Star Spangled Radio Hour - 7.2.16

Saturday, July 2nd

Featuring Louis Armstrong

Jubilee 19

Recorded March 1943

NBC Hollywood


Art Gilmore, program announcer

Ernest “Bubbles” Whitman, host

Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra, Lena Horne, the Charioteers,

Armed Forces Radio Orchestra

Philco Radio Time 97

Recorded on Ampex Tape

KGO Studio

San Francisco, California

Broadcast Wednesday, March 16, 1949

10:00 – 10:30 pm EST


Ken Carpenter, announcer

Bing Crosby, host

With Louis Armstrong, Peggy Lee, Jack Teagarden and Joe Venuti

John Scott Trotter and his Orchestra

SSRH 317 Playlist:

Part 1 (1943) Program Introduction, Great Day (opening theme), Coquette (Louis Armstrong, vocal), Someday Sweetheart (Lena Horne, vocal), Shine (Louis Armstrong, vocal), Down The Glory Road (The Charioteers, vocal), Lazy River (Louis Armstrong, vocal), Don’t Get Around Much Anymore (Lena Horne, vocal), One O’Clock Jump (George Washington and the Band, vocal), Program Close, Great Day (closing theme)

Part 2 (1949) Program Open, You Was (Bing Crosby and Peggy Lee, vocal), Comedy Skit (Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong, Jack Teagarden and Joe Venuti), Panama (Louis Armstrong, trumpet, Jack Teagarden, trombone and Joe Venuti, violin), Lazy River (Louis Armstrong, vocal and trumpet), Lazy Bones (Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong, vocal), Rockin’ Chair (Louis Armstrong, vocal and trumpet; Jack Teagarden, vocal and trombone), Galway Bay (Bing Crosby, vocal), Comedy Skit (Bing Crosby, Peggy Lee, Louis Armstrong and Jack Teagarden), Program Close


