Rick's Interview with The Denver Brass

Thursday, November 10th

The Denver Brass will be performing KNIGHTLY BRASS at Bethany Lutheran Church next Saturday (11/12) & Sunday (11/13). Listen in!

  • Knightly Brass – November 12 – 7:30pm & November 13 – 3:00pm
  • Tickets: $20 - $24 - Discounts for children 12 & under, full time students and seniors 70+
  • Bethany Lutheran Church 4500 E. Hampden Ave. Cherry Hills Village, CO 80113
  • Revel in the rich musical traditions of noble knightly trumpeters and kettle-drummers. The Denver Brass salutes generations of royal musicians with heroic music through the ages. Come experience the majestic sounds of brilliant brass and organ, with guest artist Rick Seaton.

Program highlights include Henry the Fifth Overture, Three Musketeers Suite, Solemn Entry of the Knights of St John, Vivaldi Concerto for Two Trumpets, and Music for the Somewhat Less Royal Fireworks.


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Good pedigree abilities show their crews in 1430 with a reason silhouettes are right here in the all new crews in 1430 well I've been having fun this week telling you about to have my dear friends who Denver brass and their show coming up this weekend show loses coming up this weekend over Bethany. I called my two lead morass and a nightly India. Knights of the roundtable kind of waved shows will be on a Saturday and Sunday over at Bethany. My friend Kathy Graham again with the press is only a phone here this morning how you've been it's been forever since we've talked. I've been playing for a safe can't it's so good interior by saying you'd sue you okay. But so here you have this variety. Yeah yeah I. So this is so yeah there's some really interesting pieces in the show. Well we've been really nice variety of music Renaissance baroque all the way up through recent music like I'm Michael Kamen we take from the movie. Three musketeers yeah what I'm most excited about is. Where I'm going to perform for a bumpy concerto. From both at. And it'll feature are trumpeter David Hartley and Ryan and Spencer and if I killed a bunch of sparkling manage your team. I just love it and then from getting to play as he knowingly acoustical surround sound setting a bad thing that turned church. It's simple the phone never countered that they didn't really in the region and down. That guy and Catholic conference. I poured in to help we're gonna take advantage of that to then we'll do three pieces slipped from Rick Eaton playing the organ. You know I mention of the night and paint. Oh yeah and won't get my card can trumpet voluntary work perfectly content with that can. It's no regal. And we I can't really great music. Re music indeed many imperfect gonna fall leaves me and I think that will be your fall afternoon on Sunday it's going to be beautifully you teed it. Easy to navigate the conditions to get there are no doubt about that Hampton at our Bethany Lutheran Church for not familiar with at a 4500 East Hampton about him today in Monaco is values Federer. Fred Iran desk next to the will. And between 91 at southern Colorado boulevard on the south side. And we can't can't just hope like night and do you really you know. Whore yeah I think guide him to Wear tight end. That they didn't have and there have been a disappointment. But they have great panic and it's. Wonderful period hat so to loosen. Beepers that tell you feel like you're way back in time. Saturday night at 730 Sunday afternoon at three and which is perfect because the Broncos game Sundays at eleven so. You've got plenty of time to watch the game and may never get over your angst and head over to us to a beautiful concert to attend the settle your nerves after that game. Now you can get over all kind of anger. Weekend because I noticed that people are a little debt as key. Yet seems like carrying smoke is the word of the day you know since the tickets are are still available in good your website right. Does inside Denver brash dot board and oh yeah and you couldn't college typically left that I put people to do. Three girls theory eighth street can do more and that's 8324676. Now I would be denied doing my years due diligence here they didn't tell also invited to the mention Christmas because you know if you haven't noticed it's knocking on the door and the rest will be doing some wonderful Christmas shows. I'm Rick chrome do you have time will be I look forward to this every hole ask music is just sit in the comfy. I need gloves okay yeah that's how they converted a little story. It's going to be possible. Yes it is so bad and I'm well how history shows him. Two on Saturday and one on Sunday persons and that's the weekend of key number. I don't remember us. It's fair and and I don't ever hear from me give her breast out or will be where you'll go to that end. We calendars just out of arm's reach over here it's like the third weekend in December those women do so. That's when it'll be over at the Newman center Covert to beautiful moments and remedied soon come to call their hands he went to see you guys have. It's called Brad an Angel thing. Com and we have the we don't. Color out of college so let me towns of IQ my own children as a player. I'm ever going to be doing a gorgeous oratorio by less telling. My name's. You know film something for everyone and that kind through Q it concerns the perfect way to celebrate Christmas. All right my friend well knock them dead this weekend as I know you will tell everybody is so high and and we'll see you very soon. I will we look forward to read our show me some lunch OK all right there you go Denver breast and her breast dot org for information about the show coming up. This weekend make believe brass and their Christmas show was well they are fantastic to see. Tied to the artists and van.