Rick's Interview: VOA Spotlight with Rachel Denenberg

Tuesday, January 24th

                                                                                                                          January 24, 2017

Debbie James

VOA Brunetti Lofts


On behalf of the Volunteers of America Denver Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, we would like to recognize Debbie James for this quarter’s Volunteer Spotlight.

The Community Room at the Brunetti Lofts, a provider of transitional housing, comes alive the 2nd Tuesday of every month with an artistic flair.  For the children 9 years of age and older the evening “art club is a special time for unlocking the elements of art theory and imagination under the direction of Debbie James. 

Each student joining the club reaps from Debbie’s generosity and is issued an art kit packed with goods she has purchased, such as markers, crayons, glue, pencils, paint brushes and more.  Art journals are also made available. With these items in hand, inspiration between meetings is fostered for many different projects. When asked how art benefits children and teens, Debbie’s finds that building confidence and opening the mind to new possibilities and perspectives rank high.

She is patient and kind-always willing to go the extra mile for her students.  Because of Debbie’s kindness and dedication, the lives of the youth who call Brunetti Lofts home have been enriched.  The RSVP program thanks Debbie, for sharing her skills and works-of -heART.


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Medicine right now. I'm cloudy on their hands and it really collateral to demand that maybe some whites know this afternoon. Well you know about once every 23 months we get a chance to catch up with our friends over volunteers of America be retired and the senior volunteer program. Has been a favorite of mine them for a very very long time I said the donation of 26 years so probably about. New I'm 26 years now I've been pretty big fan of this program. And Rachel's with us today how are ya hello Rachel. While ritual is obviously stepped away from her. Phone murdered parents aren't so well there you go we will work. Since we. I think the potential. Another time Iditarod the doctors about their senior. Who volunteer of this first two months which is Burnett he laughs and did he change sit through volunteers over there so you folks have for many laughter. On behalf of the volunteers of America Denver retired senior volunteer program. And they wanna recognize their teachings through this quarter's a volunteer response and I think after who they reach nowhere near Eudora and. It's. Sad and I don't think yeah yeah yeah I've been doing well thanks I was just on the air here just give Brady the warrants and reading this whole thing I was so glad to see you called in because you do this way better now. So tell me about Debbie. And though and he and in the TV room at the abernathy lives forever writer Kurt transitional housing come alive after the second Tuesday of every month with an artistic flair. And for the children nine years of age and older in the evening. I kind of a special time for unlocking the elements of courage and imagination under the direction of Debbie. He needs to be enjoying the concrete terms that means there have to be an efficient hard tent packed with kids this year purchased put her own mini budget records and came pressures and more impact and hurt your elder also made available and would give item than here and and variation between meaningful and pondered for many different projects. Demand for hard benefits showed in the team and Debbie and that the building confidence. And opening their mind and new possibilities and Kurt and perspectives drink happened. You patient hanging in always going to go to X amount for her students because they've done these payments and dedication alive to the youth who can't bring any Alaska home has been an erection and I think program. Thank Debbie for sharing her skills and passion let them. That is really cool in May and Debbie congratulations. To you and to everybody that's emboldened NE RSVP program thanks for what you do because. I miss a whole lot of people who participate are. Yes if you're 601. That's just amazing in the end for those of you and are familiar to program an opportunity to be engaged you know rather than. Rather than the a senior and sit at home and not do anything in March 3 pans of the clock go by get out get a and evolved in your community and this is a great way to do it preacher how they get ahold of your fist like to help. Yeah and they can learn contact mean racial venom very adds three of their own three. Do you named Kevin therefore is here with eight. Her first will listen thank you as always it's great touch base with you would do it again soon yeah thank you aren't there you go so. Every nine minutes could've taken a short on some talk about what's going on good in our community right brighter colors in 1430.