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Well my friends there you go welcome to the Independence Day weekend. And this star spangled radio hour on line crews in 1430 Doug come hammer handle it is. Our pleasure to wave the flag with you again probably this year rural. Or does feel like your 6 July 4 show that we've done this by now six years sounds about right to me. Yeah star spangled radio hour here to help you celebrate the red white and blue again this weekend in the only way we know how with the best music tour ever was and of course. Joining us as always say is. Uncle Sam says favorite nephew Dennis shoes here two share another treasure trove of goodies for the fourth. This can carry them. Mind your student pictures Qatar shown its. So settle for a future and I knew I was close and or somewhere. And well I'm sort of happened shouldn't. Yeah if you put men of a certain age to put the with the fifth and. Can store their didn't get an Immersion. Start from productive bunch of. There we shouldn't forget the hamburger over the rim. Well let that they're a part of America anyway be armed and well we're happy very happy forged an independent state or lecturer shrink. And Lee. Are going to experience the music. And charm can be conversation he's an electric start of apple and certain mr. Louis Armstrong. Then. He's come to a still able to new. Armstrong creature that we haven't had before me extortion and green York. And I'm gonna get more into it here be cherished. Many people prefer your looks are stronger and are square to describe what we're going to be doing. And the first truly an opinion march. In 1943. Can handle it will be that you believe program number nineteen. And NBC Hollywood. We'll be usual jubilee prospects all of this early in the series. Trophy mentioned 1 o'clock general election. Great day. Well these two different things the first numbers shows. And commercial social service delusional or apartment radio British commercial server which became a portion Israel solution November forestry. So what you gushing about this program there in the 1 o'clock jumped on it since host Armstrong and his orchestra. Or more clock Jarome then the true long considering the number extraordinary that the program. And New Year's. This current strong dude it's an English when you river. We can't try and Missouri tension as opposed cream bowl Portland went on the show the most popular worker it's sold more copies. People practical Louis Armstrong if you look there is a worker channels and you look at what he did. We don't think you can actually share or eight in the pantheon complete band leader spoke we should look because he did have Louis Armstrong resources. Yeah. And they were good and they were popular and he was popular in LA you wish they gave me you do different groups are. Number I wouldn't stroke but it would still pretty cohesive trillion yen same guy and sure there an actual. I kind of liked it and joining him on the first program essentially reform. And ArcelorMittal is great appreciation a couple of really good stronger better and you're pals the cherry tears. Now officially a precursor to the second program. Which you don't know about Torrey courses are nutrition because emotionally this morning and he. This you still hasn't. As a tight time of Russian making the show. If you use YouTube or you can do you wanted to preserve the surprise that I understand it. So whole series of price. Solutions are Louis Armstrong. Annual. Visit. Yeah material that you just a couple of them and I because pitch you're helping crushed it. Looks strong. You know we will probably don't you think that we are actually shocked he each other's. And and there are a couple of movies documentaries were loose and being in the control together. And stay who became actually reaching very good transition. Yeah we like to each other. Well you'll you'll hear that there that friendship and camaraderie will be in evidence ownership in program. Also march program to security here in nineteen. 49 year true local radio talk much the course record. And this program is recorded in San Francisco and Austrian. And who she is learning being wanted to because it'll be a commercial and abruptly. And we have Louis Armstrong giving them. All strong assure you Lee and children movie and I happen to. Check key garden. I'd like sexually you'll you'll be eat eat that the UK you're actually you're you've got a good return you get your FICO scores and you get your being fixed. Oh woo and wow. Where are you will then we're there we should give an impromptu Lee out of the way you let this happen to them. It is show but for legitimate chance to really cool things and that's before visualize it everybody shuts. I would think that the effect that if you are right here we go from Dennis do you it's the best fourth of July 8 Independence Day gift. Ever it's Luis ambiance a bunch of other really really. Really talented folks joining him. It's a great magnitude star spangled redo our karma it's the cement. But our fighting men of the United Nations it's Joseph the lead. That's experimented jubilee presented to you by the special service division