Star Spangled Radio Hour - 7.15.17

Friday, July 14th

SSRH 371

July 15, 2017


Army Air Forces Training Command Orchestra

Directed by Capt. Glenn Miller
“Uncle Sam Presents”

January 15, 1944

NBC New York


Lt. Donald Briggs, announcer

Capt. Glenn Miller, host


“Glenn Miller Anniversary Feature”

December 17, 1981

Richard Clegg, host

Michael “Peanuts” Hucko, guest

Army Air Forces Band (Special)

Directed by Maj. Glenn Miller

“Moonlight Serenade”

November 25, 1944

Co-Partners Hall, Bedford, England

Reserve Recording

First Broadcast January 2, 1945


Sgt. Keith Jameson, announcer


“Swing Convoy”

Recorded June 25, 1977

Broadcast June 29, 1977


Richard Clegg, host

Alan Dell, guest

The American Band of the AEF

Directed by S/Sgt. Jerry Gray

“The American Band of the AEF”

April 16, 1945

Olympia Theater

Paris, France

First Broadcast May 18, 1945



“The Swing Shift”

Directed by T/Sgt. Ray McKinley

December 7, 1944

Co-Partners Hall, Bedford, England

First broadcast January 27, 1945


Cpl. Paul Dubov, announcer


SSRH 371 Playlist

(15Jan44) I Sustain the Wings (theme), Mission to Moscow; (17Dec81) Interview with Peanuts Hucko (OWI MFA 11 21Apr44) Moonlight Serenade, (ISTW 8Apr44) Flying Home, (25Jan45) If Dreams Come True (Glenn Miller’s All Stars with Django Reinhardt, guitar), (May 1954) Lover (clarinet duet), (1974) My Guy’s Come Back (GMO Directed by Peanuts Hucko); (25Nov44) Jerry’s Aachen Back; (29Jun77) Interview with Alan Dell, (ISTW 25Sep43) Star Dust; (16Apr45) Oranges and Lemons (Sgt. Johnny Desmond and the Crew Chiefs, vocal), (7Dec44) Beat Me Daddy, Eight to the Bar (T/Sgt. Ray McKinley, vocal)


