Garden Pros - Hour 1 - 2.4.17

Saturday, February 4th


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The following is a in program that does not necessarily reflect the views of Cruz in 1430. Sleeping here it's now time for sleeping. It's and certainly earned in the garden and doing Jim yeah and chief for as the garden for those on the home in 1430. Our advice lines are open at 303631. At 1430 and we're ready to help. Now let's try and lose. And they're go to slider in on that hey good morning everybody it's time for ask. The garden throws with Jimmy king and of course more than vandals are here as well how I blocked Internet. We're doing Garden Show here this morning in a way this operates is that. This same it has for the past 22 years our phone number is 336311430. No view up. Accommodate that and punch those dial those however. Apply those numbers to what are we digital device you have them by gum I go you get injured through studio ankle pick up the phone and the finally you get in here and talk with us and right now there's no Q whatsoever. And that now's the time again and dark and the sun the sun is up and going is this an up. I have it written not yes several fights this morning's it's up it's been up for just cost like three minutes now. We need to look at is just beautiful it's streaming. This is streaming sites that we have seen them a couple days. Vary vary very nice I'm Jim Borland won Lagarde pros and Keith front is the one I'm right here sorry were both they're rated or hallway and almost said. Karl but I can't say that anymore because it's light it's. Trademark. No way onshore someone must've trademarked that term somewhere in the back there in the start of rolling in the dough. Well. Part of it is my understanding of trademarks and if you have one but you don't enforce it Daniel or is it yes I do area command here enforcement yeah. Here's what you get over there be any real threat. But if you rose thirteen thousand dollars if you really OK well art what can I say just try there just. Just a day by day or are they yes on the supporters don't know Favre this morning. We gained six minutes on that end of the day. And today 524 when ago is now and we gained nine minutes they're so work were picking up speed man. Finally yes finally. Fifteen minutes over or this time last week fifteen minutes more daylight that is. Daylight hit ten hours in nineteen minutes long. Record aren't for the date 66 degrees 1995 record low minus seventeen. And in 1989. There's a difference of 83 degrees. Just about death carry the six net interest yet makes a difference between my clocks in shorts that the setback for not for everyone you know I guess not. Not for everyone my son wears shorts all winter long I ate diets it what sort of sort of words. But you've beaten UPS yet those people yeah for column I would if it's mandatory. I doubt it. I wouldn't want to. A lot of your gum are one or trucks have been there were closer doors ever rise to. But they're hears about the size of their engines that. And they run full blast from well beyond the they as people are running full blast to sell it they probably worked up by heat on their own outright. You know making left turns either but I'm told the that's all been worked out GPS a dimple and a computer serie what what released number turns we can we have the makers when you make a left turn up week for traffic. Well it's also dangerous more dangerous and right hand that it's more dangerous in return so so it'll make and you and he left turns. Jimmie ran. My idea my in laws. He met you know there's they're getting up there in age now on their. They were they working out there. Little trips around town to do. Aaron's and so forth so that they only make right turns really yeah. I never thought that never thought of doing that and two other people through other side of the GPS is there anyone other place people go to. Can't. You interest I'd we will we had a delivery by not UPS what's the other one. That next step back I think was thrust probably trademark too vague they delivered a new TV we get new TV. Who know way way a man why while. RR when just went for its. He's just acting it's acting. It's in his teenager years and we decided we're not we're up put up this. Let me guess you still bought one though that has vacuum tubes instead of right. Supposed to present him as you mentioned I think that the added that he kind of wants to bring about end. It was that did the day we get iso everywhere oh yea well about the middle of day you gave the sidewalks are starting to melt just a little bit who I thought. There before the before goods and they'll continue to warm bitten well then I got colder cameramen referrals. And I've. Neglected to squad doing about the sidewalk. Authority guy comes after from the liver coming he's. Gingerly. Coming up the walkway share very gingerly easily delivers it put it on the port au prince