Star Spangled Radio Hour - 12.16.17

Saturday, December 16th

SSRH 394

December 16, 2017


Glenn Miller and his Orchestra

“Glenn Miller’s Sunset Serenade”

Saturday, November 29, 1941

5:10 - 6:00 pm

Café Rouge, Hotel Pennsylvania

New York

(NBC Blue) (WJZ)

Bill Abernathy, announcer

“Coca Cola Spotlight Bands”

Saturday, December 6, 1941

9:30 – 10:00 pm

Longacre Theater

New York

(Mutual) (WOR)

Al Halfor, announcer

Army Air Forces Training Command Orchestra

Directed by Capt. Glenn Miller

“Uncle Sam Presents”

Recording Session

Saturday, December 11, 1943

NBC Radio City, New York


Lt. Donald Briggs, announcer

Capt. Glenn Miller, host

“Hello Latin America”
Recording Session

Saturday, December 18, 1943

NBC Radio City, New York


Capt. Glenn Miller, host

Army Air Forces Band (Special)

Directed by Maj. Glenn Miller

“The American Band of the AEF“

Thursday, Augus 31, 1944

8:30 - 9:00 pm

Paris Cinema

London, England



Cpl. Paul Dubov, announcer

Maj. Glenn Miller, host

Bing Crosby, guest

SSRH 394 Playlist

(29Nov41) Moonlight Serenade (opening theme), Flagwaver, This Is No Laughing Matter (Ray Eberle, vocal), I’m Not Much On Looks (Tex Beneke, Marion Hutton and the Modernaires, vocal), Dreamsville, Ohio (Ray Eberle and the Modernaires, vocal), The Nickel Serenade (Tex Beneke, Marion Hutton and the Modernaires, vocal), Moonlight Serenade (theme to station break), Moonlight Serenade (theme from station break), Georgia On My Mind, It’s Great To Be An American (The Modernaires, vocal), Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto, Elmer’s Tune (Ray Eberel and the Modernaires, vocal), Chattanooga Choo-Choo (Tex Beneke, Marion Hutton and the Modernaires, vocal), It’s Great To Be An American, Papa Niccolini (Tex Beneke, Marion Hutton, Ray Eberle and the Modernaires, vocal), Keep ‘Em Flying, Slumber Song (closing theme) (6Dec41) Moonlight Sonata, California Here I Come (brief), Jingle Bells (Tex Beneke, Marion Hutton, Ernie Caceres and the Modernaires, vocal), Tuxedo Junction (11Dec43) I Sustain the Wings (opening theme), Don’t be That Way, White Christmas ({vt. Johnny Desmond, vocal), Shoo-Shoo Baby (The Crew Chiefs, vocal), The Vict’ry Polka (Pvt. Johnny Desmond and the Crew Chiefs, vocal), I Sustain the Wings (closing theme), Snafu Jump (fade-out) (18Dec43) Medley: Silent Night, I'll Be Home For Christmas(Pvt. Johnny Desmond, vocal), Jingle Bells (The Crew Chiefs, vocal), White Christmas, American Patrol (31Aug44) Moonlight Serenade (opening theme), Here We Go Again, Kong Ago and Far Away (Bing Crosby, vocal), Medley: My Buddy. Amor (Bing Crosby, vocal), Music Makers, Farewell Blues; Swingin’ on a Star (Bing Crosby and the Crew Chiefs,. Vocal), Poinciana (Bing Crosby and the Crew Chiefs,. vocal), Moonlight Serenade (closing theme)


