Rick's Interview with Tommy Roe

Wednesday, January 18th

Rick interviews the great Tommy Roe, famous bubblegum singer/songwriter. Some of his hits include "Dizzy" and "Sheila." He tells Rick about his start how he became the "King of Bubblegum" and his time in the Army and much more. Pick up his Autobiography called “FROM CABBAGETOWN TO TINSELTOWN.” Highly recommened read by Rick. Listen every weekday morning for more.


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Prado will be. Good morning Denver. 26 years we've been doing this together all right here and AM 1430 was great songs like got fifth dimension wedding bill blues. I said this in my mind timed out perfectly. But the next song I was gonna play it is a gym open jelly type and when you know. The Tommy's or should've guessed. That you would have been her. And I couldn't impress you with the fact I was playing your song when I finally judged on the line. I you don't know. Clearly you're playing it. Pray pray it's good to talk. Sorry this is so excited for me through the for a lot of reasons and I really appreciate that we were able to take gifts and some of your time here this morning for those of you. We don't know Tommy has has written an autobiography called from cabbage town to tinsel town that hands. Michael Roberts for Korean health with this whole endeavor than me and I'm. Smack dab about into the middle of this some about it just pass The Beatles time in them in fact I gotta tell you I am loving every second reason. And I don't think I'm so happy that you enjoy it. It's you know it's been a work in progress or maybe it for the past five years I've looked up put Michael about three years ago. And Michael and I really buckle down and started working very hard on it and we got it down I'm really pleased with it I think it's it's not a fixed drugs and rock and roll call it's a little bit different take on and I tried to take you to a different level and and I think we've. Instead I certainly hope so. You know but does the sex drugs and rock and roll part. Really part of your story a whole lot right. Not at all maybe behind closed door a little bit but in my home city. I would I would I would clean cut bubble gum guy you know I bet it was my image. You know I I'm one of those guys who grew up in their time the time of busy and in Q and all that my dad was in Vietnam in 68 and and I was home with momma my two Brothers and the song busy came out 69 and and I pleaded over and over overlooked a lot of folks do both to fit your music has you know when I hear your responsive to you means and other things too to me and from my perspective. I've learned just in whatever. Written the winner Fred so far about what to release a lot more about this business than than I've known the forty years the united continue to just some of the things you sure about songwriting and and touring and then have decisions were made didn't just just fascinated that academy reap nothing. We'll start with this whole bubble gum thing because I imagine that always comes up first in the conversation. Good. And maybe good maybe better I think you can surmise that as well I mean I guess it's good as you say it's good to be king or something. Well you know I wrote sweet to eat I was removed as I enjoy the ability National Guard in 1964. And after I I opened for The Beatles only the first American concert in February 11 my decency toward Washington DC and that's preying on women and blue came out and so while I was in boot camp that's when the British invasion really started with The Beatles you will be Romania and all the British acts came to America and they kind of took over the billboard charts so while I was in the service you know do a bit of whack and out in the field I was thinking no one thing on the road. We do that when I get out of the army. I've got to figure out a way to compete with these guys are making great music coming from England they're pushing the American action of the charts or remove it doesn't soak I was in the service I wrote sweet relief in my. Idea was to right before elections saw brought something with we're real age to it. So when I released the record that Vijay started Collins hit bubble gum music and at first I ran from a not so that's not that's not nice to come. We'll go the other young girls love visit seemed grounded since a little bit they got that bubbled up my dad became the jingle all the golf. You won't find an open look it could be the king of something smells like just embraced it and here I am you know all these years later still doing my bubble gum music and so yeah. You know you're you if you were in the garden made in the sixties at a time when a lot of people were running away from it I've. You know Jon Fogarty you Elvis Ohman were guys that served during that time but it but it actually Wear the uniform that and that's another thing that. You know being a veteran myself and have a great deal of respect for that it was a tough time to sign up. It was a tough time and you know they're adding my first kid in 1962. Sheila and then 63 I started getting be clear. The notices from a slam you know about the draft we have. Just don't know today we had a draft spec BM so where do you like it or not you had to go in the service. And unless you have a good for a month. So I decided to join the guard to see that I could you know withstand you know not being there for two years to figure that you know what an Elvis Presley's because I went into the but two years to be over for only thing. Worked out fine you know