Dollars and Sense Radio Show - 9.24.17

Sunday, September 24th

Fun times and great advise from Troy and Lauri! Enjoy!


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And listening to the dollars and cents radio show. Investment advisory services offered to enjoy what management LLC a registered investment advisor in the state of our insurance products and services for your pitcher. Great actual management LLC in history. And now it's. The dollars and cents radio show. Troy yeah. And good morning and welcome to the dollars and cents radio show dividend weird week isn't doing is they're really weird week weather wise and we is that we ads. It's officially fall in mid officially feels like fall Katie is cold outside it has it been chronicled. Yeah okay so just real quick amassed status yesterday we had and look up to a horrible event higher ball we talk about the puppies. On the show a lot of got to let eight month old puppy suddenly that moved so yeah. So enjoy it really excited winds and wind boss Scott rabbit there and and any impressive yeah whatever it's very freaky yeah you. And actually yesterday something completely traumatic happens if I take him out because of course simmer about the Cox and the coyotes and stuff semis right there with him. Well box found out where you didn't find it he caught. He he caught a burger I keep down any hot about her even mad I was impressed I was met foul. So oh so this that I first of all you ask was a wake up with that kind of heart rate you'd just not that just like should be illegal Heather's in his mouth so I. I die and I didn't end on the stairs screaming Qichen las Americas what else do you do not gonna pick him up with a burden is not kick him off the bird and then blew week. How is on the bird so then how. But doesn't cut embrace the faith so. We say and that was a lot of screens at first thing in the morning 630 so we tell Slovenia and go get rid of the bird for bird is Maine's. And that well he and so we took a mono walked to the dogs on a lock came back with a as a contender and there's no bird. But when maybe he flew off that's dead. So oh I said we'll try you got to go out with me again just to make sure there's no bird to win the dogs do you go out again. We go out and about these are hiding bird he found the Frick and begged him happy and he's gonna hurt I'm screen and feathers are flying now the worst part is. We live on a golf course and Noelle July 20 feet away if there's two guys. That are trying to hit their ball when she screening so they ran over deceit of house burning down great with their golf clubs in the air ready to clubs something. And that the anyways victim that was had them both they both literally had there now is filled with others. Horrible. Car all Cecile is a weird weekend and now on the very nervous momma there with those stocks is they airless into the dollars and sensory is have a it's Evan Bayh aborted at the way and little where I feel a little weird stuff so it's unbelievable being with yes for the next hour and a half so. A congressionally is that. Yeah we are gonna peppers and financial talk at some point somehow I will slight sim in there we have a great show lined up today. An all new dollars and cents program and as always is you learn. About in implement the financial power tools from each one of these programs you'll be better informed. In better prepared. Investor tea on the program. Where to catch up to speed on what's going on in the markets with the weekly market recap. The investor education. Segment today is growth. Stocks. Vs value. Stocks. What you need to know. Managing your liquidity. You hear a lot about managing your money managing your portfolio. But what about managing your liquidity were going to be talking about that. In one of our segments today. In five reasons. People fly here their financial advisors. Five at the top five reasons. You don't want to miss this segment because if you're not giving this service. The support and or proper advice or guidance. Premier advisor may be it's time to say you're fired. And let your client didn't just say can I rat better service don't fire arrests. We lucky people. And are back in time segment I've been informed is a not a particular year verde remember win. Remember when. Remember when he had no idea DA I. That would do when I I like DLA think why do well I don't do look the. Non financial. Parts of the program. I'm hearing about this stuff right along with our audience I know but it's like if you don't do that are important who's in the education and the value I immediately information and it's valuable as is not designed financially related and and I'm decisions you not a part of that liar we do back in time is still think it should be music calories a day into. Still on that and I. And you can't have everything you are not. Okay. So what do we have on the bulletin board as always this is alive shows we have opened its own lines throughout. The segment throughout the program. If you have a financially related question. Great question on any of the topics that we are discussing feel free to pick up the phone and give this a called during the show. Now we're not gonna put your life on the mayor when you call but Ryan ST ending buying. Ready to take your calls right now in we appreciate. We get a lot of folks that call and just give us comments on certain things. We appreciate you we appreciate between every appreciate the fact checking. The fact yet taken that people calling it like if I'm wondering something or ask something now you both called in with answers and which is very handy and condone looking like that happens heavy potty train a poppy. Please please three degrees. (%expletive) thirteen I think I flirty zero. You can always check. More out on each wealth all one word a twelfth dot org. And that is also the place where you can accomplish two major victories one. You can request a complimentary. Copy signed copy of whose retirement is it anyway. This is its one year anniversary on Amazon. One year anniversary. Because you don't have to pay for if you go to it will not work and request your complimentary copy. That's also. Where you can download it. You were free version. Of the dollars incense mobile app. That's right your very own dollars and cents mobile not only continue access. He vast library of past shows. You can listen to cruise in 1430. All of your favorite music. And programs. Why you've via the dollars and since mobile. The app is free. And you'll take DirecTV App Store just scroll right down on the front of our. Website. Quick get now dollars it's a small black by the way good morning to all of you were joining us via the dollars and cents mobile app it's the best way to catch the program. The end you can always follow us on FaceBook. Brian had to be do you have we don't know how they do I think you are just. Agency the easiest realistically if our website and he took off dot org because there really is a one stop shop be talked about it in the book you talked about downloading GAAP. On the top right of that same website H wealth dot ORG and is there a symbol big laugh yes clicks that symbol. It will take you directly to our FaceBook sites you can like she can follow us we put out great articles every week. Easy. Easy as one place one click one place for everything. Laughter. Torre. Would you like to get the phone number out there and any other important information from the board to board that I may have missed. Surrounding his leaving from the bulletin board necessarily but hate happy soft and happy fall race filed a happy first and thought hey you can expect happy birthday tomorrow Ryan I told you I won't go to video. That of free decision. You remember those so and it's usually in an opening if we do you have