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Well my friends there you go the star spangled radio hour on line and they cruised in 1430 dot com. I've been waiting a month or two plays this on this are one of our. Shows them tonight is absolutely the right time to do it. Little moonlight serenade Korea's we start business here and an indication do you think Glenn is going to be our focus tonight as soon well he should be. And as somebody who knows a thing or two about Glen Miller and has even managed to find time to write about it too in his busy schedule. It is soon the senior advisor to the Glenn Miller archive at university Colorado author of declassified. Which is a rolling off the presses and showing up under Christmas trees around the world. When mr. Dennis spread. Good year. Eric and the same TU. And it's. Spectrum of different no I'm not going to we're not look. I shouldn't Caspian and the retreat but we are theater Bershard of these unfortunate. Disappearance of war hero you know. On December 15. 1944. I can. So if somebody says give me those community nutshell what is unique political opening comment anybody regarding what north caution current. What happened with certain. Your career does not show a major goal in order. Bordered an aircraft. On the actually ended December 15 1944. In England. Kigali he wanted to on the plane the plane departed. It is not a lot of it is just finishing and it's presumed to go on their own English Channel. Period in the statement. That's exactly and then there's no doubt that is exactly what happened. And there's no that there won't even there's no absolutely. No. We were born that it happened to the question is. And where that you hit it and how where and unfortunately. You know Tony. But especially those airplane crash. Welcome to World War II. Actually I am a woman who never mentioned this before and a woman. Actually saved me here who are not sure any personally betrayed all law. Morning. On good reached. And on Amazon. Where they can review sheet says. And a little earlier might just looked at much 'cause I didn't know what was going to be helpful port to the national commercial release. But. Well anyway you poor years in corn Miller has been and that's kind of summed that up I guess mark yeah we have. And interest in actual election. Excuse me the more items for our tolerate Miller tree hacked and let me go through the admiral quickly. We're going to start with two programs body or nor Anderson Orkut struck Kurt. I'm actually in the air a little interest in concrete because of an Arab eight. It beautiful songs so sure negative effect. November 29 1941. Note this state you know we're in about ten days something terrible gonna happen. And it actually from the cafe rouge wrote a consuming your New York beautiful broadcaster an excellent physical condition. Don't do them. An important your music on an old group an extreme. Twisty country earlier from the director of the US both. Almost programmed talking about courage to entertain. Men and church camps. That are starting up all over the country and Russia still performed syndrome. Both comfortable the end of prewar America's entry actually wanna put it and you. And Marshall watch followed torture at the surviving excitement of the Coca-Cola spotlight they're in our cash. On Saturday December 6 19:41. Sort 9:30 eastern time. On the mutual network. Are usually really Glenn Miller in the band to play you play kind of Christian chic thing would jingle bells from. I salute the college football player of the week from Mississippi State in the lead other crazy things and I knew that when people brought up. And I explained more about their Sunday that they get up real shock. We'll move on premier truly going nowhere near horses orchestra to December 43 open date December of 43. Programs. Local shrimpers centrally offshore cremation and abortion Mirko. You know all Latin America. And again the surviving excitement and the segmentation fault shown first case Shiller thinks segment the second case. And both programs are selector because they had some Christmas music in the moment. Our audience to serve them before. Put it in the audio quality MP. Type of content which Christmas music and then of course they. States. In order irrelevant to what we're doing in the march truck accomplished should. Encouraged. And to order. A parent to. Thanks to calm the home next week I'm trying to parks prolific and sounds good yeah. Invitational 1940 radio announcer trying to parent or lift. English. Cingular at and famous comedian makes crusty and old. And yes it comes to. I don't think well if you look we're doing it and and it's corn or political stroke I don't even fellow who stretch okay. The content or sure that it could. Prague is just aren't we aren't really should be Clark The Herald angels should be announced it is the wrong hole. The chocolate chip it out single I would look at emerge and but all joking aside I think I'm pretty big band. And popular music of the forties lover's dream combination. Sure actually use that combination. Major Glen Miller. And it army uniform air force took conjured orchestra he swears. They're bingo yeah. And if you call in air angle in