Garden Pros - Hour 1 - 3.18.17

Saturday, March 18th


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Sleeping. It's now time for sleeping it's time for the early bird gets the garden in doing Jim Borland and chief. For as the garden pros on the all their lives in 1430. Our advice lines are open at 3036311430. And we're ready to help now let's join the pros. At first we're joined here indeed ask the guard crews with Jimmy keys right here on the L move grew 1430 you. It sure who we are gonna do our guards show here this morning. I'm Jim -- one of the garden pros and Keith's fine equivalent of a fraud he voices next to be warned gates doesn't like a giant garden home very ago. I don't know how much help I'm going to be TJ I don't know about that I think that your your my cue to try and differ march. Oh OK outside different like yeah that that'll work Florida do a Garden Show here this morning and death. If last week is any indication whatsoever. The winds are gonna get jammed print did doggone quick so you wanna get in her early with your questions. And here's the way you do or you pick up your dial into ice or maybe not even pick it up just leave word is. Then put in these following numbers 3036311430. Then maybe these days you can do it through your your microwave ovens. Does Lisa messing stood. I don't think that do the Michael is a zoom listings spy on that well is gonna say this surveillance stuff that work both ways. But you can deduct I think you I think you're one play a little bit too much but it's the good thing I don't know an electric toothbrush jeepers. I don't think. Knowing what to spy and inside in my in my it wouldn't even know soon enough. Dear well we're about not about looking a random drive in here and there and here there and you're on an all our good stuff hand it's like spring is already here. Yes it is and I was looking at the forecast. The next ten days. Doesn't look like there's going to be any frost at all for the at least in this next ten days but maybe may be some rain. Next Sunday they promised Carol I promise of more Smith's Cameron Diaz and held it's more than just that. What we got the last time just enough to witness. I you have promise of high humidity is thought it was gonna turn that's about it. I'll record high temperature for today and in history I guess that same thing you're record in history. Gonna go to the other could sort and 77 degrees you know future record I think we're gonna bust to keep that particular group already produced and indeed not eighty but in the eighties. Here and and about time Molly rants are through tomorrow then tomorrow so. And before you call in and escorting endo watcher for Cynthia is blooming now under tools are open their mood to have a dozer a I if they're being. Enjoy enjoy it could pig you really enjoyed for at least a week. And sometimes. That's what you get anyway. Or less or let me Larry Blair is a threat to itself. Enjoy this you what we've seen bloom over Cynthia in bloom my yard for the first time I think in five years lead to five years. And now I know what kinda half. And unfortunately it's I. I looked at yesterday was sun coming through and it's it's it is real light yells almost a creamy she'll. I love my fear dollar amount but golden yellow ones he had personally pretty dry these out to learn how to get it out of there put another one and some good. See me in ten years receive I've actually done on right now that we get the. Nine king cherries and full bloom. Oh yeah. Lauren and also I see I got a list here are some players impeach me in my neighborhood that was looming yes peachtree. Applause in palm trees in bloom apricots. Of course Edie knows all too well that if etc. and injured she may get a crop this year. If this kind of weather keeps up. Oh now go get your hopes up. And I thought it made it a long list here of everything that's in bloom. But apparently it didn't so I have to. The go woman memory. Great core purposes or micro is announced on a dry out spent soldier in and I am new water and always told that I planted. A Virgo. Must've been a year ago here. A year and a half ago. The other coming out and showing color red you're not looking program justice to drop. Guys term drank contract or ignore the other day and kicked up dust. At the white my shoes off before it came in that's true progressed. And although spring flowering bulbs they like moisture they do. It's not a bad idea squad and start watering folks your perennials your trees and truck into just pretend it's a middle summer water respect. Because that's how dry it is that there are goodness gracious both slicing blooming. L a full flowering quince. In full bloom. Hello borrowers fellow horse of course. Cyclone and I commend him now on tour I just miss and Abbas and savior you squeal whole course magnolia sir are now showing color. Now be known a day or two away from opening. The blue Stanford iris is. Yes indeed. So why things are blooming at producer Karl tell us what we missed in this short list here. And I think everything is should be blooming probably is. Maple trees and downed trees are blooming. What are trees. In Newton and Tim wanted treason close to disperse. By the name they give us some buzz who will talk about that and what else do we have here Newton told we have been that's not too far away less than