any moralist. That's us. Oh now it has no good and no Bueno bit happy birthday they Jerry got a 27. I wish there it is set a B. An over abundance. Of September birthday snack people who have fun and angrier than an hour. Oldest son's birthday is on Wednesday we had. Our. Second. Oldest son how we'd lose track for kids last Friday our daughter the Friday before and both of our fathers the Friday before so. We're just getting started sentiment happy month. I'm Elisa and I didn't put up the blood. Phone number if you wish to come right which he pretends it's. 3353954820. Larry at three ID nine. I fourteen to zero V app puppy training or happy birthday is or eating right is they really have a that. Oh they do. Yeah okay one thing after this after the weekly market recap we are going to do something that I think cutting impromptu event. Has really taken center stage in the past couple weeks from our clients is ever gonna talk about. Equifax. And their security breach EU ended. Yeah he's at risk what you can do come we've had a lot of folks reach out to us so we thought it was pertinent to. Discuss what's going on. With should be Equifax issue. That we can market recap for the week ending September 22 2017. Stocks ticked up slightly higher in the week as the ball continues to reach new high eighties. A strong labor market in low inflation rates were enough for the Fed to announce it would not be raising. Interest rates at this time slow and steady. Slow and steady seems to be the pace which is good geopolitical tensions still remain high. And Wall Street continues to keep a close watch on what's going on around the globe politically. Having it properly diversified portfolio and staying with the end net you risk tolerance will serve you well. As we should continue to see heightened levels of vault at two. By the numbers the Dow was up slightly on the week the Dow sits up just over 13% year to date. Yes and up eleven point 8% year to date PA has the NASDAQ was down just slightly on the week closing 6427. Get this up nineteen point 4%. Year to date in this far. Ten year treasury was up slightly. And they all. I've been seeing this for the last six months. There's going to be some opportunity once it stabilizes we are now closing over fifty dollars a barrel. Oil closed Friday at fifth and 64 cents a barrel up one and a half percent on the week now. Is up 3.3 percent year to date you may notice some rising prices at the pump in can't that's the tradeoff. That take away. As investors love to see these are robust marquee games in new records being sick keep in mind. We have yet to see market correction in 2017. We talked about this couple weeks ago. Market pullbacks in market corrections. Corrections are necessarily bad events in fact our markets and keep them from time to time to keep them in each act. For the up and prepared investor. They can be very scary and worrisome events. Again. Although this market correction as we call it can be healthy for our overall financial markets. It may not feel so healthy freer for a one K or brokerage account if you're carrying around more risk. Then you should be worth it. You can afford to be carrying around. Understanding in knowing your risk tolerance is the first step. To investing with unit. Eighty now's the time to analyze the actual risk. You're carrying around. Which will enable you to rebalance to a healthier place. Financially. Pure we're ready to take that step now is the time. Give us a call and schedule today you were. Complimentary financial review. And risk tolerance analysis 303. 53954. To zero in that is at the weekly market recap. RA let's US and security pristine with Equifax Ryan and landed different perspective on this because of what you do with you or. Thank you for your military saving saving the country. And that do you have an I'm not the sale a whole lot because I know what can be said staff spend with your military training with your cyberspace seeing. You have a very unique perspective on what happened list. The breach with Equifax and so we've had to resource a lot of it for our clients brick like they're calling what should we do what do we do what can we do so I'm just now like pat I'll let you go out. Right well you know it's and it's important to know that we do get a lot of calls and lot of concerns from our clients about the data breach in it whether or not you were affected and it's important to remember that. In our data technology and hacking is something that's just going to happen unfortunately it is it's it's it's hard to say any system safe. You know any any any system you can say is un hackable. The Pentagon has been in yup packed the White House has been breached. Eight you know I didn't look at all the retail giants like target remember that was a big one yep so it's not Newt who. But this feels a little bit for Ryan because. This is the agencies that this task with a that is trusted with him holding all of our financial information for each and every one of us sort through a little different it's not just our target card act does this whole. Brilliant because it's your personal information are selling a car the other day it funny but not funny story North Korea actually. You remember when that movie came out they interview. A couple years ago and snow every hacks Sony. What people don't know and it is unclassified Masai you say bud North Korea actually was already in Sony system even hacking them for years. And Dino wide even in the system for years. Because Kim Jong-un likes to watch movies. The Sony produces before the current dieters really so they've been in the system for a long time until they finally did something. People can see him. Hacking into these systems a long time for the actually do so it is sitting there in now with Equifax it hits home. We know for a fact that personal information has been a tapes. What I've been telling clients is. What they're able to do with that information is different story it's wanting to be cats it's another thing is who of what can they do with the information. You know your personal identifiable information that Equifax has very well can be encrypted. Which means it's a bunch of symbols and hieroglyphics and looks like when you just pull these follow us you can actually read the information operate Kenny decrypt it and that's the question. So nothing is to say. 143 million people have been affected and that's not to say that their information being used but that doesn't mean we treated any less serious. Silly serious so there's certain things that you can doom. Guide to help protect yourself one of them being. An and this is brand new in the news that we saw that's. Equifax has been directing people to a website to see if they have been affected by this data breach and this site actually was at stake there's a phony site. So people were worried that oh my gosh I can't trust trust Equifax and show me where to go to see if I was actually affected and I'll give you the website to go to because this is the valid website. I'm the only reason people were scared of is because it didn't have Equifax in the name so if you go to trusted premiere dot com. Trusted premier one word dot com. You can put in your last name put in the last six years social. Arm. And CE if you were affected and it will tell you you may have been affected you may not have been or are you were affected and we did in our office. Let nobody out of four of us three hour bus may have been affected you know have been that's it says yup you're stuck right there don't click in all it does give you the option are all what that is is Equifax give you on a truly free credit monitoring sex but when it's just quickly describe credit monitoring is so this. We've had folks calling our office since this news broke on