Phill-Up on History-Dont Croak

Wednesday, February 14th

Why do the English and French no get along? I think we know why after this. My Bad!


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I'm no fan of history. Not a dad hey listen my name's Alan. And we got a great story for you today. OK he'll get it back it 1683. In Norfolk England play at a huge about a hill and fall from the stack and the villagers thought illicit witchcraft. The buildings but that all into Ohio and heard them here's how I think that went down. Well check that out yeah that's like raging. Please tell our story ten years. Less than we don't want to get world. Pier and huge ball of Esther partnership status and your yeah health care plan B I can't say only sleep bluntly. Only project and to do a big pile yells at about climate. Like barbecue. And the first person that that that won't with the water. We won't try and they like to death why they're gets flu like Barbara isn't poor Trevor there's an idea. Let's try and gratitude and now to news. Or from. IG have had a lot of. He's Hudson's nasty. Get a great name thank employed real flak. Now men and. This tease him. I was this idea what Dan just haven't done that could not help but notice that dad wonderful the game. Wafting up beyond on the right watched but didn't really get cabinet says that ploy here try this. Idiots they saved all it is meg defeat you know saying deletions what what do you see. Cindy Anthony didn't act on different days to do before I can't say. Yet it is. Got to let critical thinking and saying. Have a great nation. He can heat sufferings. And eat her alive thanks to you know who I have tried to clear goal at hand and thank them. Including and a couple of I think tanks I can't. Maybe the that second third and internationally and thinking that. Had better. Really yeah. The Mac begin next. I am Indian. That money is carrying I'm still a mess history and meet.