of the law department. Featuring Louis Armstrong and his orchestra and the sensational singer of sweet swing mean hardened. The chariot there is a young master of ceremonies and they went man. It. Thank you. Man we're about to put on a twist in the slammer and what would you believe billed to be able. Goes through these votes didn't bulldoze perhaps some of the rule missed them Dugas have kept in the Emma screw up of Sharpton Brett. So the ribs and outrebounded the carport why as did comfort to know did it ever run for mayor and. Louis Armstrong didn't have to look cold jet that Bob Beckett. Tell me why he's moving vehicle get. Megan. I'm one. Reagan. June. Some days. Involvement love as I. Maybe. We love wins. Okay. And red and. Long live good. That's the proper credit. I'm not with a twist to the wrist returned to the green and when Agassi whom I don't mean north side street. Most we about a swing right down the main thought of that. And it ought to be present rated by chick who want me and everybody is what department hears cheers. Beat up all. What aggregation of sharps and flats or even mellow walk us tonight. Well and it lasted jab around a few plaza someday sweet pot it might get that's my aunt was a joke with me how about it well. If there's gonna be an exaggerated I don't wanna be in the midst of the old you don't call home cooked. Wherever we've created let's make with the giant. Song Uday slave. Okay. Do you go and say wow I am you know what team. Don't even know so you know a full. Well zoom. And laying the strip the ball. Half beaten. And see how lone. Goal is there. News should have the two. Are but what sues old. So instead you re. Maybe we'll make a few weeks Sundays sweet high. Some days sweet Han. Download this. Me. So yeah Clinton should. You know apple pie. You you may read correct it's okay allows you. Okay. Didn't the main. You just took the time. Lou. Steve yeah. So you Lulu. But what she and so all I hadn't been so sad you re. Pong and. Matter of factly he knows nothing could be seen the blood wouldn't have polluted and our go to big way down deep and that's solid mean. We'll arrive on the air gaps of time. We're old drive up and ready to move with a lot of pop culture. Shot and. No way. Shining. Let's go to Susan. Shining. America. Shine no reason. Morass not a huge sack and then. And those in the. Turn out fine. So I do. You led the way shots. Thank you. I'm out of slip in a slightly most serious art. Lowe's full more than sought to highlight what being crawled it. But one and only charges. Taylor's work sit down the blue and gold. Well I. I. Or. The moon. We're more room you're rolling again. And we know we're all paying him for how whenever after my. Home. Okay. The veil on my fingers that we'll move who'll walk. Come from all of them. Grateful. They're cool. The other call. She's. And I lawyer on that list name you know from home. Oh and we. Earlier coal. We believe. Kind of call. We believe. Not curl. The most. It's. Three. And you called. Blue. Earlier co. Yeah. Okay. More. He. An option program at colonial life and her daughter home entirely up no matter how does the moment. I am of the for the shuttle and a giant. Moment the ball miles and they'll let live tonight at Bob we'll wild may have appointment and I'm hoping that mountain of missing in the pilot who. Is building. Welcome to the ground and there we look mile an override them well outlook and then my mom and. Look up from you really hit all about regardless Bennett saying I'm not an odd thing nobody knew. Move. Mandela the bevel on the back them up banging on a little equipment golden bad bounce and wanna not have thought glory really well. I'm not a big and have a comments don't help I can do about it comes on the map not an end of. You know nice and hot. And opinion that we both and I got in yeah. I'm not a captain and I'll let you know and no I'm. I. It now. Look the and. I. Oh okay. It. World. Nall. I. And the. Hole. Barack. Ran. I more. And look who's. The new health and live our fan living. Room. And game development. And it's all the while. Yeah I've been known Mandela at all. Love sale. We'll and. Along we we'll. Fact man and I don't really how many problems had a lot of modern men have been loud and. Not vote on the left and road on the below him. No definitive. You lose you know back and thought you wouldn't tell them that you know will move up the little Green Bay. Then god help mobile in November of Bob was food gas are putting out I don't yet know. I. Yeah. And our men and we got told that jive and lift that geeky yes sir Laguna river up that lazy river. And rocking to and fro in the crow's nest is admiral of the good chips lingering sad smile Armstrong. Who were calling a set lucky loser revel was one of the biggest sellers of all time. Which Doug assailant seven under the old records. So let's start rocking that bowled off raucous rock. Yeah. Weighed out only. I'm lazy river. Whether a goal and then ride yeah. It. I've been amazing live. We've been doing this sad. Leaving the sale. Probably god knows. Fluid job wounds. This would truly. Dream okay. Probably led the river wherever Robin's song yeah. You