the Equifax data breach. Saying should I you don't freeze my accounts should I cancel my credit card should I. He didn't obtain that information per saying right there real threat. That exists. It is if they can. Grab your information. And to open new credit cards open the lines of credit start a mortgage should get a loan rate apply for a car during what you what do you think that. You know industries run your credits. That's someone using your information tool like you said open to more children alone. Started credit car and borrow and yup borrow money. So credit monitoring. And is based service that. Defy easy you. Know and somebody is. Trying to open credits right under your name menu war identity grant it and so it's it's simply an alert system and yeah. You know the funny thing is as you know US mere day. I said well yeah I use credit monitoring I use Aqua fresh cup trip that the it was about that it is that they are probably. On their toes are now giving a very heightened level of service because they are getting gets booed for the next decade ready for this thing. Class action lawsuits. And so they're going to be you know they do end its credit monitoring so I guess. Are you guard your G recommend anybody that doesn't currently. Have an enrollment into some sort of credit monitoring their they should probably pursue that we so obese there's a lot of people that thinks you get what you. Pay for ray so a lot of us use credit karma deferred credit checking creme honoring. There is and I've done my due diligence or research there is a great sky around. Company called life lock. Amen I did some research for a client move really recently. A membership that you can join and speed does that's monitoring current is like a radar sweep at any time your name and your permission pops up. In another place. I like it'd give an example of I have USA for banking so they know when I'm in Colorado I call them when I'm taking the trip out of the state. To ignore a match sauce and charge comes up my credit card in Florida. I get a notification saying hey were you in Florida you bought this note I did and so we can take care of that right away lifelike does that it suites. Everywhere and anytime in the system that you word name is used for credits hacker and you turn your information is used they will come up and let you know hey it was this you. Make industries actually sees you applying for mortgage. So it's a great system ended it does cost a membership monthly plan. You know how. It. Pretty and it's a small price to pay. About three months ago three or four months ago we talked about. Identity theft and we talked about some you know. What is the new. Saying bad to we need to be aware of and we offered and it went over well I think now would be a great time to maybe do that during the program today. You've that the new thing that thieves are doing and especially at boot ramps up between now on the in the year when people are doing more shopping yet it is credit card skimming yes and he can do it. Despite being in your proximity he rate and a frequency that's right RFID cars. Radio frequency identification. And that little magnetic strip on your credit card or your bank card or your charge card. Has all of your information. And if they are within your proximity. You can go right on Amazon and buy the equipment they're crooks can do that thieves they can buy this equipment. For not a lot of money and if they nobody use it if they're standing next to you. They can get the information. From their credit cards during your what what it's in your pocket or a wallet that's in your purse. And we have. Radio frequency RFID. Cards that protect locker resists that they are blockers can't all you do to. Is put them in you work. Herders in your wallet. And it will prevent these thieves. From stealing your card information write it happened to you and me twice this year happened you twice. And so here's my point since were all on this subject today. And we are getting into a spending season I mean it is you know the stores have volley it's about Halloween that you know that Thanksgiving to Christmas the gift giving. You do not want to be in these crowded malls and that shopping centers and stores. And protected him and so. If you call and daring the program today we will send you a complimentary. RFID. Card. At our expense not you worse. They are not cheap. But you'll be glad the job they do the job. I'll tell you T I think you see I was gone for five weeks from military training part of the military training with cyber security and good chunk commit. We had a specialist cumin and speech he gave us I won't go to the details but he gave us. An example it took him less than sixty seconds to copy he had that kind of equipment we're talking about less than sixty seconds to copy someone's hotel key. The cars are you always get. It was able to he had like a little make shots an. Air in the report and he reader. He eats it took a lesson six seconds to copy some hotel key said he would be able to go there are so hotel. Keys aren't safe credit cars are safe in its aim at gives our off aid critique and see yup. Not bigger keys anymore they're just little cards so they had to have a frequency so. You know if you travel on it again. You just want to be protected in the end I'm just proud to see the dollar isn't exactly get everybody out Ryan I appreciate that I'm eighty something this is a present for me see you happy birthday T guys from my birthday rates as he needs is rapidly pay attention to these skippers are not just. Scanners that can pick up the signal in the air they also use an ATMs and gas station parts that's a big team I've seen in the news a while yes defeated and here's what you need to deal on every time he got an ATM. Every time you go at a gas station where you insert your credit card. You lose your thing give it a little touch that little thing where you put the credit card actually end given lol touched. Vacated if it's the true legitimate system you're knocking their written kicking off. But if there is a credit card scammer allow these hackers can putt a little thin face over it. And as you put your credit card and they can steal your data. To get that thing a little time to see if there's a steamer on the ATM or at the gas station pumped because I think that's how my second. I do any fraud happened was from that was a little scammer on gas station part is that area was known for gamers so just a little tidbit to protect yourself. Yeah and it's you know all we can do at the end of the day. Is to keep up we have. All we can do to protect ourselves and those RFID cards are a great way. You whats its and it happened to me earlier this year and I still don't know. How it happened. I think I can think was possibly. Can possibly. I didn't have an RFID card to move. I mean because it was a credit card debt. I never use. He ends all of a sudden. I see all these exorbitant charges from. It was an online purchase. Kenny remember what the product was oh it was like 500 dollars worth of make up yes and determined that to me and the charge. Our originated in like Taiwan or something like that. Luckily I was able to. Check in time where they reversed the charges and said well you know before that they. They charged a dollar on at the day before test it. To test it yet it went through then they go to a bigger one and then there and so the only thing I can think he is. It was stolen from the let yourself. Get your loved one. Will send out two cards. For you you're married may be a warning your kids or what have you. At our expense not yours. Through these 35395420. Call in request your complimentary. RFID. Cards compliments of New Hampshire wealth management in the dollars incidents radio program we're gonna have opened