troy was here. And they're going to Belinelli took a SP toys and go until afloat but the things that we took it to Larry and Sally either is seen Bernadette are seeing Bridget. Beautiful thing was great we his little tunnel like out. Man this run by the strength. But there is a payment plan people and their names everywhere candles lit in their take this small little. You know is beautiful and shrank so there's named American I don't think you can keep these Olympics tonight I put up earnings Choi of glory will be in Connor and here. And I command. Like she does look like erode earnings right here and Mike. Easier for dead people lose all our idea is I. The life you know. Hear different. Hey great grandmother the just have to weigh and in her honor unique like candle and put her picture up there and maybe see if prayer yeah Lucy are losing your whole feeling it's a census. Yeah and well liked and Anna Maria all I feel like you're gonna go when they're going to move this whole thing and repairs and when he seventeen. Mom dad the kids old most campaigns. It makes. Let before I go at this time when the president he can't even make could. I think it's okay do you wanna do something I talked about the money you get the phone number out it's your hate US actor Ryan. 303. I think I am thankful it's easier now. Through 35395420. Haiti season event Monday through Friday as well. I wouldn't they want McGinley you're getting your fan I your weekly market we can't but because it happens to its mini mini mini tank cannon canning. Many times but if you listen to us for a long period of time for is not thank you so very much if it's your first time hey thank you for tuning in. But there's some people who have come in or they talk to us on the phone or what have you and maybe we've. You know made some suggestions or recommendations that maybe they were right at the time. Or maybe we've talked to over the phone and maybe it was a rated time and a year or two later here we aren't thinking OK mediation taken their recommendations. Do we still have to dive team we still love daddy at the time had not passed. But I'm saying this because they forget about it and in them twice went to toys here if we hear about somebody who causes back into the I'm really sorry I didn't. Things weren't well in my life today you know handing your recommendations that then that they are now panic human revisit it is you. You don't think that your time is up please Collison Eva activities we love our people we. Love these listings I sentinel thing until I am going to turn. One more time that occurs 303. 5395420. If you have a question that you would like us to address on today's program. Give us a call running in his straight here in the studio he'll take your call you're not gonna be lying on the year when he called for we will address your question. Or if you have a specific topic that you would like us to discuss. On the dollars since radio program shirt with Brian. If you would like to request a complimentary copy. Power book whose retirement is it anyway. All these things can happen. Who the wizard behind the microphone which is why. Fees are 35395420. The weekly market recap for the week ending July 21. Yeah although Friday delivered. A weakening pullback among the three. Major US indices there are several positives that deserve mention today. Thursday. Marked the end of ten consecutive days of gains in the NASDAQ. Its longest streak. Since February 2015. That's a positive to take away. After a flat start to the year. US large caps. US large caps come jumped 2%. Just over the past two weeks. Streets. International I'd be talking about this since beginning of the year if your regular listener. You're saying you know what Troy you right you were ranked. International stocks continued to. Their 2017. Cents heating 3%. Over the past two weeks. And emerging market stocks. A lot about this. Emerging market stocks. Have climbed to more than 5% over the same two week period. With the recent volatility over the past five weeks. Investors have at least for the past two weeks. This is good news. You've chosen to ignore all in no way he's in no easy headlines about Russia politics. In the markets are showing that. The markets are showing. Investors are saying you know why that's too now that noise. And focus on the fundamentals corporate earnings. So the beginning of the year. This year. Is not going to be eight Federal Reserve driven market like it was last year. It's going to be about earnings. Guess what. That's a good thing. By the numbers. The Dow closed down slightly on the week. But sits. Over 9%. Year to date the positive yes and he's up half a percent on the week over 10% year to date. The NASDAQ. Pointy haired. Was up over 1% last week. And now is up eighteen point 7% year to date the ten year treasury. Just below two and a quarter down slightly on the week down slightly year to date oil by the barrel. Those 4560. But the good thing up slightly for the week but still down over 15% year to date. Remember we had that discussion about oil and energy. The cyclical. Industry. You know he's still firmly believe that there is opportunity. To be happy. Going forward to you in that sector but take away. Over the past eighteen months. So. Roughly let's go back to beginning in 2016. To where we sit today. We've seen periods of record returns. In certain sectors. While others have struggled. Even posted huge declines. Over the same eighteen month period. We've seen them losers turn the corner. In leave the way with nice games. We've seen the big winners take to turn and head south. Two point Troy. It's this the best way to stay invested for the long term and is to have a well designed to. Well diversified portfolio that allows you to stay in vested. As sector's rise and fall. All lakes and a basket. Can be good at simply remained. In absolutely horrible and other. You don't need to carry all the agents in the basket or even two baskets. Sector's rise and fall. In 2016. The beginning of 2016. We'll have all they crashed. We knew opportunity. Existed. In that sector. We knew that it had about hit the bottom under thirty dollars a barrel. Are amazing. Money management team afridi investments. Designed implemented and rolled out the energy sector portfolio. Get over 