Star Spangled Radio Hour - 6.17.17

Friday, June 16th

SSRH 367

June 17, 2017

Command Performance 86

Saturday, September 25, 1943

CBS Hollywood


Ken Carpenter, announcer

Bob Hope, host

Bing Crosby, Frances Langford, Tony Romano and the Charioteers, guests

John Scott Trotter and his Orchestra

G. I. Jive 841


Radio Recorders



Martha “Jill” Wilkerson, host

Teentimers 4

From NBC network broadcast

Saturday, March 16, 1946

NBC Radio City
New York

Herb Sheldon, announcer

John Conte, host

Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra and Barney Ross, guests

SSRH 367 Playlist:

Command Performance: You’ll Never Know (Frances Langford), Pistol Packin Mama (Charioteers), Priceless (Tony Romano, guitar and vocal), On Moonlight Bay (Bing Crosby and the Charioteers), These Foolish Things (Bing Crosby and Frances Langford); G. I. Jive: Night Ride (Ambrose), Elmer’s Tune (Glenn Miller; Ray Eberle and the Modernaires, vocal), Dearly Beloved (Dinah Shore), Boogie Woogie (Tommy Dorsey); Teentimers: My Blue Heaven (John Conte), Blue Skies (Duke Ellington), My Irish Colleen (John Conte), I’m Just A Lucky So and So (Duke Ellington), Barney Ross commentary, Blue Skies (reprise) to dubbed AFRS close (Duke Ellington)