of bill well look the first thing I looked at was. This package weighs twelve pounds. I can't be your TP. Are you kidding twelve we've eaten Turkey is bigger than that. Yeah yeah I voted to divert our back when your way and went. Just a class in the Freddy your TV and mental all right so the last go less than does deep TV's I got recall those Sierra Derrick yuck cathode ray tube to yeah the last one of those I got rid of it took to look rustic area downstairs. Funny you didn't have a handle wanted to. No it didn't have a handle one that was murder Brent will this precedes even that. When they started coming out with portable TVs though yes I want that only met the put a handle it that's often. Was lights at a board member of the one is that I was a kid it was in the whole cabinet thing it does he had to have a two wheel there and I think it should straps and everything we've that is eight and a and it isn't. Through twelve pounds thinner and give me your break. And half of that's probably superfluous. There's Oprah refutes and two men on something with the size of your phone is no way to minimize or credit provision of equipment and you. I had enough that I can ultimately let's talk about some guardians of green plants green stuff. 3036311430. We have somebody sent us some trips. Well yeah yes and a box big box and who. Which one of my girlfriends and sending me Russa saint. At. Could open up there's here's a bunch of oil dependency in my hand is his encircling them. You know those companies tool to their their draft. Brad drive died yet. I've forgotten about you can send told around the world in a dry state. Three cuts him put him in water and come right back. Look beautiful yet they're amazed at just the very resilient team to do same thing with. Carnations moved in there when they drive they look. They're both terrible they do not reflect back. It's amazing. I don't think it for dates and drug him I still send a drive from. Central South America or Yahoo! gave big cardboard boxes and in giant airplanes then. All right guys. Back to give us call you tried last week during the second hour here it is in trouble because there were people. Waiting we had cues that are. That's right and security mattress so take a que no TCU we think it puts a car so you can get in DQ are you week. No pat downs today that. You all have advanced clearing that he yeah sure that always works at the airport. Always only if that line is open and can it yet and if they have people there demand is Leah expects. Don't we just love. Movement around the country around the world. To did still better than walking. Nick it is a significant at Penn marginally better than you right now we ask that definitely. Boy. Were you that you opened up a how a trade magazine that covers. Roll all. Free wine the new plants that that's been released this year. Not quite. Been missed one. Bad couple zeroes. And then it for. Now this just happens the American mission and has a bunch Stefan I am. I'm going to make it my. What would you call it my mission. This year. To collect test. Grow. But it wouldn't call it is new had dreams is as I can find. When did you contact on this conference has been a big garden. I'd be willing to put in thirty or forty or your finest defense. That. I'm sure their probably offend them. Well I just happen to have an area that gets regular. Not regular allotment of water. And that's it hedge India seems like. That's for sure so I I need to plant things in that area that are appropriate for that water regime them especially when my neighbor forget to turn a sprinkler finish starts to slide. Cracked something other than that we've been weeping willow had hit a really the tip that yet but they've got to be able to handle that. The wet and the dry. Because if I have my way it doesn't get that wet here are so it dries down so this these plants have to be adaptable in this area which isn't the easiest thing to find. If you want them to go to their full potential if you're if you're okay with seeing them sort of just okay. Well then that's one thing Brett I'm not. I'm not that way I want them. To perform magnificently and if they don't they're gone. Back and can barely escaped with a minimal care pit equipment put up. Kerry peer review operative word in this going on reports and looking at them that's right took a the exact standing on the deck in surveying my domain military. I am master of my domain well actually my dog has mastered the I don't think a mono let's be happy that the that the let that they have a bunch and meet new Hydro and just coming out I never was a fan. But the ones that they've been coming out labor. Have really grabbed my eyes at that and then I'm also collecting at the mediums which is something that most people don't even know what that is snapped. Bishops cap is that what they column are reserved fare and route Darren route is another one here. They're good