36% stake here. Thin flat this year sector's rise and fall. Large cap stocks did phenomenal 2016. Well growth stocks. FaceBook games and alphabet. Did not do well last year. Completely flip flop this year. My point is if you. Have they will designed. Diversified portfolio at its point tell allow you to stay invested. For the long term. Wounds. Our bond portfolio. To over 7% last year. What's happening this year. Raising interest rates. Are pushing bond stand. Mean we knew it was gonna happen but my point is is as the sector's rise and fall. It's important. That you were plugged in with the right money manager. In these crazy. And falling sectors are not going to keep you awake at night because you know. That you were well diversified clean portfolio. Is all but a nice comfy pillow and these people night. And that is weak market recap a big thing you know I just thought. Here's the thing most most normal people don't really care about that separate. But it didn't mean. I'm not I'm just few if any they tear but they don't know they're not interest in how it. Other specifics they don't keep in mind since they think they care about their portfolio they don't care how adapting they just want success. Think the only we have an obligation to talk about the things that directly affects individual investors led that's been saying so here's the thing like with the kids. We don't really technically care how they're getting a good education we just care that the system is happening turn and the processes happening he's cared. That high school and college they're doing the right things to get where they're supposed to be we're not going those classes with them. Lead just hearing now that they're getting a good education pleasant leading UK ear about what you just talked about. And you actually enjoy it in light those technical things whereas in normal person. Just wants to know that their four finance portfolio is in the right place in the can pretty bad there but don't care about those being figured. As in her Buffy and not dinner for Tony let me just say well depends on who's at the dinner table tonight. Like in her book in writing our book. It was a labor of love. Is we're number one goal. Was to keep it simple. So it's understandable because if you don't understand it. You're not going to benefit by. So when I talk about these things. Ice drive. To break it down. And give you examples. In comparisons. So at least. This particular aspect of the market's worst sectors rising and falling. If I give you an example it's an attempt. To make it understandable. You don't have to be an expert on all this dialogue and all the terminology bit if you kind of start to undersea themed. The factors. That affect your finances. The more. You're going to feel. You're going to feel. I'm confident confident they don't Edwards about where your rap because at the end of the day. He's worked hard for many many years to accumulate. Yes that's began around. And you wanted to make sure you there are fears there of her but they're there to provide for you and then. We need he usually retains that equals. Doing all the things that you dreamed about playing in the when she retired. Not totally going up the subject here which marine from home other and you go figure for the normally get there OK so how many times have you said her client or clients. Yeah that was claim to fame. Would you say you think that the undertake to sing dancing. Folks might go I don't care leave anything to make kids. You know if I planned and feel and play my retirement right. All enjoy everything I want to do. To the point to where the day I die did check to the undertaker bounces. OK so I get back I get fat and then we've also seen kids. We've we've also had. We've also seen the energy a generation saying I don't care if my parents don't leave me one penny I just don't want to pay for their retirement. So worked and both ways and then and it's very trimming leave. We had clients or just people that we talked to to have that fear as well. That they're nervous about having set movie iron have mom and dad or mom or dad moved in with them or having to take care of them. Financially this toy you've done it's like giving it works both ways we've seen both sides and if you have a death prepare for both sides if and mean even if you don't care they don't care about your kids or whatever I mean it's just days sex and insisting DN says how'd it get through we don't know there's no. We don't know when we're gonna dive we don't know if we can we know we can't data with that thing. We know we can spend their way through it until they totally got inside myself I've defend itself but. We have time attendance. We dad and then there's really we have four minutes I. The cigarette unhealthy habits. They can destroy your retirement so obviously taking care of health recently tagged that was iron instead is just as important is planning for your retirement. Most its most workers expecting active retirement and travel they have hobbies daylight since you know. Do fun things go to sponsors they're active people are more active. And then travel is a huge one it's a huge expense but also people. Are living longer. Medication. Health care we're all living longer and everywhere. But maintaining a healthy status from being where medical costs can be crucial we said before. And according to a fidelity. And demand in every 65 year old would be about 260000. Dollars to cover health care in part out of pocket yes if there's no inject just yes just health insurer over and above. Insurance I think that the couple who thinks he's thinking this one is different meaning on health care costs for 65 year old. Because the couple is going to be 220000. Out of pocket. A lot of money on a lot of money. Lemon and then anyways there was that says a survey and that shows few are taking steps to be healthy. One half of people in this surveyed said that they exercise regular weekend exercise and eat something keep yourself moving and mentally and physically yes. 57 that they eat healthy regularly I don't believe that at all because they think the people who are healthy they actually think they're eating healthy. I think it's it's they're eaten fish and chips they think that that that fish that battered fish is good good thanks