a month now since considered daisy eighteenth. The Iraqi mind chapter of in. The North America rock garden society RNC in our exit. There's having their their own plant sale at the botanical gardens on. Fourteen thank is the open in nine and the fifteenth is a big day sale. And is that is that he but the captain is a secular society and the weekend after that. I mean you know why I don't have it written down here let's say it list there are mentioned every now and again on FaceBook but. For some reason I've not put pen to paper and and a keeping track progress. I believe it is and that's a check I'm not economic on my phone value we are those are good ones to go to yeah it indeed we used to get a request to have. The duo sort of promote peace form from somebody within one or both of those societies we'll just have to do it ourselves. Yes. Cheese. What I remember from one of them are forget which one else marks was an RX and. Well sue we can do be easily come members of the cactus and circulates through. That's a cool and if you like cactus that hard to get just as there are several Oakland's art and havens or capital. What a lot of indoor soccer wants I mean watch on punt thousands of them. And other things none that surge just kicked outdoor party characters but outdoor. Other stuff. Occasionally. I found a couple of ads Indians that I didn't have. Those are always final. I can for you didn't care spectrum. Economic thousand more do you think it affected you should read your collection had begun a leaves no I know they are more known and unknown I don't know. The effect on 4200. Gordon Smith but we know are very good. So I Damian that what Taylor colony from that desert road as heroes OK mayor from won't see Medicaid and other guys right now. Now. Make these legal fat trunks there. Then these gorgeous. Until you like flowers up on the card you're really very hard to prepare for our summer there and DC to have fairly apparently we're very easy to bonds are. Even past two months I have committed themselves there for a home. In bloom all summer long they like caught. They like sun. And then in the winter they just go dormant too many of them in the basement and they sit there and now all of a sudden they're reaching out and I have no idea. Probably what triggers what triggered that they're human calendar now and reuther. No value and removed all calendars clocks. Okay that foil and they and they don't have the view outside do anything else that would give you know. I've gotten under lights. Both so it's no different than what they outdoor light. Intact the lights that they're under or longer than what's outdoors right now none have been for. A month or two and in doing anything until just the last few weeks and the mystery deepens. The British award goes to call if you haven't under the good question how to plants know what prime years. Is that without any outside clues. That's the point here. It was just your extra daylight that you moved up when you say a month ago. Move closest two months. How much extra time to him. That it's 1414. Hours oh yeah well. What that's worth. Daylight now. Sun is up for twelve hours and four minutes. I wanna be ahead of the games have been. Clinton kicked this don't we all back now when the window when the end of summer and fall comes around. You turn your lights back down again I do you have. You try to extended into Christmas or at. No I had that in the maximum while he's on the sixteen. Who and then I am and that's primarily for the orchids. My didn't around September or October I start like I kind of way back to the actual. What's happening outside because they do have some varieties that are dealing sensitive. Okay well if you had if you don't have offered what sort of thing in your house it and you do by the way Caruso we do have some people who who who who. Find it enjoyable to bloom. Points are you speaking of which. We get to you and I got a point sort of from two dollars or less Christmas oh yes and I left mine joined its maker. Her long time ago two days ago fun if through China this you know it looked just as good. It today got an amazing thing. It surely is posted on six US Europe and here. And is proud crystals and on the compost pile looking just fine yet since we're not gotten all my cold. A keepsake of a reaction every political no no no don't do it. Still much work. No no space time energy here all the locations. I mean you can't do it on your porch it's too cold. Yeah exactly. Exactly something demonstrated a book that temperature no no it's not a medical and their start. Mellow stuff or put them back porch from outside and horrid start to grow and you need to greenhouse. And I know. I need a lot of thinks you need to do I need any increase in the. Lead will. We also need colors yeah I could I'd give us a call I'd be okay you're gonna have you're gonna pay the price here for you don't get in now. You try to get in later and especially in the second period and and last week it happened here as usual they just got Jan four and I don't think we got everybody. So don't cry from the Argentina yes exactly. That was then what's the number Jim. Animated news starts with a six well I don't think component tell everybody can have yet. Thank you your punishment 3036311430. That's that's the number that's the same number it's always been