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You saved room. News well my mom. He had that he did. And I'll give you my. To drive and I'll take no matter. All right so not the traditional big window opening day you would expect cheer on the star spangled review our bread keynote today were going to be paying homage to our friends across the pond and I thought well. But they do little map Monroe out just started LT chromium traders we open the doors Soria for these star spangled review our online recruit some 1430 Bechtel remembered Crandall. And it is great to have you back here with this middle of summer. He is are and isn't it true most of you across the country and so a good time to just sit for an hour and Kenneth Sikhs and she didn't shelter and enjoy some time together doing this hope yeah hope everything's going well for our good friend Dennis Bragg is here author of declassified. Now preempted in soon available live news just gives him better and better so there you go how are you doing there. Well incorporated parent and the usual opening tournament. The typical rhetoric and what are you did get beat it's can be unpredictable every now and. I think so well. Yeah citizens took an interest and we beat people are perfect. It's so he told according to copies. And we shall see who will cause actual little older but it's literature content in your program could. Because they have something to do the book which all sporting mullets. We're going to repeat cannot wait up for peace process. Print some more interviews. Dunbar. Probably of the BBC radio two. Hack it and that's what we're groups do not it is his support armored I turn historical essential that we're gonna place in music phycor Miller should. Army air forces and but you can do it before and in between and after they entered the them talks. And they're looking to talks won't work. PR truck grow my coconut furcal. I paramedics actually sort of band. But bandleader and go right in later years and I'm sure they know the most of our listeners. And secondly. And your view of a radio personality a radio personality who is being great personality. And that's true it is. Allen bill moos on the PP chief for years and more on the all but everybody in the UK of course. And they were in the United States still an elephant talk about it pinch history. Why he got into what he did it why you shouldn't have been handle all of them. It should share it very international conference but I sure would only quote think before we let it play. I one of the things when you're Drupal quite a look at our supply this year you're looking for a primary evidence teacher looking for impressions of people. And torture trying to do to look at the tragic crash or from a different point of view that it has been in the past it used to Lucian. And different portrait view. And one of the great resources you control on its to do we have an elaborate and available trimming are many many interviews with. Such all the people that were involved in the thing and then what you do we should compare what they all straight because in my Powell breaks on their detention order perceptions of other people or circumstantial or newborn who are very different. And but I import or import from trading on the sheet because I hope everyone resolutions closely. Consider if you look at. Peter Chukky Okobi Kosher going to find. Some things he shares in either the architecture coal. Who wrote she's happy that things it's somebody might shake. Reminiscing. Later cheers show about a celebrity you're about shall there are people he's very own national socialist I hope that's. And I think they war church and why it's often said. A different people situations. Very important for just one example people chess strategy may pick entry country year should show the same values navy can't. Particularly in the chief he's the Charlotte or Miller. Army air forces them they appear to get hurting more than that so much better standard edition that all you hear an infection rebuttal to that. Line of reasoning from our growth in this interview. Annual clears encourage adoption of the books we residential beliefs. Our information we receive occasion people growing up a couple of Miller author should may or may not being a coach opinion piece. Accurate protection are subject for another day is something I'm appreciative and so they don't they're reporting on why it should be released book. Earthquakes puritanical. I had the talent level attention being the farmers army air force is banned interspersed between the. Very good. I'm really did jump right in the this year. Through it'll be in the nation actually one of those where the exterior treated like solution to what people actually. Yeah absolutely right all right here we go special led on the star spangled radio hour Miami's cruise and fourteen. It's. I'm in the United States of America. They United Nations of the world. It's. I am of the hey I am training command under the direction. Sergeant Ramon Elaine sergeant Mel Powell. And many of your own bread. I. Here is captain Glenn Miller's thank you to our number X. How it all you guys and gals out there were all set for musical goodwill tour so moving near army air forces who are instrumental crew. Plus composers sergeant no problem navigating the piano sergeant my couple piloting the plane takes off on a mission to Moscow. Okay. Okay. And in the. Yeah. Oh it. This is a program produced for the AFC above the American back under the hazy half. It's normal who. I'm 37 years since Glenn Miller died in them on C English Channel during a flight to newly liberated Paris. This won't militant moonlight serenade remains he's not a tool this time unmistakably associated reminds of millions. Throughout the world with the name of Glenn Miller whose signature June you've lost. Bolton Glen Miller was going 78 years ago yes today marks the fest and he died in that tank crashed. On