so I have a effect that I really. And 43%. Think about long term health care when they're making lifestyle choices. And I think the longer term health care some people predict the fighters to paint me making payments on it because it's so darn expensive. And 43% take their health seriously with routine medical check the stuff like that thinking though a lot of people are just gonna bury their films from the CN like my dad has been more than I've been wanting to get checked out for ever. We'll be getting cancer but he's like I don't want or don't know when enough and the most difference between how men carried themselves I think there everything else if you hills which is why. You know females have a longer life expectancy. I'm sure the sad because I know we have to wrap and to bring back most people's sites and concern for their health to be there in old age they don't. Take those necessary steps maintain that's an insane with all worry about it but don't do anything about it actually fame thing financially speaking on people know what they should do it to shore up their finances for retirement make sure they worry about it because I don't they don't actually do anything they go there's my opinion I. You are listening to dollars and his radio program we are live in the studio we have an entire hour. And after this short commercial breaks and traffic and weather. We have our back in tiny next segment with the spot light years 1980. And we're going to be talking about. Money that misbehaved so given the cost 3035395420. Of the three entries I think nine by 140. Rain. Dean being nice to eighteen will be right back. Iron Maiden hey we're back with an eye thanks then segment back in time. Covering the 19 no bag what is going covering the John. Thank eighty not even get me back a thirty day hearing campaign gets Lansbury Knutson they I just wanna say good morning. My lovely wonderful little sister Tracy who just called in and said hey. We are listening from Omaha Nebraska. Still three feet failing yeah but do any and maybe my nephews. Are listening. He then you and Braxton. And my brother in Walpole. But hey good morning he can read Andre when it through the back then 1980. The teen the year is 1980. Let's start with some financial. Nineteen feet. And I'm gonna put some of these in perspective because it's interesting how some of these things are so close to what they are now one summer so far away. Gold hits a record 1000 dollars an ounce in 1980. You know and it is now. 12155. In 2017. Thank. Whom the average gallon of gas. A dollar and eighteen. What are we now about 217 inch spread. Gallon Reagan team no. Yeah yeah. She don't even look bad. The right if you're under the gas you don't know don't miss big pains no one ever important detonator. And now honey it's four dollars and fifty cents a gallon. I remember those days notice anything below that I'm leaving little for ended with. OK so the average home price. Across the country 1980 was 60000 dollars. Today. 188900. But that's US. What is it called around you know that is in Colorado average right now yes nationally at 280 pounds an issue. What is it Colorado COLT I want to say 300 I would think 300. 335. Mile well then so a lot of these things it's different from state to state we don't live any cheap state. If he gets it costs money to be beautiful and it's really beautiful state. Average annual income. Was 181000 dollars today it's 52000 dollars. Average cost of a new car in 1980 was 7000 dollars today 33000 and change. I like this one. So we all have dvd players in Korea whatever net and then you get what like 99 dollars Wal-Mart great. IV HS if it's recorder. Was 699. Dollars. In 1980 could give that away now now if we didn't museum. We had a beta Max. Of the top order and relinquish Vito and then something in my eye when you you know to be just know. It fit NB district court I was thinking this thing then. Know that the big things that's on your shoulder that says things that horrid thing the recorder would think like what is that I think the video cameras and video you're video camera. I know that you're talking about orders and no known. Thank you video thing of the video playing camera yeah and then again. Yeah hi yeah but it records on live satellite feeds just take. But you pop it open and then plug out of being a jazz was like you go to Larry the big dip thing that you watch a movie out of yeah. You know we go to video story he would rip when you just you have all these people staring at the walls he's been in ego and. Look at you know go to the sixties like sort of like really not that tricky if you can pop those plain English and in in recording movies yup now with his. Yeah record on your little remote. You're so pretty. I'm doing you're laughing his eyes that was period our listeners you period. Could be inflation rates in 1988. Was thirteen point 58% you know what it is now you know what it was last year. Last year that's your 2002%. And 2.0 7%. Which is thirteen and a half percent 1980. US population was 226 million and change today's 323 million well and I don't have that in Colorado. Leonard everything is just hear from Colorado who died when I don't get done right when he five. All right of effort into that got some more galore yeah. I think I get them. Hey you're our money. Yet though they've done in Q President Carter announced he is without a Summer Olympics in Moscow alone. And with 65 other countries you know what that was for my. Larry because they're protesting against the Soviet war in Pakistan. I had nice yeah no I was gonna say it had to be approach that any. Then everything that in grammar school I had a friend who was from Pakistan they lose because of that. And to see an okay. Rankings isn't important and pro and an end to our word added though inside the empire strikes back is releasing Peter CNN get the radio I'm. What about that doesn't want to do you know just are running out good because now with episode Niro right now we'll think about. Think about this though the first Star Wars movie came out anyways it was lights. Nothing before it's time fiance like he was revolutionary to movies if it spawned a whole new type of mirrored frame that the first one. No no an hour show expects the second 11 clue is making seventeen ruined