Garden Pros - Hour 1 - 2.11.17

Saturday, February 11th


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The following is a in program that does not necessarily reflect the views of Cruz in 1430. Sleeping. It's now time for sleeping. It's time for the early bird gets the garden in doing Jim Borland and she's only for as the garden pros on the home in 1430. Our advice lines are open at 303631. At 1430. And we're ready to help. Now let's join a. Well good. You'll static there. I just. And that's me that's and the. Good morning my morning and they'll welcome to the show thank you for being here this morning. I'm very happy to be here are your health. Michael. That's a little tough seats removed today it is they can do. There will get I mean now set got a cult is going to be confusing via opera mobile on this side of the turf well fine Freddie. Is absolutely fine. Allow US is the show and the you know for the if you listen regularly thanks for joining us again this weekend for people who aren't they will. This is way it works do you have a garden questions have any kind indoor outdoor all around the town. You can give us a call ball flew him and I are here to answer your questions. And the telephone number which is really important. This is a free service by story. We as always we like to give back to the community. Yeah that's 303. 63114363142. And thirty that is the number to call in this morning you'll get put in the Q. By our. Friendly call screeners. And get you ready to go and we already have a question on I mean this morning about Linden trees which will get you in just a second. I can I recommend I didn't wanna welcome. And and thank you can or Luke and me. It up I can't go and make out guidance due and they can turn to gala garden that's exactly right she's that she's helping me out this morning and Nancy and abandon me. How you feel a then I have a counseling session. You know evacuate and then it's it's hard you know. Not. Man okay Bahrain is so good that the fifth with a here out of hand yeah I appreciate that it's nice it's a scary to be here by yourself. And then have to to carry the conversation here Hank is here thanks Ali Syracuse and well I know but Hank just makes faces a team effort. I doubt unless you going to be talking about kinds of its efforts under two hours today as always there's much much going on. Yes that's the loss we talking about some varieties of things coming down the pike that she might when I look forward cheer in the gardens and is this spring. And I think we should probably also talk about. It's time to get out in the garden been out been out need to go up yeah winter watering. And wandering in line we took our war on US labs into the house as long as aground is thought exactly yeah exactly. And I have already been doing some cleaning up you know removing old staff and we're keeping in. Just I have I've learned that if you do it in small. Projects right. Over a long period of time you can get a lot done without. Hurting yourself especially when you expand what you have planted every aspect but yet he's moving. Pigs ethically. Exactly and the gets bigger every year yes let's there's there's no word to DO FF. And what do you do with that stuff that you've cut and raked often play adding compost ideally compost. Actually run it through a chipper that's what Jim does he has a chip program I've got to chipper to. I need to put out the garage and actually done is enough yet dusted off or make sure it starts he picked it. But I guess I am my my my old this year now that I'm healthy enough to do this is. Nothing goes to the landfill. Is a great. Yeah everything see the chipper and either pre gets put back down as mulch right. Or some of its gonna go to the compost bin. Dividend because they like to compare composting notes I have the BM now so you mine if you show me yours are. Okay pictures are in order had to cut cut cut. It's isn't a pay cut out there and two I read about her Linden tree and get them where and kicked off right morning paper and. Yes my name. We planned so that I Linden tree. In my backyard. I don't remember a little here. And I had this problem week but I have a window out there near that three. That's I intended heavy bringing it within that window allowing it to my basement I felt I could have prosthetics then phenomenally better. And fit and he went right at that Linden tree. That's going to be a problem. No I think that Linden tree is going to love you for that Iran. Oh we have them my train. I know that I wouldn't get I didn't realize there's no hope he's all right well now let's quarter and how glad it's worked for us. Now how that little piece. I I don't think it's going to be a problem. Okay good okay. I'm I have another question. I can't live news around the Manhattan honors the bringing the north side of the hole. For a long time to time and warm I'm probably about trying to climb up the it's. That turned. Him. But yeah. They not Manhattan you on MSR. One of those broad leafed ever greens that during. Difficult times they will brown out however the stems are still green I can tell you that. And so what's gonna happen in the spring is the leaves