December the fifteenth 1944. Or. After a remarkable career in the late citizens early forties some. NATO expanded its unique clarinet lead world famous Tim Miller joined the American forces and then he formed. What was perhaps an even greater than the one left in civilian days. Most of the arrival in Britain mostly Glenn Miller army SL stands in the summer of 1944 this 45 piece orchestra complete with a twenty piece string section. Eventually became known as the American and complete allied expeditionary forces. One of the orchestra's most notable young members was sergeant Michael peanuts taco. Who remains today in the forefront of the world's chance Karen insists. Must descend dry winter here peanuts hot campaign during a British to a and a popular jazz venue in Buckingham civil fine fine born and we talked about his long and fascinating career before during and after his time with the Klan mullah Haniyeh full spend. I want to know how it all began for him. Well actually I. Started out like many. Young people do today you know playing in the school band. And I was kind of like that's Roy got the name peanuts and I was a smallest one and demand. Not like I was playing end. What we call a high school and while I was still going to elementary school under the cross street. From the high school and I went over to rehearsal Monday. And they professor Arum. Asked me what I was doing there and actually I was just listening to the man actually go to school here and I should know. And actually play an instrument nicely yes. When he plays the saxophone. And dilation well it's different stories about it we can ally UN here unless you wanna go home and get your instrument and join us. Which was marvelous for me of course I am I jumping at the opportunity. But of course some of the guys in the band nine you know I knew there are some of the kids in the band that they had sort of put him up to a and so consequently when I joined the band I was really the smallest and youngest and the man and sort of affectionately that they don't meet peanuts its. Stock legislative and me. A courses. You say you in those early days played tennis you played tennis sex to do in Austin in the ninety back in 1940 when you with the will Bradlee van. Right that's right our children share very well as far as that goes but. I I would only put to planted on the stand on the page and never picked it up even when it calls for climate. That's about six months and he showed an oversight was never play in the clinics towards political and so unlike the political. I really didn't like him and so they fired me. Whoever it was that simple about three months later. He called me back and said have you studied him even Saudi McLaren of us and oh yes. Flying of course and so when back in the band again and consequently was fired again for the same reason. That led to great things because you ended up in many newly formed Glenn Miller army at full spectrum that was a year after. I thought I had about a year under my belt of love playing the planet. And I've found that I enjoy that I've read and it never really given them the opportunity articulate time because I was only involve playing tenor saxophone. And of course Glenn love then put me on the. You kind of journalism out go I say about three months until I was in the Benny and me blankly and Wanda is great McKinley. Brought it to his attention these familiar in this way the planet patient's knowledge. So their discretion rehearsal and done. Did they try to mail on the B planetarium and and actually you know races. Glenn used to call me hook these hook. For not only is this your chair and so some cinnamon playing the clarinet. So very open minded man was it was Glenn and prepared to give you a chance but he was also renowned as a as a a tough disciplinarian must view I I think with something perhaps a bit of a young revel in most say. Revelers is not pleased at the right word. Actually. What it was if it was I was irresponsible. And they in the sense that for instance of we had a rehearsal. Well we had a broadcast to do have a show up just when he was ready to. Bringing his time down with the downbeat and that perplexed about it and I don't you ever read really read me off about it. But I remember every McKinley. While stormy. Gray and I assume the other you know move and veteran. And grace said don't you mention the fact that you Glenn wondered due to what do you do with a guy like. And Mike just says just let it go you know slowly go he says he's never missed the broadcast he's never missed a rehearsal. He's really just a little late that's all he's got other things to do. And it's so they sort of left and often moon and that was it. But some band the out and Glenn Miller on air force band which often came overhead at the end of June 19 vote for the gay men. Eventually as the American under the AS. How remarkable talents and it's so kind Freeman on the aisle so. Benny proven Bobby Nichols on trumpet certain trigger output of ghosts and civilian days right face. And Evan we had Mel Powell and your great friend ray McCain on drums security was really. Three trumpet and he he's also been in these civilian and but soon after it had come over to England to. Bob on July 1944 was attracting a measure of unfavorable. Criticism and ending comparison with sand on his mom this US navy bands how how sad I was sad criticism in comparison well. All of them to be honestly Richard I never heard that criticism at all and I heard the other event and it's a matter of fact we did concerts together. And the only thing I can say and and defense of that was that I think are bad and we had more to it then. Then we'll send Don here's fans descend on his band was just strictly it and spend it. And we have strings you know we had we and everything. I knew it was suggested descend on you played jazz must you played strictly regimented swing well live if you wanna call it that. I