Garden Pros - Hour 1 - 10.14.17

Saturday, October 14th


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Sleeping. It's now time for sleeping it's time for the early bird gets in the garden in doing Jim Borland and chief. For as the garden pros on the all their lives in 1430. Our advice lines are open at 3036311430. And we're ready to help now let's join the rose. Good morning everybody come on in and help us. Celebrate the international African penguin awareness day I didn't know that did you. No I didn't name me some I'll give you de force that but they're a good day for everything folk African awareness. Penguin yes. Well for African penguin awareness okay via. It's not we're celebrating the African penguins awareness. No there as it turns out really not very aware at all. That the let's take aborted or what is Jim Crow admit that it went in the garden garden pro is here and the other one news I keep spark more tedious I AM that. We are the American guard Bruce right here in the L news crews and 1430 can enjoy any unity give us a call larger garden dark or you wanna talk about African penguins we can do that too. That'll be short conversation on my part but eight. Welcome to give a scholar here's a phone number 303631143631. At 1430. So there. Yet and made by the way I want white or disinterest on early yet break out your vodka and Bailey's rules. Hope Mormeck some adult beverages here. We'll have them on the rocks waiting for you while you're in Q that's right. Q are coming here that word queue which I guess is QUE. He is and that's how do you spell that. Getting in line is QQ Ewing but I think it they've Vick character on Star Trek. Q. The river him every Raymer yeah I do things a bad guy he would simply look like youth. He was a universal Carlin. But the CU week. Then to see you read on pronounce exactly the same way but without the Q. Almost all the worse almost you know I know they weren't used to remember that all words with Q had you after it. Not true but yeah there's a town in. Syria. Called rocker. And he's got to accuse it of no use. Yeah what about James Bond. When about it yet again who made almost two Wilson's stuff his name was cute that's right oh that's right we will find out how he's daughter's name. Just to let Paul just a way to let it up over here yet but that's OK so as this letter like that linked the Star Trek guy death death. AB CD PQQ. Verio just cute. Walt didn't want he was just seven. Actually old sail and play. There's the number yet try it type 007 into a computer drops is zeroes. It does I don't like death. I think we should sign a petition. Or something there's can't on the line. And so is Irene yeah and Irene is there. You talked them. I don't talk Kendall let's go talk directly. Or eight minutes I knew OK who got Irene on my own right now in the morning rain. Good morning. I have a Linden tree live I planted just laughed at all. I lived high up on the hill at about a forty foot now home. And get a lot of wind and three years ago I plan in the blaze may fall and I'm more old. The main ballroom about friction here the first round learn little about three. This so Linden tree hadn't done absolutely. Nothing. I can't be independent black spots from the leave for a guy called you about. Can try and commander Paulino also and they said it was hail damage and I didn't have hail about three times. It gives planning a lot there. I don't offer Timberlake there hadn't grown asphalt I don't fertilize it four times this summer. Move before you start expecting any kind of decent growth out of it. Not long. I probably won't leave here but it. Could well we're always planning for the next generation anyway. Would never enjoyed the story I don't know dialogue. Didn't and that paid lip. It then wrapped in the land there and I intend to do it again this year try I thought maybe there are some parallel file. Only been underground since last laugh all you know the other teacher used in some likely grew very much either. But when they start growing both of them should put on some significant growth. I'll live and let Maine at all it's just gorgeous. It has filed for passing and a warm across the street that was planted two years have been born to. Hey I'm the only cast your quick how big is that Lyndon how big was it when you put it in the ground with size treat. It's not nine sure. Okay. A big they are no longer they take it to a steady all gas so I wouldn't be too worried about his lungs his putting up its eaves. Wrong girl I don't know okay trouble. It and make sure they stay well watered power how are they being watered. Well. I have. I had problems so there's no window well in that corner and I had a problem with Guam are getting him to the basement full extent does that nonstop. It dumped Ryder on the tree and then that there's no rain it's watered twice a week. With what your geisha system. You know all know what the whole time this little later hold phenomenal and around style. On the river mall. Now art died that's a good idea. I was hoping you weren't gonna say only I glut during watered by hand with a host the very rarely is enough water for now aren't any that a crowbar America. Good I think I think will be fine. Next year or two they should take off. Now. And courier or growl thank you Irene thank my if you bet. Harry always should make well I wanna mentioned we have a whole bunch of purple leaf. Ash is almost have forms. On a personal ski are there probably autumn performing beyond and apply there's a bunch of now yeah but these are kind of old these so there probably. Armed purple yeah I don't know what flaws with our yet in any event I'll look at in this