out here that hasn't changed. The format has changed here in knowing no longer call it will be used to call thing KE TW I mean still live in upstate anymore. Now's the all new crews and fourteen. Right. He retired TC UK easy device I think it's retired. And and told him the Bruins Jersey in the shadow ones on the wall until next week after a think you're an instant but to aid in iridium is that the way things are written in stone. CM. Three and off for children but I think until the next day. I'm Mair writes no forget about it. Not true not true. As sun came up this morning is similar six and we watched it coming up and it came up again right on schedule I don't know how to son knows how to do that but it does is going down as 710 that. Tonight the neck gets a pretty deep Dodd guy close to being. I mean I'm going down about the same time predict. Although it takes a Marie told our strong. I'm plenty. Of vegetables this weekend. Like what tomatoes and patent office to secure our type stepped outside and ensuing radishes and layoffs and spinach. Not a bad idea and peace. We're idea and hopefully if I guess some onions I can put some onions in the ground. My garlic is probably six inches tall. Yet already it. I watered my notes yesterday day before there which are now. They appreciated that it's funny in the landscape I know I've been checking my yard. And I am certainly heirs of the yard that are very sandy I was sluggish like pierce. And there are other areas that are just heavy clay. Penny clay is nice and voice. As you might expect to send the areas hard drive as fast. So they eat you need to know that this well outside the varies around through your yard in some areas may not need water and others. May be just. Crossing for backing for water own don't crow we've so don't cry for me urgent yesterday I should be yeah. I'm gonna have you talked. OK okay quarter we're gonna let her entire quiz sandy and her Rourke who has a question about speaking of which points and yes morning sandy good morning. What do we do for this morning. Well you mentioned your point any effigy not yeah she thought how well and I I did he met twelve. And the flower and it is absolutely. Gorgeous. But the green hey look. Yeah. Well I went thinking about I think about I tell you pray for how much. Had a heck of it. Yeah I. You can probably give us 4 eastern exposure do not planted in full sun like south through west exposure. I or even under under dappled shade. Okay no okay. I am and I think another question. Let me think yes we do everywhere. I told you Cowell for about six years ago. Plans Qaeda I think the major. I can't hit six small plan and you want to get well. Honor I would bet I was kind of commission who is not activity here before and couldn't get out into the yard. Paid the only path with a tailored. Poetic takeovers. And did take over my yard hey I'm trying to find a way to get rid that they go and I don't want to. Now this is think a major not minor curry. Pot that green light all that okay because I can show you literature of years ago said don't even bother trying to growing here outside. Oh my lord I don't I think that I have yeah. Get under my gap. I have yet to lose I don't eat or Wear pink it started you know he's dead but now it's Fred did Iraq. And here I've gone into they're not like three time flak from. Pulling it out this CNET caring dad taking it out. I'm fine you'll. It's and it is a growing in a place that you can hit it was an herbicide. I am the better luck area I could walk off. How might you can't embed that I don't have to keep holding my you know I don't. Yeah I think I would I would probably too. Forget about and just use Rondo wanted to. Well like he had. It didn't do anything it didn't even if I think our. I did this happen at different like a platform help. Did did you buy that ready to use. He hadn't kinder remember how. I would like I believe believe god that concentrate on Saturday kidnapped there is no way I would have pushed him. OK can zoom did you arrange. Concentrations. And for that I'd buy makes it at the strongest. Mixing recommendation that they have. I'm unpleasant night so it suggests weed free zone read trees or would probably work. The couple week thing now resume yes OK I meant. I think I'd go I'm gonna go straight for that okay. You know I'm wondering if release that are over win cured. Convict him electorate and an all for going to be taken up or recite that oil. Yeah all library even here and you are wondering if you couldn't pull all that out and then let it re grow. And that'll be really soft and secular growth which I think would be very susceptible to to die I mean with the use to have. We free zone or random pop I'm anything but another current. Especially if you water it. And we kind of food into a false sense of security. Now. I know I just water it first and then hit a retreat we. Always a good idea eight plants. You can kill plants easier if the plants that your one in to kill are nice and healthy and growing well. Oh yeah. And there if however they are growing in a dry dry dry location and they're still alive they're real and authentic operas are very well at all. So I wanna get to you when you're paying. It's a mental false sense of security with that a little of that extra water. And then once they're growing well you wanna hit him