to ground cover their beautiful yeah it is a cool cool plant. I started to see them show up to still view in the garden centers. Typically just the white flowered line in yellow line yellow one out hi Carlos was so I did I did some mail order last year. Well I was. I too parading yes I'm kind of guessing that unless the they're very common good in yellow line and the and the purple ones who vote for their many purples and Armenia but. And less of those to catch on here are not seeing me others. Now why why would they want by others if those two aren't. The winning anything. Well this is to bring your best I'm sure that's what they thought of a lot of plants echinacea hurly burly arms if you don't far. Yet apparently they thought that pillar the world everybody in the world gonna have at least ten or fifteen of them. And the thing about co flowers though is they don't. I personally like to buy plants is small pots and give me two and a quarter three inch for inch pots I don't deal much in buffalo it's easy. Number when you pay too much for them. And number two you have to dig a bigger holes. So. Plants that don't look good or bloom in no small pots typically don't get. Popular and less ticket in two gallon sized pots are larger camp where they can get enough size to bloom well if you do that. You're adding you know they're probably years to the production cycle that plant which means the press goes up even more yes. Exactly and then if it if you're going with these tissue culture produced or vegetative that we produced plants like some of these clones. Echinacea is or whatever your buying. You'll pay a royalty are now you will but a big grower pays a royalty which adds to the price and so it's just one thing piled on top of another. When when you start getting into these larger putts and that's why I like to see these smaller ones but you pass to know. And I'm comfortable knowing what their plans is gonna do down the road so I don't mind buying something that has you know seven leaves their. Tackle the debt. Margarito a 100% now we it's our job here is deuce to conform and educator body that means smaller plants are better. If for no other reason that they're cheaper even give more of them yes but they do require a little more care early on. Once they're planted. Except in your yard where you don't watch them after the first time. You know that there's not even meant to. I got a but you know I prefer to. Two. Get the smaller plants and then they get to that there may be hand water them yet for a couple weeks or so and and and in that once they've rooted in. And you can always tell because. All of a sudden they just start to take off our stick and Austria. And then you can cut back on in treat him like a normal plan but me sort out their stop buying one gallon per Nielsen. Favre challenge Europe's quit no. That I have AM. To have an exception to that. One of the one of the only times of the year that I will buy it one gallon or larger perennials. Is there right at the very first of the year when they're bringing out the leftovers from last poll from last year and those pots are packed here they are. There and you can divide them down that through into multiple plant sometimes eight or ten plants and for the price of what I one gallon pot is this true this is true but she has did you have to be prepared to take what she gets as far as selection. True true and you have to note of that plan does it is amenable to be split up and divided and pool and be ripped apart. I takes a little knowledge I decide that. Whether it's true or not if the cut cut. Bottom one gallon. When cal army was a five inch. Blonde ambition grass who. The last thing I needed to pay any money for a little current what are they were juries are for that. And that's about the only says you can find it too is is one gallon or large are too and I assure them. I took it home when I split that puppy up and a half quality play. Put an individual prosper want to you know when you were three and then put him on the garden loop. Free plants almost. Hi I showed them. I armor Rivera mark. There's no doubt don't go much do that again. I did read I did read an article do we Ortega two breaks is talking out we probably should do that then yes we've got cam on the line you want to talk about pre emergent. It's about the time we need to start thinking well that's sort of thing can you think it's too early but it ain't it today we're gonna take a little breaker folks we come back we're gonna take more your phone calls that we need you to call an -- the following number 303. 