I was out of the business for the whole 64 I didn't really do anything could those in the garden all time. And then when I got out. I didn't have my career again and and I did my duty as you know and and still they managed to have a career so it does it all works seventy. The right thing you know. So for one thing that I hadn't considered until I started reading this time hero is on with his his serve in his book from cabbage town to tinsel town. Highly recommend that you get this or completed it is a fascinating story but. Your career your hip career and your being at the top of the charts from 62 to 69. And I didn't get it didn't even dawn on me The Beatles they came and went during that tough. Yeah that's true they had a very short some career when you think about it. And personal all band they have friction and conflict some members of the band aid they had their job and all had their disagreements and they broke. The 68 I think for us. And so they really only had four years there together. You were few words mentioned you opened up for among their first tour here in the states we you have known him before that when you were living in the end in England where. Don't know about their time with those kids. Well. And as you know I got hooked in England. Our first British tour and we were the headliners of the toward The Beatles were featured act on our tour. So who you know open opening night the beatle mania stroke looked like. The widening you know we've never seen anything like this before sort of we guys didn't. Possible. And it didn't realize you know following The Beatles in 1963. You know what I love Bruce Springsteen and these street manner. No way out there today that you feel like Bruce Springsteen and The E. Street Band following Elvis Presley and would be a hard act to follow I. Credit that's what happened to. We had to switch to build around so the tour will survive and then we managed to finish the tour turned out. Great for all of us in fact I started writing my next pitch everybody moment to work on jungle Gibson guitar that you sold at auction for 2.4 million dollar. It's picnic but did you that other. Three it's FF FF I just played everybody about it. Have our you know as soon do so now everybody knows the rest of the story. Show that started on that tour I started writing that song so. You know it worked out and and then of course that we came close to good. Good friends with Brian Epstein an extremely good management through Europe can he was talking to my management team here in the states about handling my career in Europe. And then of course it was The Beatles came to America and he had his hands pull the club built those guys didn't realize what they have in store they'll. Brad thought he needed to know the half for The Beatles and did in Washington. Did they expect them go you know. I go there from. For them as well of course when he got so busy with The Beatles he became head gear in the current pacemakers here Billy. We're Coolidge and kind of let them all slides. You know blew away and he just handled beatles' here is useful for people. I will I would tell him I will tell all of you listening when Tommy came back to the states after that first played The Beatles for. A record its experience here in America it was it was an interesting result to hand. And you're you're in words the way you write about The Beatles and then the marketing scheme that was The Beatles just fascinated me to no end in. Freely give me a whole different perspective on that. Before I let your guard got a minute left and then in the tennis star Holland and measured at the show them that you go onto some other folks. And Emma I would love to do this again before I went to go. Look you beat you'll be. I just turned sixty you'll be 75 this year you know you didn't have to start coming in Turin again and brightening getting back on this. You know you you you were fine doing what you were doing what brought you back. In this stage you know I. And you didn't you know didn't 55 years I've been in the business this year will be 55 years or so I've known that's all done in my whole life. And when I retired in 2005. You know I had sort of so while we're good cop played god got a golf game in shape I got when. And get down to about seventeen you know what I think it's the pack and I don't know what I was doing great that nobody. Rick please call me and Phillies started getting calls about what can be different places I'd just I'd turn down a slick and retired Baylor nor do it. Entirely healthy and doing three shows up in Canada we went up generated so much fun with the guys know they have a June 4 two of the three years. I well maybe I will gladly do a few days a year ago so I do about 1015 dates a year and I'm happy with the a dilemma within those in the door and get on stage and get to do my thing so that's what we're doing. I want to be doing as long as he TM and I know you get other places to go to dale led to go but I really would love to chance to visit some more if you ever have a chance. Anyway routinely get talked into that thing some U two's will be well my friend thanks much there you go Tommy euros though legendary determined. One of the good guys in music I'll tell you what there's so home much more to tell you about them. But check out the book is called from cabbage town to Tinseltown lookup in 26 years here I've gotten a ton of books. From artists and from people and businesses and fun to read in this fascinating as anything else with the king a bubble gum Mary was time heroes.