morning in the in the in dawns early light. Boy they they weren't purple there were blood red boy there are pretty. Yeah well they still are but not a sprint they were earlier I don't know why that is that there are white ash not a green actually just like so many ashes are around here. But they're gonna get the gonna get murdered anyway yeah it's true Beatles are gonna take him just a matter time solely experts say. Now I'm that's a relative term visited that in in my lifetime. They can't tell ya know no we can't I mean is it going to be isn't going to be in five years is it going to be and well they deities and. Give you numbers back east. What I indeed there are more fresh beer beatles' first detected back then but I remember I don't know what history of what it was on a coaster that was in lend some place. But they can give you history of how facet has moved through the countryside. And with that history we can only assume that once it gets established years removed just distressed. And and I don't know those details that don't. Like back east that Merrill gone or they will be shortly. Yeah it's that's gonna happen here too. That's going to be a lot of dead trees a look at who boy I hope it's not in my lifetime and a Republican I was dead trees the real or forward. Yeah but then you put your it's hard it's hard to burn firewood here anymore anyway it is it is measured Bergen mall and you can't sequester the carbon. Willie and you'll be able to ship it anywhere because no nobody's gonna wanna know where is gonna want it that's right I guess he's at the back east is it doesn't really matter. Suppose that that they need far would bacteria that are gonna cut. Back to the contrary to pick out a deal worked it does get into the interiors retreat government. Don't know it does do is that it doesn't work it's in the Campbell its the what's still good for baseball bats both when Hoss I thank goodness. Because that's a classic. Species are treated to make baseball bats are. His ash. Green and I dash at any NY you know I don't know which one probably green I'm thinking but I don't know and also. Guard tool handles. Yes true. But he make money Hickory which was another partner would but -- your dear you're finding a creature or not I'm here anywhere no not out here. So. To guess who gonna have to go out and talk to key well I guess we don't have any other choice so let's let's go to see what can warranties. I had not cut a comported do you guys and I have a letter here from youths. Oh yeah thank you for sending that I really appreciated I remember you mentioning last week. Jobless Hawaiian place you went through an essay send me some information and you dead. And it's a safe place are you know about. Okay yeah Alan L Barbeque in or. Right yeah yeah I'm not I'm gonna make you. Jealous and Honda Bragg had the same time. I've been to the original Alan L Barbeque in Hawaii. 00. Yeah now ha ha ha you know Ella I'll tell us. I get to write edit edit some place it's just like the swimmer are no bigger OK it's you know little. It's a fast food kind of a place near. I don't include. OK I would look. Into her uterus since. The all I love chicken these Japanese streaky right yeah there's stuff I ever had macaroni I know Eric I era you know you sort of yep in the stands and wages and stuff yeah. Well I didn't try that I can't you know. The doctor Gupta looks. A late night got a blatant you know like chicken beef import. Yeah I dyken elect a while while. And a messy but. Okay yeah. Good screen writing down debt and by the way security stuff down here Hank are bored out here and I'll let me know on yet another Hawaiian restaurant on south current south Sims 5500 sounds Sims. And I can't quite place and in my mind work where that is. I don't aren't against south Sims 5500 it's called. I weigh Yamaha. OK I W a YA MA. There's probably pronouncement completely differently than them but. That's their call. So anyway thank you for that where the and they keep this handy by the raises this menu. Beat you at or near willow I saw all that good but it's and it's a big ties so I didn't need my glasses to read. The opposite. Great pay and I don't. Okay allotted quickly go to Blake. Local excruciating and then in 93 years now there's a growing at all and maybe war which saw a method. I'm just wondering does that take. Several years to get going to like Peter Schneider channel. Yeah I'll let. They're slow they are slow is there's seedling steepeners scrapers. Oh yeah are. Why didn't expect it to be even occurred to create our own future is definitely the what he has got the nice ladies that I hear often. About her Linden tree you know also isolated and you saw how we're not just keep doing audobin tournament. Now do people well watered. Keep the grass away from a. OK. I bought it I Cameroon name or ridiculed script only. Yes and I got to do it again and get married he Treo I don't it'll be niche bringing. Well I don't give me a little. Secrets you can do it you can use it now. You may not seem effect until next spring but it model will work. There are not a news and colder temperatures than what we're gonna get here today. And I'm not the other same thing it's not gonna work too cold and NN NNF and the grass is green. All. Winter long and then comes spring bank did okay Eric Hello World junior. Have written include include. Oh. Okay well stone. Anything else. No no I. It go away our right it's nice campus. Here to talk a bit of a subplot it. Load here. I was just looking at the weather for the next week. Next weekend this looks like associate. Kind of cold and rainy there and so unsettled I think is they're called where you