Garden Pros - Hour 1 - 1.28.17

Saturday, January 28th


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The following is a in program that does not necessarily reflect the views of Cruz in 1430. Sleeping. It's now time for sleeping. It's time for an early bird gets the garden in doing Jim Borland and she's only for as the garden pros on the home in 1430. Our advice lines are open at 303631. At 1430 and we're ready to help now let's join moves. And we are joined yes sir hey hey everybody good morning and thank you for word for dialing into the all new crews in 1430. Especially to the task the American guards throws with Jimmy Key done Jim Borland in key funk morning cases I would be mini me. And what your your look at the garden starts that guests will be looking for a synopsis here to bed so pay attention to what you're doing. I give a scholar 3036311436311430. And we'll figure for your phone call apart you're gardening questions. They can be a vegetable gardening to be triggered. Yeah it couldn't. He. Has seen it coming when a dirty nearest house. Oprah Franjo differed about perennials. Not an ordinary annuals to death yeah houseplants that's right now and I forgot to buy grass. There's grass on prince addressed but yet trees and street and and evergreen trees. Why not man you know what I decided hello this is the state needs to declare. Officially. The color red roses on seven. I decided that we need to be zones have. Do you think we should figure of a petition. When he looked good start it right here right now right on the error if you beat it be tremendous that's right. The fact. Make America's own free again from the back at that. OK bush who's who wanted to and just to prove that we are totally out of touch Cooper with three. Could you read the paper yesterday that's all these. These I don't know what they are. You tell me Hungary these are you Torre when I'm talking about a double cork 1440. Or double which all chalk. About a double Cutler Bob Bob. Dave fronts I 1080 or make twist 1260. Sounds like some kind of snowboarding moves. There's couple new ones that I just mentioned I have what might say I don't have any idea what any of Maine's. Amid there's any right to me it's like ice skating the end and they say what they just did their move and look they just did another move or something else much I don't see the difference at all. At all 'cause it's so fast had just to wait too fast death and same thing with the with skateboarding no sore ice. I sporting. No snowboarders are terrorist threat. But they do all these fun team funds fancy fancy moves up in the year and and they don't have names and I'm just sitting there watching. Don't want to seem to me of sir. I was like two and skating that the triple sell cattle. Yeah bill I think and I know is Sally is there an annoyed Cali is that you don't want to have anything to do skate back and note Mano. And their sock pals and what's yellow and a truly. Are commonly done my forget the name. But do. We looked similar to me every now and again went ice skating they'll take time out. And do some do these these moves in slow motion so you get to see you William take off how they take off were the legs go where the the fifa delay although I don't think with regards. The miracle that NA OK that's a terrible saga I'll. Yes and they say compared to and they do another rude. And there's another name for and I thank him. The nice to see that happen and I think that's. Sorry if they don't don't have an eye for that sort of thing. Now he knows you know we have eyes for now well thought gonna say if if you if you showed me a petunias and a chrysanthemum on unfair. I'd be down with that. Yeah or you could show you do a bass summit green Nash and a pat more white ash. And we're out of purple white ash and you know the difference. I probably would but you'd use you. And cameramen has given him to agree this is that the Marshal see this that's OK when I street 21 and or the other can you tell me which one is which. Ike I can and until you prove we otherwise. At this jail free to if you're saying thank there bunch features like cut their number for our it is on the market. And another variety names and I noting by him with that very name and you plan coming girl woman. And all the sudden they look like Katrina and the street. To me. An idea I'm sure I know there are differences but. My eyes not to tune to those kinds of differences. Oh don't don't sell yourself short. I know still six foot known much six foot tall when he brings that I just a shipment back now fired loans recorder something not right. Well we have about we have open minds and got fed didn't talk to us well I don't want to let me soon to give the number right here so that we know Phillips is like oh by the way a little bit later on I did a whole. There a hole. Yup I did a thing. About and it and this may sound really esoteric I understand about organic farming and specifically about disease control in. Organic official. Organic farming. And I read through this senator and erode a bunch of down I thought. Crock just make this stuff up. Are they don't give you some of the stuff which are widely used in venue Tellme public. Whether if you see if you knew all that could be used in organic farming I didn't. And I don't know what the justification is but hey that'll make their roles. As this report on. But I'll do that you're a