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As the blue. Home. Meeks who go. Old. You know and immediately. I'm in my happy place alone. There you go Reuters poll none greater than in the ring crowds review meant to be a little hint of what lies is that. Head on the star spangled read you are here tonight as we welcome you back star spangled review our online right here crews and thirteen thirty dot com. And we this is this is a make good night for the kid steps or eight when things. Back here with us I'm just agreement premiered here and there you know when Dennis is serum always grinning from your your dinner Sprague. Who he is a fresh from Colo Rendell Iowa this fresh as he can be a ninety degree heat and humidity fresh from Iowa. We're here. Gave a little taste of his upcoming book declassified to be assembled multitudes have Eudora. Torn or stroke which I. Think you're sure structure. By the way I want her arms. Thank you everybody concern for older. Hospitality. Military and unimportant country yeah. And it was a great parent term so foolish people in this country and just in time what. Could learn including Johnny Miller ultimately. In its polish territory Judy is. Many many Turks. And their help and they video look at me. To view. But in order our card and the girl. Or turn YouTube you can you can pick out. And what are the critical in our FaceBook page to and so Dirk. But anyway on them. Bigger change has been virtually. So I'm glad somebody keeps track of the CU. You were keen to record her or you're required repair terrible record. You're playing the role of my wife this week you're a big old radio hour with a question the heated questions. Do you know what today's the anniversary of. Well yeah we we feel we're celebrating her candor commercial your need shoring up. Mean you yeah in the studio is he had a church studio and clout yeah. And that would lead to all these things which. Peter accomplish accomplish over the course in years and agreed to do commercial. So incurred. Recognition. Of this. Richard I could break down there and great thing for the career. As a presenter. They persons. To retrieve personal server 1 central anyone confusing things could sort sort of nice and emotion returned to root. That first summer start strangler bureau all of our programs creature. Yeah. Which meant episodes and you are trying to look like you we're paying. Though they believe it is a surprise just torture so it is. Mystery can actually look here what happened to us. And just put the that you listen to a ninety degree I get to the end choked. And of course show crumple. Awarded are saying about chill out of the core portion trio assertion number wonder question program up Austrian choke the strong support all these blanks into the pack our our shows will. The studio audiences. Art it's complicated stuff happened put together yeah you won't. Stopping network shows doing this story that Eric is seeking group of people have become popular show is two children demonstrating your fuel. Funny how bad disc jockey can't share all of course. That they can make it different than a little check. Opening the first two items on the program the camera gonna try to move to recruit. We're going through court aren't well I believe it's not just how strong in this episode of this program has been. Are serious. But I think it's the first time any our cast of this program. And not only on. Our series. It has been. Repeated by someone since it was on the dirt track to that I talk about Nicole called tea timers club. There on NBC. In the immediate postwar Europe starting in late 4401. In the 46. Are pretty sure ordinary. And it has something to do our magical country's stimulus. What you want to our colleagues in the chargers on the magic carpet. But certainly I noticed you. Sort card magic are actually coordinate relief I don't force Israel they're ultra network remote. Into Lebanon there was the first four little books and actually each other after so now by actual actual pro the first. The number of magical perpetrated the troops I was a program called Jamey Carroll slings. And CBS broadcaster they would govern. And they want to keep commerce club which was already shake. It will play that is before it seemed harmless to sort of pushed. We courted by AF or Irish better term. Record here that first action it's better. They would have shot because from dominant female singer whose social programs combined for the program was something he can do and Cody. American Bandstand that sort of deter a lot from the audience is concerned with the Obama. Thirteen years old. And so that they I think end of period every week against Spain and apple or Google or student actually would Desmond. Then it became John Conti and structured there's no on this broadcast. John Conti who happened from. Springs area in this award and the television station imposed Grand Prix years and got a note from the start and some degree you can go. But anyway I don't actually trampled like Symantec can also be on the air force to look you know I'm an important or assures. And the thing came back from Europe to evaluate