my. As we talked about on the last I learn the numbers of us are so that's why they thought he and I David Letterman show debuted on NBC. That's amazing seems like he was on for like a billion years he looks the fame and now well a little bit aids. But 1980s when eastern I thought it was even before that and that. Rent duties CNN this isn't just in CNN became the first 24 hour news coverage station. That what was then maybe more than that movie that just came out recently with that although blinding and all the the takers on the bottom and then. Many would know this who. You know giving young group O I think Steve Carell in the net. I'm so it was like one of the neighbors ran Elway went. Luck and I'll. All figured out that it was like eight million Sony the first moving on making light news all the time sensationalism sabathia then it. Saddam Hussein declares holy war against Marion. Persian the first Persian gulf war between Irene in Iraq start started it lasted eight years that your tennis fans kids mend that Maria. Release my sister Tracy blessing she got one and then I got one I guess they went to my mom confinement talent. And Ronald Reagan as he said was elected TV as the next president three and begin sales of the all time wonderful post it notes. Well what our office due to dose. His we wouldn't get any names and it holds yeah hold everything together it doesn't amazing. Hope that enhanced rich release of the pac man arcade game. Peso has nobody tell Lori has everybody in the studio knows what type of game system did they play pac Atari and learning go down well. Did you eat that come from look at I like vaknin and I'll. I. I miss pac man's neck came along later. And in fact rid X Cuba's sold internationally and becomes the world's most popular toy that he still is he'll that would mean Ireland those kids were playing there's a bunch of kids and they're playing their. Chinese. Really Q did different. It looked different and configure yes I mean you're allowed to call are just too is I think it's trainee every candidate better while uncle ray don't buy me one of those eight. John Lennon was shot to death in December of 1980 while. One of the most popular TV shows did you watch this challenge. Yeah I did she and I we might be here's why I watched it. I enjoyed going over there to agreeing tells me my grandmother. Ands we had three channels. In that was her favorite show. She's always think that JR and JR. Didn't make a board game Dallas TV show up at the mid aboard the import. Don't know that so I never played it and contain every now. I hate cracks at the movie is talking about with Steve Carell is the big short. Oh yeah and that that was a good movie I thought it was awesome is just really interesting and OK I think he's montagne. And the power of a producer and cover more John Boehner and on and John Bonham. On all items died. Which led to the breakup of led to a plan. The 1980s that happens and then last and reduce my own Thomas married and Donahue. I think he dead. I don't think so so that I don't know. Bill Donohue I don't think he's dead and then there's I get me wrong I apologize that he has been no I don't think he is yet so that these days he was huge he was. Is like the first you've been down here and he'd TV talk autos and yeah probably. And hung around her age okay what do anything else. Hernan so that was their miracle on ice and my miracle on ice was at that kid that went to the moment and oh my goodness brief honeymoon. You don't know in Iran Shia dominated. Hockey. Got a link in our bats and one of our listeners doom that was the big there's movies about it yet the movie miracle on ice it. Where the US a noisy and her amazing come back. Beats Russia to take the Olympic gold was in 1980. Women who beat them. USA USA beat Russia I think is a semi final game and and they went on says play in the goal but they had to go to Russia first. But rational remaining there was no we didn't say one of the big things as President Carter said where does that well Olympics Winter Olympics of that year. They don't play hockey in the summer she made Sendai and the sun out and and a study off ain't. And some Super Bowl champs were the Steelers. Let's see yeah that's all the good stuff. That's on the good stuff okay. Do we have time to time and hours and this I about didn't. I go for doing you can do it. Let's talk about. We're gonna start. The second serve power segment today. Money behavior. Is your money well behaved or misbehaving. Not many folks is so she the word behavior. With their money is don't when he's a faint. The fact is your money and its behavior is more important. Then you might realize it's. They just drop compares. When we were children in school. Or had children in school. The school provided report cards each quarter. And that reported the grade for each particular class. Where did all so. Reported the behavior this student right. They still report behavior this didn't yet another though there's is the Anemia okay. When you receive your financial statements think of that like to report card. I know I'm oversimplifying it. When I'm drawing point. That statement that financial statement will provide more than might meet the there's more information contained in your statement then just. The ending account value. We are not each investment. Each account. Whose portfolio. And certain. In specific. Behaviors. It. Act in certain way. Now let's talk about your money and how it does behave not how money behaves the same. It's not a simple as saying. The best return. Equals the best behavior. Nor is it as simple as saying. The lowest return. Equals the worst behavior. Different investments. In different investment vehicles are each designed to. Today heave. Any certain way. Drawn example. Many delisting right now may have money in the bank CD game. Certificate of deposit at the bank. So here's a question. How was that investment designed to behave. Huge returns with high volatility. Or. Are guaranteed return and it's consistent with. Federal Reserve interest rates to rate him very low and very conservative and no volatility. Obviously it's it's the latter right. We expected to behave that way because that's how it was designed. Now not all investments are that easy to read that you get my point. Up your