pull lines for the next sixty minutes or so I'll. You know I gotta say bet yeah give kudos to those technology people I'm just saying and you ESP Zurich. OK with a video camera down to see who who's PM where they shouldn't of those to the dogs a virus. And no I mean cute the pieces are wonderful honest. And could be at a market a mission in ERE. Let's do it helped as did and I think can swipe card to use some third to get to step and we can't use of video. Machine that we gag. Well it's that easy and I let her that's a user that's what I'm saying it immediately and are getting major kudos go here's what I'm saying. You know all of these things that we. Look at. From the vantage point of that makes life easier and better and more convenient. Also makes this more vulnerable yet. Every single one of these great things there's a trade off on the other side somewhere. And so you know again it's our job. To stay educated. And to stay on the forefront of this because once your victim near victims don't. You know I would CT yes these cards are awesome their wonderful. If you is and I thought her Christmas is is RFID wallets they've got those sued and you travel and we have RFID where they see passport holders and pass. Were holders because they can copy your pass important match yesterday at a strip. So weak you bought us last year no Lorie had little our buddy Castro holder Caspar relievers. And then I Cary analysts are gonna sound serious as many acts. Any impact yet it's getting any pat good avenue. It is an -- it's a Feeney it's not the kind of thing any packets you know it's a slim Fanny pack they're my new slim any kid this is anything. Our fight decently when were you know whether or around the beach or whatever. If it happens when you're traveling. And so you know we put a new art all of her stuff. Ian that our fight Dina just blocks thinks so this is just some you can put your purse or your wallet. And protect yourself because this is the time of the year that and you know this is error. Shopping season for the feast. Yep you got every reason to be going the ATM in the gas station trying to pull off the test. Pets I think. I still Everyzing ASEAN so I'm not gonna pull on that as and it escalates it could I even into the our defense radio show we do have to take a quick commercial break but he can give us a call 3035395420. That's 33539542. Though we'll be right back. It's time play. Back in time that they do have a different it is now it's. So that's. Well I mean he says that isn't that like I was trying to think of dates and times instead sometime this week of of wind things happen and and so I decided let's just remember and remember. When Denver women OK remember win. And pinky oh don't do this is mine but I do the questions here sir I know I felt so this is more of a test now. I'm not really not I'm like okay okay so. First of what came first in Gaza say it would trigger the egg. I don't I don't know the answer that one pick in Cape Wind was LP record invented the sack about laying low league's well vinyl shy you know she. LP. OP like what we've listened to records that's they yeah final in. I mean. In the fifth. If he's a good idea 1948. Pets OK prior to that EC vinyl. Prior that would and we listened to you now. Well as Bjorn I endless variety that night and that. Real the real something in some sort of it was it was a photograph. The phone you know that thing with the Warren. And that you know those old things as photograph so before wait a minute. Let it may play vinyl long man. Yes that's Wednesday still LP vinyl is a step that we are I know I'll get that there was her it was called grandma phones and the phone. Yeah like the old symbol of RCA with the Dow ever higher rates and that's been photographed. Yes to list what year that was. No idea and a 1877. Amount of all people Edison invented it heat is amazing person if I can go back and have dinner with one person I think you would be Edison. He is responsible for so much IRA this Sony didn't get the eight tracking can set rates after. And I carefully those who knew that is and I will house the rape so I don't get this. Eight or 1964. Is the eight track mecky Matt Bennett 1962. Is when the cassette tape came came out. Seen any answer cassette tape came out in 1962. And the eight track in 1964. Through that because there was that his that eight track I think in stereos that's why that was our and meaning cars. Because that's that was what became it was in your tent get easier to view. And a whole box like cardboard box. In my first car. That just had all my eight tracks piled in just through now like are they worth anything now he's kind of you know I owe anything to like put in my. You couldn't those things were indestructible. Yeah bike race like you know then then that that little. It. Little tape that's in there that you know holes the music. Beat that thing to be pulled I need to stick your finger and you put in the hole you just going to back up in slighted in and it would play CN distract. Yep okay so and I'm gonna move on because I know you want to and so this is kind of funny TV sets. Came out in nineteen to one between nineteen when he in 1934. Men and at the first time of news news cast basically in 1948. There was too. Fifteen minute newscast that people can choose from one of them. Was called camel news caravan. And the guy his name is John Cameron Swayze. He was required by the tobacco company that was sponsoring that. That news I real or Camel Cigarettes. It was you sponsor he was responsible pet to have a burning cigarette always visible when he was on can't really get one of the two big news things. We were just talking about this way if it was your mom and dad recently. The old Johnny Carson show. Johnny Carson used to smoke on the tonight he had an ash tree sitting right on is is best now he wasn't promoting. Well you know let that he probably was he probably. In one of his advertising people was probably that ended. Smoke on TV yeah okay I've won last land and this is just remember when. Not at the it the whole thing was like mini skirts remember him in miniskirts were it not okay. They they are considered. What. To provide moody yeah whatever well so. I I wonder about this because I am obviously trap that wise it was in the 1930s. But it's. Miller everybody wore out and skirts back in the day. Before trouser trousers they called them B for parents so cool. Well are long skirts yet girls is where it starts in the he'd be in the east it's. I read this is kind of funny the reason that women wore dresses before trousers up in the mid eighteen hundreds. Women in America we generally believed to be. Weaker. And more vol number of vulnerable than men and politics business and physical activity could be dangerous for women. So of course they had to Wear tight corsets with long restrictive skirts. Which reflected these beliefs. In that great so pick thank god that we can Wear trousers miniskirts and it's much better debris women and zero out now it's all stretchy pants or would it. Olathe Kansas and high gas love them. Okay you're listening to the dollars and cents radio program remember you call at any time during the program you can request your complimentary. RFID. Cards compliments of the dollars and cents radio program let's talk about growth. Verses value stocks. This is the investor education this is. Very important to understand. Because. I need to go through and quickly. Explain the difference between the two. In the entire adapt to what does that mean for your portfolio. Self. There are many variables that go into the difference between growth and value. But let's talk about value stocks in simple terms. Value stocks. Beazer dividend. Paying. Stocks. Companies that paid dividends back to their shareholders. You