those brownies will fall off as an growth begins. And it was just leave back out normally you may have a little tip dive back here and they you can clip off once the new growth starts. But I H be just fine. Okay well I was kind of worried about a you can kind of alana electrical you know when it comes into the power. Yes the idea what is what is that happens that that I know all vs the other plants. It is that that wall is warmer. And so it's what I'm under the day and then it gets frozen in nine minutes it's. It's stressful for the lease to. That make him. I'm curious I read what direction what is. Good direction does that wall face. If it's kind of I don't know. Cut which is great side to have you Imus on because they like that shade. You know well we handle our former you know do well and gave. He didn't mind and I I'll certainly Barbara as soon they recommend it for them. Yeah yeah it's that's a good job very many broadest ever greens they grow in Colorado because of our winter issues and our sunlight and and you want us or one of them pretty pretty dependable. We've always done well but that's never happened this happened before. And I do try to water occasionally get it isn't covered my half. Defending their world. Oh OK aren't I hot. Keys do you think it might outgrow them. Linda Brown leaves yeah oh yeah it that the scene over as it gets bigger we'll stop doing that in the wind now they say it's an environmental thing can't. Been there for 4040 years. I'll was a lot of the new in Tokyo who it's a well established plant so it is should be. Shouldn't have any problems. We didn't have time for our questions. Absolutely free you Irene anything. If I knew you plantings and see an underlying thing I've gotten so anymore and and it got a new. How to grow under for an event. What I have to keep trying and you know I didn't learn that the Iranians. I don't like people were leaving us. It's not the top ten were not happy. What the recommendation in terms growing 155. Hits before. For a massive. Oh that's a lot of light. You I'd under T fives as well Irina grow orchids and claim. Who monitor good four feet above the plants. Now starting seeds is gonna be different because the last thing you want them to do is to stretch. He and arrow from lack of light. So I try to keep those bulbs down is close as possible. Bibi one ball. Well maybe maybe if you can run and to those bulbs that just have two of them running. As effective I'd bet. I bet your fiction has a switch on the side that will turn to them off. Lieutenant colonel goes wrong. Okay all right what you can just in just rotate two of those bulbs so they no longer light up. And and just and two bulbs down much and down nice and close to there to the seedlings. Okay and then what happens after they start throwing. You could start raising fixture and you can add the ball back Q and then after you after you get a couple of feet above the plants then. You can have all four of them growing but just watch the plant's response that's going to be the most important part. So that's normal my whole certainty that he's doing here. Oh dear what happened to what you did look like. I don't know maybe relieved and happy hour. The guy yellow yeah that'll do that. So yeah yeah he wanted to keep the ball as close as you can keep the plants from stretching but not so close that they burned and that's is going to be some trial and error with those T fives. Us this season you have four bulbs. That puts out an awful lot of not eat that puts out a lot of light but it also puts us some heat I you don't put your hand underneath there and you can probably feel the heat coming up so well. There are around there right now it's not it's kind of to. And repetitive mind if you know when I first started so we need to. Yeah yet to get him to close it sure will. You know look at the value of the restaurant for a bachelorette from President Putin threw me into Jupiter this week. That would be for those the older the older ones like to shop lights that you can by you with a big fat bulbs in them. This rather than these skinny T five's those put out an awful lot more light than the old fashioned bulbs. You're Smart to have that thermometer there though that's really gonna help you guide for what that light is creating in the way of heat yes sent a fan a smaller. I'm a fan growing good. And you know like a horrific opening their doors today. All right you could probably tone that back to more like. Twelve to fourteen yeah. Yeah I will save you some energy. And the that they don't do beyond that along. Okay. Well well. I'm sure they're OK perfect there. Try okay thank you thank you very program thanks for calling them right. He has served starting seeds. Indoors is a an adventure it is it's a learning experience and everybody's conditions are a bit different anti five's who knows what that the new lighting fixtures have changed the whole game. They have they really yeah I am so have the LEDs true. I've I've been using both trying to figure out what I like best. Does jury still out the jury's still out I don't like the looks of the plants under the T and LEDs that cold. Light it's just. Weird color and