have a six Saturday Sunday Monday and you know nothing more than in upper fifties and any rain. Yeah so this is a good weekend to get stuff done in the yard here it is I gotta I've got to flats of plants have bought yesterday. And out then it's into the system is getting turned off on Tuesday this next week off so thank goodness the rains come and. You feel a you know is like every enough federal. It'll help you know that I. Are very you do know it it's in my weather forecasts out I went after in my head yet and it people will get enough that. But I went out to Pauline those men. They have that there's perennials like everybody else you know as it has they're perennials and stuff there's stuff on sale on. And that I but two flats worth of perennials. Mostly small staff like to in the quarters three inch piano and I bought one and one gallon pot that was hit. And I got to practically for free what everyone knows yet if you just tendon tears your drive in. Was against one of the you move gardens dinners anymore they're carries small plants then they have a lot of them a lot of selection in this small plant size which I really appreciate I do I do more nurseries would go back to that they used to be the standard. Yes this much you always having a smaller selection. Because. In in my mind and maybe I'm just weird. I'm told that quite often or. That if you got if you got customers coming in. And they can buy two and a quarter inch or three inch pots for reasonable price. They're gonna try lots of things if they lose one or two no big deal little issue that customers trying new things adding more staff to their yard. But if you if you have to pay. Fifteen to twenty dollars for a one gallon putt. You're ahead by many I'm gonna get one or two and head into one of those guys neither really disappointed Obama. There's happier more than yup after your purchase is gone break. Now right guys stand on my 100% behind yet. But since most. Well I don't know appalling news doesn't grow much growing anymore either but the most immigrants sooners don't. They're used mediocre your own home yet there that yeah they did. You're right about that and I understand that two and a quarter inch putts in three inch putts out in the nurseries mostly outdoors. Require more attention there are two watering and so forth and polio says there's are all covered are yeah yeah yeah. Operates is not much coverage but it's enough. To make it easier to take care of right. So take heed if they're really out there in the garden. Senator industry. I talked to Chris. Over it and oh tools. Because I had made a comment earlier in the summer to him is that why can't I find one gallon nursery stock anywhere in new. And he brought in a whole bunch of it and I talked to about it he said guys can duty and it went really well. Schools Ted does and doesn't really. The that can do it again this year which the window next year next year yeah. Hale went out to knicks last week would I have a caller by the way give us a call them. Intel's much or gardening experience or repairs week for a past month for the past 34 years if you want. I here's a member third. Was at a knicks last oh Saturday. Is all they're gigantic Jack enormous pumpkins. Sit not there. When I got there was only like three pumpkins when we left there was 78910. Over something. The do you know what their record was I do what their record now 1418. Pound on those bigger than Jerry ads if yes which was 12100 I meant something yeah. Both of those weights are not records are public record here in Colorado from 16100. We're approaching that time mark currently well we are because what they've done and student in Belgium. And growing them in a greenhouse that's not fair and oxygen can do what gonna tell you. 2600. Pounds. Move. And that that was our dirt cars and erode away lest America. A well wonder what that does to the structure and upon can whether it's turns into more of a pancake well around thing if you've seen the ones out of Vietnam. That yet there at the bottom is significantly flattened the app that. It looks like it's melting. It's collapsing under its own weight yet what is going exactly. At. What are they put on barely put on a lot of growth or lose it at the end. But not like tenor twenty gallons of water and power. 1560 liked pounds. A day. They're put non yep. Holy moves amazing yeah absolutely amazing and I anyway growing emitting greenhouse which are you are always thought that's young that's the next step. I don't know who wants to commit an entire greenhouse to growing to big pumpkin backers of rewards aren't that great. Now compared to what you can bragging rights is about yet the best executives expect. OK folks all you US call we can talk about that or other giant vegetables idealist by the way of other giant vegetables if you wanna know. And what you wanna know we're on I'm gonna tell you anyway. So well I give us a call here 336311430. No meantime taken a short little tiny. In significant break and we'll be back right after this on the all new crews in 1430. Are things in your garden yellow when they should be red round when they should be blue. Let's get your colors coordinated with our garden fashion uses Chamberlain and Keith song in the cruising 1430 greenhouse. So even show on the plays up here whether our fashion used as mood doubt we governor we got our pumpkin spice. Clothes on today which smells good in here. We didn't would you liken them. Was sent to fight it if this went to spice in it thank you against fights the most I think I would like that. Even look at then. And somebody is offering Buffalo's. Slots. Locked case. Yeah how are you wanna know what