chew on a purist but because you know Johnny circuitry actuators for a place John because John you go to court cash can be attributable didn't come. Who do not have to our new teaching congress. Yeah. And then ultimately Gordon Craig wood to the program is put the band just stand on this form is Duke Ellington and so we have to thing. Kurt angle whatever that things were literally record. And could eventually we'll look for parents and then if you don't score which our country and he didn't commit to. Sink. And the leader personally I think anybody circuits and direction. It's a large. I'll tell you I'd never heard of it in never heard of a lot of stuff treadmill a lot of years here I did not have heard this song to hundreds and here. Go back to Katrina back to radio encyclopedias. Are kind of books or whatever. You all if you take your round you're trying to do you trust a note on the air for about four years and all this kind of struggling Lilly there's a precursor. To congressman funeral. The product magazine and so it was the kind of appeal to the younger audience shown no interest he essentially giving. Are here we go it's a triple header for you. I'm the tenth anniversary of Dennis is first visit to this studio. Said studio is still alive and kicking thank you with great shows like this the star spangled radio hour on line crews important heard dot com. But okay. Okay. I. Okay. Okay. I'm performance USA the greatest entertainers of America as requested by you with the fighting men of the United States armed part of throughout the world. Command performance for the out of this weekend every week Philip hallmark all over the iron. Okay. And a man got up on that revealing stand for here comes your brightest stars passing and review over the eight EF on United Nations. And answering their commands to command performance comes special service plus mindless USA. At the head of the parade at the globe trotting group just back from a summer playing at GI's circuit that open and Great Britain pulled on the North Africa and totally enclosed and Iceland's. And tonight by a worldwide acclaim they open again on demand performance for I think Francis Langford fodder about. Wow the gulf. At. I can thank god and I have Balladur who Bob command performance hope. Telling you guys with the tabloids can't simply our flag is really influence the actions. Hitler turned red todo turn blow and luckily blooms or. Am I just got back from a Y about my blanket for the fighting France. Back to yet flat land they mom doesn't know getting I've covered more interesting territory than anyone a Gypsy rose leafs fan. Okay. A lot of planes that are going across the Atlantic some guy on the radio listening let's get lost the pilot was taking him seriously. Wow okay. Ten halfway out of got a little rough the final with a gambler frightened little stormy leaned over to hope out party for your dad and I can thank for the plaintiffs. Did you kill okay. And what a reception I got inning when I was met at the airport by the Bob Hope fan club. And it's deeper. Okay. All they. They learned wonderful way they treated me wanna reception I got to do that I arrived in London went to Georgia left quickly backed. Ballot that it had a great time inning on an old English women they really knock you right now I discover that one night during a blackout. Hi I want to I don't know getting mean listen I really taking this war seriously they've got a new plan that conserve tires. They never run over anybody laying a roughly soon. What I wanted to badly and we left we got on the planet to save my god I'm landing capped a broadcasts have to blackened up the play probably vote that bombing would Bregman. And a year later a half Minnesota came over an introduction. On top the block a lot of historical place that debate that when I would have made advances. Nothing happened I guess you never heard about unconditional surrender. OK. Okay. Have a motive donut that's right the middle of that if you want to know what that is life just told abolish erupted electric fan when you're sitting in hot stove. Okay. Crafted bill but the right got to give fragile life was notified by the air raids in fact twice he almost beat either shelled or. I don't ever want to get the first book that came my way I heard it twice once when a pat Meehan what might have then I. I would welcome glad I bought it over there really wonderful I can really take us. What one exception one lap was breaking all the rules making a fool of himself running after women. I finally sat down with a look at look at what's the matter need to hope. When your mistakes did you give up by the blood of the Red Cross budget Jesse to Lima guy who got it. Okay. I want you to meet a gallon I know the blood will never forget mr. Francis Langford right. Thank Bob. And fellows I'll never forget you in fact I'm still dreaming I'm betting on the back end of an army truck somewhere in Africa Sicily. Singing and looking out upon thousands of U. And I think he'll remember every phase. But anyway thank god and how I'm kinda picked up on the recent self and this Cohen says my visit with you