little bit later on under the under the heading of us cigarette or next chair moment okay good. We need a few of those these days. Let's list a few good friends do and how long I want to thank Fred has really notice. Q well I found out that there is no such thing as being honey locust more. And I had these guys come out who's gonna do the treatment symmetry India actually pulled up and see if you web site. And I hadn't apparently looked deep enough into it ahead it's sort of a net netherworld down there. But there is such a creature its it's not a common creature in Colorado. And but I've got it and it gave me with the treatment is important every six out. And what are the symptoms. Well I had kind of a weeping. On the underside of the branch. So when you look at it would have plummeted to just write it looks like it's almost wet under there. And also the rules when they did cut out some of the branches earlier in the week it was a few little which we call almost like pin holes. We're looks like there was just a little bit of sawdust. Which we actually had to win look way up in the trees yet there's nobody knows if you look at debt pointed out correctly. So it was a small beast. The very very tiny probably about the size of the pinhead. And what size are branches would you typically sit on. Well the ones and I'm looking at probably about afforded six since his no I don't uncertain. Three to four into the crust at the most you can look but they were way up in the tree. And when so many branches it's kind of hard that the idea to let somebody know with a look at that specifically. You know why when homer and I did a casual look on the Internet and I frankly didn't find these things now are also didn't. Didn't go back 23 pages and a canoe Google. And then died down deep into some of those that. Well as the man said it is kind of a rare. Thing he can't actually we lose my yard he would look at all around my neighborhood if there were no honey locust and and I think he only saw one off at a distance Soderbergh then but I thought I'd promised you I would. Follow up the lord you know you don't appreciate dad and and actually if you do get hit like that I did find redundancy issues extension and it's under a thing called in the second something else that you've got up page weighed down there. And it's there then he gave me the name of the treatment and everything else so. I'm ready to go. Now what does it just more into the tree urges its spread of disease. Well look I mean I'm no expert but it looked like he had you pick a brutal. Both great kids drill and he looks like to drill down now I did a little further research once I found it on this issue and this is an apparently gets up under the bark. OK okay so it's Elijah Wood instead of a dead Libor my understanding and welcome and a bark beetle rather than a boring into the tree vehicle. Well I. I don't know the big difference there but all it knows it's called the door and to just. Like some of my friend that I don't. Tell what was seeds. I'm according to this piece of paper he gave me it's called triage criterion. EPA number 432 dads thirteen eighteen. Our goal grudge tool that lets you do your pride in abide by the gallon yeah I think that dead at the Walgreens. Well I did I didn't take my part yeah. And by the way I play out. I'll Wear this thing must be it is estimates seat he probably got about. Oh I'd say. Thirty different types of trees that can get treated for different things yes but do you locust is not under that it's come to under the other data. Oriole okay. Would also look and ask here. From. They didn't prepared doesn't per chance say what the active ingredient list. I'm no I think if I am remembered built please don't call me at. I thought it was I ripped through that aren't going to be a few. I know my next question was going to be what it was systemic or not that sounds like it's not systemic. So it's something you applied to go to the barker of maturity. If you look at said he would do it drilled some holes in the tree and import this chemical into it and in the tree would take it up. He didn't want you to Brandon could you didn't want to kill any. Index or anything on the ground so let's sit direct application. He. Euro holds a nutrient poor this stuff and know that it is not they're not going to applied under pressure. Well I don't know other treatment exactly Dudley I didn't get a general understanding of how. They're not gonna do it by the way until May itself. They're waiting to latrines become active again. That was going to be enough to follow up question because typically different talking about per restaurant. There couple for well many products on the market that. One application per year probably will do it. Well according to him he can tell you need one treatment because it doesn't look to be a major yeah yeah it also said that good administrator on the feet. This treaty made 2070 treatment the last two years. Yeah I'd sit around and looking it up on Google right now. Yeah and it's apparently I have extended residual activity they're calling it the silver bullet for emerald ash borer. Yeah. So I thought about it because it's a multiple Lucinda. Assistant but just close topical. The the active ingredient is MI mixed in bends or wait. Barrel there you go. There are some helpful for early morning that's right. I have heard that but I do I don't know anything