bright lights and as we throw. Who's got some. We know why now. Probably lives and end up. I have been we we believe. My. Are. Is to. However the better than it is when the music. Lover go live to. Then I'm. OK okay. A veteran who lose their food there and then those who do. Match. Love about those happy then. And then. Okay. You really. Never. And our moon. I got interesting now yeah yeah. News bodes bad. That those very. Yeah moon and I. Back to back. 1 AM a mobile development we know what have you got close this time. Well. Jeanne I don't know pops up. Saline do you mind if offers Smart with crystal ball 64 balls a good market. Which mop auditorium at progressive had a pleasure ration the receiving end of our new release I had one or did right. Well big name of the nom de plume of that umbrella that's a good. It's our will be gone narrative from signing a chick who hate it just strip baseball maybe a minute. Another English translation don't like this. I don't get around much anymore. It'd be a pleasant. Just super fans showed to me is that smoked. Miss those set it today today moon. The crowd then. Moon being. And couldn't bed that night and. Pound kid around woods standing mops all yeah. Right and. And cool seeing Mack who. Is calm out and is doing. You name my hands danced. Time. Give man let us and. Okay. And I can't see. My and I am. News flash stuff up man I'm e.'s bid. And then home team. Fall one foot foot boom. It's at all. Zoo it was time. Let's spend more. He had no. Loved it I. News the last. I am. Me he's. Lee and yeah a lot of. Who are on food. Let's move. This. All lives in front who have. Oh yeah. We don't give her. Own words and am more. Until given round match then you all. I. But you are the big game. And incidentally and AM speaking of the beam remember if you have been a request for a payment. Just beam them to the jubilee special service but also add to that the USA. You jot it we got it. Which brings us to a a good job and we just received a few days ago it says. Did you will lead just got too big of wanna do jam sessions and we and the boys in my government was sent solid. If you wanna Reese Indus have such won't get on the ripple 1 o'clock job. Sims have a stud C. And the gang from behind forcibly as well fed did you doubt that we got it it must it's what got stopped probable. Package deal. A lot. Can I. I'm. I. And I. It's got a good. Don't know seed Baghdad. I did to edit. Policy Baghdad. I get do we did that happen. Okay. We currently have the mavericks are happy. We're gonna give it to us tips on the left removed from his memorable analog of the Julie and all over the night. We just gotta absorb the captain Brad I've seldom a bread. So this is there any Redmond media has jumped early on which are a chance Louis Armstrong and all aboard McLaren. Glad you know I am big you'll read it so long and the. Somebody has presented a real man in the armed forces on the United Nations. By the special service division of the war department. Of the United States of America. And the blue. All of them oh. Okay. I. And while we're in San Francisco dons got Estrada and his orchestra and things guests. Thank you really Armstrong Jack T gotten into all the noted can be sure all my old buddies are here and I volleys are being and now introduced me all falls everybody knows you vein do you realize that to have great segment of our population. Bing Crosby is just a cardboard cut out until the dealers window. Not a very attractive cut out either if it was handled it. I had a bad angle hit. Sansa Natali may I don't know why you made Sunoco a little all the trouble expensive and those cut outs made the dealers when those why can't you just go around stand those limos and person. Think of the monitors say the company can I haven't appeared in the store windows is the time Jack did yard and now we're locked out of our room at the Pennsylvania hotel in New York. And we had to set up light housekeeping in the window of the pen drugstore this. Hi really dig our lockout era for not paying your bill now I wouldn't say that we were locked out because our room was placed under strict quarantine. Warranty has our wallets were suffering from severe cases very very. Malnutrition you know those guys. Why did you sleep in a drugstore -- enjoy all the newly ever Oman are used to sleep in his pillowcase on his spaghetti map didn't. A spaghetti matters which he used to nibble on. I'll never believe that you know how might this day if you servant of the bowl of spaghetti lie down in the. Guys who live of that drug store and all we're there for weeks until Monday Paul whiteman came in and pick this up and a one sends it. I don't know what can pick up Joseph banality with a knife and fork in the you know when Nellie. Yeah Armstrong's finger at whiteman snagged him do on a homily had a room when the news might. But how can. This. Smith meg really approach that's what I call us so let's check can union in San Francisco to do radio show your not here on the convention. Any reason why can't live a Little League history is gonna pretty girl walks up to the microphone act like a gentleman like this almost. But it