with a with a your herbicide. I will certainly. We do that. I didn't hear this from me I if none of those things work you might try mixing the two. Herbicides together I know that at full strength of one and plus the full streets of the other one. OK mom always cheer on T either that's gonna kill. And that would be in the Iraq area that mattered because I I think that. Be careful of course it was when it's groin or another plants you don't wanted to hit it with or recited but. That ought to be treated probably by hand. Okay. Well I guess maybe you'll look heckled or until they can they had learned I think gonna work I threw paint keep guy you ever think maybe he's. Yeah Perry we thanks who am I highlight. It sounds worse than it is. Yeah I'd I'm I'm taking key word for until I'm sitting ports as far aware of I usually do you know he's leaning way over. Whatever he's got I don't want it I gave I gave the opportunity is that I'll leave if you want me do the evidence anyway that that kind of that. Percy. Voices it's something I typically don't get anyway so maybe I'm immune to that. Particular book. Well I was bleach your face but I didn't. Act. I might I have my neighbor's puppy that do that thank you very much. Don't they all are gonna get DEC ID and take over the rake who we get back we have Andrew who. Our who's on the line won't talk about roads as well get to you Andrew and others who won again and now now's the time to do it 303. 6311430. Here on the all new crews and 1430. Are things in your garden yellow when they should be read ground when they should be blue. Let's gear loose coordinated with our garden fashion misses Chamberlain and keep song in the cruising 1430 greenhouse. Hey welcome everybody to be on their version fourteen period accords the garden first with Jimmy Key carrier who also lost. Are here to tell you what happened on this date in history and 1830 for the first true road tunnel in the United States was completed. It was in Transylvania. That's my home state don't you know. And in 1966. Not that much later oh yes it was like to go back Clinton Scott's paper you know those people yeah. They started selling paper dresses. For a buck. You could look at Atlanta paper dress I don't know which you couldn't go on and marine without. Oh the thinks are you be arrested. Looks like we have phone lines the good lord. Every beautiful lies and Kerry Andrew and he. Wanna talk about black and vying. Who we vols roses and effort countries are right up coming up for right now is Andrew. More Andrew. Good morning what tell us why you bruises. Well action can variety I just played them last year I can go right here you Rhode. Or abundant social condition. What's the last part of that. She'll be old news okay. In case. Nurturing. At the end who cannot erase. This certain I eat. Wondered if we get colder. Which Beckett lost. They didn't allow if you're kind of a lazy gardener like me and I can't speak for keys I would just let him go. And they're let's see what mother nature does. And district convinced they come out a lot for the c'mon a lot. We get a really cold snap which we possibly can come on it's only the little march. We're and you deal with stats you know when middle of April may comes around. But until and then I got I don't know I just don't go through much trouble. Are you couldn't put them. And dirt are they big enough so are they small enough to cover. Completely. Heard reactor probably hurtling at Cargill market over some play it if it is generally are getting really cold like. It's freezing or below at nine very what's the weather forecasts may go over and that's why and just put a five gallon bucket retirement. Broder and that's and then. Do I need to Wear contact any ringer that no roads last Cherie it's way too early to do that elder went to the middle of April or so. But I would only if you don't. Was that the torture thing at a sneak cute cut. Oh yeah back up. Yes it's one of those landscape roses here and you wanna go through and just take out an easing its dead you know hurt anything that's her broken. Anything that's really CM. Spindly. I don't you love anybody can understand what I'm saying at a pepper hair did OK Andrew OK okay give me. And then he communal. Shouldn't that shouldn't that was left back to about eighteen inches tall twelve to eighteen inches tall. Career. Great I would be cured and bad thanks for calling. And there are always go 2000 memorable was 2003. By the way in March we had. With two officials note total here in Denver and 31 inches or something no one snowstorm. Foothills not very far away got six feet. Ranked six. Feet. Overlook or where was I going with that all there was some are not armor that they know wasn't that many years ago but this time was our last frost. We didn't have anymore frost for four room rest of the winter and certainly none in the spring it's. That was easier. That was he we have some really beautiful play Lex oh yes there everything bloomed and and did well too so. Where is it gonna happen this year. I don't know. And just don't know. Burke probably gonna break. A high temperature records for the day and perhaps tomorrow as well that much is here in Denver but also lowered under par lowlands. Expertise. So there are my jaguar third and do Stephanie yard. And you wanted to water regard if for nothing else's