6311430. Here on the all new crews and 1430. Your friends and sadly though you can listen to ask the guard. No matter where they are important. Simply log on their crews in thirty dot com and click on its eyes it's time it's are you right now on the all. Thirty. Okay here. Oh on this date in 1982. The indoor distance record for a paper airplane flight was set. When he gets off part went. 37 feet. Womb. 47 meters. Oh that's a long long yes so like crimes three point whatever yeah comes up 40130. Feet. That's yeah that's a long way I think my record is like ten to defeat the I've had negative records and he threw it forward to Atlanta behind me ten years. Been there all right well let's see and tell when he give a shout out to a person I know who is listening this morning good morning Maryland. Thanks for listening. I hope we meet your expectations. Slim chance. Let's chill out and say alluded to can. And Aurora good more again. Good morning I'm await. You're not I'm Jim yeah I'm seats at a well emotional pull out our current good morning good. Very quickly here I just particular order guests hurt you or we can make sure. Our home tonight hearing voices do you well we all for your more closely is still a typical meal or compete. He's back on your Redskins did an uptick at. All right okay now I call. Because. The first ten years animal where it's green and load up a piano or shut about it can't be till you are yep. Obama. All about create big blue whatever. You what are your most highly recommend you emergency pollution in Portland repeatedly crummy. I got a greater. Edit. I told the guys today Patrick won't act. Yeah it's been a bit tight gem written this down every year through I don't early years. Great and important know what you mild stroke play it sure it's true I know. I went straight political my Gloria. Did you go but up but yeah open up your point that I. Thought stepped up. Are right below were reporters. What do I do our work yeah I'm like this. The first Greenleaf who just search really look I think it's it's important. Oh yeah well you know the old the old fashioned. Wisdom is you wait and tell the four Cynthia blooms. Unreal he appeared well other people do and I know you travel around town. He helped a lot but I don't believe that your eyes yeah yeah I picked up up up I gave up a prop up the let's solve all your problems. Who can. Hit a portrait about it. So out anyway they usually happens like late march. Early he ate a roll that general area. Then weather here can be. Really Edouard nearly double but the nice thing about modern pre emergence is. They looked at they are much longer acting and then what they used to be getting used to but I don't really critical you had. Only if you a small window to get it down at the right time. And in an unpredictable weather spring like we have that's really under the really difficult they used to be really difficult to know when to do that. But you know if you put it down in in in mid to late march. He you'll be covered I'm assuming you have the Al seasons. Yeah we're FL okay that that water and cheaper I guess you are. OK got to let data developed have you found a right have been through May. And and that's what are you cool yeah. I apparently Laura could go to a regular. Okay you mentioned the long it'll be the longest. Paper airplane flights yeah. All. I got a kick out of every college ever want to that I. To duplicate let me decade and a trip to climb so much from there regrets. This service. I. Hope hope I think it's a clear thinker earlier day. She actually kid we had its sixty quiet. And former college intrepid me. And that was a wonderful school good Chichi letterhead relies for Portland college we. Grab the middle traced guaranteed annual gala I wished I feel we're all all of all the we get they were colonel tortured and just all anyway MITRE goes through. Football or basketball game. You're portrayed on the you know look. You know wooden club who sang live together yeah political accepted she didn't she didn't. Well. And everybody was touring sport coat and tie it sure. Looked like I got a fourteen people. But people are against him. A lot of Britney paper airplanes they would why don't hold any important torrent. Troll. Going to 47 meters and greed are cool I think he beat you. If you sixty. They need a new treatment almost. He wouldn't you know streamline the U. I just want to throw live here Jacobs. I know I know get off the slopes you have a heart I think that's. He had tried it it's cheerful than they cheaper appreciating. A man HL all agreed to psychotic you'll. That's right I didn't really commend Saturday mornings is to hear your phone call. Put up a cup are acute care T thinking that in the end you know. Let it. We'll follow up on his question yes it was a pre emergent is for those of you who aren't familiar with the terms also call Louis prevent her. It's a product as you put down early in the spring to prevent. Weed seeds from coming up. Typically in your lawn. There are some pre emergence of new designs for flower beds and truck beds there are some that are. Labeled for use vegetable gardens even better or even organic. That you can use keep in mind however. Using these products. This may sound like a miracle putt product