it had. The plants don't look normal but. It and it's I was. Just going to inspect the plants to make sure they're doing with this close to the end. Etc. you know bugs in what had yet. And so that it looks normal. But. I don't know I just this your first year China Miller time for a couple of years and they were they work but yeah starting. Always we start grab some trivial stuff for outdoors I'll start lettuce still seeds and open the number of different vegetable seeds endorsed a plan to outside. I lay down. Yeah like with lettuce and spinach is so easy to bring up from seed. That's. Typically in peace ha another one I'll start indoors in pots and plant them after they've gotten some size to them. I'm not I'm. The way I take care of things. I'm I'm fairly neglect full I don't take care of them don't take care of things so CD direct debt in the garden. I'll because in these so much pampering to it as it does in oral more pampering and more care than that I am either. Able or willing to the floor votes for provide a. We're both yeah you can listen to have Tug vegetable garden scan and a few things I'm trying as well over Billy yeah. They'll give me don't look at social I mean I don't make sure doesn't help the good solid person is. The. And doing straw bale and little last year noon and be teaching classes to Dallas in the month or so. Very interesting. Jury's still out him on that as well as their right but it really worked well for me did it half that what do you do with the U. Bales I I have plenty of opportunities for use it for mulch from my garlic beds all our own homes among the least to within. Yeah these start with fresh bills are absolutely here and a good tight fresh bailed me. I'm and I can't for whatever reason heirloom tomatoes that don't have any of that built in disease resistant just don't like my soil. And I've rotated bids have tried so I thought well Charlie struck bills and it Paul Robeson beautiful dark reddish black ish to me and just a great. Grew at. That's. So I'm not convinced and yet for people. And in their some prep that goes into conditioning of the bales of straw bale. Com but it's really no more work than getting the garden soil up and running and yeah this involves and zero digging now and then you water them with. Our current actually used to read feeder. You can use a soaker but went to was up and running a woody you just let the hose run for a little bits you know I'm minter and saturate the bail. Or could pray to repeated it here from notre getting up. Anna and I in other than the other my other challenges bunny rabbit so yeah set it up a little bit fair for them. For me to try they didn't burrow into the bails out I still had to put wall so water randomness and sing kicks up but it's an eloquent after the chaos. But it was it was a notch it was a help. OK so yeah it can and some of that this year to. Oh I'll be interested to see pictures. We can post them on our face but you asked and veils that Louisville skip it then OK well let's left we've I think our first break of the hour. And affluent middle lineman yeah will be coming back at tuck indices and and candid about compost. And then again can wants to giggle at us so we will be. We're getting out here so we can get back like Jim likes to say and listening to ask the garden grows on the on the cruise and 1430. You where you Richard we didn't pesky garden tests to grasp the garden those are here and they mean business. If you have a little trouble with the great outdoors you all the yard. All 3036311430. And Jimmy keys to where you are now let's get back to the show. And back to this show we'd be. Me and spin Lou land. And make that run. Some Al Gore and that will work on that it will help we'll turn it into a duet. When they can musical. On in the meantime. You can hang in any minute. We'll have inspiration OK and let me tell us glad that season Lewis on the morning Susan. And I got mine he had to land. Content I have I have a question I can't come up out. But I thought the Loveland cadets and then keeping conference today. Which has been did not want them panic. So he is. Staying at home and that preparing some new guys who had. Felt like fear. I went to London because kittens from the recommendations. On what do you think if the golf ball compost would recommend it didn't invoke at that I'm that big. And that caught the I know that there's been some cop what I've been very disappointed with a lot accomplished that we kind. When we do comfortable compost from from from what can the proposal that I got complicated that's filled with. Little pieces of plastic that Fuller. Vegetable garden right now I felt what kind of a little because according. Because they I guess they can get a added they can get and then let it rest if Islam. I. But won't would you recommend that the rich and they're really good and bad compost. There are two that I like to recommend and I'm sure you land has some as well. But that the two to jump to mind are the eco compost tko. That's made up in plateau. And that is a chicken manure based compost but it has a lot more definite in chicken manure and then the other one is a cotton her. Compost