return their profits. By way of dividends back to the investor. This type of stock tends to be. Less volatile. More of a defensive. Position. These companies are war established well established mature companies blue chip dividend paying. Now let's go back to the volatility part just second. These value stocks tend to be less risky last vault hole then growth stocks. They don't rise as much as the growth stocks that they tend to hold up better. When everything is selling off. So. More for a conservative. Position. For the conservative investor. Some examples of these companies would be Johnson & Johnson these are household names General Electric. Value stocks. So what's a growth stock. Growth stocks. Our company's. That have a goal. Of reinvesting the profits back into the company. For the purpose of the growing. Their value. Growing their share price. So instead of returning profits to the investor by way of dividends. Their goal is to grow the stock price. It reinvest they reinvest their profits back into that the company. They tend to be growth stocks tend to be more expensive. Than value stocks because remember. There Calista wrote this the share price. Investors with growth stocks are not looking for dividends or income. Conversely they are looking for stock price appreciation. They buy a share of stock for hundred dollars their goal is to see that hundred dollars per share price. Appreciate. Now any bull market. Growth stocks tend to outperform. The overall market. But also understand the other side of Beck point. Growth stocks. Ten day. Outperform any damn hole where position or underperformed the overall market in a bear market. Folks will tend to sell off quicker. Instead of hold those stocks through bear market. Hamsters more volatility. It's more for the aggressive investor. Some examples of growth stocks are Amazon. FaceBook. Netflix. Tesla. Higher in price. Per share. Growth stocks so which type is right for you. It's not about. One is better than the other. It's about knowing. How to balance them out they both. Have the value there a certain values that they bring to a portfolio. It's having the right balance. Growth and value. Positions rarely perform. Any similar manner at the same turning. So let me point this out in a few examples. Over the last two and a half years. In 2015. Now I'm do what I'm doing is comparing them to the overall broad market. The S&P 500 or so with 2015. The S&P 500. Was up one point 4%. For the year basically flat. Value. Stocks. Underperformed the overall market they were down overall three point 1% in 2015. Large cap growth stocks however outperformed. In were up five point 5% in 2015. So. Growth web the way. Value under performed. 2050. Fast forward to. 2016. It was just the opposite. Value. Led the way. Up seventeen point 4% to overall. Between sixteen. Outperforming the S&P 500 that did 12%. Conversely growth. That led the way in 2015. Under performed. In 2016. By double digits. Growth stocks. Were up six point 9%. And 2016 where value were up over 17%. Now this year so far year to date in 2007 team. Value is under performing. At five point 1%. Growth is up 18%. If we look at a five year trend. It all evens out. Growth over the last five years up over 15%. Value up over 13%. Eric. Here's. My warning. With all of this. And by the way international. Equities. Tend to perform in that with that same cycle. It's important to know your risk tolerance. And continue to incorporate. Your risk tolerance into your investment plan. Here's my warning. You don't want to get into that cycle. Of selling. Underperforming. Portfolios. And then buying their portfolios. After the about performed. Some in the industry will call that chasing returns. And it's a very costly strategy. That can destroy the value of your portfolio over time. Stay with your financial plan and then give it time to work. On your behalf. As solid healthy financial plan. We'll have. That good healthy balance. Of growth and value. They both play your role. And remember the balance one another round they don't always performed the same. Way for a year to year. Indy if we look over the long term. They both bring value. To the portfolio. Don't let short term fluctuations. Or will boy you know has heard of my portfolio as. You know gosh CS and 11% this year in this part of my portfolios. Lagging it you know three or 4%. Gotta look over the long over the long. Haul. The big picture. Same with market corrections don't let your decisions. Be guided by your emotions. What you're decisions be guided by year playing in your long term plan you got to commit to the plane most important. Is having creating. The right plan. For yourself and for your family for your future that incorporates. DC these words how many times and each program it incorporates your risk. Tolerance. And that is the investor education on growth verses value listening to the dollars incidents radio program April how much time do we have to break. One minute. OK listen to dollars as radio program on lines are open. 3035395420. Don't go away. After the break. By a top reasons people fire. Their financial advisors on the way. Now we're back with the dollars and cents radio show with your favorite couple Troy and Lori from Hampshire will management and their next segment. Family matters. And here's Troy and Lawrence. Hey and thanks for tuning in in this Sunday morning for. The dollars and cents radio show and Yemen matters hey I'm also just one think you're ready for content for the RFID cards or their radio frequency blocker cards. And please be patient staff play around and I he would why is here for a fee only matters that he can't he's in the other and taken phone calls right now begin to leave a message leave a message here because from mines are very busy this 3035395420. That through through affecting nine passport to your. All right so I don't tell you under the bus often don't shoot today and I'm not quite do so all of that feels like you are about. That does not sell a pig of an audio and so everybody knows he played awful lot which is great eight. At this weekend it's coming in May nasty weather so yesterday was so over this weekend Friday Saturday my has been two walks the dogs. He walked out being put all our clean so you were asked I would tell you you do anything asking you to. And then. He walks the dogs with me yesterday morning. And he's like well let's just give them grocery store out of the way it's what happens maybe once every three years that he goes to biographies with me. He went to the grocery store with me. For the groceries and I'm telling my mom this on the phone and lake. He did he did this and and the Dover and that training said he cheating and you accept the fact that it. At that. Actually did happen. Is this then he gets on his little boy we get all kinds have done so before I know I'm out their seat in the Korea hired a new fall stepped in the court the court yard. I am exhausted by two black people take. I didn't realize that I love petting your round that you're military liked the next next next when it comes set and you can't. I ate and then last night I made dinner for the entire family IA triggered. Shrimp. Burgers. A pork tenderloin and sirloin okay he SE and it was fantastic. I thought and I am I don't debated SF did OK so. We're out there in the query or traced trying Ted fix the camera they ADT camera above some did so he's up three steps right by the front door. I am sweeping. And sweeping trainee in all the leaves instead out of the courtyard and then the wind starts blowing instead so I'm sweetie image he's Taubman white at a mosque so I am. Very far away from the front door. Trying to get all these leaves out before the glowing from each and does etiquette you don't run an end and