to knocked on the dusty and the kidnapped after a mine mine mine. How okay. Next up is going to be very the Broomfield high very good morning oh. What's up with your black flying weevils. Well I had that they give my holly park and I noticed among them with serious pollution has dropped very. Bit I was wondering I searched on the Internet for the pictures. If the black line we pull the same thing as the blue dress bill. No. No serve both we will lower than not yes yeah I mean look the same I think they're about the same size. Oh if memory serves. On the lawn they're they're pretty easy to to control. On their holy hawks however you're gonna need need to probably apply a spray. Well I I'd. I guess I site search and yes he has signed up and they say this Bill Maher hey listen this. See positive word the flower yes thank. There's that and that's what do much damage to the planned for him. The only word that best way to control and distance control leaves salt. Fight for him and killed in the adult so they don't get the latency. The day yeah that. So they did it get. Two different things that that I decided that are both similar then I guess. Yeah you won't you won't find the bloom the bluegrass blue bug out here very often. But the black mind we boy is is slightly larger and obviously black. And or very dark dark brown. Our hand it's very easy to control you usually use a product called eight EI GHT. I've heard it's made by bone I do and how it works beautifully. Okay I'll pick some of that and and thank you and and by the way materials sources are doing just fine. He hit his head and feet from the Philippines so very natural for her that's yeah. I guess this. On her island on the other side has not been there but on the other side of the island. A place called more old bull wall. The largest port could plantation in the world there and I'm I'm one defeat that Sunday. Yeah I have I've not heard of it but it sounds like a fun trip. Okay. Thanks so much guys. Yes thanks for give us a car here this morning are the rest you can give us call 3036311430s. Or phone number. We will be on the line here and just dissect and Kazaa wanna come gradually keeps on winning a first prize in the orchestra last week. Oh thank you yes we looked and you put a picture now your wife put pressure on FaceBook a seat at the very pretty. With a ribbon and everything yeah dad maybe. I was I was very pleased I didn't think it would win this one of those. I'm one of those hybrids it's a primary cross so it's. It's 'cause a cross between one species of fat passion peddle him and another species of paktia peddle him. And you usually. When you do something like that the offspring is supposed to be better than either of the parents. I don't think it is. But apparently the judges here. Yeah first generations. Typically not the best looking of the second third generation are we got to do some selecting that's right for characteristic or characters are there. It will cool. Are right. But seek deep or got our sincerity we have to take a break it's a long. We can't break the law but would go back for a short after this on the all new crews in 1430. You where you Richard we didn't pesky garden tasks such drastic garden pros are here and they mean business. If you have a little trouble with the great outdoors you call the yard. Or call 3036311430. And Jim and keys to work for you now let's get back to the show. Larry we are back to the show we and join me you do give us a call at the following my phone number 303631. Team thirty I don't advocate for requires the the existence of Wi-Fi at all but I may be wrong there. You never know. We have right now is the median Lakewood has a question. Or right discussion and I want apricot trees morning meeting that. Well good morning. This the far right if you think part. Then fifteen. Because three shot didn't fall doom. Kind of pretty isn't that how do you feel. And they smell really smell so good. Yeah and the beat out alone to live let concerned about that. Badly he had everything you can find. Now. If they get to Mitch page now when they release fall off. The block and follow all. That didn't give them a bit chance. You get to that told them that whatever. Only slightly. No evidence that the small fruit has a little bit more cold tall arms then do the blossoms. The world we're talking only Garko board agrees and that's if they have that may be all it takes and that could be Elena takes over a week and don't. Do have to keep looking at the Keller to middle marcher were dropped on the twentieth night which is not the least bit unusual well that's it they're down. He then saw it. But we can dream match now. We can't crack. We dream before and made it so let's try again in the chest hard in the first inning canning supplies ready. Until they can and that's on the pop I'm hopeful that my question is about Bougainville. I had to wait until things calm right at. And one leg and I'm think I'm doing well. The the peak. It isn't content from pitiful blossoms. And they called adult. You don't even open up. I'm really. I'm beginning to run there. How big a pot since it hit pretty big play and it can't ship went through peaceful Latin. And I should. Planted in that it's okay. And that I want that in the pocket is not big enough. Could say repeatedly. Kind of diameter part is are they