about it pursuit. Well I wanted to keep my promise to our best way you did by the way blow. This is says it eliminates existing populations and gives multiyear protection against new infestations. And that's and a little one near you over insecticide be well only it's only 520. Dollars per liter. Whoa. I wonder what the delusion ratio as a theater owners and all lowered a. Well we didn't have cost to me an estimate is quite a bit less but that's the hook that easy leader to get. But I have my tree is about sixty feet tall and over forty years old now beauty and I want lonely. Unrelated to the insects per say some. How is your tree is being treated in your yard has it been watered on a regular basis. I hate to spend more money on watering their freedom to spend on anything else in this place. I'm very religious about that. I don't understand why you Sri got this. I'm in the middle of you know kind of desert them a locust trees. I I don't either I know why I ask you about the waterfront is gross typically Boras will attack trees that are under stress. And in our neck of the woods that typically means they're not being watered enough. Well water even in the wintertime I'd rather be you know type I consider religiously and then number I've got an underground sprinkler system and I view that religiously and I do supplemental watering is well. Well good for you. Well you guys have trained and well that's. Not real Smart but I can do it until the bitter and but I guess it's Ed Randall that you know what what they've said. Yes sir I know you're gonna you're just approximate the look into little over further and if I don't know cemented in my memory about what to do next time somebody else calls a lot of. Well next time I'm gonna plan a plastic tree don't know that pro Bono another stunt goes there. OK if we wanna lie you're calling into dogs are always do that and you guys never a night it do for these days but I. Nice follow up call by the way yeah we appreciate you more first. You too can call up well whether it's all call or brand. And new problem in Europe and you were residence where you live. 3036311430. Or they could be eight something thing that you saw all somewhere else. Somewhere else wherever that might be don't carry more we used to care what nine more. We just kind of go with the flow there I go with the flow. There and sometimes we use toll can nieces but. I can't spell I don't agreement here that this morning. And in an improved on my. Are you making a list and no I am making a list I see you making a list of all the time the new things that I need to be looking for this spring at the garden centers. Didn't far away because I posted some of those on our FaceBook page. I noticed that yes not not home by any means. And then. It's restricted to those hard who's that piqued my fancy than the that's right. Well I've been I've been really intrigued with the new dwarf nine barks into coming out we asked. And this this little low wind craft black Tony Astor knock it to mr. Time this. Smoke bush but also push okay yeah yeah I guess I don't FaceBook does little the worst thing that. Not real impressed with this straight lace. Elder Berry com it's it's unusual. It's a black general very nurse and a number of errors released but the real racy photo gallery of black lady we have. Oh shoot black lace like place thank you induces the next and align its. More column marked while I think that's what they call it straight laced yards because it exists gross trade gap. Requires no pruning but I like eight feet tall I like a smoke bush. Oh Warren craft. What Kraft black yes pony four feet tall. Which is cool and maintains that Burgundy photos so many of them have you start out with Brittany foliage and and as a senator Grassley kinda go dark green. The dismay the says its main its ads whom. CA has some imprint there and you know if it's in print you have to believe it. Yeah. And red. Smoke like plumes. Wonder what their definition of ray it is I'm probably not my definition. If you if you're familiar with smoke Bush's. Because I think it says looked an upset. A big red. Pink and that they're in if you're familiar with smoke pushes you kind of guy you kind of know what that colors yeah he used and is not our injury by any means you just blurred your eyes and you. You don't have all kinds of colors and at that you get Attica Boykin Asus. Contraris meant and I don't remember anymore if I've ever list of these before what this new one called kids met intense. Yeah orange. I saw that one and there's another one that I listed on my. The list here apparently I didn't oh yes. There is an old Noah called lemon. Lemon something. It's a and it would yell it from him that's him MacBook duo. I also noticed this now heading. A hip and asked different ways all the time. People column read yet and that's furlough is why this has for aloe. I don't know I don't know. You keep depends whether or not you're going with a strict. Greek or Latin. Concierge which by the way and the Milan nobody ever spoke the language that the Jews for plants could that epithet but there but there are some grammar rules. Yes there and and they and they do not. They do not apply. To the English language. Coming decision or your low wake of what people say that but there has for Al low. There's would be another way to spell it but our tea right now Currie is one way that is acceptable