Rick Crandall's Interview with Kathy from Denver Brass

Tuesday, December 12th

Rick talks to Kathy about this great holiday event coming up! Enjoy!

Here is information on the concert:

· Once Upon a Christmas

· Date: December 16 - 2:00pm & 7:30pm

o December 17 - 2:00pm

· Location: Newman Center for the Performing Arts

o with Steven Taylor, Baritone

o and Aubrey Jacobs, Soprano

· IMAGINE THE THRILL of waking up Christmas morning to see what Santa left under the tree, the comfort of watching black and white Christmas classics that always made your mom cry, and the warmth of sipping hot cocoa while watching freshly falling snow. Join us as we celebrate the magic and tradition we have all experienced Once Upon a Christmas. We'll share classic carols as well as old favorites with new Denver Brasstwists. Joined by our friends Steven Taylor and Aubrey Jacobs, it will be a storybook Christmas!

· Selections from: O Holy Night, Babes in Toyland, Stan Kenton's The Holly & The Ivy, I'll Be Home for Christmas, Silent Night and more!

· Newman Center for the Performing Arts

· Tickets starting at $30​


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Hello and also look catch enough with my friend Kathy Graham akin. Who is fear and there could be. Lady who I have known it but I think probably the longest of anybody who worked with here in town and Barbara county in the Denver brass have been such a great part of my life and are stationed in the and all these years interpreted got a big show coming up this weekend now warned that. I'm grainy and don't you can mention polish home because. Brought back my Chelsea. But if if if if if an album with duke with the music in it or are you no notes just words is he just followed the bouncing ball and saying warranted. We have no one has a family yeah. Yep that was pretty cool so I love once upon a Christmas well I love the title of the shows we can tell folks what they can expect to pick from this into. Punch kill you but crucial lotion and meet god I'm McClain don't collection even killer in Aubrey Jacob. And it's helped organize. Column Brad Gilbert could actually carry. From the very first code of conduct for him. For the jury of my childhood blue adopting green which. Actually there should know man. And down you know all of our new configuration especially for us so. It's going to be a really inspirational. And a Mormon family friendly. Truthfully I think and then a couple of new twists like we don't fight Indian Wells in the hands pension. How in the ID. You know a mom. And it hit a gorgeous Sheila mentioned there really loved that. It's an amazing place to have to attendees showed you part of a show it's just you know that there's minced no selling like give him anticipates feels comfortable years and audiences feel like you're part of the show it's really a delightful place. And really implement and parking it's great corruption shows since Saturday in the sixteenth. Actually it's 7:30 PM tomorrow. A man who I am offended at seventeenth at 2 PM. And we we got a new and dish council can never heard remember back in front. Try new and discount of thirty cushion off. Well that's wonderful. Unknowingly. We of course how often have to come true Stephenson she years. OK so enjoy drinking good. Newman tickets that depends. I mean who to get tickets where we send them. You can call preacher 0383. To push it 76 what you can go to Denver Brad. I learned a hard speed. Perfect teeth in them. Earlier to web site to root around a little bit because another so fabulous. Really large collection CDs recordings from over the years with the brass has been part of this so. You know for looking for the perfect Christmas gift for somebody maybe that comes in handy. Yeah we've got terrific Christmas this trip my favorite kind of all kinds. Oh holy night. Yeah I intend to hear them principally it is just for us so. All right well many key bragging about Cho we kept been doing them Domenici do limit into their home. I know I know thank you shell luncheon where it. Yes thank you can't have a Merry Christmas I will see you soon mend and please tell everybody else. All right all right thank you Mary Jane Q here you go Kathy really do want to Denver brass and again. This weekend Saturday and Sunday down a tribute concert owned can mean senator. It will really be very special show it's it's kind of cool what they do and how they do about it you just kind of go see it because you think you know Denver brownstone told you gotta go see the Smiths it's. Time to see it and hear it right it is if you are not gonna make it a new holiday tradition this year.