in now. This. Food we think it will be no. Eight interest and. That's that's kind of tiny EV. 45 plants but right now I would bumped those up. Or twelve inch apart or even into a Paul my commitments are and I'm thinking in my mind like a five gallon container. Yeah. OK and so. I think that there can be really controlled that and the other two are just absolutely doing theater. In the same size pot. You know are they have pretty much but the guy has just two months to about the little punk. Just some luck. And they hit a flat this sort of. I think when media when you take those auto part you're gonna find it there's roots are just really sick in there I. And you're got to peel away some of those. Okay. So that. It definitely could immediately and I don't think so yeah I think it's big and beautiful and I'm OK we'll try that it's okay. And let's hope that. And we are hoping I have my fingers crossed for you re. Okay thank you might not hurt parity. Yeah I used to have apricot trees and I just I just gave him. Of their. But. If you object is to grow fruit. Right van and got to perform guys well that's true and they didn't. Infer board. Every year it's two thirds said that's it you're out here. Though there are here. Well hopefully if eating gets a map for cuts this year show invited us over for what you say here it. Fifteen seeing trees here and it's it's like a whole line of them true a screen. That's a lot of Arab looked up. It's heads miss if they produce well. The be enough for all her neighbors. And S two yes so. Our folks give us a call we are currently out of nowhere aren't we have someone who at all although that person doesn't have yet have a name. Who who lives in Littleton has a question about lawn fertilizer. We wanna go on talk to that nameless person it's Barbara that's okay Aaron let me let me click on bow out there good morning Bob. Hello. Bob what do we do for reasons advocate. Com. This what is sold screwed up whatever that is up making me crazy true. I'm blame should we start this during loading along. It. You gonna do any air raiding. It how pro missile it's. I would do that's first. Okay and then when you fertilized aegis but demonstrate fertilizer or do you use a weed prevent terror. I think the word you know we've proven true this year. OK so you wanna get that down by the you know by the first week or two and April. Then on April yeah hole OK I will argue that. Started Tucson as these sorry I didn't call. I'm saying there are just first week or two of people who would be. Towards the end when you wanna get down you could at any time down now between now and then. Now but definitely air raids first. I'm OK very good thank you know. All right sir are hard you've got. Let's see phone calls or. Lou far between right now so it's your turn to get in to do Marie had a problem in the past I think that people are sleeping in there that past is not the present so. Give us a call 303631. 1430. And you should check out our FaceBook page because I've we've just more more stuff for instance a westerner we reported on same here. On India partner Cheryl. Let's see where we've got to put pictures of a pulse of Tia us won't you let me propose it here task flew past Florida that's it he had hit. That's a pretty flowers blooming in the footprint our native won. Yeah. You put up much pictures from the orchid show the and I hornets picture there of my new bird guard or. You look at that now are you crazy. Eyes I see in those shows are so cool they are to where did you get that I've there's an address associated with that mr. He's a guy in a single guy help it and say long lines yeah north you're not reform. Susan I'm lines we're losing one at a time okay and they're all individual although you can to go one largest just type in Bur guard burglar. I know it's a funny word. But as soon as you do you'll come right up. And go ahead and went to the site and check. I wrote his listings. Of he's got a whole series of who's got cat bird guard works dog bird guard rulers Mason the bird houses people. And they'll also let them kill ceramic spending get him in Chinese or or. Or not China met their ego Macs are good word. You get him in people's faces as bird guard alerts. African animals. Other kinds of animals. I just go it just page after page after page of the page and use pick one you want and and you because you're there what to do if you wanna get warm and anesthesia put to ordering stars make and they're really cool scratched. Ebbers I've never seen anything like them before. Indeed some pictures up there Mallorca staff list tolerances that's better known as man's idiot to most people it's looming. Proust komen to cosa is blooming nets better known as Nanking chairing. All what else here couple pictures of highs and since you can almost smell. But you can't who don't have smell O vision. Not yet to what else there's there's a site you can go to and look up. More than knew at the Becky is. I want a rose a better perspective to cross between tech and UCF and Rebecca yet they look remarkably like Rebecca it's. Nurse at least one person doctor who's in the know who says. I don't think it's a cross at all but hey I'm let them argue about that Newton go to the site and find out. Guard and I'm sure a bunch pictures their program next pro bunch pictures there and the new put to a new way