that is. Though we are we did being buffalo wings into pumpkin spice and yeah I don't know. I think they're just Addison buffalo sauce to a lot today so I don't spin zone sounds terrible morning now what is buffalo is it. It's like does the buffalo wing sauce well then I agree staff yeah yeah so is going to be like dyslexia latte that's what was in my mind and I thought no way. No. Way a match at bay can maybe not so. And sandy taken that day yeah it can indeed bacon mountain. And then candy bacon crunch yeah half of the slice bites its currency even in a latte it's. There hey guys got to give us call our New York plantings on your mind have had him over the past summer so off we wanted to know narrow hole. What. It is. 3036311430. Is our phone number oh you know finally showed up in my. My fault raucous. What are the colts are conjured up I'm I'm any time but to re produce a real ones. When the call to croak a yes there and they are starting to push up and start to bloom now I was getting worried. Who. It's him late in Newton. I was I was pulling up the no good to gored. The coyote Gordon. Because of frost got you know depth. And it was stuck. You sound a little harder and is still stacked chairs and rooted in there and it didn't happen. Armed cared like a routine. I don't know I think that it's a. That's an unusual Gordon that way via. I'm nearly one like it I know that sits party. Perennial all sorts it's it's a pretty leaf to it is beautiful yet very opposite he could use a leases sandpaper tactically I I kept whacking about gossamer that that made it a little bit more games palatable for the space I have it in there it doesn't mind being prudent. Barely know are. No it doesn't just makes it more more this year. As there was say Hawaii yes. Yes a few votes on what days in what way if perennial borders. Dario would gore news that he you grooming your vegetable garden typically India say pumpkin music award type. Bynum but there are many many others. And I don't include cucumbers. Clues zucchini east and petty pans and all the other kinds of course we all know but those are all annuals. There are gone narc as we have we had last Sunday yes but a clip their god. But not the perennial sport although I guess you sit durst was hit with a frost yeah mine was all but a different tune out you're is coming back. Yes might come back next year volume of it I think yes go read more about that yeah. And I have gorge hanging off my Bush's now I mean true. Cut your degree or type I expect coyotes any day now. The commander do you have to plan to gourds to get the coyotes to grow. I mean maybe I might have. Been it's okay might. I'd. Never heard that. Not a sense I'm and they need some advice later on and on how to kill them. Where exactly he's been to go towards. If it if victory that continues routing in every place like that there. It's going to be areas I don't particularly want it to be. While connector. Well I wanted to warn everybody in the bulls are reactive. Mode community. There in their digging holes and I rocked wall. So I'm gonna have to get some. Pull out. Therefore why did get a gun yes it yourself a jar more Latin prepared and apart it's a yeah I've we're we're mention that because if folder in his garden very viewers to out their folks if there already starting to move in from from that. You have for local wilder and wilder areas into the more cultivated and not only they'd dig holes your wall. Which can cause of the collapse overtime by the of Adobe chewy nine year woody plants yeah. That's a base some primarily but if we go most notable to stem to their loads universe all our panel art that's wouldn't be my first choice. Are they wouldn't be mine I don't let down yet they lifted to two the oldest Saddam's gonna be in the trunks of June 1. And then. Individual branches will suddenly die in the spring for no apparent reach out whatsoever and that's insidious part didn't go as juniper is well aware of their own the car for. And we love their Connor presents Christmas trees and those have been cut off and they've been dead for months now some cases and we stole using this Christmas tree and they were just fine you think. They don't last forever obviously 'cause they've been dead for a long time. Think he was a junior Brazilian get chewed off now and you'll see the damage so next spring who. That's just the way they are very are about query well is that Carol on the line wants to talk about chimpanzees good morning Carol. Dornin Harriet will you chimpanzees that idea that the path to Andy in the ground for the winner you better absolutely. This kid and I don't want the web site without sure why not from where the loves us yes OK great great. Yet there they're called they winter. Winter annual winter training also Mike. I knew it like we have doesn't have any great okay. Thank you so much I love your show. Yeah I'm just living the west side of course dries out pretty stratosphere to keep foolishly normal water yeah yeah smoltz will help tip. Yeah I'm not a great thank you glad thanks Alan but I. Are speaking of which have a plan to pansies out here along though. DTC bore word or wherever I saw workers two weeks ago they RD they'd our you know maybe more than two weeks to they ripped out all the petunias. The at the interstate and entrance. And plant plant is with the pansies have seen though and and up and down Quebec there richt and everything out and planting pansies. So you have all the impatience and Canada's Canada's yeah yeah lower prices those are what they are at Berkeley and the but a pen he's out here and they may last all winter long and any time we have some warm weather during