encumbered based compost it comes from. Northwest. Western Texas actually it's and it's a feed grades made from feed grade customers. This call back to nature. And that's usually a set aside. So that is got a little bit lower PH to help bring our worst native soil PH down a bit. It didn't nature. Commonly available it said it was the most. Most garden centers. Garden centers like if you want that guy and opponents of the kind. Yeah polian knows. You're calling from Lewis shows so he knew my Trish Stewart Copeland. In boulder. Let's see who else I know show is supposed to release. Oh because the name of the place. So these. That ethnic America love Obama. The flower men that are then yeah there's a flower bed and they would have it we. Let Haluska assailant but this florist yeah definitely. Okay. The question back I don't crumpled form. I'm thoughtful one of the opinion military initiatives that but is that cost because content is not the first crap. They're content for more heavily sprayed. That's the beauty of back to nature it is a food grade. So it is not it be in in west Texas they have the type of climate it's kind of a high plains like we are. And that's they have. Strossen the right time of year to due solely to cut you rather than using a spray to do affiliated group yeah so this is all some organic. It's fed to cattle. Then they cut numbers are before they're composting and and then couldn't back to nature goes through and and does. A very nice job of composting the stuff it still kind of rough which is what you want to oppose. While I don't know when the ground I'm like has some good yeah some of them I took fine. That says that we freight. So heavily screened that. Thank this group on the plan on what a couple of inches to the three at the most. Well I'm Brandon on a brand new bad if you've never done any amendment you can go three or four inches so as long as you can dig it down nice and deep. But Denver and then the subsequent applications if I went home not more than two or three is overcome posted a deadline and owe you nothing new grew that's bad idea that can happen. No I didn't want I want format what I used to thank you so. Faith that BM for the year. And then you've invited the fabric like a compost it and Cilic. It was horrible. It everything Bert we didn't get anything that you're. Is that no organize. Like analog and edit content of their plant in Lewis felt. But it was horrible comment that you can get him. Small doses would probably be fine but it's really easy to overdo it or really really rich stay off. And then keep in mind that I guess I'm sure you know this season but for all of our other listeners. That's compost is a great soil amendment but it is not a replacement for fertilizer. Wouldn't. You have. And the group going to be able to erupt and zero. Before since then. Pumpkins. Chelsea then he's in good nitrogen. And. And you are you gonna start does buy seed or more plants or. Oh I don't know feed seed. I don't I don't think he academic reform act with growing in my plant and you know when you think it's rampant and that most nursing him like she can really not very group around. And anything different that we don't have plans he just put the feet and it sort of prepare for a fifth month referral form. Right I've done I've done a comparison in my own garden where I have purchased. Cucumber plants squash plants. More I think is just cucumbers and squash I planted the squash. Transplants. Or we're into the quarter inch pots Austrians flats and on the same day I planted the seed directly in the garden. And after they were up and going for a few weeks she couldn't tell the difference. Walker in the opinion of the people. I'm gone completely different kind of at the mercy to go again they're a variety sister. It's the things you can talk kinda but I think that he planned and feed. My my complaint about growing up from seed though is that I only want one or two plants. And the seed packet comes with a whole bunch of seed blue and then I've got to keep it someplace where remembered it where is the next year. But that's OK you know we'll be back this dunk if complex more than. As a good kid growing up I design a plant. It I mean there's no car different than good feeling. Along with the kind of mention one thing I mean I know what you mean he's got I dwell all of my. That look except for a minute later found I'm pepper some of he's. You must not much. Again and then little freaked. People get this kind of Clara Barton singled in the financing for a living thing and I can actually we've got to do that it is. They won't. Alcohol properly. A lot of people think he's happy I think in this community gardens left. I look at the community gardens in long Latin people seem like a lot of faith made on Bennett yeah. Well particularly important non root crops like Mike radishes and meets and so foreign troops you put cinnamon ask you don't get the root. I get a little food. Yeah there too much competition there's not enough room for him to grow. Com and I wanted to tell you when people we have. We have flowers but it's so warm. We have at the panel forward and learn. And Eric cook different. All. The