mislead. Mr. mini yes. Trying to thing is because I couldn't have lunch with you you don't have to give me the ice. Not that Pegasus and I think we should be more formal on the program that's why I'm wearing a dinner jacket. And that's not a dinner jacket. I'm the need to learn and now thank god I was doing that big do that the only add schedule for an opening. I am ready to move away Jon Scott if you have you was them. On the racks. Please up and down behind get those boys bones plans to opens playing well. If you ask me who this latest plan and new less. I'd say you it's big news and I love it. If you would ask me who my favorite point of view. Say view. Land you know. New ways to name me. Obvious when you are here at the honey tied it. My hide is just very political merry go. I mean you could ask me move me and my. If you were to ask me in my sweet potatoes were and now are you. And rally here this early 1870 about a new okay. Didn't read it so close and you all heard me practice and I'd do. And you were to ask me who the bride and groom to be rather. My family you love me daddy you're. And yeah. And and then you and I. But when you are new areas saw the Bob. And they love the idea has been above the earth move. If I was it. You're alive who Laura we'll. All I'm saying I won't end now all the blood diamond saw it this yeah now in Canada as you do then I drag this out yeah. I'd say Iowa. Most knew that I was having barbecues we are progressing so close and I've got used something known in some new. And I knew her and ask me who the bride groom to be. I saved me clothes me and you. You. I love it. I we. Love. Meehan news. Okay. Tonight has been. Think it ever came out of North Dakota. Yeah Largo nods in my very eyes Fabian Ming you was terrific lovely a couple of real you certainly was anything else on your mind is terrific camp right Diaz is a matter of fact the phils go fourteen hellfire of the world's finest table radio phonograph still has some of those lists can be down. That doesn't speak well for you I thought he was the world's finest video salesman yes but is Seinfeld though has such a candy factory they keep turning them out as fast as I can sound. And wanted to stop talking they'll stop producing enough. We can't do that thing until every American table in the country has a 1405. No that day is almost here can everyplace I go I see 140 fives on everybody's tables well ER but to see the trouble is the furniture manufacturers won't let us rest as soon as we fill up the tables are still calls the furniture people turn on a flock of new tables. Good heavens this thing or gone to the whole country's out of wood. I don't know all you know loving mother and I just turning out more and more trees every day camp. There are. That's out of pitcher Phil go where I paced on my villains mustache and flash you to allowed the center of the ruling invades of the Solomon milk. Wow like a living mother nature also keeps turning out more and more people. And for people want the finest table radio phonograph for the money the field goal 1405. Is a natural. I'm a level folks like a lesson of those great table automatic before you buy any radio or four McGrath. It gives you the most guard just realistic tone you ever heard from a table models with quality is fine as not a big consoles costing 200 dollars more. And there's a reason this so call fourteen all five as a special Tom chambers brand new on the table model and completely enclosed four full performance. Man that's real news Nicholas Niger for local dealer now. You gotta do speed turntable for regular and long playing records automatic wreckage injured plus the sensational radio. Compare that and judge for yourself. Ask for the fourteen all five. The world's finest table radio phonograph from Phil called the leader. Bob three weeks ago I got a big charge out of seeing a Brad satchel mouth face beaming at the world from the cover of time magazine face and one of my best friends. The accompanying article gave Americans a chance to dig the fabulous facts in the life story for an all time greats among the giants of jazz. Tonight I'm just Koppen would drive. To give a friendly at five to the most sensational pawn them off this sad to know limestone here. A. Hello I Tenet signed his line in the summertime to have you with us. I'm glad they're related problems. It's good good on this man's face folks when you smile though it. You look like the Grand Canyon with teeth. I know it I'm proud of their own trumpet man I don't know who can blow. From either in a long. Certainly no matter which Jen and our new web gun though it always comes out so it is and that's. Tell me how do you manage to hit those Chris Fair. He knows. Well it's easy problems they're remark about this month jump in did. Did but that did did its job. That's already have done what who's gonna try to do. You know that might help me out Bob and a drag our. And limits does come down. Don't you do an event that abhors and those you know he probably and your road to success has been failure with the gravel vamp from. Hello I do wanna congratulate you seriously I'm getting your picture on the cover of time that's really stuff. Thanks Lucy. And about a member Greg but it did you get Joseph please don't I guess that I have been keeping up the payments lately. How did daylight May Day when you first went to work on a riverboat for 55 bucks a week. 