regardless or you know that. Two weeks ago we talked about managing expectations. Won't. Kind of cozy and Damian this topic here on your money in its behavior this week we're talking about. Having our money behave. In a way that is consistent. With fewer expectations. In your risk tolerance. No we're gonna dive deeper into this subject here after this upcoming commercial break. You know I just wanna say that a lot of what were so this is good stopping point for the break pick. A lot of these things that we talk about here on the program. Like this one. Can be found. Read. And understood. In her book whose retirement is it anyway. This book was designed and written for you. You know we go to Barnes & Noble pick out countless books on finance. Money management. But I will be the first one to say that the majority of those books. Are written by a financial. Experts for. Financial experts. The bookstore just pick at a random book on finance open it up to the middle. Read a page or two. It makes you call a majority of people will my grasp it. In be able to related to their own picture. Gerber is different I gunned it down. You did. If you would like a complimentary copy if you have not yet gotten one for. It you or any book club. Lula and and one of your any book club. Into and you want to be the most popular in neck in the club. Bring this book let us know how many is in your club men we will provide books for your Burke book club at no cost. Compliments of the dollars and cents radio program. If that. Is you pick up the phone and give us a call right now. Lead in China and 3035395420. And you would like to introduce this book it's a great read there's a lot of humor and it. If you listen to the program you'll know that that's spills over into a book. A book club designed you read it in the news you discuss it right. You can. Request that either Lorie or I. Sit in on that discussion. With your book club. We noticed can be me because men don't do that but clubs pat myself on buyback no it is yeah. And I don't think they deal minding your hot thus may be they would want you coming he has really not a woman saying he's lamenting eighteen people do Mindy book clubs yes. Either ran around like come on here are nano. I I don't I don't I have talent and a low if you have good then have to then say they do it to drink wine. And so I'll just tell you that stood a white glow even has an injury to yes Harry doesn't hear why club would like to request to kind of I will tell you though the fortified chapters to read and many can drink wine and and then you're a palpable. Numbers that you maintain fauna that lights here we do that I don't know plus Harry get the phone number out there and to be the star of your diary I'm sorry your wine club it's the 035395140. The number 303 fact three now in iPhone or 20 you're listening to the dollars and sensory show. Staging will be right back with standing match now. The dollars and cents radio show was your favorite. It was a couple trillion more for him. Hampshire wealth management and our next segment. Family matters. And here's Troy and Lauren. I know he has an elegant and I think if we had him what the heck would we tag band family matters found there. First name so we didn't Ireland's. The aides did good today so she first and I had a bag it is gets lost. Everywhere we got breaks blue bag off the plane it's got out. On the bus everything make it got to our hotel rooms except this big blue bag he is in Italy Italy this aura is around him or something. So that's number one number to do. He. Loses his ID blues outlaw again again so that they got I get home from the last time he lost his lady and then I knew one. And then after he got the new and we found his old one and a drier so we put in the face of thank whoever that all it read you know step back in the dryer that yeah. Exactly so anyway no no no no I'm not I didn't want to give viewers on that did you check your pockets but oh yeah not only am I too. That he doesn't but he doesn't think so we were talking about Logan about a month ago. And I pointed out he was sending they keep grip graduation they accuse those Detroit. Does that. Stamp go on their topple I eats or newer Ilya yes. So well in the middle so yeah you first graduation present. We bought him and is generally before college starts or you're gonna tell that well as I don't go ahead. Now we could help and he's good he's an honor student so this is what's crazy. I mean he's you know. Test all the states is natural. They student really kid on that area. But the other stuff this is not so much so that the bus he's hacker he's we've we've automated. Vacation to combo. Tomorrow at least tomorrow. And we're walking onto a plane this is an Ireland's the end somebody asks him you're like wow that's some weeks how long are you gonna be there he said. I think I'm gonna be their like. Four nights in three days. Like two nights five days I might. I really is no good like how how are you going to stay anywhere for tonight's interleague play today. Are you kidding me back and then I went out right there when I sit here and mice your your issue you're traveling we're Dick does that night. I was so stressed out about this like I did I it was a great idea when we actually didn't read it to I don't freaking out so. Tonight we're having a sit down dinner yesterday we set there. Lori and her computer. And we are tanking and a full page of don't forget to put the key in your pocket. When we leave room and won't be able to get back in the security and stuff like that. It's street Chile and EA's were worried now. We're like you just like on April were on the airplane you gotta fill out immigration thing that the I don't know we'll be able to do yet. He won't he won't there's going to be some trouble. Happening in the next four days. I mean rosette I'm really gonna get gray hair it's a ravenous sit down and and all dinner hoping B remember it at least. We don't tend 20% of what we're telling them it's it's Connor going I don't know if caught our contrary I would not only laid out at all yeah our young young when I was growing Riley snag any instrument though in telling wants to be like I got a magnetic. We fellows in Trenton times and he says I got and I got an idea and get in and then he'll call