under the read the grammar rules so Latin. And some of those are chiseled in stone by your way really weird. Yet so that's furlough we you know. Red jacket ready yet to may have been used a lot easier amend them Zemin. Median and that sort of doubting them throughout the cut this good town this is the good pink one yes called desert floor main goal. This in mind at La they may even be better in terms of flowers van has furlough we. Break flights. And that is a deep fire engine red. It's a week grower. I'm telling you that right now. In this motto we. Not weak on your when your pocketbook. Now they're expensive but once you put it in the ground by the way guys both of these are made by the same people are they. Mountain States also. And five it says so yes that's what caught my attention there it's AM. Supposedly hardy but could be nice party. Depending on where you located I have trouble with the strollers bills into one of bloom former I don't know but then. They are I don't think a third desert plants like oppressor but you can plan them here and walk away. Now we have one at work. It's planted in Aurora pure sand. And and it's on an irrigation drifter variation system and it's massive. Bloom while looms very well good guys pick him they were core. But he gets a lot of water I think they require monsoon water. Well that that's kind of what they get in the we're going to staff and sand and even the easiest can't not water sand. Is that double negatives they can. Sure when. That you could say anyone these days that's there is no there are no word grammar rules Bernard from English language everything goes. All of it based in Santa and this is unrelated but I. I'd I would look at that excavations of like get up close enough wondered who did more commercial oil. Are they digging up. Either clay soil or is it still does this thing and what have you newest amateur cricket today and there are a couple buildings. Going and have gone and there's like three building cranes down their big ones Paul once. And their excavating. At least three stories deep. Review building that's where we start yeah and one billion Ari who are looking mole or get right up to a cure or. Unadulterated. Sand top to bottom. Three feet down our pledge not very stable. Thirty feet down or more. And they keep it from collapsing well especially these buildings are going in next to. Other village. So they have to shore up the existing buildings smashed or that they don't collapse and double hole. Yeah I guess always a trick but it's kind of fun to watch the flying buttresses and things. Yes the ping gothic arches Holmgren to life force from building up building that's it there you youth if you rip. Send me and you are lots and lots of Bailey mar oh sure why not yeah yeah and then hold it all together with duct tape half. That's that's that. Okay out nerve and other things on FaceBook page if you want. Imus I would mention a couple of I don't know most people to this point it's really my used for much wide Sheila ever likes to say when geely. Wouldn't say I didn't say whatever way you want to that's not the way it's spelled sorry. Anyway there's one I called lemon ice it's yellow. In our plan is known for everything you read portions. Looks like its iron LeRoy on. I think donut on him or yell. Lee triggering Louise marina Ripley and so they're kind of pale looking in thinks now OK Tom but all new plant select item has been that should be. I think Annika or you're looking after a salvia. More crossed the honor. Nice named Chang Roloff stage. Shangri las there is certain. Looks kind of pretty. Mum. All new Delis Burma but then you know wind isn't there any new Dell sperm that he's called orange crush. Looks pretty echinacea lemon drop that's on those looking for earlier minutes it's a pretty yellow. I have no idea what number it is I give up number nerves sometime back. All and one of my favorites with Saddam. I. Nice guy between India and gets amendment shirt yeah I told us that those people who with white sparkles on as I predicted even it's only the start. And now there is one called pink sky between. Deep paint with white sparkles. Neat yeah so expect to see more sparkles. With local news. I I knew of apparently the breeders have heard me complain. I'm sure. I've always said that Russian sage. They should start selecting for that and they have there there's a new one coming out and called blue steel an apparent. And it has very silvery foliage so current it's only. Eighteen to 36 inches tall that's quite a spread okay I'm sure had to learn what potter so far so good yeah yeah. Then says it does not break or split up easily. Very Kurtz put up well you know they have they have a tendency to. Well some people call a lodging and other people is a solid contract flopping over you know if there's too much moisture if they get too much water they just. Yeah fall apart if you ball over laying on the ground. And apparently this was not supposed to do that I still think it's going to be a moisture. Issue moot but and they you know grow them drive people they do much better if you grow among the dry side. But today says his deer and rabbit resistant. I want to Wear resistant means in their turn. Now yes. And then club Mattis green signal to write and spreading though underground now and I wish they would come up with a plan that is absolutely a non spreader there. A non sucker