the winter they. They pushed us flowers dried up in stair it well if there's no snow on the ground. It's typically warm and are preventable. Yeah. And my favorite things to do. In the fall when I'm planting bulbs which I haven't done yet. When I'm planting bulbs is the plan pansies on top. And then there's two reasons for that number one and it reminds me that there are bulbs in that area that need to be watered occasionally. During the winter. Because the pens he's only did as well. And number two they look fantastic when they blew together they do bring they do indeed. There's a brutal winter long and then look at it didn't spring early summer wind starts to heat up. Use the Roma or build their little laughter. Most likely yield when it ripped out the pansies and plan your summer Daniels. Don't be fooled they won't all die. Unfortunately. They stride goal formed throughout the summer they'll throw awful bloomer renowned again but they won't look like he did. Or in the winter. They like it cooled yeah cool and soul. Comes summer pick them out. Don't put up with yes GD yourself and the pins he's a figure it's not their misery try to put him and accomplished far NASA. They're my mom used to try to get through. This long years ago and depends who weren't like they are committed by any means now as you would keep forever. Is inundated live for a long long time. They looked terrible for like 99% of that time. I've tried it a few times like in note writer on Memorial Day just cutting them back to little knobs. And and making them re grow them. This shady here areas. Wasn't too bad though that the sunny hot areas they didn't like it at all except Johnny jump ups I tell you what you can whack them back to milk or straight back or no. Not that that's listen you little plant had their weeds they are weeds but they're coming that was some pretty girl are you seeing out there and then myself oh and and he pulled my pull out of an item. I front yard that I don't water now for but they keep coming back year after year after year after year finally they gave up the ghost. I don't know why because I didn't do much to have to help them along in that regard but. They finally gave it up though in your are here. Now we are big shrubs we've heartless but we just heard that Tillman. Dorsey must live in fear that I know she is zero garden LO OK and I opened a rob I know I know I'm Westminster or good morning Robbie. Well there's mark are you guys all I'm doing all right. Got a simple question again. We've got an arbor and would armor and we successfully planted a traffic by this you climbed up about. So once that's for sure a little bit the crowd picked up. And we had a couple other guys who wanted to lattice work and they're somewhat successful. This year and I'm just curious if he did your he'd do for those guys carrying a winner. We'll let us know full ma referred to Obama that's the Legos are up. That's it they'll be there yeah yeah you need to do its thing and and I wouldn't prune back okay and how long been in the ground now. Her during this spring OK so they've gone well for you. Oh hell yeah I mean they. This one that's six feet and grown over the but that's kind of come up about five feet. All right Al all I can say is. If you haven't already mulch to the ground around them. To do that and that'll help maintain the soil moisture for the winter. To make sure they're going into winter with plenty of water in the ground. And or resist the marriage to cut on them in the spring because they do bloom on old wood. So that you get more flowers if you leave it leave them alone now what what might happen this first year. Depending on how well they're stab us in the sounds like they established really well for you. They get a little bit of winter die back and the only way you gonna know that is once dubbed lion leafs out in the spring if you see any deadwood. And get out when you see it. That ice is sounds like you doing just fine. So you multi real good in the M introduced. Goofy Colorado warm just make sure they don't they water till I start to freeze. Pro am and then the malts and I mean I'm talking like it I wouldn't which of Malta something like that you know 23 inches deep doesn't have to be deeper than that. Okay Qaeda and I am Bob Franken a law firm now that yeah. So you do things like. In a war that is thing. Sounds good from popular grad you know they Gurode looked as. Stay on top of the stock. Can trim back the Bush's words this time here is the best way to this break. Well let's say what they call warm season grass. And for what it's worth is not a true Pampers grass by the way if you want they may want to see a troop campus grass. Well we've had a pretty heavy frosts on what they're gonna look at our company got to Nick's garden center. They had the truth Pampers crest there it and it's a beautiful grass weeds in California and I'm not hardy here on party here. Right anyway well wait what people call campus Chris I've here's really Rubino grass and it's a warm season grass. Which means they're cup more hard frost and that plan is mostly toast on the ground until next spring. So good manager good and our company's stock down. I have sufficient period 600 feet tall. Well yeah it was a two to off for you heard the Ginn and the way or what. Well I am and we both have good news offensive and Gatorade and it's a weather stays somewhat tightened credit dried out. Competed oh that's got out of the way Eric you'll probably still. I wouldn't cut and clear to the ground. I just don't ever really had a moment I think it sounds like you can trim them for water were. We'll. What were distant she in deed to get your