grab me a few paper towels but never tells my color and just a second time super Mott here he is because. I forget allows astute he's right next to the door but he asked do you duet and I'm trying to get to the dentist and then like last night I'm cracking I was two shaft even though I was early cooking. I was constantly busy in addition key sitting down. At the table doing nothing. And I'm getting stuff done like and literally running around this thing Gary Hughes hit it is give me Simpson plan adds to add to a paper. And then think NB. You were my assistant that role legally I. Definitely miss. Does he got I just being really because EP over by the chair Mike and you've got to be kidding so like fifteen minutes later I know I'm gonna go take him out again. It was OK I didn't clean up the pier you think I. A hero and is already free to go back to. All I gotta do to keep. I end did you hear that's as us. I did get I mean. Let him. That you didn't tell me at the store. The grocery yes I do you like so many tight she says you know I'm always ready for you voted for golf season to be done. And because I'd I'd like to do that in my off time on the weekends when I have it. In the and then when the weather turns battle goes six months without playing and you may be coming yesterday that after that after the winter. You are so I may get a letter to get me out of the house right over you know it's like change. It's like you are right it's it's like the person who's retired. And then the other spouse retires lake whites do you ruining my system. You know lake wind to our neighbor she's she hasn't worked ever and then when her husband retired Enron retired she's headed outside how she's worked she's raised the family well I'm sorry act that DSL anyways and to saints can't like you ruinous system. With like data now it's all bend to tell hairy cell and I like is it was. Morris I love you know. That's sort of the earliest and at sounded more of like a disclaimer. You're listening to dollar since radio program thing goodness failing manners is now behind this eight and so yeah. Financial advisor magazine. Conducted this study. Almost 14100. Advisors. To compile the most common explanations. That clients. Gave for firing their previous riser. And we have the top five documented reasons. At financial professionals get dumped. And we're gonna go through them. Some of these may feel all. Familiar to you don't but they are important nonetheless that's why we're talking about them on today's program. Because you raising your level of expectation. Is Paramount. When it comes to your relationship with your advisor. You should reach your level of expectation. Sort of start West Indies error ranged in order. We're gonna start with. Number five. 23%. Who dumped their advisors said the reason was. That the advisor made claims. In the beginning. Claims which they could not deliver. For example. Yeah we're gonna target an 8% return with this portfolio. Now. First of all. Understand. No advisor has a crystal ball. Is it big they don't exist. And so managing expectations. Is what a good advisor does. As. The investor. Does it consider. The long term perspective. And only hears. 8% return. Perfect. You may locking in him. With what you hear 8%. And then when you get 3% to 2% to 4%. You're not happy. So. Pay attention to what that advisor says to you are they making promises. Or are you hearing promises. That was reason number five. Do we do we do get that a lot I mean people do but I mean we each try I especially try to say historic. Meaning wealth storage space on history and staff. OK we can't guarantee. I understand that but. In your right. But I guess the best way to explain it is this let's save that you paint yourself into a conservative. No role I'm a conservative. Investor I don't wanna take on. I cannot it take I cannot afford to take on I'm not comfortable with taking on. The risk of the overall market. I remember 2000 they would happened. I want a conservative approach so the overall market does 10%. What is your expectation. Will appear invested. More conservatively. Your gains are gonna be more conservative. In relation to an overall marketplace obit but again. Actually be laid out up for a certain that your managing the expectation. Number four. Number four reason. Folks dump their advisors. The advisors and investment performance was poor. This really kind of piggyback off of number five was. The expectation upfront. That was given. That was created. But they look at their portfolio only say she ish you know and hit -- percent. What am I doing here. In so of performance ends up being anything lower than the expectation that was set to that was cast. Why aren't I getting my returns. I'm with the wrong advisor. Why is the market beating my portfolio. You're fired so. It really starts whiff. The right relationship. Is communication is important then with you and your financial professional number. Can I do an excellent teacher. Our rates so next number three is and investors I don't even understand this and I do what. But I don't because this is very important this this is is my thing so. The number three reason why investors. Fire there advisor 44%. Said. The advisor failed to return their phone calls promptly now here's the thing I get this because. My thought is I better be con peeled back within 24 hours that's the latest. I mean usually it's obviously knew right then or the next year may in the next hour within the next hour. And but it's always. Within 24 hours depending on what it's about it that's a masks that is the Max again easily should be within the hour or so that that I call people back. There's always the tie game that tells me win there is a so and I think it's sometimes easier to add air to where it maybe left a message on the so on their brawn and owners and then they just don't get the message. Because it kills me when I don't return somebody's com. So all I can't believe that. There are actually advisors out there who chat I've heard it several times really from hill. That there buys a dozen common back. Yes. That that is why the became disgruntled. Because they had an issue men that should have been addressed. In May called inmate called. A multiple message is. That was never returned. In a timely manner here and let me just say. The ad here from an advisors perspective. If something is important enough. To lead you to picking up the phone and making a call. That is important enough. Through a return calls and a return call. As soon as possible I get Catholic guilt Saddam's so I can't not return car needs well bit. Listen. I hate to see this but it's true. We talk about customer service in case. Service. Begins. At. When you becoming client yeah doesn't end there there are unfortunately. Handful of advisors are firms. That you get all the good service. Upton. Till you become a client during their courting process and then after that he can't get the return phone call. Expect. Could prompt service. That should go without saying because you pay import. Number two at. 51%. Said the advisor failed. To understand. It. They're goals. And objectives. It seems like 101 doesn't and gotten wealth management 101. Now. This starts. With that line of communication. And if you are working with the right advisor. They will not make any recommendation to you they should not. They should it not be especially. If they are held to that fiduciary obligation to deal. Without first understanding what you or goals are. Your income needs are. Your concerns your fears. Your worries. Your expectations. What you want to accomplish. Now to went through retirement. Our recommendation should not be made. To you. In less they first hold the answers to those questions. Understanding your goals and objectives a