ring version. You see even once in awhile. I had one in my yard back in that in liquid. It's it was down in the lower forty and as it was there for around 1518. Years. With virtually no supplemental watering and it never suckered out but I can every NBC did Germany either team. Which is a positive thing barely keep it from being invasive group but. I never tried cutting Thornton I don't know if they do well from cut. I think early on a new season can be content but I tried had only one I think in my lifetime and I report about. It. We took that we do meaningless because it's everywhere. I know I thought what in the front yard and it just. It just crawled ever never ever did make this nice bush elusive though these. Individual stands to heat up here and there and it's like that's not who am I want what I would do you got a spare with Toronto find him and have someone hand and needed to do charter war. Nuisance student in a market expert Louise fit. Well Nelson coming out with lots of new varieties of club matter Astoria our clinic this who by the way ending on here yeah English I think. The few that I looked out you are actually English. Has a KK. Trade markets that or words registration the Molinari. And not a not a common name Maria. He's gonna continue remain good trademark not trademark expose another evo CV EV bios. Well known that when I'm looking at is is this series. Of clever aggressive coming out called. The boulevard to climate call madness now so there's boulevards new media and there's boulevard. Something I can't pronounce them let pat pat the colors are just really intense. Yet they are on really nice. Nice wins. I'm working on the reds. Getting the trying to get the purple and when you cohesive purple. Well it's a common not only provides a so common. It's everywhere I think it looks a cup while Owens and as same magazine. And it. It designation there that I think. Makes him coming out of England. Dario take over it or break we are. I accept your phone calls by the way. And our computer screen just went blank. Being hit with a hammer area respect that we have a we have it can from a roar. Who is there and we will get to him when we come back from this on the on the all new crews in 1430. You where you Richard we didn't pesky gardening tasks brass the garden those are here and they mean business. If you have a little trouble with the great outdoors you all the yard. All 3036311430. And Jimmy keys to where you are now let's get back to the show. They were back to the show there was something over the over the break here that it. Peaked a little bit of interest of mine and dies and I should mention this because I was astounded. To learn that on this date 1987 and it snowstorm. At fort Keogh in Montana the world's largest snowflake was reported. Joseph just reported he beat you can't inhuman because how big is snowflake was across. Fifteen inches. An arm while I was listening to luck if you work at. That he actually mentioned that yeah it eight inches thick and I did get a snowflake that size. They must await a pound and a half. Back then was what they heavy wet snow flared. In today's fit and they save it yeah aerial attack but a oh cool I have a tree here we're gonna talk about a little bit. Pretty the guide is pretty and it's a one that it would it. Beaten people have been planting that that silver maple red metal cross what's it called. I keep did you Jeffers red. Our tickets. Yeah but there are many very many of the mound at their silver and red maple together. This to me silver maple has kind of a week for lead and a red maple isn't terribly well adapted to this climate. So you put those two together and sure you get a spectacular ask me that both required Padilla water behalf. So that this is something that has neither one in its I know like the G yes. And about that a little bit but right now we're gonna go out and talked can't no can't can't carry it means. I think. I wouldn't like. Breaking and try to Harry G quitting your job and they need people are watching issued. A 000. Well I go to Mitch. OK doesn't. Really did get miserable. Up. I think logically connect people are always show. You OJ PG a new court. Trump people wouldn't call it thinking I can't think oh how irate sorry you're uptight richer people who. Who tortured wait a minute and 54. Failing to pick younger acts and within a few matured a brand new. Out of all the fortune to keep myself Garfield street. But apple blocked. So we tree creek. So we commonly. Food walker right or why it shouldn't permit all we're all those core. Called the end of Glendale. And you're mentioning what you make foundation. You don't treat street people knew also stand up yes well they were and core. While we ignorant and nurture promotion and it's. It is incentives on the other and they were. I'll put reminding you know the recording notebook whatever. For. The standalone. O. Mayor Richard pour out. They don't act. I'd heard long before then that. He had to be careful about truly incorporated scooter beat. Shoot under chose her whatever. Sharks. Are built low light didn't go that far back. And we'd get near those things. And a water short black you're refused no urged. Jiggle pinch hit up the watery grip Boutros itself in yeah. But I the other employer would not say. OK stick to the track. Pick your group represents. Small shrubs. Ya I hadn't missed. But it shouldn't. Act. I