and they do it you know many respects are because they won't damage the existing plants that are already growing an established. But they will stop your desirable seeds. From coming up. So if you think about that you know if you if you're gonna oversee drawn you don't want these are pre emergent pat and no don't do that people are. Or if you're going to put vegetable seeds in you don't see any use of pre emergent Intel everything is up well and growing yes. Yeah you can use a pre emerge and that can be used by the way. At any time of year you do not have to wait. Just for just spring application that's why their product he was talking must called all seasons can be use spring summer fall. Does weeds don't care really that much about the time of year when they have the opportunity to come up. They come up. So a good example would be a vegetable garden where you're disturbing the soil on a regular basis throughout the growing season. Every Jimmy disturbed that saw you ring we see to the surface. And anytime you have nice warm weather and moisture. Sees Germany. So February 8. You wonder word of all that we. She come from and it's a simple. Question to answer your market your bathroom look in the mirror. Man did that. But I shouldn't. Well she helps crack the case yeah once it's here that the it's just amazing how many. The amount of we've cedars and soil. And we've seen live this dormant in the soil. It's sort of lay decades or you're out considered life span of humanism. Are what's up to seventy twos or B for five years or reduced effectively and through the last missile or wherever. Because of it last like eight years in the soil. And I'm a living that long I don't care. That that that said don't don't blame the compost your putting in as a soil amendment. The weed seeds already there there it gets blown in just because you didn't grow the weeds. Doesn't mean it's not there a threat your it your neighbors weeds. You inherited those weed seeds by the way Arabic you bought his party your mortgage I think that's right you pay in taxes out of. Their ability little little fault what I want your calls live last week about honey locust borer. Which frankly a key tonight head. Never heard of before but they do exist but apparently are. Not very common at all. At all anyway went on line to look at the color of state you know if universities. Paper they have on this and and all the enter all the information that's on there. Couple of saying this kind of I should highlight. Most of boy and this is in general not just the though honey locust Borg the most more artillery curse in areas of existing tankers on hundred locust. Tankers tankers we don't want no stinking tankers. And one of the things you can help you can do to help prevent. Is proper watering. Who. And Kama tree care. What ever whenever that whenever I mean yeah and in particular wound prevention which was not the case last week in the phone caucus of occurred like forty feet up in the tree and I don't think you look they're banging on the limbs and back female world damage has squirrels could have guns right. You may have a Tennessee or stripping the more stripping the Markoff yeah. And in a process to open up wounds and then The Beatles go and I can smell that. I do I'm going over there and and eat that. So that's that's in India wanted to add to that and the treatment once you do have them court to one of do or protected. Is pretty standard anymore thank god I hope this doesn't get thrown off the market for restaurants. And and they emit a core clock earlier that that a number insecticides if either one of those and I'm. And then you heard Q could there. EPA yes it is a date that I interned as a sort of things are looking up all the palm restaurants and ResMed friends and although it runs. After. Well I'm not too worried about it doesn't sound like that's part is gonna survive anything at bat that. They not. Not because they're raising problems with them it's. It's just time. Because they review these things every. Right an 8910 years whatever it is what we have the heft to then so markets this just under review process you've. However other insecticides are gone under review process and and TA says you're out of here. Well you know at least we're not like Canada who has banned the use of pesticides. In the laundry engage in gardens or yards. Banned them all of them period gone can't is any edits to sit back and watch. Things. EU at a house held yet what are we to grow what you weeds grow and what's the grubs Dicker reports capture what's all the things that you spend money on. To create a beautiful. Yard and garden for yourself and your family your friends. Just vaporize. Based on pure science. Wrong tip here. I got to appear. If you there. To your years here so here's a call we need to talk about something cheerful and more than likely you have that question. In the back of your mind. Yes throwing it