friend stated that Iran I think they'll be fine. Trim like a hundred eateries that back into bed that Monica let's just last. I don't play trying to get him govern and blood taken than having any doubt. Now what to watch the leaf edges there rare kind of sharply roughing each. Well there there's there's very morally yeah I think I'm big draw blood this guy can knock yet I do yeah well center right guys remember. Okay thanks and Colin Robbie. And for folks out there wanna try to that's the real Pampers grass. I don't think anybody offers to hear knicks did Lester had one gallons and I guess some over the winter. And then plan among big containers and to date just remain grass they didn't put up when he plumes. And they're still green by the way after her or snow and frost that'll take some degree your frost but our dog knock people. Did didn't manage to really decent sized plants yeah I mean they filled a container made did. What no grass is would do in a container but yeah no stocks so you're right here no didn't. They're good they're break. The biggest public tight crowd exploded and take a little break come back with your phone calls by the way we don't have any. Now whole arm. And my feet we wish you we have no Q at all I don't care how you spell no Q here on our board at all so there was a call. 3036311430. Here on this station that we all do we what we just love the call it the all new crews in 1430 where you Richard we didn't pesky garden tests. Drastic garden pros are here and they mean business if you have a little trouble with the great outdoors you all the yard. Call 3036311430. And Jim and cheese works for you now let's get back to the show. Hard everybody we are backed the show we were are celebrating in addition to international African penguin awareness day is cassettes store day. Hurry though he's scooter left. A successful. Well go home and they're break about kind of Oxley VHS tapes to Rogers of the day for that as well. If I'm buying it. I don't know do you buy tape player anymore I mean while the cassette player but yeah I guess player Q could all be Bayer's some voiceover no not the sort. No I don't think so to understand we had one that did. Dvds and oh yeah audio and multitask. Yeah that was a big what you're yelling 81 of those did you. You were rich and that's not regret that none are Lincoln didn't last very long. Boy that's the latest upcoming not just doesn't last long at all unlike my generation. We have record players put it lasted like. Decades of my life still has the once he had in high school I think I have one dice with sort of once then there. To life when you throw away. That's unity available to place some stuff anymore. She still harmony 78 sparked a I bet we do have some say I gave I think we still there to we have we have a bunch of vinyl I know that her daughter and we have only forty force for hours and I don't. The river Purdue or not. I know they remember who weren't around insert that even within a 45 guys see that pop up on FaceBook knows well what is that what this is that you couldn't. Double box open. After that. Yeah they did pop up but I didn't answer those things anymore punched a just few old when I see it affect if it. Video of a couple of kids out of there 810 years old maybe at the most and they had. Audio cassettes and Hanson they were looking at flip them over. We're ZR enough switzer I don't plug and play it back to deal looks to host a CE. You know the thing that button. I don't know if that was a put on a knob is pretty funny and other that there is a whole generations who've grown up without that. Yes. Yes I'd. Our river rate wasn't here in the studio week. I don't think you and knew you. Went along and there's. But KGW often has a boot done that the young cherry creek arts festival yeah. This desire to shortly after that whole affair started anyhow they had a days every out of the boot time there. And recruit and OS we've given out in May and the Booth for now on our tour simply. So I did. Now it. Majority me in the Booth was an intern. That they normally have peer to studio. And and there are some display items. One of the display items. Was say. Three ring binder. Full loaf. Forty fives. That was the first thing I bought when I was a kid. And I picked it up and started leafing through and of course there were you know some of the names and assault on their records I'd been recognized. And they showed it to the intern. And she said. It's that. It's it it yeah I looked like a look at that you now. What are you to watch. Your radio intern and don't know what a 45 should never seen one before is that never seen one. I was stunned. But no I mean you feel old China jeepers I'm sure you had the same thing he had a record player that had the speaker built into it in the hostage folded up yes and you played your that you 45 were your album. And then you closed it up like a little suitcase you could walk around with there was portable yes it was almost like a blue box but for executed the war extension cord that's all this idea that my the first 45 I ever blot was. The cal sales really they council's land in this song with hair. Material yeah your mom logic to play bad with the yeah yeah. While. Good song by the way there was there. I can come be more of the cal sales I don't like a modern art program that hole. Think what's happened school before before queen did it. Well yeah they're big what he would do operate through this I call it was it to us about plans to senate records. It's O what are looked or talked to Jackie as he was going on hello Becky. Good morning do you need me I I don't I have a good connection. I. Good to ask. I'm