Garden Pros - Hour 2 - 2.11.17

Saturday, February 11th


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The following is a in program that does not necessarily reflect the views of Cruz in 1430. Sleeping. It's now time for sleeping it's time for the early bird gets in the garden enjoying Jim Borland and chief. For as the garden pros on the all their lives in 1430. Our advice lines are open at 303631. At 1430 and we're ready to help. Now let's join the road. Yes we are ready to help but whose gonna help us. I'm here to open and then I'm on the ground and create your own kid child I have. Do my best that's exactly right we have full life right now which is really exciting for this time of year. So we're gonna do some about there right now and head on out talked to Jim in Centennial the morning Jim. Good morning hey thanks until the garden grows. So glad that I. I get a bunch of Irish plants in the backyard. All of the foliage obviously is lying down on the ground. Should I pull that off or is that good protection for the wonder whether that we're expecting. FF I ever did I have already gone through a man and removed it from mine did that. Think last weekend. So yeah her great great caliber. If you chop it out. Otherwise hesitancy chemistry in the compost. The end and be careful about pulling too hard. On those news if they don't if they don't just come mosque easily than I would cut them. Oh yeah. Those iris though. Right zones are so close to the surface. The hospital I ever had and it yeah yeah and do you really not a ground. And realizes that. How about get I'm neighborhood cat would create its colors and it seems very Allen certainly below either in my yard. This can't do think that would leave the good for anything other than just social. Yes the other I mean they do they do compost well I would get them out of the flower beds nest are things they have a tendency debt mat together like shingles and actually prevent moisture from getting through to oil. But if you do make a mosque and you can let them dry and then run him through chipper or run over with your lawn mower. And just make a winner Al Baha men and then and then and then then put that into the compost pile once they've been chewed up by the lawnmower that chipper. They decompose fairly quickly. It's hard to rake them off for America apple would launch. This is this is true he leaf blowers seems to work pretty well there on low setting yeah. And downs and dry out when Italy's or dry and they don't blow well when they're wet. All right there. Well thank you for your help I appreciate you show. Well thanks for the calls them and your weekend Martin if you. Yet this is the time of year the EU he need to watch. Especially like at cottonwood leaves or if you have oak trees in the neighborhood that's within have big leaves are sycamores are even not Norway maples. Those police have a tendency to pile up in areas where the wind blows them they could smother things who. Including your lawn. So no double check just walk through the yard once in awhile and and and see if you got any accumulations like that thing and get rid of it. And the cotton wood had that waxy. Even coating makes it doubly difficult. Yeah slow to decompose and Chris have you ever notice well I had a water garden once upon a time and then cotton wood leaves and estimates PS would get into it any stay in the water brown going to because of the tendons in the lead succumb. So that's another thing you have to watch out for although that doesn't seem to really did bother. You more than the finish it but well yeah fish. Looks sunny color. Up. Through all that brown and and beer. You do get that kind of and the they'll stay in your patio. The senior dec. And you are saying you goal this year is to say nothing organic like that no yard waste in quotes to it to the landfill that is my goal I salute you yes. I'd already been mulch in the yard you know that the lawn I don't I have a lot multi lawnmower and so I never. Collect clippings unless I need it foremost and like the vegetable garden. But the rest of the staff the trails like cut back in the spring and so forth. I have a chipper and this year. It's my goal to use that chipper can excavated from the pack Gallagher I that's right yeah yeah and either put this stuff back onto the onto the ground as mulch you were where I cut the plants back that he can just put her right back in the in my old house. Oh just take a hedge shears after them and started the tough the plant just cut down in small increments obviously delay. And it may get it made its own most of this new place the plants are big enough to actually. Cover over the ground to hide that through through so I'm. There will be a few more years where is he right underneath and a good excellent what do you deal. I have a lot of pine needles and live a kind of in the prairie about two 58. Well almost Albert county line he still record you can come and so I have found a lot of good things to do is tiny and they too will not break down well. But there might go into mulch for the garlic bed because they will not packed down. Right you know they're great show that the garlic ghosts you know. Needle she needles and contracts for the F bombs so there are a lot of places Riley tuned you know recycled tree stuff. Mom so I do I do then and then I have some some wood mulch at the songs at this blow into old accounting yet where I live. But I know I I don't believe in bare soil. Showing. Now here it fits system work. Gone