to the forefront. Other far do we guard and and my wife got discussion cook on. You know wise or with coop I like who didn't if this indeed. We got a bunch up Elster Marius. Nieminen and original while they're long lasting they. Were they last a long time yeah. Is it that slower as the cup Florida. And I was surprised directed this almost as if they have. A time period. To which they're good and that the next day. Yeah are gone and these books so bad news or army hang in none of these candidate before they were fine. It's amazing. I also noticed that less sure about some ridiculous cut flowers and against my better judgment here. I oh man you buy these as plants and they start dying on the way home. Equipment but as it cut flower holy cow. They lasted and lasted longer even tight but it's opened them. Like there yeah they were they were phenomenal I am a big fan overnight Q this is a cut flower to me. Obviously I wouldn't have been I guess I've ever like ridiculous that much I didn't find them intriguing. Further kind of always through the resonated with the with the marking the yellows look like butter to me then because I like little peonies. Yeah well I peonies. We had we had we. And the flowers were shouting yeah or who. Looks like butter. Did you eat one thing that so good good I'm not one of those. Although I've been known to eat some strange things out of hand in the field. And asked me to let my animation that they're going my wife just gets kind of freaked out. Then try it's clear right hike in in one hour trip to avoid some back country I don't know what. It was on an interest in infantry over go endorse his plan to Canada. Blue black. Area then. I just returned from pop to them I'm mark them mark what just by an hour with the cubs this he did the players here why do you know that. Well it looks exactly like a Blackberry. Okay believes do they have thorns on just like a Blackberry. The very looks exactly like a Blackberry and lo and behold it probably isn't Blackberry or do very whatever thousands of other means to get there things. And it tasted exactly think about it record. And I'm still hear you or I am. Tell you though is that I didn't Diana trailer and hitting us years ago now okay it was I think you're safe now. So few people wanna go picking blackberries in not in Hawaii. And on the big island let me know what I'll tell you were to go hiking. Good keep the bullets got doctor Renee. Another call from Aurora I guess only the phone's working Aurora today. I Hank did you just updated it just allows a roar calls the command. He shaking news and I'm not quite sure I believe in I heard a lot of rattling going on let's go see what Renee is up to good morning when asked c'mon now. Good morning Rene. Good morning thanks. Blues. I owe you welcome hey you know what I eat even one and Archie from you way back in the garden owner. Siren. And I have met with I used it from my Christian part of my Christmas decorations that's and then now I have then our children my bird bath and then that somehow I'm gonna have a little and in my Blackberry I hope that work. Hope COLT. I don't like our net heads up portable hard she apparently. Forgot about it but there are overrun read something here William Gray welcome those guys you cannot see is it mixed us. Yes I am I do have a question I've been successful in growing to avocado tree. Is something you. One important feet tall and that's the trunk. That is about it. In the as blatantly. You didn't need him down. So and I know all noted it was looking pretty thick Leo and the winner even though I have without facing window. That's why put out like some tropical can't plan include a yeah. Since he has but yet then what helped to bring out in relieved to have a little bit and that in salt in my water. So I'm doing that every other week. But now I need to still wanna get trunk thick derby and I don't know if I should take it out put it outside. This summer over land or or. IEA dad's side and I wouldn't put it directory out and a full sun. All the way you currently have I don't know probably all gonna burn. Yeah I tried bellowed employed William Burton. Fair enough to put it out under the shade like underneath a tree. It should be fine. Brad mini army and let that poor idea that would be fine if it could also take early morning sun news you're so arranged that way it's. I hope so it's insults though you. The other they're important word there is the salt. And and that can start to build up from the soil you can give the the stuff and Epson salts try using an extremely. Small quantity yes. So and so you know be very Kara I wouldn't use it very often and on fact. Our regular fertilizer is going to have everything Epson salts has an a plus a whole lot more. Yes it turned out to pretty expensive for a just yet. Oh it's good for soaking your feet that. Really not good it would make you feel good yes but I bet that doesn't do