got a small student he maybe. Feel like people like IP trip in front of the transport you bend them. There is that people who screwed so production and on occasion. In between there and they sure there was may be. 880. And it will water blown up but it was never gonna be huge. This is. Clear on. Did increase leads the. If you can. I thought OK it's. And up act that he raped. IPod I would never than anything else. In the Kremlin the brickyard but I. Realize that years like this that sure who committed died. OK I should. Ten years ago. Anyway comp. And you get in or near ready enough that I'm not gonna go to look. Nutrient shell show that all grow rebellion torn recruiter you know. For what it appropriate to not pay. Trout and hopefully it's all. Small beyond what size. Not oh while graduation do. All 34 feet diameter. Eight. People. OK. A him or anything like that or you want to be evergreen. Our. All the pollution do so that would be clients aren't a lot of ground have trouble. All. Limp and look at these trees. All of our entire Patriot Act are. Still look at. These old and are. Real and 00. Kurt trees okay. Other transfers and spruce isn't pines and jumpers and. Billowed Annika about one who have. I can't start. I can't you're out and describe it didn't want to say it's spoke what are wrapped in burlap. Like he. OK. Could I Kuwait within a couple of great right off pictures show renewal where captain per network. True of all they. Good choice for here is just so dry. I spinach and you would have been even eat or distribute. Sure it would be just fine yeah and one that there are gonna get buried there. It prequel Demirel. You treat people. I mean having something in net space. What tell Witten who can send ROL light exposure is it. Oh. Direction. Bump. Rumor about that from the two and there were. Bought a home. This solution true. 68 Alex. 68 hours okay. During the middle of the day primarily. PL well according to a more good news and whatever point this afternoon that there are actually blocks the. Strict it took its territory let's not. But what about something like a compact Dorian Gray Polly. Products. Well like you know current good. It's gonna stay it's gonna stay evergreen. They'll have yellow flowers in the spring and purple Mary's in the summer. Oh. It's there will stay within your parameters and if anything you have a ranch here there does grow out of bounds it's it's. Easy to cut back. It's whether shrubs and every once in awhile if it just starts looking a little shaggy. Credit to the ground. All I'm in did it resent Baghdad another one out they could take a look at can use northern nine marks coming up. The IR EL nine marks. Most of the new ones coming out nauert and hair red leaves. Oh yeah there is she needs a rare as deep sugar deeper as light red. I Burgundy red in those kind of collars and with white and I guess certain kind of picky flowers. What are my favorites it's out there right now is call center Goran. Many cape government was smaller and smaller ones yes we're. But again we're of those planned sit you know to gets out of bounds. And the start of the close shaggy. These shave off the ground and it'll pop right back at the. Certainly. Pro. Yeah I just are you are gonna go talk about one today one called black Jack. Very deep colored or which known to get there early four feet tall. How cool. All right lets you racial elections there. You can go online just Google it and then hit images is Google nine mark and you get all kinds of great settlement didn't take race which you like what looks good Tia. Yeah I used to be there's only one. Now I'll bet there's probably two wonder ferret him out there yet and they've got you're gonna find all of them available here in town south you know make make a few selections have a list of varieties that would be appropriate. They eat like it and see if we see if you can find him. That's cool elements. Are important lead in the electric. Well. I like the people who act ridge tried believed that turned pretty neat yeah hey don't. Lemon just really excellent. Tortured maturity and Tom. Okay you're dumber are few umps are right. We're given a backcourt and you remember yeah I got got one more or below is really there are used. Basically haven't been coal report it's 10 closed. Evans in Colorado that was good countries fare yet. You lost a lease on their building they know that that build that holds that hole it intersection there's gonna get scraped. Oh Europe. US and they're moving they are now going to be at I believe it's Quebec can lead stale. Oh. They're not too far worth. A barrel. But then you know ground covers is right there nick knew your electoral block or 2 PM where country fair used to be. Our shuttle broke open yeah all right. They sluggish. You bet that things I talked and your priority. Right there's there's a pro we usually we get almost every week now. Yeah and malicious intra team stuff the comment on. Is always is such a darn good mood is disgusting and I know what we've met him out of I guess the next he's been out I think so I'm here. And he's just like that they're cute. Always a smile on his face. Reduce treat people like that. That's a lot of energy I tell a lie good dose that they. All right let's get back get to the phones you've got Mike waiting to talk to us before the top of the hour good morning Mike. Tomorrow night in and Europe. And we're