financial plan isn't something that. Is a one size fits all. Here's my recommendations on this piece of paper and my two favorite mutual funds. What do you think. So not a financial plan and that's not taking into consideration your goals your feelings. Your worries. What that. But I was into saint. I think is that since this DS ten times and missed most of the scenarios that the button it goes his own words talking about the five top reasons. In a survey of 14100. Financial advisors. The top five reasons people fire their advisor. I think that's I think that's a good winning here's here's my caddie or my thought on that is that. Win somebody comes into our office what they can expect is the first time that they can in. And we are sitting down with him for an hour they said Helen is he would take what's really dependent on the person but about an hour. I'm outta here also what do you need what you have how are you to have a harried when you're income sources and what your budgeting needs. It's all about the individual it's plague and then. Coughing up all the information on where they're at right now. And and we telling questions as well obviously talented says sort outs and he answers it that the person might not be thinking and and it's our job to come back based on line. That individuals or couples goals and objectives. Coming up. The plane and based on what they said in the first in the first meeting them the best way that I can. Communicate this is this. My job as a fiduciary. When I sit down with the person or family. Is to create checklist. A checklist of goals. Time horizons. Situations. Needs concerns. Because that checklist is my guy a day. That checklist is my guy edict to making sure that their recommendation the plan. Checks every one of those boxes. That's a custom tailor made plain. That's exactly what status. So. Oh. And I'll say as a Mya and as day and my aide what ever it all is easier to roll as a fiduciary my rule role as a girl. If I'm in the room with you is to act like a human being in just to Justine and that your needs and goals are important to your family. And you learn individual. Issues in such and that we better be understanding of this that we can that you're needs iron eight last Y and then we'll take a commercial break. The first one is that the first the first reason why. Investors and tired investor's entire dairy advisor is. The advisor failed. To communicate. With. Their client that is the number one reason that. Investors that people. Fire their advisor in this is the simplest one to address in my opinion. Communication is a two way street. A pro active advisor. Has he system any plan in place. To regularly engaged. With their clients did reach out to them. When they understand that there may be worry on the horizon when there's a market correction. Does your advisor reach out to you proactively or wait until you get worried enough to pick up the phone in and make a phone call. That's an easy in my opinion to address but those are the top by priests. Race Youkilis into the dollars and cents radio show that number even call for questions you can call to a request your RFID cards you can also call to set up a complimentary consultation and which lead led to hear from you 3035395420. That's 33 size 39. Sites for two series he's an amber now you can't Monday through Friday as well she does a hop on line check this out on Debbie Debbie Debbie died each. What else dot org that's each twelfth dot ORG where you have stick a quick commercial break. Stay tuned and we'll be right back with the dollars and cents radio show. And. We're back with the dollars and cents radio show with a story and Lori and their market recap. We talked about what's happening in the mark did and how it affects you. Now here's Troy and Lori the year in the. Homestretch. Of the dollars and since radio program on this bronco Sunday OK you know Allah say thanks. And analysts. You know longtime listener and a first time caller and that is really really nice so. Great part of hey thanks so much for taking the time to Cobb Douglas and thanks so much Serbian longtime listener appreciate it. Quickly the weekly market recap the week ending September 22 2017. Stocks ended the week slightly higher the feds decided not. To raise interest rates at this tie game. Geopolitical tensions still remain high hat in Wall Street continues to keeping a close watch on what's going on as investors love to see. These robust market gains keep in mind folks we have yet to see market correction in 2017. Be prepared. All the way market correction can be healthy for our markets it may not be so healthy for your for a long pier brokerage account. If you are carrying around more risk then you should or you can afford to. Understanding and knowing your risks tolerance folks is the first step to being able to invest within it. Maybe now's the time to and a lot ice. The actual amount of riskier caring around in re balanced to a healthier place. If that's you I'm talking to it's time to. Analyze. Ian and understand the amount of risk. That's going to require a complimentary financial review. 3035395420. That is the weekly market recap. The end I need to we have about to add twelve more minutes. We are offering you know in in light of this. Huge. Equifax were X data breach we are also offering today. Compliments of the dollar since radio show it complementary. RFID. Card which is in the level of security. Your identity can be stolen. JS from somebody being in the same store with Hugh. Break from your purse or your wallet. And if it's it's they they confirmed about a hundred dollars they can buy the equipment on Amazon and as we get into. They're busy holiday season quarter. That's when it happens the most so if you call during the program here we will send you out. He complementary RFID card to put in your wallet and or your purse to protect you. As you should be. Well if he's notice Ryan has not been with us this program because he's the other and taking calls so. If you had to leave a message that's fine you can also call the same number today tomorrow. Eighty day of the week. 335395420. That's 33539. Site for. 20 yes he does Ken into the radio station lower here but it is also our main number Monday through Friday as well house don't hesitate don't think you if you don't get through. In the next ten minutes or so. You've got we got planning to get away so again 303539. By four to zero you can also request one on our website to be Debbie Debbie dot H. Wealth die to ward okay. Managing your liquidity. Managing. Liquidity. We talk about managing your money your portfolio but what about liquidity. In a perfect world. We would all love to have robust returns with instant access to our money but in the real world. We know it doesn't necessarily work like that as with anything else in life there's a trade off. Here's a sacrifice. In order to achieve the desired goal now if we just look at investing basics we've received any return on our money. Or a potential return on our money when we led another use it for a period of time. Conversely. We pay a price. When we use. Or borrow another's money. This tradeoff typically carries with it risk of loss in time. So as it equates to your liquidity. A very important component. In year retirement planning your for a financial plan is liquidity. Simply meaning immediate access to capital without a cost or penalty. Uncertainty of life is stuff happens. The end for seeing the unplanned emergencies. We know it's guaranteed. You Vince will arise events that Carey chief financial requirement. So having a certain amount of liquidity can provide peace of mind that of course. What are you lack of liquidity can cause immense amounts of stress. Examples of the new car kitchen remodel travel out of