anything for your feet as it turns out that. Making Brinkley. Confront them. So how do I get the child thicker because I got a lot of lean they truly is the time but yeah it branched out beautifully. But hey I don't know. The rated the first thing you have to realize that Amoco's. Trees are just freeze. I don't know if you're gonna California or maybe you southern Texas where they grow avocados. Outdoors. They give me a little they are obese 3040 feet tall. Oh I'll be out and and don't you think about it what are what he would go and turn her off forty foot tree near Paris. Welcome the demo good feelings. Okay get an NBA has sunlight all the way up to those vaulted ceilings and a. Well again you I just like I would meet starting it from even that. Yeah actually it and it's been a fun thing to do but at some point it's I don't want to be a tree and if you can't you with the conditions are really needs. Like being outdoors in full sun year round because it's an evergreen tree. Is totally knock in a Villa soccer performed very well and they like humidity and they like warm temperatures. I'm Seth Kleinman in my okay yeah I don't humidifier is. Qaeda are you are you wanting to grow and up to actually produce fruit. I don't know if it'll work that would be great. If pet that pet I chances that we'll never happened now let's have a greenhouse zip. And a big greenhouse at that India. Okay will likable guy and a OK okay. Put them. But what I did you know it is and then like a little over a gallon pot should let me. Yeah I would I would definitely move it up into a larger putt you might wanna wait until this you know early to mid spring. What was a plant starts putting on some new growth through the air that would be a good time to re caught it. There are the last thing that mark. Okay. I didn't think you've got to put my and they the couple OK there you go. That work also Renee would you knock it down a plot to put it opened a bigger plot if you don't have a whole lot of roots in there I would just going to leave it in a pot. 00. They're like score. Yes. You can score or you can just use your fingers aura for workers and chopsticks to sort of tease those roots apart out of the soil bit so that when you put the new port spotty soil around it and its new putt. They come into contact with that new bodies all right away. OK go here's one more aggressive than that I don't modify this planet saving ground and then they get up for the and. You're gonna reduce server and all words once again that's gonna set it way back. Oh. Am are you can do that I suppose I just think it's a whole lot of trouble. Okay you have them think. That I should. And take and cut the branch and back so that those kind of held the job growth sector. That doesn't work no. No I won other. That's hard to see you know you're gonna wanna save every one of those seats. I don't let up. Well our I didn't think you can you realize the things I. Want them but I. They deserve what a tiny bit of all we have to go for a break yeah we see we don't relate he get out your take a break now. I give us golf books through 36311430. Here on the only Cruz and 1430. I'm showing Colorado ask the guard the pros and Jim Borland and keep on. Join the conversation at 3036311430. You right now for free advice to be guaranteed at least chipped in for a now back to show. Hey we are right there and kick in your garden court you accuse prime Utica coffee. Our lines are open week or use. Yes I need you here's a phone number 303. 6311430. In the meantime. Are we just have to tell you that an eighteen Tony foreigners date JW Goodrich her he's got a full lunar. Deirdre bore blimp or something doesn't. Yeah what he told us think Lucy we used to call them there's whales and record dirt Travolta in he introduced the rubber to Washington's. Before that you have to walk run and what he. You shed no doubt. Oh boy this time a year is always slow in the mornings. Is it my house to clean up we could just let the end which could have. I thought about it. Got you got to collect 230 last night medalist own god that was hard was to get next thing I knew there goes the alarm can allow the fight goodness. I'm and other plants that he should be watching for in the garden centers this year there has been an explosion and you can probably hear it. Of Delis permits or ice for our party ice plants are on the market we also wonder hardy wants. There's all kinds of amount there and you can bet every color you can imagine yes. They're wonderful. Wonderful plants as far as. Ground covered that stays ever dream. Doesn't take a whole lot of water. As incredible. Flowers. Some of them bloom all summer. You. Some of them don't yet they do you kind of need to know which ones you get an idea this one it is called orange crush. I don't know that it's one of this new series called we also wonder. Yeah there's that went out to vote and it's a whole series. Works started