England. You know where oh where in addition to hang out all alone. Being also. You know. Kuchma fish stinks from the American and British forces and British people. We'll also broadcast to the enemies at that time and put a pillow forces and civilian population. Earning him that nickname from. The trend in Germany here. They're single you know during our constituents Glenn Miller American and the eighty F park just surviving mock stern for 44 show which. Many of our friend of course usually play again controller torture holiday season. As I sit at a military courage and other things social talk about after we have this wonderful is that what Clemens. Orchestra England of course mr. And again it is Dennis mentioned as you'll hear in the program a real sense of time and place the history of you know what was about to happen in the world did that. Frankly nobody who's tough on these programs understood was about happen in their world you know maybe some have. A bit of a sense of that they would say but but you know could not likely but a couple of oh weekend in just a day before. The events of Pearl Harbor and then of course we get closer. A million to 43 in in the 44. Getting closer to win Cohen. Would disappear over the channel and it's just too you know in that context and understanding. In listening to the innocence of the programs and an understanding what was about to follow and how the world was about to change it really makes these I do I think hunting in a way. And it is a very. Good boy according to American. Yeah so there we go. Star singled radio hour on line with Glenn Miller will step aside here's the box. The national broadcasting company and budgeting doesn't do blend Malone's sunset serenade. I. And I'm glad man himself Glenn Miller Madden on a common way is. Thank you love a lot as well I'm not as big game. And it's a pleasure to watch your back for another sunset spanning. Regular Saturday program for the John of audio masters with a offload the men in the service bunker sand. This program was that we just a lot of our US all matinee here in the cafe rouge no Hotel Pennsylvania and again you want you gals gathered here John as. Serenade you folks at home was like when your. Proud and there's. Pretty easy on the ears we think in his rated taking over the title. This is no laughing matter. I. Okay. The news. Okay. I. This is no laughing matter we're. So all I. Wanna. Thought I had. Okay all right good. Really am. This move. Good this is no laughing matter oh. I. Love we do never. All I mean. Do. Why are you really. Mom mom. One of all home in new. It's okay to go smooth. Is the other day I. Ma'am I. No I. Not all of us. It's good news room. Moment you live. Mos. When I. All day we're all good for me. Zeus. I. Moon. All I really am. All. Through. Lose doom I. Based us lies about Shanahan called Texas Bennett is saying in the I'm not much John Lopes went man and the modern man is doing their best to cheer him up a little bit. I'm not much known. I. That's even guys who manage I don't have. I'm am rename. Thank you maddening and I. I'm not much download I mean I've never been rendered very much man. I love name. But bad if you live not much you thank them. Again. One of those little badge and a who like so many it and move you did come all the planning and get out time but no we Boone glad that time it. Yeah not much. I'm Jasmine Guy let them drug you I'm glad it's me not the man and you re not playing he's done hang around. The guy. Yeah one we'll match. That's close to home and I like to come over early you. I'm not my John. I. Definitely am living room in the I. It's okay. Not the matter for me. I'm really use that nick and I. Yeah. But yeah. Okay. Out of town they all Buckeye State and we guarantee you'll find plenty to keep the Anderson if you like take a trip with us to dreams billable miles. Ray in Amman and as great train them. Won't you comment men do dreams move. I. Wouldn't. There's no better play is to. I. OKO line OK and Natalie did you remove. Who's through me. Wendell moon comes up been dreams. Well I. Didn't. And good lads the town you know I. Okay. That's okay small. You. Never know. Luke kissing. Then there's this song. I Lewis. And I. You Lou. Yes it is Landrieu okay. Boy do I bring this I. Where's have pin as soon dreams move. I. News. Do the money and couldn't. All I. Lou all business seeing Don and news men or as smooth. And. Yeah. Okay. OK okay. Okay. Okay. Oh okay. A big mess in games and I. We do you know or. All roads this thing done and dreams. Move. Okay. Noon. All I. Comrades actually a lot of man is tell a story of a soldier and his gal who were introduced by a Sammy came by the demands by Charlie Barnett. And who couldn't help the the fall in love listened to Kay Kaiser. And anyway folks it's the nickel serenaded. The. Monticello so do men around me that there he will. Okay. Win man. And name me all night long no records. Love that Nichols. And the events and saying that he has no okay. It may not know. It's gonna be able always today and money's. He's back again is great game. Yeah. Have to sit and does another leg. Is being. And I know I'm Lauren. Seeing you know the man when you hear them playing. Okay beautiful