that's in the palace and the necessary at this point to but you mentioned pine needles and and so many people are scared that pine needles as they decompose when. Make the soil sour or acid or do something coming out of the needles this damaging to other plants and and that's just an old wives' tale. Now have to be aware especially after the news yesterday of of fire danger so you have and be prudent yet about that. But no I I never ever give pine needles away in the paint dogs and we put him where the dogs run in and they're just a wonderful resource alien and I. My go to. And I'm. I wish I wish they did a certified and so I was missing that would be condemned more near East Coast that will be very beneficial to our soil stuff. I'm but it just doesn't happen. And and you can then they'll like you said they make a grace a great malts that's a long lasting ones. But if you are if you learn through chipper and shred them down. They will decomposed pretty quickly once you do that to them really break them up and his nose and to some moisture brain injury you do that big demand in the fall. Not the strength or put him in your compost filing that and compost was everything else are right or just scatter their. The bid the shredded immediacy yes just got her back onto the ground and know they'll decomposing place right. Yeah good and good plan is right alright it's planned back out here on to the lines we've got Kerry waited until this morning Carrie. Good morning Heidi gill Hearn. Greg what's going on with your bad self. Win all. A couple anxiously while I was out yesterday patent watering their speaker we're talking now he gets the opportunity to do it. And that would actually doing work cleaning off the shelves that go shoot eight plant scanned. And I can't do any cash to teach about like Orkut I can cast around a gallon I'll get straight hair. And are talking a few months ago about that and I hear I got erosion and let the other beer Rosen. Was a garden. Grosans Lara spread yeah. Rafts. And as well as sound. You're creeping in our port scale I can get ash. You also told me get anxious to segregate it to my other work good idea actually didn't try now much. And this deal came back and I and I can't mother step that was going on with it and I would getting ready to throw away any. We need despite that. On me. Stay tuned to know that it. You think you can really call that cult. Just have actually about the crowd that would bag give up its fight got made back. I want to read Couric Checchi who dat. I am now looking at once you have people like sic blah that six pollutants phonics to a couple of extra bat. And I I am so proud of myself no this week it's me. Umpteenth here I've been able to pollute an orchid for Valentine's show myself. Excellent. Black and I'm patting you on your back can you feel it. Ha I don't I feel the love. That. It basically kidney or. Market on that our parents can now I think. What they tell me because I'm. Yeah yeah. Now everything from my colleague I have a plane. I can't stand in the basement with garlic light switches where they're able to get that little lady here. Early blooming. And and I mean they were she well. And every member of the net Byrd Al. And our friend of mine you're helping me or retrofit. Arms shot quite. Home TA dot child like. And they're going to be sick of there. Throw liquidity at how do I adjust the current security. People work at the end blew blew it only true achieved twelve for picking our today. So obviously don't GA and for example are really going to be quick now Serb. Leader moment. They're there all six on the same level. Okay EL you'll want it if you gonna grow low light plants like fail announces you wanna raise that up. Do you have a light meter of any kind. Well I got up from my home. Okay all they have failed and offices grow really well. That 800 to a thousand foot candles. Oh I should have been ready to right there on the night we're gonna get something that's OK sorry. It and again. 800 to a thousand foot candles. Yeah they'll grow even in lower light they'll grow you know nice the control is no certainty even down at 500. This just to not gonna bloom quite as well and daily links is not a factor. In blooming sale process. It's temperature. During the winter that during the you know and on November December. They like temperatures to drop a good fifteen degrees from day tonight. And that spread of temperature. Whether it's you know dropping from. 85 to seventy or eighty to 65. It doesn't really matter so much what the top and the bottom is he just need debt spread of about fifteen degrees. And and that will that encourages them to spike. Not to Dele. That interest and good at it they are innovation meant what you can keep your basement that it always cooler down there so maybe that's what they're encouraging him. You throw like well Google violet Traficant IOS. Okay they'll be pleased perfectly compatible with the failing not since. And endure we don't. Millwood much higher lies and maybe you can prop them up a little closer to the lights. I convert the putt underneath them or something like that. Okay. Prayers can't drop it pure half Carol on. It's sixteen hour about the right about a kinda more beauty is kinda kinda don't really matter. Well I know I like didn't I think fifteen hours is a gracious plenty. The cool thing about going under lights is. It's not like going outdoors where the sun comes up gradually during the day and then goes down gradually during the day. I'm