meant a lot. But just how much. You never know. It just home. And if god. I've. I mean I do. I'm. Well what. When. OK very good. Okay. You and okay. It's. In my I had me. Ahead. You know event the last time wow mom. Car. I. Don't know. A news. I. Brad blank but that was really five Francis what a girl that Lankford. On the trip we get an act together I'd give up the hot sun and a little half routine and transfer was well. I wouldn't say he'd try to draw attention away my dad for next time I'm gonna Wear two piece on YouTube. But how are a whole lot you know what when they got back we called the Kerry appears to have my command performance. You know I heard command performance over the myself what by Israel thought it was more often but I get up because when I'm home. Donna does like the famous cherry attesting to be a model for every GI quartet that I met. Maybe it's because of that range they can take a high note how men they could take you don't know who moved to carry this thing it does the packing mama. Okay. It felt that it have a pretty good I'm glad I haven't found time to do. I didn't think Verizon and now I'm on the now they. So now there's no fact in my mom. It's. Taboo I didn't win but now they live down over the next and we. Very glad to have him. His throws down day data from. Now. More than two of the holy father Pope had OK okay it's out of his tools on the and then. It is okay. I mean I'm. I think we're okay. How much are. It okay and there are. Or. Can't bet. That the my dad got a job like ideally be oppose the package mama Papa. Okay. Step it up I'll do it Matalin well again I'm. Well gang we robbed by the half mile post about answering coming your command performance mail so let's why perhaps second to say hello to all APL and FBO numbers. Picking up old 986 for guys to but sure bug eyed pea plant model McCurdy hammer Neely got thrown Bob all the blueprint sleepy Jones DI Robinson. Two by two photography. But god love fed pessimistic Campbell. Felt like my agent. About a look at as a 115 named them a letter from private amateur north and my two way. And I guess sir that the flu five to keep the home fires burning hobby home to warm my hands of these days. He's set aside the fellas. I've triple recede I think we ought to have a ought to accompany classes Langford and you know me nothing but the best thought I'd wanna pay the fences to LaGuardia field. And that the darker. At the guard to play until it dropped in the video won't adopt robots the crap game. They've got a proposal by the mob but yeah apparently opted to make the trip one big guitar and once relevant got a song priceless. And Tony role models. Like coach says that in smile. Or from for a content east. He'll try to. Lives so windchill leave mine. Far out poppies alert. The video. We'll. Dude I. And oral that do. And that I. It. Big. Really mean. There were. Went saying hey. To me. Like a red Allen. Go ahead. Of the fought a good cry NG. Look at that that could. Yeah. This month finished. Second boy this is I'm here right flood but say like a Fred Allen dad would let the thing have but I have a puff puff puff. That's not a mustache is sapping your brain as I'm. Okay. I don't read out and get them do that that's. The next time you go to Europe to go by drain pipe all wide. Okay. Watch yourself sat back on spending. Okay. Okay okay. I did not Halo Wars oh losing more alive now monologues no. Okay. Brian Blair. Come back and Lennon's Lang. Thought man and money's name. Now that wow then got out yeah. Yeah. He saw it and not glad Baez. Yeah. You. Affiliated. Over Mac got mad. At this then it comes from. And I. I. Say baby. They and he knew mob run man. Still owe me. OK. How. Get all we had some bad moments overseas moment to leave a mark on a man like about it a little side street player at all. It was black and for voting smoke hung over the city and then it happened. I heard a voice. Came from a radio with a winnable blacked out beer joint it was weird weird I tell you a voice to haunt a man and it's said the shipment of black and god made Jack and they know hot on my father Bing Crosby. I. Wang. Fellow says the only leg float that I'll go. OK. I you have no doubt. Hollywood except for the happening south of they have got a two year old mug again thank you Bob Bennett to state your case your old pop vocal onslaught. Being no allusions to my horns Lima grip vote if you we're talking about my shirts my horses run thing about it it's a deal for his. Does leave us much doesn't. God doesn't. I'll find a couple of hot and they go after accusing the united a little tired he just flew back from Washington. He's trying to get congress to pass the bill the ration Frank Sinatra. Okay. You do yeah and didn't. That's LA really silly if we love frank in fact doubted our policies not live up by. They're about going out of gas at my kids benefit pension throw darts at the. Okay. It's nice to know everybody has a Red Skelton an ally could not. Okay. You know. You know the doctor regularly play Hewitt you know you don't let that you they go to bat it kind of mad. He read my contracts. As an effort Syria would Bob