Rick's Interview With Tom Hill and The George Town Loop Rail

Thursday, April 26th

Great News from Tom Hill with The George Town Loop. So much fun for the whole family. Don't miss out and enjoy the interview!


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My friend Tom hill is here so I know except had a wonderful time of the year legitimate. You tell them which have been complaining recently got his you know not use the threat that could backpack packed house a winner BM. Warm very much no parent noted that to get giveaway when the guys who worked on top the locomotive outside in shorts but the in the wintertime yes but they really put the winds of you know he had the chinook winds. Are you guys know who've listened to welder when Tom shows that he's with you at Georgetown on the railroad him. We get a chance to talk about the season you also know one time shows up the season's not far away right. That's very true about two days wow he really. Well. Yes I think. You know it's so funny as so many of the jobs there guy you know you're gonna work a locomotives and things like that run but there's so many. Certifications. And only with equipment but with people. Their speed and every year. You know ranking going you can driver's license every year there. Yeah yeah. And you're in the I mean you openness we kemba told you Bard had some priests and bronze in Nashua school yes sir no we always get to school groups have the oh we can't do it made because everything else to intimidate Poland sure. He always trying to tell me schools who grew anyway we can and it. Believe there are really our that our future I know you could have talked about the we have so it's really support. I know the next week we turn the calendar we get to the month of may be so mom's day is just if couple weeks away Maryland has tried to go on jury shopping yet. As a matter of fact yes I don't know it's good yes yes I well I'm didn't think that that's the gala on Mother's Day. Harper celebration is going to be on the well from thirteen that first weekend OK okay. We're doing a little bit extra we only ten or in the chocolates and a two for one Moses. Are roses. This year we thought what would be great. And thinking that jury well into that for the whole place. So what we're gonna do is we've got a Mother's Day mug for all the ladies it's good for drinking coffee. Popping heads. Or anything like that that the that the or both like to turn Kurt you know it probably matters preferably no empathy died because I think fifth and also if weather's bad. I'll celebrate you can follow through and you know what we union harm our place. We celebrate both weekends mothers like great you're absolutely right they do so good they did two weekends are it says something that I loved about last through their first class parlor car service and he got peppered again you know. We are we're going whole hog and it there. You know. Just two years ago there 27000 runners question there were 40000. It's just he's going like crazy and a especially this time of the year but he chose he. We. Go to the dark side you what that means our. You know we have a way candies and cookies and things like that and so pops police to get so polished but now all the stats are healthy. So I won't you know really be as soon. Well I think they have one cookie left in the contract and if I tell my name on it you guys we were alone. We know we have a lot of fun we try and keep things fresh for the mothers especially the forever better. Oh starting your memorial do now for those of you may or may 25 the polar service. Offered it to silver plume station through the end of the summer but I don't devils played ten now. But which is station right there about Georgetown so. He can't go wrong to be their location. 28 of April right so we're personally okay. When he that they pooled in. After Memorial Day pushing get a prime Kareem. Well that's nice where party friends yeah relished filling in tune that's always good and really up to sixty people up to sixty people okay. You have six year old these that you know that you like to be with no OK okay but I know sixty people blame the edge of the there there. They're probably better attitude yet no. But what took so. No because the bridge or be too tempted to pop up. For the well we can you give bungee cord yeah but the fact that there. Are what about Lebanon and Everett. Well eleven never minds the first to open as the Lebanon is in this pretty exciting this year. Because over the winter. We took out our water tanks Houston back in the day collect water you are watering. Everything from the toilets to. Drinking water right reroute all those and we went back in and cleaned out on the whole pile of buck as we although it looked as good solid rock and turn all the way back to the Alhambra. Loomed which is no way past I seven easier going into the mountain. And opened up. The area where the traffic intersection was we had traffic intersections underground chair. They went along the Alhambra load north and south. And just like you have a traffic light their own player turns right turns up we uncovered at the switch. He controlled all the tracks to go wire north and south and southwest. England is is in that's going to be available on the extended tour OK so if you don't mind before. That's when you gotta do this year because he's really really great parents ever seen that anywhere. The eastern Colorado once there they just on out there and there's new lighting and there's all kinds of things have been done to me because a lot of really. There's new openings to places unknown factors that affect the fear it was their map before this I mean were you did you did you have a sense of what was there were. Of month when it comes to minds yeah. There are maps OK okay. The maps and reality don't always agree okay. This was especially. It's seen in that in the early 19101915. Period all the weapons in 1930s in the depression era. People went in there they were usually big operation with the mapping technology should they were small 123 men shops. And they were just I used a digital over here they have a lot of new tunnels. There were built you know roughly a hundred years ago there and most of those were not marked on the maps yet so we're always uncovering a new places and divisions. So so there is too good to words in the tunnels in the minds and all that went to school and thanks to our well that's gonna start. That's second we can a mother staying on the nineteenth to maintain order starter gold pin. It's going to be you see her mind to worry get lunch which is odd dogs and chips. That is lunch with a pair of I got a whole group of new. Bronx okay we'll call rocks they're rocks in gyms I've thought about two million pounds of sand fires only. And that's been dumped in the kitty big including OK so that we look forward yeah we've got hundreds and hundreds of air heads and don't innovation me a letter. We need to have these early as manufactured for us because. Digging up places looking for early as is against your own illegal content subject but I do you know it's it's an exciting time of the year you know we've got something new this year well. Sort of knew but I want everybody to about it. Most people realize Georgetown loop. Is off actually owned by the state of Colorado it's one of the Department of Education. Rural room district Colorado on their arrests there. Well what we can offer this year which is really great. It's a pure phone and dial this 888 or 5660077. But you can buy a membership to history Colorado. Membership policy but I don't write what he gives you lose a key issue for free tickets to adults to children. To George so looper erode and money. And from then on anytime you go during the season he gets free brain tumors and another four dollars on every ticket OK so if you just go once. You have saved 45 dollars player he's a heck of a deal that you won't. Go down all these lives they have downtown district Colorado is one of the best deal. This whole staff to thanks for pointing that out and before I let you go you can use something new for the kids to women take the average tour. Yeah that's that's our kitty big plane there it became so popular last year there. We had to make another window with the Lebanon was passed it in this coal miners in my in ORS. Mind. And there is really love that again that you play in the sand box and got it gives them there in the area and it's in the party rules. I don't know how many thousand Boe. Shark teeth Turkey they're neat. A lot of those kids won't it is just a lot of fun for the they would it's a great family outing. And there's a whole bunch who shark swimming around trying to gum their food down because it comes to older people wanted to. The mine he's a move that Georgetown are at Georgetown loop with our our dot com that's the website I encourage people to go there. And Tom mentioned the phone number but her highly recommended go to the website can you can see schedules and when things are running you can plan your routing. A real properly that way so goaded Georgetown loop RR dot com. And can trust me I'd go every year at least once most years I am that there are a couple of times I absolutely love this train them. In the adventure at all and and you so you will as well. All right you've only got through a couple of days so give up during your busy went on to. Tons on his way up we're on her way to the top of the hour.