drawing under lights as soon as they come on its full tilt boogie from minute one until they go off at night. It's it's an even amount of light so. That accumulation now that extra light at the early part in the late part sort of makes up for the length of day. No I I try to mimic what's going on outdoors with my lights. So if we if we're getting short days during the winter I have short day's going on in the basement under lights. And if we have yet and I as so once a month I just. The the timer to two in the mix the length of the day outdoors that happens naturally. Ten and not not all of Mallorca is responding. Not all plants will respond today lengthy but somewhere else and and you find out which ones those are just with trial and error. But some don't some don't need that. You're dealing with it or heard him. So intriguing because when I've seen orchid growing it and that doesn't have a clamoring for a certain. They're so called it could be cratered that they don't really have a seasonal light change. Because it's hard hit me picked apart it means that you would mean when making it for what they would have here that there's no way to quickly growing here. But not all orchids grow with the equator. Well that's true I don't get it I heard a bird rescue get ticket we have. Maurer crap orchid varieties in in Colorado that hate myself. Now we have about seven and we have between seventeen and 21 species there were kids in Colorado. There are natives here the only continent that does not have made it work is is Antarctica. Poor an architect fugitive unqualified scared. Except. I'd like I'd like to go after money or get it's quite belong right now it's got like five liters a bleak. Loan when I I think I probably shouldn't be carded after external disk moaning. How do I do like you do wish all of pilot hadn't. Gallon and he'll get rid of them are legion got a gallon or don't like it let it continue to get power power. Well with or kids who you wanna take him out of the old pot and remove. All of the old growing next you completely bare root to plant. And remove any you remove any dead material that's under there. And if you have any yellow leaves you can remove them at that time. And then reset. The plant in the putts so that the bottom. Green leaf the lowest green leaf is right at tests with the level of the bark the top level of the bark does that make sense. That makes their demands are murky area right now if only. Maybe yeah. He has kept recorded the winning entry apart. That's already fare pretty much where you want it could be. Yeah yeah you don't want to bury any of those green leaves under the bark. Okay. Or are stripped him up and Gary Indiana Mauer out. I was like those leaves are green their functioning in the more. The more relieved you have the more energy that has that plant has to flower. Right. And I got a New England will come about coming up at top right now stroke Alcatel discontinued it if you keep. There's little they can get there even after stopped blooming up pink they have that little state keep it felt right. Okay. And that still not to have a tendency when I go sideways a little bit and Drupal decide the putt. And that's that's a natural growth habit that helps the planet drain water from the crown of the plant. So there when he gets rained on there runs off. And Brad Owen accumulating in a puddle. So I should just let it fly over adapt. If you want to or do when you you know since you're doing all the watering. You control where the water goes. Actually what I bloodshed outlaws but what I'm gonna put up shut up again but whatever you can't lectures that go on epic power. So Troy doesn't get nobody had water. All right. Tell me beating flatter flap over to it otherwise might get rocks inside. And that's that's a potential problem is bacterial rot in the crown where I was in new leaves come out. And they contend that they'll turn dark brown and mush he didn't end just nasty. But that doesn't sound like it's happened to you yet so you must have some pretty good air circulation going on. It's why do you beat him. Dilemma do sometime you can add. And I do you have thick stands surrounded with just ordinary perfect picture to your door popped right plastic. I have a flat the fact that helped keep containment Indian. We got stuck it right aren't I I don't understand how anybody can over water anything here. He kept at the art. Should local water his whereabouts frequency than a match and then Glen quantity. No I really like I guess they don't have a life I mean you know. I I'll let you know Bob Knight and I mean you got a job at such genocide trial in those in the wintertime. She keep my tropical month light water and not. Speak because I think when there are like this summer I got electric system that. In the winner identical watered we may. Cheek Chicago bed and I may need and obviously they don't care real loyal to. Am already well I appreciate. They think I'm gonna take a picture that the Pentagon and you get to come into ordinary or gates should it is your special to me. We'll live this specialist not ordinary. Well what network it's he would not really care I mean it just you know why would a little to help if you shoot inside it's not a the picture perfect whatever but it did survivor so alas. I would love to see that they posted on her FaceBook page. I don't okay good luck thank you guys thanks for the call carries. By the way. Powers like here's success stories with orchids and people who weren't Heuer have