earliest we've ever had caucuses. South side and I want her horror. Congratulations tough little planes we have some snow they can yeah. Could care for caucus lunch and I really got into cook because a few years with on the planet hundreds of them everywhere and then the most. He'll pull things when you look at it here garden and the whole garden a couple of good color. At the end of February. Yet that's great bill which which was you play he obviously must be planting the snow brokers that. Well we have no public we have it we have everything that have been available. In any place we have. Well for everybody else listening there's there's basically two categories as the snow croak a switcher sort of like this. Little species focus through an hour and then any dad and then there's that the death tied the death giants. That bloom a little bit later and to me the snow caucus I mean nothing comes close to them they. They bloomer early like you said by no by late February you start seeing color and then they self so. They're everywhere. They think we've planet completely from the get point 200 foot. But now the hold dead everywhere is covered with some. To understand the crowd started showing up in my line of Atlanta that he had this little. Warm. Welcome to spring almost. Yeah well I think feel I think this morning that he left the length content. Well thank you very much. Thanks to the calls as you weekend during a conference. Welcome back it's. Yeah I'd I was like four. The earliest bowls to bloom and things like Iran this. I think it's cold winter after night. Is a common name for it Siberia it's quilts well I know people plan a school well no they don't and that's another one that's itself so as with abandon and please I just never can happen after that beautiful blue the particular iris who. And the delicate and yes the sweet. And they bloom so our initial exotic looking here are in now. For tough little things that they are they hope they look like prima Donna's in their not they're not end and the color is so vivid that you know you we walk by and he can't help but notice them. And then some of the S and China dioxins group I think they're called Gloria the snow. And of course no dropped now I I had difficulty with snow trustee of plants that I have not I think that would be something Biron by near and it's not mind. The prairies Benny Graham who that feed off of yeah what do the same when deployed my tomatoes yeah I have a feeling they might go for us now. So I don't really shot I have a feeling I don't give them Jim enough water I think that there are a ball telex more moisture than a lot of the other involves. They're so popular in England and I had I just have to believe that that that kind of moisture is something right. It's important because you see pictures of them around all castles and mentions in that sort of thing just drift send them over these hillsides and music. Okay they they need some water a hundred years from now your place to look at it. And those of England but they come off sorely and a and that's just publicist said a delight to be able to see those sorts of things either from you kitchen window. Or when you're walking to your car so to the UN attack those little early blooming bulbs close to where you're going to be seeing him appreciate them yeah. There's not going to be sitting out there on the patio. Yesterday may well yesterday maybe so via via but you don't plan to where you can appreciate them from the comfort of indoors or your car it doesn't take that much to pleases in the mid. Federer no it doesn't hug let down my hands and he's I'm I'm not proud exactly. Exactly all right well let's say oh let's take our last break for the hour we'll come back and talk to can't miss. In our roar I'm looking forward to talking tell my body can and in the meantime get yourself cut a fresh cup coffee may be assemble a serial. Or must and we did mention literally they go get your brand during Avandia because right. Value listening gas garden pros with Keith funk and today with Lou Ann Aiken from to Dallas right here on. Crews in 1430. Let your friends and family know you can listen to ask the garden pros no matter where they are in the world. Simply log on their crews in 1430 dot com and click on listen lives. It's time to time gardens right now on the all due to resume 1430. We'll let me the truth that man tells no lies at this time to talk about gardening let's do just that he. UN and I are here to answer your gardening questions today. And we're just gonna talk about. Gardening in general things that we enjoy high it is it is definitely time for us with this warm weather holy cow but if you have a question for us. The telephone number here's 3036311430. 