words to this level of humility. Hooks you ride the league love. Okay. It need not. Man named time. Scan and a lung and run this season and island lying man. Okay. Mom. All. Yeah okay. Ron how well. Non. They all I'm gonna have payrolls are banning music channels on a lot of tools out there were less governors usually it is does dividends. Oh. To make this sound. Wow it's great news that. Really a sound. I love goes back. Go read how does that. Cause that no begs then lamb this my. Round. Sang that again. And you know. Eyes okay. Mining and it's been okay. Oh man. The next. Don't know I. Okay. First have a large sums them serenaded program will go outside I'll. Back Charlie but I salute rock fans soldiers everywhere. And more tuned for you folks back home. Whenever a much. But don't call I have almost no rewrite my condolences and those versions and another problem child in the meantime let's of the blue networking the national broadcasting company. Now we return to grandmother's sunset serenade. I am great thank. Monahan. Do the show they've. Finish up name. You know. Okay. Yeah it's. A woo. It it. Knew there. Oh man. Men and non. I'm really. And guaranteed. Our lives right there were like all your listeners to join us and a special greeting to the man and I'm Sam service seven. We dedicate this part of our Sara name. It was Christmas just around the fire we're sure that you folks back home already enlightened and help us. Make the coming holidays a great deal happier for a lot of our soldiers and Uncle Sam servers would still be on the job while you're enjoying Christmas back home. There's tiger knows first we're gonna play the favorite Jones of five camp selected for this week. To each of which we've already sent a gift of fifty recordings of leading American artist lessons of the tombs and pick out the one you like mess. Right up postcard and send it to me Glenn Miller NBC New York City. In the camp closed June receives the greatest number of your volt will be awarded a special gift and a beautiful radio phonograph nomination. You can take part in awarding this give just by send and then that penny postcard and there and holiday arise you'll. Feel pretty happy that was so little effort here doing your part make him if you lap cars. Of our boys are a great deal more enjoyable particularly around Christmas time. That radio domination will make a fine start employ over one of our five canceled New York fire. Listen to the tones down and then get off that postcard and first. We salute to soldiers that. Fort slocum right up there at notre shall we are and we're having to play the favorite tuna. These neighbors of ours so far all you guys gathered up there and Ren and hall. Here's the piano concerto. Good. Oh. The. One of those so that everybody seems to go along this week that first marine division and the fleet marine force at new river North Carolina. The soldiers at fort Custer Michigan and the man at camp Robinson out my Arkansas went all out for Elmer still we'll. There's 60000 nephews of our Uncle Sam ray and a mother and as saying your favorite Chalmers Julian. Are those cars all of laying down memory lane yeah I love what makes up now. Does not paying him the ball and his mom his time. And I reason. What makes LA and you know made me. Go out on the moves why does Dan there manned lunar and searched the rooms mob plus good kid he. It's you know again I'm a dig in June. It's. List. So. You miss. Thing. I. I. And I. Is that I'm a big. And the man I'm. Being both cities com learn of what I've heard the man in the moon. All very. And seeing now. Are there. Red hot and has an immunity thing are found ourselves but before continuing. But I salute. We thought this would be the right spot to introduce a very important guest on today's fascinating and we know that what he has to say will be mighty interesting do you listeners. There's mr. Donaldson strong public relations coordinator of the united service organizations known to us is the US so. Mr. strong and follows air glad to welcome you to our USO matinee and our sunset ceremony. Thank you Glenn Miller. Before anything further aside I'd like to thank you. Your voice hello wonderful work you've been doing in the US so much and I know some of those USO club room which have been receiving to get the record radios. You've been sending to the boys and then we'll thank. You must be strong for all of us and I mean this gang of boys and gals here today who really make our madness success. And now that you're here I'd like to ask you a couple of questions I'm sure that not only the folks who listen who have boys away at camp. What everybody else look like you know go right ahead and I think I can supply the answers I'm sure you can first then just how is this USO work. I'll give it to be a few words. Under the point. The USO was operating well over 400 units of which 215 a service clubs. We have 787. Workers operating in 182 cities and town. And 42 states. And ten cities and towns in southern territories. Around the bases outside the United States let's live action hockey goal a system. Well like to mention that the US so. Now have under way 191. Buildings out of 200 in nineteen plan for the future. The