Hope for lost interest. Okay. Good advice we'll patting down your cancer after being dog three months. I'd CEO why they're saying those things about your pictures that are. With a fatter than me one of the things. How nothing deficit that you won't even pay its mailing costs other and it won't make money fury that while not exactly but the evidence took one look at sixty and said no holds. Okay. I thought let's face it I'm saving my money. That's okay. Because I'm not on the radio. I get a run them or if I was president did get. Guards on the radio following seven McGhee as you do have to get his overflow and everything here. Yeah. About this Carlo but in pictures without me should I tell you that it pictures you'd just be a stand in the Bugs Bunny. That's how I've you know I can get along by myself after all. Don't all the producers in Hollywood think I'm a big name not the green minded lunch. Yeah okay. But the big an impact on video. If you run into any of us are that would have probably just ripped into the others start a lot. As a matter of fact that I ran an exact Fannie and I know we had 8 o'clock. Hey that's flashy diligently sought I'm talking about when he picked up the check up. Okay. I'd better read a script. Let's give it a law that when this is a gentlemen Obama. The bullets were flying. Bombs dropped did you did you show the white seventh. What's that when you're an area for instance and you break up and Goosen put your mind turns to jelly and it starts to shake all over fitted is that what they call it going to like whether debt. Shake hands and an ostrich. Okay. You're right I think about that right up and then also did really admired me had no kidding keys that they had no idea. Kid out like that people I don't even admire my nose set match you know yell that's really what soldier would admire a man who could dig a fox over the candidates hit five. Okay. Okay no there he was born with a slapped down okay. It's not getting Bob what's it like go whether or not. Revenues on the differences on the woman's situation what they do for dates well it's pretty rugged things but he might not a woman in fact the fact in the whole trip. The only guy who fought a woman with 1000 ought to be on the moon like for eighteen hours invade like a wolf. Relative Jeff talk me like they might go up. Okay. But writer mulling over why did you make yourself useful to join up without Jared Disney hall with a load of gravel lot that's. Okay flabby if you do step aside from got a. Did not say the moon. And it hit the car. Okay. Or. We'll all. Meanwhile home. Memo really. I like he's really. Flow hood you're. My. And there's a line going in here somewhere. But I don't know. We words do they go long. Okay. I'm. Yeah. You are. Only right there. You don't live no hard clues. If you. Old my. Oh yeah. The old school. Okay. Are people who live. Those careers. Song. Paul. Move. Okay. The exclusive news. Other Nall. Ball moved. Nice day. You have so little. I. Okay. There. Oh yeah woo they. The way it's. Love go moved. Reads. Okay. Okay. It'll she's okay. Okay. I. You. Okay. Part of the thing after hearing using I don't blame Sinatra for trying thank god. All I've got. Okay. Have you met daddy daddy cause that I had a girlfriend there I thought that motherland birds. I think at the thought that the development. Okay. Venue different. It'd suited bogged down upon you from out yeah always hits me with a lives collect out of that bunker. That is given LA outlawed now and I think by the North Hollywood shopping knew that. Ohio on here got Winston Churchill out of rapid shorts not a dollar yes he did and and they it would sell embarrassing. So church Oded user's own dollar. God help anybody that change for a column for. I did I hear you saw action how about that actually says are you kidding. I guess you get. And probably very brave and all thought he was always affect the show me read Obama held a block UC Crosby's. I did filthy Bob's standing there at the bombshell condemning her apparent in the front. Okay. A lot of kids who sings from. Okay. Why did they talk about gonna have they no longer. (%expletive) cigarettes that bears the lipsticks faces. An airline ticket to romantic places. I'm still mild. Oh win. Who's foolish and remind bills you. I've been doing camera. I felt fine and no come. That. Not allowed. The Todd and I lived and. Okay. You talk there. You do. I lose some car. You mind set to make my home. If not then. Lou new time. It's no. The news. The owners say. That could do. If I wouldn't confirm. And canned food. A little car. It saves to. Do it. Youth group. You know. That long ago. That is. In line. I'd be. Midnight. NN. Yeah I. OK okay and. Movies. All. And okay. Yeah okay. I. I want to say that this could Bob Hope speaking from America you know I left this old country of ours for a few months and came back. In the meantime the telegraph boys delivered to telegram to the tough to take fit the nation is still going around this show enough. Is there a few folks get off the beam and get grabbing and so efficient sound off about what's wrong. There are many of these is just they stick