interested to find out attacked I know it's different cameras and I would like to rescue I know they've really increased. If place if they stay in the in the sort out. Not necessarily. Depends on where you have them. My neighbor down the street to keep hurts keep coming back year after year after year they do really hasn't played in the immediately. Against the south side of her house. And not facing list. You might. Get by if it's right up again your foundation. Haven't you need to have heated basement. There's this lady I don't remember Clinton. It's kindergarten inserted in the open the U yeah. Yeah I I read that you should let them go through one free. Yeah and then wash off February and put recommend like this paper is that correct. Not here. We don't have any humidity and the newspapers you know wick moisture out of the bulbs. So what lady get put him in the box. But would they be too cold and the girl that I needed. Yeah yes they would be too cold day you know I can tell you what I do with mind. I AM I dig them up I cut them back so that there's just may be a two or three and stab a stem above them rising home's current. I. Shake off that year I don't bother washing all winter off there's no reason to. And then edit and many there really long routes are cut them back to you know couple inches long. And then I epidemic a bucket. And I put him in my basement. And he's a table where it's dark and very cool I have a I have a heated and finished basement but I turn of events off in the basement for the winter. So it gets pretty cool down there but never freezes. And that's where they sit all winter long. Yen and then in about march up pot the muck into one gallon pots. And potting soil and put him in a sunny window or under some strong lights and I get them started for the spring. Okay that's tough that's helped in this. Yeah I didn't feel that they're going to make it in the you know. They won't make up in the Oklahoma I look all right great. Welcome thanks for calling. Got a couple containers outside their front porch and more that they knew like that snow and cold temperature at all they're mush now yeah. I feel bad last Sunday in a Dorothea and years and your niece Gloria came over and and we re putted some orchids. And then after they left I went mountain and started butchering. Plants in new. My plants you know they hadn't they hadn't been due to snow yet but didn't I don't like. Dealing with went on a she yet I think there after the freeze so I want I'm kind of back. While they still looks good. Yeah unfortunately. It's hard thing we do is there. There are hard to do kind of mar baca brought in the bananas like cut back to elephant ears I think posted then an artist she FaceBook page. As to how I did that what they looked like to start with them what they look like when I was done with them. And that they're all sitting in the basement distaff. Snooze and away. Waiting for it Indian winter. Not brought in on my and the Indians. While all the tropical scheme in depth I hope you all did to you I'd been treating mind for a couple weeks just to make sure that didn't bring any hitch hikers in with them. Which is always a problem. Confirmed for me at least one of the things at that always seemed to manage to get in the house is spider mites. Guess those are hard to troll party controlled look at all the good spider might controls have been. Removed from the market. So you just have to do the best can live with what she got stuff that. You don't have to live with I mean that there are plans I would've loved to taken inside but it just know they were going to be a problem that we. There are some that we know are always a problem with spider right he always wore white fly for a white four an assistant. I'll just buy new ones in this frank in they're five bucks apiece. There's really no reason to go through all that mental turmoil during the winter. Your previous Indy even in the garden center and I know which plans those are and I check the mark thoroughly as ordered by them. And we said I have a whole grow room full of work kids down then yeah I don't wanna be bringing Steffi and death infected grow room. So be careful. Especially if you bring implants from inside and you've already got a house plants and have spent the entire life indoors. You don't wanna be introducing bugs to them as well mr. That's right don't do I don't know what my favorite to pools for that is systemic. Granules. But she mix well you don't mix but you you sprinkle it on the soil of the plants and news service scratch it in with four Kirk. A little rake or something like that just him just to get it down below the soil surface an and water and yen. And and they dissolve in their roots pick up insecticide and carried out through the whole plant. And that works very very nicely but you can not. And just be satisfied with one application it'll tell you went to re apply and that I think is in five or six weeks. Some market on your calendar because if you let your protection laps in anything that has managed to live through the first treatment. Is this gonna explode. It's gonna just there is gonna take on. Gotten so make sure you keep an eye on those those that went over the winter model new ZoneAlarm out what all the books say. That's what experienced are issued to. In the air yes and I keynote that there are those years were all it's fine. I can do the second application. And and I always regret it every single time. Patrick hey give a skull doctor tell what your experience is bringing plants indoors. I trust you have done and now if not it's probably too late. Ha dear. 33631. Of their. That's only part of our former that's