don't think it was about a man and I honestly don't they got some good players and then there was a good man but it wasn't any better. In any sense I think it would Glenn Miller band that I played and it was the best band I've ever played it. In my whole career he was the cleanest. Most precise. Well organized. I was perfectly okay. And you can you can you can say that about. A lot of fans. Glenn Miller is himself was engulfed scandalized. As well he might have been by criticism of his band he was a great loyal man and in defending his man how did you find him as a leader. Well I condom. First of all your your idea you have to respect the man. Because he knew what he was doing he knew he wanted and he got it. Secondly. I could talk to him anytime I want to uses as it was 201. Of the fellows in the land you know even the deployment to talk to go and if you had a problem you can go to plan but the problem. And if you just one of the just chit chat he would talk to you you know he was. Farm bill and Melinda there. George Simon who wrote that stupid book. Makes about today. And I explain it away this way George Simon was with us and New Haven. And George. Wanted to run on the coattails of Glen. Used to be a government waste tried to be a drummer but he was really a terrible drought and it was around drummer let's put it that way. And when you see is them in the marching band that we remember when we are seduced saint Louis blues and all those things years and that bend but. I know George very well in Georgia I've been friends for a forty years or more I've known them all I know my first out of them with a little momentum back and we're talking about. And and he was and the you know a nice guy and all that. But he didn't have any any there was no reason to take it we did Needham and you can either on the move away. And so Glenn didn't take him and I think he was very upset about it. Henne was very imperative and writing the book because Glen wasn't readily turn themselves. I'm glad you're alive you're never read that book. It's listen what you say that to you Glenn Miller was at an extremely important. Madman the annual musical development indeed is what. When he disappears having this channel on December the fifteenth 1940 on his way to grounds. The band of course which included you continued ever left without him but how do you find dips and playing without that dynamic leader behind you. Well I think it I think it took some of the glamour. A way because. Jerry gray director of the ban the fullback and a full orchestra an array. Delray McKinley is. It was a good personality and he was good for the advancement but he used to do that even when the man was alive you know thank you smooth will be demand you know the dance yeah. And this week's if you yes so the only difference was that Jerry gray. I took over the amateurs of good leading to bend with a strange you know the full full orchestra live that was the only difference. Jerry was harder to work for the mile and he really works. Yeah because I actually I think because he was afraid that he would lose control and you know and he was really harder work for them and went. As a member of the uptown whole gang was told jazz group within me American men to VA ask you played in newly liberated Paris with legendary guitarist jango Reinhart a princess in the heart of a France. What you remember of him now. Well he was. Very. Cameo man he was very. Friendly and a marvelous musician. We we really. Couldn't so. Correspond. To much because he couldn't speak English at all so we had to speak out broken French. And I was lousy French completely. We couldn't speak French. We finally learned because he's been very you know when we find lenders speak grown up to. Get our breakfast and so on and so forth but. There some lovely recordings that set of mail Tom whole gang playing with jagr on how to write. They were actually bootleg later they were never supposed to been released in the states but they were. Because we were afraid to get in trouble because we were moonlighting in the sense just leave but doesn't know nobody's ever said anything. I think it's it's nice for history that we didn't get to play with a such a great musician is this guy you know he's a lovely lovely Blair. Balloon form. Oh. We're. It's. One. Oh. I. It. The okay. Good morning. Okay. Okay. I'm. There. Oh. Yeah. Okay. Can. Yeah. I. After the war you returns the states and knew who once again back in the company is. Ray McKinley and you played in remic in his first post war bands. Birdie driven Mel Powell and I. Join Benjamin spends. After we were discharged from the service. That was too many for a ball terrible about three months or so. And ray has taken. Long holidays and pedestal in the book written by Eddie shutter. Actually at that time I was quite content to be with the we're betting. And I told Mike you know when he started this band if you wanted me I'd join him. And so we kind of held me too to my word. And and so I I left Benny and the wet weather day and I I really only saving grace for about a year. The man really and never. Was really successful. And and I figured well I've been away from home you know all that time and social woes and and and we were traveling and doing a lot of or were so I decided to stay in New York. And see what good fortune I might find and it turned out I got to work with the protecting garden. For the summer of love 47 and then in the fall of 47 I want to work. Did it accountants and and Greenwich Village and I was with him for about three and a half years. And after that I had an offer to go into the studios. We're Dora for CBS show and now works for NBC and the night. I had a real good offer to go to work for American broadcasting company which I did. And I. Really worked there I think was about fifteen years courts in the studio and still doing you know gigs and jazz things on the side. You must tell me and how old. To