'cause kids that defense did and at the last. We are well I didn't think there was. That much money in the world outrage at the US treasury route runner and out of that happened green in many. A story about that Lou they got threatened president down washed in the content out money fast and we can send it back to him. Well then he went round trip Monday and you're. It's fun feeling it and the younger people. Decline expression no stand around here. He acts and reviews like no time enjoy a lot of fun had making pitches to get the moon has got by the defendants from him even more I think through the skeletons in May 2000 revenues bone. News. Yeah. Hello good out of picture together. Well aren't active and when I don't think so I don't want this you wanna. Well I don't like to go to an own list of just generally yeah. Hi everybody makes room with Taylor what do you say we get brother T gotten by the minority up here and let people hear the truth of well that's a good idea mister yeah. Jack and don't just come forward now from my own family should begin to begin hijacked highland. You can find that in the days when we relive an independent so that half. Saturday is over and a member of the morning we woke up that one more than someone has taken a hughes' stock is up we were modeling blue jays going blasted. Yeah but no one took off as you if you recall wouldn't have been the must ahead shoes Jack what do we lace every moment I'm told who now. That's right we just did that to keep a bummer after. I think that have been in these days all resin Democrat running in Joseph hunt residual do you still sleep on its the American. I got it why I'd like electric blanket yeah. Grab a little midnight snack and they look out by the fuel injection and Joe's done not with somebody got a little. I'm jumping move dynamo Panama and Australia and I'm gonna have a money all on the seats. Hello I'm Jeff had sort of a few programs and the person next to me because we man up and down the Friday I don't. Got ya know if yeah and I don't need to know something. This is Panama this comes on good I'm one truth. Oh. The. And. Version of Panama amazed at the government back a pretty penny for it. The canal might be in sections by now say we'll have a look not lazy river god really do that nobody here. Only the minimum. They may. OK okay. Amazing have room. To room is. And ligaments yeah I'm. I know it. Over there do do do who goes through his hands either of these blue movement zoo. How about OK. Plus cars and then. The problem moved over there. The red then we're. New river. You know. And I. The only losers okay. Okay. It's. Okay. Hey I've just seven dateline I know another famous lazy. Blue eyes and lazy bum hole is its positive housing and if you did not include yamana. Right up here. Yeah. Unless somebody played again good. It's. I'll today is. A home. It's. They've been and. I expect it's pure. Staying. Low. I'm not I'm never expect that you know days would then you got hot. Can't see straight and long sleeve may and then noon they're close. I'll lay did well. So even initiate. I don't swim. Do you have an excellent team yet that. Tom. You name me. Now does that maybe that is don't want don't call you maybe what is your touchdown. Ramallah and then match you just leave room in Honolulu. While playing chairs needs Graham yeah. I'll let you he broke him a little prayer okay miserable hugs. All of them. Knock on sale and may you know vision. If you do go vision of the guys out yeah five million do you wish you. Don't take no manager Joseph I'm. Bob Hope the man. Hey they've bone. And no friends through the day. Feel proud mood. Thank you. They gonna make him feel they've done that they million man. No I'm never. Thank the man could last night where it needs to be. I was they love me. There is. Okay. Never did allude. This. Car had. Okay. One. Everybody stretched out including the due vocalist. I think about a bag and no rot in jail until it. Do and throw hijacked. Sure. Yeah. Yeah me. All rocker chick got to. I mean. And McCain by his son. He says it is very go. I know you don't want no more no Bob yeah. Okay. You've grounded a mom. Lou. Blue ones have been so I can follow me OK. Okay. And boom. You made go nowhere and no. Ivan. Number I have been. And and I really. Robert Gates is new. Mood. And live. I remember I had Harry. You have burns. TV. The bottom here in my hand. Am I am the only. Oh it's shattering. Quality. I had it's only June. Are. And it's. And I. Got. Rocker chick that's your problem. And then gentlemen he. Is prayer and song mean tell somebody at all. June. All. Did in new. The move. Around in the and. I. I. I. Had a really sends me invoked if you go far jam sessions moderated our records we'd like to send you know write down your Phil gold dealer. You've got to go over that real gone quality the sensational song performance that don't go engineers a belt into the noon 1949. Focal consoles. These