us from they're going. Where where and why gifted dancer there wouldn't they it's. I don't know it was a dumb thing to do in hindsight and I am very very nervous I feel stressed just listening to you right now. Oh things aren't even getting that own our next family matters is going to be here's what happened Logan Chicago and I got to tell you that right now now obvious segment not to me as I did so they don't know my. All right this week that's that's my only backing of frustrated if I cry like it. We break some thing on his list on his list. It is the names have all of these people in combo at a that he has to go introduce himself to so they know he's there. So. You know if he gets in a pickle he can go to them and you know here's the worst thing is we have the entire city you're up. Here's the worst thing he's going to our place that we literally. Just got remodeled I mean it finished on Friday we haven't seen her place yet he is going there. It is the most with the viewers can't even keep up his bedroom. She I just I hope we have the same and we have a toilet when we get back I aimed his nervous and on get out so low stress and distress mom. So they have done anyway morning come on man fit them though when hurricane oh wait no let's say because all transparent here. We will be gone next week again because choice why may. And the nine class reunion Lou. Yeah class reunion. He had to go back to Hastings. Thirty year class reunion and I'd be interesting. And there's really only a handful of people and I wanna see. Hey you know from our reality. Flights. Can help anyway so it actually two weeks from now you'll hear about in the air out here how Logan helo and went. All right enjoy him chat away let me throw the number first three here at 35395420. That through 3539. 5420. Brain is on the phone need to leave a message will PDF called back but that is an everything knees after the show as well as. Monday through Friday as well 3035395. Schwartz is here. So we're talking about money behavior. Germany will behave misbehaving. We're talking about having your money be paid leave any wave that is consistent we have. Your risk tolerance that is consistent with your expectations. Behavior management. Yelled this is weird knowing what you own now. I'm not just our night yeah a week we know what we got we got this account it. Edward Jones we Edison new audio we know we can. Talking about on another level but this is where knowing what you won't and that type. A financial advisor you work with comes into play. Not all financial advice is the same. Simply buying and invest simply buying a mutual fund. Being sold a mutual fund. In hoping hit performs. Is not behavior management. It's gotta like put their kids. Can come might put Logan's. Become like with their children with your children. As parents we establish rules we establish expectations right yes it's amazing. But I'm drawing this comparison because it puts into perspective what we're talking about when it comes to your money. Not enough. Families. Investors and retirees. Have the right expectation and understanding of what they have but with their children to establish rules the expectations. Then we as parents we manage accordingly. Going forward. If the behavior. Of our child is out of line. We take the proper action to critic to correct that behavior. Mean that's that's what parenting has straighten absolutely and I hate to use the word managing our children potential we do. That's their jobs to parenting incidents of anti innocent man and I am their behavior. Ten make them a good bit. Constructive. Human beings adults. Like with our money. Established rules we establish expectations. We and you use professional. Money management. Not full. Self called financial advisors. Provide professional money management. I'm talking about on the fiduciary level. In investment advisor. A firm that. Is a registered investment advisory. That adheres to the highest. Level of transparency. That's what we do. When you work what they professional money management firm any professional money manager. Here's the first step. You'll established. With them what's important. Your risk tolerance. Your time horizon. Your income needs now. Your future income needs. Your return expectation. Once those. Rules. Are established. The next step is creating a financial blueprint. That fits you. One size fits all. This is my favorite mutual fund I think everybody should own it. Not managing the younger and. It's not profession money management either. That you create that blueprint that fits you implement that plan and that blueprint. And then manager going forward to maintain the expected behavior of your client. Scum like with the kids in school. Parent teacher conference. Why don't we do that. Marine view. Their performance. In their behavior. Give my point. Can you imagine. Sending your kid do a school only since the end. We don't believe in parent teacher conference it's female we might wanna look at any kid would love it right brain. Regular maintenance. To monitor. The behavior in the pro. Address. Just like with your automobile. Well what happened long term. If no routine maintenance. Probably Logan would buy it. You know you can really tossed under the but don't fit the net but this just think about it with your automobile. We have regular scheduled routine make it straight. So there's no big expensive problems later but the other side that if we said where when something goes wrong. Then I'll make that call and fortunately. That's helped to many folks. Approach their. Financials. Mail if something. Happens. That starts to worry me. The engine starts knocking. Then I'll make that call. Now. Change your level of expectation. Because that parent teacher conference that ridge regular scheduled routine maintenance is necessary. It's if we need to do a little. Tweak here or there a change here. Because what that is doing. Is that is making certain. That your portfolio. Is that hearing. In meeting expectations. It is behaving. In the right way. And trust me. Your portfolio will need the maintenance from tying to trying. To maintain the behavior. Maintain the integrity. Of the behavior that is supposed to produce. Can I make it more narrow. K great if you if your financial professional is an 800 