my mind the most exciting recording on the herd. All of you all Langer came about. It was sitio clarinet duet with bill stick Meyer on lava RSS concerts com led by Steve Allen a new deal back in May 1950 fool. We had two bans on that particular thing. And so we decided to do a jazz concert and we chose. Mother's Day. To do it not realizing. That it was Mother's Day. And we were very disappointed because everybody goes home with the mother. And that we had a very very small audience but the fans are good and a very enthusiastic audience goes over there where enthusiastic right. And so bill and I decided that we wanted to do a duet. There's. Believe yank him thank you Billy did go on them comedy. Blue maturity and they did also a duet it's a bill I got together and we could come here arrangement and Rondo scored it. And we did a did it really is a lot of on the list it's exciting yeah. You talked about joining Benny Goodman for a short time as possible with four UN to ray McKinney you'll whiz Benny in late TS is what he went on his famous fiery stood on here that's right. Beyond that person obviously. 57 I believe ninety to consume them and I believe Benny had the tendency is batic cuss in on other people's solos. Actually the first time I was in the band. I just joined the band. I think as an event about 33. Nights she. And we're playing over in New Jersey and ever in the ballroom. Stand gets cut. Sick so one night so you get me playing the Sola chairman. There we were doing this broadcast. And I got to play in my soul or finish my solo second half. And he stood in front of me in and played. And so. Johnny best crew who was with the W van incidentally. I said Gutierrez who does anything like that column and so I called a month. And it's a million should what happened you know what's what's the reason for. You know stepping in front of them are solo. This is always society I could have done that since I don't play at ninety or so well the fact remains that you did and and I usual what's the problem myself what the problem is there's such that if you don't like the way I play. Then let's forget it right now on myself before you are to the West Coast there northwest coast. The following week course that I just Tuesday in New York. She always is no no leadership knowledge that I love doing replaces amount of countries is if you play like I'm doing she's doing. You have the same feeling in the desert kind of like to get the fifty dollar raise this week. And I though that was the first. Four races I got and the course. Four weeks. Only coast Benny Goodman and it's cut you awesome facility something I don't know whatever was. It was nice stone and in recent years youth that continue to be in great demand as Aaron assisting in your own right but chief you never seem totally to throw off the influence of glad none. Just eight years ago back in 1974. You you took over the official Glenn Miller orchestra for a while. After and all the time that's his body to Franken of course leftist. How important is that period. The real importance. That particular experiences that. I found that done. The kids really that there was the van you know there are all in their early twenties. Are the same as we were when you pretty young still but hard to convince certain things done and I really I had fun though with with the young we're young guys they were. Some very very good players and and bloody whether older respectability as a clarinet and she's probably. You know one of the best in the world. Number wonderful musician but he he had been with the man for eight years and the bend. It was truly a sloppy and then the slumping. And some of the guys. Had to be. Sort of reminded that you know they don't have a job to do it I did then there's mice away as I possibly could. I didn't wanna commit and then start. Roland you know people all the windows all that. Are we made some good for replacements. Necessary replacements. And I'd say in about what took about a month but I think our defense on the very good. And the US state another state. Was happy with a and so was royal Alexandra who are. Did all the bookings. That's how did you feel. Running a band that all the name of the man had been dead says he has a strange sort of runs their children. Well true you know they refer to miss a ghost Ben you know there's a ghost Tommy Dorsey band there's a ghost Jimmy Dorsey then. And this just all of those things are sort of attribute. And just works constantly smell of fact I only other man for eight months but we had. A three days off in the eight months and prevent this very much in demand. Because it does have the original library there than you know as the real thing as far as that's concerned. The difference of course is. You'll innocent they're just like he wasn't in Paris. And the difference is also was in this country as far as anti British people are concerned I'm sure they would prefer this at Lawrence playing Glenn Miller then the new Glenn mineral system precisely because it is. But much more close to these personal and spirits and and and and enthusiasm it seems to play the right notes that was the right spirits as well. We'll go sit has done a wonderful job this is a great job. The unity arrangements down. And and get you bush split in the way he does she and he's really he's really dedicated to it. And he deserves a lot of credit. You can beat us. Looking back over 37 year as smile to the time when you were with Glenn Miller in the army FO spends. How do you regard your time with him. Well I'd say it's probably one of the most important. Areas of my career. And my ears you're. But to own to a whole different sound especially the strings. It was such a beautiful string section and I used to just sit back and truly enjoy listening to the man then and who was the first man that really had. We had six reads. And we have. We had ten dress. It was a big bad I mean it was truly a big and