6311430. Write it on the wall besides your front. A write in new for it in reverse and then look at the mayor well that would work too. And for those of you don't have an act just people don't all have land lines anymore a lot of irony is that going oh yeah yes I guess writing it on the wall by the phone doesn't mean and I think. Mean funnyman and here yeah yeah neither they used to be tethered to the wall and a now really towards the end but there's a whole. Generation probably two generations now now the group without that now. And now they think they're cute but I think she kind of walk a little princess phones and Ethiopia and Tiki that's exactly right lets us see what cans at you right now. C there we don't go more again. According to anybody. Out there. I'm very pleased again you know he's ugly he's always get not I don't get that I've never that inning didn't all the time. OK I do have to say this I wake up it's what I do OK don't work might help. Into this entry into AI LC. And I've run into problems because. I don't limbo right shelf for a very long time and I like that. A lot of people weren't words notched. Up a your poll when they wake up trash it's. It's created some interesting. Situations over the decades. To help us. They need like four config RPM. IQ can pretty institutional and I don't. The world is lucky to have you recently debuted a new life and. But they keep pretty cute I every few years blew in like I'll say Nikki just for everything these guys do. They have all that wonderful Pietro on that at least my like creature. Both Google that's kind of viewing it's good news to share the. Sure the goodwill we appreciate that thank you. Well it goes below forty treat you know oh. Let's see I had been working my lining up. I can't rhyme or Lou at a food anything publicly true at all. A lot of action at this email keep the unacceptable. Leading to a step it up at the. There are low itchy and other cryptic gets Tagalog last summer gotcha moment. Probably true. I'm going to go on the security this year but Oprah didn't quite chipped Democrats you don't like the other you do most of your public relations through them. We recorded statement. Well I guess I'm I'll be there tomorrow for an event like having called my furry Valentine. On sign in and out a lot com borrow it and just never in the same place twice in two days. Typical action flicks his spiritual people look great theater should help keep your local chicken Corwin yankees you're being. Door Gunner at helicopters to the putting their feet. Hey hey I grew up the youngest of three kids in the too old you were were boys so I took my fair share of you know ending up for myself. I am an all escalation. I amateur or you're going to solve. All a part of their programs. So maybe I know where. We guard or his schedule going to be taken its. A ticket to trade up to that certain center retreat. They intend not to let him out of the studio much anymore. So far. Only an F faces ser radio can we scare people otherwise. No I didn't hear me. Well coached. Where it never never learned they're okay. No we typically we typically are at that that mix for their open house which is normally have believed. First weekend didn't me in May be out. Seek a public Annan asked the reward. Nick's garden center in. Nick Young oh OK you. Bureaucracy brought it. Concur meets. All. Okay but it wouldn't gridlocked OK okay it's an out deep you know. Then she had seen operators. Get tell her it's there. Okay. Bad can thank you a hundred. Are. We expect nothing less or you can't put no water or that is is yet consistently I'm going to make that oh. It. He can always this is always good for a laugh. Always and it's genuine you can tell you absolutely. Let's see let's get to some gardening questions here Bruce is one the talk about how this is good morning Bruce. Good morning. And I am calling on all Avalon thank you. All right thanks Steve for tradition. Hey my wife and daughter have a nice four foot tall are biscuits inside in the window. But it didn't pretty tall gangly. And I cut it back maybe two feet but that's gonna cut back below most relieved and everything. When I see is it going in a tree you're just a multi brand shrub. More like a multi branch. Sure Obama. Okay you could treat collective shrug that you have out in the yard. Pass so you can cut them back fairly heavily I wouldn't cut back maybe more than 50% so. And an even if you could back into some leaflets stems may have a tendency to have to you know brand try to back out again. I think it's incredible matter when and what I mean here we didn't. It's growing what it wants to grow is is is the Q. That housing good time this is kind of kicking back in when you're seeing some new new good honest when I don't think yeah and even have to be flowers just leaves it wants to keep back in after its winter break that's what I mature IQ. That's using my cue to it and you know coming right up on the top this time a year where the days are getting longer. And the plants respond to that. Pretty quickly. And watch your watering is when she takes some of that foliage up it's easy to over water is that it's not going to be using is much water right away. Look at things you would put start at just barely skirt the will political. That we get over water. I'd commit a big drink. And I'm I'm against sips took a yes yeah. Drink a lot in the wanna start to dry out they will use a little bit less water if it's losing some of its Foley sent to decides he intentional credit. Good. You must welcome thanks for congress. No other plants like kind discus. Don't really go