here there were new and we that we made the biggest. And the biggest step of the day was getting into the studio so I read that they should be all downhill from there. Yeah so now it's only air force chauffeur of the year so look we have many more to go Manny Arora. I although we will do it shouldn't. And lose together from. Value and total kind of tired and that conclusion hello door to his song talking about. People are shooting and I wasn't paying close attention I was kind of busy doing something else and I only knew little. And commissioner overseeing. And powerful women. I have. Blur you know. Well typically. Over CD is probably best done in the springtime. There. Can be done other titans the year but with someone has done a springtime. And the temperatures haven't done rural hot yet and it's easier to keep your new CD now. Maurice until a Germany's gross. By force that the foregoing that we weed and she recommends that you air raids. We always do and the strength. And to a receiver right behind there might know right. Behind it and then. Maybe aunts and treated ten after words as if that worry brand new lawn because that's what you're seeded it's yeah it's gonna take three weeks. Before your new blue grass seed comes up. OK okay. So they need to give it more stinging. It's not not not let you don't have so watered on the hour every day you know sort of like us who read Jean more than any thanks. Okay. Do. You. Yeah and she spoke logo. Group. It took particular she's and I know I didn't write it down look at your leadership and that's bluegrass. What I'm guessing that way your he have his bluegrass Tesla 99% of people have. So I wanna stick with that you know warmest. Start and putting other kinds of seed here and lets you wanna consider putting some tall frisky Sedin. Or perennial rye. Overall progress right now I could do that too. That's it in my favorites. I would it if you are gardener like me that he signed a blue grass has a tendency to crawl in the areas. Angle better than it does in the law and and I just really don't like that I don't like spending my time pulling bluegrass out of my friend heels in ground covers a thing. So I've I aid would go to. Perennial rye mix. It doesn't run. It doesn't crawl underground like bluegrass does bill looks just like bluegrass. So audio to compatible and would no matter what skill and finished watching him there once. No but the big drawback in this is a very important thing up as far as watering goes the drawback is. If you ever have to stop watering that lawn for whatever reason. A wild during the summer. Massa comeback but derive wounds. Of course depending on how long you stopped watering our butts. Yeah either write my grass would take that kind of treatment neither will tough rescue. It. Will now after I'm almost sure war. And how old English well yourself that is B application how how much what I put on my priority typical. If you're too little suburban jarred totally. I loomed in 2012100. Square feet in the ground in very tours from the back. Both of over seeding purposes on bluegrass and praying alright you look in about three pounds for thousands. The trip down for thousands of us. With just gets a little heavier more like five counts. And and typically what you gonna find when you go to the garden centers and a lot of the garden centers you are selling this grass seed for the Colorado area in bulk bins. So you can do by the number of pounds you need you don't how how you don't have to overdo it. A lot of times what you'll find is a lot of the bluegrass mixes will have some perennial rye in it. Okay one of the reasons for that is it comes up much faster than bluegrass. So if you feel good. I. Didn't priests but yeah. OK. In good condition that they are negotiating in bad rather emotional work. We're currently doing a little area out in front. Well some large. Stone me and now we had smashed intrusion there and grown tired of them have taken them out so got a little area there are gonna come until tonight. I don't negotiated. When I was kind of thing you know that their little love. Normal approach crucial. Portugal or Glock blocker global social. Yeah well yes he's at now I hear that perished show groin is that true slow is a relative term. To three inches a year. I'll Google which really. You can you can bloom you can buy those she'd probably another new. Three gallon apply gallant horse of the net. Gardens I know little cautiously good. Do very well we're like maybe eighteen inches to crush when you bought it. And two through usually expect at least a couple feet I guess sort of. Well no eighteen inches across do the math says let's say would say one to three inches a year let's make it three inches the year. If it's eighteen inches across. To them this year or next year it'll be six inches wider. Which makes it 24 thank you had for record of 720 and that's two feet across. Okay you lose. They're restroom I thought termed. But I did that Globo said does exactly what is says is just a mound is sister rounder. Describe it doesn't develop that that tests Bruce shape. The pyramids certain shape. Yeah yeah. Elliott go to central Chile in the neighborhood of middle path. Middle pretty sharp. Yeah they've become very popular. And then there are you there you can should control room. You never have detected no don't don't don't share them don't touch from. I don't know her. All