had a big sound and that was wonderful certain that. I really enjoyed it it gave me my start on the clarinet. And I guess so forever be grateful to John for you know for a time hook us your chair I was I'm very happy about it. But there's a world of difference now in in time and space in the size of the organization you're playing with between. Playing so they Glenn Miller on air force band and and playing tonight hit that little country club in Buckingham sheath. How how does that feel in 1981. I'm enjoying it. I get to play with a a lot of musicians. When I touring England. Sometimes I have my own group and of course and but other times like like tonight there's three different tune musicians appear that I haven't played with the I played them once before that was two years ago. And a and a nice players and it's been and it's nice it's it's it's kind of how refreshing experience because it keeps you on your toes. Got to listen to them and I'm listening to you. And and we have a lovely audience it's a very receptive audience. And I'm happy about it really because actually what orders were finally come about it is that I'm on the specialist with the way. Doing what I'm doing you know there are very many Clinton players around. The play chess because it's a difficult instrument. You've got to my hands really there's. There's but he did Franco does Robb over this kind of learned. John immense and I'm talking about Americans and others the you know there are wonderful English planet Forester de shepherd. But the players but the aren't that many there aren't as many kind of blurs as say. The saxophone players and so. The market is there. It's been marvelous talking to that this evening to ask you just one final question not a lot of the future avoid it. Well I don't know I don't really trying to plan my future. Because. As you know. The world today changes overnight I don't know really what I'll be doing. In 1983. I have an idea what I'll be doing in 1982. But I don't look that far ahead there's a point it at my age. There's no point trying to plant twenty years ahead. Because in twenty years if I'm able to walk and I am brave and so on so forth I'll be in good shape but. I figure possibly. At the most maybe another. Seven years. Ten years maybe when I. If my health keeps up his that is now I feel great. Oh I think if I'm around seventy and I can still play. Also play if I'm invited I'll come. Wonderful play no penile taco truly. One of the world's finest Karen assists who the format was talking on this. Glenn Miller 78% of us are not only about his time with no luck but generally about his most celebrated career. And my thanks goes to Mike Eagleton to flee shall seems jazz appreciation society. And the management of the far side born and for what helped of course most Bolick is too penal talk himself for talking so freely to me. I look forward to the next time. And I always like to give you example of the kind of music you'll find particular on the day room. Reportedly American member of the 8 PM on the board get together was not the word fun. Stardom follow McKinley who have gone out for the latest from home cooking they called Jerry is often back. Oh. He. So we've just about twenty minutes to go in this final swing convoy and I thought it would be rather nice to devote the time. To talking to lead joy and a big band enthusiasts in Grissom command has been presenting big band record programs on BBC radio for many many years. Currently the big band sounds his name is Alan Dell and he's on the line now from his home in Kansas. Colin just how long have you been presenting the big band sound fall. Well Richard I go back to about 1968. I think that was that are advised that the program on. Radio group. Just reported Thursday program which went out in the evening it's been pretty good about today Bob. Bennett went through these things are what it started to build. Today as it is but it is being run everything but I think I think he has had been. I'm good to be good. But of course before that you've been very involved with the big vans and big band programs how did you acquire your interest in big band music in the first place alum. That's a bit difficult I think it goes back to this day is it's cool. I was very conscious of those little things the radio and American values. I think even when I was quite young. Mark father introduced late due George good. Anyway. Composer and that was hoping to pull what hope do we do with there's the thing about the rest of the Bruins brought probably a bit of what we're. And I grew up whether it's school about our profits for a little bit about school. The other big. Then I came out of school I would have very good about saying. I felt as as the present position. I have a lot of people are big one out there about what I'd bet good ol' pat. You've still got out I went through there are good book club corporation. I was in private sector economy rebounds which gives. Grab me. A report card for which there which I'm in very welcome public radio. And I will not roll into the video I'd do it. Well that was probably aren't being radioed his brother but I'd like to do. If I could work big fat. And I did what was good bad good bad that's very bad about noise because it's produce beautiful old ideas of about fifty feet hit him about it. Of course Alan you're an arms not just for your big band interest generally but specifically feel great set interest in Glenn Miller what is it about. Tim that provoke such devoted affection and attention from the U. Well yeah legitimate. I can't remember what good career nothing to prevent Nevada. You know he's got I think forty. Hopefully one. In fact I referred to this probably probably better about it. Well I'm afraid I re creation of bird rights which the parade has been sort of record I have reported. And I I don't know there was something about the ribbon event which captured by ten at that