serve our soldiers sailors and Marines in places away from their duties. To sum it up land the USO was an integral part of our national defense program because the morale of our defense forces cannot be adequately protected except. Under the provisions of such services as those offered by the USO. And I'd like to assure all your blisters today that the US so that's huge organized army behind the army is on the march. Let's release while thank you very much mr. strong we know that everybody lesson today. They've shown that they are wholeheartedly behind the US soul and we'll continue to do everything possible to keep up the good work. Thank you again. Now getting back to the music department seems like there was a minor land slide down at fort Oglethorpe Georgia this past week cause. Without any problem from the Chattanooga chamber of commerce the entire campus was unanimous for Chattanooga Choo Choo. Yeah well I'm. You sing. That was not my America didn't mind being the man let me Palin. Okay. It's. Pardon me bond. It's that it's due to. Why did get his mail is now. I've got my eye. You name it up Pennsylvania station about a quarter due. Hurt me a magazine and then you're in Baltimore. And then exit you have. When you hear the whistle blower and you do that mom. I don't know that Tennessee is not very well. There's going to be. I certainly aren't bad defensive. Hi is there. Well honey okay. She's gonna grow. Rebel. That I've ever. Did you Julia Rowe. Venerable. Okay. Do we are. At that out of favor. I can't for today. What we're about to say concerns you folks back home. Penny postcard and your mailbox. You probably already selected your favorite of three tunes we just played so write a comment postcard and aggressive to me Glenn Miller NBC New York City. Then gravity on the mailbox and your good deed for today is done. Whomever they can't close to get the greatest number of your cards will receive a beautiful radio phonograph combination whose own job and I'm afraid of postcards. And help us in this job lumbering and extra leisure and entertainment the spare time of the thousands of our men and mogul Sam certainly. Never radio combination that your cards out to send out who. Will make one of today's camps will present Santa really hit the marriage and they suspect the holiday season will be a lot more pleasant for you. Plus you did your part of the men in the service. Out doing about a have a little copper rose never submissive that old man city can't take on a job that has nothing to do was shoot man. Brave first then married and text in the minors Teddy Ollie goes about his old pop but that building. You can mend. Please you friend. Well the nab. He will send all of our. Okay. Cause it's really. June looms that is. Okay. And pull his boomers do. That's given man. None tool that. I'm gonna go then. Well they've gone and I. Among. Your. Phil's son. Is that's. Mending old smooth. From sun and then you ride noon Mon day. Do men all of your money and then move. Just like you belong now anyway. Much news made things. Man got the loan okay. The way you. Dead men men men may batter Zulu Bob and I go into game. Well let me. Then announced that it all might have a blue. Move on my neck okay. Children's. That is little job look good par fan me. Okay. Then I'm so cool led Florida go. Click OK okay. Okay. Oh yeah. He's gone through. Yeah and I. And then imagine I. Words not mine and. Who's who. Okay. I'm not a war the radio autograph nomination to the camp post June receive the greatest number of votes during the past week. Well this time the tomb was the piano concerto which favored the man it can't help them out on Long Island. All you folks listen at home John on us we know. In the hope that their new console nomination will help fill in those extra hours of entertainment and enjoyment for you meant about. Enough for the Jones you folks at home to vote on this week. Fort slocum New Rochelle data can share. First marine division new river North Carolina. Fort Custer Michigan and camp Robinson Arkansas Chalmers doom and last but by no means least fort Oglethorpe Georgia picked Jeff no good shoot. There they are and though you know your listeners are going to be pretty busy during the next few weeks of Christmas and everything. We're sure that you be able to find a few spare moments to send in your vote on one of these tombs the boys of jokes. That's all it takes two minutes and offended postcard addressed to me Glenn Miller and BC New York City. Then you'll be doing your part and help me give a lot of soldiers who are away at camp for the holidays. Plenty of extra pleasure and enjoyment remember Atlantic Coast Guard and two minutes and the job is done. For all those thousands of young Americans who got or soon will be getting their wings for national defense here's. Keep comply. And involvement availability around next Saturday. Another sunset serenade ended the enjoyment out you folks back home ArcelorMittal. Observers everywhere news. Another reminder about letting Lowe's card and two of them okay I'll play. And our sense no longer we're back again and above all gonna forget you know you can find. I'm not a thousand times for another look just lows around a