right now though they may grow a distant distant tad bit irregular looking. But that adds character we know what you are sharing them then you make a ball lot of it in my mind there's no more character last. OK it. I you'll find an area that I can probably accommodate. Two of those very nicely we thought maybe you put into those or maybe one burning bush going to be in between or something like gut. To do the math first before you put a man to see how how much growth you can you can allow them to grow out don't put him close to sidewalks. Don't put something in between the F two or three years it's going to be crowded you know that's sort of weird. And then the other thing to consider is how long you don't live there. A I don't how long Mario little. I think. When 300 they just really live and hasn't it's here's three years then. Oh no no mystery here roost there were taken out or meanwhile. Editors. I then did then the match is going to be much more importantly. Okay your car I know well I think good. How did that give you an idea they garden goes up. OK. Rory thanks for the all my. Car pretty. You know years ago I planted. I planted a what's called a dwarfs Prius called RH Montgomery yes. And it was it is still popular but it has just come out not too long before I planted it. And I was expecting something that was only gonna go a couple of inches a year and maybe get six or eight feet tall so what I head. We searched. When we moved out of that house a bit in the ground for maybe eighteen years. And there was probably 25 feet tall. Twenty feet how many B. Which is still dwarf. Compared to considered regularly frequency forty feet tall racked up at a Oden to worst is relative relative term absolutely. Yeah yep. As F promise that's gonna mention this tree this genocide this maple tree affair that has fascinated me and I am I think I'm gonna have to find a place to put one in my yard I have no idea where that's going to be. But I really am intrigued by this is called urban sunset maple. And it's a Crocs. Between Acer truncate them. We end here which is a treated nobody knows no Medina century there's sugar grower here Piaf. And Acer Platt nor eighties which I think most people know as Norway maple. With a great big thick dark green leaves them. Well this is a cross between those two and the leaves emerge reddish purple. Matured to dark green remain glossy and fresh whatever that means throughout the summer heat. Norway maples have a tendency sometimes a scorcher because it leaves are so large and our humidity is so low. So yields is not supposed to do that is very heat tolerant and tattered resistant chatter resistant means that. You know after a windstorm in these aren't going to be our shredded which hasn't. You know. Plans with large leaves have the Tennessee their hair in the wind. They turned bright. Too deep Burgundy red in the fall could car yet. And the thing Aleck about the most is it's compact it's an upright and fairly narrow growers 35 feet tall by twenty feet wide. It's adaptable to poor soils. And challenging urban growing conditions. That make up that gives me a plus there. It's very uniformly branch and doesn't require much of any pruning. So and then the last thing that I like about it is it produces very few seeds. So it's not going to turn on to weed in the yard with a bunch of volunteers coming up. So interesting possibility I don't know how long it's gonna take it to find its way to Denver. But it's called urban sunset maple and I think it might just be a pretty cool treat for this area once it does arrive. Now that's done by AB. Frank Smith company for dynamic company which I think it's just. Jobs back to east of us here. I am in this his own for so should be Bonecardi an area there bare trees there were available throughout. The metro area. Depended on what the garden senator decides to purchase bad and a lot of times. Brand new varieties that can not on the market. Are available and a limited basis in the nursery grower for the first year or two before they have enough to spread all over the place there. So we are marketing in that tree right now by the way we make no returns on that and I wanna change that he immediately I think so too. I think so when you send them a bill chill. We got at last what 510 bucks for each tree that's right so we're no doubt you know debt. So we'll be talking more about new pets new varieties that come out Jim has a cedar Adirondack moment that he's yet to be bringing up next hour I Indy well. He knows the course stay tuned for that. And which begin in music dinner here any second now. Waiting about a meeting that awaiting the end waiting. I'm among our hope I don't care you know the garden centers are set now for spraying. Knowing what to believe that you. Need to get some some relief from your cabin fever I know that the the people who are sitting C Rex out are setting up all the new C dragster Tony seventeen. You get out there and start getting some of those seeds purchased and ready to go. Don't plant them outside yet with the. Occur to you to leave little. All right there's music in areas I I promised you that would be there and sure enough there it is. And that he warns me to tell used that you are now all going to get what you like or not news you can use. And climate illogical prognostication. And we're coming back yes or read right here on the phone duke crews in 1430.