Star Spangled Radio Hour - 10.14.17

Saturday, October 14th

SSRH 384

October 14, 20


Jimmy Dorsey and his Orchestra 

One Night Stand 376

Tuesday, July 11, 1944

11:15 – 11:45 pm

Hollywood Palladium

From a CBS Sustaining Broadcast


(Incorrectly identified by AFRS as the Pacific Square Ballroom, San Diego)

Les Brown and his Band of Renown

One Night Stand 785

Tuesday, September 4, 1945

11:15 – 11:45 pm

Hollywood Palladium

From a CBS Sustaining Broadcast

Bill Ewing, CBS announcer


Harry James and his Music Makers 

One Night Stand 788

Sunday, September 30, 1945

11:00 – 11:30 pm

Casino Gardens

Ocean Park

Santa Monica, California

From an ABC Sustaining Broadcast


SSRH 384 Playl

(11Jul44) Contrasts (dubbed open), Sunset Strip, It’s a Crying Shame (Gladys Tell, vocal), Together, This I Love Above All (Paul Carley, vocal), Oh! What a Beautiful Mornin’, I Dream of You (Gladys Tell, vocal), Perdido, Take It Easy (to close) (4Sep45) Leap Frog (dubbed open), Negra Consentida (My Pet Brunette), The More I See You (Doris Day, vocal), Robin Hood (Butch Stone, vocal), In a Sentimental Mood, ‘Taint Me (Doris Day, vocal), Laura, One Meat Ball (Butch Stone, vocal), Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone, Negra Consentida (reprise to close) (30Sep45) Ciribiribin (dubbed open), 9:20 Special, There Must Be a Way (Buddy DeVito, vocal), It’s Been So Long (Kitty Kallen, vocal), It’s the Talk of the Town, It Must Be Jelly, If This Isn’t Love (Buddy DeVito, vocal), Ya-Ta-Ta (Kitty Kallen, vocal), Ain’t Misbehavin’, Blue Lou (to dubbed Ciribiribin theme and close)