through much of a Dorman C during the winter especially if you have a minute warm knows who flushed with plenty of life. And so as long as they're growing pretty unduly putting out flowers that's her thing this holds true for. Not only have viscous for Jordanians and ficus trees and pretty much anything else that has green growing leaves during the winter months. It's really essential that you feed them on a regular basis I mean you are responsible. For all the nutrition that goes into that plant. And that putt. Do you back off the fertilization amounts in the winter at all. In terms of the alma much fertilizer you know I age. I don't. Because they're the conditions in my house really don't change them. That much. I and trying to think I know on my orchids I don't back off sure isn't there you know they're constant it's constant year round. It is downstairs under lights they're adept at here's your wife's response well yeah yeah I do change their UD I didn't like the outdoor bailing right yeah. Then and certainly orchids you know have to have certain treatments to get them to bloom. And so I don't fertilize them when I'm doing that. But for the most part two types of work it's you pick up at Home Depot or peacekeepers or what have you those those typically are in they constantly growing. Constantly need to be fertilized. And then it's always always a good idea. Every six weeks two months something like that to make sure that you water. Do a good heavy watering with just plain water flush that out flush all that stuff out. Because it can be it can build up now in in the soil. And on the on the rooms of the pot didn't around the base of the putt that sort of thing it's a good idea or just flush all that out and do the plant will do break. Right couldn't punch that's why you're here. Well if you if you noticing brown tips on the lead us that's one of first indicators. On these things like peace lilies and spider plants some some old salt buildup in the soil. You deal start to see the tips of the leaves turn brown. And many people think oh that I'm not watering enough or the humidity is too low that sort of thing and that can be true but I always suspect salt buildup first then. We've got. Yes good yes sir I salute you and I'm I'm sure that in that's ago as seen oh you guys. I'm sure what are fertilizing on a regular basis but I bet you have a Clearwater rents on a regular basis as well. And then the one that they use there as well water and has some really good minerals senate thing but there also watering freely so things are always dreaming yes you know they're always which is difficult to do in your living room when the exodus to the carpet tends to mold 55%. Now any greenhouse that's the algae and the feeling is. Is never good lick amnesty area and out and we welcome you can hook. Up. And I've I've seen that happen. It is it's. When he's running by you college fraternity that's not okay. Let's move on then we've got to ask more questions from Irish questions orchid questions. I took my glasses off sometime this winter here are next person up is Andrew out Nuremburg morning Andrew. According thanks to called the garden prozac we have this morning. Sure well I got me ordered that a friend gave me because removed LR eight. It's. Doing too good hand looks it is. Seated anger. In the different protect. Oh darling trove colossal. Well done. That's exactly right you're going to lessen. So glad I might try gloom kid only had 84 hours down at the stakes are never had a therapist. The end it is Lou believed look like they're getting smaller and smaller. And trained. Creased. Oh click an accordion and yeah so I'm not sure if they need fertilizer is that he's. Green I think there. Those are all good questions a doctor Watson is a is this certainly not new York and I would give a first time work a donor. It's it's it's said it's a challenge. Or. Here's what they like and they like the bright light very bright light doesn't have to be direct sun. But that nice bright light. They like high humidity. 6570%. Humidity at all times. So I assume spritz you with the mr. doesn't do anything you have to eat you actually have to raise the humidity in the room. The and and they don't ever like to dry out. So that's what's causing that accordion foliage. Is that Atlanta is getting to drive between water X. And if it's been in that putt for more than a year year and a half yes it needs to be re potted. That may not have to go up into a larger pot. But it's you know all that old mix these to be taken off the roots any did reach removed and then reset in brand new potting mix. Just something that I would recommend. You take two you know for the first time doing it take you to a garden senate that sells orchids. Here in Denver are you near city floral. Perfect they do a lot of work is there they know exactly what to do take it take the plant and on say let this thing needs to be re fighting can you show me how to do it. And I know I know they'll be happy to help. In my bag it up a lot of the garden sinners prefer to have its implants are coming in put it into bags and he's kind of inspected before they. Will can meet their. Fast at five