time. Subsequently. When I was. Batteries. Well you know toward me becoming. As president Barack Obama big development brokaw's incorporated often rewarded hook. I have managed to across from all relatives they have according. Which he's got it was great and I used to recruit regularly. Every breath they are and of the river about unity and ability they have according. And our have devoted. Aren't a lot more defense because of the orchestra I think which is. Really the thing that's very badly beaten variety of Jerri gray and build that in just a horrible situation for billions and of course the wonderful fight broke. At all involved it would have been so that they would put together a hit the war is. It's a terribly difficult question to ask you island bit so what's the single track would just summarized view everything that in your mind is excellent about that orchestra. But so far. Bribery of materials are superb. Good things which are incorporated. Probably. Aren't as a whole lot of fingers crossed for today that he arranged. Schools who have. Experiment could probably write a product part oppose it happens. I'd rather have serious primary Richard. There's really nothing new probable. Recording I called the virtual garbage in the dog's bad guys have a big step up cargo on Monday. I whipped beat them are it's remote radio after the beating people granted would bring. We have corporate jets aren't as published like their presence from a good he's better running Hilton. The roadways across the that they have good credit I have to vote for a good bit of equipment and golf. That's right dugout one of the recordings released by the arrangement. That's great news for rebellion superb. They didn't have approximately you know I think that it's which has brought about the concept of very very red because about it from the band played its. As it was gonna be here. We're focused they have perpetrated very well let me talk about products is one of the traffic that. But bit but it did. Very. Bear there are better recording. And in this book all. We're probably eight years that I think that's one of the best. The. Okay. It's. Okay. Oh. I. Okay. Okay. Okay. OK. And I need. Cool. Live. We SL and I do think that says stardust led by the Clem and our army airforce and really does sum up everything that says you've said and everything that I feel. About the brilliance of that band but moving out into the fifties you're mentioning just now Denny's lettuce a competitors of yours I believe and of course very much associated with the tent he found. And we were listening earlier in the program to the 1959 recording by Ted Heath of the beauty festival sweet. Hope I know that you knew Ted well and produced many special recordings with him in the fifty is. But I've heard it said about him that he was something of a do humorless man more Wallace Ted he's really like. I've never brought him there are believed to have our problem. All things I'm everywhere harvest. I don't remember that we've ever growing fears of bird brought from my earlier in a hole in front straight. It was it was the penalties that would benefit us it was a bad candidate for road. Well because he helped me about our powers Britain into its British Broadcasting Corporation and its. I bet I would have any evening programs for good. A little changing room very remote controlled the stage to Rayonier holes. Had he hoped to meet various about what he felt about the bad as a unit that he believes the botanical. In the event should be gentlemen about with a very big corporate. He behaved very well and expect them to behave properly as. I thought about it. Oh art world won't be anywhere that I can use his role he was very sympathetic. I understood everything he was a very straight position of course one of the greatest interest as good as ever had. I just I've sort of rarely got. And of course since his untimely death in 1969 these Ted Heath. Sound has lived all my I think perhaps in the first few years after his death somewhat adulterated. That would that be a fair description is Fazio concerned. I think it was a strange. Part of the on the par post what particular. It's. I think both the very Americans best believe that he was dead and that they want to carry on the ground. Presumably there would ever arrived. At the very good about I think that was a faster process. And if they're bad kids hey don't break it is very proud of being. But the greens are good bones apart from Russia has been leading the bad of a better purpose vehicle but our overall mr. Obama. Perpetrate position. It was carpet from a book carpet but rather being doing hairless dogs but the after the harvest rather please about it. It's an amazing that you can be talking to me here in 1977. About the big band sounds alive and well what is the quality it has switches made those sounds so very enduring throughout the league radical changes to beat and popular music since the days of the first isn't Fortis. Well like anything which has Gore's. I mean about corporate data Prague because that's great but we're pretty bad about his book that it road but anything that is good instead. Field whether it's pretty. Are practical my Ricardo braced her room. It's a big battlegrounds which were terribly. What's the word I'm looking forward interestingly orchestrated a great imagination. Team had problems with stabilize. It criteria Fairfield Connecticut and that people. I've always been Iraq Barbara. And I think that's. Possibly today would be. Typical case of perfect economic. Probably a big bad round the world for a repeat in the bunker and I could. These papers to rip apart but you know across the hole and people who go. It's good news because both come to the carpet but I'd probably do. This is safe thirteenth and final edition of swing convoy in which are trying to bring to our listeners here in VS VS Cyprus. Something a little hostility style of your program on radio