sudden I donated. In the meantime let that run less than Laguna murder of a national broadcast when government. Knew. I. Do you deal. Yeah. And the okay. Okay. Okay. OK okay. Okay. In the. Can. And. Okay. Let's talk like one but pride. May have been we'll walk home button here on a lot of my. But the golden Lehman go on the gridiron for the nation through select the football hero of the day. Had a took an 83 yard run to put tonight's candidate in the running when the current San Francisco California in the second period of today's game between San Francisco university. And the room the Mississippi State. JT black of Mississippi made things all the blacker for the losing Californians. When he picked upon. Governor a couple of pounds of California where the football under his arm. A few more pounds of that same delicious old bone in his lungs. Sprinted 83 yards for a touchdown. Cup final score Mississippi 26%. From Cisco thirteen. Jay Dee black of Mississippi just by way of showing that because is got two little boys who make 83 yard run the football games. Lovely Marion Hutton got us again around and then JD a very nifty premature Christmas present. It was mighty white of as the black to give us such a wonderful reason for sending in special Glenn Miller deliberate jingle bell. OK Glenn on rapid. As Andrew. We can't no homers opens they didn't. Pull them vigorously go. I have been all the way. Gives me. Can spare a draft. My mom lived there has to wrap this thing on my hands on the man. One run and then there's still ran it in Tylenol no one's laying. Yeah I don't. Bring your vote. Yeah I've got my aren't good. We won't. We have got no. I've got no snow okay. Gunmen man. Your guy round. Every time we play. I will. And. Saturday nights the regular time for boys and girls to cut loose from the old Texans left. Youngsters and old timers alike calls bruising and acting surprised. Music and entertainment affect the price of dull hum drum routine. And for anybody beating the least bit tired firstly there's refreshment to be in jokes. Biased called Coca-Cola to bring its life and sparkle in good taste of the sociable for safe. Of course it belongs and of course it's there. Because everybody welcomes and appreciates the real thing and the real thing for refreshment fits Coca-Cola. And pope's a couple of years ago we had a record of what the real thing yeah boy we've planned mouth and we hope you read. When. And yeah. A yeah. Final. In the United States of America. The other United Nations of the world. Uncle Sam was. Another slam into the training command of the army air forces under the direction of let's talk all right McGinley well we'll know Paolo had many of your old right. And here is captain Glenn Miller thank you lieutenant Donald brazen however about it. This year the yuletide greeting Marines. And American Christmas. And first tomb for the top of the tree is. But soon you all remember from the old days don't be that way. Okay. The. It's. And okay. Oh. The okay. We're. My arm yeah. Tires dedication all those gallant lads of uncle Sam's armed forces. We're spending a red white and blue Christmas overseas. Pfc Johnny doesn't sings. Quite Christmas. You're. Moved. Okay. Okay. Loose. You all's in. Know it. It's. News and no need. Mean I. And who Lou Reid's. Who's. And we do okay. Seem cool okay. Yeah. And he. His smooth. Yeah. Me. Do. Good. Bruce is cool. Okay. But no load the this OV and no. It's. I. Do. Moon. News news. Okay. Man. Okay. My do all of news. I. So. News. The only. I. Okay. I mean time now for the crew chiefs to come out swinging and there's going in Shue Shue David. It. Sure sure sure okay. June shoes shoe oh advantage. Sure sure sure okay thank. You've got buzz. Is then zinni's job. And grab it and it. I have made it. Love but I'm. Maybe I'm. He knew what I back to live a lot of love big. Seems kind of tough and there's a good vibe this way. But Bob was proud of you run now. He can easily do. I love. Maybe. OK okay. OK okay. No but god up do you understand then zip. And I'm not. There's a man love this man. Love how there's that many around the. Let me get this win do and I'm good day. Bob Bob. They may. No okay. And then it. Zhu Zhu Zhu evading the all of your pop. Soft through December disease. Sure sure sure. Oh sure sure. June June June. You pop out. Okay. Crowd that. I have my fun. Mom has advanced. It's. That's gone crew chiefs and we're all rooting for this next song to need new words by Christmas 1944. We hope by them will be singing about the past instead of the future and the tools will be the thick report. Thing. Okay okay. Okay. That's okay. Yeah I'm always I'll come home Tuesday. And they're young man we need to play brilliant essay. Okay okay okay. And let me live now it's. Black. Because those days when a man can probably saying I'm pretty good movie that's being a thing they've all. Then we do bomb live game cheer. And I imagine it's causes than. None Lou here your mom live inside. When it's gathering does the bush visited Bob. Bob. I'm okay fastball. He then they know they didn't bring home. It stands and a great welcome. John John John in the Miami and all. The news agency save the big big old. Maybe they're Mo is fast. That's not. Yeah. More time. Find more music my next. Ousting him lieutenant Don Briggs ran McKinley copperweld while pfc Johnny doesn't Tylenol rest of the gang. Thanks a million for your letters he implied malice and as your favorite it's. You like him rely more. So long for now see you next week and a Merry Christmas. Orlando the training command of the army air forces under the direction of captain Glenn Miller has come to you from New York City. Don't forget tomorrow same time same station. Unless I am presents another famous I have a slam it would music. From us you. Six. Okay. This is the United States of America one of the only my ged Mason. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Move. I. Okay. Gerald blue. Does very. Three. Being mined land routes. And blue. A. It's. Rumor. You yeah I. More Louis and movie. Huge. Choose. Lose. I'm way below. News. Zero. Hello B com do. Okay. Okay. The. Dashing through the snow. Our school opens where the the thing is we go. Black men are all the way. Zantop daily. Games there is brown. We'll watch. And it is too soon. King a I was saying don't go zing okay. I do you know mom. Jingle that. They don't want our zone. Smooth. The. Okay. Okay okay. I. I mean. Today we had another big wish to our hopes for quick to complete victory fats are wished that you're enjoying a happy Crist. We know it could be happier amid the spirit of peace this day represents. Us until we day we'll. We'll go right on making the most of the good things like this all American song which carriers are yuletide greetings to you the band plays and we have seen Johnny Desmond things quite Christmas. That's at friends and now this is captain Glenn Miller wishing you a Merry Christmas and a victorious New Year's from the band of the training command of the army air forces. We turn your back to West Coast of the US safe. This is the future of the American battle of the APS. Amanda VM. So the direction a major let you know it's. For the mood like there. Resigning. I went well. I feel good here about Tommy Yang that the mother of your very own show being broadcast film your very own radio network. Form the core of our studio tonight but it took him half deaf massive federal limit before bag ready to go. But don't mean that thing broke live on his way out there in the fighting lions to pay universal was however we managed to snag you for the staff are just before takeoff time. Soldiers and thirty minutes you grim thing from the new home town to. This level I guess the trick up his fifth start today very high jumpers here we go again. Okay. Yeah. And then. The it's. Okay. Okay. And okay. Okay. Tonight we're forgetting the idea of saving the best for the last by moving the main attraction of the Jews thought. Nothing I could say could top the feeling you common names have already expressed or this guy so I'm used to live normal lives shortened from fears things. Mr. Leno and sharing this all of our daughter is. You know my own making thanks for. Understand why you guys out there might do. I'm just hoping that you're the man. Whenever I got the selling go to your thoughts of what do you they've done they've. Going into this fight you know. I would say something to be doing they've been around the room with the Georgia. You yanks were back there to pick up from your summer and I find. Oh. Cool. Okay. God. You. And we're. Wow. Okay. Okay. It's. You. Okay. It. Well enough. Yeah. And I knew. I'm OK and I I'm okay. My invention of the do you. You're bored people of the world for a phone everywhere and you can anything. Madly time when mothers wives through our consistent from the members allied 4000. Left behind. Oh five but. The we're. Okay. I. I. Your every. Farrar. Labatt. Blue. Hole. Don't. All. Move. All. Of yeah. Aren't there. Find another word. Rely on them. Further work hard for either. Plus all wrong or other nothing. There is off to a resident learned. And okay. Okay. You know. I. Com okay. I. You learn do wrong. The move very far. Moaned. Okay. I. I'm on friend again. Through. The par. I. Okay. Okay. And my. I would make the move good things. We've. Bing Crosby to take another step of the ball right here and right. Right now you can fit them all rather nothing got a good and so and I came to me bowl it's gonna do the most good for. World and just over. You know what I do on my family visit the Miller our guys are. They'll rise I don't know what I. I'm going to try and your organization. The pandemonium Pembroke. Berlusconi is. A closer look down small cell phone. If these guys in foul. I've done a wonderful. All of July June. Stuff and I have removed from being small business job. Will be better off than you. Far would you rather be in the noon is an. Funny itself. But everything you do. His back is wrong they've my new. This does playing it live Doug burns very and by the way when you're you may do those. You might well out of me and you OK. Okay. Mean. Okay. All of July 5 day. A brave man. Very well yeah. Okay. It does. No matter. It. They've removed about it its own. Jim I know I'm a big event. Oh where you. Renovate. Film yet talk about that sort of. No is there. And no amount. Have read. Try to do. That would. You all up. They news. You