out like a sore thumb because the majority are so ashamed of the. As more smoke over Chicago and Pittsburgh because the factories are working longer and harder. And 4 AM to 11 PM as a fair day's work on the farm. And then more ships in the Great Lakes slugging iron from Duluth. More oil wells in deep reminds them more private timber in the fours and everybody if people looking back and remembering Pearl Harbor. Funny more looking forward to putting their arms around a boy. We will always remember is the finest fighting man in the world so Long Island. Okay. Whether. But a lot of great watch great honor and victory committed. Real men and women are beyond flawed though the United Nations mother but also the legend of the war apart from the the united led America. Okay. And god. How do you balance that the deal I deal with GI diet today if you didn't know. Yep the best time again time to get the eight EFU box on the beam you and spend another batch of the wreckage QB question. This press thing here wasn't requested but I found it up on the top shelf and got probably you record collectors would get a kick out of hearing it from. It's one of those final Ambrose did. The neither side. Boy. Okay. OK. Okay. Okay. That was a nice drive by Ambrose in Pakistan. And even if that was made back in about 1935. It's still found guys. And a coming up is that great combination of being in the NBA's fiftieth. Dedicated to bill meal and a lot of began they feel pretty cute to look. And semi odd that the deal Procter & Gamble Rican day and there are pop Hector NA PO 61 no. Being in the hand is dealt with don't fence me and there that's what the script says chemical or new regulations I sat at that Jack. The regulations don't tell me how to play a broken photograph record. What I'm getting ahead is that on the way over to the studio I got fans cannon broke their records out. Here's a substitute him a word viewing due Glenn Miller's film review and. The okay. I don't know it mean and then link. Look they. Not many. All of mom. Okay. What may fill me OK and gone on mu why does Meghann. Man third and third. But my game again. Yeah again. Okay. Mass. You mentioned. There's. The I will be meant. Love the big bed and the birdie. Good. And then may the big the man on the dream. And I'm. Okay. You guys created them. He's live the. He does and each time I have a mom and a man. Follow me. And car and. OK ooh. The. It's GI Joseph I've balanced and this is the always present jail with two Nickels to go. And they requested community. But before the next nickel goes away of all make all a thanks is an order for your so well letters and cards. Do you coming and it if you haven't sent indirectly be glad to get here is the head dead. He had jive I'm Bush's radio Los Angeles USA. Now let's see I have got an issue I with a song for a cnet's Caroline can't dwell on my game of the navy. And why gray and the man NA PO nine Q. They want something soft and sweet. And what could be sweeter than Donohue are singing dearly beloved. Then volume. Called the all the. Mean. And now. You. And good. It's. He's my. And I knew. Okay felons stand by for abiding members dedication. All of following the Sen Harry quest for a good he would give by Tommy Dorsey. Abdullah film it for APR 0758728. Again I have navy man and 1058. HBO at 654. Or maybe 3205. It APR 0957. 7178. Maybe 919. Southern company and marine. Maybe one to eight APR five to all I have directed the word out here in PD buddy movie. A okay. I. Yeah. We. I. Okay okay okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Well that's hit the Benny can catch is very just about the attitude GI dye number 841. With 842 now on the male. That is getting via have a tough and you fell on daily de LP you can do it and listening distance about this kind of mild. John Manley if you hear aging eye gouging out saying good morning Thelma you. Good afternoon is the right field and a walk have you known. This is the armed forces radio service. I. Hard job. From closely held the. Diamond club is on the air ridden that ride today. And visiting team in the Duke Ellington Blanton and saw the wild fine young fellow forward hit a pinch hit for Johnnie Desmond 515 driver and chief John Todd day. And we if we're will. Tall. And you move is an. Okay. Resume. I. It's turned to me okay. Live live okay. I really used to all. You know seal. Smile okay. I'll play is supposed to rule. All little that in. Where the roads. Marley and me. And maybe amaze me. Where have been okay. Fuel seal smile. And okay. My have my good. Well Lou. The well the rose to blue. Guys. Somalia. Being. And they'd be basically. Today there's room okay. V ball. Yeah they have been my. All. We do rehab is. Flew ahead. I am. High blood diamond thanks for the warm welcome. My pal Johnny doesn't athletic on the meeting today and do his usual choice on the field Saturday hang out. Your favorite labs not been feeling dot these past few days nothing serious and he wanted to be sure to tell you they really miss is being here. Golfers will pull a tally on the talent. They'll be some special saxophone too can buy Johnny Hodges. Fancy