enough puts but to just give it a shot yeah yeah. They're not as scary as you think they're in the not to divas salute some of them clean up the deepest hit that you think they exactly a little more cooperative they are. And they're very durable. Or look relay for break we got to think that we'll come back to talk to Nancy. Eighty and Kearin I hope I pronounced those correctly about pine trees into evolves and amorous. We have one open line 3036311430. Is the number to call right here on the all new crews and 1430. This is the number one Garden Show in Colorado asks the garden grows with Jim Borland and keep phones. Join the conversation at 3036311430. Right now for free advice to be guaranteed at lease would you pay for it. Now back to show. We'll get some questions answer what do you think we'll end. Let's go let's do it and they can with Tagalog or loses here today help answer questions today and oh you were you've imagined but you jobs jobs check your does that not. I mean we have dozens of seasonal jobs that's now open up over the course of the spring use as the season unfolds. Aunt so two are all on that Sunday February 12. And again next Saturday February 18 from twelve to two they will be accepting applications. The kind of walk you through the process since he you know some of the listing requirements and in scheduling requirements but sock. They would love deaf people come in and in print an application talk to them and not doing interviews tomorrow. But there are dozens of jobs to be filled so com we love good enthusiastic people it's a great place to work. And other some very nice benefits. So we you know how wonderful Alanis were punished you at that begins you wouldn't hanging out promise that I'm glad it. Drugs. The times to kick it. It's a lot of fun great people who are foreign there are if anybody who's got who who themselves once a little something to do over the you know growing season. Mom makes an excellent and kids young you know it's it's a great place to work in and lots of fun things to buy we could discount. Diaz let's say there's at discount involved that's always a good thing so tomorrow and next Saturday right. Let's get out to the thought you've got that I'm not sure had a pronounces it either adding your eighty. Exactly easy. EV OED. I yeah. Within the let's I was. I tried it yet in the capital can let you adjust the interest. Two popular aren't we. This hour I think we just third hour it's citing dimming isn't really the fact that the economy and move. But it's certainly nice having you in the US. Think you cannot say that I recognize your voice from from. Begins over the years and so it's nice to be able to psyche myself. Don't think he I didn't show multi. Applicable. To nearly a million talk about cutting little. The blood little. Stand a big country. Yes we do like Jerry mile at the cut now Mac has been barred him from Kathleen Koch. And they I just filming beautifully. Soledad that they smelled good tailed. Yes hey do we have to get close but they do think you know make any used to do that every year. And I didn't really like and that had gotten. It more. You know push and then compelled. Then I who have been constantly that go to the culture trying to and both Belichick said. But since I want it perfect pet named cool from the truth buildup yes. And then we will find out who got the motion. Feel they get food go by contrast yes and we've then got a goal every year conflict. Now blooming ouch I make Chris Smith road is absolutely. Beautiful. I was gonna ask you feel is blooming yet. I truly wow what a wonderful. Yes yes and it can't you limit for lunch and come just beautiful and I know my question about to let bulk. They sold in it looking stupid I could to lead with the ball on that. And a pancreas. I. Okay well I guarantee that if you can end. It's so I think you know when they died. I paltry. The bulb. And put them in a coop play. If chancellor and then consider life. There's a chance. You plan them. Right away this spring as soon as the ground warms up and around PS of the you can get down in there and dig in and get them at their proper depths. They may go ahead and produce some foliage this year I would go so that would be important for them to survive. Either it's never know on those sorts of things. Right right. Are are they learn not seen looting glee your soft still are not out there are okay very current yeah they should probably now you finally they'll stay within that might take in the year two to recover. More upgrade to bloom again yeah. And now I ask you all can shape a prayer. That ethnic cut block from pitching at. Feel emotionally it is an alleged cheered yeah this and made to indicate that Kris. In the end we head. Three happily cut a real cuts bump. Up. Since most actually losing you know that at the half. Like 500 dollars for Africa and is and is something like me. Or my grandfather always used to put Christmas lights on history's. So that when we were gonna get a cold snap he can turn Christmas lights on. And then that and the flowers nearest the lights fried who would would be close it would it would stay and that's fine but don't want to waste farther away from the lights may not always at least got a few you know. Ireland eight get beyond that should show may be trying to go to Brenda Schultz. I don't know I don't know if it would help. Could try it then that's. Okay so that's my question about the too involved and and that every country I just hope. I hope so it's nice those