blankets yes. So Rick. RH I would do that and. Not right and then then also make sure that you had do you have a fertilizer for a oh okay so why your city floral asking what kind of fertilizer to use. I believe I believe they sell. The brand called grow more. That's specifically for orchids. And and the reason I say specifically for orchids is that. Their roots are very sensitive to hot high levels of Saudi will salts. And that's really what fertilizers are soluble salts. So you have to be careful you have to go with a very high quality fertilizer for orchids to avoid damaging their roots. All right. Not thinking to go online and government get a picture of that orchids and a Dante gloss and and since it's your friend and who lined say hey great doing doing really well there are happy. The plant earlier hit it should produce a spike about. Shouldn't half. Right along with a with maybe six straight flowers along the length of the spiked. Okay. Larry how old tried giving more humidity and it. Yeah back and is and is you know it's there's lots of good information. On the Internet if you just lecture blue and said Google had gone to gloss and culture. The summit on the American orchid society you like them yeah US payless American markets societies odd or amazing and they have lots of culture she says their free. They you can download and print. You move through all that thank you very much. Go and prepared and broke. The one of the things you're gonna talk about is getting out in the garden today. He served or spinning out in the gardens control at all business nice warm weather men I just could not resist I was out there. Hack in and whack him in the Reagan then didn't do all kinds of Stephanie are cleaning assigned to cleaning up and down. I've I've come to learn as I'm getting older that I can do the entire yard. In one afternoon who write it but can any or is getting bigger and we're getting older yeah and the plastic getting bigger yeah. And that's you know when I say last week you can even elephant one bite and by the time yeah right right you can clean appear yard one section and a time. And my my chore for the weekend has been some winter watering for the soil and no his his. Often because of all the of the heat and the warmth new mom and I know or testing in a little something tonight but he seems to me that we've been really dry. Very best guess is once I don't know statistically how hard down we are in the moisture content type. Boy with the wind and the sun and in these warm temperatures these plants are gonna be struggling if we don't help. Matt little absolutely. And we're just saying turn on your sprinkler system no not yet not a religious buckets hoses were exactly right. About one weighing on my front yard it's been out there for weeks now just waiting for their right now. Situation so I couldn't turn that puppy on and especially new things these trees insurance you may Nils you know they really need some help or if you've got plantings underneath pine or spruce trees the you know there's there's second water about a ground all winter long. Those big trees are. It can make all the difference back in my master gardening days a lack of winter watering was the single most common thing people did wrong. Where they saw the complaints fail in the heat of summer. It's important and entry yearlong as well do you notice for your wanted to go into spring and a nice healthy fashion. The only susceptible to the disease southwest fees slopes yeah. It's not easy but if the ground to spy and he can get a screwdriver and mom it's worth the effort. That's my task to do what we should be hearing some music here shortly where we hadn't had come to new knicks when the two minutes and okay then thanks. Let me what's yeah what outlet and I think Valentine which at that time we. Live with tomorrow is my free Valentine and we have thirty vendors coming with animal related products in gifts and in doo dads and fun things and I'll be there with someone like puppets meeting greeting. We have top pogs the rescued pigs rescued pot bellied pigs who performed. I forget we bring a Fuzzy Valentine's with us absolutely well behaved he actually. Sat back yes. To any and there are always welcome. And so it's gonna be a lot of fun nets that's tomorrow at two galleys in my free Valentine runs eleven to three. And not the Anders Eric of course are selling things on the go this on the proceeds go to the group called the gaps switches connect south. Kids with cancer and pets with cancer as can pals it's really. Agree from ho what a neat idea it's very best tomorrow to Dallas country Valentine. Music. Means that we media here for the top of the hour. Stocks. Big gets played. That's not us. The complex it is and and and whether and that's certainly good stuff so well we have another hour coming up we're going to be on from eight to nine. Texas and desist. A little break happens will be back and Nancy you garden questions we've got questions about. Grow lights and high treason to the bulbs and iris questions already on the board. Write this number down 3036311430. And we'll see you real quick right here on the only Cruz and fourteenth there.