Rick's Journey With Horan & McConaty

Thursday, February 23rd

Listen in and join Rick on his process and the pleasure it is to work Horan & McConaty. Make things easy on your family!

Special guest John Horan is in the studio today!

Since 1890, their has believed the most valuable thing they own is our good reputation. They have become the most preferred family-owned funeral home in this region. 


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I told you turnaround was coming to visit with me this morning torn I'm doing great thank you good morning. Her random McConnell and I've been talking about for a whole lot of years and for a whole lot of viewers have been telling you guys you need to pre planned there's something about people planning. That is so right and so many different ways than levels. And I hadn't done that myself and it seemed a bit hypocritical if I was going to be telling you it was a good thing to do and I. I hadn't done it so I have done it I've started doing it. I'm so glad that that you finally decide that the fifty. That's insisted that this is important and it is I've never had anybody tell me they regretted doing it. But you know it's it's it's it's kind of hard to face. But that's just human nature you would be you'd be totally. Off a little bit of at least a little bit I didn't think that your. Right it's so so you finally get to a point where for whatever reason your motivated to to actually sit down. And once you do I think you're experience would be a lot like mine with with Darren and a couple of days earlier this week. It really is quite inexperience. You know and over the over the course of an hour to. So much of the things that that will have to be done someday it will take a lot longer for others to do someday yes you can do now they're down. And it's done and and most people tell me he did they got peace of mind it is that they feel they feel better they feel relief to some degree there. Yeah I just. Every step of the way you it came of course guarantee this is in his wife's words did. Here you've known there and longer than me I've known him for awhile now and and he's he's really been a part of your family for all he's one of those guys in the world and end in any sport and he went business partners well and I I couldn't feel more fortunate to work with someone of his integrity. But his quality of his phenomenal dedication there he is at an end and the way he cares for people. Not the families that we serve what our co workers. I just can be more. We're proud to be associated with some of the process of pre planning for those of you that are considering it or maybe it meant even thought about it before him in that you're earning your some content from. It it it's a fairly simple process. The actual. In writing down and committing to a acquitted you're you're you're you're plants are. But the depth of the process becomes in trying to do look at your own life and in determining how you wanna be remembered. Always that that you want people to think about you who exactly is a pitcher making this a decision for your doing pre planning for. Honestly it's not for you. I mean a little bit it is but I honestly it is not about you and when you come to that realization this whole (%expletive) put it becomes a fascinating trip because. You're then forced to sit outside of yourself I was just so John. How many times in your life do you look at your life as an observer rather than a participant and that's what this requires the map fascinated me and so. I really appreciate that your emphasizing the importance of thinking about how this affects others because after death curse me let's face it. It's it's that it's it's it's how this affects the living and and the decisions that we make today very much needs taken into account there and they really appreciate you saying that so often I think. That can be missed. Their attitude to me it was movie you know a bigger is not the main part of what we've discussed. You can do until all the of this stuff right in there and you know the stuff I don't have to go through the laundry list of choices you'll have and influential make K. But at the end of the day when when it's all finished is there and kept repeating to me. But over and over again to a point where if it can become so. But if you're way of thinking he kept saying. In thirty years from now when we meet this and you know and thirty years from now we need this and hearing that repeated a couple of times is that consciously anyway. You're like okay yeah this is I'm doing this but I American Amy this forever and you and that's good. It's good and you can you can do it now and whether it's whether it's thirty years or forty years it's it's. It's time and end its one thing but you can take off of your list of things such that eventually you're gonna have to do the when I do now who cares dot com there are videos you can watch their people who've been through this process. I suspect to recognize somebody after could be on the road not too far who. And and you can get details about the leave well planning guide and and in some pretty simple steps for payment planning this in and putting in a way get on with living the rescue effort to have that peace of mind knowing that when the time comes your family at their time of grief doesn't have to deal with all the business they can spend their time. And they're celebrating your life grieving the loss and end in doing so. Knowing that things are taking care. Thanks for your confidence that you showed a strict we appreciate me you know on the big fans have been forever and we'll continue to be. And the facilities are looking great you're cancer to have a lot of work. Did you get I hope you feel that you want to county line road for so we know we ended up over in Lakewood little and so yeah we're okay via great snow will. If that's a beautiful facility we've just we've done a whole bunch of things at the accounting on road facility just recently in hand. Well in itself the road I mean we've got to complete the redevelopment going of that entire property we felt that in 1991 and and it is going to be stunning were about to work but we're still be able to use that facility we've got alternative facilities there that we can use but but it is going to be stunning and we're getting very close to having them finished as well. It's because you carry you wanna make sure people come to you they're coming to a a place he can handle all their needs absolutely. It's free and it's a changing world and removed. The needs of people at this point in their life for a way different to me you stupid it is so I mean we've we've we've we've got video cameras were recording services work and doing we can do audio we can do video we complain when we're creating videos were showing those work we're doing displays they're it needs to be a space where people feel comfortable. When they're not not this heavy clothes dark space so I just don't think people want that anymore. The event and so we don't have any space that in this since this is this is meant to be uplifting and warmth. Into the end you know. Help people to share memories and noon to 22 you know two to go through this process in the way that's the most therapeutic and process that. That the that there can be and and and it's going to be different for every one. And at and in many ways that's a challenge but I have to say in many ways that's what makes us in person. To us means is determining what is it what is it about dispersant that is special this unique that gives us an opportunity to represent them. You will work my friend thank you. Korean terrorist act comments re do for your pre planning need to wring tears dot com. And you know you won't regret it I promise you know keep telling you about my journey to his eye is a continue to mr. would consider. You know just begin the beginning I've become the beginning and it's stupid I've just started the process and they're so work to be done and I'm. And keep you abreast how this all goes aren't.