fine ready a photographs have everything but everything for luxurious listening. I take FM for instance the local laboratories have just introduced a new super sensitive. FM system it's a brand new advance a real bonus partial deal folks who live out on the edge of good FM reception because it's extra sensitivity. Gives you FM listing you can really depend on. And you can say and again for recorded music. These jobs for info. Go fully grasp of automatic record changer set a new standard of performance from both long playing unconventional records. Got a free demonstration on your focal dealer now. And for the number one radio photograph a joint house got a Falco famous for equality. The world over. A sorry present at the extent particularly for the just. Fingers through the opening and I. I mean I am. If you ever blow across. C.s to Ireland. Man made we got a little. Love you're there. Six months. Bloomberg through. I love this. Movie. Com. And okay. I. Moos Lauren. Do I. Minimizes. Who's here. Yeah. Okay. Okay. And so hormones. Smooth. Blue grass. I've gone through that news. Okay. Do. No. Okay. I'm not above. Brings this match bubbling to the -- I'd like to tell my skim those mrs. Peggy Lee from buzzing up from tinsel mills. Because like essentially they're okay and has to be with us tonight I had their crap really takes amazing. I really enjoy hearing a mental members of the society of Hamas as soon as does not how about that those gladly lay Olympic Largo on the line no benefit. Are we just warming up the event. You are you're on here about more and more on all coming home. That's way past my bedtime it was a matter a million years squares no they just solve math. I gotta get home early hit hey I'm just a mess in the moment. Todd Jack I want to thank you Louis from busting into yarns. Wish you good luck to you understand that the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas. That's you know that big flamingo word that their own job and no doubt that he has a CNET. There are we gonna broad brother golf but I think. And we don't finish it and gonna look like a Big Brother you don't lose. I would get really hot wheel road just alleging he runs down Boone zeppelin the bad no. I met rob I'm a bit removed. They've been any Philly it don't happen you always your small stylish combination holding forth these next. My mind is that Sims cafe in ocean park home run a program where have you taken we take you from the desert to the beach just like that boom boom town where you are pairing made I'm appearing at the Paramount studios in Hollywood. Are you are making a picture all you see in the studio restaurant. I'm doing both I forgot to read the small print in my contract. Hey I'm in next week next week thank you broadway's favorite daughter marvelous Ethel Merman joins us here in California. On that I have to Paula don't mess or is he really comes on thanks again all of you enough folks there's a reminder here that the 1949 sale of Easter seals begins this week. If you'd like to help the crippled child walk. Help the crippled kid become a useful happy citizen by Easter seals. He's just CEOs for cripple children and thank you very much. Are. Apple mark. And remember keep your eye on your field goal dealer now for the greatest values and radio polygraphs. From Dell call no later. Well my friends there you go it just doesn't get a whole lot better than that I'm telling you the star spangled radio are on line and Independence Day we can do it hand Louis Armstrong has been a bit of a traditional larger every your to do that. He ended Dennis thank you for those treats those treasures are Corso a bigger than being that I just I loved all of it tonight it was soon it was really good to hear that. They're very nice start. And welcome everybody should has enjoyed it. So now we will after we get our fill sparklers and barbecue resume in no moves smell of sulfur and all that stuff here this weekend. We'll settle into the I don't know if they're officially the dog days yet but I've days this summer ahead of us how we gonna cool things down next week. Well we're going to. We need to do right guess which also become color angle angle we do want to ensure some years we don't want you read it more because shortly after it premieres at. Political and metallurgical and our Christian you know you worship on the New York in 1930 troops going to be in 1930 you know I'm going to work. I don't coaching them I think actually. Cool all right Glenn Miller next week so. Immediately everybody in the army inserts nodding their heads and going no year that's great good genital. Thank you for that tendon thank you for this weekend that hey happy fourth of July weekend. It's true heroes push. It's taking viewer vote could interpret it through your front. Yeah you too have a claim before me listen Dillinger broke. The rest of you listening to fit. But you have your cellphone wonderful rested this weekend right in today's just. You know the beginning of a need got a couple of days still to go Luc party responsibly. Thanks for listening to the star single radio hour on life. Crews in 1430 dot com be sure to tell all your friends.