number. At a person that you don't know I've never met you really need to rethink what you're doing. And I mean that with let's NAND and stuff but you shouldn't have to call in different that 800 number and get a different person. Every time you call that that's working backwards but unfortunately. In the day and age that we live in. Its automated. Burn a big. You can think of. And I. Considered to personalized. Service. Used to exist back in 1980. Thing. We provide debt. Now. On the other side of the break in I talked about the concept straight. Professional money management. And gonna talk about and explain. In identifying. More specifically what that is. How what works and how all these money managers. How we. Managed the behavior. Because it's one thing did you see the words and behaviors are your portfolio behaves the same way the right way. In talked about and identify X specifically. What daddy is on the other side of this break. IRA so hang on tight as will be back it's just a quick commercial break the number to call 303. 539542030353. And stifle or if she's your stay tuned we'll be right back. The dollars and cents radio show with a story and Lori and their Mercury can. We talk about what's happening in the market. It affects you now here's Troy and Lori. Welcome back to the dollars and cents radio program we are on the. Home stretch for the weekly market recap week ending July 21 when he seventeen. Freddie delivered a week ending pullback among all three major US indices but there are several positive takeaways that deserve mentioning. Thursday marked the end of ten consecutive days of gains in the NASDAQ its longest streak since February 2015. After a fairly flat start of the year US large caps. Have jumped 2% just over the past two weeks. International stocks followed suit. Maybin doing great throughout when he seventeen they've gained over 3% over the past two weeks in emerging market stocks which I've been talking about since beginning of the year. Climbed over 5%. Over the same two week period. Now with the recent volatility over the last six weeks investors have at least for the past two weeks chosen to ignore. There's no way he's in the headlines about Russia in politics. And focus on. Corporate earnings and our solid fundamentals. The Dow sits up over 9% year to date while the S and p.'s up over ten in the NASDAQ simple for 18%. Oil closed over 45 dollars a barrel. Think it's kind of bouncing around. What we hope to see as the bottom and we think there's some opportunity in that sector going forward. Over the past eighteen months we've seen periods of record returns in certain sectors while others have struggled. My point the best way to stay invested for the long term is to have a well designed well diversified portfolio of that in itself will allow you to stay invested. And sector's rise and fall and that is the weekly market recap. Okay just have to say before we finish our segment on many behavior. And the break be surprised what happens during the break that's the Ryan. When it cracked. Takes back Torre's back my back you know range of big felling I presser is whenever I gotta say my backs been bothering me for the past couple weeks. Aunts you know with Gillian dream baby and so I mean. I'm just saying that it feels better already guess the temp thing you ever snow playing golf today. You know I'm glad they're not listening because now that I have a fresh factor in big trouble for the fifth. Big trouble. Mom and beautiful golf swings now okay we can I do bulletin we're really quick yes first of all next ten we come back we have illicit stuff coming up that is just love she seemed to talk about we have Melissa Seth coming up and really said he talked about we'll talk about that on non. Think it's August 6. But ugly spin. It's Saturday unsafe is the art and aging expo don't know if you've heard about it I think they've been promoting an on the treason yes it's down on Santa baby. Good are they say it rabbit woke me college gases on senate instead of a little cruiser 1430 for the details to get more information about it I think we should be there are ten man AG and to that next show they will be there dimension and a lot of different. Things associated with art of aging health. Financials such like that so unveiling was then scheduled to as having fun to do fight. I had perfect thank you. So we're talking about money behavior it is important. Pick your portfolio. Your dollars in investments. Your financial picture behaves in the way that meets your expectations in your needs. As an investment advisor working. Directly with our third party money managers Grady investments that's what we do. We managed behaviors. Here's what I'm talking about. Before the break and talk about the difference between professional money management and just selling random investments. IE this is my fever mutual fund is here this month this week. My back. Here's what professional money management looks like we have over 25. Proprietary. Portfolios. Portfolios. You own investments. Or do you own specific portfolios. I'm not giving get into the meat and potatoes of every portfolio. But I am gonna explain to you wait we have over 25 specific portfolios. When portfolio. Floating down portfolio. It's managed you know weighing. And is put together and away. That mirrors the big endowment funds like Harvard and Yale. He managed billions of dollars in May do well every year. So we've created that model for our clients tank. But we have. Five different. Sizes so to speak that portfolio I'm not talking about well if you deposit this much money. Risks tolerance sizes. So we have been down that day. Most conservative. In down and beat CD any. So what that means is take if you are. By your risk tolerant score a balanced investor Gary. Not a huge risk taker but you're not the ultra conservative here balanced investor Gary. The endowment C. Is built. Designed implemented for the balanced investor. I try to get that that makes sense. So the portfolio managers. Manage it any way. By that set of rules. That maintains. The integrity. Of the balanced portfolio. That makes sense. So something. In that portfolio. Is causing it to behave other than a balanced. Portfolio. It's managed accordingly. It follows a set of rules to maintain its integrity