Rick's interview for The Homeless Veteran's Day Benifit

Wednesday, November 9th

Enjoy a great interview with Wynette as they talk about this great event coming up for The Homeless Veteran's Day Benifit on Friday Nov. 11th at the VA Medical Center. Listen in!


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845 it is here at the breakfast well my friend when that is right over here with me today how are you I'm not some yeah you are. Whenever she and all the folks over smoky hill vineyard church in the food bank over there are incredibly awesome folks we we kind of discovered each other. They reached out and a few years ago announced that he retention office publicize this this thing we do as a community and and so it has grown into just a wonderful partnership which you've got other folks that are helping you now which is nice to see that every year there's a new names on the list. Yes areas and it is so. I don't know harm Wyoming until I mean he's. To think that people will help that Kenya is very costly here and it's just really helps him or Italy against the veterans. More things than we normally could have done. The are vetted JC's so the folks that their second or third ear do the folks at 7-Eleven. Mean you've got similar group partners in this and what this is his first they have a true big trip to church and healthier in the media in the community. On a weekly basis within a couple of times a year and then Friday is one of these couple times they go down to the VA medical center ten. And if he did needy veterans standing right exactly and we end up feeding the whole hospital staff and you're really yeah. So this is going to be Friday from eleven to 130. Year over to be medical center armor and extra rose medical center of their effort Colorado and and eleven to 130 if you are a veteran and confuse munch they feel a little assistance of a little mini food bank set up there as well bring your ID with you. Yep and then we'll make sure that they gave in before the hospital staff comes through okay. And that's the reason for Nike for her thank you and we do as we look for a tear it. It's a lot of work we only word we try to make found comfort foods during Tim. And BM really seemed to enjoy it truly we just yet for each of these times. We get very tired. If only that for a check. Faith and because of all the help they heaped and their ass and we so appreciate the worst. Any great I mean since it's your birthday and all I found out who it is we thank you a little gift an aging queen Mary and me yes. She did it on some okay. And I I'm gonna leave that there are. You will see you know take a picture of it and share with everybody and yes. It's if it's true okay our sorrows is going to be great all right smoky hill vineyard church found in my neighborhood up number aura. A wonderful people are great community of folks have could have just as founder and need in the community and rather than say oh gosh. You know I hope some of he'll take care of and they have become met somebody that helps. The poor and some of the disenfranchised and our community and met the veterans among them and I'm forever grateful for folks that help veterans and he's desert near the top of my list so Pena. Tell everybody else says things I wail and and and if you get a chance thing by. Friday from eleven I'm gonna become to beat him seeing the Marine Corps birthday lunch but I might be done early after the consumer incident yet. OK we are and it's an important page tumors it's. All right good to see you fakes he thinks he's so nice see there that's our community decrease of 1430 community that is filled with big hearted folks like these from smoking you vineyard church sure. Our strategy c.s and of course all of us through security and 1430.