Rick's Interview with Brain Leatherman from The Cherry Creek Chorale

Thursday, February 16th

Rick and Brain are just catching up on the new events coming!

The Cherry Creek Chorale’s biennial American Songbook II concert series presents a fascinating mix of outstanding selections from American choral literature and favorite songs that lost the Oscar race but are loved and remembered by everyone. Choral classics draw from composers Randall Thompson, Aaron Copland, Leonard Bernstein and Eric Whitacre.   Oscar contenders consist of music by Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, Johnny Mercer and more.  Concerts are March 10 and 11, 2017 at 7:30pm at Bethany Lutheran Church, 4500 E. Hampden Ave. Cherry Hills Village, 80113. Visit www.cherrycreekchorale.org for tickets.



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Fallen in love with the cherry creek corral in the great music that they do in the man who stands and stands out front he leads them on their way grandmother lived with us here this morning that you don't. I am good dear your choice it's not that big general Roy Roy orbit and your mom and dad and things seriously. It's best if you did an example of somebody and saying you know he writes. There are a lot of boy what an instrument. It's it's a little simple he's so great American songbook to. Yeah we yeah we started this couple years ago so. And we were looking deferred account and a half ago in the years and we didn't do a Celtic concert which include work and we youth. Put on this and we decided this you can focus on the great American songbook. You know that great they're in the 203040. Eastern. And then this year we're calling it movies and master work. Part of it. I try and give it kind of remember nick. Are typically give me a list of Oscar nominated songs. And every song we're doing on this concert well. In the movies portion of every song we're doing is a song that was nominated for an Oscar and law. I didn't hit it blocked the operation that won the heart of America. It is so painful I ate he'd be so nice to come home to the -- own battle black magic to cheek. Spanning from heaven they can't take that away from me. And and then. I'd jump and those were all like in the top thirties and forties and then we jump ahead to the seventies and the rainbow connection. It's along the Oscar race but you know the potential populists the and I'm and then the other half the master work started it. Just really. Great choral works that have stood the test of time. Randall Townsend hallelujah. Putin bright train song actually newer things. Eric Whitaker if if people are under call music and all they are there worker's name and Pete. Hopefully it's just dropped it gorgeous. I'm a really great. Eight part are cappella arrangement of somewhere. Smaller Leonard Bernstein eggs from from. What could serve I can straddled. And some felt that was written for the Robert shark around Jones got a number oh dear it's just the matter greed. Big big finish in the first Japanese Copeland accountability churches if it's a wonderful wonderful concert we hope people could comes during the summer camp in the eleventh a mark. It's only a tenth and eleventh to march 7 thirty bulls say he says Bethany Lutheran Church or their own hands and cherry creek corral dot org for ticket information. We are and I promise you you will enjoy a wonderful night of music Q Wu. Feel free to sing song you know Judy you can't help with this music to feel engaged when can wanna be apart or there. I think you know people who couldn't. You guys that such a wonderful job on your on your web page of stuff posting information on you wouldn't have to get to our web site you'd get all the information right there on your that is so great that you do that. Don't think through to other Americans listing go to either throughout search through them. I get to sell some tickets for a great night of music march 10 and the eleventh of Bethany Lutheran Church. Always love catching up with you Brian thanks for the for the time and you continue to get better. Yeah. Our own brand weatherman with us and again this is the cherry creek corral but I do amazing job with music get out there and enjoy a night with them.