Rick's Interview with Horan and McConaty

Wednesday, February 15th

Listen to Rick's interview with Horan and McConaty as they start a process that is hard to talk about but is so helpful when it's completed. Don't make it any hard on the people that love you. Listen in! Horan and McConaty

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Horan & McConaty exists to ease the journey of those coping with the end of a life, with unsurpassed levels of compassion and professionalism. We facilitate services that provide comfort, meaning and honor life.


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735 of the breakfast hookers and 14:30. Am to. The Beatles for me to you. Infringe on her hand is in here with this woman has you don't. Well it's been too good to see you it's always good to see you. We know it in my business I can tell you how how good that is the and ahead at the thought that it took a look at the epithet. Because if I don't so I don't know what's your office as he pours out after the snow is it's nice to have that information first thing in the red but what you are mischief it's about person quits but if you can't understand that he could do we were talked him. You guys who are listeners know I've been talking about John and Iran and economy for a lot of years. Beyond being personal friend of Johns which is developed out of this relationship I just I believe in the company what they stand for how we treat people. You know I know things that John would demand for sure about two things they've done that they do it because it's what they do it now because they have to do it and so so I'm pretty well rooted in the being a big fan of Korean maternity to the point where I thought. All right you have been telling you guys a long time about pre planning and about take caring and they're taking care of things and you know they should live by my own words and so. I'm beginning this turning myself now. With John and his team member. It it sounds odd to say I am excited about it but I'm excited about bit and potentially. Taking care of something that nobody will have to worry about it meant that brings a lot of peace of mind to me. Your. A US standard kids. When you know we hope we hope that's a long long way away for you should be certainly certainly do and amazing switch easier and around and I see. I see. Situations such as with a very close friend to just this last weekend where he hadn't done any planning we kept saying we need to do we need to do we need to do any never did. And they can many died suddenly and and it and it's just throws every throws out all this chaos no end. And there's so much in this it can be done and it stance with with planning services and of course we can talk to a Wilson and annals other things will help how important will central pressure. But I know it's it's it's a hard thing to think about penalty that's I'd never had one person tell me after they have done. Been through this process that they regretted it clear that they felt that it was. A painful difficult process on the contrary. The few to sense of relief the sense that it's taking care and it's one thing I can kind of cross off my mental debacle list of things I need to do. But I'm. I'm planning over the next couple weeks this rule will be the attorney David I'll be and and and I'll be cheering about it as we go along and and you may even be able to see some of that today here along the way both. I'm to me the exciting part of this is on the spend a couple of weeks making sure that. My family is back and have to worry about how. I wanna be remembered how this should all work it's all going to be planned to name just what you can to put her away. John and his team will hold onto it until it's needed in the rest to turn you just get back delivering your happy healthy wonderful life absolutely hand and no guns and god god forbid. You need it soon we know we we hope it's a long time didn't end there but when you needed it's there stand down and it'll make things so much each. There and I think too it can be kind of occur thought it thing you can be kind of me and look at this you know for your own satisfaction. Why do you know what a what if I lived how you know yes absolutely and and then you know a pretty sight I appreciated you actually. AUSC mature looking forward to this report dead end kid that's weird bright idea to save you would kind of where it kind. But I'd take this school this is a whole lot easier than a colonoscopy. Other things I can take a write a and the community and we do in this only in the space of maybe two hours. We can. We we we can have the squared away and it ended and put away it's one less thing to be worried. It's believed will. Claiming tip for her enemy community that comes with very easy step by step instructions in the book that also comes with a DV DC if you. When applied fed in Washington and indeed guide you through it and if that's not enough guidance good team over career at a maternity is just a phone call or visit away from helping you through all this stuff so. You know I do I aim anywhere that that's where men on this journey ended in John's here aside from that. I know we've talked about this before over the years how this whole process of of memorial some remembering and paying tribute and in this can't you know end of life for members has changed so dramatic. Absolutely yeah it has since I I think it's evolved more toward. A celebration of life but. But still with an honest acknowledgment that someone we love this and NN NS I think it needs to be kind of a balance it needs it needs to have. Bo. And and you know there's no reason why we should be ashamed of tears for. Reluctant to express grief. And we come together and it's a safe place to do that were with family and friends there but it's also place which we're we're. Sometimes we can laugh and we can tell stories and who can we can remember. And it's a very powerful. The thing that helps people move through that process and end so work. We've adapted our facilities to be more. Like for audio visual kinds of things people to present videos and end and photographs music that people love. I'm we've got we've got a staff that is. So much smarter than I mean they understand technology help things were kind of put things together. And do things that at times just absolutely. Amaze me with their with their creativity and so. You know we wanted. We won we won a ring for something that that reflects the life of this person. The end it ain't into no way that honors this person and also meets the needs this to her. Her ring cares dot com if you want more information and find all kinds of great details right there. And they keep listening is is ahead on on this a journey of planning out I'll be remembered at the end. You know yeah of course there's some things I'm thinking that's kind of similar to think about that. Don't think about this area there's little pieces of that coming OK Thelma and help you guys threw too because. Look I've told you have been here 26 years under a mission and I've told you the more you know the better if you are right don't hide from things don't refused to look at things. They did in front of the train. And and just to you know no where you're headed down the tracks right in and as much as you can do in this it is because we use you can put this all together the better off you're going to be you know random kind of I wouldn't trust anybody. I appreciate that Rick thank you it's going to be good to see you John thanks and it's 742 Jim Todd is here with crosstown traffic. My daughter works for them actually issues. I'm a school she'll be a mortician before too long but there are so good to her yeah I love her to. Marry that with other. Surely she did the fact if we macro funds mayoral bailout her attitude out. Impromptu yeah marriage ceremony but it movement but it together and it was just fantastic news staff. Great we've got access it through. Problems out here I mean.