know. Made bad. You're getting this brave and honest. I'm working to see him come. Now we're UConn yanked out there on the live from beautiful. When notify you feel about the guy for a big fellow in your name were invited him to join the crew came from the day in the last go round. I've been very grave lead the league moon funky out. I. Have. Another few of you Tom isn't yanked out there and just a few minutes there I should be getting violent trying to carry that Tim has bedroom. Gas masks and fees for bags made you mentioned earlier. Why don't lose faction dial out get through so long enough obviously. Thank you man drove in another manager from Miller to come along until Thursday night. The Mexico there's my movie mutant plant where are you finding guys for not. But not good right. As we know regular Thursday night thirty minutes of the moonlight serenade. Presenting the American family ADM under the direction of major Glen Miller. Tonight starring guess. A good. This night not just his being was there a Pia I'm. Although that certainly contributed but because. While what a wonderful. That's that's time capsule right there. Well and that actually. Wonder we chose a muted it's obviously it's Christmas and you don't have that are so I kind of seemed too good. It's certainly. Don't show he can you go from prewar. Cool right right right before Pearl Harbor. Situation pulling out or it is a little bit eerie in the morning yeah true. And then of course you get armed Syria and opening from her Christians who wore a person in our menu. Long term 44 who were there any more and BJ has happened. Wish. Clipboard they don't know is of course they're they've just cooperate Aristotle or both. I say you're sort of deliberation Kursk's two states. But then of course they would. Another surprise which should be the German counterattack. Which we never know as a powerful. Car which would also bought coercion not just throw vocal convert that they had a big effect on. You know people saying you know from what the work seem so cool I. What was going on her most of them and conspiracy they didn't actually start looking for women talk about the operation after the plane crash didn't. So torn away and their literature search in a while away. I try to go mainly declined dated may know reportedly oh my god yeah. In reality based upon what the military operated in 1944 particular aircraft actually French. Combat aircraft also loose it was more more. Could I know I. Notification. Or casualty. How many aircraft being mentioned you're chicken coop program lob. From the charger cord was important within. Nine days which actually trash truck. Tell that there and I am from current tour they basically and so many years of people. The main the amateurs I couldn't actually trashed. And you wish you reasonable facts was because they were staring at deadline. Because there are in the capital are cash. And we're seeing it as an curb records Kirby it was back in the criminal. I'm at the time he didn't want this going to cost. You maybe comment that the time and he wrote in an interview do you have any reason coach still crying out there. That I felt good you can do person marijuana he says. By his actions on the broadcast Gordon would've been announcing his tone deaf. No risk. So we had to do something we had the rushed there are so they're actually sped up. The processed. Apollo and many. Passenger on the aircraft. We're also murdered colonel Brazil. There are casualties noticed Sudan going to official schedule and noticed there. More now on January. 5. What 1940 trucks. So be it there are people involved in the action and that would even announced until. Two weeks later so anyway community itself into the interest interest and stuff contentious issue pornography that. Quite a holding program. I don't know I wouldn't say that's so frustrating way to learn about the strength expert for them because I don't know Huckabee called it X. Oh will be true were you. Or do you portrait Orton will be will be hunted if we hold up could you hold on if we don't do this Matsui to reduce the amount. Bockwoldt portray were being monitored are crucial to the hard thing. Guy who always got to curl but anyway we're going to do not sure sure Cairo marshes are actually quote. The aforementioned think our street should check camera and try to put together a really nice see Crosby. Obviously Christmas sort of the chosen will be army air two days before peak. Big day. Tired and they and so hopefully we'll do our bit and risk as we get today are pretty Murray and so he delivered another. Nice person to put under the source critical ordeal our Christmas tree so. There are a lot scroll Walsh. Hopefully we're going to be back next week didn't fare without shouldn't enjoy. A dose of paying more some guest stars and some people around and a few laughs and some great music. All right very good dharma friend will enjoy your celebrations this week in view and I showed gather with gifts for everyone next week. That's a deal and for all of you who were out there and listen. Care to lose your fly him home for the holidays. Back with you next week the star spangled review our online and they crews in 1430 dot com season.