pocket health care costs. These require access to capital. So it's a balancing act how much is too much and how much is not enough. Let me just say that this is not a one size fits all answer to that question there are multiple factors recommend to play. Your lifestyle. We don't all have the same lifestyle. Cost of living family dynamics habits it's sector. All of these components factory in. What is the right amount of liquidity to have and they carry. If you keep all of your money sitting in the blink for example. You have immediate access to this money. All the time and time. But. You'll also have to give up getting any sort of a return on that. Money you know and I'm gonna pied piping here there is they would there's no food and saying one size fits all. We have clients that need to have access to 200000 dollars in their taking count at all times are asking for capped. There's some people that. Don't like in more than a thousand dollars it is so different such varying degrees of what's right and there is no writer Ron I've found that out. But there's two components and others there's the comfort level that's want to get on the other component is the reality. You really should given your lifestyle your cost of living. The you know we know people that. You know the typical emergency. Is a 50000 dollar. New automobile right frame and others is. Need a new set of tires so if there's more than goes into the editors the comfort level men. And this is bin. Revealed in multiple studies. A one I just read last week. A whiff. I cannot recall the source of this study but the bottom line was is. Having enough liquidity. Gives peace of mind in the having that money invested in the home who in turn in many cases so it's again it's the necessity how much is needed to. And then how much is needed to give you that comfort level. Made that but I will say that comfort level sometimes can be in trouble. Wayne you're not you're losing money basically 'cause of inflation is not making money on that say 200000 dollars sitting cash that's exactly right to if you're not even keeping up with the pace of inflation and played tennis center back ending power is constantly being eroded. Pace so it's important test to manage that so. It really boils down to the plane and your plan a solid financial plan as I've said many time has multiple components. The income component. Growth for the future component emergencies you get the picture. So having all of your eggs in one basket tour all of your money in one place. Typically won't not satisfy all of want all of what it is that you really need. You really need to have and implement implementation of these multiple components. And it's not that one is better or worse source stronger weaker it's about having the right balance and mix of each of these components in again. It's not a one size fits all it's not here's what we believe everybody should have 50000 dollars sitting in their bank account or you should have more than 10%. Her 101000 dollars it's. It is a customized approach and it's also knowing what we're all each of these investment types. Clay in your portfolio and understanding they do play and if you're lacking one of these components can you do not have a plan as solid as it could be. But also the understanding what each role plays with that's exactly right does he understands there's multiple roles we don't understand any of them then you're out of the game as well. So when you blueprint when we do this when we blueprint a solid financial plan for you. You'll handle acquitted TV you need you'll have the income that you need. You have the growth opportunity. You require. So having the right. Amount of liquidity. Is the key here. Not a certain amount but are right amount hopefully that makes sense too much is not healthy and neither is having too little and in summary. I also wanna point out that. The bank. Is not the only option that provides liquidity. Your plan should have immediate liquidity as well as. The quit the in the form of accessibility. In the near term in other words readily convertible to cash position without penalty Gary. So liquidity also comes in. More than just one form. That's important to understand liquidity just doesn't mean throwing it in the checking account. Liquidity is available and other forms as well in hand these are. Com different options that we explore. With each individual. In tailored their right formal liquidity within their play in. So. Determining your needs. Both current and future. In understanding your own risk tolerance not a computer generated risk profile based on your agent networks. But your actual risk tolerance. Those are the first steps when putting together. Your long term solid financial plan. In the end it properly managing your liquidity needs. Well Pino is also that having hit a long term relationship with your financial planner who's who understands that not only what your needs are a year at your specific time. And how they can change in the feature and I say that because we had a longtime. Client to. And word we have to go around his within Texas this week her. Whole scenario changed just recently in the past humans when her husband has asked her whole. Her mindset now is. It can't it at she's had to play for pay for a lot of thought and I health care needs over the past ten years. And she still can't get her mindset and dean to realize that her whole life picture has changed now because she doesn't have those. Financial. Bills to pay it Aaron is very medical bills to pay and such so cheap it's moving you where. And investment patterns to where you are and what your lifestyle is now. Life consistently provides chipping action. And two year plan. In your relationship with your advisor. Needs to be fluid yes. Because life is fluid it's always changing and we don't know what turn it's going to take PA health wise be in that age Ed big life change employment change mean. There's so many things. That FX. Like dominos. Your financial picture and so liquidity is an important component but it is. Nonetheless it is still. A single component in your overall plane and and win map plan matches. Your needs now. In the need for a fluid. Position. In the future. It matches your tolerance for were appetite for risk taking. Now Walden said near in the right place. And that provides peace of mind. And when you have that peace of mind that means you're not worrying about change you know what would've we have an emergency. And when that happens. When that happens. Doesn't matter what the net worth is when you're worrying about for a boy if something happens you know I don't think I'm well prepared for do you build that. Relates and causes. Health problems worrying. Is not good for your health and and the soldiers. We understand these things. And that's why we. I signed a high level of importance to them that we do. It's about you. And about your advisor to value at the end of the day raise your level of expectation I think really everything on today's program really kind of ties in together with fat. Yet so a lot of we've talked about a lot today that. Again if you wanna sign up for your RFID card for us to send it to you a year cost didn't know how well I. I hear is the lack of iron hey miserable the last minute rate if I'm completing get us a call 30353954203353954. 20 or if you would like to have a complimentary consultation with Choi or myself or Ryan you can certainly give a Skiles got through 353954. 20 we've been happy to have here we got it. Nice a single line for our wonderful little French here Brian. Again. Do you have a man and very today. Are your views on my. You know I don't know I don't know where did leave. I gave you guys so much you guys have a great week we'll see you same time same place next week.