for which it was designed. That is different than just saying Hank leaving about this mutual fund normally these past two turns. It's different. That is what professional money management looks like. I said. Radiate investments are third party money management and worked directly with the portfolio managers. And it's an honor to do so and they're wonderful individuals brilliant regularly seen on Fox Business news CNBC its center. We have portfolios that. All learn. Put together wish. Dividend paying. Large cap. US stocks. And we have. Different risks tolerance. Sizes in that portfolio. And they are manage any wave yet. Why is set of rules. So that portfolio will maintain the integrity. Of what it was designed for and why it was recommended to you. That's active money management. Matches buying and selling you out of things. Here's the nice part. We talked about when it comes to managing the behavior of your money the importance just like with your automobile raid their routine maintenance. To prevent big costly. Events en route same way with your portfolio. Too many individuals. If it's not broke don't need to fix it with the engines knocking. As it dies on the side of the road must assert smoke and I guess it's funny. Eventually. It will. Be a costly event same way with your portfolio. If you don't pay attention. If you're not doing the routine maintenance. Meeting with you were investment advisor. This year is much different than it was last year. Many sectors that were strong last year. Are really struggling this year and vice Versa. Emerging in international sectors. Have really been beaten up over that the past 5678 years. But now there on a different trajectory. And that opportunity should be discussed. That's the difference with professional money. Management. You were next steps then. With a portfolio analysis review we call it a par for short. PAR portfolio analysis review. You will learn. What factors. Are influencing. The behaviors of your money and have your portfolio. One of the things that I really enjoying rang you know this because YouTube you know work alongside when we do disparate. And really enjoying providing quarterly over views. Each and every one of her clients the first page and an overview his commentary. In its commentary. That includes. Here's what happened over the previous quarter. Here are the factors. That are influencing the behavior of the portfolio. Of the stock market the bond market its centrum. In weighty you can understand. Explanation. More than just you open your statement you look at the bottom line you follow the way. It's lost too much money in my pick up the phone. It's not money management. Inventor breakdown portfolio by portfolio. Here's why each change was made in this portfolio. It was to maintain the integrity of what it was designed. And built. To do. So your next step. Call in scheduled today your portfolio analysis review. Because it will identify. What factors are influencing the behaviors of your money in your portfolio today. What's causing your portfolio to beat his volatile it also identify. If the amount of riskier carrying around your portfolio. Is the amount of risk that you're comfortable with. This is information. That you should not be without. Even if you know what it is you wrong. Do you know what factors. Are influencing the behavior. In do you have the components within the portfolio to balance things out. To be here correct fit for you. Money management. These portfolios investing is not a one size fits all its not an off the rack proposition. At least it shouldn't be. But too many advisors make a really good living. Just selling something. Counting on the customer no relation ship carrying this is important the relationship is important. Because it's that relationship. That will allow use. To better and better and better understand what you have and to better and better understand. We changes are made why they were made. Who are these changes really benefiting. Right you the investor. Where the person or company on the other side. If it changes made. It should be made. Because an all league because the intent was to maintain the integrity. A bad investment we're of that portfolio. I know I get passionate about these things. Because it's important. It's what we do want a regular and daily basis can we take pride in fact. There after listing the program today and say you know my I kinda understand and it makes some sense. That's not a what I feel like I hammer when I'm getting. Maybe you're thinking that because maybe now it's time to drop down the phone number and give us a call. Can get a taste for yourself. What these reports will identify we you do with these reports this information and commentary except you. That you owe it to yourself. To find out what is affecting the behavior. Of your portfolio because then you'll know what boy. These things that are out in front of me could really have a huge impact. In a negative way in my portfolio. Managing the behavior. In fact is our sector on net. Money behavior today on the dollars incense radio program. Our rates do you have in this into the dollars and ten cents radio show you can also check his head on face the grind house. You're on your FaceBook scrolling your feed into liking your kids agreeing to hear her grandkids pictures go ahead Serge forest Hampshire wealth management. AG MS HER Hampshire wealth management. Q were searched and like our page we got a lot of good articles on their summer right now we're still enjoy the summer we have great sense of cost savings if you're traveling going on vacation I agree articles threes so make sure like this on FaceBook. Or you can also go to our web state Debbie Debbie Debbie debt each wealth dot OR GE twelve dot org. And eighteen clicks something in Laguna Tom price there's a FaceBook a blue left. It clicks that link they'll take your rights are faced potentially turn and the only ones not percent faced at Seward is not we don't understand is much but he doesn't get the call. Ideas accommodate your friend as well at 303539. 5420. That through 35395420. Paint things semis or shooting incidents leaks and addition of dollars and cents radio show with Choi in ninety. And everyone. And that you guys have a great week. And we will be back into weak side.