trust it be nice and a nice mild spring again this year are. Now I will let you know you can't let me know I children are intrigued but. A good well that would be great. CD. Thank you eat. Until. A bag did you send me. Was she brought up two things that I wanted to just. Talk about briefly is bringing in branches to force inside a we have talked about that a couple of weeks ago and this is the time of year where they've had. And that's chilling time that they will be able to come out of Dorman CN bloom in the house for you. Much earlier thought they would bloom outside. Although paper cuts are known for being Smart about that in the home now when it's it's just crop of the heart that's right and you know you can cut pursue those now. For Cynthia who. Not crab apple branches cherries palms. You all the fruit trees they're easy to force indoors has put him into a vase of water and and a brightly lit room that maybe isn't real warm. Elections you know he went to the force fairly slowly you don't want to the first real fast. And then it's and flowers and you get compliments to yet people think you brilliant. Yet they well yeah yeah. Like you did some sense that put them I stepped up. It's not difficult and doesn't take a lot of experience here technique to do that. This issue mentioned was your Christmas road is if you're not familiar with what a Christmas roses it's not heroes at all is it now. You know it's they column I Helen bore right. So do column land to tennis is. And it's it's a perennial. With. Very pretty Paul make leaves and they bloom this time of year. In will they take hard cold Allianz backing have to protect communities now that now Dell Dell take. And if you throw at him. We do keep him from getting crushed to we got a wet snow yes if they're blooming. The laundry basket that's yeah favorite 400 basket yeah that we re just representing a what he made on that 10-Q before blowing over. But yeah. It's a great plan to have some early flowers from. And they've come out with so many colors die young the old fashioned and just plain white two right. Which I still think greenish light Sunday it's just it's just beautiful that way but now they've come out of these varieties have. Pick a team flowers in a different multiple colors for bloom always a dark dark purple and I. To estimate yellow is now. It's amazing you pay out the nose for some of those do or I more exotic yeah. But they're great perennial have in new tougher than they look. And the foliage is so pretty. There's just a gorgeous thing when it's even if it's not in bloom because it's only boom you know early right but they'll need amendment protect this beautiful mound of of green green shiny foliage. That stays green well into winter. So it's it's a nice it's a nice perennial I don't think is planted nearly enough would probably not your name yeah yeah. And then of I think when the reasons is because by the time people are going into the garden centers in May and June and so forth. They've done gloomy and IDC is the foliage right and it doesn't really grab your attention to say here's why it's let me take me home. Jerry in our inner about production departments been known to bring some in in the later in the season where you can kind of see where things. Did doing and people are ready to maybe plant a little more I don't know she can do that every time that it's it's fun. Yet is an and I I see that the growers are getting older more savvy and putting some really nice pictures home. On the labels so that you can only see what I should look like right. All right. Let's see we're gonna take quick break I guess we'll come back and talk to check in Nancy and cure and as soon as we do that's. You listening to ask the garden pros with Keith funk and my guest today when a confronted our gardens at the that's. Right here on the only Cruz in 1430. If every sure you own has a good junior print and every vacation you've ever plan includes a stop to a Botanic Garden this is the show for you. It's asked the garden pros with Jimmy Key. Now let's talk gardens with the Denver's favorite garden pass on the only Cruz and 1430. Not gonna waste anymore time not that we have been wasting time I'd like to think not yes except in Medford and yet but. That's. Yeah I get all three of these questions in before that before the top of the hour we're gonna start with Nancy who's been waiting the longest good morning Nancy. Yeah meaning Schindler in this Rick. All the way to negotiate fairly with a girl so stepped foot full. We'll hope we'll vote for your fifteen foot and intrigue. Right next to a regulatory news. There having that kind of battle between the troops. Through the concrete certainly Raj quote a bit. What can be done. So I think the Braintree in the new. Florida. Well. That's the DA out that those roots. Right underneath the the driveway. Are getting larger in diameter just like the branches above ground and that's what's causing the cement to buckle up on the you can remove the cement and and have a new. Knew when put in with and you can create some channels for those roots. I did this back in Lakewood. That my neighbors big. The silver maple woods it was heating my driveway and saw I had him build some. Boxes. Open bottom boxes that ran the length of the route before they put the driveway over the tops is that the roof had some more room to expand without hitting the driveway. Didn't care should idea. Yeah it raises the level of the driveway at the bit that I you know and that was the