to turn and be one of my favorites can be series. Night sky it was a first to put to a new with coconuts. It's a dark blue one with white polka dots it's an eye catcher it is indeed and now there's a new one called pink scar. It is deep pink with a white coconuts. Very very unusual. That's the is I want a deep pink with purple polka dots. Given time. There will. I really cool a bit just a and keep them people could post him up here but a waste area that actually. Probably bloom here reliably. And it's not the the Japanese or Chinese were steered that were all very much accustomed to this is a native one from back east. Was very macro stack Keith. And is resistant variety go blue. Moon moon moon yes and timber line used to sell one colts can't. I like bloom because it has longer flowers tapes. K more like the Japanese exist and they ended reliably blue move it later sort of undercard with these with these late frost and blue moon sometimes. Well it must sometimes are supposed to read bloom during the summer. Yes. Indeed. A new die ASEAN. People probably wondering what in the world that diocese nerve of it well it's one is new flowers and on the market. Twins her twin spurs is there implant select was one of them the new one called flying colors who. We should know here surely well and I'm making for the winner if so then we're in of a brand new diet actually on market which is. Are we call red. Thanks very very nice my corner coral canyons already up capsules and grow and they what do you think about them. Hold on. What do you think about the conversation that people are having about don't kill your scandalous 'cause the bees need them. They're both foreign. That's but that's my color my response. And if I'm gonna have Wii's in my yard. I wanna select them move I don't want my neighbor to select informant. All replied in my own flowering perennials we still are not native here thank you for him that the bees will. I have to agree with you I mean killing if you Daniel Lyons in your lawn. You know maybe twenty years thirty plants there's not gonna make any difference as far as. The wheel all the gender lines that are in the neighbors. Neighboring fields or there. Open space or the ditch or. The playground or anyplace else has not maintained a gonna it's gonna be fit with candlelight yet. Absolutely I've sort of know it does so more than missing don't missing twenty or thirty plants at a young isn't gonna make it different not even just Argo one meal a day it was in full blown. I know you're not you're not going to say thank you very much no. My neighbor had a bunch and courier are part of our neighbors that don't do anything in her yard play and when I say nothing I mean nothing. Don't cup progressed as a kid but not in the cart than a war. However Daniel I love it. You know prepare don't know what winner and what springer what fall learned it anyways like crazy. She had. Thousands of them are small front yard. By one or spurred him. I'm sure you all like contrary. Is that I could sort of us who say did you give permission. Twice whispered. Into her first tendency to do much on gets it aggregates in my pretty. That I have to. Don't you check out our FaceBook pages tons of stuff on there as some bullets actually interest and and I really great article. About time to remove the grass. You know reducing the the square footage of crass and your line. Am going to look less watering and so forth. And I believe this was from the Denver water department wrote this article. Or out of the number of people I got Tony koskie was on there he's from CSU and said you know. That's great if you wanna say water but keep in mind. The trees that are growing in your yard in the shrubs that are growing in your yard or aren't they have grown there based on the gap and he. Sparklers that you've been running. That in the next to what you've been giving him. And to to turn that off. But it cut back by any severe amount. Is that gonna have detrimental effects to your trees and shrubs or kill. Yeah are going to go home I've seen a more reward them and if even if it even if it's the lower water that doesn't kill him. It's the stress they go under that makes them more susceptible to diseases and insects. Out what we did in so so be careful about that whole concept. Of I'm gonna get rid of the grass so I don't have to water. Believe gonna end up with a treeless plain. As a four yard boom and that's going to be hot. And miserable. And it could bring in the most in my neighborhood and you gonna pay more for. Cooling going here in the sum up your landscaping out to be harder and you'll know you'll be opening your windows during the day as much. So keep that in mind that there are tradeoffs. As with anything that you do if there are consequences. All right let's see what aren't gonna say something here and I thought we've really really important and obviously. It wasn't. So only be remembered over the top and tell him maybe around and probably. Make a good news can we come up Fredricka. Stopping our wait wait check course in music in our indications are happening as we speak. So we're gonna take a little break for news you can use pharmacological. Broadcast. And and wait for your phone calls live when he room on our screen here and take your calls that free three. 63114. Dirty on the phone imprisoned for injured.