not the whole thing you'll never get in here by a dollar and only those numbers I don't know where this can take you go get your very far. 3036311430. Is our fallen armory here were expecting a net. They call over the top of the knot over the top of the hour after the top of the hour from. From penny out gave utilities from the government and gardens who's gonna tell us about isn't to the summit. That's coming up called the Iraqi mounds stepped summit. The whole evening devoted to stepping. Step dancing yes stepped Disney's that's so bring your clogs the public at. I. No real tea they'll tell you about what that's all about here we trust you will. If not all of what hadn't felt like light of the information you're from a com I didn't find any new reckon this is over the past week. So were to lose only 543. Of them out there beaten. Did you chewing your eyes are down. Is Vera peck we didn't also gut down. Pike tolls in the grass good job there. Area air created news we used to saved or created that's good if not our rate nobody ever created ethic and and I just got progress yesterday again on the open for the last time I keep saying that meeting comes November or not they're cutting it again. I've been known to cut it with snow drifts. On the ages. But at that. But I think I would've said no they died you know. But I can tell you out there listen everybody listening if you haven't got your bag of fertilizer down. On for your eyes are on your lawn it's not too late to do it. This would be a good time to get it done it's gonna be a nice day especially tomorrow as Gloria really nice beaten if you can watered him before you shut down your sprinkler system that would be great otherwise next weekend this close to get rain. And if you put it down just before the rain. I wouldn't put it down this weekend hoping for the rain next weekend that's too long to Lego. You know wind can move it around this sort of thing so. Put it down just before the rain and after you have there rated if you air raid nutter but he does every year and but. Aeration first then you winterize your vent water. And and mini compact your self on the back. Yup we have to plugs are on the grass we re Kamal you and then they're gone now. I already go after cutting the grass Doria again I think twice after federation but they're gone. Now keep in mind that if you go through and then and you mow your grass with the plugs on it. It will Alter your lawn mower blade now. So you wanna re sharpened and at some. We had did this time Mir didn't matter who's the next bring guys sharpen things. Before it gets started the end anyway. Makes a difference ought really does make a difference of sharply to not a sharply. If you're pushing your lawn mower through long. A sharp blade will make that task easier so bogged down the engine and. So. We have music coming and careers here both to him it's OK okay well we can vamp until then it's right there. They'll look a look at the winter Isaac did you use what brand. Oh. My wife does I. Thought Betty Crocker that he Crocker winter as there. I was a sexist thing to say was not clear if it is more or just somebody that you're serious. I don't know what she used this year I did I don't. She goes Chico's basic. I mean as in as it as an I'm baking a cake from scratch yeah. She's closer to a scratch intimate wrap your head you know already prepared with a with fancy label molester on the cake mix I think she's Jack we actually use your Rea. In the past so why not you be careful yeah hurry but we know. You know you don't Andrea. I have a tendency to alternate between the and so on winterize their. Wits. I liked because it's a nice slow release who improvement and then for loan has a really nice winter riser. And so does color red zone. So those are the three brands out there that I can recommend rich lawn fertile loam or color and those. Who terrorized her and their high nitrogen which is what you need. Slow release which is what you need. And you know. The experts. Not so much less because you know we we were expert but not everybody does. But like the city experts say do this for a living is a study this stuff with lab coats and clip boards. I'm. You would treasure is the most important application of the year if you're not in the fertilize or any other time of year do it now. Well you just heard Kate tell you gave you three excellent. So called winter right there for a larger please please don't ask me. On FaceBook or on email through the trees you go to your site which one's best. Please don't do that. I can tell you that if you want to go more organic you wanna go do it slowed and weakened a bad idea now. But the others. We'll go to new in his garden centers go to big box stores and there are now more fertilizer you shake a stick yet. Don't go to your arm will fall off the cook but I tell you your arm will fall out you just have pay attention what Kuester said about slow release high nitrogen. And after that. Don't ask me. Not gonna have a slow release time I presume to riser if you're paying. You know five dollars for a forty pound bag there. You that he's just not going to be a good quality you get what you pay for with the stuff they're okay now we have music and our ears and and that now means that we have to make a little bitter room anyway for news you can use. And climate theological work our applications and all of a sudden we have completely filled clients. How did that happen what did I say can we play back what I said and see there's a magic word we are drug testing the last half hour. Okay and we're getting out of here will be back photo spread after all of this on the all new crews in 1430.