trombone and viola Armstrong. And unlock the corners off you do myself they'll be too big team timer club surprise. But right now let's turn out the old club cheer for the captain of today's visiting team theory is. And Duke Ellington. I'm Hank fuel John country that was the shop fend off merely the usual hospitality of the divers called you. Thank you felt at home and just help yourself to the applause. You find it right over there behind that first junior don't play. Well there behind you lose guns. Why don't other behind who's got gentlemen let's get through it. It. Allen mighty mighty fans in the drowning them in mind going William Mattison and your sky high trumpet. Not just to keep this next spot on the family this place where Johnny doesn't usually things to a number of fly out to take the liberty of lifting to do not one of John's fine regardless. Then the. You guys. Oh miles high earners. And quality. News. Is a cold there in these greens. There is a ball. Really well. Okay. Rumors and all. Noon curve ball OK there are songs heard. On C. It's yeah no fly me. Okay. It was okay. In the. Mom mom I am glad. There's a lot all men are all run. Okay. And India. Oh my god area. Okay. Do this no law. Okay you guys goal. Then we're. Sure it must. We all knew ahead in the there isn't all of a okay. All the time. The I thought. Paul it is. John Gotti checking in again rolling out the red carpet one of those big time Duke Ellington and rings. Featuring Johnny Hodges and Lawrence brown. The deal gives it the beat the boys bounce back with I'm just a lucky selling itself. A do. I. When I. Okay. It's. Yeah. It. Members gears up now for the most important moment in the meeting. For your name is fine I have the pleasure presenting to an outstanding American this week's team timers club citations for service and inspiration to you. I deploy the going was rough this young man but he literally fought his way up the latter of fame to become lightweight and welterweight champion of the world. More important he took his fighting hard to war and demonstrated spectacular courage and devotion to duty. As a boy and as a man he is always fought side. I'm only against the champions of the ring in the soldiers of the enemy but against the viciousness of race hatred and intolerance. Theory is boys and girls folder of that great fighting titled the congressional medal of honor ex US marine life. Barney Ross. Thank you. Thank you very much just to start the stuff I'm on how him and I have a little. Teenage daughter myself and our main god bless and she's thirteen. Can diners. Every day you're stepping into the ring with the two of the toughest fighters in the world. They don't fight between and they don't think going. I'm talking about the two terrible things can kind of mentioned a moment ago phrase hatred and intolerance. You can timers. You're assured to lift these things now because if you don't felt grow up with you. Feel we're getting the bigger or more of a million. Just being good America. Over one and one for all metal do the trick. Again thanks imminently citation. This is John Gotti saying get well Johnny doesn't mean you hear. Thanks to Duke Ellington and company and so long you've been divers who goes to gulf. I'm happy happy we feel law. The armed forces radio or. Well my friends there you go another three you can start screen review our timeline in this. Actually evening at depth that's just. Really really good stuff to listen to thanks trip to the trifecta that was pretty nice. We welcome you and we tried. I know I know that straight. So. As we. Celebrate here this weekend we'd be remiss if we didn't mention happy Father's Day it is Father's Day weekend and all the dads that are are out there listening tonight may know there are plenty who will tune in here and listen online either on the podcaster. Or on when the make we post it but it to all you dads out there happy father's. Particularly children I totally agree the lord please. Are you and so next week which will. Be let's sees who's got next week that sure Rem the 25 and then we've got the fourth of July show won't give pretty patriotic that week but. What he did an in store for us next week. Actually grab two more push to reassure Christian series are cashed. Continue a little or amateur and a little bit and the command orange new call. And Ciara journal com. Lower birdie virtually each stroke stroke. Ultimately are focused. Dog good are my friend we'll thanks for another agreed that it. Came in. Yes. I brought up could. All right and all the view out there the other side to this thank you for being with us here for what amounts to ten years of Dennis humanitarian I'm here on the radio in there and now online it's been a pleasure course should be none of this without you. And we do appreciate you finding your way to this every week let's wrap this up with another from being right here we'll see you next week. All may name is MacNamara. I'm the leader only the baton. Over to a number of good players. Love the replay it wakes in Latin isn't it every offensive ball and finally made a funeral is replay the match. Solve the problems.