problem I I had enough slope to be able to handle that. As one way you can go or take it's creatine remove those roots but it's not gonna cause this immense just there to the to drop back down again you have to. We're clear oriental stay that way exactly. It's a tough choice okay well for your car and you're welcome thanks for you call this morning Beck's book right. By. Get that that space. Right underneath the cement where it comes in contact with the soil there's a lot of oxygen there the group. And that interface is what they call it and roots love that. And they drive they thrive in so they'll they'll fill up that area and then as they grow in diameter. They'll start to move what's above them until more so than they would have if the driver it was and there are correct they would have been deeper interest and right yeah right. They go where the good stuff should just keep the oil in the water that tells you have how important oxygen is to the roots of plants use. They really seek that almost allowed I can't say more than waterbed. It's it's as it is right up there with water yeah. All right she could see our next caller is out in golden I hope that match your name right is it here and. Hello. She's coming. I in golden about them realists. All of it or care. Sierra and okay Sarah I. Then the name is spelled KI ER AM on my screen. Well you know one maybe I guess to defeat. Sit there and thank you for calling the show how can we help you tomorrow. ID app I have been Amarillo plant at and my my grandmother always called it'd be securely in it always are a couple. February march you know and it's a pin folds. I'll orange color and an iPad this plane for like fifth I'm not hitting 57 years. Yes and love like that but my cousin forgot about it and and I got my. There's so they didn't take care of them that I feel I have in my town welcomes you to control how I defended really well. And get and I believe this was just beautiful and they still are beautiful but it's not so new anymore and it's always blue before. Yeah. And and in the past. It did go dormant or did it maintain it leaves your round. If we maintained its sleeve here around half I have a walkout basement. It's. They seemed to know warrants and of course I blew. Get around and so each side gets climbing up light. It did not get your rest and it never hands and I've always been able to maintain its and a lot of times we didn't have a bunch of leaves. But it all week boom. Now I have a bunch relief and it's not voting for two years. And I've been looking at a freak you're all quite often and make sure that maybe. Brown would be coming up but nothing's coming up but believe her gorgeous. Okay and how long has it been since you re potted it. How old that they have well I think probably about security. It's probably got a huge party near term. Bulb yeah is it is it sprouting up from school putts from the base as well. How wiping or meaning if it was really. For me eat. Okay I would say one of the things you want to ask you would want to do is to gently popping out of the pot. And see how route down that is. It may need to go up especially since has been in the same putt for six years or so it's I think it's time for some fresh potting soil. But they don't like a real big pot. They'll they'll hit it big with the plaintiffs big. I'll be able capacity that I can't affect. Perhaps thank you for that and then also I have my press on the north side. There was I could care for so long that they know of course sea ice is gone but sooner than gratitude and try to hit the debt. Yeah it won't dirt the dirt there. No grass left. It doesn't seem to be very much graphic lists on the whole what I have for. I have half a deck there and light for the ticket she can't possibly get he colossal contradict church. And there's no press there no it doesn't appear to be. Okay sounds like a good candidate for a couple pieces of flight stone yeah. Yeah ha if you if it's constant pressure of and the downward step anyway it's compact didn't break. It was it was just get through blankets and there. Okay well I guess further if it is asked. And I'll try that about half you know I hit twice I had given fault people. I'll put my client. I get hits and three times and food each time it seemed to feel better after I did pick it up and give balls away. So maybe you're right about football situation. Then you might want a decent separating him and because if there's a lot of there's a lot of growing in the same pot does that you're getting a lot of competition for nutrients and candlelight and all the things that it needs to bloom. This is that the and I are writing it's still early just so cute. Well that's a good thing. Because it needs those leaves to have the energy to flower. Okay burning. All right thank you very much. Do you welcome. All right we have time for our last caller. And that will be check out in Frederick good morning checked. Good morning. That's an easy name to pronounce. Let me tell you ordered up. Not going in there. Okay now we'll have a question for you all will brief history of colorectal policy over here attendance did have been there for the last 23 years. Has had a very large dog and didn't affect your. And find. Going to endure their moving up this weekend at home. I'm going through you know getting to place cleaned up and I want reporter on the market would likely do little more. Sort of there cured with fish. Large dog that they are prepared. As I didn't really neglected to report that