by an apparently. A Japanese fellow from Japan. Really from Japan who moved his operation yeah hardly enough that if you moved his operation is somewhere in Central America. Who were okay and was breeding them down there are now in Central America of course you know it's summer. You're around so he could get so I don't know how many generations. By breeding them per year long it's hard to think yeah. It's at least in my office in part due doggone good colors from their hurry to and these diplomats from South Africa are down they are native to South Africa. Or yes the African continent at least it's this type yeah that's him there. You can off I'd you think of Africa that's going to be tropical well. Topic what Africa is not they have mountains they have mountains it's no. And and Don close to the coast they have they have a lot of tropical stuff you grow. Yeah but to go pirated elevation you can run across plants as it turns out to our party here in Denver. Similar climate Cingular as we would say the CE strike a and and an ice plants as is our one of those. Gonna come all colors of blue. So far their their work and I'm sure they are is like they're still working on blue roses yeah. The and by the way we've been promised that a long long long time yeah there is since I was a young with her snapper they've been promising a blue rose. And Derrick Rose is called blue but. Let's get real people their lavender or lavender. Seizing an orchid world. They're tired Kelly is it called. That are considered to be blue cattle is there's still lavandera there a couple of people. Bid sensing an effort advisor come up with a red one. And it's true that's written I think I don't think so not even close what now they do now they do now they do your request for a flowers to pin. They don't know either red iris. I red bearded iris curators and firing him doesn't fire engine red blood red that's stable and stays that way yet. Doesn't revert to something else does or die despite saying they're working on it. They weren't good with the proverbial day who didn't who. Exactly. So there there's going to be a lot of fun things out there and aspirin that you really should take care our take a look at. There's a whole group of plants called stack keys ST AC HYS. Could play Obama also known as a common name of Bettany. DOT ONY Bettany. I have several of them in my yard really. Iron clad. Good growing plants nothing bothers them they bloom for a long time. Great perennial plant to have the art and they're coming up with more callers which I like seeing. So well look for a Bettany. Or stack keys. There's one called summer crush the summer romance I'm sure that must be a whole summer series. But you have to by and named variety you can just by the plain yogurt it could have been the plain old. I know stack which is a cop what does. This species name of that stack he's stack he's watched him hole or that one I don't know I don't stack he's Visanthe. That's. Clams here Dresser yeah. Now this isn't slams here no no it's not very few people are familiar with Bettany and the common one is a ground cover system moved silvery kind of leaves very nice. Kids love it and who throws up the blossoms it is not known as the blooming. Plant person and then it comes up everywhere everywhere. Everywhere. Everywhere. Even the one that they say is. Sterile terror threat comes up everywhere else comes up. Over there could put their purpose for the threat that at. Yeah that's. It's a beautiful plant a blank. Hi I have to think twice about. Planting at that and sweet Woodruff. Fantastic around heavily for the shade Leavitt Leavitt Leavitt but it produced Jesus we'll see balls. That. If my dog walks and that is like velcro and at. He brings is in by the bushel and then trying to get it out of his hair looks hard and get a cool. Rubio. And my wife has threatened to file a lawsuit if I ever planted in our new yard. I get some clippers lecter clippers at home that might come in handy. Do you cheer that's what I tell you what I I actually grew this thing. Drew the steps and it it I had some activity there's no way to get rid of it and so I'd go out there after bloom this year. It into little round balls no just. Sheared off near the ground. And it would re grow there. Just try to hear this you know not having deceived issue because he still managed to find its. Because here hey we have other topic of discussion today did it will be kind of a short topic. Forget the time of year when he's playing so what's coming and if you don't have any. I can give you can come sort of prepare to get the free. After losing 30 that means like as in free yeah. No purchase necessary. For yeah hey we gotta get out here so you didn't you can use and that pharmacological prognosticate the suns finally. Days. And we were gonna come back with more of your questions over got a few more on the line ready to go. All news crews were bunker.