too I know the big band sounds both as a musical description and does the name of fuel program will continue. For those of us who may be returning to Leo country in the next few months or so what have you got in store for us. Well. I can't really aren't that question Richard because as I do build a program I want him coming in. Debris in the way of you record because we could stereotype heavily. And part of the program is dependent on weather records are available in a very. But I don't have so break it down the middle and part of type things which I think we're pretty big victories. Fight off an iPod. Hope recording. Which will be flying in from fifty I don't rest that I feel about hope that they will provide some sort of it to prove the collective as well. Its sister program but I can't really ought to question played it perfectly good here but it's good because the it will depend on what I discovered I hope I don't think it's. The book where we're pleased to be I recruited me to show that anyway but I have a better. Alan Devlin England so many thanks Phil talking on the program before idea. Bring in dogs closing theme homeward bound by Sam dawning here in the US navy abandoned would give me very great pleasure refer you would perhaps choose and introduced. The final record of the serious. Well clearly your car grid it's about probably you've got to put it out either but we've been talking about. Director. It's. As good as the captain and start making your. And bill and think it's very difficult for I think it's. Very hard play because I don't know how much survey for directory assistance and I think that really brought about. Oppressive pressure as the the hope it's bad because that's prime. You can probably advise me getting the total bill for the good the total for the orchestra. I'd love that you registrars that anything they do it up front for the. Clarinet on my king recorded on the eighteenth of march 1958. A links recording in the history of the sort of Finnegan orchestra piece of writing typical of the incentive pay and health anti sort of and then Leon swing convoy draws to its clothes after three months in which I tried to present a wide selection of the festive remarkable music. Created by the man who led. Fruitful and played in the big dance it's. My thanks to game two Alan Dell for so kindly providing such an entertaining finish to the series made a big fan sound continue for many idea. But for now it's very much goodbye and I'll leave you with anything close arrangement for the sands only new US navy that it's. Homeward bound. Yeah. It's. You. Do you. Okay. We're. A. Okay. Okay. Okay. Time newsman Lennon may have been the love thanks Brandon you all need upstanding. Sand and you know ten. I have hey you saying anything bad about them flaw of the when I'm okay. 101000 Johns and that's the room mate and that's me it's time do not know then the ball. This camera. Okay. Okay are you okay okay okay slam. You only offend me as fast as you know pennies. Well you may need the hall band playing. Well okay. 9009. News. Okay. I. Okay. Okay. Okay. I. Yeah on the map that's done that to those requests for new GI's who do we are beaten hatred about sergeant Max. Beat big daddy. They know little longer don't give religion factor. They happen fast down Bob. You can let them know it away July is blue that guy anyways this is into the ball. Yeah well he's a better overall. People gallon drum on when he gets OK. I'm ready please see get good. Really believe that they kept the trend. Old buddies. Father's do stand down when it ends of the big good. Today did did wrong. Flood zone again. Okay there. The lovely and even. Bad lending again. Lunar may have. I mean okay. Okay. I'll borrow. You've been listening to a swing shift featuring sergeant Raymond Kelly and his music. Feel good about Centralia and we'll see you soon. This idiotic it is reported credit well my friends there you go another example of why this show is so important and why I keep coming back every week and I suspect you do as well because. Dennis treats us to these are rare treasures like this these define me insights that you don't often hear him. Tonight demand he but I learned to live always duke seems to me if my memory serves me right Allen cast sweep back in the day. Alan Dell came to visit Colorado I hope I'm remembered in this race because that's think they do. And. A lot of sure I'm not sure it was a calendar a lot of different people from the UK have Kumble. Yup yup I think I need the super all of you have you have you have to check with so many matches it was a long time ago. But I do seem to remember that bird got great stuff tonight thank you very much for that very really appreciative that was good. Yet it takes takes takes effect because neither group that you need to can turn out where what portion that do exactly. Your fortunes are up to our suites. Well they're actually territory approach we're we're actually no I'm happy you are eventually that. But II solution decent yeah so Kruger girl actually going to be should go to the beach courtroom so. Mr. Crosby. Tries. Its colonial at least the old hero award of the programs that actually took. Triple for restrict strange network and a longer period since the Inglewood is going to appear show. Well it's good it's good we've come to her senses on this program idea Amanda. Occasionally we do you truly lead how can we get the I'll allow him to fit into this. Are right well listen stay cool this week thinks your great show and look for the jets enough with you next week. Our item for the rest of you out there hey listen. It's great having you here are the star spangled review our online best show of its kind anywhere promises. Enjoy your week she enjoys summer we'll see you next week will need to find moves show world. No idea will no no no no no we got to. I thought it was going to be August already is about to give men a see you next.