I have fares are trying to somebody coming in to clean up after further talks. Sport and should a war reporter on the market is there anything I can do here in February. To make this thing looks like a little bit better and make it more more credible and. Is it looked on from constituents in house just. And that's where patent. Back yard is so rare that Mike Gravel all. On the good news because there won't acknowledge longhand. I have a sprinkler system that search federal court you know there are first thought she. It's been neglected for the last 23 years. I'm just wondering is there anything I can do right now that this coming year I realize that power rating mice. Be an option just to get some of those disloyal loosened up. Can I put in the thing over the top of America because. It is too early do we know plant grass seed. I just you have quick and easy down and dirty trick to make things look better and make it more marketable. Well it sounds. It's a tough one because. You know it's a little early for grass seed. And he didn't even if you put grassy down you have to water it takes a good three to four weeks for it to come up and start looking like anything. Com you can side. And I know that people have cited this time of fear but yeah. But these and you have to water where we don't find it. Most sod farm to a Baylor is a national side and actual size farm yeah yeah. So you could do that. They'll even you know though even higher in the coming and install it for you but keeping the water is going to be an issue. Because you don't wanna turn your sprinkler system on this time of year. So you have to drag hoses. The other thing. Is watch what would be another. Another option power rating is never an option. It's not it's not a good thing to deal on. Air rating is better potentially not gonna make your lawn looked better this time here. And it could staging of its frozen or not. The so the ground. The greatest fairly soft a face is part of southeastern. Kissel also wondering if there. It's yeah. Since it's a mentally I'm sorry heart. Did you know should is there anything I can do right now or should I just. You know told potential employer that I won't give you X amount of dollars that closings to sort of back cure would it be that you Wear out. I think that would be the easiest way that gives them the opportunity to. You know make any changes that they knew they would want to make to make their own and you can follow us. Burke quick and easy down and dirty trick on the longest primary here so. You could call aside farm tell me how much square footage you have insight then number yeah we knew in years in new era listing price. Yeah in us or something concrete is not pie in the sky right. Talk that Lola press we just call him superiority. Is furniture market might be able to do this common here. Between Missouri and but the only thing I can think of his artificial turf but that's pretty expensive Al tequila and go to their expense for a rental and. I'm going to be a red gold hopefully you don't show it. This corner on the market. And that's right I remember you said that okay. Gather artificial turf has pretty pricey yeah. If I woke up. Good luck I can really. Some of them are bare root and it's really fun to watch a production crew. When the symbol this this process they'd polar roses out to trim the root Citron the topic tuchman some beautiful soil label Tay was soon Monday on the line. And those will be growing on the in preparation for our annual night of wine and roses which is April 21 eat unlike last year about past years. Com we actually will be having neuroses for sale. A week prior to that normally that's that certainly not a minor assistance for shiny combine that people talk so. Wanting you know did showing hassles like OK they will not be on sale. That with a 20% discount which is April 21 storewide everything is discount but they will be forced sales for the week prior to when you neurosis Osce you can go and stick cat you can vary because as outlined by it if you want to if you don't want to discount. On but indeed he's got 270. Varieties. And the madness some of them are about 45 are either grows is winning carries for awhile or new to the market so. It's it's great fun place to come into spree then you know the magnificence of these beautiful flowers well you always have such a nice selection of antique and barely type grosses as well it's really fun to watch him just kicking and they hit that soil look. Light them the moisture the warmth and the chickens take off prophesied in time let seven. Now so let's coming up and just all kinds of good fun thing listen in to gala gardens dot com has all of our events and activities and and you located at 7711. South Parker wrote one mile south of arapahoe road. All the good juicy details at to gallon gardens dot com. Perfect thing all right we'll thank you to win for joining me today. And helping answer questions in talking to our listeners into the precincts come in and it was my pleasure and out and see Ted go a guard and they've got all kinds of great stuff going time. So. I guess you need to save your questions until next week. When Jim will be back. Then death tech kind of FaceBook page give us alike clay is there. You can email us and you can postings and FaceBook page tell a friend about ask the garden pros who can always use more listeners. Then don't just sit their play dirty play something different this year. We're back next week right here on the all new crews and 1430.